Heroic Whistleblower WikiLeaks Video: U.S. Military Murders 12 including Two Reuters Journalists

UPDATE APRIL 8, 2010 I just got off the phone with local Coy Barefoot on WINA - thank you Coy for bringing this information out and the discussion. The callers keep pretending that our guys didn't chop a wounded reporter to pieces - but they did. Yes our kids, soldiers etc... are important - but so is every human life.
Listen to the laughter and hatred. It's really disgusting. No - I am not proud to be an American today. Although this entire video is infuriating - the part where they murder the ambulance drivers trying to get the reporter away from the chopper fire is hard to rationalize in any way.


Those who got this video out are heroes. We need more - many more. The American public needs to know what is being done in their name.

Read entire article here and see video in original context:

" Reuters has been trying to obtain the video through the Freedom of Information Act, without success since the time of the attack. The video, shot from an Apache helicopter gun-site, clearly shows the unprovoked slaying of a wounded Reuters employee and his rescuers. Two young children involved in the rescue were also seriously wounded."

Whistleblowers are completely justified in their actions because they are providing feedback to the public - feedback denied that public because those who would have brought the information to the public - as you can see in this video - are being murdered by our very own military.

Thank you whistleblowers - at this point you are our only hope to stop this madness. Images brought home to the public are the only hope we have to galvanize the public so as to force our representatives to remove the funding for this obscene murderous syndicate.

Surprisingly - the CorporAmerikan Propascamda media isn't reporting this story - at least not the radio talk-show people. I wonder why? A caller near the end of the Thom Hartmann show called in and asked him about this video - he continued on with other trivial matters after going to commercial. He did not in any way convey to the listener the importance of viewing this video. He did say that he didn't watch it - but one must wonder why he is on the air if he isn't bringing this story to the listeners. After all - word was out in the blogosphere that this video was coming out. Thom could have taken a few minutes today to watch this and report on it. Thom then scurried off the air after he ran the clock out on the show. No wonder the American is so under-informed.

As an American taxpayer I share responsibility for this slaughter - as do all American taxpayers. I've called my congressman and senators in the past expressing my desire for this war based on lies based on torture to stop. They seem oblivious.

What is to be done? I want to be proud to be an American again. I want my country back.
UPDATE APR 5, 2010 It's 15:10 and the Thom Hartmann show is over here in Charlottesville, VA - and the Randi Rhodes show is on the fake "Progressive" station - the woman filling in for Randi Rhodes is talking about Democrats and Republicans and - yes for real - Dr Seuss and Horton or something. She's still talking - but not yet about the murder of two Reuters journalists and many others - video footage brought out by real journalists - not radio personalities. Now she's talking about Obama and "don't ask don't tell" and why we need a Democrat in the white house - still talking...

If these radio personalities were true journalists they would know that they share the risk those murdered in the video above died from . But the radio personalities know that they are not at risk at all - because they are infotainment experts - following a script prepared for them by their corporate paymasters.

Now she's talking about "we need Obama" to win a second term. That's what "we" need to talk about today.

15:19 Eastern Time: Now she's talking about Tiger Woods!

Suddenly she changes the subject to the right wing evangelical militia movement.

Nicole Sandler.

Don't waste your time listening to these people - call in and give them hell. Tell them you know they are frauds - doesn't this under-reported murder prove they are?
UPDATE APRIL 6, 2010 Browsing the news sites today - Drudge Report has a picture of Obama getting mad at Iran, Obama's wife reading a book to a yawning child. Other fluff. No mention of this story - no wonder Americans are not paying attention - the biggest media outlets ignore real news - news people risked their lives and sacrificed their lives to bring us. Americans flit about to the bank or their job - working overtime - catching up on the news - and it just isn't presented to them.

---MSNBC has a big picture of Tiger Woods in the upper left corner! That's what America is seeing today at that CorporAmerikan Propascamda outlet MSNBC-they are saved by a mine explosion in W Virginia - some actual news to cover the fact that they are not reporting the murder of journalists by the US military.

----Here's four stories appearing on the ABC website in top right corner-another CorporAmeriskam fake media outlet after news of the mine explosion in W Virginia:
"Hosts Mike and Mike on Rules in Life and Sports
Inside the Drama of 'Divorce Court'
Scavenger Couple Nearly Lives for Free
Sex Tourism: ABC News Goes Undercover "
------UPDATE APRIL 6, 2010 No coverage here in Charlottesville, VA on AM today except Thom Hartmann opened his show on this topic with a guest - I'll give him credit for at least mentioning it - but my opinion is that even with the guest it was a weak accounting of a heroic actions by journalists trying to get the truth to the American people. On Thom's show it sounded like "Hey man war is hell - shit happens" (paraphrasing) - I don't believe that our military folks - even battle hardened and calllous as is understandable - think that what is depicted in this video is right. It is up to the citizens to force our statesmen to face this reality - Thom did what he could - I must assume he is under pressure from the corporation he works for - so any more ranting about this event and his microphone would almost for sure be taken from him - then he would be of zero value to himself or anyone else.

So this is the situation we find ourselves in - everybody has a gun to their head - financially - politically - professionally - legally - and we are all going to go down together because our "mainstream" media has failed the population of the USA - and as long as that condition persists - we are fucking doomed.

You can bitch about the citizens all you want - but if they are unaware - the public officials will never hear their voices and will never have the political clout to face the bloodthirsty corporations and religious zealots pushing these bloodbaths.
------UPDATE APRIL 8, 2010
Listening to the fake AM radio in C-ville today running morning errands - Bill Press spent almost his entire time on my airwaves discussing Tiger Woods. The goofy show that comes on after him on 1450 was more of the same - someone with a British, S. African or Australian accent was the guest - discussing the intricacies of American politics - how the left vs. right fake paradigm is this or that... Watch the vid below I found on WRH today - this is where your kids are headed. So don't stop them from playing the video games - encourage them to continue - but may I suggest you teach them to fire an assault rifle since it appears they will be saving the world like those in the video below aren't:

UPDATE APRIL 8, 2010 HERE'S ANOTHER one I found at WRH from a member posting stories - there are so many...
this one is titled "BlackWater mercenaries slaughtering unarmed civilians...wow!" Wow to me means how brain-dead Americans are to this carnage - are they drugged, stupid or is the Cortisol f'ing up their minds to where they no longer react to anything?

UPDATE APRIL 9, 2010 Reuters families demand US troops be tried over shooting
UPDATE APRIL 9, 2010 Iraq War Vet: "We Were Told to Just Shoot People, and the Officers Would Take Care of Us"
From the article:
" "I remember one woman walking by," said Jason Washburn, a corporal in the US Marines who served three tours in Iraq. He told the audience at the Winter Soldier hearings that took place March 13-16, 2008, in Silver Spring, Maryland, "She was carrying a huge bag, and she looked like she was heading toward us, so we lit her up with the Mark 19, which is an automatic grenade launcher, and when the dust settled, we realized that the bag was full of groceries. She had been trying to bring us food and we blew her to pieces."


  1. YES, but, if not for the murdered-sacrificed, STILL making it all worthwhile -in much more compelling news, the rowdy-crowds at the stock exchange in the colosseum on Wall Street -AGAIN saw prices rise due to the absurd amount of cash spread around the banks by our peerless, -if somewhat tainted- government.

    Hail Caesar! Hail Obama! Hail Goldman Sachs!

    And Hail TOO to the Internet, the greatest tool of oppression yet invented!

    Surrender your soul to science, your new GOD!

    You are indeed just a number, plebian.



  2. Good point Don:


  3. "As an American taxpayer I share responsibility for this slaughter - as do all American taxpayers...

    What is to be done?"

    Well, THAT is the problem AND the ANSWER!


    Those who do have complicity must share the blame! The only way to NOT share the blame is to NOT pay the bills of those who do!!!!

    Did you sent them your money? Then you are guilty...
    Did you vote in their elections? Then you have consented...

  4. You have a foreign pest running America. They have been kicked out of 84 countries 109 times in 2000 years. You people are too stupid or slow or unaware of the tricks they play. If you do not wake up to the WHOLE problem, they will pull a 1917 Russian revolution on you guys and it will be lights out for freedom around the world.

    get over to www.subvertednation.net and see who the problem is.
    Not voting for them is not enough.
    Not supporting them is not enough
    Not giving them money is not enough.
    Supporting fake resistance movements like Democracy now, we are change, 911 truth, Alex Jones, Mike Rivero the tea party movement etc....is not enough.
    Hating Zionism and denouncing Israel, Is NOT ENOUGH.
    These creatures are ALL OVER THE PLACE guiding America into oblivion, which is part of their plan for a new world order. There is ONE SPECIFIC GROUP OF PEOPLE driving this force against you.
    They want you to HATE AMERICA. In reality THEY are now AMerica, they have taken over what the rest of the world sees as "America".

    Figure it out now, or go back and sit on the couch and watch your big screen tv and wait for the door to get smashed in. It will happen one day no matter what you think. If you are reading this you have already been red flagged as a trouble maker....SO JOIN THE FIGHT!

  5. You're right - but voting in an election is not a crime.

    Also - if you are from many western nations - you too are complicit because the lapdogs in just about every western country went along like Lemmings with this farce.

    Quit bitching about Americans - at least we have a written Bill of Rights to point to - do you?

  6. How is Rivero a fake resistance? Give me a specific example.

  7. Rivero is an apologist for science, calling climate-science -fear-mongering-, but my god, fools! Fear-mongering is a science too! It's called psychology.

    Rivero too, like many others on the net, is non-violent, -laughably-, in a world run by violence.

    Rivero also thinks he has something figured out. He calls it -Rationalism-. I call it mental gas, hot air meant for flatulence, and future broken-wind, as it were.

    Look, Folks, I have something figured out too.

    The reality we all must contend with is infinitely complex. Because of this infinite complexity, -for the most part- chaos rules the human intellect.

    If you want to stand behind something, then stand behind it categorically, every time, and, all the time. And do not fudge the results.

    I will not stand behind the so-called zeitgeist, the social-psyche. There is no correcting the social-psyche. It does not exist. I cannot exist. And it seems always to be perverted by those who insist it does exist, people like Michael Rivero, who start out with good intentions, but end up in Congress getting blown by a bunch whoring interns, as it were.

    I stand behind what I know about myself. I am a devil. And I cannot be trusted with these modern tools or weapons, or horny interns either.

    When you see me, and you should see me in everyone else too, -run away-. Do not cooperate with me, or Michael Rivero. I am the devil. Trust me here.

    I like the guy who shot the late-term abortion doctor, Scott Roeder.

    I am not anti-abortion per se. But I like this guy. Give him a medal, not life in jail.

    I like him because he stood behind what he saw as some a----ole killing unborn kids, and making millions doing it too. The state would do nothing about it. So, Scott Roeder did.

    I see nothing wrong with that. Someone has to protect kids. That's my honest opinion. And I don't think Michael Rivero harping about priests bloodying the anuses of a lot of little boys, is going to protect a single child.

    I think Scott Roeder's solution is more to the point. BOOOOM! Muth--f-cker!

    The state sure as hell doesn't protect kids.

    The state is too busy protecting bankers, and pharmaceutical companies, -car manufacturers and insurance companies -to be interested in protecting kids!

    It's like this, Folks. If some Afghani freedom-fighter knocked-off Barack Obama when he was there recently extolling the troops to kill more Afghanis, it's sort-of like -just-desserts- isn't it?

    Who's with me here? I'm able to live with the dangerous among us. There's no choice, -is there?

    I just think -when they get out of hand- there's no point in hoping the non-existent social-psyche will ride into town like the Lone Ranger -because Michael Rivero is harping about the problem endlessly.

    That's my take on Mr. Rivero. I hope you listened to his show tonight. Listen, and then make up your own mind, Devil.


  8. Like in Vietnam,the US is still murdering civilians,only to lie,and blame someone else..Like Vietnam,this war was also spun on LIES,,,,Like Vietnam,we will also lose this war.American citizens would be outraged,if another country did to us,what we have done to them,,,Because of the WICKEDNESS,and reckless murder,the US military have committed worldwide,GODS NOT going to bless America,he's going to WRECK America,,,,,You reap what you sow

  9. @Jack Rabbit
    "You're right - but voting in an election is not a crime.

    Also - if you are from many western nations - you too are complicit because the lapdogs in just about every western country went along like Lemmings with this farce.

    Quit bitching about Americans - at least we have a written Bill of Rights to point to - do you?"

    Another brain dead, thought impaired murkan, COMPLETELY misses the point...

    Voting is the act of surrendering your status as a created, FREE man in exchange for someone to wipe your butt for you - voting is CONSENT - when you pull that lever you say "Yes! I will abide by whatever the headcount says - right or wrong - and I will no more stand for truth and justice! I accept the panacea of the vote." America HAD somethng far better than any damned meaningless bill of rights... it had the simple, powerful Declaration of Independence - read it sometime.

    You also make the assumption that I am from some other nation because I have no complicity in these crimes. But I have no complicity because I CHOSE TO SAY NO!!!! DAMN IT!! And I have lived long with the oppressing consequences - chief being the realization that the current generation of murkans is incapable of simply saying no... pull that lever, pay that tax, pass that beer... I find them disgusting.

    And as for all those brave boys in uniform commiting these atrocities in your name, those valiant heroes... let me add this:



    Even in the old western tales, there was nothing more dispicable than a "back shooter", even one who shot a known bad guy in the back was a man without honor.

    These lousy bastards are orders of magnitude worse than any back shooter. NOTHING IS MORE COWARDLY! And they DO NOT do it in MY NAME!

  10. Ivan. New Zealand.Apr 5, 2010, 11:10:00 PM

    We all know that you are Cowardly Torturing Bastards.What we do not understand is why.

  11. We can cry, complain, call, write letters, etc... but the ONLY thing that will force them to listen is total NON-COMPLIANCE with the system. Starve the beast and you will bring it to its knees.


  13. To blame the people for the acts of the madmen running the country is neither right nor fair.
    I am not responsible for what someone else does..especially when I have been vocal and active about letting people know I do NOT approve or agree with the things being done in America's name.
    The children of America are just as innocent as the children of Iraq...and killing either nation's children is just as wrong.
    We must try to find ways to end these wars based on lies and there is only one way.
    We MUST open an honest investigation into 9-11..as 9-11 is the key to everything they are doing...and was the excuse.
    We must end the inner-group struggles based on religion, sex, race etc...and stand together as ONE nation or we are doomed. This goes for all Nations. Stop fighting your fellow citizens and look to who is really making the mess.
    Wake the fuck up! The world is on fire.
    We are out of time.

  14. "I am not responsible for what someone else does"...YES there will be a lot of that going around on judgment day along with "I was just following orders".

    Let's see you realized your country was doing evil in YOUR name (and God's) and you did what? Kept paying your taxes (because you're scared of the consequences), kept paying your credit card bills (because God forbid your credit score should go down), kept going to work everyday and feeding the beast with all your efforts (physical and mental) because well, you got bills to pay. You didn't even cut back on Starbucks (Jewish owned to bring "Bucks to the Star"...get it), you kept putting money in the till at McDonalds who ruined the job market way before Walmart finished it off...and speaking of Walmart you kept putting money in THEIR till too (because you wanted to "live better with lower prices") and NOW you have the guts to say "It wasn't MY fault".

    You know our Jewish Masters really do think Americans are stupid cattle (Goy) and I really can't say I disagree at this point. Off to slaughter you go MORONS.

  15. Killing anyone or anything binds you eternally to those you have murdered.

    Good luck in the afterlife 85 IQ government murderer.

  16. We are hated for our "freedoms"...our freedom to murder innocents.

  17. chicken little yells 'climate-science,climate-science'

  18. Don,
    But isn't the problem with abortion that we are taking a life - and as human beings we are actually killing ourselves each and every time we resort to that action?

    So why is killing an abortion doctor helping out with the problem? Sometimes force is necessary - but America has lost touch with respect for life - I haven't - but look at how many times cops pull out their guns and kill whoever - why? When I was growing up most cops never pulled their gun in their entire career! Now armed to the teeth - and every year the incarceration rate and killings seem to increase - except for this year - when the population armed themselves fearing Obama gun confiscation - and the crime rate actually diminished.

    There are two people left on the planet - Adam and Eve. Adam kills Eve - now what?


  19. Now regarding using force of arms in general - I would like every person like Chuck Shumer - who wants to disarm the population of the United States - the very people who went to Europe to kill the fascists with firearms to save the Jewish people who had foolishly given up their arms to their government which turned right around and killed them (American perspective here) - I want him to tell everyone in Israel to first lay down their arms - including Nukes - to set the example for us Americans. Then we will promptly ignore him because he'd still be wrong.

    I hear everybody crying about the need to remove guns from the public here in America - but how many bullets has Israel expended? Where is the peace there?

    Perhaps we need to stick with our Bill of Rights - and as adults - say it out loud - that anyone that pretends they have the power - or implies it is a good idea for us Americans to abdicate our rights is an enemy of the American people.

