"One of the great accomplishments of the Challenger expedition was the collection of deep and shallow water biological specimens throughout the world. At left is a shallow-water dredge, whereas a deep-sea trawl is shown at right.

Consider the difficulties of sampling: One trawl was put over the side at 9 A.M. in a bottom sounded at 1950 fathoms (11,700 feet or ca. 3,600 meters). "The trawl was hauled in at 5 P.M. The beam was broken through the middle, and otherwise strangely torn and crushed, by the combined action of the of the pressure to shich it had been subjected, and the strain of pulling it up rapidly through three miles of water. The wood was driven in and compressed so as to reduce the diameter of the beam by half an inch, and the knots projected a quarter of an inch on all sides."

The samplers lacked a closing device, which later proved to be a real disadvantage for the deep-sea trawl. Many organisms were washed out, and this led to a mistaken impression that the deep-sea bed was uniformly depauperate of species. Nearly a century later, Howard Sanders and Robert Hessler used better samplers and showed that deep-sea bottoms could be rich in soft-bottom benthic species."

Note: Click HERE for fascinating site.


Predictions on Iraq: Does Wolf Blitzer = Nostradamus?

Yogi Berra is credited with saying:  "It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future."

If you haven't heard of Nostradamus - you probably haven't been watching enough crap on the History channel.  Well - they have some good stuff once in a while - I guess.  But perhaps you can catch up on your predictions-deficit over at CNN by hearing what Wolf Blitzer has to say about the future of Iraq - going forward now in 2011 pushing 2012:

"What largely held the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia together was the brutal dictatorship of Marshal Josip Broz Tito. Once he died, the country went into a series of deadly and bitter civil wars. Yugoslavia ceased to exist in 2003. It has been replaced by these other countries.
As you also know, Iraq has had bitter ethnic tensions for a long time among Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds. It was held together for a long time by Saddam Hussein’s brutal dictatorship. For the almost nine years since Saddam’s removal, it has been held together by a huge U.S. military presence.
But with U.S. troops now out of the country, I suspect we could be on the verge of seeing Iraq spiral into civil war. We already have seen a series of terrorist attacks in recent days. My fear is that this will only get worse."

I've found that Wolf Blitzer is really good at giving us information that is complete, current, and accurate.  Now that he's given us this great prediction about what will happen to Iraq following the removal of someone holding it together - we can rest assured that tomorrow - he - Wolfstradamus - will give us even more information to keep us abreast of the "news" important to We the People - so we can participate as well-informed citizens - ensuring that our elected officials are doing what is best for America - first - last - and always.

But I keep thinking about Yogi Berra who is also credited with saying:  "It's deja vu all over again."  Maybe you've seen this video before?


America The Prostrate: by RJ O'Guillory

America The Prostrate

In a simplistic sort of way,
across a desert lit by the moon.
America lay prostrate,
lulled by prosperity’s tune.

Beautiful thing in a world gone mad,
everyone knows the lies being spoke.
They spill from the mouths of bankrupt souls,
leaderless people, morally broke.

The globe spins on, a compact disc,
television soothes the planet.
Hard drives quietly think away,
politicians run the gamut.

Prostrate pricks, sucking away,
at America’s aging tit.
Pay up now, or go to jail,
they care less, how you take the hit.

They act as if it will never end,
the Nazis felt much the same.
Fortify your home, your town,
these criminals have no real shame.

The knock on the door will surely come,
midnight terror of the state.
Theft, lies, fraud and deceit,
social incubators of pure hate.

Hang from a rope, they surely will,
these prophets of civic duty.
After the riots, the death, the trials,
before these pirates split the booty.

RJ O'Guillory


A winter wind upon us,
crystal, chilled silk bones.
Lust, no lonely orphan,
in manufacture of our groans.

Joys of youth, sands of time,
pass slowly through the crack.
Aged genie, trapped in a bottle,
life’s set, fades gently to black.

