Where Do We Go from Here?

Something is rotten in Den..... I mean the United States.  Actually a lot.

This police state is becoming quite a bother.  After all - I'm an American.  Grew up in the seventies.  What the hell happened?

A lot.




1.  The break-up of the media.

     Without a complete shatter-fest of American media nothing will happen.  So-called "mainstream" media must be placed back into the hands of We the People.  Without this crucial step we are doomed.  Doomed to a war of vast proportions - worldwide that will shatter all we hold dear.  Only mainstream media can bring the message to the sleeping masses.

     The message must come from entertianment, news, everything.  Every angle.  Every direction.  Every opinion, idea - no question can go unasked.  Censorship must be made impossible.  Once again - this is the first most important step toward liberty and freedom.  There is no other way.

     The FCC is a joke.  Since they cannot do their job they must be disbanded - everyone fired - and an engineering commitee set up to ensure that broadcasts frequencies within a certain geographical location cannot infringe on those within the same range.  The output power of broadcast stations must be evened out so that each has a strong signal giving no one the "upper hand" - within obvious engineering obstacles.

     The programming must be set up to give a chance to public good - programs and guests must be brought on to give an even hand to competing ideas and agendas.  No Jews-only hosts can be allowed without an Arab balance and no religious zealot of any stripe allowed to speak without a balancing counterpoint.  This can be done to get us through the crisis then the laws set up to fade after we get on an even keel.

2.  Money reform

     There is absolutely positively  no good reason I've heard for private central bankers to have a monopoly on the means of exchange we all agree upon to do business.  There is absolutely no good reason not to present at least ONE competing currency to challenge the federal reserve counterfeiters.  They were given a job to do and they failed.  Let somebody compete with them - how about the Treasury of the United States?  How about some silver, gold or other backed currency to give them a little competition so they will have to get off their lazy asses and do something to make We the People WANT their paper money?  This critical step is only possible after a reform of the media - so a balanced perspective can be presented to We the People - so a democratic debate can take place as a prerequisite for informed debate and decision taking.  Bad money means bad everything.  Unless hard work and creative excellence are rewarded the country goes down the rat-hole.


3.  Transparancy in Government

     Whistleblowers need a BONUS.  Every one of them.  The jury is still out on whether or not Snowden is a psy-op.  We shall see - but for now - the reaction of the media to the asserted claims are horrifying to those like me who grew up within the framework of a "free society."  The concept that Snowden has to go to Russia - of all places - for freedom of speech is the most ridiculous garbage I've been exposed to yet.  ALL talking heads telling their flock of sheep that Snowden is a traitor should be hanged as traitors themselves.  The hell with it.  Since we are going for broke here - and human life means nothing in this country - let's start by hanging all the media liars.  Any media puke against freedom of speech should be viewed as signing their own death warrant.  Somebody call the government murderers and "report" the "analysts" etc... to the government for treason against We the People and have the media liars sent to Gitmo first - for torture since that is such a hoot - then have them all dig their own graves prior to being shot to death.  Heck - let's televise it - talk about a reality show huh?

     "Our" government tells us that they need the ability to watch us take a shit and jerk off right?  No privacy if you have nothing to hide huh?  What is good for the goose is good for the gander - so they should set the example of purity - let's put cameras in their homes and make a reality TV show out of it!  Talk about fun!

     We can watch the acts live on teevee that "our" representatives are being blackmailed by Israel, the NSA, the FBI - all on teevee!  Talk about ratings huh?

     Then maybe after they release all the records and hand out cash rewards in the millions to the whistleblowers that made it all possible - we can watch the dealings where they were caught on tape taking money from foreign and domestic spies!  Wouldn't that be precious?  Yeah!  Then we can hang all the bastards that put them up to defeating the NSA spying leash bill etc... and hang the foreign and domestic spies that put them up to it!  Wouldn't that be fun?  But wait - there's more.

5.  Trials

     How about we go back to the Nuremburg ideals - and hold all these corrupt corporate scumbags responsible for all the cash dealings they made selling us out?  How about we find the filthy freaks that sold the computers to the schools up in Pennsylvania that were watching the high schoolers undress from the cameras in their laptops they brought home from school?  How about we call a peeping tom a peeping tom instead of pretending they are watching us take a dump for national security via our smartphone?