  20. Hey Kiwi - aren't you just a slave to the Queen of England anyway? Or is someone else on your money?

    Didn't your country also participate in the Viet Nam war? Recent wars?

    No don't point your finger at America - there's enough blame to go around.

    I'm not cowering in fear - I'm trying to point out where this country has gone astray before we lose our Bill of Rights - something you don't have as far as I know.

  21. Perry L.

    I will not argue with you - that is the exact situation - and every person in United States government employ that knowingly enforces the enslavement of the population of this country - in the name of oil and resource wars and power trips - is culpable.

    You are right - and I am partially guilty for the acts on that gun camera - and I am truly ashamed. I am sickened and horrified and saddened that my country has been hijacked by a bunch of bloodthirsty immoral cowards.

    I say cowards because as soon as the murderers in the helicopter thought somebody actually had a weapon they went into a panic.

    This was slaughter of human beings and I paid for it -and I'm guilty as are my clueless neighbors and all the silly soccer moms.

    My apologies in advance for our wrongs - we must stop feeding the beast - we need more people like oathkeepers - and we need the "brave" people in US government to read the Bill of Rights - and maybe do some soul searching and explain to me why these brave people in the video were chopped to pieces for nothing.

    By the way - I have the utmost respect for our enemy - they just walked in there to save that guy and as they knew they would be were murdered.

    I heard one of the little girls in the van got a 30mm cannon shell through the stomach. Hey what's for dinner?


  22. If you are an American taxpayer - every one of these acts is partially your fault and partially mine - and I blame the situation with the scum media - I heard Neil Boortz saying the other day on AM here in Charlottesville that he likes seeing people get tazed by the cops - this is inconsistent with the use of Tasers as was advertised when they came out. They were to be used in lieu of firearms - non-lethal - but instead they are used as torture devices and then they shoot people.

    I spoke to many people today who were ALL unaware of the video in this blog post. Yet the information is available on the internet.

    The powers-that-be need to shut down the internet to get this stuff away from the public - because it is not by accident that the cowards polluting OUR PUBLIC AIRWAVES are under orders to report anything they can dig up until this story goes away.

    No my friends - the info is there - you have to look for it - that is the duty of the citizen - but right now the government in unresponsive to the citizens - and the enforcement arms of this government have turned into nothing more than a WAFFEN (armed) SS - political zealots who just take orders ignorant of the basic principles upon which those that died face down on Breed's Hill bequeathed to us.

  23. To anonymous who says:
    " But I have no complicity because I CHOSE TO SAY NO!!!! DAMN IT!! "

    JR says:

    Congrats - lookie how effective you were in saving the life of the Reuters people and the innnocents chopped up my bloodthirsty murderers.

    Pat yourself on the back some more - I won't be taking your advice 'cause it didn't do much good.


  24. "[...] why is killing an abortion doctor helping out with the problem?"

    Why? You are not listening, or reading -as it were.

    You are defending the right of the zeitgeist, the bearer of the mantel of the social-psyche -to kill- aren't you? NO?

    Yes you are. In this case you are definitely defending the right of the killer of unborn children, -and the right of the zeitgeist to kill the guy who kills the killer of unborn children.


    The zeitgeist is a lie, Johnie Rabbit.

    In this world, for consciousnesses, there's you and me, and that condescending, pacifist, talk-show, yap-yap, Michael Rivero.

    Mr. Michael endlessly tries to speak and convince everyone -he knows the contents of the great book that the zeitgeist reads.

    Michael Rivero, the non-believer, Mr. Oh-so-rational -believes very strongly in the zeitgeist, his Jewish GOD.

    The zeitgeist is part of Mr. Rivero's Judeo-Christian heritage, more so, part of the Judeo-end of his Judeo-Christian heritage.

    The zeitgeist is Michael Rivero's GOD. It's a Jewish God, the zeitgeist.

    And Michael Rivero's GOD is a scientific GOD, a scientific GOD who will lead humanity into the land of fruit and honey, where it will be picked by cold-fusion-powered robots.

    LOL! Those fu---ng robots Michael Rivero likes so much, are going to have teeth and carry guns to shoot the human beings they will be taught to chase by the science Michael Rivero would have us all worship.

    WHO FARTED? Who farted, just now?

    I hate these fu---ng people who fart like that and then will refuse to own up to it, so they can be sent outside with the dogs.

    I think you should, under usual circumstances, be able to threaten any non-confessing farter with a pistol positioned right-up-pressing-tight underneath his flat-nose.

    The zeitgeist, Mr. Bunny Rabbit, is a fart.

    You don't pray, like Mr. Rivero, to some fart, -do you-, Mr. Bunny Rabbit?

    Hey, all you fat, lazy, cyber-suckling kids reading here, I'm sixty and swam a mile and a half in under 50 minutes tonight.

    I started out with a 200 I.M.

    Keep swilling that soda-pop, morons, keep swilling it, and I'll outlive all of you.

    Corporate America is slowly poisoning you.


  25. The purpose of my existence is not to defend anyone or anything - it is to seek truth as best I can.

    So let's put M Rivero out of this - he can adroitly speak for himself - I don't sense a deficiency there...now then...

    I don't have a problem with farts - because - they happen. they have a function - and they smell great as long as they originate from one's own asshole.

    that being said...

    Corporate amerika is not poisoning me at all - evidence being this blog.

    The problem is the media, the mainstream corporate fake "capitalist" media - and the sooner everybody figures that out, realizes it, or grows the fuck up the better - because Thom Hartmann and the rest of the Glenn Beckers aint gonna' bring the truth out since they are a bunch of pussies, liars, and zionists -


    or we will die.

  26. Okay watched the video and the brief description of the video is misleading.

    “Listen to the laughter and hatred”. I heard no “laughter and hatred” unlike a beheading video or moments before a suicide bomber blows himself up at a busy market, all the while his brave buddies a safe distance away shout “Allah Akbar!”

    “No - I am not proud to be an American today”. Not proud to be an American? How long did it take the American’s to engage the group of men? Almost a total of 5 minutes…What did the troops on the ground do once they arrived on scene? They began to render medical aid…how many terrorist or insurgents render medical aid when they arrive on scene?

    “Although this entire video is infuriating - the part where they murder the ambulance drivers trying to get the reporter away from the chopper fire is hard to rationalize in any way”. Murder the ambulance drivers? Really, I saw NO markings or ANYTHING that would suggest that the BLACK van was an ambulance – not that terrorist would ever miss use an ambulance (see link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRmYYSp0-B8).

    With that said, I do find the video sad. I’m sorry for the family and all that lost loved ones during this terrible event. But to come out and say that the US Military murdered these people with “laughter and hatred” is wrong. We that watch this video via the internet have the benefit of sitting back and analyzing everything that went on even pressing pause or rewinding the video…at our leisure. This might be news to some but combat does not afford that luxury. Have mistakes been made, sure, but our military men and women do all they can to prevent incent lives lost. If you suggest otherwise you don’t listen or read the news…just today 49 people where killed via car bombs in Iraq…who would carry out such attacks?

    By the way how many people did Saddam Hussain kill, rape, and torture?

    2:50: Pilots advises that one of them has a weapon.
    3:22: Pilots see what they believe are two men with weapons.
    3:41: Pilots advises another individual with a weapon.
    4:09: Pilots advises “RPG” it appears as though someone is crouching peeking from behind the corner.
    4:22: Not sure if it is a pilot or ground forces of a report of someone shooting.
    4:51: The group of individuals is engaged.

  27. You won't ever find the truth. There is only a path toward truth open to any of us. Our words are -that packed- full of lies and deceit.

    Read you Twain.

    Yes, break up the media. Woo-hoo! Hang them all in a public square -for all I care.

    That is just a feeble and wholly wishful start.

    All these sons-o'-bitches are liars and cheats.

    They'd all have you believe they have the truth by the tail. But all they have is their own wonk by its head, because that's as far as their gripper reaches.

    Unfortunately, and it is indeed unfortunate, BUT, the truth most are equipped to wield or understand comes leaded and out of the hot-barrel of a gun.

    If you don't speak to them in those terms -the ones they understand, ratta-tat-tat-tat, someone else will.

    You remember I said this.

    Remember it, because the country is fully-armed, and all dressed like a really-ugly-drunk-and-fat bride, with no where to go -but straight to hell with her six-shooters blazing.

    Break out the Jim Beam. Break out the Jim Beam and let the little Suzie -pick out her groom.

    The fat lady is going to sing. And I'm damned glad I've lived long enough to hear her.

    You just wait till they shoot Obama. This country is going to go off like a seltzer bottle dropped from a fourth story window.

    Oprah Winfrey will probably go on-air and tell everyone, she's in charge!

    Spread the wealth around. OMFG!

    People are so fu---ng gullible. People are so fu---ng gullible, there's almost no sense in explaining to them about the static infinite complexity of the reality with which we all must contend.

    Their near-infinite gullibility, insures their falling headfirst into the meat-grinder end of life.

    Their commonly fathomed Barnum and Bailey reality is terra-firma for all these believers in a modern future.

    History grinds slowly, but steadily, and always in reverse.


  28. Whoever ended their rant with:
    "By the way how many people did Saddam Hussain kill, rape, and torture?

    2:50: Pilots advises that one of them has a weapon.
    3:22: Pilots see what they believe are two men with weapons.
    3:41: Pilots advises another individual with a weapon.
    4:09: Pilots advises “RPG” it appears as though someone is crouching peeking from behind the corner.
    4:22: Not sure if it is a pilot or ground forces of a report of someone shooting.
    4:51: The group of individuals is engaged."

    I can only tell you that the minute they carry out the execution of an American citizen labeled "terrorist" as you can read about here:

    ... the minute the US military carries that order our - it has become the Waffen SS. And anyone acting as apologist for extrajudicial killings of American citizens "believed" to have done something - is a modern WAffen SS soldier.

    You will never be able to remove that stain - you will never be able to undo the damage - you will never regain your honor - because you will have followed an unconstitutional order violating your oath to uphold - and will forever be a NAZI - Waffen SS trooper.


  29. Sorry, didn’t mean to “rant” allow me to explain:

    The headline for the video is misleading. I watched the video and at no time did I see American troops or pilots just “randomly” killing a group of people - hence the time line given. The headline also stated that the pilots “murdered the ambulance drivers” this is simply not true. When you watch the video the van does not resemble an ambulance in any way. For five minutes the pilots are talking back and forth with ground personnel before the group is fired upon. The comment I made at the end concerning Saddam is in reference to the media who will pick our troops apart and write misleading headlines (like this video) and only tell one side of the story yet say nothing while Saddam was in power…

    As far as Anwar al-Aulaqi added to the CIA’s target list, see related story: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/04/06/anwar-alaulaqi-added-to-c_n_527976

    “Al-Awlaki has emerged as a prominent al-Qaida recruiter and has been tied by U.S. intelligence to the 9/11 hijackers, along with Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Nigerian accused of trying to blow up a Detroit-bound airliner on Christmas Day, as well as Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, the Army psychiatrist accused of killing 13 people in November at Fort Hood, Texas”.

    “A prominent al-Qauda recruiter” I’m sure the CIA has a lot more information on the actions of this man than we do. An American working for al-qaida plotting to kill you and me and our families…I’ll mark the target if given the chance.

  30. Anonymous above:

    You have a lot of catching up to do. The next target you may be asked to mark may be an American citizen.

    Quoting the Huffington Post is not impressive - they are still helping to conceal the facts regarding our government's involvement in 911.

    Keep reading - but for now it's hard to take you seriously.

    The people in the video were murdered. Cold-blooded murder.

    If you participate in anything resembling what I saw in this video I consider you a war criminal.


  31. For the commenter who doesn't know cold-blooded murder when he/she see's it - and wants to nitpick about semantics - do you hear any laughter in the second video I posted under updates above in this blogpost?

  32. It's a question of everyone against this mostly Jewish notion of the social psyche.

    It's a notion wholly supported by scientific wackos like Michael Rivero, who have some wholly unsupportable, and entirely inappropriate, altruist notions about the goodness of men and the betterment of men and the world through the application of science.

    Controlling the fraudulent excuses handed out by the so-called social psyche, is what the end game of the media, education, religion, advertising, consumerism and government is all about.

    It's all a grotesque fraud, and you people are all the local losers.

    Those social psyche excuses range from, "Oh, it's okay to eat Twinkies," to, "It's okay to kill Arab Muslim men, women and children," and on again to, "It's okay to fool around with the human genome and genetic engineering. There are some really wonderful things that will come out of our social-psyche-license to endanger every living thing on the planet."


    The social psyche is supposed to be that common thread of human thought, ostensibly being transmitting and cogitated into excellence, genius and knowledge as it passes one human being to the next.

    It's a fabrication though, a putrid crock of Enlightenment shit. There is no consciousness running across the wide extent of the human species.

    If anyone knew what even a small sampling of human beings were thinking, they'd put their hands over their ears, cover their eyes, and hold their breath until they perished to get away from all the hideous demons that control the human psyche.

    Christ-sakes, kids, a man and his wife aren't always on the same level playing field looking at each other, eye-to-eye. You DO NOT want to know, if you know what is good for you.

    Any notion of the social psyche, is a delusion, and most often an intentionally deceitful illusion some will impose upon gullible others.

    Does the word, "shill", ring a bell?

    Like these shooters in the video. They were killing for the social psyche as they were given to understand it when the signed up to be hired killers for the government.

    I mean, -gimmie a break-. They didn't join the army or the air force to help old ladies cross the street.

    Yes, your altruist notions about "cold-blooded murder" are something the social psyche would have you see it as repugnant. Your infantile notion of the social psyche was created and fostered for you, for the purpose of neutering your potential effect in our society.

    Is cold-blooded murder repugnant?


    It's just a losing move in something like -a game of checkers- for those involved in shaping the social psyche toward their vile ends.

    If cold-blooded murder is a move in your arsenal of possibilities to effect change, you CAN win with it sometimes too.

    "King" me.

    Sorry to say it, and break the news to you this way, but that's the way the world works, Chumps.

    But don't let me say anything that might convince you -to stop being the mindless dupe.

  33. OK - where do I start with this one?

    I said it before: Adam and Eve are the only two people left on the planet - Adam kills Eve - goodbye humanity.

    Yes absurdium but -

    Our prezidint has just ordered the extrajudicial killing of an American citizen which means we're done as a Republic.

    the rest of this conversation is a waste of time.

    Talking about killing is just a joke. Go ahead and kill a rabbit. But use a .177 caliber pellet gun. Then shoot the poor creature again and again again, then pick it up by its back legs and bash it's head against a brick or something until you kill it - or let it roll around suffering if that's they way you do things...

    It's disgusting - and embarrassing - to see any living creature suffer - yet we sit here and know it is going on - and we are paying for it - willingly - like a bunch of good NAZIs.

    Is it OK to sit around in Dachau when next door there is a slave labor camp or death camp - or ovens - what?

    Why are we talking about any of this? This conversation is beneath me - I'm a human being.

    If I walk outside my house - right now - 7:24 April 8, 2010 - and anyone - with the orders of the NAZI Obama or any other sick fuck - is torturing either human or animal - I will promptly go back in the house - get my AK-47 and go back outside to ask them nicely to stop.

    If they don't I will shoot them for torturing - if you don't understand why - you are a sick fuck NAZI and I don't give a shit what you have to say - because you need a straight-jacket.

    So - try me.

  34. Read this - we are at the line in the sand - it's OK - I know the NAZI salute - but as happened in NAZI Germany - if one examines the early films - it takes a while to learn when to salute - exactly how to hold up one's arm and act properly so as not to be shot - ha ha - fucking Americans


  35. Nah...

    Go read this instead.


    You're not talking about humanity with that bullshit-tired -Adam and Eve crap. That's the third or fourth time you've let that crap slip out. Let's just knock it off, okay?

    That's not philosophy. It's mealy-mouthed hillbilly twang-gosh.

    How many billions of human beings are there left today?

    You're talking about what the teacher in kindergarten began teaching you when you showed up the first day for your mandatory indoctrination up there in the hills.

    I know those hills. I know the god-fearing people there too.

    Do you honestly think Barack Obama has the same red-hot guilt that has been poured into your psyche by all that hillbilly indoctrination you got?

    Obama is twice as cold as Bush -to the touch-. Obama is clammy and sticky cold, like the putrid, rotting flesh of a three-week old corpse buried inches deep in black soil.

    He's a fucking heroin addict, and a personal, hands-on killer of human beings, young, old, male, female and his own relatives too.

    It was part of his initiation into the club.

    You run a god-damned blog. Obama runs the empire.

    Your ambition is to run a better blog.

    Obama's ambition is to cleanse the earth of a lot people he can't stand. He's got a good run at it too.

    You tell me, who got the more realistic education.

    He's crude, but effective.

    You? OMFG!

    Smarten up.

    I was sick last night, -sick like a dog, something I ate, I think.

    I woke and brushed it off, walked my four miles and swam 105 laps tonight, a mile and a half or so. I again began with a 200 I.M.