Material gain, material loss,
get George Foreman's grills.
Magnetized cards, late night orders,
storage lockers, filled to the gills.

Broken families, raised by a village,
perhaps, battered by a spouse.
Credit floats the whole generation,
everything riding on the house.

From the bottom of the barrel,
looking up, from where one lay.
Rot dreams of glorious youth,
the price we were forced to pay.

The barrel may be home or den,
Hell takes any kind of shape.
Looking up, from the bottom,
it still feels mostly like a rape.

Everyone may think us done,
America remains, just a rumor.
Who pulled down those towers,
you’re nothing but a Boomer.

RJ O'Guillory


Alan Watt Composition: "Alegría en el Dolor"

Please listen to THIS

Alan Watt has done more than anyone I can think of to expose the depth, breadth, and documented intentions of the puppet-masters we are all at war with.  He discusses Quigley and others who've taken the time to write down their dystopia planned for you and yours.  Take it a little at a time because it really is raw truth.

Visit his site - I suggest listening to his radio broadcasts and podcasts - maybe throw him a dime if you have one so he can keep going - he's a warrior for sure.

Top 100 Corporate Crime Stories of 2011

Here's the other difference between the one percent and the rest of us -

The crimes of the one percent inflict far more damage on society than those of the 99 percent.

And they tend to get away with their crimes.

While we tend to get nailed. "

Read more HERE


Ron Paul attacked by CNN: The ENTIRE interview surfaces...

Now we get the WHOLE TRUTH - not the usual half-truths - lies by omission we are so used to from our "mainstream" "journalists" tasked with convincing you that YOU REALLY DON'T LOVE  RON PAUL - RIGHT RIGHT?

Why is Ron Paul blamed for calling Newt out on Newt's own actions?  Ron Paul didn't tell Newt to be a hypocrite did he?

Now we see that the video was cleverly and diabolically edited to make Ron Paul look like the rest of them - when in fact - he gave her plenty of time until her recorded attack started "skipping" - at which time he had better things to do.

Once again - Ron Paul fights for your Constitutional rights.  No good Doctor has time for gossip - or for fools talking in circles.

Go Ron Paul!




911 and Niels Harrit Interview: Niels tries to discuss adult topic of 911 with a 4-year-old

 It is no longer surprising to me  - these "interviews" by "reporters" who ask a seasoned scientist the most childish questions about the most obvious facts..... watch Niels squirm as he watches his "interviewer" embarrass himself.

Watch this incredible interview, where Niels suffers a fool for quite some time regarding the events of 911 - patiently answering the questions of a gullible child-like "reporter."  

As you watch the video consider the following importance of the preservation of evidence at an aviation crash scene.  When I trained as a pilot - the rule was - don't move anything except to preserve life or evidence that may be damaged by leaving it in position.  Is it reasonable for an FBI agent to pick up limbs of dead people in order to save their lives?  This interview is precious:

"Today, investigators are increasingly suspicious of acts of sabotage, willful or egregious reckless conduct, intentional and specific acts of terrorism.
The cause of an aircraft accident has often been determined from a detailed analysis of the wreckage including the actual location of the wreckage and where the remains from the wreckage fell.  Therefore, it is essential that wreckage be protected during rescue operations.  This is not to imply that during fire fighter operations wreckage may not be disturbed; it should be kept to a minimum.
NTSB Regulation, Title 49 CFR, Part 830, §830.10(b) pertaining to the preservation of aircraft wreckage allows for the removal of aircraft components to the extent necessary to:
·       Remove persons injured or trapped;
·       Protect the aircraft from futher damage; or
·       Protect the public from injury.
It further states that, at §830.10(c):
“Where it is necessary to disturb or move aircraft wreckage, mail or cargo, sketches, descriptive notes, and photographs shall be made, if possible, of the original position and condition of the wreckage and any significant impact marks.”
Fire fighting operations should not be delayed in order to prepare such sketches or photographs.  Firefighters or rescue personnel should attempt to remember the original location of anything that was moved during fire fighting and rescue operations.
As soon as practical, all personnel should document in writing all of their actions and activities during their involvement in the accident/incident.  All documentation should be made available to appropriate investigative agencies."  LINK HERE
Here is the video:

ONLY Adherence to the Constitution qualifies ANYONE to be President - why?

