'A deep-rooted hatred of the British': How Israelis 'armed junta' in Falklands conflict

"Israel secretly provided arms and supplies to Argentina during the Falklands conflict, according to revelations in a new book. 
Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin had such a deep-rooted hatred of the British that the Jewish state covertly became the biggest supplier of military equipment to the Argentine military junta.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1379008/A-deep-rooted-hatred-British-How-Israelis-armed-junta-Falklands-conflict.html#ixzz1KmSNjtgD"

Obama declares Bradley Manning guilty before he has been tried by saying, "He broke the law!"


"President Obama is the commander-in-chief. The jury that demands the guilt or innocence of Bradley Manning will be made up of military officers under his command," said Kevin Zeese, a Bradley Manning Support Group lawyer.


Note:  So I'm to believe that this jackass in the whitehouse is a genius - knows it all - Harvard ya' know - super-smart - but he says things this stupid?  When people, like you, start using your own brain to evaluate that which exists right before your very eyes instead of relying upon some suit on TV to do your critical thinking for you - the country will begin to heal itself.  By the way - it's OK to talk to your neighbors, co-workers etc... while ignoring the corporate-owned sophists polluting the airwaves.  Ask yourself - why in the hell don't you listen to people you know - but you'll listen to some scumbag reading a teleprompter - a teltprompter displaying words that MUST BE APPROVED BY CORPORATE MANAGEMENT?  

What is wrong with all of us?  Where is our mutual respect?  Why so quick to call someone "crazy" for asking a question?  If the first thing that comes to YOUR mind is "crazy" when somebody tries to wise you up - ask yourself who told you to think that.  Why can't you allow a person to ask a question?  What are you afraid of - or do you prefer to be the Ostrich - living in pretend-world while the international banksters and globalists rape your kids and irradiate them at the airport.


And by the way ......there is NO SAFE RADIATION DOSE!


Ron Paul Launches Presidential Campaign

"Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, whose outspoken libertarian views and folksy style made him a cult hero during two previous presidential campaigns, will announce on Tuesday that he's going to try a third time."


Whackjob: Santorum: Gays already have enough rights

Whacky divider - no Christian abortions but Muslim abortions OK?  Scum!
""It depends what you mean by 'rights.' Are you talking benefits as far as rights? They have the right to be able to -- employment. I don't know what you mean by rights. What I'm talking about are privileges. Privileges of marriage, privileges of government benefits is a different thing than basic right to live their lives as they well should and can as free Americans," Santorum replied."
Read more HERE

Santorum is a whackjob.  It really is that simple.  Ya' see - Gwad will punish thee for being "gay."

In the old days, up in Salem, we called this a "Witchhunt."

I wonder how a "man" like Santorum has time for such issues.  Ya'd think he has better things to do, that is, if he wants to run the country, like fixing our foreign policy issues - like....supporting the Israeli Zionist slaughter of Palistinians.  Oh - that's right Jesus told Ricky the Santorum that some humans are superior to other humans - especially if they attend the same bible class.

Why in the name of Gwad is Rick Santorum in the news?  Because he is a useless turd.  Since the sewers don't work here in the USA - he keeps on floating to the top of the cesspool - the same poo-poo - ready for the next rigged Diebold (or whatever they changed their name to this time) sponsored election.

Folks - ya' see - Ricky the fuck Santorum keeps popping up with a devisive issue just in time for the elections to keep everybody arguing about subjects that NEVER COME UP IN CONVERSATION.






Markey calls for Apple, Google probe"

http://markey.house.gov/ (vote for a corporation in a suit)
"Markey, co-chairman of the privacy caucus, said in a statement on Saturday:“Congress should immediately commence an investigation into this critical issue to help improve companies’ disclosure policies so consumers and families can understand who is seeing their information."
He promised to monitor the situation and to introduce children's privacy legislation with a "Do Not Track" requirement, allowing consumers to opt against being tracked."
Read more HERE

First of all Markey - don't call me a fucking "consumer" you pile of dung.  I'm a US citizen with a bill of rights you filthy money-grubber.
Regarding silly little Markey:    I have a better idea.  Why doesn't Congress just shut up, and be the useless turds they usually are, and let Google and Apple or whomever is tracking all these locations publish where each and every Congressperson has been since the tracking software was installed - along with everybody else's records.  Then we can let the Congressperson's and their wives and kids stand in the airport radiation showers for an hour or two, transmit their images everywhere like they are already doing to the rest of the helpless masses and laugh at the Senators that have small dicks.

