The Panic of the Puppetmasters

Thanks Chris from Oz commenter:  pic above from  http://ronpaulswag.com/ron-paul-painting-print-24x36.html

America has often been described as a "sleeping giant."  The term refers to the tendency of most Americans to get along with their lives - leaving politics to those drawn to this dog-and-pony show - paying their taxes and letting the babies have their candy - that is - until the baby's antics become so out-of-control, out-of-touch, and downright dangerous to their  very existence that they can't help but notice that something is very very rotten.  Then - EVERYBODY wakes up - takes a look at the problems - at the options available to solve those problems - then gets involved.

The media circus that has been the Republican battle for nominee for President in the coming election is rapidly causing concern for the puppetmasters that have been sucking the blood out of Americans for a long time.  Hard times, poverty, radical moves to burn the Constitution, wars based on lies with more coming based on even more lies, loss of property, TSA NAZI tactics, media complicity and manipulation of Americans' world-view - and many more things - have become such threats to everyones future - that they are paying attention.  And as they look at options available to solve ROOT CAUSE they turn to Ron Paul.

I had to do a lot of driving today and turned on the radio to stay awake.  All that is available is the standard "right wing" crap from the usual suspects - you know the names - but today they brought out their pundits-of-the-puppets to convince their flock of gullible suckers that Ron Paul doesn't matter.  To convince their audience that Ron Paul 'CAN'T WIN."  First of all that's bullshit - otherwise they wouldn't be forced to discuss the subject.

But there is something else afoot my friends.  Ron Paul is the real deal - a true Constitutionalist with the utmost respect and rock-solid record to demonstrate that he MEANS WHAT HE SAYS.  And that is exactly what makes him so dangerous to the blood-suckers looting our nation and leading us into phony wars, continuing the phony war on terror, the phony war on drugs, the campaign to take your firearms, the selling out of our nation - the bloodsuckers know that Ron Paul will take immediate action to stop their party.  And when their party stealing everything you have stops - your life will change for the better very rapidly.

The other "thing" afoot I mentioned is this:  The Republicans and Democrats have all been bought and paid for - controlled - by the same bankster cabal - looting our nation via the Federal Reserve, crooked banks, immoral wars.  This became obvious when they passed the National Defense Authorization Act.  Also made obvious by this undermining of everything America stands for - was the sound of one hand clapping by the "mainstream media" - remaining silent while this treasonous "law" was passed.  I've heard somewhere that "silence is agreement."

The puppetmasters are scared sh%tless.  They recognize that Ron Paul will win.  So what will they do?

Their next strategem will be to split the Republican vote so that the election is thrown to Obama.  Why?

Because Obama=Gingrich=Santorum=that dumb witch=the rest of them:  EXCEPT FOR RON PAUL.

Since the banksters and warmongers own both parties - meaning those venal office-holders who've lost the moral compass they took an oath not to lose - that Obama will do just as well as any of the usual puppets.

Don't fall for the bread-and-circuses.  Ron Paul is the real deal.  Do everything you can to prevent the stealing of his election, the lying in the media about his positions, the attempts by the media to sideline him - and remember that Ron Paul will save this nation.

We are at a dangerous crossroads - Ron Paul is our best hope at this time to steer us back in the right direction - the direction of peace and prosperity and liberty we all long for.  

There are no more "sides" in politics anymore - there really is only one side:  the side of the Constitution - the side of liberty and justice for all of us.


  1. 'It isn't who votes that counts- it's who counts the votes.' (With plenty of time to re-program the Diebold voting machines- that leave no paper record.)

  2. Yes anonymous - you are so so right. The danger of stolen elections is the first major hurdle once the public moves to get Dr. Paul into office - the second hurdle after he is elected is to keep him alive.

    I am not kidding - not an alarmist - and not chicken little - just letting those who can do something about it know the risks. The risks are high - since this is a battle for the very sovereignty of our nation - for the rights of We the People - for what all Americans and those around the world who understand that what happens here in America - will influence the lives of everyone everywhere.

    America is "the keep" of liberty. We cannot allow the barbarians to rob us of our liberty here at the last bastion of freedom from tyranny and oppression.

    The pigs have had enough slop. It's time to butcher them - they are getting way to fat.

  3. I have Jewish friends that are as fine as any I've ever had - and intend to keep them. You are entitled to your opinions - and I appreciate your participation.