During this holiday season, listening to the holiday music, observing the decorations (i LOVE Christmas lights), taking the time to celebrate good will towards all - taking in the holiday spirit - my mind naturally wanders to thoughts..... of ..... LIBERTY.

As we watch "our" [sic] "mainstream" [sick] media struggle with the "problem" [rut-roh] that the public is awake now - and we want Ron Paul to be our next president - folks just now learning about this great man are bombarded with so much perfected "American" propaganda - they may occasionally feel doubt introduced by the puppet-master liars every now and then - stalling their New Year's resolution to Vote for Ron Paul for President in the coming New Year.

I'm not going to tell you that Ron Paul is a messiah - that's crazy.  I won't tell you he's never made a mistake - he's never stumbled as all humans do ever in his life - that's crazy too.

I WILL tell you that he has a long long record of doing in office exactly what he promised to do while running for office - THAT'S A FACT.

As you watch the paid-off liars in the media stumble, scramble, backpedal, support the next lie - the usual tactics - attempt to drum up mud-slinging lies to discredit this great man - realize one thing...

The Constitution - for which Ron Paul is champion BAR NONE - does NOT distinguish between sinners and saints.  The Constitution is the Law of the Land - and simply by following its carefully crafted system of checks and balances designed to distribute power among three branches of government denying all the advantage of absolute power - makes the intentions of the candidate moot.

It matters not what Ron Paul intends to do - he has already demonstrated for decades that he abides by the Constitution no matter what.  Respectfully deferring to its limitations when those limitations limit his ability to act - and pledging to oppose those who try to subvert the Constitutional checks and balances for personal benefit or the benefit of their puppet master.

Think about it - if the Devil himself ran for President - and the Devil himself abided by the Constitution - we'd be living in a helluva' lot better place than we are now - because there would be NO INDEFINITE DETENTION, NO SELLING GUNS TO DRUG KINGPINS IN MEXICO WITHOUT CONSEQUENCE, NO TORTURE (cruel and unusual punishment as the Devil himself is famous for) - NONE OF THIS IS POSSIBLE WHEN ONE ABIDES BY THE CONSTITUTION.

No more pre-emptive wars based on lies, no more anything not specifically stated as the limits on the power of the government created to serve We the People without the Rule of Law.

That's why I suggest everyone make it their New Years Resolution to Vote for Ron Paul.  On that one point alone - but if you are so inclined - dig into his past - you will find that he is straight-up-honest, caring, giving, and an American patriot of the highest courage to be found.

Our American Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence are the gifts given to We the People by our forefathers, all recognized by Ron Paul unequivicolly, absolutely - forever.

The Holidays are a time for reflection and sharing with Family and Friends.  The best Holiday cheer anyone can share is LIBERTY.


Good! Ron Paul quits CNN "interview" about gossip since the country needs to talk about the REAL ISSUES AMERICANS FACE

Someone sent me a link to this CNN idiocy linked below - focusing on nothing that matters - smearing Ron Paul.  But they have no time to address the recent NDAA treason voted into "law" by our Congress awaiting "Constitutional Scholar" to sign into "law" defying their oaths of office.  No time for the burning of the US Constitution - but plenty of time to try to attach crap to Ron Paul that really has nothing to do with him, crap that is inconsistent with everything this great man has done for our country, is inconsistent with his respect for ALL PEOPLE,  is inconsistent with everything the man stands for.  Yes - that's the role of CNN - to make sure that they present the most irrelevant garbage to the public in the hope that the public won't do their own homework and make up their own minds.

Turn off CNN.  They suck.