    I'm sixty, but when they see me coming, and you cannot help be see me coming, they play that song, "The Boys Are Back In Town" -and as you've read, I haven't toned it down a single fu---ng notch.

    Learn to say, Pal, "Jump mo---rfu---r. JUMP!"

    And then be ready to put them down -for good- if they do jump.

    You can rip a man's throat right-out -with your bare hands. Did you know that? It's true.

    Now why do you suppose human beings evolved with that ability?

    And don't give me any more of that Jack and Jill nursery rhyme bullshit again.

  36. You're not talking about humanity with that bullshit-tired -Adam and Eve crap. That's the third or fourth time you've let that crap slip out. Let's just knock it off, okay?

    You don't say why...

    I'm not interested in emulating philosophers or you Don. So thanks for the advice - here's some for you - I learned it from a hillbilly.

    Advice: foolos don't heed it and wise men don't need it.

    The Adam and Eve thing stands. Where is your argument?

  37. ...also - I'm from Pennsyltuckey - we are not hillbillys we are Yankees.

  38. Jackie-

    Them hills is full of the same moonshiners, and you know it. It's called white-lightning because it quickly blanks-out your mind about where you're from.

    My argument sinking A&E was there, and directly following.

    A&E are a myth. There never was a time when there were just two human beings on the planet, and warring has been going on since before you or I would definitely classify our descendants as human.

    Hell, not even all my immediate relatives are generally classified by me as human. My wife is mostly German, Jack. She's great in bed, I love her dearly, but I'm very careful not to approach her at the wrong time of the month, or from behind in the dark, and never when she has a sharp object in her hand.

    And we're sure as hell no where near that age of universal humanity -today- thanks to the excesses of science making it possible for an ever greater number of absolute morons to have an ever greater number of absolutely moronic kids. Those kids are far from human, Jack.

    Bet on it.

    Let them all starve (those that will) so God and science can sort them out, and then shoot the sorters. The ridiculous number of welfare bred brats is ruining the general standard of living for humanity not living off the slurry fed to them through the government food-trough.

    I would support the moron arrested for threatening Pelosi yesterday, if he'd just have kept his mouth shut and just done the right thing.

    But like you, he wants to talk things out... OMFG! It's like talking to a fu---ng rock, Jack.

    Meanwhile Obama is waging war around the world and the government is getting ready to suffocate and further shackle every American with higher taxes, even more regulation, and longer, slower-moving lines for everyone to stand in. Again, OMFG! Give me a gun!

    Well, those longer lines will give you more time to talk to everyone about the peaceful Utopia you have in mind, where fist-fights, marital spats and philosophic arguments bring a throng of riot police dressed in all the paraphernalia of the 21st Century.

    God damn! Don't cops dressed in riot gear look like just about the gayest thing at the parade? Y-M-C-A! Y-M-C-A! Go, Freddy Mercury, Go! Sneak up behind those uniformed fairies and pat them on the ass.

    Pennsyltuckey? You mean like Harper Valley PTA-land? Well Dolly Parton me a hard-on, you god-damned coal-miner's daughter. Throw them all off the Tallahatchy Bridge for me, okay?

    Tell me the truth. 'Cause I really wanna know. Are there any dentists in Kentucky? And if there are, what the hell do they do for a living?

    BTW, I still support the Confederacy. And I honestly believe -the blacks in this country lived better under slavery than they do today.

    Just go to any U.S. prison and ask the guys in there if I'm right.

    I know, I know, it's the principle of the thing. Like giving women the right to vote.

    But, honestly again, I don't think voting is anything like what it's cracked up to be.

    Give everyone a gun and a license to kill whoever they want. That's Utopia.

    It's Utopia, because no one would have any more excuses -to be the assholes they generally are today.

  39. OK - let me admit up front that I'm exhausted today - didn't do anything regarding blogging so you are getting me at a weak moment - that said...

    Let's forget about who needs to be killed or whether it is justified and consider the situation from this angle perhaps?

    We must not be afraid to die - truth seekers and patriots alike - but we must not just throw our lives away.

    We must acknowledge, as have I, that the Bill of Rights and Constitution are worth sacrificing our lives for - because without those ideals - we really have nothing - nothing at all.

    So that's where I stand on this.

    I can't quit - I must continue - and maybe I'll die trying. But as Patton said - you don't win a war by dying for your country - you win by making the enemy pile of shit traitor to the Bill of Rights, Constitution of the United States, Declaration of Independence die for their country - while we defeat them, stay alive and preserve liberty.

  40. My shit book is coming out next week - designed for a two year old to read and understand

  41. Yeah - one other thing - I heard on Thom Hartmann's show today - shortly between errands because I am no longer a fan of that fuck but I'll give him the 1/2 ounce of credit - he had Peter B. Collins standing in for him while he (Hartmann) was in Germany - Collings "allowed" callers who know the gig is up on the 911 thing...

    I've lost patience with the fakes consuming our public airwaves like Hartmann - either shit or get off the fucking pot -

    The time is over for fucking around - everybody knows the country has been hijacked and they are pretending that they have the power to disarm us of our unalieneable rights =

    Hartmann - either sit or get off the pot. As far as I am concerned, you Zionist pile of cowshit, get the fuck out of my country, because you have loyalty elsewhere.

    Thom Hartmann, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity - fuck off - don't go away mad - just go away.

  42. I guess what I'm asking these radio personalities to do is:

    Pick a country- any country - either USA or Israel

    Then - once you do - we will pay close attention

    And if you say USA and represent Israel

    well then...

  43. I think it's like way-way more basic than that, the stinking Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the God-damned Constitution! Piss on them, and curse all their idiot-signers.

    And excuse me when I say, the Asshole & Chief is right, if in a ironic way.

    Preemptive assassinations of Americans -are- in order. These a--holes have been judged preemptively by a jury of their peers.

    They didn't just do 9-11.

    They keep lying about it, -over and over- again.

    The booger Obama is like nuts, if he thinks this can last much longer.

    According to Washington D.C. those assholes are still killing Iraqis, Afghanis, Pakistanis, Iranians, Somalies, and any other kind of Muslim they can get their hands on -to get even with the fake boogie-man Osama bin Laden.

    Ain't no moth----cker got one up on me on this.

    I run my show -all--by--myself-.

    And I couldn't give half-a-shit about this Osama bin Laden fairy tale character the cooked up by our own government when THEY knocked down the Twin Towers.

    The video tapes don't lie. It was a controlled demolition created for our benefit, and to blow up the Osama bin Laden boogie man doll.

    I don't need anyone's fucking approval to do anything. I have a mind of my own. It's quirky, my mind, like a rusty old bear trap. Don't mess with it, is the message.

    If your mind is deficient in some manner on thse things, then get the fuck out of the way. And stay the fuck out of the way.

    Keep your head down and your helmet on tight. Because, the bullets are just starting to fly.

    That's the way it is, -today-.

    All these moth----ckers are all on death row, just awaiting their last meal, a visit from some kid-corn-holing-priest and a summoning-note from the executioner.

    Put up the buntings. Strike up the band. And roll out the guillotines.

    Let the celebration commence -in awe and in earnest, their lying-judges first!

    History will not be denied its due. Humanity grows righteously -bloodthirsty-.

    The US is over.

  44. More fucking yappy-yap wusses -THIS MORNING-

    "Unholy NJ death wishers - Fury as teachers 'pray to slay' Governor Christie" By CARL CAMPANILE Last Updated: 6:34 AM, April 10, 2010


    KEEP praying you god-damned teaching-weasels. -Because, once the lying-crooked-judges are done with, and all the politicians and their gold-Rolex-watched-lobbyists, and all the smiling-commissioners and their deputy-commissioners, all their many-whoring-blow-job-secretaries and all the rest on our way on down to meter maids and garbage collectors and the deputy garbage collectors, we're gonna get all the fucking teachers too.

    KEEP praying you god-damned weasels, like the doctors and the lawyers, the scheming accountants and the CFOs. Your day has come to pay the piper with your life.

    Keep praying right up to the time the blade of that awesome machine-of-liberation comes down on your neck kerr-thump!

    And anyone-else who is over 23 and still has all their teeth, THAT'S WHO!

    -------- JUMP MOTHERFUCKERS, JUMP! --------

    And everyone left is gonna get to be a Rock Star!

    --- Money for Nothing - Dire Straits ---

    Now look at them yo-yo's that's the way you do it
    You play the guitar on the M-T-V
    That ain't workin' -that's the way you do it
    Money for nothin' and chicks for free
    Now that ain't workin' that's the way you do it
    Lemme tell ya them guys ain't dumb
    Maybe get a blister on your -little finger
    Maybe get a blister on your thumb

    We gotta install microwave ovens
    Custom kitchen deliveries
    We gotta move these refri-ger-ators
    We gotta move these colour TV's

    See the little faggot with the earring and the makeup
    Yeah buddy that's his own hair
    That little faggot got his own jet airplane
    That little faggot he's a million-aire

    We gotta install microwave ovens
    Custom kitchens deliveries
    We gotta move these refri-ger-ators
    We gotta move these color TV's

    I shoulda learned to play the guitar
    I shoulda learned to play them drums
    Look at that mama, she got it stickin' in the camera
    Man we could have some fun
    And he's up there, what's that? Hawaiian noises?
    Bangin' on the bongos like a chim-pan-zee
    That ain't workin' -that's the way you do it
    Get your money for nothin' get your chicks for free

    We gotta install microwave ovens
    Custom kitchen deliveries
    We gotta move these refri-ger-ators
    We gotta move these color TV's, Lord

    Now that ain't workin' that's the way you do it
    You play the guitar on the M-T-V
    That ain't workin' -that's the way you do it
    Money for nothin' -and your chicks for free
    Money for nothin' and chicks for free



    ------- THE FUTURE IS COUNTING ON YOU! -------

    History awaits.

  45. And don't forget all the newly-hired census devils either. Off with their heads.

  46. Don Robertson - author - philosopherApr 10, 2010, 7:40:00 AM

    Good luck with your book, Jackie ol' boy.

    There's certainly plenty to write about.


  47. Don - are you telling me you are putting in your order? It's at the printers and is more of a sculpture than a "book" - the intent is to get the truth out about 911 by incorporating the best available information while not introducing bias from myself.


  48. Send the first copy to me, -but sign and date it first. -Don

  49. OK you better email your address again in case that sheet from your book got lost
    But wait - if I give them away I'll not be able to produce more. Perhaps you will find room for a donation?

  50. Oh yeah - this is low-budget - grass roots type work...

  51. Twice now I have written a long post, which your blog has simply swallowed and refused to give back to its creator.

  52. That was yesterday, and the subject I meant to address is still present, and a seemingly continuously growing danger.

    Mr. Rivero has gone on endlessly on his What Really Happened show describing Catholic clergy child rape as "diddling with the alter boys," as if this humorless anecdote raises his own journalistic esteem, or perhaps raises his acceptance somehow within the psyche of his mostly mindless and in almost every case -nameless-and-moronic- listeners that like a clever turn of a phrase, regardless the clearly harmful effect of such a phrase -upon the forever ubiquitous victims of child rape.

    Human nature is a bugger. It's a bugger almost equal to the infinite complexity of reality -that all these phony geniuses want us to believe they, and they alone, have mounted, like the fairly ubiquitous fat sows that are forever re-populating the world with more government-fed morons to follow the phony geniuses into an ever-more sickening future.

    And that's why that fucker Barack Obama is President of the United States, and also why that pig Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the House.

    It's also why George W. Bush rose to power. Believe me, I'm GW Bush's age, plus-or-minus, and for me it's simply impossible that this twit was seen as measurable against he task he bungled and made worse thinking 9-11 was the key to pulling his head out of his asshole.

    Let's not jump to conclusions as I jump on Michael Rivero's case though. He's boasting having solved all the world's problems, having determined -what everyone needs to do- to become enlightened to HIS level. Just deny all your BELIEFS. Brilliant! Fuck you, Rivero.

    All THIS is apparent from his latest, from on high, Moses-like, not-quite scribed in stone video post, which is available for viewing at the following link -directly from YouTube.com


    Admittedly, the video is about the scheming plans of the global warming financial cabal attempting to enlarge the world's endlessly corrupt credit economy -for their personal benefit-

    BUT the Michael Rivero's twisted logic used to attack the Human-Caused-Global-Warmers is so utterly deficient and devoid of any cognizable validity, it's almost as if he's playing shill for the cabal.

    That's how lame Rivero's reasoning usually is, -too. He's on a common head-trip, -to no where.

    Rivero is using exactly the same psychological tactics that are used by those he wants to discredit and demote to lacking-credibility.

    Rivero, in essence says, do not believe anyone but Michael Rivero and those who believe in Michael Rivero.

    But of course, Mr. Rivero has a close group of affectionate -and dog-like- followers -running after his meat truck-. They recognize Mr. Michael's smoldering genius, and trot on behind him sniffing the meat, while the world goes straight to hell in a hand-basket, as it typically does, with the -good intentions- of these fame-seeking geniuses -and ever -greater authority- of the social psyche behind them.

    It's the ever greater authority, not your beliefs, kids, that menaces and imprisons humanity in its lockstep trance following these nefarious, fame-seeking, devils that claim they know anything-about-anything -who are the problem Mr. Rivero.

    Meaning -people just like you. You are half the problem. Use your head before you loose your mouth so aimlessly. And stop being the shill pacifist. A lot of these people have to die.

    Start choosing.


    How much are you charging for your book, Mr. Bunny Rabbit?

  53. It oughta' be $12.99 - and I'd love to give it away - but I'm not able to find work in my three career specialties - and - I really really really really really don't want anybody to confuse this work with religious hand-outs - no - this is only for patriots who wish to further the cause of truth - and support those who are bringing the truth to the public - including people who can't read. Thats the beauty of this thing - self-contained - and... you can give it to a kid and they will tell the adult what is going on because it is so obvious.

    don't be so damned cheap - just say yes I wish to purchase a copy and I'll send it out. I wouldn't insult you and give it away - or you would think I'm handing out religious information.


  54. Wait - where is the long post - I didn't know somebody wrote a long post and I ignored it - I had a couple of off days here - dodging Fudd's bullets, chewing lettuce and trying to get this miserable pathetic book done.

    I'm basically blogged out right now but goddamit don't think for a second I'm done - ever

  55. Gimme the post - so I can put it up somewhere

  56. Jackie-

    Your blog swallows-whole posts that for some reason get scuttled in the publish-it-transit.

    It seems to be because some posts are too long, or perhaps because they are too well thought out? Who knows. It's a software flaw that REALLY sucks, for the writer of the post, and for the blog owner seeking the holy grail of user input and interactivity.

    Blah, blah, blah... See? That gets published.

    One of the things I pointed out, now as I remember it from my post that ended up in another non-existent-universe somewhere, is that -JUST BECAUSE a journalist says something that is notable or true-ish (always in some purely colloquial sense), doesn't mean they are one of the "good guys".

    That's stupid thinking. These people aren't good guys. There are no fucking good guys. There are only less-bad guys, who are dupes and can be easily taken advantage of in this world.

    This is the great deceit of journalism, that if a journalist tells enough cogent stories correctly, that the mindless masses should assume, the next story they tell is a good one too. Nor does their story-telling say anything about either their character or their morals.

    Most often these people are outright slimeballs, like the entire cast of 60 Minutes.

    There simply is nothing to the logical connection, that is too often primitively made, a cognitive leap off an otherwise steep and treacherously high cliff, that journalists are the good guys.

    Horse-fucking-shit, they are.

    Journalists in this sense are exactly like politicians, EXACTLY!

    I've lived long enough to recognize the FAT personality of someone like Alex Jones. He's like a used-truck salesman. He'd sell used trucks all day long for top dollar. And if he worked for you, you'd swear by him. But -if you ever bought a used truck from Alex Jones, you'd know what a lying moth---ucker he can be to serve his own ends.

    And, folks, I don't know what Michael Rivero is running for, unless it is to be the ubermensch of the ubermensch, but in the story he keeps endlessly relating about the priests "diddling with the alter boys" -reaching as he does for some sick sense of humor in his audience, he's clearly way-way-way out of bounds.

    Rivero harms the victims and licenses the perpetrators by this too often repeated statement. Once was too many times, -Rivero.

    These priests are raping these kids up the ass, bloodying these poor creatures, and scarring them emotionally for the rest of their lives.

    No one is "diddling" with some trifling joke Rivero keeps telling. It's horrifying. But, he's not conscientious enough to apologize though, ARE YOU MICHAEL RIVERO?

    ---Michael says, "No. Geniuses must be given a certain amount of comic-genius-license in the harm they cause to others, especially children who have been raped, which is a very funny joke worth keeping in my repertoire."

    Where some media personality like Michael Rivero gets off calling child rape, "diddling with the alter boys," mocking the alter boys as he does it, I don't know. I know he prides himself as some anti-religious crusader, by Mr. Michael is a big believer in the myth of his own infallibility.

    Michael's whole ongoing yap-yap clearly says to me something very significant about a the pathology of a glory-seeking mind with absolutely no moral sense.