    The flaw I would suggest, in your logic, is that "all Jews are bad" since some "Jews" have committed crimes against us. That is a dangerous flaw - since you condemn innocent Jews to the same sentence the guilty deserve.

    That is not the American way at all - our Republic is intended to preserve the liberty of the individual. It is not OK to blame the son for the sins of the father, and it is not OK (or logical) to blame all Jews for the sins of other Jews.

    That is not the American way.

  4. you people - Ron Paul's cheerleaders - you are all morons. The only power interest that is going to loose if Paul wins is The Lobby.

    What you don't understand is that guy is stupid libertarian - meaning he is for Big Business (incl. Wall St) to rape you any way they want without any oversight/restrictions/etc from the government.

  5. Thanks for commenting anon - but you provide no examples. I've heard these arguments before and they are usually based on ignorance of Ron Paul's flawless record - unchanging message that the RULE OF LAW - (Constitution being the law) and belief and action on behalf of individual liberty - common sense views on eliminating the fake "war on drugs" (even though he isn't pro-drug-use), common sense view against abortion while openly stating that the government has no business interfering with woman's rights - commitment to ENDING THE ILLEGAL WARS AND NEVER STARTING A WAR WITHOUT A DECLARATION - bringing our troops home... I can go on forever - so what was your point?

  6. What a gov stooge. Libertarians are for people's right. Another plant! Ron Paul is the only hope! This is it!

  7. Incriminally SaneDec 20, 2011, 11:33:00 PM

    I certainly agree that Ron Paul is the best candidate for our troubled times but when you take a real close look at what is happening in the US Obama administration, it doesn't look like there is going to be an "Election" in 2012 which is why the timing of this whole S-1867 bill came when it did, they are going to create a scenario of massive violence in America that will supposedly "require" the declaration of Martial Law.

  8. What anon said @ http://americansjourney.blogspot.com/2011/12/panic-of-puppetmasters.html?showComment=1324435461267#c610048926165709603

    "What you don't understand is that guy is stupid libertarian - meaning he is for Big Business (incl. Wall St) to rape you any way they want without any oversight/restrictions/etc from the government."

    Please obtain a clue. You think the "Big Business (incl. Wall St.)" is not running obama-romney-gingrich-palin-santorum-perry et al. RIGHT NOW?

    Avoid further fascism, vote Dr. Ron Paul for president, 2012!

  9. Thanks for this beginning to awaken, AmeriKa! It gives those of us who have known about the hijacking of our liberty hope that you are not ALL morons. And even though most of us are, if we can continue to awaken the fringe, we will have a chance to change this miserable world.
    Note to ALL RonPaulblicans... if anything happens to him, we must carry on his vision and dream. And they will absolutely try to negate him, through a plane crash, cancer, heart attack or alzheimers or many other means that they (THEY) have at their (THEIR) disposal. Ron Paul is our last hope.


  10. The amazing comments by Iowa's governor, and the spin-meisters in the media declaring that Ron Paul can't win, and that if he does win in Iowa it does not matter prove how terrified the status quo are. If Dr. Paul were to take the nomination, he would be "suicided" or "JKF'd" before he could be sworn in.

    The amazing thing is, Ron Paul knows full well, better than any of us, that he is putting his life in absolute mortal danger, and yet he bravely soldiers on. Shades of the Founding Fathers!

    The very least we can do is support him.

  11. The CFRtv set up Dr. Ron Paul as our last hope. I prefer thinking of the fellow as the beginning of a new trend in executive leadership in this country. I like the change for obvious reasons. As long as Secret Service is NOT RELIED ON for Dr. Paul's security, his presidency has a great chance for success.
    The Secret Service stopped the presidential limo so the assassins could put 4 bullets in JFK, they helped murder Bobby Kennedy, and they allowed Vince Foster's murdered body to be wrapped up in a carpet and dumped in Marcey Park. The Secret Service is probably not our friend.No, the Secret Service is DEFINITELY NOT OUR FRIEND.

  12. España con Ron Paul, come on america ! awake!

  13. Time to stop leaving the problem solving to someone else - like a Ron Paul. It's on us now -plain and simple. Those not willing to step NOW - are doomed and willing slaves to what is on the way. The time is now to move. Do more than talk, talk, talk, retreat to the TranceVision, suck beer, whatever.

