Thomas Jefferson's "Swiss Army Knife" - picture through glass

The "clock" in the back is an odometer (CLICK).  Before they built this new visitors center, the old visitors center contained what I remember to be this set of items, and the set was called "Jefferson's pockets."  In the old visitors center - this display set contained an additional item:  A pistol with a removable barrel.  The pistol is no longer on display with this set.  When I inquired as to why it was no longer there - I was told that "it was taken off display."  Since I could already see that - I asked about the decision process.  They told me it could have been removed for any number of reasons.  I didn't inquire any further.

I haven't been up there for a coupla' months - maybe they'll put it back - so the kids can see that Thomas Jefferson wasn't allergic to guns.  Or maybe they already have.  I think it would be a good idea.

UPDATE 2/19/11  The "lighter" is a case for the mini-draftng set spread out.  I think the "ruler" is a tiny engineers scale, and the "feeler gauges" are ivory sheets riveted together to slide, a mini-notebook you write on and erase with a pencil.  Notes still on there.


  1. Prediction: the swiss army knife will go next. Will be more politically correct that way. Also will make sure that the odometer does not exceed the speed limit.

  2. By displaying the Gun they are essentially admitting that the right to carry a personal gun is in fact the intent of the founding Fathers to ensure personal arems protection. Why no NRA members complaining? Can you imagine what would happen today if you are caught with a gun you can break down into parts? Oh Vey

  3. Maybe one of the TSA goons stole the pistol when they made Jefferson empty his pockets.

  4. AThe scum may have stolen it for himself!

    That's to show you, smithies, to start making up such an article. In these times where everybody is scrambling to "invent" things,or draw up Patents. Items that are/will be in hot demand. It'll make money for you.

    And don't forget the bullets.

  5. If you look at the picture at the "odometer" link in the post, the hands are together so you can't see there are two hands.

  6. I was wondering, what is the hook on the SAK used for? I notice the Jefferson knife has one as well.
    - swiss army knife

  7. I use the hook on my SAK for pullihg or pushing springs back into position after disconnecting them to free up the mechanism upon which I am working.


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