Then we can look at where all the politicians are going to get their cocks sucked and report such information to AIPAC so they can have even more information from which to glean blackmailable information.

Oh - that's right - it's ok for your grandkids to have arms growing out of their necks from radiation - but not a Senator or other Congressperson.  They, after all, are our betters - royalty.  Gimme a puke bag.

A consumer?  Markey, like all Congresspeople, hasn't a clue - and shows his deference to corporate Amerika with every move of the lips.   Consumer? You idiot.  The word is "Citizen" and the problem is unreasonable search and seizure.  No probable cause.  Idiot idiot idiot.


Airport passenger screener charged in distributing child pornography

"Federal agents also allege that Transportation Safety Administration Officer Thomas Gordon Jr. of Philadelphia, who routinely searched airline passengers, uploaded explicit pictures of young girls to an Internet site on which he also posted a photograph of himself in his TSA uniform.
Homeland Security agents arrested the TSA officer March 24, and he is being held without bail." CLICK HERE FOR MORE
NOTE:  Hey don't worry - your daughter's naked pictures won't be transmitted to any sleazy goons.  Ha ha ha.  Suckers.  ...and by the way - don't worry about the radiation - (even though there is no such thing as a safe dose)  ....your daughters' won't have to worry about birth defects.  Oh - I just remembered the sign in the X-ray room...."tell the technologist if you are pregnant"

Another Hi-Rise fire - still no free-fall collapse

Still, except for on 9-11-2001, NO STEEL-FRAMED HI -RISE HAS EVER COLLAPSED DUE TO FIRE.  Never before that date and never ever since.  But three did THAT DAY.  Just another coinkydink to add to the many oddities from that fateful day that robbed us of our liberties.

Thanks to 911Blogger for the video CLICK HERE FOR 911 BLOGGER


"God with Us" - - - Afrika Corp Uniform and Buckle

I had a chance to check out the airborne and special operations museum in Fayetteville, NC.
It's interesting that God is always on "our" side.  Note the NAZI belt buckle from the former fascist fighting in North Africa - the original script upon which the present re-make is based.


Apple iPhone, iPad secretly tracking your location

"Watch this creepy video created by Allen that shows his July 2010 Amtrak trip from Washington D.C. to New York using data points culled from the iPhone Tracker software."CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Note:  Apparently starting with IOS 4 the device captures about 100 data points per day so government workers can see where you were and which networks your phone connected to along the way.

 I often wonder what a pathetic existence it must be to go to work as a professional peeping Thom - getting paid for it - and how one explains to their kids that they are spying on their fellow citizens who've never committed a crime - most of whom will not ever actually do anything wrong.  My guess is that the pathetic little government workers must first convince themselves that they are doing something "good" by spying on their neighbors, reinforcing these errant beliefs with television fantasies of their contribution to the "war effort."  That way by lying to themselves - and believing their own bullshit - they are not really lying to their kids when they tell them they are doing "good" at work.  How sad.

The potential for blackmailing public officials whether elected or beurocrat comes to mind.  Witchhunts and fishing expeditions mining for tidbits of information that have potential use as a lever to coerce someone to keep their mouth shut would be easy to dig up.

Yes - this is ideal for controlling the masses and keeping potential whistleblowers quiet, politicians and honest cops off one's back and the rest of it.


Obama not so nice when the cameras are turned off?

chimp planet

Please first go (CLICK) HERE TO WATCH OBAMA INTERVIEW VIDEO...watch just at the end where he's really getting serious, as opposed to the acting he does while he thinks the cameras are rolling.  What a fraud.

Oh yay - we get to see the "or else" Obama.  You know - the one that tells people off camera (in so many words) "either you toe the line or no more interviews."

Fuck you prez.  Who the hell wants to talk to a liar anyway?  After all - as the old joke goes - "How do you know when Obama is lying?.......Answer:  When his lips are moving!"  Bwa ha ha ha!   

