Happy Easter! A dose of medicinal truth for my fellow Americans

I hope you are enjoying your weekend - if you are "into" Easter - Happy Easter!

I tip-toed through some tulips today - not to far from here.  Spent some quality time with the family.  Watched everybody yukkin' it up at an awesome tulip farm up on 29 North of Charlottesville, VA.

I took as many back roads to get there as possible - since the route passing through and exiting Charlottesville is not only a death-trap and ugly - but a gauntlet of county police hiding in shrubs, behind signs, lurking in shadows, radaring and lasering away to keep their miserable meaningless jobs "protecting" us from ourselves on the way to the tulip farm.

I've had it with the cops.  I fucking hate them.  They are a gang of gun-slinging fucking NAZIs - intent on collecting as much money from a public with zero to spare - to keep their jobs and expand the power of their silly little departments.  When I see a cop I see a criminal.  

http://now.msn.com/now/0329-easter-cops.aspx (Cop in Bunny suit Rats out drivers)

Allow me to add a disclaimer.  Some of the guys/gals around here wearing uniforms ARE good people.  They are a minority.  Nuff said.

Getting back to Easter  - here we are - watching all the devout Christians celebrate their holiday surrounding "turn the other cheek" - "do unto others" etc....   Let's examine this.


Did I get that right?  Who cares?  It's bullshit.  Wake up!

If Americans were doing unto others as they wished to be treated, we'd be dropping fucking bombs on ourselves!  Do I have to post pictures of little five-year-olds with multiple bullet wounds on their corpses from our beloved troops?  Let me add the hypocrite christians to the shit-list I have the cops on.  Meanwhile - let's think about what all these Gwad-fearing Americans will be supporting on Monday - 


I've been against the war with Iran for a long time.  I think the information provided for me to support doing any harm to these people is invisible.  It's all lies from the same lying fucks that sold us the war on IraQ that cue-ball or Curveball or whatever the lying pukes name is (recently confessed he lied) - the same liars are selling us another blood bath.  I am totally against that - but it seems my football/basketball/soccer obsessed fellow Americans don't give a shit if they bomb them or not.  I've sent videos, news articles and everything I can find from whistleblowers getting the shaft for speaking to power etc... and the same people I know ask me where I get the time to read all this stuff.

Maybe we SHOULD support bombing Iran for absolutely nothing and killing them and our troops for absolutely nothing.  Finally - we'd have done it.  Started the great World War 3 everybody's been talking about.  Maybe that's what these silly clowns that call themselves American citizens need - to take some losses.

Maybe I should stop calling my brother, who has three athelete sons and quit "bothering" him with information demonstrating that the people that WILL TAKE HIS KIDS AND SEND THEM TO DIE FOR NOTHING - maybe I should just sit here and watch it happen.  Believe me - he'd wake up when the box came home.

Maybe I should stop sending emails to the sucker/useful idiots that run the local radio shows here in Charlottesville, VA - emails about how autism is a fucking epidemic and maybe the fifty-thousand shots they pumped his kid up with just MIGHT have had something to do with his kids life-change.  Maybe I should stop calling the other guy - who claims to follow the teachings of Jesus - and his Israeli guests who don't know what a "USS LIBERTY" is - and let the idiots go ahead, push the buttons, say fuck diplomacy and watch as Israel is turned into a nice smooth disc of green glass.  

Maybe it would do cowardly, patient, go-ahead-and-feel-my-daughter's genitals at the airport right in front of me Americans some good to suffer some more humiliation, to take some more un-prescribed illegal uncalibrated radiation at the airports - at the sides of the roads - going into the supermarket - hey - have a party with it!  Maybe I should egg them on because that may accelerate things so maybe they would get worse before they got better.

Maybe I've been wasting my time with this stupid blog - saying the same things over and over - knowing all the time that talk is cheap.  That an educated American public is just a fantasy - and that propaganda is not only a tool - but our TRUE FORM OF GOVERNMENT.


There have recently been multiple hype-media-circuses surrounding media-labeled "racial" crimes around the country.  The same big-mouths that have disgraced the screens of America's telescreens for the last several decades slithered out of their holes to create as much public acrimony towards each other as possible.  Interesting.

Have you ever noticed that when there is a real disaster - such as the Fukushima THREAT -  that this disaster - is sugar-coated - and passed off as a non-issue?  Isn't that amazing?  I'm not sure if GE built this one but c'mon people - NBC ain't gonna' report on their sugar-daddy GE owner for causing a disaster that may cataclysmically F-up the planet now do you?  If GE didn't build this one - then the people selling these monstrous water-boilers (that's really all they are folks) - that leave us with radioactive waste that must be disposed of by shooting it at Arabs - I mean - really - do you think they are going to tell you about that?  That might cause an UNCONTROLLABLE PANIC - and that panic may lead to the powers-that-be learning the hard way what TAR AND FEATHERS is all about.  