     How about we find those sharing our medical records with prospective employers and insurance companies?  Put their names out there for everyone to see - kind of like the child-molester registry?  Wouldn't you want to know if your neighbor worked for the FBI and was spying on you?  Seriously  - you don't want your daughter to date the son of a beeotch who was reporting your suspicious activity to the cops do you?  What suspicious activity - I have no idea - anybody looks suspicious if you look long enough.  Try it - take a potato - set it on the table in front of you - or hold it in your hand if the bankers took your table - look at it - keep looking at it for a couple of days - it will eventually look suspicious - somehow.  Try it.

6.  Hollywood

     Let's make a new law after we throw the blackmailed crooks and turncoats out of office - any hollywood profiteer making movies glamorizing police violence should be put to DEATH.  Public execution - but not before we torture them using whatever government documentation and standards presently or formerly in use by the government pretending they represent us.  In fact we'll have the bastards torture each other!  Yeah!  There's an idea!  We'll built an arena - using Halliburton as the contractor - trust me they'll do it for cash - and have them all maim each other with the hope that as the winner they will get out alive!  But their reward - will be death for treason anyway.  Ha ha ha isn't this great?

7.  Schools

     Let's find the brightest students we can find and train them for future careers with the government.  Here are the career paths:

     1.  Torturer
     2.  Murderer
     3.  Liar and setup artist
     4.  Actor - (crisis)
     5.  Government leech
     6  Snitch
     7.  Peeping Tom (computer)
     8.  Etc...


Well that's enough - I had to put a few words down just to express my frustration with the state of affairs in this disappointment we call the "Land of the Free and Home of the Brave."  I want to vomit.


    Don't you have a football/futbol game to get to?  Get in your minivan slave!


Endangered Species: Yogis of Tibet, me and you

I urge you to watch this fascinating documentary of Yogis in Tibet.

On a much smaller scale I've tried to yogify myself over the last two years - I don't know how to explain it - it just kind of happened - my need for solitude and escape from the clatter of our society.  First I fled Washington DC - then I fled a corporation of crazed "driven" robots - then I fled human contact - then I ran out of money.  You know you are broke when you cannot afford a Yoga class.  Ha ha ha ha ha.  It's true!  There was a time not too long ago I wouldn't have believed YOU if you told me YOU couldn't afford a damn yoga class.  Some things have to be learned first hand - a return to a simpler existence - a chance to see the honeysuckles and watch the Cicadas - and a chance to be eaten alive by horseflies while exercising outside.  A chance to observe the length of day by itself, and see the days change one after another with nowhere to go and nothing to do but watch it all happen.  Financially a catastrophe - personally fulfilling and life-changing at my stage in life.  I don't know many people that could handle paradise.

Extended solitude is impossible in the United States - and will become impossible for the Yogis of Tibet.  As you watch the video - if you are an engineer - perhaps instead of seeing the majesty of a snowy mountain peak you see a cell-phone tower location.  Perhaps as a soldier you see an artillery position.  That's weastern culture.  Determined at any cost to take what is already perfect and "fix" it with some plastic and formica accents - in 70's orange perhaps - time for that to come back in vogue I'd say.  As far as the Yogis of Tibet - hell - we'll put'em in a trailer park in downtown Richmond, Virginia where they can meditate to the "music" of garbage trucks at three in the morning shattering the never-ending ever-present howl of Interstate 95 - as the garbage trucks bust the rocky cobblestones before the driver bashes the dumpsters off a wall for half an hour at three in the morning.  Don't forget all the blue-LED eye-hell everywhere from the RF-XMIT devices - the invisible yet somehow sickening frequencies they radiate and bathe us with incessantly.  Yeah - we'll put the remaining Yogis there if they manage to live long enough not to be wiped out by ignorant gun-slingers sent to "help" them "modernize."  Yuck.  Who's paying for all this?  Who wants it?  Hell this public is so brain-dead the Tibetans themselves know that even sitting in public and dousing oneself with gasoline and SELF-IMMOLATING can't move the drones we've all become.  What a mess.

