IS Barack Obama, aka Barry Soetoro A Heroin Addict or What?

The moral philosopher, Don Robertson, among others, is actively speculating and even agitating by insisting -the Doubtful President is a heroin addict, lost in a wild, insane, megalomaniacal phantasm of delusion and detachment from a former life in the Fast Lane of Chicago's Mean Streets, all of it -which has gone horribly wrong-, not just for this junkie, but the country at large, as Obama's life continuously narrows ever faster toward its sure, final, fateful heroin-addiction-conclusion.

Summing his opinion, it seems -Obama's recent bizarre statement about the "health care reform" bill helping millions -is a good example. The whole country is suffering higher medical insurance premiums, doctors and individual states alike are bolting the system in droves, individuals are writing their Congressmen threatening letters daily about this bill. The morality, quality and efficacy of medical care is falling through the rotting medical-building floor, and the Doubtful President claims he has a victory? It's just not so.

"Being a heroin addict is not pretty. I had a brother die of a heroin overdose twenty years ago. It's an ugly way to go. Heroin is everywhere in our country, both Afghan heroin and Perdue Pharma's Oxycontin. And this guy Obama or Soetoro, whatever this f---ing Kenyan's name is, shows every sign of being a heroin addict on a delusional ride of fancy," insists Robertson, adding, "Once a junkie, ALWAYS a junkie."

In some cultures, lying is considered noble, and thus, -can be a measure of a man's strengths by all the other liars," states Robertson, adding, "This guy -isn't just a fraud, -he is higher than a kite all the time too. "Cuckoo" is the word I am reaching for, I am pretty sure. This guy does heroin like other men drink beer, -daily, -all the time."

Americans are either going to wake up to what the truth is -about this nutcase, or it's going to hit them over the head and knock them all unconscious eventually," states Robertson in a final cutting swipe.

I guess that is telling it as you see it.

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UPDATE MAY 10, 2010


  1. In have found an appropriate passage from Herbert Spencer in "Principles of Ethics" to add to this post.

    Here, Spencer is speaking (circa 1870) of the necessary "Restraints of Praise" -something more pundits should have exercised when Barry Soetoro was running for the highest elected office in the land.

    "Evils less widely diffused, but more conspicuous, arise from applauding those who have received the customary musical culture but have no considerable musical facility, and who, on all available occasions, are invited to perform for the supposed pleasure of those around. The pestilent social system which aims to make every individual as like every other individual as possible, by passing all through the same educational mill, insists on giving to each young lady lessons in singing, and a course of instruction on the piano; even though she has not a tolerable ear, and is utterly averse to the practices she has to go through. Daily, for years, are caused weariness to the pupil and irritation to the teachers, annoyance to the household, nuisance to the neighbors; and all to achieve the result that when there comes an evening party, a song ill-sung or an ill-played piece on the piano, may be inflicted upon guests, who hypocritically say 'Thank you.' Manifestly the giving of praise, which sincerity forbids, is also here forbidden by the regard for the general welfare. Negative beneficence of the wider kind interdicts utterances which, individually trivial though they may be, serve their aggregate effect to maintain a system that vitiates social intercourse.
    It goes without saying that duty to society should still more imperatively forbid the public critic from giving currency to unmerited encomiums."

    That's the end of my quote of Spencer, -a clear moral warning. A modern day equivalent is the way parents and phony admirers will go on-and-on about how bright or beautiful a child is, even when the child is as ugly and dull as an old shoe, -and whose ability or appearance commonly gives an unpleasant start to the unwary. God forbid them -if false praise will not -from having more children like that!

    Barack Obama is such an ugly child.

    Obama's election is a hazardous freak of demographics and became possible when he was paired with the disastrously unlikeable -and similarly ugly and dull- Hillary Clinton.

    I remember Jesse Jackson on William F. Buckley's "Firing Line".

    Jesse Jackson was learned, and impressive, aggressive and more cogent that anyone ever expected, -especially Bill Buckley.

    By comparison it's easy to see why Jesse Jackson wanted to "[...] cut Barack Obama's balls off."

    Obama-Soetoro is a heroin-addicted-hood from mean-and-nasty Chicago.

    There is unfortunately, folks, little more than a dullard behind a drug-addicted-euphoric-smile leading our country today.

    The country elected as a President someone who would have -years ago- been quietly committed to a mental institution -if he managed to escaped life in a penitentiary.

    Do not say you were not warned.

    Don Robertson

  2. The drug addict Obama was told to pick the Harvard University -Whopper- Elana Kagan to replace Stevens. And he complied. The European Union forks over a trillion dollars to the bankers. And the stock market goes up. Go figure who has control of your world today, kids.

    No get back to work doing with less every day -yourselves. But buy a fucking gun and some ammo. This ain't gonna last too long.

    The-resigned-in-a-shambles-at-having-been-caught-with-his-pants-down-in-a-whoring-disgrace- NOW -the former District Attorney who made a living sending whores to jail -Eliot Spitzer of New York claims, Kagan is "[...] unbelievably smart and thoughtful and careful [...]" JFC this gets old, just like Spitzer is credible!

    Let me tell you ALL something, kids. This Kagan is like the devil. Pray she is removed as a candidate by some Good Samaritan.

    Kagan has NEVER done anything but work in academia. Her aspiration includes clubbing, clawing, scratching, and fighting her way through the hideously perverse Harvard academic pig-trough, to rise to become the Dean of the Harvard Law School and weigh over four-hundred-pounds of mean, nasty, back-biting, deceitful, lying, blubbering, sobbing, revengeful, BITCH -better spelled with a "C".