Why don't they talk about the issues?  Because they don't want YOU - ME - We the People to hear Ron Paul's strict adherence to the Constitution, his impeccable track record keeping his word in office, his intention to BRING THE TROOPS HOME.

This silly day-late-and-dollar-short attempt to continue with the show they've been putting on for Americans while assisting the blood-suckers and war-mongers with their diabolical plan to con Americans into yet another war - this time with Iran - using the same sorry-assed excuses as last time.  Gotta' get rid of Ron Paul.  Gotta' try to make him look bad somehow, anyhow, anyway...

Here is the CNN smear job: 

CNN hit-piece click 

Remember that Wolf the Blitzer is worried for his country - Israel.  Because he KNOWS RON PAUL WILL CUT ALL FOREIGN AID INCLUDING ISRAEL.  

Remember where Wolf's Loyalty will always be:  take the time to watch how "UNBIASED" WOLFIE IS.  Don't be fooled.  Go to time=2:18  Notice the placard.  Geez - no wonder he doesn't want Ron Paul in office representing the interests of AMERICA FIRST!


The Panic of the Puppetmasters

Thanks Chris from Oz commenter:  pic above from  http://ronpaulswag.com/ron-paul-painting-print-24x36.html

America has often been described as a "sleeping giant."  The term refers to the tendency of most Americans to get along with their lives - leaving politics to those drawn to this dog-and-pony show - paying their taxes and letting the babies have their candy - that is - until the baby's antics become so out-of-control, out-of-touch, and downright dangerous to their  very existence that they can't help but notice that something is very very rotten.  Then - EVERYBODY wakes up - takes a look at the problems - at the options available to solve those problems - then gets involved.

The media circus that has been the Republican battle for nominee for President in the coming election is rapidly causing concern for the puppetmasters that have been sucking the blood out of Americans for a long time.  Hard times, poverty, radical moves to burn the Constitution, wars based on lies with more coming based on even more lies, loss of property, TSA NAZI tactics, media complicity and manipulation of Americans' world-view - and many more things - have become such threats to everyones future - that they are paying attention.  And as they look at options available to solve ROOT CAUSE they turn to Ron Paul.

I had to do a lot of driving today and turned on the radio to stay awake.  All that is available is the standard "right wing" crap from the usual suspects - you know the names - but today they brought out their pundits-of-the-puppets to convince their flock of gullible suckers that Ron Paul doesn't matter.  To convince their audience that Ron Paul 'CAN'T WIN."  First of all that's bullshit - otherwise they wouldn't be forced to discuss the subject.

But there is something else afoot my friends.  Ron Paul is the real deal - a true Constitutionalist with the utmost respect and rock-solid record to demonstrate that he MEANS WHAT HE SAYS.  And that is exactly what makes him so dangerous to the blood-suckers looting our nation and leading us into phony wars, continuing the phony war on terror, the phony war on drugs, the campaign to take your firearms, the selling out of our nation - the bloodsuckers know that Ron Paul will take immediate action to stop their party.  And when their party stealing everything you have stops - your life will change for the better very rapidly.

The other "thing" afoot I mentioned is this:  The Republicans and Democrats have all been bought and paid for - controlled - by the same bankster cabal - looting our nation via the Federal Reserve, crooked banks, immoral wars.  This became obvious when they passed the National Defense Authorization Act.  Also made obvious by this undermining of everything America stands for - was the sound of one hand clapping by the "mainstream media" - remaining silent while this treasonous "law" was passed.  I've heard somewhere that "silence is agreement."

The puppetmasters are scared sh%tless.  They recognize that Ron Paul will win.  So what will they do?

Their next strategem will be to split the Republican vote so that the election is thrown to Obama.  Why?

Because Obama=Gingrich=Santorum=that dumb witch=the rest of them:  EXCEPT FOR RON PAUL.

Since the banksters and warmongers own both parties - meaning those venal office-holders who've lost the moral compass they took an oath not to lose - that Obama will do just as well as any of the usual puppets.

