TASERS are low-tech defibrillators


Tasers have been in the news a lot as their use by police has become routine.  Touted as a "less-than-lethal" weapon - originally sold to the public as an alternative to firearms - they have instead become a useful cattle prod to....well.....prod the cattle known as We the People.

"Brooks was seven months pregnant and driving her 11-year-old son to school in 2004. Police clocked her going 32 miles per hour in a 20 mph school zone. She handed over her driver's license but denied wrongdoing.

A speeding citation was issued but the woman refused to sign it as state law required. Brooks later claimed she mistakenly believed signing the ticket was an admission of guilt. An argument ensued with two police officers. A federal appeals court later said, "she remained defiant even after (Officer) Jones told her she'd be arrested if she continued to refuse."

A police sergeant soon arrived and informed the motorist that force would be applied if she did not get out of her vehicle as ordered. Brooks refused. A Taser electro-shock weapon was displayed, and officers warned her it would be used if there was further resistance. Brooks explained her pregnancy, and later claimed one of the officers replied, "Well, don't do it in her stomach, do it in her thigh."

The Taser was applied in a "drive-stun" mode three times in a one-minute span -- in her thigh, arm, then neck, according to court testimony.

Brooks fell out of the vehicle, was dragged onto the street face down, and then was handcuffed."  LINK

...but are Tasers really that safe?

Our heart has its own internal pacemaker called the SA (Sinoatrial Node.)  The SA node generates a DC impulse that travels to the AV (AtrioVentricular) node- where it is delayed they spreads to other conductive fibres in the heart causing the muscles/chambers to contract properly to drive blood through the circulatory system.

The first pacemakers were AC (Alternating Current) where "house current" was applied to the heart - and the operator relied upon luck for the Alternating Current applied to "catch" the impulses of the SA node at the right time bringing the heart back to function.


The heart is then placed between two large electrodes and ordinary 110 volt alternating current with 1.5 amperes is momentarily impressed through the heart between the electrodes. Usually a series of such shocks is necessary to accomplish defibrillation. If the treatment is successful, the ventricles cease fibrillating and remain in standstill momentarily before a supraventricular rhythm is established. Massage is again continued until the vigor of the heart beat is sufficient to empty the cardiac cavities of blood. Defibrillation of the human ventricles at the operating table has been performed five times at this hospital in the past, but all patients have subsequently died without regaining consciousness. We are reporting the first case with complete recovery after prolonged ventricular fibrillation. We present it with the hope that, following Beck's suggestion, operating rooms will be equipped to handle cases of sudden ventricular fibrillation and that personnel will be trained in the method. Speed and precision in the technique are important."

So we know electrical current can be used to stop the heart.  The researchers realized there existed a vulnerable period in the heart's electrical cycle where a heart could be sent into fibrillatioin:
The Ventricular Vulnerable PeriodWiggers: six electrocardiograms

In 1940 Wiggers and Wegria established beyond doubt the existence of the ventricular vulnerable period by elegant experiments that confirmed previous less striking observations.
A. "Repeated tests on seventeen different dogs demonstated consistently that stimuli falling during the rise of interventricular pressure are without effect, that those applied during the summit at various intervals up to about 0.06 second before the end of contraction, marked by the incisura, produce either a small premature contraction early in following diastole, or ventricular fibrillation, and that those given during isometric relaxation or subsequent diastole cause premature contractions only. "
B. "A considerable portion of late systole constitutes a (vulnerable period), during which alone stimuli are effective in inducing ventricular fibrillation. This corresponds roughly to the T wave of a standard electrocardiogram, although in our experience great variability exists in the relation of this wave to the end of systole."
Wiggers CJ, Wegria R, Pinera B.The effects of myocadial ischaemia on the fibrillation threshold.
Am JPhysiol 1940; 131:309-316  LINK SEE ABOVE PARAGRAPH

Modern defibrillators use DC and computer control to ensure delivery of a current in sync with the needs of the patient's heart.

Now what about Tasers?

Tasers are AC current generators that deliver a small current at high voltage.  When the prongs of the Taser are used to penetrate the skin - the protective current-limiting features of human skin are nulled - and the current delivered becomes variable - and higher than it would be if the skin were not broken.

This is the same reason we are told not to handle electrical appliances while standing in water or while our hands are wet.  This is precisely the same effect gained when Taser prongs are fired into or jabbed into the skin.  This electrical resistance variability varies with circumstances, victim etc...  It cannot be stated as a fixed amount.  