Take it from the Liar-in-Chief himself - but don't "take it to the bank:"

The Obama voters - some cannot even come to grips with reality enough to take the "Hope and Change" bumper stickers off their Toyota Priuses as they wallow in their state of denial.  When I see them getting in their cars at Whole Foods and the Yoga supermarkets - I pretend that I can't see the Obama stickers on the painted surfaces of their vehicles.  Gwad that's gotta' be embarrassing - not only to be such a sucker for such a lying gangster - but to live in such a state of denial.  Surely they deserve more dignity than pity affords.  Maybe not - anybody dumb enough to put an Obama sticker on their car's paint....

In the first video linked above we get a chance, thanks to a REAL NEWSMAN, to see how politics really works:  Access is granted to those who will do what the bossman says - or no more access to the bossman.

The problem is that there is an election coming up - and I, for one, don't give a flyin' what this lying gangster has to say.  So tell him to stick it - and start covering Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura.  Without asking them I will go out on a limb and bet that neither of them will give a reporter a hard time for asking tough questions like this Chicago gangster does.  After all - they tend to tell the truth - so there is no manipulation of the media required - they speak off the cuff and from the heart candidly.

Thanks to this brave reporter for helping get the word out about the gangster-in-chief.  Don't think for a moment that I would endorse any attack on the Democrats to benefit the Republicans here.  The two-party system is just two sides of the same Federal Reserve note - and I really really really wish American citizens would consider the candidates I mentioned - giving even listen- time to the dividers in the two-party "keep 'em divided" game. I am confident that with some study you will see their candor, love of country, and common-sense approach to solving our nations problems and bringing us all together around common issues that unite us.

Please take some time to look at the issues that Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura discuss - look at their candor and look at the lengths to which the corporate-owned mainstream media will go to keep them out of public view.

Don't ever forget that it cost a lot of money to put Obama in the White House.  The bankers got bailed out - in other words PAID BACK.  If you elect Obama, Trump or any of these other side-show marketing miracles - the bankers win again.


Donald Trump's Solution on Gas Prices: Get Tough With Saudi Arabia; Seize Oil Fields in Libya and Iraq?

At this link I read the following:

"Stephanopoulos: So, we steal an oil field?
Trump: Excuse me.  You’re not stealing.  Excuse me.  You’re not stealing anything.  You’re taking-- we’re reimbursing ourselves-- at least, at a minimum, and I say more.  We’re taking back $1.5 trillion to reimburse ourselves."
and we can watch:

My take on all this, as if it really matters, is that George is probably the least "feisty" Greek in history  - but you know - maybe he'll get a clue and start really asking some tough questions.  Oh yeah - he can't - he works for the corporate-owned mainstream USA!  USA! media.
I guess he has a family to feed.  Whatever.  Now what about side-show-Trump?

This guy is using Hitlerian logic.  Go for the oil fields.  That's what Hitler did - he diverted part of his army invading Russia south to go after the oil.  I think he diverted part of Army Group Center to go with Army group south - then things got messed up. But this isn't really that important - what I think is amazing is that side-show-Donald doesn't share my ethics - that is - I don't think it is OK to invade countries and take anything from them.  What for?  
Side-show Trump is just that - a side show.  Why he gets all this TV time when we have guys like Ron Paul - guys with ethics - guys with a RECORD OF DOING IN OFFICE WHAT THEY PROMISED TO DO DURING THEIR CAMPAIGN - WHY some jackass like side-show-Trump gets all this TV time can only be explained if one considers that the powers that be have an agenda - and side-show-Don is part of that agenda.  It has to do with somehow finding a way to split the Ron Paul vote.
Ron Paul has a record like nobody else.  HE MEANS WHAT HE SAYS.  No other candidate can make that boast that I am aware of.

Don't fall for side-show-Trump.  He's working for the robber-barons - that is for sure.  A country is not a business.  There's a big big difference.  And even if our country were a business - we don't need anybody running it who is an expert in GOING BANKRUPT!
Ron Paul will kill the three-headed snake:
1.  Federal REserve dead
2.  AIPAC influence in executive branch gone.
3.  Wars of aggression based on lies based on torture - ENDED.