Have you ever noticed that when there is a fake disaster - like the underwear bomber - who had no passport and would have been denied access to the flight if it weren't for government operatives who MADE SURE HE GOT ON THE FLIGHT?  

Have you ever noticed that the eyewitnesses to this event - attorneys - who saw the entire incident - were kept from getting the word out to the citizenry?  Why.

Our media is a mass-mind manipulation apparatus - nothing more - and its job is to ensure that the herd moves in the direction intended by the puppetmasters.  


Look at the Republican presidential "race" - a fake horse race - where useful idiots like "Bible Bomber" Santorum and "Contract with America (breached) Gingrich were brought out for the required media circus and to whip up the various election-blocs.  

None were ever intended to win - in fact - I'd bet the candidates themselves were lied to - and used - just to occupy media time - lots of media time - so much media time - so that the choice candidate of America - Ron Paul - could be sidelined - blacked out - elections stolen - and it might seem possible.

I've traveled a bit lately - and the only signs - and lots of them I've seen were for Ron Paul.  I have NEVER EVER EVER SEEN A SIGN FOR Santorum or Romney ANYWHERE.  I have never ever heard anyone I know - in various cities - in various social strata - ever mention Santorum or Romney or Gingrich EVER.  Don't you think that is a little odd?  That if the only communication I had with REAL PEOPLE speaking FACE TO FACE about politics is that the only person that would have come up is Ron Paul - yet the media crammed the other idiots down our throats pretending that the candidate we all wanted didn't exist?  Ain't that a bit odd?

The puppetmasters are the controllers of OUR MONEY.  That means THE FEDERAL RESERVE - A PRIVATE SECRET CABAL calling themselves the Federal Reserve - LENDING US OUR OWN MONEY AT INTEREST.  Why?

Why are they the anointed ones?  Huh?  Who the hell are these people?   Obviously they aren't worth a damn because our financial situation is SNAFU***!  They suck!  Time to get rid of them!

And who the hell do we owe all this interest to?  


I suggest that whomever it is that America owes interest to - we tell them to go to hell.  Wait for answer.

If they say - Listen America - you pay up or else!

I say:  Listen ass-crack - you have 60 seconds to put a spit-shine on my sandal or I will send the Navy SEALs to kill you.  Wait for answer......

Ass-crack responds - uhm - well - you'd better pay up or.....

At this point I'd have them killed legally - that is - if I were president.  Don't forget - the executive has that power now - to kill anybody they feel like - you, me - your kid, your mother - doesn't matter who - doesn't matter why.  

Might as well start with the bankers.


Have a happy Easter!
***SNAFU means "Situation NORMAL all F'd UP"  Ha ha - normally f'd up.  ha ha.  my money spent on normally f'd up slaughter.

When I see a kid in pain - as a result of adult actions - something inside me just ......oh man.....how can they do it?  How can adults who know better hurt these innocent, defenseless little kids - contribute or cause their and their family's suffering - to "limit" the population or to buy a new boat?

I admit - seeing a kid fucked up deliberately -by adults that should have been able to work this out - that is fuel for a fire inside of me that competes with the sun.

A word of warning to the monsters out there - you had better get busy and fucking kill me - because I will never ever ever quit until you lay off the fukin kids.  Roger that assholes?


  1. Get a grip. You are right, there is no election. The elections are a pretense to keep the cattle happily producing. The plantation (no longer a republic) is run by a corporation, not a government. You know, the 1999 international default, etc. The owners pick the prez. Interestingly the U.S., Inc. is in a state war with the American People (see Trading with the Enemy Act). So the only question is, if you are on the receiving end of a Declaration of War, what do you do? Continue to pretend its not happening and whine that its not fair? Or worry about Iran, blah blah blah. Or wait until you are also on the receiving end of 750,000 round of .40 ammo?

  2. Hey anonymous - do me a favor and read the blog post before you comment.

    If you've read the blog post - and that is your opinion - I can only ask you to read the rest of them - which is a task - where you will find that I don't give a crap about the monkey-suited slobs calling themselves TSA or Fatherland security or what the hooey.

    They are simply McDonalds workers handed rifles instead of spatulas to flip burgers.

    I will not be on the receiving end of any .40 ammo because .40 ammo is for pussies. I'm into the AK round - now that's a can of whoopass.