    Michael should perhaps rename his show, The What Michael Really Believes Show, because that's what it's becoming...

  57. Thanks for the thoughts...

    I don't have blind faith in anyone or anything - especially in light of the information warfare environment of false reality we all are immersed in. I try to understand that everyone with a podium has backers - without which the podium and microphone go bye bye.

    Since each person may have a different set of backers it is reasonable to consider that there are certain topics that are not to be discussed - leaving freedom to discuss some piece of the truth-pie - which contributes to the overall "war effort" toward getting this country back to one of laws and not persons because as you said, I think correctly - there are no "good guys" that's why we have laws.

    On the religious issues I can go on forever - but those who claim there is no God are as bad as those who say there definitely is a God because neither one can prove their assertion. They are both unaware of their own ignorance - I prefer to say that I don't know if there is or not, but to me, it seems like it takes a creator to set up any system - and we are systems within systems -

    One problem with pretending their is no possibility for a God/gods is that now we are faced with the possibility that all power is derived here on earth - which means it can be assigned to someone - like say - the queen biddy of england - that is a scary thought.

    Claiming there is a God is at least useful in that there is no way any person can be the giver of our unalienable rights - by claiming they come from God/gods there is no way a queen or other musket target can claim that they give them to us.

    I don't like criticizing people for their religious beliefs at all - it's their belief - they can make it as big as they want. My problem is with claims of superiority of one belief over another when nobody has a clue in the first place.


  58. Like anyone, your reading-comprehension, Rabbit, is filled full of jumping-to-conclusions and a selective-weeding of ideas to fit your next exposition.

    I am not acting as a proponent of religion, per se. I am not even defending religion, per se.

    I am saying, everything, everyone has in their head is a belief -that is- for-the-most-part exactly the same thing as a religious belief.

    This is true because our minds DO jump-to-conclusions, and they DO weed-out input to fit our next perception about the infinitely complex reality around us.

    This selectivity has absolutely nothing to do with intelligence.

    It is -in fact- necessary BECAUSE of the infinite complexity of reality that confronts every one of us -all the time.

    Because of this insurmountable problem of the infinite complexity of reality, and also in part because of our solution to it, our so-called LOGIC -is not logical at all.

    We assume that IF we can ferret the wrong answer, that we have a good chance, or a better chance of knowing -some right answer.

    There is no logical connection between the two.

    There are an infinite number of wrong answers.

    There is usually only one right answer.

    Knowing one, or even a few, wrong answers does not give us much of a leg-up searching for the right answer in amongst the infinities of all the wrong answers.

    Furthermore, BECAUSE we do not know anything for sure about the truth, neither do we have any reason to expect that the right answer for which we might be searching cannot be a wrong answer, -or- vice versa.

    I was just reading over on the TED site, rabid proponents of the scientific-way, that there are 6.8 billion people on the planet.

    A guy named Michael Specter is arguing that because there are -projected- to be 9 billion people on the planet in forty years, that we MUST continue along the path of science that brought us to this point where there are 6.8 billion people on the planet today.

    Michael Specter is crazy, and a fanatical devotee of science who has no sense worthy the attention of anyone. In a perfect world the immoral Specter would be shot like a rabid dog for the nuisance he and those who think like him clearly all are.

    For many of the 6.8 billion people living on the planet today, -life is an unimaginable living hell when viewed from within the framework of an American considering the such such things.

    Many people today live in absolute squalor, including even here in the U.S.

    Without the mindlessly immoral progress-jackboot of science prompting this increasing idiocy, there would not be 6.8 billion people living on the planet today.

    And without science, neither will we come to that point where there will inevitably be 9 billion people on the planet -living far worse than the 6.8 billion struggling hip-dip in human-excrement and scientific-waste -just to survive in a world that was otherwise -once a pretty wonderful paradise.

    What I am advocating is that the world will not find solutions listening to people such as Michael Rivero or this scientific scumbag Michael Specter from TED.

    The solution to what ails us all, is to tune out these assholes who think they are genius enough to gamble destroying the world on a bet they want to make, that they can become famous, if their asinine solution is for some inane reason -adopted.

    Too many assholes like these squirming worms have already played that trick.

    Those who think they can make the world better with some scientific proactive measure are full of shit, exactly as they have always been full of shit.

  59. Since the silly Mr. Rivero is too busy singing "God Bless America" tonight, let me continue on in his stead. His priorities are comically noted.

    Some will say, I am too cynical. Not true.

    I am very positive that humanity is about to abandon the scientific way -entirely- by choice, and if not by choice, by the necessity of a world gone absolutely mad with devastation.

    I am also very sure humanity is going to re-embrace morality, and find the Categorical Knowledge that springs forth from the moral imperative of life -utterly compelling-.

    The moral imperative of life is to live a life that detracts not at all from the lives available to those who will follow us into this world.

    Some will say, perhaps even Mr. Rivero, or Mr. Specter, that we simply MUST continue to try in a scientific sense.

    It is immoral to continue to try in a scientific sense. It is but the continuation of an ongoing immoral wager -with odds that are rising exponentially against us.

    The education of these scientific folks is deficient. They have not spent nearly enough time studying their own textbooks.

    To get a proper education, one must read dated textbooks too. And if we read dated textbooks it becomes abundantly clear just how foul and anti-human the scientific way is.

    These scientific nutcases might in their defense say, "Old textbooks are clearly flawed and show some idiocy. But the newer textbooks show progress, real human progress, and scientific progress."


    Keep going backward in the history of these historically evidentiary textbooks. It becomes exceedingly obvious, they are all filled full of lies, misinterpretations, and deceit. Only the newest textbooks have any ring of real truth. But this is only the great deceit of science. For these newer textbooks will of course be dated soon enough. And the complexity of the topics and the application of the methodologies contained in these textbooks -here- in this impossibly complex reality -should well-enough warn all of us -while it explains our current predicament- of the dangers inherent to the scientific way.

    WHO? WHO has the moral right to continue with this insane gamble with the world?

    Mr. Rivero?

    Mr. Specter?

    Mr. Jones?

    Bullshit. These people are bullshitters who would destroy our world seeking their world-defiling genius-fame!

    Who cares? I care.

    Give everyone a gun, and let them sort things out for themselves.

  60. When did I imply this:
    then I'll get to the rest:
    "I am not acting as a proponent of religion, per se. I am not even defending religion, per se. "

  61. Here-

    "I don't like criticizing people for their religious beliefs at all - it's their belief - they can make it as big as they want. My problem is with claims of superiority of one belief over another when nobody has a clue in the first place."

    You are simply lost here.

    One simply must grasp -there ARE unknowables, and cling to that sure truth. The reality is, there are very few knowables in a vast sea of human-made believables. That's the endless bugger.

    It is when proponents of their own hubris claim they know the unknowables, such as how to make for a better world with THE RELIGION OF SCIENCE, -or the religion of Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tse, Mohamed, or the clingy Spaghetti-headed monster that is such a favorite with the kids today -when these believers (like Michael Rivero) get hold of the world -that is when the assholes get-on with wrecking the place.

    Forget giving everyone a gun. So-called "knowledge", Michael Rivero, is the source of authority, and regardless its source, that is the devil in the details, so-called knowledge.

    In this world, there are only individuals for consciousness and decision-making. Knowledge is only an aberration.

    All knowledge is destroyed with one simple question, WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY?

    Make your own god-damned decisions.

    Those people who already have guns or can get their hands one -they should simply take carte blanche authority to shoot who they want.

    I suggest starting with ANYONE who makes any pretense of being scientific though, -then the judges, and then the politicians.

    The clergy are way-way down on the list, Richard Dawkins, you god-damned apologist-ASSHOLE for the status quo of an ongoing unfettered scientific destruction of the world.

    The world existed with the God-religion paradigm without wrecking the place completely -like it is being wrecked today- for a very long time -before these asshole scientists came along spouting how they know everything and anything, claiming academic freedoms and universal rights.

    Bull-fucking-shit -to them.

    Put a bullet between their ears. Let's see what they know about THAT. Explain your freedom to me NOW, BOOOM!

    Put a bullet between their ears before their next immoral scientific gamble lays waste the entire precious world of humanity.

    All the kids get hung up on contentious, but mindless, good-evil and right-wrong mind traps.

    If they worry about what is right or wrong, or good or evil, they're going to be surprised some day -WHEN their human life no longer exists because some experiment made by one the scientists of the world -went disastrously wrong and killed every human.

    You have to do this. You have to do that. NOW you have to do -this and that- because science fucked up, and scientists say it has to be done. Now bend over for the scientists!

    Fuck you!

    Right now, this guy Michael Specter is arguing, we have to continue down the suicidal path of ever-more-dangerous-science -because science has so fucked things up, if we don't we won't be prepared for the world science has created all by itself, a world with 9 billion people coming in just 40 years, all of them supported by some insane scientific conveyor belt feeding everyone not just the shit, but the remains of their dead ancestors too.

    Science sure made the world better, didn't it?

    Show your appreciation for science with a gun.

  62. Anon says:
    "You are simply lost here."

    I guess we'll see.

  63. I'll say this in my defense - when the student fails to learn the teacher failed to teach. If you were trying to teach me something - I didn't learn it.


  64. You learned it.

    There is nothing to learn -IS the lesson-.

    These monstrous assholes who would have us all believe they are superhuman -wave their hands about in the air, waving their feathered rattles high above their heads -and- proclaiming they have driven-out the demons -or created a miracle -all do it much the same as shaman have always done -for scores of thousands of years, -all the while lauding over humanity.

    Fuck them.

    Humanity is going to mercilessly hack them all to pieces soon enough.

    In fact, they ARE the demonsand the only miracle is the life we are each given.

    Humanity was never scientific or modern. Life is too short to be either.

    It was all but a fanciful mirage.

    Best of luck with your book. I think you've geared it correctly from what you say about it.

  65. I listened to the last 20 minutes of Rivero's talk show again tonight.

    All Rivero's talk about peaceful demonstrations, -drawing attention to the ongoing skuttling of the economy, an also ongoing child-rape problem throughout the West, in churches, schools, places of work, and universities too, -and- Michael's well-worn pathetic rants directed against the windmill of the IRS --->THESE ARE ALL NOTHING but an all-too-common journalistic hyperbole intended to legitimize Michael Rivero's pompous pandering to a ignorant audience of fools and wusses.

    Peaceful? Be peaceful? Holy Fucking Shit!

    Wait a second.

    Didn't these mothe----kers do 9-11?

    They certainly did.

    Anyone with above average intelligence and half an ounce of curiosity has been thoroughly convinced about the self-inflicted false-flag nature of 9-11.

    The nature of 9-11 isn't reputably even, -still in dispute any more.

    The world laughs and mocks, jeering stupid Americans who cling to the religious-idiocy that this was the work of Osama bin Laden the Hollywood designed Muslim boogie-man -the made-for-a-war-entry-excuse into the oil-rich countries of the Middle East and beyond...

    Yes, I know some people are stupid. In a welfare state such as ours, it's a growing problem.

    Now think about Rivero's plea for peacefulness in that light. Be peaceful!

    Oh My Fucking God!

    Rivero is another plant, a bloodsucker, whose craft is shaping the cretin-like BELIEF in the social psyche that excuses all these human atrocities.

    Just consider recent events.

    The Smack King -Obama- just shoved through the phony Congress a law that is going to require every American with any means at all -to pay insurance companies a large percentage of their income every year -for the rest of eternity- for health care insurance only a fool would want.

    That income percentage isn't fixed yet, or widely discussed. But you can bet it will amount to something more than 20% of your income right out of the starting gate.

    These insurance companies Obama has arranged this God-send for, are the same fucking insurance companies that paid Larry Silverstein for the World Trade Center Towers and Building 7 when they knew god-damned well they were professional and intentionally -and all too obviously- demolished by a team of experts in complete collusion with Silverstein.

    Why is Larry Silverstein -the mass murderer- still walking the streets?

    Why did these insurance companies pay -Larry Silverstein his blood money billions- when they knew this was an intentional and criminal act?

    And Mister Rivero says, "Be peaceful! There are agent provocateurs around."

    I think Rivero's peaceful demonstrations are something of a busying-waste-of-time for all the morons who walk this world with Obama's stick stuck up their ass and Rivero's dick stuck in one of their ears.

    If there are going to be demonstrations, -then- if the demonstrators want to be listened to, they had best take their guns and plan on staying a while in the trenches where the real work gets done.

    Otherwise, rest assured, The Smack King Obama, is laughing at you -cowards.

    Here's a little tidbit for everyone to think about today as Obama's Smack War continues in Afghanistan.


  66. In many ways this little news AP snippet about heroin in the public elementary schools is fitting our current state of self-induced hypnotic-depression, and the occupation of our land by these usurpers of the public weal.

    My local Post Office for the first time in decades has a picture of the current President hanging in the lobby. Obama is pictured with his head tucked neatly up his ass and back out through his belly-button with a big toothy grin wearing a white hat and a hypodermic needle hanging out of his arm.

    I put that picture there.

    A third grader giving sixty of his school classmates bags of heroin to ingest -on the very day The Smack King is preaching to all the recently bereaved coal-miners' daughters about coal mine safety re-re-re-regulation epitomizes the reign of this vicious animal -and- the self-induced hypnotic state of our national consciousness.

    Morality? What's that? Does it come in a small bag, -and is it white and sticky-powdery?

    The colossal buffoonery of our drug-addicted welfare-state citizenry worshiping this heroin addict typifies the "Pulp Fiction"-like story of The Smack King Obama.

    You are going to have to start shooting the place up if you want your country back, Michael Rivero.

    The Smack King made millions last year on a book scribed by a score of blood-sucking literary-leeches who wrote the tripe for him.

    Well build him a monument to his skill at manipulating the common perception of the mythical social psyche.

    The social psyche DOES NOT EXIST -KIDS. It is the tool of your masters, -generally- the coke addicts and junkies in Washington D.C.

    And -meanwhile- the world around The Smack King Obama is going to straight to hell in a hand-basket -in part- nurtured by Libertarian prescriptions for the legalization of drugs -?so every third grader can distribute daddy's heroin at school?- and demands for PEACEFUL PROTESTS by the What Really Radicals on the internet.


    Forget about being peaceful. We're going to have to take the place by storm. The enemy is everywhere among us.

    You will recognize them by the zombie look on their faces as they pick through the more-expensive produce at the supermarket.

    And you can also ferret them out -one by one-.

    Just ask them, "Who did 9-11?"

    If they say, "Osama bin Laden," shoot them.

    Shoot them because their inattention is destroying the world before the future can get a handle on it.

  67. You bring up a great point regarding "destroying the world before the future can get a handle on it." -

    All teachers unaware of the facts of 911 are becoming the propagators of myths and lies to the children they drag out every time they need a pity party for more police-state.

    The kids are all "protected" from the sun but they feed them shit-sandwiches from MickyDees full of MSG and assorted poisons. They are "protected" by police at the schools while they walk through metal detectors - only to detect metal themselves as bullets rip them apart while they keep the Opium in Afghanistan safe for our Hypocracy and "democracy" everywhere.

    The hypocrisy in this country is the telltale sign of the disease - the depth of the disease and the scope of the disease. The hypocrisy goes from the very top to the very bottom and across the spectrum. The tolerance of this hypocrisy demonstrates the lack of political courage and lack of citizen awareness.

    I watched a few vids regarding our food supply situation and the pharmtoxical industry - I just had to take a break after watching "The world according to Monsanto" a while back - this is the darkest shit I have ever seen. The problem is that it is real, it is a threat to every person alive and it is invisible in the public mind.

    I truly believe that the only way to prevent violent overthrow of this government - by who or whomever - is if the media were to actually somehow magically begin to serve the people. And I mean right fucking now - or its over.

    There is no more time for infotainment - but somehow I don't think the folks running the infotainment industry are going to help us citizens - since they probably have not only different values than Americans - but different agendas and loyalties as to their first pick for best country.

    The Declaration of Independence comes to mind.

  68. I forgot to mention that a good way to battle the confiscators of property is with a scorched earth policy. That is a non-violent method that denies property value to the would-be confiscators. The Russians did it to the NAZIs. Napoleon got it too. Maybe this round of crooks need the same treatment.

  69. Oh yeah - the book is gonna' be $15 even - long story - printing etc... - low bid going in becomes 5X original bid - haggling - compromise - final size etc...

    Yeah I'll post a link to it here - it's fucking cool - you can hand it to a kid and they'll love it. Since I have the mind of a child the book just put itself together.


  70. From comment above: "Why is Larry Silverstein -the mass murderer- still walking the streets?"

    JR: Why is he ? What the fuck? He admitted it right in the "pullit" video - he fucking admitted it - why indeedy is that fucker walking the streets? Don't we incarcerate and execute criminals - after conviction - so they don't repeat the fucking crime?

    My question is this: Exactly WHO is responsible for his arrest in light of the evidence available. That person must do their job or .....or what?

