Here's what a WWII Thermite grenade does...

There're questions in many 911 Truth debates regarding what thermite does - for example some of the questions raised in this video:

Here's an old WWII film showing a thermite grenade used to destroy an enemy gun.

Remember this is not thermate - or even nanothermate. Nanothermate is the substance found in the dust samples. Much much finer than this stuff - but anyway take a look so you can see an antique thermite grenade melt steel.

Go to part one at the 6 min 38 second mark:

Select the first of two parts.


UPDATE DECEMBER 4, 2009 Read more about the dust study here:
UPDATE DECEMBER 4, 2009 Read more about Barney Frank ignoring dust study here:


  1. Magnesium
    Iron oxide
    Plane = Magnesium + Aluminium + fuel@1000dg
    Building = Iron oxide concenrates
    Two together = meltdown {thermite materials}

  2. I noticed you didn't say nanothermate above

  3. wow look at the actual evidence.


  4. Elon your kidding ? yes ?
    I hope so what you wrote makes no sense otherwise.

  5. I believe that some other type of new explosive was used in bringing down the WTC 1 and 2. Remember WTC 7 was owned totally by Larry Silverstein for decades and built the place to his specifactions and it stayed vacant for years but workrs stayed on. It came down as a normal demo.
    It has been reported that thousands of 45 gallon drums ,labeled as paint were used. One odd thing,each floors were vacated on a weekly bases and freshly coated with this very heavy drum stuff.Could this nano-thermite been painted on and blasting computer charged? Something more was added--remember,who invented the Nuke bombs and Frankenstein monsters :^/

  6. Anonymous above says:
    "Remember WTC 7 was owned totally by Larry Silverstein for decades and built the place to his specifactions and it stayed vacant for years but workrs stayed on."

    ---Note: These are not the facts as I understand them - Silverstein was leaseholder briefly before the attacks. He took out unprecedented terrorism insurance.

    As far as Frankenstein monsters - that's funny - I'll tell your joke to the 3,000 people who were slaughtered that day. Oh they're dead. Maybe their families or the firefighters will think it's funny while they lay in bed with their lungs and bodies rotting off their skeletons.

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