    I don't believe I said for a minute that anything wasn't fair here - since I already know that - and consider that a childish concept - fairness. After all - look at any cop that murders an innocent - let's go back a few years - like when the cop from PG county up in DC I think it was in dreadlocks driving a mitsubishi undercover followed another black man (stellar student from Howard U) all the way into Fairfax NAZI county, blocked the innocent citizen into a driveway in this goofy car, and when the guy thought he was being mugged tried to get away - the punk-ass-bitch "cop" dreadlock guy shot every single 9mm round including the one in the tube - 16 shots from a 15clip baretta into the back of the truck murdering an innocent person - and .....ready...wait for it........
    the fairfax county people found a way to make it OK - you know - using a human being as a fuckin' meat-bag to test out your weapon!

    Worry about Iran? I personally don't give a shit anymore. I'm starting to hope they do it - because I know it will be the end of all the pukes wasting away America on this idiotic religious-extremist-tainted pile of dogshit.

    If half the Israeli people are so good, and half of the Amreican people are so fuckin' good - where the fuck are they? Looking for fucking easter eggs up their asses?

    Like I said - I'm starting to think it may be a good idea - and I can watch all the uninterested young people, and the sons and daughters of all the uninterested deer-in-the-headlights people I know watch their kids march off with their duffle - to die or be crippled for nothing.

    Maybe I need to look for ways to short stocks, or profit from how many contracts some merchant of death like blackwater will do - while pieces of my family are shot up, or they show up in the papers - pissing on the corpses of kids they played soccer with a few years ago and were now shooting at each other since the parents were fucking retards - I don't know.

    Thanks for your insight.


  3. Fucking A! I agree with everything written in this article and I RESPECT you for having the guts to scream it from the roof tops!!!

  4. DUde, that hammered.

  5. I also agree with you, JackRabbit. Modern America and Western Civilization in general reminds me of the Sun Tzu story of training the Palace Harem to act in an organized military form. They all giggled until Sun Tzu beheaded the girls chosen as group leaders then they all came to attention. Maybe Americans dying in mass constantly and repeatedly may get them to pay attention. As for me, I too have felt like I am pissing in the wind trying to wake up people. I have a shot gun with solid shot for any close encounters, let some government prick come to my house, I won't be watching TV when they show...

  6. Anon 10;52 - yes I was disturbed by the way, in Sun Tzu's story about the palace harem - it made me sick in a way.

    But - I was the beneficiary of wisdom, and a horrible sick twisted way worked to get the job done.

    I struggle with such concepts - I know one thing for sure - and fuck the Socratic shit - there is no way to come to terms with such issues.

    There are times that the heads have to roll - and if you have the wrong person in charge - you're done for. Solon, of Athens, did some good stuff for the place and they had laws to make sure he did not set it up for his own profit.

    We are in big trouble - but - not really. We really are dealing with a bunch of lightweights - we don't even have to kill them.

    But they must be removed from power - just like a bunch of crazy wacked-out children that the parents haven't been watching for a bit.

    The people taking the decisions for the rest of us are fucking psychopaths. They really are. I am not exaggerating. They are fucked up.

    If the population can be controlled to the extent that they cannot remove murderers from their own government - then I would support any altruistic effort to put these fucks in a rubber room. Have a discussion - and figure out how to get peace going again.

    People that want war are as bad as people who torture puppies. They are fucked up. They cannot be allowed positions of power. Period.

    They must be removed - and I mean - if they put up a fight - too bad.

    No puppies to be tortured on my watch.

  7. You have put in to words a great expression of my personal frustration with our society and the rampant ignorance that overwhelms life. But I am awake, I can see, I can hear so that is one less on 'their' team and one more grain of sand creating friction.

  8. There are some people you can reach. And there are some people you cannot reach. Those who we cannot reach, aren't worth the effort. Think about it. Those we cannot reach are usually those who support this stupid game, and its players, even if it means their own death. Lemmings. They don't have enough of what it takes to think it out, or have the courage to fight it. And most of the lemmings aren't exactly the smartest of the litter.

    Just so you know, I appreciate your blog. Some of us out there are listening...more than you or I realize. Lemmings will out themselves if you give them a little knowledge. Non-lemmings will keep their knowledge and their thoughts closer to the vest and not get themselves shot over it.

  9. The biggest flaw in your argument is the belief that "we" are doing anything.

    "We" aren't dropping bombs on people. The government is. And no, not "our" government. The government.

    It's not us that spends billions on war, that wants the TSA, that believes we have too many civil rights.

    This is being done TO us, not by us. Putting blame on us is blaming the victim, pure and simple.

    So enough of this "we" crap. It's not us doing this, it's them. It's them, doing to us. And as long as we don't fight back, they will keep doing it.

  10. You think you are awake because you see the political game is a deception. But you are still very much asleep until you understand this is a spiritual war, primarily. We are only seeing a small part of it play out in our dimension. We are the generation to see Israel come back to their land and that makes us the LAST generation. Everything written in the book of Revelation is getting ready to be unleashed on this evil planet. The last 7 years of human history before Christ returns starts with a peace treaty. The treaty will be for a seven year period, the Jews will get the right to build their temple on the templemount in Jerusalem, and Palestine will be recognized as a nation with Jerusalem as their capital. We call it the "two-state" solution. You can find it in Daniel 9:27 and Revelation 11:1-2. Go ahead and mock, but you will only be proving your own ignorance.