Don't fall for the bread-and-circuses.  Ron Paul is the real deal.  Do everything you can to prevent the stealing of his election, the lying in the media about his positions, the attempts by the media to sideline him - and remember that Ron Paul will save this nation.

We are at a dangerous crossroads - Ron Paul is our best hope at this time to steer us back in the right direction - the direction of peace and prosperity and liberty we all long for.  

There are no more "sides" in politics anymore - there really is only one side:  the side of the Constitution - the side of liberty and justice for all of us.


The Way We Are: It Started with the Greeks (Day the Universe Changed - Ep 1)


How Am I supposed to enjoy the "holidays" when my government asserts the right to kill me?


Holy Smokes - I'm tryin' to get into the "holiday spirit" - I'm not being politically correct here - I don't give a rats bee-hind about that - but I'm struggling with the dichotomy - happy joyous feelings of mirth - and awaiting some dumbass in a uniform with a badge and gun to "take me away."  

I am not paranoid - scared - concerned - any of that.  Why should I be?  Surely the cops around here are smart enough to understand that I have the right to keep and bear arms to protect my unalienable rights - whether they follow the illegal orders to deny them - or some mercenary outfit of dumbasses that can't read the Constitution.

I'm in a pickle:  Why?

I got in my car today - and went to drink from my tea-cup - but somebody else was takin' a drink.  It was one of those ubiquitous "stink-bugs" - the little bugger took a walk down the interior wall of my Thomas Jefferson cup and was drinking some fine Earl Grey.  I had to pour it out and thirsty-bug - I couldn't hurt him and made sure he didn't drown during the process.  Call me a sissy - I don't care.  The bug's just doin' his job.

The point is that my own personal philosophy prevents me from killing anything or anybody - period.  Why the hell would I?  I only know that I have no idea why I'm here, the bug is here or anyone is here.  But thanks to a treasonous Congress - I no longer enjoy such luxury.  My own government has declared war on ME AND YOU.  Now we have a problem.

I hope that when Obama signs this:

...that the cops, sheriffs, military, mercenaries - all of them understand that I can't go to jail for exercising my freedom of speech.  How will I pay my mortgage?  (Just kidding)

The problem is that it is MY JOB to help the "authorities" in their pursuit as perfecting their status as American citizen from encroaching upon my unalienable rights.  That's a real shame - because I know that 20% of the people in any organization do 80% of the work - which means that the other 80% of cops are a bunch of dumbasses that will have to be shot if they intend to imprison any American citizen without trial.  How horrible.  

I cannot imagine shooting a human being with an AK - or WASR-10 - or .22 Ruger with a 50-round mag - or a Browning shotgun - or Dad's double-barrel 12 gauge - hey - I can't even hunt any more.  But I would rather hunt than spend time in indefinite detention any day.  

What would I tell my father if he knew I let a bunch of goons with badges and guns take me captive without at least gunning a few of them down?  That would be a real disgrace.

It's the Christmas/ Holiday season - nobody wants to think of such things - but in my mind - this is the time for reflection.

If you swore an oath to "defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic" and you cannot see that we have domestic enemies - and I'm not one of them - well...I guess high noon is coming.  It's a damn shame - because many depending on me will be disappointed if I die in a gun battle here at the house.  The homestead - my "homeland" that goons may invade.

But - maybe that's what it will take to wake up those still living the lie - the fantasy.  Don't know.

Please don't come to my house to indefinitely detain me without trial.  I cannot allow that.  I'm a great shot - especially with a rifle.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

P.S. - perhaps this indefinite detention legislation is a good thing - since it will legalize our (citizens/militia) using the "law" to hold the traitors accountable for their betrayal of their oaths to uphold the Constitution.  


It's Time to Stop Living The Lie

We are all human - and therefore imperfect.  Given that I'd say it's tough to pick on any individual for their own personal struggle to maintain their existence in our corrupt society.  After all  - "everybody's doing it" right?