We know people vary greatly from individual to individual.  So do the states of heart health vary - a Taser shock to one person is not necessarily of equal impact on another individual.  Further - physical size has a tendency to distribute the current over a greater area.

Are Tasers "safe?"

Tasers are cattle prods.  

"In the beginning of the design, police used electric cattle prods as electric shock prods."  LINK HERE


Tasers are not "safe" - because it is impossible to define the conditions for use upon which they would prove safe for everybody.  

Getting Tased cannot be good for anyone.  The falls and other injuries that have proven to follow - demonstrate they're used as a weapon of coercion, torture and death.

I wonder if anyone is developing conductive clothing to counter these weapons?


Bullet Points: Australian Politicians warned NOT to Electroshock kids...Vids:

BONUS VIDEO: American lines clarified well here.

More of the inevitable: When you're hungry and have no food, no money....need food.....she gave them hell...

"A 340- pound Georgia woman, 26, was so determined to shoplift beer, bacon, cheese, and chicken wings from a Piggly Wiggly that she punched, spit at, and pepper-sprayed store workers who confronted her as she tried to flee. Police said she escaped on foot and seems to be a great deal of fun."
Read more HERE

link for pic at end para above

This is a "foodfight."  Another predicted news report.  Popularity to follow.


NATO Summit: Everything That Is Wrong With Our Society: By Paul Heise

Bru sent this one in:  LINK HERE

"The NATO summit put on display how we can and do conjure up foreign and domestic threats to justify government control of our society. For it is fear that justifies not just our obscene military spending, but more importantly, the official violation of our civil and constitutional rights and the concession of political power to corporations.
This fear is then used to justify a growing military alliance even when there is no credible threat. It is the basis for the militarization of our police force, the erosion of our civil liberties and globalization of our economy.
This fear arises because the United States, more than any other country, still lives in the shadow of the Cold War. The culture of fear created at that time and continuing to this day frames our every government action and our federal spending of almost $1 trillion per year on our "security." The NATO summit is the celebration of that culture of fear and constitutes a show of force.
The governing elite in the industrialized world, and these are the people who attend the summit, have framed their governance task in terms of security, not growth, freedom or peace. It is absurd, but we spend billions of dollars on antimissile batteries in Poland and Romania and the newly dreamed up East Coast Missile Shield to guard against Iran, which is not and never will be a threat."


U.S. District Judge Forrest blocks Controversial NDAA

"MANHATTAN (CN) - A federal judge granted a preliminary injunction late Wednesday to block provisions of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act that would allow the military to indefinitely detain anyone it accuses of knowingly or unknowingly supporting terrorism.
 Signed by President Barack Obama on New Year's Eve, the 565-page NDAA contains a short paragraph, in statute 1021, letting the military detain anyone it suspects "substantially supported" al-Qaida, the Taliban or "associated forces." The indefinite detention would supposedly last until "the end of hostilities."
     In a 68-page ruling blocking this statute,
U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest agreed that the statute failed to "pass constitutional muster" because its broad language could be used to quash political dissent.
     "There is a strong public interest in protecting rights guaranteed by the First Amendment," Forrest wrote. "There is also a strong public interest in ensuring that due process rights guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment are protected by ensuring that ordinary citizens are able to understand the scope of conduct that could subject them to indefinite military detention.""

Read more HERE
Finally some good news.  Thank you U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest.  

     We should keep a close eye on those in Congress determined to force this law through - as this blocking of the law is only temporary.

     Those intent on silencing dissent are the very same people who use the argument that "if you have nothing to hide you shouldn't mind being searched" without probable cause - yet deny access to information that might make them look bad - often information that belongs to the public in the first place.

     The only reason for such a law is to prevent the unmasking of criminals and the dissemination of facts proving the crimes of those crooks.  Denial of trial is important to the Constitution-haters that voted for this rotten law because trials have a tendency of bringing forth damning evidence - one example being the phone calls lasting zero seconds that never connected on 911 from a cell phone in the airplane.  

     Can you imagine going to jail for UNKNOWINGLY supporting "terrorism?"  How is one accountable for the unknown?  Who the hell signs something like that?  Some lawyers for sure signed that fumbduckery - one is the present occupant of the White House.  

     How is it possible for so many in government - lawyers - and a president too - supposedly a "Constitutional Scholar" (whatever that is) - trained at our nation's finest universities (hard to believe anybody learned anything about the Constitution there) - how is it possible for so many of these lawmakers to enact such dangerous and dictatorial legislation?  Are they acting out of ignorance or out of desperation?