Nobody will really help the Tibetans  the way they need to be helped.  The almighty dollar - or whatever currency will replace it is way too important.  Our flimsy spray-painted culture of plastic facade with a noisome background din of crapola must win out - for the short-lived and mis-spent profits of a few greedy psychopaths.  You know - people so obsessed with power and money that they actually KILL PEOPLE for MONEY - uhm let me correct that - they send YOUR KIDS to KILL PEOPLE FOR MONEY - and you are letting them do it.  Oh - you are paying for it too.

Why can't the Chinese just leave these people alone?  Because they need more.  More of everything - except Wisdom, serenity, and individual discovery.  These taboos must be stamped and machine-gunned out of existence - and we in the USA are proudly helping get the job done.

The suffering on this planet - the cycle of violence and greed and destruction of a sacred past are the most un-human of crimes.  Crimes against ourselves and those we will turn this dump over to.  But there is hope.  Maybe the kids will see their parents for what they are - a bunch of greedy disgusting murdering torturing flag-waving hypocrites.  They go by names like Amerikan, Christian, Muslim, Catholic, Citizen, Soldier, Programmer, Teacher, Mother, Father, Brother, Uncle, Neighbor, - YOU and ME.  Perhaps the next generation will see what we cannot see - ourselves - and they will abort this dastardly mission of madness.  Hope springs eternal as the saying goes.  I don't spend a lot of time hoping anymore as I watch the Yogis of Tibet burn alive - but statistically bad anything can't last forever.  Maybe things will just get better by accident - or due to cosmic influence - science and modern technology have failed so far unless you need an electric motor to make your gatling gun spin faster.

Perhaps I'm just bitching - but we all have to start somewhere.  When you see what is going on in Tibet - it really encapsulates what is going on everywhere right now.  I believe people are now getting tired of it and it is turning around - I just wish somehow we could accelerate the move toward peace before the whole place is burned to the ground and we have to start over again.

Infected with the "Disease of Liberty"

     I am a male.  I am an American.  I love JFK.  No I am not a homosexual.

     But who cares about all that crap anyway?  It's all designed to divide us.  My best homosexual friend is dead.  I'm heterosexual.  Neither of us cared about all that stuff.  He is what he is, I am what I am - and neither of us were interested in the fakery called death.

     Both of us were white.  Neither of us cared.

     Both of us were Americans.  Neither of us cared.

     Both of us loved JFK.  Why?

     Perhaps because we both had a common affliction - no not AIDS - or any bullshit like that - the disease of LIBERTY.

     You see my friend, my cherished reader - without which this blog is a complete waste of time - we both knew that our best interests - regardless of their departures upon encountering forks in the road of fate - were always served by the great country we lived in - the United States of America.

     You may say - Jack - you are delusional - America has always been a fraud.  What - with prohibition and the recent drug wars - these are gigantic scams fomented by corporate and mafia and CIA interests to use mind-control via media to get money for black ops and to steal the mineral and other resources from third world peoples not able to defend themselves.  (terrorists is the term)

     You may say - hey Bunny Boy - you are crazy - America is the "good guys" and we are proud to send our sons and daughters to fight in wars based on lies supported by fake admissions by tortured terrorists for scumbags in Tejas imploring us all to "smoke 'em out" after Silverstein and his buds blew the buildings back in 911.  You may say "Jackass Rabbitous" you are cracked because you think that people like YOU and ME would DARE to MURDER people for financial and political gain.

     Uhm......uh......are you over the age of four?  Are you fucking retarded?  Seriously are you? Is that the naivity you teach your kids?  If so - send them to this stinking AIPAC-radio-infested radio rathole I live in - I need to sell them a broken automobile with a cracked frame and blown engine.  C'mon people - are you stupid?  Silverscum is about to haul in another load of cash from the blindest of insurance companies as the greedy exec goes after the airlines blaming them (via venal law-yars of course) for the 911 attacks!  Yes I know.....ZZZZZZZZZZZ - this is not a Blue-light special or a futbal game - go back to sleep citizen........EGADS!

     OK - you wanna hear something to let you know you are still a great Amaricon?   Yes - because you still are - you are simply lied to!  The time to reform - to learn - to understand - to join the revolution -is NOW!  Nobody can tell you that you are "wrong" etc... - we have all been lied to and fell for it at one time or another.  Me - dumb old jackass rabbit - I'm one of YOU!  That's for sure.