I'm not in agreement with this train of thought - but I can understand it.  Unfortunately this strategy is doomed to failure - almost like a chain letter - with the last leaving the boat holding the bag.  

On a more human level - we adults - thinkers - should take some time for introspection - self-examination - questioning our reason-for-being and the world we intend to leave for the coming generations.

Many of us are living lies.  Fantasies possibly?  Blackmailed existences perhaps?  Clinging to formerly advantageous alliances that have become "ball-and-chain" weights - holding us back - preventing us from escaping the lie we live?  

At what point does an adult face the consequences of their actions?  At what point does an adult take a moment to examine the repercussions of their actions - or inactions?  When will we Americans with the secrets - the information the public needs to face our problems so that we can solve them - at what point do we wake up in the morning and say - I'm finished with this bullshit - I can no longer live this lie.

Perhaps my words make no sense to you - my cherished reader.  Perhaps you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.

Murder Incorporated is everywhere - we know that.  But there is strength in numbers - and the wheels of justice - although grinding slowly - do come round.

It is time to stop living the lie.  It is time to think about that moment in the future - perhaps tomorrow - perhaps far off - the moment we will all face - when it is time to meet our maker - when it is time to leave this existence - a time we will all face.

Will you leave this place better than you found it?

Courage is independent of fear.  Courage is marching forward while scared to death.  Maybe my telling you there is really nothing to fear sounds lame - but there really is nothing to fear - since we all must answer to our highest critic - ourselves.

Remember the old saying about asking a question in class - when one raises their hand - they are raising it for the silent majority of the class that lacks the courage to ask the question.

The truth - the whole truth - and nothing but the truth will set us free.  

A Time for Musical Reflection

...first start the music on the first video below for ambience...then read on if you so desire...

As I await the signing by the current president of the National Defense Authorization Act - I must admit that I am at a loss for words.  Not because I can't think of any - but because it seems that the time for talk will soon be over as we Americans lose EVERYTHING.  

Is it our fault?  Yes.  After all - our Constitutional Republic requires an informed citizenry if it is to function as designed.  Despite the slowly awakening American public - to the lies, the stolen elections, the re-run candidates, the pretend-world presented by the complicit "mainstream media" - the economy, the death of the dollar - --- despite all of this -those intent on denying our rights press on.  But who cares about them when We the People have the ultimate say-so?  Harry Truman was WRONG -  the "buck" doesn't stop with the president - it stops with "We the People."

Our once-great nation of laws has become a nation of "men."  Interpretation:  TYRANNY.

As those traitors enacting this "law" - that American citizens can be imprisoned without trial,  continue with their last-ditch act of desperation to shield themselves from accountability from We the People - it is important to remember that the senators and President enacting this "law"  - as citizens - just like the rest of us - must understand that NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW - INCLUDING THEM.  This means that once this law is in place - THEY TOO - MUST EXPECT TO BE HELD INDEFINITELY WITHOUT TRIAL.  Isn't that special?

It also means that judges, lawyers, police officers, military officers and enlisted - EVERYONE participating in the charade known as our "legal system" are no longer needed - as aren't anyone working in the "defense industry" (since their only job is the defense of our rights) - as arent't any soldiers, sailors, airmen, or marines - since their ONLY reason for existence is the protection of our rights - no -  since we will no longer have the RULE OF LAW - but of men they can all go home now - and await indefinite detention without trial.   

By the way "law" enforcement folks- after you are thrown on the trash heap as are all useful idiots - remember to keep your pie-hole shut about all the crime and unconstitutional treason you let go while you had your job - since the "laws" passed on YOUR WATCH, resulting from your dereliction of duty in stopping TREASON will now apply to YOU AND YOURS - just like the rest of us!  No badge and gun - no more puffed-up swagger - just sit there breathing through your mouth - wondering if you're next- or will it be the kids?  No more rule of law - will you shoot one of your former "brothers in blue" when they come to take your kid away?  Interesting food for thought.  

Our American forefathers fought for what they believed America should be.  It is time to define exactly that:  What America should be.