     I find the "ignorance" excuse for committing such a crime (this rotten legislation) against the public lacking credibility.  My gut tells me that the public "servants" that conspired to sneak this "jail-for-speaking-up" "law" past the public have a reason for creating such un-American and tyrannical rules for the rest of us. They must not want certain people to have their day in court.  They must not want certain facts to meet the light of day where the public may be confronted with the truth.  They may know that only by silencing people who have the goods on them can they hang on to their "get out of jail free cards."

     We are innocent until proven guilty in this country.  We get to face our accuser.  We get to see the evidence.  We don't rely on witchcraft, secret witnesses, invisible evidence or documents written in disappearing ink.  We don't rely on confessions conjured up in a torture chamber.  Or do we?

     Judge Forrest has taken a step in the right direction.  For too long those intent on editing the Constitution to fit their present needs have been getting away with it.  Those prisoners in Gitmo were unjustly held.  Those tortured by Americans suffered horrible injustices - many are scarred for life - physically - emotionally - some may be dead.  The blood is on all of our hands - yours and mine too.  

     Although we cannot ever make up for such obscene acts taken in our name, sheltered behind Old Glory, or patriotically disguised in American uniforms - we can stop it.  

     ALL "public servants" - every single one of them - that vote for any version of this NDAA that contains such language pretending to legalize illegal laws - must be removed from office.  

     Thanks again to Judge Forrest for helping to bring America back onto our course toward justice and liberty for all.




Easter Island archaeology project digs up island's secrets

"“We found over 500 stone tools. The statues were carved with different types, big heavy picks and finer basalt and obsidian tools to finish details,” she explained. Other tools were used to rub surfaces and burnish the statues. Van Tilburg found evidence of post holes as well, big enough for a tree trunk, and rope guides carved in some statues to elevate them into standing position.
But the intent of the giant sculptures, their reason for being, is still not totally clear.

Read more:


What I wanna' be when I grow up

I'm an American kid.  My Mom and Dad work for the US Federal Government.  When I grow up I wanna' be a torturer - just like my Mom and Dad.  Why?

The people I look up to think torture is OK.  So it must be OK.  Right?

If torture was wrong - wouldn't my Mom and Dad say something about it?

Take a look at this nice lady who explained to one of my friends in fourth grade that they had to torture people to keep me and my family safe from torturers like my Dad is in the US military:  LINK HERE

"Then Misha Lerner, a student from Bethesda, asked: What did Rice think about the things President Obama's administration was saying about the methods the Bush administration had used to get information from detainees?
Rice took the question in stride. saying that she was reluctant to criticize Obama, then getting to the heart of the matter.
"Let me just say that President Bush was very clear that he wanted to do everything he could to protect the country. After September 11, we wanted to protect the country," she said. "But he was also very clear that we would do nothing, nothing, that was against the law or against our obligations internationally. So the president was only willing to authorize policies that were legal in order to protect the country.""

What I don't understand is how revolting torture is to me - but my Mom and Dad - working for the CIA - torture people at work because somebody told them to.  I think it was some guy named John Yoo, who's a lawyer.  I heard my uncle say that you can always tell when a lawyer is lying - it's when her/his lips are moving.

Another thing I was wondering about is how my Mom and Dad torture people when they go to work.  I thought they were just waterboarding people like KSM a coupla' 150 times until he confessed.  He's a grown-up - and I think a Muslim too - and I'm just a kid and not a Muslim - so I didn't think they would torture me too - but then I saw this on my Dad's computer:  LINK HERE

"Bush Administration memos released by the White House on Thursday provide new insight into claims that American agents used insects to torture the young children of alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

In the memos, released Thursday, the Bush Administration White House Office of Legal Counsel offered its endorsement of CIA torture methods that involved placing an insect in a cramped, confined box with detainees. Jay S. Bybee, then-director of the OLC, wrote that insects could be used to capitalize on detainees’ fears....

The memo was dated Aug. 1, 2002. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s children were captured and held in Pakistan the following month, according to a report by Human Rights Watch."

I thought my Mom and Dad were concerned about the safety of children since they drive really slow in our SUV and make me wear a helmet when I ride my bike.  They also walk us to the school bus stop and wait for us after school in case there are any terrorists that might want to torture us.  They told me that would be a bad thing.  I don't understand how they are torturers at work but are different people when they are home.  I wonder if they would ever torture our cat to make it confess to taking a peepee on the rug?

