United States of Zionist America- 2010 Will Be the Summer of Rage

I am looking into a mirror - but I don't see myself in the mirror

The 'scape behind me is a wasteland, but in the mirror it's all rosy. My savings are gone - but in the mirror - they still seem to be there. The people behind me wear scowls, but in the mirror they appear to smile - why? Everything around me is coming apart - but in the mirror - it's white picket fences and a sunny lawnscape from bygone prosperous eras - am I dreaming?

Why, when I cry out for justice, don't I see my cries for justice reflected in the mirror? Why, when the country is crumbling - don't I see the moral and economic desert reflected in the mirror? Why, when my freedom of speech, right to bear arms and Habeas Corpus are ignored by the very government emplaced to ensure their immortality is there no reflection in the mirror to help me see myself - an American citizen?

Because this mirror - the corporate media - the treasonous corporate media mirror - has failed the American people to such a degree that I propose hiring carpenters - to build the gallows. Yes my friends - these people have GOT to go.

They are lying to you and me. Every day. Lying, misrepresenting, and failing. They all point to the OTHER GUY - calling the OTHER GUY the MEDIA - while all the time pretending to be the good guy. Every one of these scum cry about the usurpation of OUR AIRWAVES by IMPOSTERS posing as NEWSMEN - while they themselves are gulty of the same crime. They are all INFOTAINMENT - a CorporAmerikan Propascamda invention - and they are all worthy of a judge, jury, then .... hanging. For treason.

YOUR OWN GOVERNMENT - DID 911. ISRAEL DID IT TOO - this is the information available from the best sources I've been able to winnow from the endless information available on the internet. Wanna' know something - I feel VERY CONFIDENT when I tell you that because although you may find it an off-the-cuff or flippant statement ..... IT ISN'T.

I've been on the case since March of 2007 - and the more I read - the stronger the case gets in my favor. The only reason you don't know is because our media is complicit, corrupt, working for the Zionists, and worthy of a gallows. I've named names in previous articles: I've even prayed to the flying spaghetti monster that the radio personalities from left and right would all die at once one day so America could begin the healing process absent the constant Zionist propaganda smokescreen that is everpresent everyday.

Thom Hartmann, Randi Rhodes, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn (shoot him in the head) Beck, Laura (UVA) Ingraham, Neil Boortz, Alan Colmes, Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, - I pray to the Lord Jesus Christ, I pray to Allah, I pray to every God that ever lived, died or has not existed, won't exist, or doesn't matter. I pray on my mother's grave, I pray every day - that every one of these vermin will die all at once. Please God - kill them. America needs you to kill them. I need you to kill them.

So why am I so angry?

I heard today - in addition to the rest of the murders commited by the scum-Israelis that they shot an American 19-year-old three times in the head. I consider that an execution.

I, Jack Rabbit, as an American citizen, am calling on the brave, dauntless, fearless, bloodthirsty killers; the US Navy S.E.A.L.s - the best killers we have in America - those who boast on bumper stickers that "Our business is Killing and Business is Good" to immediately kill the fucking Israelis that killed that kid. If you don't I want you all to kill yourselves. Why?

Because you are a bunch of frauds - phonys - Zionists - cowards - murderers - because if the whole lot of you braggards are running around the world sniping at "towelheads" and other brown people while your fellow citizens are being murdered by a bunch of religious extremists - Jews from Israel - I can only say thanks for the help.

Let me be the first to let the whole lot of you fucking "tough guys" know that I am watching - and if you are not available for showtime - as the next Gaza flotilla gets to its destination - I know your entire outfit is a fucking traitorous fraud.

I'm a forty-something white guy - American. In case you haven't noticed, the "forty something white guy" is the latest rage in "home grown terrorism" as depicted to the gullible, soccer mom-corporate-slave-robot-need-money-for-child-care-and-mortgage Amerikan public by the CorporAmerikan Propascamda media on AM radio here in Charlottesville, Virginia; and on TV stations everywhere in what used to be the "Land of the Free, Home of the Brave."

You see, my friends; you can't be free and brave if you are ignorant - that's why Thomas Jefferson wanted to be known as a founder of the University of Virginia (used to be a good school but corrupt to the core now - don't waste you money- bought and paid for with Zionist/Military Industrial Complex money) ....sorry 'bout that - UVA blows - they are the lowest form of life on the planet.

They all support Israel - a foreign country - above the interests of the United States of America. An American was shot in the head three times plus one time somewhere else by Israelis on the high seas, international waters, yet Obombya, Zionist Biden (his own words) and the rest of our traitorous government need to "get all the facts" etc... as they scramble to muddy up the fake news waters with more bullshit stories.