    This brings us back to the citizens governing the governors as Jefferson said -

    So that really is the crux of our problem - that inaction is accepted by the American people - and all the governments of the foreigners killed as well.

    But it is accepted because they are not informed and since they remain ignorant even honest politicians don't have the clout to order his arrest.

    Our malfunctioning media - if fixed - could solve this problem just as easily as they helped to create it and cover up the original mass murder.


  71. One last thought - even if a person were justified in committing a violent act to fix the problem - without a media to explain the event to the population - they'd lose anyway as public opinion would be manipulated to null out their actions.

    This happened to Brutus and his buddies after they killed Julius Caesar - the murder was probably justified - but the public turned on them and they all were wiped out - with the place turning into a fucking dictatorship anyway under Octavian.

    The media is an essential link to making sure our country gets put back on course.

  72. Yeh, sure. They've beaten you up so bad -you're worrying about dying, aren't you?

    Let me put it to you easy. You are going to die anyway, -Bunny Rabbit.

    It's just defeatist to resign yourself to surrendering the determination of what the world will be like that you, and I and all these other fat, lazy, thieving -assholes- are going to bequeath to the future based upon some notion that -you are going to fail-. HFJ!

    Fail on their time, not mine. Think for all these assholes who are worried about the greater-collapse that is coming -when you wish yourself into failure. That collapse is your friend. Think of it that way.

    I'm not going to fail. I'm toppling this government. I'm toppling this government. And I'm not going to let another one spring up like another head of the Hydra -either-.

    It's not going to be a revolution. It's going to be the end of government, -all government.

    Shoot Octavius too. Shoot Octavius and his kids and his relatives, and all his friends, and all his enemies too. Do to Rome what was done to Carthage. Plow it under.

    When the Census Devil shows up at your door, Mr. Bunny Rabbit, tell him-or-her that you have explosive diarrhea, a really bad case of painful-explosive diarrhea, and that -another time- would be better.

    And don't ever let them show up without having that excuse ready in the wait. Slam the door in their face, and lock it. And then make loud farting noises through the door at them.


    Any time anyone is ready to storm the big house, or any one of the big houses, I'm vowing to be in the lead making farting noises as loud as I can.

    I'm less afraid of dying -than I am of the continued surrender of this place to all these screaming scientific assholes who think fat broads with thick glasses, and even fatter school teachers with a sickening smell about them -make for a good future. Fuck that!

    I'm a real warrior, not one of these drugged-up American boys they have shipped overseas to fight the Smack War in Afghanistan. HFS! Those are just kids.

    They're just tin soldiers, and ignorant cowards, -one and all.

    You want to fight, then stop taking orders -is my best advice. Stop taking orders -and start giving them.



    Obama is weak, very weak. The Congress is weaker and full of ninnies and fagots.

    The Armed services are ALL itching for a coup.

    Light the match.



  73. Well Don,

    What was the result of the efforts of Joe Stack?

    The media made it go away - nobody followed. Everybody seemed to quietly cheer.

    Without a media beach-head - it doesn't matter what you do - because the alternate reality that is fed to the public is more real than the action.

    That is - unless - it were just too big to hide - and everybody was on board.

    But it's just not the case - the traitors in the media are keeping the facade going - that is why I keep harping the way I do.

    A good example of reality trumping the fake techno-reality is the snowstorm that crippled C-ville this winter. Nobody could do anything. It was fantastic.

    There was no way to spin that one - it just fucking happened. And we had to deal.

    The crooked traitorous media is a better target than the government for reasons stated above.


  74. Burn down the media. They are just an arm of the government.

    Let's see them ignore that.

  75. Put a bounty on the media. The payment for which we might make simply the accolades of something I personally invented as a literary device quite a few years ago when the war effort was originally ramped-up -on the premise of all this ongoing phony terrorism being a real threat.

    I call it the ATP, the American Terrorist Party.

    Yes. Score a victory against the media, say a pie in the face of Andy Rooney or Katie Curic, and you get honorable mention from the ATP, including honorary membership in the ATP.

    A lot of Libertarians are again singing the idiot praises of the evil doctor Ron Paul as a perennial third party candidate. For what office -I don't know, since I'm personally working toward dismantling the federal government -completely-, like Carthage as I say, -plow under both sides of the banks of the Potomac.

    In that light, I am going to say right here and now, the ATP has more appeal than the Libertarian Party, which is far too cerebral for the average American who thinks "hypocracy" is the best form of government yet invented, and thoroughly American.

    The Average Joe Stack would appreciate seeing the local newsman kicked in the nuts.

    The average Joe Stack would join the ATP in a heartbeat right now -too.

    I'm telling you, Obama is very weak. The Congress is even weaker.

    The armed services are with us 100% of the way.

    Break up the government, Wall Street, the Banks, the credit economy and everything else too.

    Deregulating mankind is the goal.

    It's time to cast off all the fucking pacifists with the one fingered salute and a few warning shots to get them running.

  76. Anon above says:
    "It's time to cast off all the fucking pacifists with the one fingered salute and a few warning shots to get them running."

    JR says:
    I haven't taken the course - but from what I've been told it is against (at least in Virginia) the law to fire a warning shot.......

  77. In Virginia it is probably illegal to flip someone off with the one fingered salute too.

    Who fucking cares about the law? Laws are for dummies and wusses.

    In 2008 there were 369 murders in Virginia, 2100 kidnappings, 7500 robberies, 10,000 aggravated assaults, 100,000 instances of intimidation/assault, 1500 arsons, 180,000 burglaries and larcenies, 13,000 motor vehicles stolen, and 25,000 instances of fraud reported.

    Many of these crimes were committed by fine upstanding people in our sick society.

    Now go ahead and tell me in every one of those instances where the "law" was broken, neither was it justified nor was it a case of just desserts.

    You aren't one of those who thinks a vigilante is a bad person are you? HFJ! Write your Congressmen then -when your kid is being raped at school by the gym teacher, because the cops could care less.

    Someone has to do the dirty work in our society.

    And the cops sure aren't equipped for the task. LOFL!

    All the special prosecutors I ever read about were crooked creeps you wouldn't want to trust to give you the correct time of day...

    Take a look at the scumbag federal prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald who is fucking with Blagojevich for Obama's crew of drug addicts and murderous felons in the White House who want the ousted Governor shut-up because he knows too much.

    And these ALL judges are simply guillotine bait.

    So, you tell me. What the fuck does the law of Virginia do for anyone -other than the criminals who run the Commonwealth of Virginia?

    That's right, Mr. Hare. Fuck them.

    If you don't take control, you'll have control taken from you.

    Rivero was still preaching non-violence today.

    I'm saying, if you can wreck something or someone who deserves wrecking, then be my welcome guest.

    This battle isn't going to end any time soon.

    And don't be too obsessed with keeping you head down.

    Neither you nor I will live long enough to see the end of this war anyway.

    What we have to work toward bequeathing to the future is the willingness and the ability to fight. AND, the notion that there IS a higher moral authority that says, some of these mothe----kers have it coming to them.

    Fuck the pacifists.


    I do not think there is a single soul in the US government who couldn't use a thorough gut and flay job. They all know who did 9-11. All of Wall Street should be gut-shot. And every bank president in the country should have his head beat in.

    Let's just call it a Liberty Foreclosure, when one of these mothe----kers comes up lying in a pool of their own filth and blood.

    It sounds harsh, and it is, but not in comparison to what is every day being inflicted upon everyone else with no one thinking it's anything other than -normal- because of all the obscene obfuscation by journalists mainstream and pacifist bloggers.

    In other words, when I read about Joe Stack, I do not think of a plane crashing into an IRS building. I think of the horror Joe Stack was put through to drive him to that point.

    That horror is being wider spread every day.

  78. That's three times your blog swallowed a long post.

  79. That's OK - I'm enjoying the conversation - I'm thinking about a response because it is getting very difficult defending peace when confronted with an enemy of violent warmongers.

  80. Yeah - a new format is needed to make the discussions more accessable and searchable. The discussions are really more valuable than the posts themselves.

  81. "Financial reform" is another word for ever-more walking-around-money for the Junkie in the White House.

    And the reports of neo-NAZI White Supremacists protesting immigration illegal or otherwise -are absolutely hilarious propaganda. Did you see the pictures of those guys? If those weren't boys from the FBI playing agent provocateur, then I don't recognize a stooge -when I see one.

    This guy Obama is playing like a nasty-loud-screaming cat-fight at 3:00 a.m.

    Shut the fuck-up, Obama, you lying sack of shit.

    No one has any more patience for this crap.

    So, fuck YOU, Barack Obama. Go back to the hood.

    Look, Folks. The health care bill was a fraud. It's a massive tax bill meant only to keep the money flowing from all of us into the federal coffers so the wars can continue, and so the welfare state and the credit economy can continue to cannibalize the little wealth left in this country.

    Take your last few bucks and buy a gun and some ammo. This government is coming down.

    There's reason enough for a hot war to break out already.

    No one needs any more excuses from The Smack King and his fascist pals on Wall Street.

    I say, start target practice with the stinking Obama-supporting pacifists first.

    Their hero, The Smack King, was utterly insane before he took office.

    Now that he has been given free rein to loot, plunder and destroy at will, AND enough walking-around-pocket-money to make the fabled King Midas envious -Obama has gone absolutely stark-raving-bonkers.

    A mind is a terrible thing to waste, but heroin does that to a fella, Obama.

    The utter bullshit about going after the Great Golden Goose, -Goldman Sachs-, is nothing but a ploy to get the "financial overhaul" (read that another forty lashes for the decent folks in the country) passed through a thoroughly whipped Congress.

    Congress is so full of head fakes, they're actually trying to pretend to put up resistance to the idea of stealing more money from the country for themselves. LOL!

    The ploy should bring them all a new outlook on life, -like looking out from inside the business-end of a fucking guillotine -new outlook -that is.

    The ATP is looking for people for their honor roll.

    There's a very real problem with the American scenario being described by The Smack King -Obama-.

    Everyone is supposed to go on welfare under Obama. Everyone is supposed to put their money in the stock market. And everyone is supposed to go on section-8 housing assistance. And everyone is supposed to pay $500,000+ for a fucking house. And everyone is supposed to get free medical care paid for by those people who CAN afford it. And everyone is supposed to love and embrace all the Mexicans that are right now again flooding across the border to have anchor babies and bring the heroin drug trade here. And everyone is supposed to apply for food stamps under Obama too. Well, golly!

    Now tell me this. If you get free food, free housing and free medical care, -and- we're to let in the immigrants without a whimper, isn't -fuck-and-have-ten-babies- all there is left to do for Obama's America?

    I almost forgot. Fuck-and-have-ten-babies- and vote for Obama in 2012!

    To get elected with the ethics and demographics Obama is cultivating for this country's future, I expect every president from here on out will have to be a person of more much significant color that the very-slightly-tanned drug-addict from Chicago.

    Rumor has it, Joe Biden has been given his orders to fall in line.

    It's going to be either corn-rows for the VP or he's going to have to start wearing his pants down around his thighs and a baseball cap cocked sideways on his head at all times.


  82. We're all going to Mars! Did you hear that?

    Well, the ATP cannot compete with a free trip to Mars, can they?

    Now I feel a whole lot better, even a little more patriotic!

    I'm certainly much more enamored with all deadly scientific stuff being practiced by the scientific crowd these days.

    Mars... I wonder what a junkie sees in Mars.

    I think I'll stay behind, hoping all the lying assholes of the world emigrate to Mars.

    We could make a list of Mars emissaries that like-really needs-to-go. Wow, man. Mars!

    We could set up a casino and sell drugs legally on Mars. That would give the place a hell of a lot of appeal.

    And we could offer free health care, food stamps, and section-8 housing too!

    Mars, it's a god damned Utopia already. Talk about CHANGE!

  83. What makes you say he's a junkie?

  84. Obama is a junkie because he's has admitted he's a junkie in one of his own god-damned books.

    The chain-smoker doesn't even have enough will-power to quit cigarettes, so how the hell is anyone to expect he has the will-power to quit smack?

    Trust me. I had a brother die of a heroin overdose after a long addiction. I recognize a junkie when I see one. Obama is on smack 24-7.

    And the final cinching bit of evidence? Just look at The Smack King's skinny black ass. Something is sating this Fat Albert -other than food.

    And it sure ain't sex. How much does Obama weigh? 155 lbs? A fucking heroin addict couldn't get much skinnier than that.

    I rest the case on the evidence, saying again, the man is a junkie from the hood. He's nothing but a big-time dope-dealer, and a confidence-man who ran a protection racket in the toughest section of Chicago's sprawling, murderous and drug infested slums.

    Fuck you, Barack Obama. You are not my President. Fuck you. And fuck your god-damned mindless Chief Economist -Christina Romer- too.


    I read -this- this morning on Bloomberg and went ballistic. "April 18 (Bloomberg) -- Christina Romer, the White House’s chief economist, said the U.S. economy can emerge from the worst recession since the 1930s into a “better normal” era of higher economic growth."


    The article prompted me to write this email to the scum-bagged Bloomberg.com BusinessWeek author.



    Aside from being nearly illiterate, -and wholly lacking cogency, (targeted stimulus is what the fart-breathing-and-shit-eating-snakes did with the ongoing bank bail-outs, the auto-industry bail-out, and the health care and insurance industry bail-out too) --you are all too apparently -but a paid propagandist-swine.

    I look forward to the day when heads like yours lie looking back out at the real world -from the bottom of a guillotine's basket.

    Fuck-off, and rot in Hell.

    This email is intended as a targeted stimulus. I hope you get a knock on your door some night, late, and they haul you away, -never to be seen or heard from again.

    Don Robertson

    I write letters like that all the time. I wrote on to Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley who was handed defeat in her Senate bid for Ted Kennedy's vacated Senate seat. I was even rougher on Martha. Fuck her.

    Occasionally I get angry, and write a really ugly letter.

    Tough fucking shit.

    I hope all these scumbags are gunned down some night by a mob of rioting welfarites after their benefits are cut off.

    You do realize welfare benefits are being pared back and will eventually be stopped all together?

    Get ready, because the shit is already in the fan. The smell is enough to kill.

    Be peaceful, Fools! Be peaceful.... HFJ! people are so fucking stupid! Can't anyone recognize that the Wall Street thieves and the politicians have already assumed an anarchist approach to their continued survival?

    It's called, "fascism" in polite, non-violent circles...

    Be peaceful, Fools! Be peaceful.... HFJ!

    There'a god-damned hoodlum-junkie in the White House running the show! That's no reason to be alarmed, though. LOL.

    I say chase him back into the hood -and club the brains out of anyone who voted for him.

    Is that non-violent enough? It's sort of a pre-emptive vote against this sort of thing happening again too soon.

  85. It just got this back from the Bloomberg.com swine.

    From: JOSHUA ZUMBRUN, BLOOMBERG/ NEWSROOM: (jzumbrun@bloomberg.net)
    Sent: Sun 4/18/10 11:35 AM
    To: donrobertson@live.com

    Attachments: 1 attachment
    alt_body....html (1.2 KB)

    Don -- did you really wake up on this beautiful Sunday morning to wish the gruesome murder of a person you've never met, on the basis of reading a single story they've written?

    God bless you, sir.



    I responded thus:


    Yes. I read your article and wished vicariously that you were dead in the most horrible manner possible, Sunday or not. Those of you who spread such lies are in need of the swift reassurance of your lucky-humanity, regardless your vile inhumanity. You are exactly like the murderers and rapists your kind report upon to build up your public credential as the "good guys". Bull shit. You're far worse than those deviants.

    You will die someday, Josh. I hope it is soon. Is that so wrong? Your judgment means naught to me. You would steal from poor children the food from their mouths with your vile lies.

    Until you die, while there are millions, even billions, who live in squalor, remember, your choice to connive and lie to extend the limits of a failed status quo has prompted my issuance of open season license upon your life. I care not to defend your life one bit. You can die, and I will say, "Good. It is just desserts for the lying swine."

    I say it is morally just -you should have your throat slit by some illiterate thug looking for vengeance upon anyone in this mean world you would gleefully help create.

    Your cowardly, bought pen -I hope- will be your fast ticket to hell. You are no worse than those who might kill you for a penny, and certainly no better -either.

    I honestly hope they get you, your family, and everyone you know too. I hope the city you live and work in -is bombed off this face of the map too.

    I again write to stimulate your fear of the unknown future. The question for you to answer is, is the way I think about you prevalent enough in the society around you -to cause pause in your vile approach to your precious time spent on this planet?

    You waste your life, Josh.

    When you write such vile lies and twisted social commentary asserting you have some grasp of a non-existent social psyche -and publish those lies-, you must recognize the danger.

    I am writing to explain that danger -confronting you- right now.

    Again, fuck off. And spend more time proof-reading when you write. You also are dragging down the intellectual standards of the country. You write for shit.

    Don Robertson


    I copied him a picture of myself too. "God bless you, sir." What a fucking asshole.