Nobody else can get that done that I know of - and nobody else can show up and make those promises with a record of keeping promises like Ron Paul.


Short Vid: Scott Ritter on Iran - like YOU - needs to learn to 'toe the line' - OR ELSE!

"Prosecutors accused Ritter, 49, of Delmar, New York, a suburb of Albany, of engaging in a lurid web chat with a person portrayed as a 15-year-old girl. That person was actually a detective for the Barrett Township Police Department in Pennsylvania."
REad more HERE

I don't know what Scott Ritter did or didn't do and neither do you.  It's all bullshit.

One thing I know about Scott Ritter - he has BALLS.  That means he has testosterone - not a crime last time I checked.  Actually an admirable quality - if you are old-fashioned like me.

Somehow - he got conned into talking to some skank on the internet.  Obviously the cop industry have their whores they hire to use their sleazy charms to lure in the guys who's nuts still work.  Wow!  Big accomplishment.  Then a little while later - HE'S BUSTED!  YEAH!

I'm sure this judge is on the up-and-up like the crooked scum in Pennsylvania that were incarcerating children - what's the scumbags name?......Chivarella?  Shit on a stick.  Judge?  Some law industry.  Gotta' be connected - but as far as Scott Ritter goes - don't rock the boat or you're going down.

What did Scott do other than tell the world the truth that Saddam Hussein (remember him?) HAD NO WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION!

There's the crime.  It is really that simple.  The rest is set-up - crony politics and whatever you want to believe when it comes to the ephemeral and ethereal world known as the "internet."

I don't know what Scott Ritter did that he is accused of - and since I KNOW THE FBI IS AWOL ON 911 TRUTH I know they are a worthless bought-and-paid-for corrupt organ of the exectutive branch - another secret police for the liar-in-chief's handlers to employ to silence the truth-speakers.

Scott Ritter told YOU the truth.  Now he is facing the "law" - that is - the filthy lying corrupt illegal/corporaprison/boughtjudge/mafia we worship as our law.

If you can sit there and you have any position in the "legal" system - I pity you - as you watch a good man go down because YOU ARE A COWARD - YOU HAVE A MORTGAGE TO PAY - and as the "GOOD MAN/WOMAN" YOU ARE YOU WATCH SOMEBODY WITH THE BALLS TO TELL IT LIKE IT IS PAY THE PRICE.

Sleep well my lovely government workers.  Your days are numbered - because - YOU'RE NEXT.  There is no escape from dictatorship.  You think you are buying time - but the very secrets you are protecting in private are the poison that will kill you for knowing it in the first place.

Good night - sleep tight.  Oh by the way - here is Scott Ritter telling YOU THE TRUTH.  This is exactly what got him in trouble - telling THE TRUTH!  

I just read somewhere - "If you want to make someone ANGRY tell them a LIE, if you want to make someone FURIOUS - TELL THEM THE TRUTH!"


Busby: 400,000 to develop cancer in 200 km radius of Fukushima

Radioactivity rises in sea off Japan nuclear plant

"But the government said Saturday that radioactivity in the seawater has risen again in recent days. The level of radioactive iodine-131 spiked to 6,500 times the legal limit, according to samples taken Friday, up from 1,100 times the limit in samples taken the day before. Levels of cesium-134 and cesium-137 rose nearly fourfold. The increased levels are still far below those recorded earlier this month before the initial leak was plugged."
Read more here

Smoke rises from Japan nuclear plant

"Last week Japan's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency raised the severity level of the situation at Fukushima from 5 to 7 -- the worst on an international scale."
Read more Here
Note:  Don't worry - now you can enjoy Cesium Frosted Flakes and Strontium Shredded Wheat with your radioactive milk!  


Obama admin. threatens to prosecute state employees who license medical marijuana dispensaries

"A letter from the Department of Justice, sent yesterday to Washington state Gov. Chris Gregoire (D), warned of the potential for criminal prosecutions of state employees who engage in the production of medical marijuana, which is now legally sanctioned in the state.