We need new leaders. Pay close attention - these are all traitors to the United States of America. Look - Obama wants Elena Kagan - another Zionist Harvard Jew for the Supreme Court. She doesn't represent me. She's too stupid and has never done anything of substance in her life - other than vacume up large sums of money.

Cass Sunstein - Harvard Zionist Jew - Law Professor - Constitutional Scholar - this Bozo-the-Clown-wanna-be-look-alike has never read anything written by John Stuart Mill* - otherwise he would never have written such an embarrassment to modern civilization with his 29 page paper condemning "FALSE CONSPIRACY THEORIES." This jackass, Scumstein, doesn't have the sense to realize that his entire case rests on the assumption of HIS OWN INFALLIBILITY. Do you, reader, know anyone, I mean ANYONE, that KNOWS EVERYTHING? That is the claim Sunstein stakes out for himself in his paper - and he is an OBAMA ADVISOR FROM HARVARD. Is it any wonder our legal system needs to collapse and be rebuilt?

We all know 911 was an inside job with help from Israel. Is it any surprise this major festering wound to America is not healing - since the complicit media and government infiltrated by Zionists presents a false image in the media mirror Americans rely upon for the feedback they require to see if they are OK?

Our media is public enemy number one my friends. I pray to every God and un-God that our media personalities will all die peacefully tonight - before the rest of us die as a result of their treason to our country.

I apologize in advance for such a dark message today - but the Gaza flotilla has struck a nerve with me - and the traitorous cowardly inaction of my non-representative pussy Federal government that leaves truth-tellers here in the U.S. as vulnerable as sitting ducks for the Mossad - makes my even more upset.

Our country - the former United States of America is presently a failed state. It has been hijacked by corporations and Zionists from Israel. Those are facts. Our representatives are bought and paid for by AIPAC.

What comes next I don't know - but if our filthy greedy venal Congresscum don't get busy - I will not come to their defense when the SHTF - and my observations tell me it's gonna' be this summer - the Summer of Rage.

Anyway - I'm finished. The horrible rage that comes with helplessness is passing for now. I'll pay my taxes to the bloodthirsty bragging U.S. military and wait for Mossad.

Please - tell me exactly WHY we are "supporting the troops" because they are watching US... DIE.



  1. I do not support the troops. We are NOT at war. This is an imperialist action being waged by and for the oil companies and the Israeli land thieves in the Middle East.

    Today one can read of the government's efforts to prosecute AMERICANS for supporting foreign nationals that out government has labeled "terrorist organizations".



    It is supposedly against the law for any US company to promote the ongoing (and humanitarian) boycott of Zionist-Terrorist Israel.

    I'd like to know just where the fuck this government gets off. As a free American I can support anyone I want. No legitimate government under our Constitution has the right to tell ME who I can and who I cannot support in foreign countries.

    NOT JUST FOR THIS REASON -I now fully support any organization our government has labeled a "terrorist organization".







  2. It's been a lonely 40 years. Glad to see I have some company! Do'nt tread on us you zionazi scum!

  3. Please remember that the MV Rachel Corrie is still at sea. She will be in greatest peril Friday night/Saturday morning.

    Let me say that the volunteers on the Irish boat have my greatest respect. They can be no doubt as to the reception that awaits them. The spirit of resistance stills burns bright in Irish hearts. If anyone can make it through they are the ones.

    Updates can be followed here.

  4. I'm so glad that so many are becoming like me. Sick and tired of the unquestionable support our Government gives to Israel. What Zionism is, who did 9/11, what our colonial wars are all about. I'm now a fifty-something. This is not the America I grew up in. It isn't the one I want my kids to grow up in now either. So, what do we do? We have neither the money or power to take back Our Country. I'm all for changing it to a constitutional Monarchy with the Native Americans being the Kings and Queens. We were taught to accept the idea of Manifest Destiny in school, then apply it to the Israelis theft of other's lands. Both were murderous and immoral. Maybe we will have an uprising and throw the scum traitors out. I waited through the Bush years of Hell and nothing. Boiling Frogs? Just a thought. I pray it isn't too late. Marc J. Custer

  5. Excellent, now are these just words, or are you going to do something about the ZIONIST BASTARDS THAT ARE GOVERNMENT, ADL, ETC.

  6. You don't have to apologize to me or to anyone else for the anger you feel. Human beings who are functioning properly SHOULD be angry.