  86. Hi Don!

    Yeah regarding this non-response:
    "Don -- did you really wake up on this beautiful Sunday morning to wish the gruesome murder of a person you've never met, on the basis of reading a single story they've written?

    God bless you, sir.


    Yeah - I didn't hear you sneeze so what's all the God-blessing about?
    Also - how does he know what a "beautiful" day is? Is that with regards to weather? Is it because his paycheck cashed and he knows he still has a job? What?

    The article doesn't mention anything that really matters regarding our economy like:
    1. Pentagon budget needs to go away - that would fix a LOT.
    2. Federal Reserve system needs to be abolished.

    That article is bullshit.

    Thanks Don

  87. Like every bill in Congress lately the financial reform bill is a fraud. There's no financial reform in it. It's another bail-out for the banks, $50 billion and-then-some-more.

    The TARP money was never really repaid. It's been recycled with loot stolen through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, direct cash infusions into the banks that have rendered millions of American homes worthless because they are crumbling to dust and mold -empty- all across America while in the hands of the banks and the federal bail-out mortgage holding guarantees of F&F.

    And the much publicized paybacks of TARP money -are also just another recycle-job, because the Treasury is still allowing that TARP money to be carted out the backdoor of the Treasury, as what is now thought of as free-money.

    The fucking health care reform bill, wasn't health care reform. It is a massive tax bill intended to bilk trillions more from American taxpayers with absolutely zero benefit, except to get MediCaid and MediCare patients into a new accounting slot so the government can double-bill for them through the insurance industry, which will perpetually glean an ever more tidy sum if the bill isn't repealed.

    It's guys like this guy, Josh Zumbrun at Bloomberg, who are the foot-soldiers of the con trying to sell these repackaged and obfuscated swindles through the media. But the gig is up.

    No one is buying this shit -and- that's what I wrote to tell him. He is simply -taking his own life in his hands- saying what's needed now is "targeted stimulus" to hold onto gains in the economic recovery. THERE IS NO FUCKING ECONOMIC RECOVERY! And, the last year and a half has been nothing but endless swindles sold as targeted stimulus!

    I live in the furthest reaches of northern Maine. People here do nothing but eat, sleep, WORK, go to church, shovel snow, and pray. There's certainly no economic recovery going on here!

    Christ-sake, I see older and older and older people forced to walk to the small grocery store in town to buy food they haul back in plastic bags, one on each arm, each with very little in it, walking as far as two miles. Their cars have died, or they never had a car to begin with, and their rides have died.

    A twenty-something-year-old kid tried to kill himself here on Main Street last week because he was simply out of everything, -money, food, his wife and kids gone, cigarettes, and luck. The kid was literally starving to death on Main Street. Psychosis set in, and he did what was socially prescribed. He tried to get the cops to shoot him. They almost did it too, idiots.

    continued ---->

  88. This sort of thing has never happened here before. Everyone knows what it is. The desperation is appalling. Everyone is being forced to do with less and less.

    School teachers are being laid off. The librarian at the high school is gone.

    In a queer irony, the police chief found federal money to hire another cop, and the Selectmen told him we have too many fucking cops already in this little god-damned town.

    We're a border town crawling with ill-trained, gung-ho, border-patrol-cops who are so bored, whipped and mindless, most everyone in town is scared half-to-death they will be shot by one of these fucking crazies just back home from the war -with the AK-47s and their pants tucked into their fucking boots, looking for Osama bin Laden's sister to fuck here in this little town!

    Take them back, HomerLand Security! There aren't any god-damned terrorists here, and we don't need border-patrol-cops riding around in SUVs with fully automatic firearms ready to shoot-up anything that looks the least bit likely.

    But these goons are one of the perks our federal delegation of wimps and morons in the Congress gets us. We're all supposed to be thankful for their work, stupid-work that actually is endangering everyone here with this plague of idiot-rascals in uniforms.

    Fuck you, Senators Collins and Snowe. Take your god-damned, asshole border-patrol-cops back and give us back our traditionally easy access to Canada.

    The girl Senators from Maine are a dismal failure that epitomize the death spiral the country has gone into. They both will be gone in the next election they come up in, if the fucking federal government doesn't fall sooner.

    I am hoping for the latter. Violent revolution in our lifetime is the most moral cause I can imagine. Breaking the back of this insanity going on everywhere is paramount. Burning down the government buildings with the government inside seems the natural course now.

    A guillotine is your best friend -properly used.

  89. Here is something I watched today that addresses a lot regarding Federal thugs.

    Killing is justified in self-defense.


  90. part 4 of the video above addresses the issues you discuss and how they are handled legally.

  91. there is a link to the sheriff mack videos all they way at the bottom of this blog - it is part one

  92. Reading Herbert Spencer, I stumbled across a great quote this morning that adds some exemplification of what I am saying about the utterly absolute moral requirement for violence at this point.

    The dour-faced pacifists are clutching their un-read Bibles as they read here. Spit for your faces, swine.

    I'll paraphrase the quote to make it more cogent--

    The fox when pinned-down and fastened by the dogs, -will die biting-.

    In moral philosophy, this is a very powerful statement. This statement is the proof that negates the absurd, defeatist arguments of the pacifists who would alternatively say, 'Turn the other cheek.'




  93. This modern-fascist-American-Vichy-government in Washington D.C., whose queer party-masked-figurehead is the half-white-half-black Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Santoro--- THIS VICHY GOVERNMENT is clearly NOTHING but an occupier of our country.

    Barry Santoro is not MY PRESIDENT!

    We have today a FAKE-COUNTERFEITED-PRESIDENT who has no country of his own.

    The President IN FACT is the man who never was.


    This Nancy Pelosi is not the Speaker of any House of Representatives that I recognize as legitimate. And this guy Reid? FUCK HIM!

    I'm in Maine, and our Congressional delegation OF MISFITS is entirely foreign to me. Both Snowe and Collins have taken a donation of small fortunes of BLOOD-MONEY from the foreign lobby -AIPAC- during their stinking careers.


    The maniacal Wall Street and international-credit-economy-driven dictatorship of this puppet government of Vichy TRAITORS and non-exists, dual citizens and foreign operatives -are IN REALITY -no ones friends or neighbors.

    They landed here as an occupier and seized control of the government by electoral coup, supported in part by the secret police of our government's past, a reincarnation of the Cold War, THE ANTI-TERRORISM FRAUD, McCarthyism, and the Robber Barons of old.

    The SHADOW GOVERNMENT has taken the seat and the throne of the real government -without a shot being fired.

    Americans, real Americans, -are thought of as -JUST DOGS- in Washington D.C.

    I am not a dog.

    If you are not a member of the resistance embodied by the ATP -IN YOUR HEART- THEN YOU ARE SURELY A TRAITOR!

    Your life is over either way. Show the virtue your small soul -embodies-.

    Resists and fight now, FOXES, -bite- CRACK THE BONES, CRUSH THE EYES AND NOSES -AND- DRAW THE BLOOD of those Washington D.C. dogs that have you pinned to the ground and are demanding your small life just as if you never deserved it in the first place.

    Let them feel your worth! Let them know you died a FIERCE member of the ATP!


    The Census Devils are agents of an illegitimate government. Responding to their inquiry only legitimizes the government and everything it is doing -the economy, the war, its funding of scientific warfare development, its extra-judicial killings, its propaganda, its torture, its extraordinary renditions, its kidnappings and false imprisonments, its educational system of guaranteed failure, its millions of jails and courthouses, its regressive systems of taxation, and everything else the government represents, including all its many millions of its fiendish employees too.


    Responding to the Census Devil is a Crime Against Humanity -BECAUSE any cooperation with this American Vichy government is traitorous and legitimizes the fascism that keeps it ALL going.

    ----------------- BE COUNTED -----------------

    -- Simply do not answer the door when you see someone carrying a clipboard -or- if they look like they might be a CENSUS DEVIL.

    Let them knock all they want. Make not a sound, and DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR.

    If you should by mistake answer and open your door to a Census Devil, immediately tell them you have explosive diarrhea, and that NOW IS NOT A GOOD TIME. Shut the door IMMEDIATELY before they can get a word out.

    The Census Devils are trained to rebut your refusal to answer their questions. Their rebuttals are meant to be endlessly persuasive.

    SIMPLY SHUT THE DOOR, and lock it. Then (if you wish) make a farting noise through the door at the Census Devil.

    If you do not support the government, and MOST PEOPLE DO NOT SUPPORT THE GOVERNMENT, then be counted among those who oppose this American Vichy government by refusing to answer the questions of the Census Devil.

    Refusing to legitimize this government by refusing to answer the questions of the Census Devil is your patriotic and moral duty.

    ----------------- BE COUNTED -----------------

    This message is brought to you by the ATP, the ONLY party that is promising it will bring down this American Vichy Government.

    The ATP is the party of guillotines!

    The ATP is NOT the party of nuclear weapons, bio-engineered weapons, AIPAC, the credit economy, mortgage companies, foreclosures, or the TBTF banks.

    The ATP is NOT the party of Barry Santoro, Newt Gingrich, GW Bush, Nancy Pelosi, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Paul Wolfowitz or Hank Paulson.

    The ATP is NOT the party that allows anyone in the government with dual citizenship.

    The ATP is the ONLY party promising to buy you a gun, the ammo that goes in it, and give you a license to any SOB that threatens your freedom..

    - - - - - ->>>>>>>>> SO- Which side are you on?

  95. Neither is the ATP the party of the Evil "I'm just going to check you for colon-rectal cancer" Dock-tor Ron (WITH HIS FINGERS UP YOUR ASS) Paul who is NOTHING more than an ineffectual perennial candidate for President, if he isn't an intentionally crafted obfuscating-distraction from the real problem, WHICH IS THE GOVERNMENT!

    There is a dire need for violent, door-to-door revolution. Is Ron Paul saying anything like that? NO! He's either another liar, or a stinking wuss.

    This is where the US is headed whether YOU do it, or the government comes and does it to you.


    Neither is the ATP the party of ineffectual peaceniks like Michael Rivero or the infamous bellowing-buffoon of the Internet Alex Jones.

    And the ATP unequivocally states Jeff Rense is a FBI/CIA plant working to make everyone brain dead with all his putrid wretch and trash. Anyone with half a brain knows the wig-headed Rense is a fraud.

    The ATP is going to protect you by arming you.


    Right now, you're just sitting there waiting for the government to come along and put plastic cable ties on your wrists -behind your back and lead you off to who knows where?

    The government is going to arrest you for not filling out the fucking Census Devil's forms, right?

    The government is going to arrest you for not giving all your money to the fucking insurance companies, right?

    The government says, it doesn't even need a reason to arrest YOU!

    You ought to be armed, right? Then -you- want to support the ATP, the American Terrorist Party.

    And, once armed, you will want to be able to shoot the bastard who comes to put the cable ties on your wrists behind your back, and your wife's and kids' wrists too. Don't you want to kill those government bastards? Sure you do.

    The ATP will free you to shoot them and protect your family.

    President Barry Santoro is going to steal all your money from you to give to the insurance companies and make shitty American medical care even less affordable at the same time. Is that what you want? Really! Is that what you want?

    Or do you want the freedom to shoot your way out of a critical situation when it comes knock-knock-knocking at your door in the night?

    You KNOW what YOU want. The government just knows what it wants to take from YOU!

    That's the ATP talking. We are going to arm you and free you to protect yourself. The ATP has arisen to liberate the nation!

    - - - - - ->>>>>>>>> SO- Which side are you on?


    - - - - - ->>>>>>>>> WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON?

  96. Is it wise to name a party the American "Terrorist" Party? Who would want to join - isn't it simply a long way around committing suicide?

    The goal is to win - not to demonstrate our foolhardiness with our lives.

    That's almost like asking someone if they want to join the American Murderers Party - you could have the greatest intentions in the world and nobody would every know it.

    But I do see some logic here - the corporameriscam media keeps the public terrorized with their constant emergency "news" and liars on all media outlets. The American government terrorizes, tortures and now publicly admits they are committing extrajudicial killings. So it is hard for me to imagine what such a bully would understand except for talking to them in their own language.

    Oh shit gotta' go be back.

  97. Here's something to consider about the choice of the ATP, the American Terrorist Party, so named.

    The same word with the same root, gift, in English means what we take it to mean. In German, it means, -poison.

    Terrorism is what we make of it.

    Long live the ATP! Someone has got to do it!

    And these f---ing maggot-pacifists are clearly not up to the challenge. They're cowards and simpletons, apologists for the New World Order that equates to cable ties on your wrists behind your back while you wife and kids are being manhandled, fondled and raped by a bunch f---ing government goons with their pants tucked into their boots.

    The ATP will provide the guns and the ammo.

    It's just point and click from there. It's easy, just like a Nintendo Game. Shoot the bastards, dead.

    No more problems.

    The Census Devils also have their pants tucked into their boots, if just vicariously.

    Some of the Census Devils are carrying guns.

    All of them carry cable ties.

    Like they say in the Boy Scouts, -be prepared.

  98. In a phony social psyche sense, AND, in a pansy lie-to-the-bastards moral sense, every one of these liars is howling about what is -fair-.


    Is society getting any more fair?


    Society is shackling everyone all the tighter, they're cinching the knots and driving the nails in harder all the time.

    And the guys with their pants tucked into their boots, and the guys who tell the guys with their pants tucked into their boots -what to do- are having a fu---ng field day pillaging the nation.

    There isn't just ONE Caligula now. There are millions of them all over this fu---ng country.

    The ATP is the only party equipped to address this problem with some effectiveness and equanimity. The Democrats cannot do it. The Republicans cannot do it. The Independents cannot do it. And the Socialists are just a bad joke.

    The ATP is going to arm everyone. You all get guns and plenty of ammo. Hooray!!! It's the fairest solution being offered by anyone.

    It'll be like a Jubilee Day for cleansing the nation of all the undesirables. BUT the best part is, YOU get to make up your mind about who the undesirables ARE.

    Well, we all know all the judges are goners, LOL! those lying bastards... So, all the judges, half the cops, 99.99% of the politicians and their immediate families, all the investment bankers, anyone who works on Wall Street or within forty city blocks of Wall Street, everyone in state and county government and about two-thirds of everyone who works for local government.

    The bankers are all goners. The mortgage guys are lucky not to be gone already. And the repo man? We'll draw straws!

    We are going to need lots of ammo.

    This Jubilee Day is probably going to have to go on for some time, -so maybe it should be renamed, Jubilee Six Months, or Jubilee Year, maybe even a Jubilee Decade is in order if the bastards hide behind walls...

    No matter... The ATP is protecting your freedom to shoot the bastards for however long it takes to cleanse the nation of all the drek that has infested the dirty nooks and crannies that seem to be so infested with so many filthy fu---ng cockroaches.

    You do not even have to vote ATP.

    Just buy a gun and your own ammo.

    You'll know when the ATP has won out over the meager competition for the hearts and minds of the people. The ATP is already way ahead in the polls.

    3 out of every 4 Americans don't trust the existing government! Well, that's NOT the ATP! In fact the existing government is terrified of the ATP.

    Now, just imagine how many Americans trust Wall Street to run the economy!

    That's right. The ATP was born the party of the armed, willing and able to shoot-it-out majority.

    Peace! LOL. Those fu--ers have it coming to them! Get ready. Take some target practice time and use it well. Put up targets that look like a Senator, or some fu---ng judge.

    God Bless America. You don't have those guns for nothing! Use them!

  99. Here's a lesson on social psyche for everyone, brought to you by the ATP!

    The Davie Crockett Song

    Born on a mountain top in Tennessee
    Greenest state in the Land of the Free
    Raised in the woods so's he knew every tree
    Kilt him a b'ar when he was only three.
    Davy, Davy Crockett, King of the wild frontier!

    In eighteen thirteen the Creeks uprose
    Addin' redskin arrows to the country's woes
    Now, Injun fightin' is somethin' he knows
    So he shoulders his rifle an' off he goes.
    Davy, Davy Crockett, The man who don't know fear!

    Off through the woods he's a marchin' along
    Makin' up yarns an' a singin' a song
    Itchin' for fightin' and rightin' a wrong
    He's ringy as a b'ar and twice as strong.
    Davy, Davy Crockett, The buckskin buccaneer!

    Andy Jackson is our general's name
    His reg'lar soldiers we'll put to shame
    Them redskin varmints us volunteers'll tame
    'Cause we got the guns with the sure-fire aim.
    Davy, Davy Crockett, The champion of us all!

    Headed back to war from the ol' home place
    But Red Stick was leadin' a merry chase
    Fightin' and burnin' at a devil's pace
    South to the swamps on the Florida Trace.
    Davy, Davy Crockett, Trackin' the redskins down!

    Fought single-handed through the Injun War
    Till the Creeks was whipped an' peace was in store
    And while he was handlin' this risky chore
    Made hisself a legend for evermore.
    Davy, Davy Crockett, King of the wild frontier!

    He give his word and he give his hand
    That his Injun friends could keep their land
    And the rest of his life he took the stand
    That justice was due every redskin band.
    Davy, Davy Crockett, Holdin' his promise dear!

