Trip North

I headed North to attend funeral ceremonies.

The fragmented nature of our existence - or at least mine - living here in the states never comes quite into focus like it does during family events.  These events are infrequent - to put it mildly.  It may have  been decades since I saw some of the members of my family - who I'd heard were born and existed as children of my cousins but were now adults.

The drive from Tennessee to PA turned hellish once I got to the Virginia area.  The roads are glass-smooth but the speeds are slow.  Like most other places there are police everywhere waiting to take their revenue cut from the victim-travelers.  The corridor from Richmond to Philadelphia including the areas around Fredericksburg, Virginia, Alexandria, Virginia, Washington, D.C., Baltimore and Philadelphia, PA - one big gigantic traffic  jam.  We left half a day early so only arrived a half hour late.  Since this was a funeral planning for travel was limited.  Some folks offered to pay for me to fly but the airports are even worse than the roads - and I hate Nazis anyway.  I've had it with boots, uniforms, searches and papers.  Flying in this country is like a trip to the local prison - and you the traveler are the prisoner.

Parking in Richmond, Virginia is a royal pain in the ass plus they had an Irish festival I visited.  I had a Guiness and somebody else had fish and chips which were greasy and terrible.  Once I tasted the French Fries with their cold grease I decided not to try the fish which was plopped right on top of the fries.  There was no talk of politics by anyone.  Even in those moments when folks talked about something else - getting off the main subject - who can tell?

I noticed that some folks I know but haven't talked to in a while still are following the fairy tale that is broadcast via the people that are still in control of the media that comes out of many television sets.  There must still be enough coordination between the online lies and the television lies to envelop some minds in the lies of the boogeymen created everywhere to kill us as a people.

The kids are attending some of the universities in this country - but if the parents are so lied to from where will this younger generation of Americans receive confirmation of ideas that are outside the media web?

Some folks I trust very much told me that the welfare system is indeed being taken advantage by lots and lots of lazy people - I've never had any involvement in this system.  They work in it.  It is obvious that reform is necessary.

A reform plan for this country would need to be coordinated - to kill an over bloated dole system jobs are necessary.  It takes material goods to keep this society going and some of those goods used here must be made here.  It is as simple as that.  This implies that some fatasses with 27 bathrooms to shit in may need to settle for 26 bathrooms - since they can pay real wages to Americans working here so they don't have to compete with slave labor.

I'm in by favorite coffee shop up on the hill by St John's church a la Patrick Henry.  I grab a redeye for the drive home.

I'm about to embark on my journey South - back to Bibleville.

Only one of the cats came to say bye - the tuxedo snubbed me - he knows how long I'll be gone...