The message would seem to stand in stark contrast to the Obama administration's claim that they would not prosecute medical marijuana dispensaries that were operating within a state that had legalized it"
Note:  It really must hurt if you are one of the suckers that voted for this liar.  Of all the issues - this one is the most benign if legalized - but deadly and corrupting to our society at all levels if kept illegal.
This man is a liar.  He is supporting corruption.  Vote for Ron Paul.  Libertarians have no time to jail citizens and break up families for growing and using a medicinal herb.  
Obombyall drop bombs on the Pakistanis for their own good though.  He cares - really!  When are people going to wake up  and ...more importantly.....GROW UP!

Hybrid Car May Have Sparked Garage Blaze

"Officials said they can't rule out that the couple's brand new Chevy Volt hybrid had something to do with the blaze.

The fire is under investigation."

Note:  Sooooo......do you still think those Toyotas have problems?  If that was a Toyota - you can bet this would be viral news.  Don't worry - the fire investigators are VERY good when it comes to finding root cause in fires.  (except for 9-11-01)

Lack of oxygen, not radiation, kills fish in south China: authorities

"Oxygen deficiency killed thousands of fish earlier this month in the sea off Qinzhou City in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, not radioactive contamination as previously rumored, a spokesman with the city government said Thursday.
Local fishery authorities on April 7 issued a notice advising citizens not to buy or eat dead fish found in the sea."
Read more HERE

-------Note:  That's odd - didn't Oxygen deficiency just kill a whole bunch of sardines out off the Pacific coast too?

"Millions of sardines fish found floating in the sea near the King Harbor Marina in Redondo beach, California, United States, on Tuesday morning, March 8, 2011.

Allegedly, the death of millions of sardines is caused by lack of oxygen levels in water in the waters.
According to The Los Angeles Times newspaper, the waters in the harbor is like covered by carpet of Millions of sardines fish carcasses that seen floating on the surface, with a thickness of carcasses pile up to 45 centimeters."

Read more CLICK HERE

Ontario judge strikes down marijuana laws

""Rather than promote health – the regulations have the opposite effect," he wrote in his decision [PDF]. "Rather than promote effective drug control – the regulations drive the critically ill to the black market.""
Read more here.
Note:  It is admirable that the legal system in Canada finally recognized a reality a two- year-old could have figured out.  Pay attention for the spin coming from the private prison-police-court industry here in the states as they sense their diminishing funds if people in the states get enough real news to notice the beneficial trends that are about to occur in Canada.

Meanwhile our researchers will continue to "study" this "controversial" issue - simply delaying via government inaction the inevitable regarding legalization here in the 'states.  The only delay now is to keep a lid on legalization while the fat cats decide who's gonna divy up the biggest pieces of the profits once it becomes legalized here.


Oklahoma: Land of the Free and Home of the Brave

Sacrifice.  Pay me now or pay me later.  The folks in Oklahoma are preventing violent revolution by taking their medicine RIGHT NOW.

They know that by turning down the federal bribe-money - they are no longer "on the hook" to return favors leading their state closer to tyranny imposed by globalists.

Who wants to be beholden to malefactors paying bribes to oppress their citizens?  Nobody American - that's for sure.

More states need to take the lead and get a grip:  Turn down the fed bribe-money - the more voices - the better.

The Feds are on the run - they know they are losing - the globalists, international banksters must be crushed now.  I am extremely impressed by the folks in the Oklahoma government with the guts to turn down this big money.  That's stateswoman ship if I've ever seen it!  Ha ha ha - you go girl!

"Oklahoma will not accept a $54.6 million federal grant for setting up a system where Oklahomans could shop for health insurance, Gov. Mary Fallin said today."

Read more: http://newsok.com/oklahoma-rejects-54.6-million-federal-grant/article/3558402#ixzz1JXkZL3wo

US lawmakers seek to ban chimp experiments


NOTE:  Good news for Chimp!  Woo hoo!


Ron Paul would slay a Three-Headed Snake

Slowly the truth trickles out to the public...

...the golden rule - "Those with the Gold make the Rules"....... especially with regards to what is reported in the media...
...it is no coincidence that those who OWN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA "underreport" some things like the FACT that GE paid no taxes while raking in huge profits...

...and of course it is all blamed on YOU the public because you want to get the benefits you paid for while the Military-Industrial Complex plays puppetmaster with "our representatives" THEY OWN... 
"the social security payroll tax has generated 2 Trillion Dollars more in revenues than it paid out in benefits...the politicians spent that money on wars...the only enemies the United States has are those it created by bombing other countries."