    Home fer the winter with his family,
    Happy as squirrels in the ol' gum tree,
    Bein' the father he wanted to be,
    Close to his boys as the pod and the pea.
    Davy, Davy Crockett, Holdin' his young 'uns dear!

    But the ice went out and the warm winds came
    And the meltin' snow showed tracks of game
    And the flowers of Spring filled the woods with flame
    And all of a sudden life got too tame.
    Davy, Davy Crockett, Headin' on West again!


  100. Off through the woods we're ridin' along
    Makin' up yarns and singin' a song
    He's ringy as a b'ar and twice as strong
    And knows he's right 'cause he ain't often wrong.
    Davy, Davy Crockett, The man who don't know fear!

    Lookin' fer a place where the air smells clean
    Where the trees is tall and the grass is green
    Where the fish is fat in an untouched stream
    And the teamin' woods is a hunter's dream.
    Davy, Davy Crockett, Lookin' fer Paradise!

    Now he'd lost his love an his grief was gall
    In his heart he wanted to leave it all
    And lose himself in the forests tall
    But he answered instead his country's call.
    Davy, Davy Crockett, Beginnin' his campaign!

    Needin' his help they didn't vote blind
    They put in Davy 'cause he was their kind
    Sent up to Nashville the best they could find
    A fightin' Spirit and a thinkin' mind.
    Davy, Davy Crockett, The man who don't know fear!

    The votes were counted and he won hands down
    So they sent him off to Washin'ton town
    With his best dress suit still his buckskins brown
    A livin' legend of growin' reknown.
    Davy, Davy Crockett, The Canebrake Congressman!

    He went off to Congress and served a spell
    Fixin' up the Gover'ment and laws as well
    Took over Washin'ton so we heared tell
    And patched up the crack in the Liberty Bell.
    Davy, Davy Crockett, Seein' his duty clear!

    Him and his jokes travelled all through the land
    And his speeches made him friends to beat the band
    His politickin' was their favorite brand
    And everyone wanted to shake his hand.
    Davy, Davy Crockett, Helpin' his legend grow!

    He knew when he spoke he sounded the knell
    Of his hopes for White House and fame as well
    But he spoke out strong so hist'ry books tell
    And patched up the crack In the liberty Bell.
    Davy, Davy Crockett, Seein' his duty clear!

    When he come home his politickin' done
    The western march had just begun
    So he packed his gear and his trusty gun
    And lit out grinnin' to follow the sun.
    Davy, Davy Crockett, Leadin' the pioneer!

    He heard of Houston and Austin and so
    To the Texas plains he jest had to go
    Where freedom was fightin' another foe
    And they needed him at the Alamo.
    Davy, Davy Crockett, The man who don't know fear!

    His land is biggest and his land is best
    From grassy plains to the mountain crest
    He's ahead of us all meetin' the test
    Followin' his legend into the West.
    Davy Davy Crockett, King of the wild frontier!

    Don Robertson, Camp Cook

  101. Laughably -over on Fatso's "Prison Planet" there is some dweeb named, "Hit-me-with-a-Fu---ng Stick!", preaching non-violence -today.


    The freaking twit is claiming, "Acts of terror and violence never benefit the average man or woman."

    Oh! My! F---ing! God! Read your history goon-boy.

    I bet he has a picture of Hillary Clinton next to his ever-so-patriotic claw-footed bathtub.

    Could this bald-headed-red-faced dweeb-hole be any more politically correct from the standpoint of HomerLand Security?


    The King Fatso -->>Dock-tor Alex Jones<<-- Mr. Moobs, planted one of his ubiquitous DVD ads for "Invisible Empire" right in the middle of the walking Kick-Me author's absurd bit of non-violence-advocacy-tripe.

    Apparently according to Fatso, Dr. Moobs Jones, everyone should buy his STUFF, learn about how the world is being fu---d-over BUT GOOD. But then THE SAME IDIOT PRISON PLANET DISCIPLES should lay down their arms and surrender!

    Am I right?

    Mister Moobs will sell you -heirloom- seeds for when you're sent to the concentration camp, so you can grow food for the guards -who might then perhaps grant you some favor extending your life a few weeks for your more-perfect-groveling.

    Moobs is not ATP.

    I suspect Moobs will be targeted rather quickly by irate ATP members who have been convinced he is a government agent-provocateur bent on neutering any real resistance to the Vichy Government of President Barry Santoro.

    Fuck you, Alex Jones.

    You make money off the lies you foster about what is possible, and what is fantasy.

    You're a fantasy seller. That's all.

    The ATP is going to arm Americans who will hunt you down -and all your fairy-devotees -like the dogs you are, Alex Jones, Mister-Non-Violence Mister Moobs.

    Are you lactating Mister Moobs? TELL THE TRUTH ASSHOLE!

    When you are caught by the ATP we will post online -a video of Mister Moobs without his shirt on! We'll see then -if he give milk like the cow he emulates so well. LOL!


    Don Robertson, Personal driver for the ATP

  102. While you may be counseled against it your entire life otherwise, I will advise you -to become truly human and a solemn leader among the real men who shape this world for the future -you must learn to hate with the hate of Hell.

    This was the Sioux wisdom that made them feared so.

    You only live once.

    If you do not learn to hate -so-, others more vindictive, more vengeance-filled and more cunning or deviant -who do hate so, -will make mince meat of you.

    This is where the ATP arises again in 2010 -and why it has the hatred of Hell in its bosom.

    Do you remember how you felt on 9-11?

    Do you remember that hatred you felt?

    That is the solemnly human hatred of Hell.

    You all know it.

    It is exactly the same as the hatred that spawned the Civil War!

    It is the same as the hatred that defeated the Germans and the Japanese in the Second World War.

    Has your Hellish hatred you had on 9-11 really dimmed ANY during all these years, -even now later -as it has become so abundantly clear who did the deed, -and- who cowardly and deceitfully continues to cover it up?

    His name is Barry Santoro. He is the President covering it up now.

    It is also everyone in the Congress that covers it up now. They know who did this.

    Bow down before the ATP when it comes to your door and die like pitiful peaceniks you are, -or die like a warrior -taking the just vengeance for this cowardly deed ... AND EVEN WORSE THAT HAS HAPPENED SINCE!

    Goldman Sachs' profit from its many financial frauds rose 90% as millions went homeless, the 9-11 cover-up continued, and President Barry Santoro effected his -CHANGE- to the nation.

    LOL! I think the ATP, once just a literary device, has taken on a life of its own -given the sour reality of today.

    There are so many in our country now who have NOTHING else to lose. Without even knowing of the ATP, they are working within it -toward the common goal of a just vengeance.

    Something in the wind sticks! Do you smell it?

    It is all those angry Americans making farting noises through their doors at the Census Devils.

    Don Robertson, -Chief Propagandist -ATP- HA!

  103. "Blagojevich calls feds 'cowards and liars'"
    By MIKE ROBINSON (AP) – 1 hour ago 4/20/2010


    And the mainstream, and the alternative media gives us the moronic-looking dullard Jesse Ventura to look at, -WHILE- Rod Blagojevich the rightful Governor of the State of Illinois is telling it like it is in federal criminal court calling the lying, cowardly SOS Patrick Fitzgerald exactly what he is.

    There should be prescribed the death penalty when Federal Prosecutors lie and build these phony cases.

    Patrick Fitzgerald acts only to protect the dirty name of one -Barry Santoro- who pretends to be the President of the United States at the paid-for behest of Goldman Sachs.

    HA! He is not my President. He is the President -for Goldman Sachs, not me.

    Fuck you Barry Santoro!

    I would have Rod Blagojevich be my President -first.

    Blagojevich at least tells the truth.

  104. All those squirrelly Gold investors should be wondering -right about now- what the heck is going on -in the Gold investment business-, and why all the recent revelation of all the massive short positions of Gold have hardly effected the price of the yellow metal.

    LOL, jerks. There's no requirement anyone cover those shorts! Goldman Sachs is simply teasing you.

    And nothing has happened -because there is no possible f---ing fix.

    You get to keep your paper that says you own Gold -LOL- -regardless there's really no Gold behind that paper, and the price of Gold continues to be manipulated, just like everything else in this phony Barry Santoro Economy.

    There is no place to put money to work -right now.

    Deflation of everything you have -or that your can buy- is rampant.

    Inflation of everything you really need is even worse.

    And the endless taxes are going up on ALL fronts.

    Anyone who borrows money, if they can borrow money, is simply putting their legs back into the shackles the banks have prepared for everyone. Those borrowers are the country's worst traitors.

    Pretty soon, you will need a loan to buy your groceries. OOPs! That's been done before.

    It was called the "Company Store", where you worked to pay off your debt you had run-up at the Company Store.

    310 million Americans, the same population as India in 1925, and as China in 1875...

    How'zit feel -PEASANT?

    All these stupid kids are signing up for a tour of Iraq and Afghanistan because there are no jobs.

    The ATP has a job for you, kids. And you can do -this shooting- right here in your own god-damned country.

    The pay? Hell, anything you can fit into your pockets, -you get to keep- TAX FREE!

    The fancier neighborhoods look most likely in THAT light!


    And kids- I have a surprise for you.

    Not all the girls in the world weigh 300-plus pounds. And some of them are pretty god-damned good looking too, -those who can afford to be good-looking that is!

    They mostly live in those gated communities that keep rabble like YOU out. BUT GOOD NEWS!

    The ATP is going to send you an invite to invite yourself into those god-damned gated communities where all the good-looking thin girls live!

    That's right! And you know how a girl just loves a man in uniform!

    LOL -Mama



    Massive Anti-Obama Rally Set for Sunday in New York by Hana Levi Julian


    Please show up for this rally with your bull-horns -and your guns- and explain to these assholes, not only does the ATP dislike President Barry Santoro, we also dislike Israel, and we generally loathe New Yorkers.

    Don Robertson, Chief Rally Organizer, -ATP-

  106. Twisting, twisting, twisting in the wind.

    You put up a fu---ng big sign, and everyone just ignores it. I should give them more credit. These people are probably my intellectual equal.

    But still the question some might be asking here tonight is , where IS HomerLand Security?

    They must be planning another false flag event. LOL!

    Ours -is nothing more than a nation of liars and thieves.

    I am reading "Principles of Ethics, Volume I", Herbert Spencer, 1895, and it's a fascinating read, if a bit off the beaten path today.

    Spencer makes it all too clear, "primitive" peoples are far more moral than advanced societies, if in an odd way, and accompanied by their own horrific barbarity. But, as Spencer makes it clear, their barbarity is on a small and personal scale, whereby the barbarity of modern man knows nearly -no bounds.

    Thank you, science, for making it all so impersonal.

    Don Robertson, Chief Moral Theorist, -ATP-

    Again, LOL!

  107. Fuck you, US District Judge James Zagel.

    Fuck you. And fuck Patrick Fitzgerald too.

    What the fuck are the two of you supposed to represent? Justice?

    I spit on your justice.

    WHO DID 9-11, BITCH?

    And just who the fuck is this asshole -Barry Santoro?

    And, your kind of justice is shit.

  108. This is funny-

    """ Does Facebook user pray for Obama's death? """


    """A recently created Facebook page reads, "Dear Lord, this year you took my favorite actor, Patrick Swayzie (sic). You took my favorite actress, Farah (sic) Fawcett. You took my favorite singer, Michael Jackson. I just wanted to let you know, my favorite president is Barack Obama. Amen." """

    Which prompts me to say in response to the clever post, if anyone has a nuclear bomb they plan on blowing off as yet another lame-ass false flag event in the US, -Washington D.C. would be the most fitting target!

    And, Barry Santoro knows who did 9-11.

    You can bet your ass Barry Santoro knows exactly what went on on 9-11 -and it didn't have nothing to do with Osama bin Laden.

  109. Michael & Clair Rivero's show ended tonight on a sickeningly sad note, -with Mr. Michael telling listeners, "We're the 21st Century equivalent of the NAZIs."

    This is amateurish stuff, -and rank idiocy.

    Mr. Michael has fallen prey to the very propaganda he decries most in his blogging.

    A better historical perspective is clearly required to clear the air of the stench of bullshit-for-bullshit's-sake.

    In comparison to the destructive achievements of the American military war-machine in the Second World War, the NAZIs were tame.

    The NAZI nuclear weapon program failed, you might remember.

    With his head deeply buried in the black sand of propagandist history, Mr. Michael condemns the NAZI war effort by a strained and poorly thought-out simile -that- also then -by an implied comparison- deifies the American Second World War military effort in the same enfeebled swipe of journalistic stupidity -so common when talking heads run their mouths, blah, blah, blah...

    WE are all only human, even if Mr. Michael would argue the point in the first person.

    In the history of the human race, the Second War World was -just a war, except as -how we should view -how it ended-.

    The NAZIs did not end the Second World War.

    And neither -the NAZIs -nor the far-too-often hyped Holocaust -are- the important history lesson -anyone should take from the events of the Second World War.

    In fact, it was far more important after the war to put J. Robert Oppenheimer and all his crazy scientific cohorts on trial -for their crimes against humanity-, than it was to try any NAZI.

    And here the two empirical-pacifists-pundits, Michael and Clair Rivero, over on WhatReallyHappened.com -have AGAIN- -only added to the general obfuscation that will lead directly to more war, and more excellence in the scientific means of destruction -aimed squarely at our humanity.

    I hope you're not giving them any credence. If you are, -you're half the problem too.

    Climb down off your silly soapbox long enough to take aim and pull the trigger a few times.

    Mouths do not win these wars. Soldiers do.

    Soldiers who know how to kill the adversary.

  110. Everyone is a god-damned non-violent revolutionary these days.

    It makes me fu---ng sick.

    Over at the putrid politico.com there's an article running entitled, "The Tea Party's Exaggerated Importance".

    There are currently 2204 comments.

    Neither -anyone- in the "Tea Party" -of circle jerking pacifists-, the swarmy Arlington, VA editors and authors of politico.com, nor ANY OF THE 2204 BOOB-BRAINED POSTING-COMMENTATORS ON POLITICO.COM EVER STOOD FOR ANYTHING MORE THAN MINDLESS SUCK-YOUR-THUMB NON-VIOLENT REVOLUTION.

    Blow it out your ass.

    No. Not one of these people has ever killed a single other human being. That's their credo, non-violence.

    Again, blow it out your ass, Mr. Revolutionary.


    They're for revolution, they just don't fu---ng inhale, that's all. It's pretty sure they don't cum either. I don't think they even look when a pretty girl bends over at the beach.

    They shield their fu---ng eyes!

    Okay, Boobs, now contrast that non-violent character of these no-nothing-do-nothings -with someone like The-Colored-Killer-from-South-Side-Chicago where smack flows in the streets ankle deep, and it's all blood-red because so many people are killed every week in Chicago, the statistician who keep tracks of murders in the Windy City -is better paid than Detroit's luckless mayor is.

    Barack Obama is a killer.

    The Smack King is a killer? Yes, children. Don't poke your ears with pencils like that. They'll get stuck.

    Barry Santoro kills tens of thousands every week outside the country, and likely close to a score or two every month INSIDE THIS COUNTRY.

    His buddy, Rahm Emanuel, arranges all the close-in stuff now, but originally, back when The Smack King, aka Barry Santoro, was a fu---ng community organizer (and making 100's of million of dollars doing it), he and Michelle used to take turns doing it with their bare hands.

    Michelle can break a mans neck with a single blow, is the story I heard. But that's likely because she uses three-pound brass-knuckles.

    Now who is having a bigger impact on the world? These killers? -or- All the non-violent revolutionaries who are so busy whipping each other with towels in the locker-room of their mindless bloggerdom idiocy?

    That's right.

    If you are really for revolution, or, if you're really for having some-kind-of-impact on this world, then you'd better not come out of that room without having killed ALL the chickens you were sent in there -to kill-.



    The violence is necessary -to get the rascals running. The ones who are running fastest, are the ones you want to pick off least mercilessly.

    And, when the revolution finally does take hold, if these dweebs can ever actually get it going, call me.

    I'll step in like Stalin, take over, and kill hundreds of millions more just to show you all how it's really done.


  111. "Obama: Miners died in pursuit of American dream


    This sadistic lying moth----cker Barry Santoro, the heroin dealer from Chicago who made 100's of millions of dollars as a tough, and murderous thug in the Windy City's drug wars to impress his local dick-wagging dominance -before parlaying a pile of money and a corrupt American political process into THE GOLDEN SLIPPER, the Goldman Sachs' golden slipper -THAT IS, which led to his election as The Fraudulent African-Impostor President, -THAT- BARRY SANTORO, made a speech yesterday saying the coal miners who died in a mining accident deep underground were "in pursuit of the American dream."

    Jesus Fu---ng Christ. Bitch-slap him for me.

    I thought those miners were living and working in a living Hell in order to pay-off all the credit economy swindles they had been snookered into signing up with due to the rampant and increasing fraud that makes for the credit economy in this country.