Our government is presently severely broken - and once the bill aforementioned is signed - said government will cease to matter.  Our government of We the People having been constructed for one - and only one purpose - to protect our rights - has now taken off its servant-mask - baring its fangs at last for all to see - as its corruption, crime, rape and pillage of the population becomes too obvious to hide any longer.  

The game is over - and to escape the gallows or the guillotine - our "representatives" (ha ha) cling to their pens, papers and ever-expanding volumes of "laws" - while they pretend that the only law that matters - the law of the land - the US Constitution, doesn't matter.  But....THE CONSTITUTION DOES MATTER.

How interesting.  The traitors-to-the-Constitution - keep building their house of cards - while jack-hammering away at the foundation upon which that house is built.  Talk about stupid.  Talk about desperate.  Talk about scared.  

I heard somewhere that any law can be judged by the willingness of the public to obey it.  Something tells me there is going to be big problems when the Feds try to enforce this treasonous scam.

I hope that law enforcement and the military will pick a side - and soon.  We the People await your decision.  We invite you to join with We the People to restore our Republic and the rule of law.

I am deeply concerned for my country right now.  I see absolutely no hope unless Ron Paul becomes president and is protected from assassination.  I don't like being an alarmist - but if this treasonous legislation is enforced - we will face a Revolutionary/Civil War - right here in the 'states.  

I don't play dice - but it looks like us patriots are being forced to either act or just march under the yoke.

The presidential election, law enforcement and military defiance of illegal (unconstitutional orders) - those are the hinges upon which the door to the future of America swings.

Here is some music to listen to - to contemplate - what does it all mean?

...with each passing day I wonder if these guys were right about fighting for states' rights:

...music keeps the masses marching - in every war...


Afghanistan is a Racket: Straight Talk About War

"Are our men and women fighting in Afghanistan heroes?  I am a former Marine combat infantryman.  I know the game and have fought “for” corporate America in an unjust war.  I can drag the excuse out that I fought for my friends or “honor” but even that lie is getting tougher and tougher.
I just can't do it anymore."
read more HERE
Note:  I have great respect for Gordon Duff.  I would take issue with his saying in the article that he is "nuts" because is NOT.  Gordon Duff is a wise man - because he has the courage to LOOK AT THE FACTS and formulate his own conclusions.  Those conclusions are contrary to the beliefs for which he fought as a Marine.

Gordon Duff is not to be blamed for his patriotism, or his adherence to an absolutely necessary reliance on chain-of-command in the military.  He performed his role as part of a war machine.  Unfortunately - he did not factor in the horrible reality that those giving orders - from the very top were merchants of death - repeating key words - words they did not hold with the same sacred value true heroes do.

Sending men to war for hidden agendas is a crime of the highest order.  


Pearl Harbor again and the New American Revolutionary War


From "Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College

"Thought would destroy their paradise.
No more; where ignorance is bliss,
       'Tis folly to be wise."

Pearl Harbor Day - December 7, 1941 - as predicted by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, is a day that still lives in infamy.  Warning - although we had another - 911 - we've probably got another false-flag coming soon to start the next bloodbath. 

Following the "War to End All Wars" - the "Great War" - "World War I" - Americans had actually learned something - the body politic of these United States - We The People - KNEW - that George Washington - the "Father of Our Country" was RIGHT when he admonished us to avoid foreign entanglements - and to BEWARE OF THE CONCENTRATION OF POWER IN ONE DEPARTMENT OF GOVERNMENT:

"It is important, likewise, that the habits of thinking in a free country should inspire caution in those intrusted with its administration to confirm themselves within their respective constitutional spheres, avoiding the exercise of the powers of one department to encroach upon another. The spirit of encroachment tends to consolidate the powers of all the departments in one, and thus to create, whatever the form of government, a real despotism. A just estimate of that love of power and proneness to abuse it which predominates in the human heart is sufficient to satisfy us of the truth of this position. The necessity of reciprocal checks in the exercise of political power, by dividing and distributing it into different depositories, and constituting each the guardian of the public weal against invasions by others, has been evinced by experiments ancient and modern, some of them in our country and under our own eyes. To preserve them must be as necessary as to institute them. If in the opinion of the people the distribution or modification of the constitutional powers be in any particular wrong, let it be corrected by an amendment in the way which the Constitution designates, but let there be no change by usurpation; for though this in one instance may be the instrument of good, it is the customary weapon by which free governments are destroyed. The precedent must always greatly overbalance in permanent evil any partial or transient benefit which the use can at any time yield."

So what does this mean for us?  Not only has power been concentrated in one department of government here in these United States - it has been usurped by traitors who've infiltrated all departments of our government - traitors taking their marching orders from unelected officials and monied interests.  Interests whose agendas are most alarmingly at odds with OUR RIGHTS.

I waited a few days to write anything about the recent vote by our TRAITOROUS Senate in favor of the NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION ACT because the implications are sickening - if one reads history.  What must be said about the ineluctable conclusion of such a tyrannical power-grab - made me think about what I must say - since I must face the truth of the matter - and speaking the truth now is like donning a deer costume and frolicking in the woods on the first day of deer hunting season.  But hey - what the hell - it's a free country right?  

And after all - what - is Lindsey Graham gonna' come over here to my house and try to take me captive?  What a sissy.  Good luck.  Or how about the idiot Carl Levin?  He'd not be able to catch me let alone lay a hand on me - I'd kick his ass - easily.  

 Wait - forget the violence defending against the TREASONOUS senators - I know - I can crumple up a hundred dollar bill and throw it into the driveway - and when the venal viper goes to grab it - I'll just head out the back door!  

No - I'll bet their intention is to send some dumbass in a uniform who doesn't understand our Constitution and the meaning of unalienable rights to do his TREASONOUS TASK of BETRAYAL of WE THE PEOPLE AND THE CONSTITUTION - to which he and the others swore an oath to uphold. 

If you haven't heard of this treasonous act of betrayal of WE THE PEOPLE - by oath-bound servants we hired to protect our rights - against all enemies foreign and domestic - I'm not surprised. The mainstream media has worked hard to hide this disgrace - this declaration of war against YOU and Me - and the FACT that Ron Paul is sweeping the nation as leading candidate for president.

I've taken the time over the last few days to think this over - this act of war against ME - AND YOU.  Why?

Because after digesting the FACT that scumbags like McCain and Lindsey Graham and Levin - and many others - having taken an oath to defend my rights - just passed a bill claiming that the very government I pay for has a "right" to indefinitely - without trial imprison me - and YOU - and YOUR KIDS.

So - what am I to make of this?

Ron Paul must be elected - then protected from assassination.  That's the peaceful way out of this.  There is absolutely, positively NO OTHER ANSWER RIGHT NOW.

If Ron Paul is not elected I predict the worst.  I'm talking about bloodshed - and lots of it.  Why?

Because if this crooked den of vipers posing as our "representatives" intend to send a local public servant - sheriff - police - SWAT - to start rounding us up without trial - it is our duty - to shoot them.  To kill them if necessary - because they are obeying illegal orders they should not have obeyed.  Because their superiors that gave said orders are DISOBEYING THE LAW.  But is that OK for a citizen to do?

YES.  It is morally justifiable to fire on any law enforcement or military - foreign troops - mercenaries - you name it - if they come to take you away and lock you up indefinitely without trial.  It is undignified for human beings to be treated like livestock.  It is that simple.

It doesn't matter if the criminal shows up with a mask and gun in the dark to violate your rights - or if a criminal shows up with a mask and a gun wearing a badge - or a uniform - to violate your unalienable rights.  Either way - YOU ARE MORALLY JUSTIFIED IN KILLING THEM.


I can go on for days regarding the idiotic logic of killing citizens to protect citizens - but why?  

We do indeed live in "interesting" times.