    Harvard University is the knowledge-colostomy bag of an intellectually-ill nation. The law school is the center of the disease that has for more than a Century burdened our American existence.

    Elena Kagan will serve as the Satanic priestess of the whip-snapping Beelzebub better known as the -big lie- of the constantly reassured existence of the social psyche.

    Sure the social psyche exists. And Elena Kagan knows EXACTLY what the social psyche is thinking at all fucking times.

    That's what Harvard University stands for, the BIG FUCKING LIE OF THE SOCIAL PSYCHE!

    Elena Kagan has spent her career getting ever fatter and wormier, so she can sit haughty on the Supreme Court and claim she knows what is in the mind of the social-psyche-god.

    It ain't so. The social psyche is just a feeble Jewish myth.

    AND -this bitch ain't the boss of me. Fuck off Elena Kagan you fat, fucking piece of Harvard filth.

    You have NO viable morals, little miss Harvard heavyweight-intellectual. You make me laugh.

    Kagan, you are a lightweight who will blow away like dust at the first sign of rebellion.

    Social Darwinism effecting its often heralded course will wipe you out within the first week of rebellion, and probably within the first day!

    Social psyche, pshaw! If you are so fucking smart and worthy the post, why the fuck are you so fucking fat? Why are you propped up in your wheelchair with so many god-damned drugs you require eight doctors to prescribe them all?

    Elena Kagan, ladies and gentlemen, is so fucking fat, SHE CANNOT PHYSICALLY REACH HER OWN ASSHOLE TO WIPE IT!

    Can you smell that smell?

    It IS however, Elena Kagan -who is right now being blessed with the phony accolades of some supposed intellectual prowess necessary to be the Goddess of the ZeitGeist.

    It is Elena Kagan who will be snapping the whip on the backs of men everywhere saying "Humanity was meant to serve the Twinned-Devil of Progress-and-Growth till death, with every life given to the social psyche with whose voice I speak."

    Go FUCK YOURSELF Elena Kagan. And take that Chicago Junkie -Soetoro- with you too.

    Look at the world these sick fuckers have planned for the future!

    Is it anything like what the world SHOULD look like?


  3. Freedom of speech can be most unappealing - but I still think the harshest of words are better than the alternative - and it is my absolute hope and goal - that we can fix our country with words - and finally arrive at points of agreement so as to keep this country glued together.

  4. On Elena Kegan:


  5. But we have been told fat people are a THREAT to national security. ESPECIALLY someone who has NO courtroom or trial experience, not to mention the likelihood of a dual national(i.e. traitor/"Israel FIRST, ALWAYS!") on our highest court. They have already infested CONgress and the military/intelligence complex after loading the lower courts and government positions first. Now I am NOT antisemitic or Jewish BUT when your words and actions are transparent lies as our totally schizophrenic gubmint has become and they hide behind 'national security' (Sybil Edmonds/911) to hide their crimes and foment dissent and anger (tea party=racist) and their ONLY legitimacy is FORCE than they have sealed their own fates along with many of ours.

  6. Kagan's Goldman Ties Won't Hurt Supreme Court Chances, White House Says


  7. Herbert Spencer noted for us over a hundred years ago, -all altruism ultimately reduces itself to two things: either Justice or Beneficence.

    Closer, modern philosophic inspection proves to us -these two altruist motivations are completely, -mutually exclusive of each other.

    There is no Beneficence in Justice. And there is no Justice in Beneficence.

    The political climate of our modest Republic is constantly being buffeted by these absurd and quite meaningless -altruist questions, which shape public beliefs about the reality around us -a reality that is constantly being debased by the end result of these ignominious debates.

    Wake up people. Barack Obama, aka Barry Soetoro is a heroin-addicted Kenyan who hails from the meanest-streets-of-Chicago and has with some wholly-misplaced-pride -lied his way into becoming another American nightmare -in an era of increasingly horrific American nightmares.

    And there is some serious question asking, if our greatly enfeebled country is even capable of ridding itself of this nightmare.

  8. For all the pacifist wussies that frequent the Internet, I want you ALL to know what the "revolution" is going to look like -for the most part.

    And, before you look, I'm telling you -don't get cold feet. This sort of thing is entirely necessary, -even as ugly as it is.

    You wanted "change". Well get ready, kids, because change is coming, and it's coming to your neighborhood faster than any -one- of you can get out of the way of it.

    So, grin that sadistic grin you have inside you, -and bear it. Only the survivors will be left to tell the tale. And altruism has nothing to do with your likelihood of surviving the coming whirlwind of change.


    Don Robertson

  9. He's right. Don't fool yourself. The world is NOT fair. It never was. It never will be.

    Anyone who thinks the world is fair, is both a fool and a likely target, whether they are a target of Wells Fargo Corporation, Bank of America, or some young punks looking to score some cash in a home-invasion stick-up.

    It is all the same.

    Get what YOU need to survive. Forget the altruism. It makes you a target.

    The current regime is crumbling. The cops don't need YOU, and -they clearly expect the SAME.

    The country is being run by a heroin addict.

    I believe it.

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  11. Freedom of speech can be most unappealing - but I still think the harshest of words are better than the alternative - and it is my absolute hope and goal - that we can fix our country with words - and finally arrive at points of agreement so as to keep this country glued together.


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