Here's something that confuses me:  Jesse Ventura was in the military and he says that waterboarding is torture - especially since he was waterboarded during a survival school in the military.  He seems a lot tougher than the newspeople - many of whom have never been waterboarded - so how come they think they know more than somebody like Jesse who had it done to him?  I don't know - I just a kid - maybe when I grow up I'll find out the truth.  It's hard to understand - especially when my Mom and Dad work for the United States government and they torture people.  They are real nice to me.  I just don't understand.  Here's the video of Jesse talking about torture to a guy that doesn't seem to have any opinions:


When I grow up - I wanna' be just like my Mom and Dad.  I want to be a torturer and I'm gonna practice right now on some bugs.  Even though it makes me sick to my stomach - if I want to be like Mom and Dad I guess I'll have to get used to punching people's faces in which makes me sick too.  I'll have to start with puppies - then I can move on to other animals - then - when I'm old enough - and I'm in the CIA like Mom and Dad - I'll be able to do it without any remorse - just like them!

Maybe - eventually - I can then graduate to be a murderer for the Federal government - since they murdered Anwar al Alwaki and his son.  Maybe after I'm a torturer I can become a murderer too - just like my Mom and Dad working for the US government.

P.S.  My  uncle and aunt are peeping thoms and snoops for the NSA.  They look at everything my neighbors do - at their job.  I wonder if they ever snoop on us - you know - our family?  I think they are really creepy and sick.


PCR; The Case of the Missing Terrorists

This article hits the bullseye:  LINK

"If there were any real terrorists, Jose Rodriguez would be dead.

Who is Jose Rodriguez? He is the criminal who ran the CIA torture program. Most of his victims were not terrorists or even insurgents. Most were hapless individuals kidnapped by warlords and sold to the Americans as “terrorists” for the bounty paid.
If Rodriguez’s identity was previously a secret, it is no more. He has been on CBS “60 Minutes” taking credit for torturing Muslims and using the information allegedly gained to kill leaders of al Qaeda. If terrorists were really the problem that Homeland Security, the FBI and CIA claim, Rodriguez’s name would be a struck through item on the terrorists’ hit list. He would be in his grave.
So, also, would be John Yoo, who wrote the Justice (sic) Department memos giving the green light to torture, despite US and International laws prohibiting torture. Apparently, Yoo, a professor at the Boalt School of Law at the University of California, Berkeley, was ignorant of US and international law. And so was the US Department of Justice (sic)."

My only critique is he's left out a lot of names like Philip Zelikow etc...


WE THE PEOPLE have not yet begun to fight!

It is important to keep in mind - before you continue - that our Bill of Rights and Constitution are under attack from domestic enemies.  Americans' rights to freedom of speech, right to bear arms, right to assembly, privacy, having a trial before execution - all of these God-given rights  - are demonstrably trampled by our "representatives" in the US Federal government.

"In September 1779, John Paul Jones fought the 50-gun British Warship HMS Serapis. The ship that he was commanding was called the USS Bonhomme Richard, which was a frigate and it was named after Benjamin Franklin. The Serapis struck first. The Bonhomme Richard started to take on water and caught on fire. When the captain of the Serapis asked if he wanted to surrender, he replied, “I have not yet begun to fight!” A few hours later, the crew of the Serapis surrendered and Jones added the ship to his collection. He entered the fiercest battles in naval history as what seemed the loser, but it ended with Jones on top."

Link for paragraph above and John Paul Jones pic above HERE

Observing "Wonderland Amerika" - the fake reality-show

It is no secret that Joe-sixpack remains ignorant - thanks to relentless propaganda bull-horned at all hours by the dying boob-tube and corporate-controlled car-radio media.

Naming names is unimportant as we all know who "they" are - a group easily identifiable by their lock-stepped well-orchestrated and perfectly-timed bleat - a coherence of bleat so consistent that it is undeniable that they "talked" before show-time.

Today, in Amerika, if one travels by automobile and listens to the "local" radio - the omnipresent personalities magically appear as one tunes the radio dial across the spectrum.  That the sameness of message delivered by multiple characters - male and female - is telling.  That there is practically zero alternative on the boob-tube and corporate-controlled radio dial is key in keeping Joe-sixpack ignorant.  And when I say ignorant I mean exactly that - uninformed.  But uninformed about what?