"The American People have no control over the United States government" Dr. Roberts says.  Then he lists those who DO.

Ron Paul in the White House would fix at least three of these issues:
1.  AIPAC would no longer have the control over the executive they now enjoy.
2.  The Vampire Federal Reserve would be checked.
3.  The Wars would be Stopped.

A president that dared to face down AIPAC, the Federal Reserve, and the Military-Industrial Complex/Armaments industry would be targeted for assassination with a puppet set up to take his place to keep these game going.  Security would be absolutely essential - this may include a list of beneficiaries of such a coup who would have to answer for the crime should it be committed.

Ron Paul has a record of following through with campaign promises once in office.  His record and intentions are clear.  That makes him THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN ON THE PLANET FACED BY  THE LETHAL THREE-HEADED SNAKE LISTED ABOVE.  Once the snake knows it is cornered and its days are numbered we can expect it to strike.

We are indeed facing many monsters - but ultimately We the People have the power to slay the dragons. We the People must elect Ron Paul for the White House, protect him so he can do his job, and follow through with what is asked of us when the tough decisions are made.

We must have Liberty and Justice for all -   

Local organic insiders watching closely as Monsanto sued over seed patents

"“A good part of the reason why groups like Canadian Organic Growers signed on is we are sick of these companies suing farmers,” Telford said, adding that GM seed is particularly devastating for organic farmers because contamination can force them to lose their organic certification and consequently their livelihood.
Suing Monsanto is a “huge risk,” she added."
REad more here
Note:  So let me get this straight - Monsanto pollutes your crop - then sues you for having their pollution on your property?  


Treatments for Nuclear Contamination

"Besides having iodine on hand for emergencies, we can grow (and, at present, purchase) herbs and foods that prevent our bodies from storing radioactive particles. Some of these foods and herbs even remove radioactive particles from our bodies. As we are all already being affected by radiation released by numerous sources, eating these foods and doing detoxification and chelation protocols regularly is a good idea.
If you have been exposed to too many X-rays or CAT scans, if you fly too much, work with diagnostic medical equipment or are environmentally sensitive and have ingested elevated levels of radioactive contaminated food, air or water, you also want to partake of the following protocol on a regular basis."
Read more 
Note:  This is an excellent article presenting POSITIVE ACTION YOU CAN TAKE NOW.

I noticed that there is a total blackout of information from the radio airwaves here in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Those not actively involved in seeking out information from alternative sources on the internet - like the site cited - are doomed.

Ingestion of radioactive materials is a "gift that keeps on giving" like a Trojan horse ejecting enemy soldiers into your body as long as....well

Trump Will ‘Probably’ Run as Independent If He Doesn’t Win GOP Nomination


"Donald Trump will “probably” run as an independent candidate for U.S. President in 2012 if he does not receive the Republican party’s nomination, he told the Wall Street Journal in a video interview on Monday."
read more here


St. Francis man finds live missile in bathroom wall

"The small green missile, measuring 20 inches long with a 5-inch explosive head and four tail fins, was handed to her by her husband, then she walked outside and placed it on the grass next to a detached garage before calling police.
As she waited for police to arrive, Sally Ann said she was doing dishes in the kitchen when she saw a St. Francis police officer approach her yard in the 2000 block of East Leroy Avenue with extreme caution. The officer advised the Wittmans in no uncertain terms to evacuate the house immediately, as well as people living in the surrounding neighborhood.
With streets cordoned off in the residential area west of the Lake Parkway, it took a bomb squad from the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department two hours to arrive. The bomb was taken to the St. Francis Department of Public Works, where it was safely detonated. The blast was heard all over town."
Read more here
Note:  Two hours for the  bomb squad - good thing it wasn't a time bomb.  ha ha


Pittsburgh officers use Taser on Pirates fan at game: That looked like an attempt at breakin' the collarbone

Tough sports fans stand there a run their idiotic mouths while NAZI's beat one of their own.  This is why I love sports fans...

Go ahead let you kids watch this violence - let'em see what is in their future.  Don't complain later.