    I am happy to see your perspective maturing, in fact, since the last time I stopped by to chat on the issue of Jesse Ventura.

    I suspect that you know that the Navy Seals won't be heeding your call to action any time soon. In 2006 I went camping and ended up next to four Seals. When they got drunk the ONLY thing out of their mouths were jokes where Arabs or Persians are the losers, and talk about "taking pussy" when they want it. They made it perfectly clear that they train WITH and UNDER Israeli commanders.

    Congrats on being a 40-something white guy and finally making it onto the list of people-who-might-be-terrorists-accoring-to-the-terrorist-government. As a 40-something brown guy who had to deal with being physically assaulted three times in the week after 9/11, being verbally assaulted half a dozen times in the week after 9/11, and being denied equal treatement in the workplace in the years after 9/11, all I can say is, welcome!

  7. BRAVO!!!!! to the author!!!!!

  8. I'm a forty-something, white, female who woke up to the truth after 9/11. It was the catalyst to my awakening. All I can say is I feel the same anger and want to spit on every Israeli I come in contact with. Since I don't know any, I'm going to call Russ Feingold's office and rip him a new asshole. He's my Senator, hopefully, not for long.

  9. I just want to go on record, as in my angry haste this morning I neglected to add my name to my post -as I trashed the war-mongering and genocidal Israelis and our government for fighting this fictitious war on terror.

    I wrote the first post. And any motherfucking government dog who wants to make something of it, something they think they CAN make of it, can jump.

    I am 60 years old and a writer of philosophy.

    JUMP!!! But prepare yourself, because on your way down from your jump, you are going to find out something about me.

    I am a survivor.

    Don Robertson

  10. I often wonder why no one has started doing something about this situation. There must be plenty of military and ex-military who are true patriots and not brainwashed and there must be some rich people are are not just greedy vermin who can finance and organize and at least try to remove this cancer that has invaded our country. Maybe it's too late but at least try goddamn it.

  11. Good to see more people getting close to some truth, but don't stop at zionism, it's much more than you think. Check out www.subvertednation.net and learn just how deep the rabbit hole really goes. Many jews say they are not zionists yet follow the talmud, and love communism. The jewish way of life is whats destroying the world.They work together in various ways to achieve their ultimate goal of world government . Zionism is just about a homeland for the jews.

  12. Jack Rabbit, you patriot nut.

    You seem to get angry because an Amerikan citizen was killed.

    You should be angry because humans were murdered.

    I find this "exceptionalism" where only Amerikan lives matter to be a very, very sick kind of nationalism that is a huge part of why Amerika is so sick today. You have joined the patriotic nationalistic jingoistic fruit cakes Jack.

    *All* human lives are precious, not just your fellow nationals. The other non-Amerikans were executed too. They deserve your righteous anger just as much. Grow up pal.

  13. http://www.lobelog.com/rep-sherman-prosecute-u-s-citizens-involved-with-gaza-flotilla/

    "Rep. Sherman: Prosecute U.S. Citizens involved with Gaza Flotilla"

    The comments are great. Jump motherfucker, jump!


  14. I posted a comment over on DesertPeace, and I've diced to bring it over here too.

    "Goldstone stripped of honorary Hebrew U governorship" By ABE SELIG

    The article is worth reading for its unobstructed view.

    I have copied my post here because it is germane to the common purpose, expressing a cogent argument against Elena Kagan and seriously raising the stakes in the philosophic pursuit we ALL should be about.



    ALL academic accolades are hollow and degrading comments about doing things any honestly self-respecting person would find demeaning and pointless given the vastly brief perspective of an entire life. Its grammar-school mentality is regressive of thought and freedom.

    When you read of an adult’s academic credentials or achievements, often seeing these appended to their name, be suspicious of the character of that person, very suspicious.

    They are pretending to be something -they are not. For all our knowledge is faulty and trespasses into what can be easily proved a lie and a fraud.

    Few of these immoral human creatures who sold their souls to the false praise and accolade of academia will ever mature beyond the selfish, and greedy outlook on life they maintain -one that regularly ends in what will make them unbearably haughty, as Harvard University’s Alan Dershowitz and no doubt Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Elena Kagan.

    A Jew nominated to sit on the Supreme Court with two others who already sit on the high court has no shame. This would make three of nine judges, Jews.

    Now, – given the hideous international criminal character of the cancer, of so-called the “Jewish nation”, and its estranging entanglement in American politics- this is an unbearable insult to Americans of all creeds, -especially American Jews who will pay the common social price of such a rank transgression of propriety.