    And what apeman2502 said... x millions

    To some of the others, respectfully asking: Really? If Ron Paul doesn't win - that's it?!
    Y'all just gonna return to the path to slavery status and carry on being whipped along the way by the global corporate thugocracy?

    If this is the attitude we have - well, we might as well just put the lock onto the chains we already got hanging onto us - right?

    Ron Paul is one man. That's all we're gonna throw at the scum global crime syndicate?

    And y'all better start thinkin' outside the TranceVision, Hollywood-psycho-mind cage, the dumbed-down "education" confines of this cheap, superficial reality we have allowed ourselves to live in ... and plan on backing up Ron Paul - and everyone like him. He's gonna need all the help he can get - if he somehow manages to break through the rigged elections.

    Start thinking about an army, a new secret service - in fact how about a few million of us volunteer to protect Ron Paul - everywhere he goes. apeman2502's history tip is accurate. In fact that applies to Lincoln, Jackson, and a few others - who somehow were left unprotected at the most inopportune time.

    Best to start thinking, planning a whole new system - as in replacing the totally corrupt apparatus masquerading as "the government", the corrupt, unconstitutional, immoral "money system" that is imposed against our will (really - what total idiocy - we pay interest for the wealth (the useless paper misnamed "money"), by the global crime syndicate (a.k.a. banksters), the illegal legal system now imposed upon us - which is in lock-step with the other corrupted-bought-and-paid-for corrupt stooges of global crime inc.

    Unless you're ready to give up if he doesn't win - then enjoy WWIII to be promptly followed by your slavery. Otherwise stop living in perpetual fear and gear up, physically and mentally, the time has come. Ron Paul is only the beginning - a very small one at that

  14. Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.

    By the same token, never underestimate the power of We The People...

    I know a ton of "I"'s and "D"'s that will vote "R" i̶f̶ when Ron Paul wins. In fact I know a lot of "I"'s and "D"'s that switched to "R" just so they could vote for Ron Paul in the primaries no other candidate can say the same...

  15. Resistance is futile. The "stupid goyim" for the most part could not care less and is only concerned with what someone is doing with their ASS rather caring about where their ASS is at!

    Go listen to Leonard Cohen's Evertbody Knows and have a very merry christmas.

  16. To the Author - you mentioned "I don't know where I found this, will give credit if someone can tell me..." under that excellent painting. I ran a google image search out of curiosity. The artist is apparently called Carl Bork. Here's the link and keep up the great work.


    chris from oz

  17. Panic of the puppetmasters? LOL, uve got to be kidding? We are still asleep so they will keep their game going on. Chill out, its their way not our way because we are too retarded. One flower doesnt makes the spring.

  18. the top-comment says it all: the voting system is rigged for a long time, Ron Paul simply gets 49% the other nominee 51% and that's it, everybody in doubt but the crooks still get what they want and you people will go on crying and complaining and protesting as usual the past decades and decades...

  19. Those of you saying Ron Paul can't win are falling for the first rule of the art of war - Sun Tzu - to win the battle without actually fighting - by deceiving the enemy into just giving up - convincing them beforehand that there is no hope.

    THAT attitude will get you nowhere.

    Get off your butt and get working to get this great man into the white house - then keep him alive.

  20. you can vote all you want they will simplely rig the vote
    you need to bear arms and wipe out the jews

    anything else is a waste of time

  21. Regarding Jackassrabbit's stupid comments

    Not all snakes are poisonious, likewise Mosquitoes are a family of small midge-like flies, the Culicidae. Most species are harmless, even useful, but many are blood-sucking nuisances.
    But when to many form a gang a cult,they become dangerous. Business related Jews only relate to their kind and refer business to such evil animals.
    One problem for Ron Paul--all the Senators/Congressers are paid stooges for the Ashkenazie invented Jews. what chance has Ron has in controlling beasts of pray? None-like JFK, tomb stone next burial R.I.P.
    Jack Rabbit--Ever read the 50's book titled Ugly American?

  22. You Americans need to wake the fuck up! One of the previous posters has, There Will Be No Election in 2012. Even if there is diebolt will fix the results. What is more important to you, reality TV or your freedom?

  23. No more comments? Looks like I am correct in thinking reality TV is all your little brains can comprehend. Too bad! Ron Paul is not your saviour. Think about. How long has he been feeding at the public trough?
    America is controlled by the Isreal based bankster gangsters. Ron Paul has some good ideas, but it is up to you the people to force your overlords to change.