These cops could'a put cuffs on him and walked him out - but obviously even though they were armed and outnumbered him - did what all cowards do - beat him in front of the public.  And the pirates fans stood there and did nothing that matters.  Booyah!

Trust your senses: Where there's smoke there's fire

Truth activists have been beaten back by paid shills in chat rooms, commenters etc... calling them "conspiracy theorists" because they smell smoke and therefore suspect fire.

The role of the shills and anti-911 truth commenters is to convince the rest of us there is no fire to go with the smoke (clues) because shills are, indeed, confederates trying to make you feel alone in your thoughts.

Please watch the following video and remember that psychological crowd control techniques are well known - and utilized accordingly.

Remember that smart crooks figure "cover-up" into the crime calculation.  911 is no different from any other crime in that respect.

Europe, California discuss harmonised carbon market

"Countries such as China, South Korea and New Zealand were already trading carbon, or planning to, she said.

The Californian carbon market had been due to begin on 1 January 2012 but on 18 March, environmentalists won a court order that could delay it.
The Association of Irritated Residents (AIR) will now draft a detailed order outlining their case that the proposed regulations will allow the state's highest polluting industries to continue or even increase pollution.
They claim that alternatives to a carbon market have not been properly considered. The state of California will appeal the court order."

note:  I think the word "scheme" is appropriate.  BOHICA


6 Year Old Girl Groped By TSA-with appropriate foul language commentary video

Note:  Your tax dollars at work.  WTF is going on?  This is madness and disgusting.  I just don't know....
Maybe we can listen to this gentleman:  I couldn't put it better myself...

Radiation Detected In Drinking Water In 13 More US Cities, Cesium-137 In Vermont Milk

"But the EPA drinking-water data includes one outlier—an unusually, but not dangerously, high reading in a drinking water sample from Chatanooga, Tennessee.
The sample was collected at the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Sequoyah nuclear plant. A Tennessee official told the Chatanooga Times last week that radiation from Japan had been detected at Sequoyah but is “1,000 to 10,000 times below any levels of concern.” The 1.6 picocures per liter reported by the EPA on Friday is slightly more than half the maximum contaminant level permitted in drinking water, but more uniquely, it is many times higher than all the other drinking water samples collected in the U.S."
Read more here

Lusitania: How Evil Enemies are made: Vids

...ship size ensures enough killed to enrage the masses
Lusitania - another chess-game-piece sacrificed on the "grand chessboard" upon which the citizens are simply viewed as pawns - a herd to be manipulated by the power brokers intent on war.  If such manipulation means the slaughter of many including kids - well - according to the view of the puppetmasters - that's just the price to pay to get the war you want.  (Disclaimer:  Not their kids-only yours!)  Please watch the videos below and consider the following...

The modern "false-flag" attack accomplishes the same ends - but with modern efficiency "cuts out the middleman" by simply committing the atrocity against one's own people.  Why waste time waiting for the "enemy" one needs to demonize to attack?  

After all - those facing the US today know that the worst strategic mistake they can make right now is to actually attack us!  (So far - that is - until we get so overextended they can all attack at once and wipe out an army.  Then maybe hit us here on the mainland.  Still - the warmongers get their way and the international bankers finance both sides and the reconstruction later.)...back to the Lusitania...

Why no escort?  Why engine shut off?  Why did sister ship take 12 torpedoes and still manage to sail to port while the Lusitania took one hit and went down in 18 minutes?  Look how the Germans civilians were easily demonized and the mob turned against them in a fury!  Remind you of anything? 

The truth is not what people at the time could fathom.  Perhaps they didn't have the benefit of the internet - with alternative sources of information presenting them with parallels of historical events?  Who would ever suspect that their leaders would throw them to the wolves just to start a war so international bankers and merchants of death could line their pockets?

Do we have the courage today to consider such horrible possibilities? Have human beings "evolved" to the point that they would no longer commit such bloody acts against their own people to further their own selfish agendas?  

Is it possible we are faced with similar political manipulations today? I say yes.

Oh - to make this super-strange - just for "fun" look at time=9:34 in the SECOND VIDEO , where the date of Roosevelt's "fireside chat" is displayed - talk about history repeating...

Lusitania part 1

Lusitania part 2