     But I've been infected with the disease of liberty - and I hope to give you the disease as well.

     The fact is that the United States of America is anything BUT a bad place full of bad people doing bad things.  Just the opposite.  After all - you are not bad and neither am I - otherwise you wouldn't be reading this right now!

     We are ALL trying to figure out how to get out of this fascist f-up - I can tell you how.

1.  Break up the media - and I mean BREAK UP THE MEDIA N.O.W. - YESTERDAY!!@@!@!

2.  Secure elections to eliminate fraud - how?  No more AIPAC etc...   Make them all illegal - maybe for a year or two - grandfather the whole thing out - then see how it goes.

3.  Secure states's rights - get the feds to HEEL NOW!  These jackbooted thugs are out of control.  They are encroaching on states and counties to the point that it is not that hard to find someone who has a relative or friend that has not meen MURDERED by a psychopathic COP for doing NOTHING!!!

4.  Get your county Sheriff to talk to Sheriff Mack as soon as possible - fund whatever it takes for the plane ticket, hotel and rental car for YOUR sheriff - the highest law enforcement man in the land - to attend one of Sheriff Mack's seminars - so YOUR SHERIFF can understand the implications of his/her power to protect you and your  loved ones from the dangers of federal power run amok.

5.  Secure food and barter stuff:  The monetary system of this skeleton of an industrial nation will collapse - it is presently being propped up by masters of illusion - and this will work as long as the audience will buy the illusion - but there is a big big prob:  controlling PANIC is one thing - controlling the LAW OF SUPPLY AND DEMAND IS IMPOSSIBLE.  You see - PANIC is an illusion - supply and demand is a reality.  Fakery and "printing money" albeit electronic will continue to work until the international constraints call the poker bluffs - that time is nigh.  Get your sh*t together and be prepared like the Boy/Girl Scout you are because this WILL be the case.

6.  SPEAK YOU MIND TO PEOPLE YOU KNOW - I have cut off certain neighbors and friends who are unwilling to acknowledge TORTURE OF INNOCENTS, ILLEGAL AND IMMORAL WARS - AND THE COMMITMENT OF OUR TROOPS TO RESOURCE WARS - to the point that "OUR TROOPS" in AFghanistan -tasked with murdering kids their own age every day and vice versa -no longer get meals and must eat freeze dried or irradiated GARBAGE because the lying scum contractors aren't getting a "reach around."


Folks - please wake up.  Violence and bloodshed are a complete waste of time.  Training your kid for a "job" in the military is a sick joke - and the joke is on them!  If you are a parent - an "adult" and you approve of your kid joining a rape-squad of pressed-suit wearing Napoleonic-invented-medal-wearing killers - ask yourself how you would feel if this "band of brothers" were unleashed on your neighborhood with the weapons you approve of them brandishing and using on the populations of countries that NEVER ATTACKED US?  And if you don't think insiders attacked us on 911 - I'm sorry but you had better grow up very very very fast and educate yourself - in fact that is your duty as an American citizen - and at least if you vote - get busy.  OR please don't vote - you are too uninformed if you don't know 911 was an inside job.

Visit the links on this blog regarding building 7 if you don't believe me.


By the way - if you fell for the Obombya bullshit - here's a video where a real prez speaks - this dude was a Navy skipper - saved his whole crew - real hero - knew real war - and got his head blown off for YOU!  Take the time to listen:




What Really Happened to Michael Hastings?

UPDATE September 12, 2013  It really is hands free! Self-driving Mercedes-Benz is unveiled - and it should be available within seven years

Watch this video first:

Although history repeats - we all know "It can't happen here" ......... right?   Not in the U.S.A right?

If you are not familiar with the Hastings case see THIS PAST POST - then consider.....

Check outTHIS ARTICLE- maybe history really is repeating?

Add caption

Nikolai Yezhov, walking with Stalin in the top photo from the 1930s, was killed in 1940. Following his execution, Yezhov was edited out of the photo by Soviet censors.[54] Such retouching was a common occurrence during Stalin's rule.