  24. Sure, Ron Paul is the man for president, but who here believes that congress, which is owned totally by AIPAC's Jews will allow any substantive change to the status quo?
    Even if Paul wins he will be unable to do much about our entanglements with that parasitic tribe whose dedication is to Israel.

  25. The Hasbara plant in annon#5 is obvious. Can't defend a position with facts. Abe Foxman would be proud. The curtain is lifting on "their" evil deeds for the world to see. BTW, "He who votes decides nothing. He who counts the votes decides everything"--Joe Stalin. Think Diebold(run by Urosevich brothers)

  26. Secret service number one job: protect the currency. This means the Federal Reserve is really the boss.

  27. Ron Paul is ruled by the same puppet masters that have ruled the past 44 presidents, theyre all freemasons theyre all illuminati goldenboys, you will NOT get any change living under rule of anybody, the only just action to take is to live in a world where no man controls another, we are all equal entities and should be treated as such, so stop thing that Ron Paul is our constitutional savior because hes not hes a satan worship illuminati fuck, BREAK the system, GET OFF YOUR KNEES and take back the world that is ours! NOT theres, no longer will we be controlled by Freemason, satan worshiping, repilian evil beings!

  28. Thanks all for commenting. I appreciate the kind "RIP" wishes - thank you.

    I'd say go for the election of Ron Paul first for above stated reasons. His record is there for all to see - his message has remained the same - his warnings of the state we are in now can be found in his fine article "The End of Dollar Hegemony" - he's been on target, and on track as a Constitutionalist - a man who does in office what he promised during the campaign - consistently and forever.

    The commander in Chief can bring the troops home. Of course courage is required.

    First you try things the peaceful way - don't worry - you'll get your chance for chaos if he doesn't win.

    Please judge him by his actions - regardless of words. Allowing competitive currencies is the most orderly way to sap total power from the Federal Reserve. Ending the wars will stop massive money waste, along with the rest of the immoral things that come with war, and obeying the Constitution will settle a lot of issues that don't presently get fixed because we are not following the Constitution. He WILL do those things.
    Why ask for miracles? We don't need miracles. We need the right man right now to do the right things - and Ron Paul IS THAT MAN.

  29. one more thing...

    an enemy is an enemy. They can ALL BE DEFEATED.


  31. to answer Apeman: I agree. The secret service didn't protect Kennedy at all - they allowed him to ride right into a trap - and I saw the stuff about the car stopping - what kind of protection is that? Regardless of anyone's angle on his assassination, the fact is that the Secret Service FAILED - evidence being Jack Kennedy's brains being blown out in broad daylight.

    I don't have faith in government security outfits since they seem to have no morals consistent with mine.

    Volunteer protection for Ron Paul - get some good military vets.

  32. "an enemy is an enemy. They can ALL BE DEFEATED."


    And a law is just a law. It can be countermanded. Take for instance the "Patriot Act" and the "Military Commissions Act" and let's not forget the insufferable and treasonous "National Defense Authorization Act".

    That's the kind of future a Ron Paul Presidency would allow.

  33. Hi Grim, Thanks for coming by. I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "the kind of future" a Ron Paul Presidency would allow.

    He is against the Patriot act, against gun control, against the NDAA, against infinite undefinable undeclared wars, FOR restoration of the rule of law as defined by the Constitution+Bill of Rights. He wants Eric Holder (for fast and furious gun-grabbing-gin-up ) to be fired immediately and prosecuted if necessary - acknowledges the extremity and gravity of the NDAA, wants to bring the troops home to defend their own country and property - I can go on.

    Please clarify your sentiment for readers so they can understand your position.

  34. Sorry, It was to mean that Ron Paul in the White House would create the climate to reverse the unconstitutional laws I enumerated, and those that you mentioned as well.

    Ron Paul is the polar opposite of the current and recent administrations that have designed and implemented the 1984esque Police State we now face.

    And today, a national CNN poll has found that Ron Paul is tied with Romney as the candidate that would be most likely to beat Obama - a very encouraging reality emerging from the smoke screen of talking point that "Ron Paul can't win".