    RIGHT NOW the banks own the overwhelmingly vast majority of the housing in this country.

    They'll sell it to you too, on a thirty-year mortgage, for a shack with fucking lead paint, defective plumbing, peeling plaster, doors that don't shut, and cat-shit in the cellar, -and all that on a tenth of a fucking acre, next to dozens-and-hundreds-and-thousands of similar suckers who thought they had signed up to pay for something of value, but who quickly found out even their domiciles had turned into the living Hell that was once called the "American Dream" when they got their first property tax bill, their first water bill, their first sewage bill, their trash-collection bill, and the municipal fees came in and the country tax was levied, and all the fucking neighbors' dogs started howling every time the cops cruised by like prowlers with their perpetually menacing looks, and talking to your daughter, like they know her -intimately!

    The new American Dream?

    Living long enough to see all the bankers, politicians, doctors, lawyers, judges, cops, teachers, and the scientists who invented this living nightmare of HELL ON EARTH shoved into the roaring and whirring wood-chipper of liberation, the modern day guillotine that sprays in a beautiful red hue the entire contents of a human body up on -into- the air and into the wind in less than a second for all to see!

    "God damn," people will say, "I didn't think that moth----cker's blood would be so red."

    God Bless American, WHEN that time comes.

    It'll all make good fertilizer.

    SPRING is when fertilizer should be spread, FOLKS.

    Don Robertson, Chief Mechanic-Wood-Chippers -ATP-

  112. "Armed Man Arrested Near Obama Plane"


    No -shit.

    There's likely a reasonable explanation for this.

    Mcvey was probably trying to make a citizen's arrest of the country's number one criminal, Barry Santoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama, the murderous African immigrant from Kenya, and -big heroin dealer from the Windy City, -the very same Barry Santoro -who blew into Washington D.C. on a whale of lies and a gusher of Goldman Sachs' blood money.

    This guy -Mcvey- doesn't even make the -honorably mentioned- list maintained by the ATP.

    NOPE! He's just another pacifist trying to make the system work.

    Forget about citizen arrests. The system of justice in this country is purposely designed to obfuscate the truth and derail any efforts meant to enforce justice.

    Lots of Laughs --->>make the system work.

    Mcvey must have learned that in Civics Class.

    The only other possibility is -Mcvey is a stooge-actor being paid by the criminal-mob handlers of Barry Santoro -and he's playing a part meant to engender undeserved sympathy for the murderous-drug-dealer -who has quickly become a mass-murderer since he and his lovely wife and two children moved into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    There's nothing anyone can believe anymore that is printed in the media.

    Assume the worse, and you will no doubt be closer to what is really happening -than what anyone in the lying-sack-of-shit media will tell you.

    It's like "financial reform" -HFJ! Another massive bail-out is being repeatedly called "financial reform".

    You have to give the kid from Kenya his due.

    Maybe he didn't invent dick-wagging, but he must a wheelbarrow to carry around his balls.

  113. And referring to Goldman Sachs as an Octopus defames the Octopus, which is an intelligent animal.

    The perps over at Goldman Sachs are brute-force-thugs. They have no measurable intelligence.

    Goldman Sachs employees simply have the fire power and the the political connections to pillage and plunder the nation -for now.

    By a gun, Kids. You are going to need one.

    Building America STRONG by destroying one myth at a time. The ATP - the pissed-off people's party.

  114. ---

    It's been a slow process, but I can now say I finally have come to grips with the ludicrously absurd dick-wagging spectacle of the dope-dealer -and- near-mindless heroin addict, from the South Side of Chicago where otherwise, the life span of a black male is just under 27 years of age.

    Barry Santoro is a stage actor, The Grand Deliverer of Lines, who keeps saying all these things, but who has absolutely no capacity to deliver -on anything he says- if he understands what he is saying!

    I'm not sure he understands what he says. It honestly doesn't seem possible he could say some of the things he says. God! Is anyone THAT FUCKING STUPID?

    He's is being led around by the equally absurd bald-headed Lloyd Blankfein whose dick is probably not long enough to point, let alone wag.

    Note here from -George Washington's Blog- the very pointed question about the wrongly-labeled Finance Reform bill drawn up by Goldman Sachs criminal-operatives and now winding its way through the Bull's-Eye-Crap-hole-Congress.

    "Has Obama Even READ The Financial Reform Bill?"


    No. Barry Santoro just barely has time enough to practice -once- reading the lines that are given to him to read.

    Get out there Barry. Read -this- line (or -that- line) for all the white trash girls in America who are wondering about your long, dangling, limp cock that you drag around between your legs like god-damned useless tumor.


    Kids, it's your duty as Americans. If you can wreck something, WRECK IT GOOD. This place has to be taken down and demolished.

    God Bless the The Grand Deliverer of Lines, The Tumor Wagging President, who has brought this country to its destiny.

    What a leader! Wag that TUMOR Barry Santoro.

    Born in the U-S-A!!!!

    Not Barry Santoro, no, he was born in Kenya. The ATP was born in the U-S-A.


  115. ‘Controlled Burn’ Considered for Gulf Oil Spill' By LESLIE KAUFMAN


    CONTROLLED? OMFG, someone explain to these scientific-jackasses about the infinite complexity of reality.

    If these technical-twits want to express themselves with any truthfulness, they should say- "We are going to light the sucker on fire and hope nothing worse happens, despite the long history of ample evidence indicating all scientific solutions always end up making matters much-much worse."

    At which point most of the human-monkeys would be left scratching themselves, someplace-or-other, while potential ATP honorees would be bringing the proponents of this scientific stupidity -square within their cross-hairs, while muttering to themselves, "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

    Ka-pow. Take that, GENIUS.


  116. I thought I was doing a good job - but these comments make me look bad. I need to try harder.

  117. Yeah another oil spill. When are people going to learn - and who will pay for all this? Last I heard Exxon still hasn't paid up on fucking up Alaska with Valdez.

    I've been looking into the water fluoridation claims - not encouraging.
    there's a vid near top of blog too.

    Pennsylvania is so corrupt - I'm to believe that industry is concerned about people's teeth? How fucking crazy is that? Why is anyone allowing poison to be dumped into the water? But if the claims are true - at least that would explain why people are so dopey in general - no reaction to anything.

    Did anybody catch the article about the good Samaritan who was stabbed in the chest saving a woman from being mugged, only to die while Americans stepped over him while he bled to death?

    Not a good sign.




    The social psyche is responsible for the oil-spill catastrophe leaking in the Gulf of Mexico right now. This leaking well-head in the Gulf -is a horrific and damnable crime against humanity.

    This leaking well head represents the tip of a vast iceberg of war crimes against humanity far-worse than war crime committed at any time during the Second World War.

    This is THE END for the fucking social psyche.

    The believers in the social psyche must be eradicated.

    British Petroleum drilled the well that is now leaking. But it is not only BP that the ATP should target.

    Let's look closely at how this scientific idiocy, -for the processes that allowed this categorically immoral act to come about point directly at the SOCIAL PSYCHE.

    You will see, it is the social psyche. And the ATP is the party that will get rid of them in a final solution.

    All believers in the social psyche should be gunned-down on sight for their part in this crime. Who are they?

    Let us look a little closer.

    When the oil companies wanted to drill for oil in the Gulf of Mexico, there was a great cry of reason that screamed out, "NO-FUCKING-WAY, JOSÉ!"

    And then the oil companies went to work on the government, lobbying with their devil-lobbies.

    It is the government that issues these immoral permits -legitimizing in the mind of the social psyche- this immoral well-drilling.

    The government's approach to the oil companies was, that if they could obfuscate the obviously tantamount moral problems that arise with drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico -in the minds of those who believe in the social psyche-, enough so -that individual members of the government wouldn't suffer an electoral defeat, then the oil companies would get their immoral permit to drill their god-damned immoral oil wells.

    So, it is the social psyche that let these moth----ckers drill this well, and so many other wells exactly like this one too!







    The head-twisting, blood-puking believers in the social psyche use the expression, "scientific consensus".

    Those are the mothe----kers. That is the obfuscating lie they tell.

    There is no such -possible- thing as a "scientific consensus".

    There is absolutely NOTHING less scientific than a so-called "scientific consensus".

    Those are the words of the social-psyche-devil amongst us.



  119. It seems to me -measuring reality from my small lifetime (60 years) narrowly focused on my own life, the pervasive trend is that science, funded by government and business, is intent on messing with everything it can get its dirty fingers into -before they get their fingers cut off by the whirring blades of an infinitely complex and entirely unforgiving reality.

    That's what is going on in the Gulf of Mexico right now. The scientists of the petro-chemical industry have again gotten their immoral fingers wound up in the whirring blades of reality.

    Unfortunately, this immoral incident is neither singular -nor is the damage restricted in any sense to the fingers of the immoral scientists.

    This is going to effect hundreds of millions of people, even billions of people, -as these petrochemical pollutants repeatedly wind their way through the food-chain top to bottom, and through the ecological systems in and around the Gulf.

    Life is a lot of fun, kids. It's the best party any of us are ever going to get invited to, that's for sure.

    But there are people here who think that it's okay for them to wreck the party up for everyone else, and wreck it for everyone who is coming to the party after all of us leave too.

    Life is such a fine party, you can enjoy it as a Thalidomide child. You can enjoy life if your endocrine system is so messed up from the pollutants these creeps let loose into the environment, that you don't know which end of your sexual nature is up -or down.

    You can enjoy life at over 500 pounds too -for reasons which have yet to be fully explained, but for reasons that are clearly caused by something one of these scientific jerks let loose in the environment, -because people simply were never as big as they are today.

    You can enjoy life -even though- every time you go to the ocean -from Maine to Florida- the smell of it is almost pure human excrement. You can enjoy life even though the "fresh seafood" smells of human excrement too.

    Life is still pretty enjoyable, -so enjoyable in fact-, it's still enjoyable despite the fact that a lot of people have wrecked a lot for a lot of other people.

    It's just sickening -what these scientists have done.

    But, folks -in a moral sense- the tables have finally been turned.

    It used to be important you behaved yourself as best as you could, and that you didn't go around killing people every time you got pissed off about something like this.

    That's no longer true -today-.

    You should feel entirely justified in shooting some of these people dead before they do any more damage.

    And don't trust in leaving the task to government. Government is loaded full of a lot of those people who should be shot, -loaded full.

    And don't leave the task to the scientists either. Science is loaded full of people who should be shot too.

    Think of the favor someone could have done us, had someone shot that schmuck Albert Einstein when he was about 20 and still working at the patent office?

    Think of the favor someone could have done us had someone shot James D. Watson and Francis Crick? or Alfred Noble?

    The list is very long, indeed, that list of long since deceased scientific dignitaries and notables who should have been dispensed with early in their miserably destructive lives that have left so much scientific ruin for everyone else to bear.

    Just think of the favor that would have been done if every time someone got themselves elected, or every time they were given a degree of any sort, or every time they were proclaimed some sort of genius...

    Just think of all the favors that could have been be done, offing these jerks before they got started ruining the party.

    There are people in this world who will tell you -they are smarter than you, and even -better- than you.

    Put that shotgun of yours to them -and test to see -just how much better or smarter they are than you.

    That's one truth you can count on in this infinitely complex reality.


  120. Some part of the infinite complexity of the reality with which we ALL must contend, and with which public policy must become better aligned to avoid sure calamity -requires a better grasp of the human depravity and ignorance that can and will ALWAYS eventually manifest itself in reality due to human nature.

    You can get rid of all those positive beliefs about human nature espoused most notably by John Locke -a long time ago.

    These fantasies are all lies conjured up by the believers in the religious cult of the social psyche.

    I am again thinking of the oil currently leaking into the Gulf of Mexico.

    Americans must have their oil for their commuting road-rage, their Happy-Hour Homeward Bound preparations, and their Fast-Food-Fighting lifestyle.

    Well, America has its oil now. It's washing up on shores of the Gulf of Mexico with no clear end in sight.

    There has been raised the possibility, -even a considerable likelihood-, that this could have been an intentional sabotage rationalized, planned and affected in order to change the direction of too often misguided public policy.

    The timing is certainly suspect, as if -right on queue.

    The timing of this offshore oil catastrophe is as suspect as the timing of 9-11, which was clearly called-for, and planned with great political precision by criminally-inclined political operatives within the US. The patsies were chosen well in advance. Their passports were ready to be discovered in the rubble-strewn streets of NYC -the city that lies, greed and avarice built.

    And both the Brits and the Americans are well-known for this sort of thing -turning out- as it often does -to be skulduggery.

    Speaking of which -Billy Kristol should have been thrown in jail the day he called for another Pearl Harbor event. Kristol's feet should have been duct-taped to hot plates, -and they should have then been plugged-in, and he should have been left to cook until his eyes popped out onto his cheeks, DONE!

    His execution for sedition should have long ago taken place. He has yet to be charged with anything.

    Whether or not sabotage is the case in this specific instance, the leaking oil in the Gulf of Mexico, -public policy cannot discount this possibility, and even its guaranteed eventuality, -due to unrelenting human nature.

    Has anyone really forgotten the images of the burning oil wells all across Kuwait?

    Saddam Hussein was hung and beheaded when hung, -so we'll probably never know who really set those oil wells on fire.

    But anyone who was at the time a true student of human nature, should have been able to predict -they would someday be set afire.

    And you can make a similar prediction concerning nuclear power plants.

    Someday, someone will blow one up -intentionally.

    That's why it is immoral to build nuclear power plants, -because human nature predicts exactly -what will someday happen.

    And when it does happen, nine times out of ten, human nature again predicts -it will be some government operative doing the dirty deed.

    Ministry of Truth-in-Terrorism

  121. It is simply SO infuriating, no one should judge anyone else for going on a rampage and killing -like a thresher- the mindlessly ignorant Americans who spout altruism clearly so hideously destructive of only reality there is, -the one our humanity requires for its literal sustenance.

    This altruist-ignorance of the American people is only exceeded by the absurdly grotesque visions of the future engendered and endlessly re-resurrected by the even more ignorant American political class bound by the implied oath of a stylish-haircut-and-a gleaming-white-smile.

    Give me a break!

    With golden tongue and a sparkle in their eye-, they tell us, economic "growth and prosperity" depends on -a strong educational system, -an open-door immigration policy, -a strong national defense, -bipartisanship in the Congress, -looking toward the future, (and not toward the past), -universal health care, -and more policemen on the streets!

    Huh? It's generally proved that taking police off the streets and arming the citizenry is the only path toward reducing crime that really works. This approach cuts recidivism down to nearly zero.

    Obama is right now encouraging illegal immigration, as are many of his mindless minions -in the Eat-Shit-Congress.

    The altruism of some supporters goes further and expresses the natural "human rights" of illegal immigrants. Bravo!! Bravo!!!

    I understand the argument. We are all human. And national boundaries are artificial. How can anyone turn their back on the starving poor who come here to work?

    I commend the obvious altruism. It is not misguided. It is simply absurd and utterly blow-it-out-your-ass suicidal.

    Look around where you are standing.

    Look at the ground upon which you stand.

    Where you stand, you have the proper right to stand -or so is the common myth-.

    Perhaps you stand on your own land, or land you have rented. It is -a place to stay-. Cool.

    Perhaps you stand in a public street, or in a public library. Even better.

    But, walk down the street.

    Do you see all the places in your own country where you cannot legally stand?

    Do you see those places where -if you stood there long enough- you might be asked to -move along-, and failing to do so, you would be trespassing?

    Now similarly assess all the land that is around you.

    Very little of the land around you is available for you to stand upon, is it? Most of it is in private hands.

    You have a limited amount of money at your disposal, money that allows you to rent or purchase a place where you can stand.

    The price of your place to stand is set by -supply and demand-. You understand that, I'm sure.

    You might say, There are enough places to stand -for the illegal immigrants.

    You might say, The illegal immigrants do not take up much room.

    You might say, They are contributing members of the community.

    Fine, -great in fact... Now consider-

    What of the hordes of Chinese who would like to come here too?

    And what of the hordes of Chinese who might want to come here and could be given enough money to drive the cost of a place to stand in the United States -so high- that YOU could not afford a place to stand?


    The Chinese have already been given your jobs.

    Do you want this mothe----ker Obama giving them your country too?


    Visit your local ATP Recruitment Office TODAY!

  122. Absolutely excellent points bringing up "new" perspectives for Americans to consider - since this is the exact direction in which we are headed.

    Who owns the Indiana turnpike my fellow Americans? Can you drive on that road without a fistfull of cash?

  123. ---The constant conspiracy of silence made by science.---


    "Radioactive waste hidden in oil and gas production"

    Drilling for oil and gas drags up huge amounts of natural radioactive waste from the earth. The disposal of this waste is barely regulated, and could spell environmental catastrophe, according to a new media report.


    Reality is infinitely complex, and while scientists generally -may impart some sense of their competence, it is a vast and growing lie.

    You cannot trust any scientist further that you could hurl them of some steep cliff.

    Look at the Gulf of Mexico right now. Science did that, -the best science that money can buy.




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