  11. I agree with you!

    As to war with Iran...isra-hell has been provoking war with everyone, for decades, and pushing the U.S. into another war.

    I've lost patience with Americans.

    For those stupid f#$*@# a-holes in the U.S. gung-ho into another Front, imagine how much of an a-hole you are, whewn you want to drop a NUCLEAR bomb on a NUCLEAR plant!

    No Samson Option there. It won't be an option, but a certainty!

    Hey, isra-hell-is, research the victims of the Hiroshima Bomb- they didn't die right away, it took them many years of suffering.... that's what's in the wings for your children and babies!

    That's NOT a threat, it's REALITY!

    You, people better think it over, before you push the U.S. to fight another war...for you.

  12. Nitdiver5: Stow your crap!

    That's what got us into this mess in the first place!

    It's time to call a spade BLACK....religious MIND-CONTROL/MANIPULATION and stinking as a rotting corpse!

  13. Great comments - thanks to all of you.

    The comment about the absurdity of nuking a nuke plant - oh mann that made me laugh out loud - it is so true - it is hypocrisy and dumbfuckery at their finest.

    As for the commenter who reminded me that our government doing things and it not being "us" - I see your point. I apologize to you and those fighting against the wrongs - I really don't mean you - but there is no such thing as a "government" doing anything - because there are specific people embedded in this group we call government - using all of our money - to do these horrible things. You make a good point - but we are all - including me - somehow responsible - since we have not yet succeeded in stopping these monsters.

    1. "have not yet succeeded in stopping these monsters."

      Thanks to you, and all the Real News People, WHO ARE IN THE FRONT LINES - the rest of us are starting to join you.

      We've not YET succeeded because tptb are pink Eveready rabbits.

      Yet, you ALSO are persistent. It's only NOW that I'm getting the idea that: "The price of Freedom" is eternal Vigilance."

      IMO, there's alsways been two levels to a country, the 1% & then, the 99%. People can't assume that what the Feds do is the will of THE People.

  14. At most all that citizens ever accomplish to defend themselves against an evil government is to simply annoy “authority” (a.k.a. tyrants) by protesting, occupying, marching, occasionally boycotting something temporarily, overturning someone’s car and in general attacking the police or other non-elite types. Common people do not start wars or revolutions or overthrow governments. Secret financing and stealth instigation by extremely wealthy types or wars is what has always changed governments.
    However, if the relatives of the police convince them to stop harming their own people, then and only then will a people succeed in changing a government. The people and the police working completely together and even supporting them financially if necessary, against any act of tyranny is the only possibility and only such a nation would in fact, deserve freedom. It is easy to blame the police or any government “authority” for Constitutional violations, but how many of us would stand side by side with a police officer arresting a mayor or governor for violating their public rights? Freedom requires organized attacks on tyranny. In the case of the U.S. for a few pieces of silver it’s brother killing brother as usual.

  15. Why all the 'evil Nazi' references?

    Facts: Nazis Outlawed the brutal Kosher Slaughter of animals, They Outlaweed Abortion, Threw OUT Usurious Central Banksters, and declared war on subversive Jew Communists.

    Our nation is run by Jew Communists, 9 of 10 Marx Planks of Manifesto have been implemented.
    Germany under 1930s, was the greatest place to live in the world.

    While Americ had been looted by Jews in 1929/1933 and suffered a Great depression for 10 years, Germany had all time record high births and a thriving economy, the marvel of the world.
    Hitler was TIME magazne man of the year and won 2 peace prized, 1933 and 1938.

    Idiots that write these types of articles are often ether Philo semites, Jews or stupid useful idiots who havent studied history.
    I recommned Buchanans Churchill, Hitler and An Unnecessary War for starters.

  16. C'mon outlawed abortion - they killed retarded people and other non-desirables - after they were born.

    The NAZIs ran a socialist police state - paranoid - everyone suspect for everthing all the time. I guess you must like things that way.

    Obama got the Nobel peace prize too - so much for that appeal to authority.

    All-time record births for the SS - via paligamy if you want to call it that - only for the superior NAZIs. SS men were encouraged to impregnate as many select women as possible - regardless of marriage.

    Threw out bankers? Really? Then where did they get the money to build all the wonderful hardware? There is a book - Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler by Sutton you may wish to read - part of a three book series.

    If you are judging me to be an idiot - you are really putting yourself low on the ladder since you got just about everything wrong.

    But thanks for commenting.

  17. Here's a fantastic article about how the US resembles NAZIville:



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