Reality according to the puppetmasters

If one relies on puppetmaster media - corporate syndicated "mainstream" airwave-delivered  "news" for the information upon which they intend to take decisions - decisions regarding war and peace, freedom and slavery (their own), whether or not Ron Paul exists, whether torture is something they must consider as prime-time entertainment and a risk they must take to be free - there is only one possibility for this citizen - disaster.

The corporate-controlled media - including "NPR" is all agenda driven - and therefore censors scads of critical information.  It's called lying by omission - you know - "the WHOLE truth and nothing but the truth."

The message, or reality for Americans today as presented by the corporate-controlled military-industrial-collegiate-reinforced media is thus:

1.  We must attack Iran because (reason changes constantly.)

2.  We must use Nukes on Iran to prevent a Noooklear War.

3.  The war on Terror is Over.

4.  Despite the war on terror being over we must have our genitals searched at the airports.

5.  Despite the War on Terror (whatever that ever meant) being over - we must continue to fight terror - whatever that means.

6.  We must attack Iran for the same reasons (all proven lies) that we attacked IraQ.

7.  We must blindly and faithfully support our troops when the same lying S.O.B.'s who lied us into the wars in IraQ and Afghanistan lied to us before - but we should, somehow - disregarding "fool me twice shame on me" contradictions - we should follow the same liars for the same lies again.

8.  We are told to ignore that Eric the Holder was involved in selling guns and f'ing GRENADES to real terrorists (killers of anybody they see) in Mexico - with said armaments found as the weapons that were used to kill OUR OWN BORDER AGENTS!

9.  We are told to believe that "Muslim Extremism" is a big threat yet disregard our own religious extremists - most occupying US government positions - disregard domestic violent religious extremists.

10.  We are told to support a crack-down on whistleblowers who did nothing more than serve the public by outing a fake false-flag re-run made-for-corporate-media circus attack - we are supposed to think that it is a bigger threat to the nation that we know the truth than if the US feds are creating false attacks to gin up support for this war-state we cannot afford.

11.We are told to believe that the elections are not easily rigged via programmable computer voting machines that can be hacked by any complete idiot.

12.  We are told that Obama is a "good person" despite his lying about virtually everything he promised in the last election.

13.  We are told that the Republicans vs. the Democrats - Conservatives vs. liberals is a viable model for hashing out our nations problems - despite the actions taken by both parties that support the same causes regardless of who gets into office.  (Ron Paul excluded)

Reality from a Jackrabbit's point of view

America is in dire straights, my friends, and I suggest you coffee-up and start digging around on the internet - and talking to your friends, neighbors and family about your own conclusions.

Our present reality - from an herbivore's view is frightening at first - yet manageable.

It is a fact that if the "word gets out" about the players and their agendas - that the puppetmasters will become irrelevant.  The Power of the People is a peerless strength that, when organized, focused, and activated - cannot be reckoned with.  That is why the propaganda is so relentlessly supported both financially and with deadly force.

It is a fact that our own government - a government that exists only to preserve our life, liberty, property, and pursuit of happiness - is doing everything but that.

It is a fact that Obama pretends to have the legal authority to kill YOU, YOUR KIDS - or anybody he want to - and it is a fact that he has already done exactly that by killing Anwar-al Alwaki and his son.  The father begged the Feds to bring his son to trial - but no - the filthy power-crazed feds went ahead and MURDERED THIS AMERICAN CITIZEN AND HIS SON.

The NDAA - a "law" which is illegal, according to the Consitution - our Law of the Land - the NDAA is a fake "law" - the feds claim the right to jail you without trial just because some faceless nameless tax-dollar-paid ninny called you a "terrorist."  This is insane - as proven by the law passed by the State of Virginia which proscribes any Virginia Sheriff, cop, secretary - anybody from assisting in this disgraceful "law."  This is reality - the feds still may act on this if you are a "bigmouth" like me - the state of Virginia never said they would do a damned thing to protect me if the gun-running, drug-dealing, TSA-FBI-Secret Service - any of them came to my house to arrest me.  Why not?

The reality of the threat posed by Iran is ludicrous - silly - sophmoric - and based on...........close your eyes.......you are looking at it.

The war in Afghanistan - if you can handle this - is complete bull-cookies.  The Taliban wiped out the Opium crops and the USA got the biz going again.  Every year a record crop is reported - while the reality of the "war on drugs" in the land of the free and home of the brave - remains that there are more blacks in jail in Amerika now than were held in chains during slavery!  