    Being stripped of some honor by Jerusalem University then, has risen Judge Richard Goldstone up a notch for me. And I think very little of judges, very little indeed.

    The Judeo-Christian ethic of “scholarship” that has so subtly entrenched itself with seemingly irrepressible hubris and also gives rise to these false accolades is destructive of our humanity. Let me explain why.

    I will say again -first- though, I am the most important moral philosopher alive today. And -I am not Jewish, let alone a rabbi.

    The rabbinical philosophy I have come in contact with -speaks of a relative morality, -currently widely accepted in our societies. But it is wholly faulty. Notions of relative morality are somewhat akin to some sort of relative mathematics we might expect to see used by Chimpanzees.

    On to the logical proof.

    Consider that IF, as I have posited, The moral imperative of life is to live a life that detracts not at all from the lives available to those who will follow us into this world.

    THEN WHO has the moral right to put -the future world- at risk by the exercise of their intellectual curiosity?

    No one does.

    I have cleaved the heart of academic freedoms right in two with this question.

    The depth of the moral imperative -no one knows. Nor will any know unless humanity survives the thousand years it will take to comprehend and embrace the Categorical Knowledge that arises from it.

    Science is dead. That is for sure. But more importantly academia is dead until it recognizes that Empirical Knowledge has reached its distended limits.

    Categorical Knowledge reigns supreme.

    -Don Robertson

  15. Here's another phony terror plot.


    "Two Men Arrested Before Boarding Plane to Join Terror Group" By Jana Winter Published June 06, 2010 | FOXNews.com

    This story is bullshit signed-sealed-and-delivered. It's clear by the content of this story this was a case of the entrapment of a couple of dupe. How else did the FBI know these two (in separate incidents) were off to join a terror plot, school, or, get-together -and yet no one was arrested with whom these two were going to enact these alleged terror plots? The FBI is leading young men off to meet with "terrorists" the FBI has invented. They lead them off with promises of a good time bringing down the government, no doubt. LOL! And, we are to take the FBI seriously? Usama bin Laden? Ha! Usama bin FBI.

    Page one of the ATP manual says, "Do not join any terrorist groups. Work on your own. ALL the terrorists groups are made in the USA by the FBI in order to justify their continued funding coming from the easily sucked American Congress, and intended to justify the bizarre and immoral agenda of various sicko-politicians."

    The FBI since BEFORE Hoover has been a bunch of gay trench-coat men who dress-up like women and entice scores of fools into committing crimes they can then easily solve. They're all queers and knife-wielding lesbians! The FBI guys are gayer than a three dollar bill.

    "Two Men Arrested Before Boarding Plane to Join Terror Group" (after having been promised gay sex by the FBI queers!) Yeh, sure. They caught them at JFK Airport where they were getting ready to fly to San Francisco using airplane tickets the FBI sent them -is my bet.

    "Come to San Francisco for gay sex with me! Here is the plane ticket. You are to board at Gate 34," read the note enclosed when FEDEX delivered their terrorist plot.


  16. "Does the Constitution really protect a right to 'academic freedom'?" By Dahlia Lithwick and Richard Schragger


    If the Constitution protects academic freedom, -the right of science to invent even more immoral technologies, the right of big business to tinker with the human genome, invent new weapons of mass destruction, and scientifically tinker where they are sure to find accidents of mass destruction, -it's news enough to start shooting every American on the planet.

    Burn down the capitol!

    But, trust me, while the Supreme Court is close to being stacked to effect the anti-gun legislation dreams of the anti-gun goons, they are also going to carve out new American sore of jurisprudence -proclaiming that the Constitution protects the right of corporate and academic America to destroy the world through unfettered scientific research.

    So, go fuck yourself -Supreme Court. You are just as kinky as the Pope.

  17. The silence is deafening. We've hit the wall, eh?

    That is the reason we read the great authors, to share their misery and frustration and joy that brought them to their own pens in their hours of greater need. There are men like Spencer and Chesterfield, Durant and Russell. The list is long -indeed.

    I am reading Knox, In Captivity in Ceylon, 1660 right now.

    Posting is more palpable than writing books. It's a visceral experience. Writing books is a lesson in humility, if more permanent. Posting lets us see the blood in the water immediately.

    I see the author of the George W. blog is looking for a radio show. What a glutton for punishment!

    Pick yourself up, John. You have what it takes. You just need to look for the next level, in a long line of continuous next-levels.

    It is art. But more so, it is life. And TIME is a wasting!


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