  35. Mr. Rabbit.. Great stuff.. congrats.

  36. Any time the discussion centers on
    the questions of who controls governments, printing of money, international banking, artificially engineered and immoral wars, black flag operations, ongoing persecutions etc, the subject of over-influential Jews/Zionists eventually comes up. Why is that? And then somebody always chimes in with "I have a lot of Jewish friends, and they are OK!" Well, be that as it may, perhaps we would all (the rest of us Goyim) be better off if none among us had any Jewish friends. Too bad it has to be that way but I'm afraid that may be the way it has to be. Oh, and the Jewish Republican groups all officially hate Ron Paul. Why?

  37. It's the Beast vs. Ron Paul. And Ron Paul will win. Regardless of Diebold, the Israel Lobby, the Fed, the Media, big pharma, big media, big education, big government, big biotech, big military or the rest of the evil, sociopathic, corrupt, lying, raping and pillaging murderers who currently deck the halls of the corrupted new babylon. Seek the Lord while he may be found. It's time for this nation to get on their knees repent. This battle is more than physical. It's spiritual. And evil has already been defeated by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony.
    Ron Paul for President

  38. Hi Poor Rich, thanks for coming by!

  39. So...anonymous...using the general term "Jews" - you still haven't given any reasons for me to consider your position. I told you I have Jewish friends and intend to keep them - what's it to you?

    Do you really believe for one minute that more division and more hate is going to dig us out of this mess?

    I would urge you to consider finding some Jewish friends - it might prove to be a beneficial experience toward learning that universal condemnations of entire groups - ignoring the myriad individual facets of humanity comprised within this group - that you are robbing yourself of the best life has to offer.

    I'm sticking with my plan.

  40. The announcement that Donald Trump will run as an Independent supports your last point clearly. They will try to split the Republican vote. Also, thank you for stating how so-called Conservative talk show hosts are actually anti- Liberty. I wondered for a long time why they did not "get" Ron Paul. Now I realize they are his enemies. They are pawns of the puppet masters. They sold their souls a long time back. Please encourage your friends to not only vote for Dr. Paul, but to support him with their small contributions. It can be as little as putting a bumper sticker on their car.

  41. You're right Mike, that point cannot be emphasized. Donations are critical - it doesn't matter how much - do whatever you can afford - or can't afford - because NOBODY can afford the alternative.

    They cleaned up the floor with Newt and the other actors - I met a gentleman in a grocery store here in C-ville with a Ron Paul t-shirt on - I shook his hand - he told me that both he and his wife (professionals making a sacrifice - they have really good "jobs")

    ...were heading out West to campaign for Ron Paul -

    THAT'S what is going on- that's where the support for Ron Paul is really coming from - and you wanna' know something else?

    Why wasn't I wearing a Ron Paul t-shirt?

    The folks fighting this battle for liberty - including the bloggers supporting my blog - without which I would have NO voice - all exist on donations. Donations are sparse - people are hurting - but Americans have proven that they are the most generous on the planet - especially during their biggest crises.

    Thanks for the reminder. I just feel like people think I'm trying to be a salesman when the pursuit of truth, justice, and liberty has to remain the main focus.

  42. The flaw in saying that Ron Paul is for "wall st" and corporations, so they will rape us if he gets in, is that they're already raping us to the max 100%. Therefore, Ron Paul is the only guy who's not a mass murderer, being against the wars. And also, you're forgetting that Ron Paul is against the FED. How does that fit in with those who say he will allow "wall st" to rape and pillage us? And what about him being the only one against un-Constitutional legislations?

    So let's see:

    - only non-mass murderer
    - against the FED
    - for the Constitution and liberties

    Hmmmmmm.......I think he's the ONLY good candidate.

  43. we the people need to ignore polictics and just get on and live are lives in happiness. You need to understand that the only power any goverment has is the power you give to them. Global mass non complaience with the system is the only answer. dont pay taxes, dont vote. Do any of you people here honestly believe you need someone else to tell you how to live a happy and full life. The time of Polictics has come to an end, at all costs do not feed the machine.

  44. 'Whether or not a currency is backed by gold makes no difference. As long as we pay interest, it is still Masonic Jewish (i.e. Illuminati) economics. The real alternative is interest-free currency.'

  45. Yes paying interest is absurd - but... an alternative currency backed by metal - as Kennedy also tried - will begin to rob the Federal Reserve of their monopoly over our currency. It's a start. It's not a solution to all problems - but it is a beginning.

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