The lie of 911 looms - a low-to-the-horizon doomsville demon - a rotting skeleton in America's closet - where the truth is out there if one takes the time to inform themself - a horrible reality that our own government in collusion with foreign governments MURDERED American citizens in order to create a "New Pearl Harbor" that would galvanize Americans resulting in folks like Pat Tillman - who sacrificed more than most of us have ever had in the works - only to be murdered, his equipment and diary burned - by un "friendly" fire.  

The reality that our own Congress - demonstrably - is a brick of blackmailed bots - controlled by fear and donations from the puppetmasters - always doing things that "make you go huh?"  Once you understand the reality that these domestic enemies are no good - easily concluded if one judges them by their actions - not their words - once one can absorb the treachery - it is easy to understand their action contrary to every principle and moral Americans - and I mean ALL AMERICANS - hold dear.

What do we do about this?

1.  Do some homework on Ron Paul - his unwavering history - and his powerful standing in the coming presidential election.

2.  Ignore parties in politics - and critically evaluate public officials by their actions not their words.  Party politics is a magic show where the left hand is used for distraction, the right hand performs the magic - and the magicians patter, via corporate-controlled scripted distractions on the boob-tube and corporate radio - keeps the attention of the audience.  Lo and behold!  

3.  Face it - the Federal Reserve - creating money out of nothing - and lending it to We The People - AT INTEREST - is the biggest stinking scam we've ever fallen for - END THE FED. Support alternate currency plans - try it - every attempt is a chip in the facade in the Federal Reserve - and will slowly sap away their omnipotent power over We the People.

4.  Prepare for a complete melt-down of our money system.  Embrace the melt-down - because as is often the case - things have to get worse before they get better.

5.  Inform thyself - about 911 - if you think this is an old story think again - because EVERYTHING is based on the foundation that is 911 - your radiation bath at the airport - heavily armed paramilitary soldiers posing as peace officers in the subways - Secret Service regulated free speech areas - Monsanto re-engineering and monopolizing the entire food supply for the planet - do your due diligence and dig into these stories.

6.  Ignore those who use the term "conspiracy theory."  This phrase - "conspiracy theory" is nothing but a trigger-phrase - designed - and successfully used (until now) to stop your inquiries, to stop your natural tendency to dig a little deeper for answers - to strike fear in your heart lest  you be labeled a "whacko conspiracy theorist."  Rest assured - talk to any detective - conspiracy theories are proven to be conspiracy facts every day as crimes are solved involving two or more perps.

7.  Live your life as a liberty-loving patriot - join with your neighbors in discussions regarding how you will help each other when the fan gets hit - remember - think about the last time you survived an emergency - wasn't it a great moment?  You know - when you all came together - you all put all petty differences aside to persevere?  


Embrace and anticipate the possibility - the likelihood that America is in for a big crash.  Get excited about it - get prepared for it - enjoin your friends and family - remember - "plans are nothing but planning is everything" (Dwight Eisenhower?) -

We will persevere - America's future is bright - and so is the future for all liberty-lovers worldwide.  

We will be the seed that germinates - springing forth fresh liberty that will spread like wildfire across the planet.

I can't wait!  We have not yet begun to fight!  (JPJ)


KittyHawk WW2 plane found in Sahara after all these years: Pics




Mayan art and calendar at Xultun stun archaeologists

pic from link below


"Archaeologists working at the Xultun ruins of the Mayan civilisation have reported striking finds, including the oldest-known Mayan astronomical tables.
The site, in Guatemala, includes the first known instance of Mayan art painted on the walls of a dwelling.
A report in Science says it dates from the early 9th Century, pre-dating other Mayan calendars by centuries.
Such calendars rose to prominence recently amid claims they predicted the end of the world in 2012."

Here's a link from National Geographic: 

In my opinion, National Geographic is like a girly mag - good for the pictures - but not much reading worth taking seriously...but here are the pics...notice they already know "X" - like all of their stories.


United Nations: Logic FAIL

US should return stolen land to Indian tribes, says UnitedNations LINK HERE

"United Nations investigator probing discrimination against Native Americans has called on the US government to return some of the land stolen from Indian tribes as a step toward combatting continuing and systemic racial discrimination."


"UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, has designated a World Heritage List of 890 cultural and natural sites worldwide during the past 33 years, each selected for providing outstanding universal value. Throughout the United States, there are 20 designated sites including 12 natural "World Heritage sites and 8 cultural World Heritage sites.