Connections to 911?

Here's the end of episode 4 - but to really see some coinkydinks you really have to watch episode 1 - where it starts out at the towers, regards an event that happens on 11-9, talks about a plane flight 911 - really fun to see how happenstance is everywhere.  Go to time=46:52 to see a punch card that looks like a lit-up skyscraper fall with an interesting backdrop.

But don't forget to watch episode 1 as above so below:


The Lighthouse called Reason

Ship in a Storm

Our ship, the USA, is in a fascist storm, we need to get back to our safe harbor - the Bill of Rights.

Crowd psychology dictates that all government, good and bad, must accept the realities inherent in the management of the masses.  The alternative is anarchy.  With the passing of one of the most tyrannical July 4 holydays here in Amerika it has become evident to the crowd that things are not the way we want them to be.  In order to restore a government of the People, by the People, and for the People, We the People are tasked with bringing forth such change in government so that in the end it once again serves We the People.

Christmas and Books

Christmas in America in the seventies meant gifts from Santa Claus for many middle class children in America - myself included.  There were toys and games - and books.  There were always books - piles of them.  They were the last of the gifts from Santa to be examined after all the toys and games quickly bored the mind - leaving the most lasting impressions on the mind.  Yes - there were chemistry sets etc... that served equally awesome purpose - but the books in the end have stayed with me - whether in mind or in some cases have been carted around with me throughout the years.

Our materialistic society in many ways collectively parallels this individual experience of mine - as I watch the plastic crack and the paint fade on many modern gadgets.  But todays technology allows the changing of the written word and the control of available information more controllable to the centralized powers intent on retaining their grip over the masses at any cost.

Without reliable feedback to the public in a free society it is folly to anticipate that sound decisions will be taken at either an individual level or collectively.  This makes the free flow of information a basic requirement for the prosperity of We the People living under a set of laws we have all agreed to obey.

Those intent on limiting the free flow of information in any way of We the People directly undermine any hope for a future of liberty.

A Revolution is Coming - Like it or not

My observations tell me that the idea of revolution in America has already taken hold in the mind of the masses.  People are speaking aloud in public - conversing with each other rather than via the middle-man media known as the corporate media.  Blogs and chat rooms can no longer be controlled by shills. Callers to radio and TV shows confront the liars in ever-growing numbers.  Discussions have moved from possibilities to probabilities, from what if to when, and how.

The great hope of We the People is for peaceful change but it seems that those in power desire the opposite.  News reports abound proclaiming large ammunition purchases, movement of heavy vehicles and drills practiced by police agencies and military establishment cronies of a rotted government structure that no longer shares our values.  These reports seem designed to leave the reader or listener or watcher in the crowd with a feeling of hopelessness - that there really is no way to fight back against this "Big Brother is Watching You" police state with goons and guns at the ready.  But is this necessarily the truth?  As with everything drummed out by the paid-for corporamedia it is most likely false.

Our Challenge

The greatest challenge to Patriots intent on the restoration of the rule of law in these United States as ultimately explicated in the Bill of Rights is that we must appeal to reason - while dealing with the Crowd.  The power-hungry fascists have a much easier task from their lofty cavaliers - they must only apply the long-tested and well-established tenets of mass-media tricks and artifice to manipulate the mob on airwaves they "own" - and in many cases supported by massive war-chests of dollars confiscated from We the People.

Crowds respond to simplicity.  Crowds are ever-prone to credulity - believing the first tale or corruption of truth fed to them.  It's just that way.  That is why every time there is a "crisis" - whether real or false-flag - an "eye-witness" to the event is just moments away - conveniently babbling to the camera for mob consumption the pre-digested image for the public mind - devoid of evidence or investigation - and becomes "fact" as the days and weeks pass by with ever more noise emanating from the boob-tube and other corporate controlled government lackey media.  

The fascists controlling our state-run media KNOW that violent affirmations and repetition of simple messages are the formula to moving the mind of the mob - especially during the key time-window moments after an event of their own making - where the mass-mind is most at the ready in a heightened state of vulnerability to the processes of hypnotic suggestion.  It works every time.

These masses of ordinary people - people like YOU and me - compose a mass mind - a crowd.  This crowd can be moved to perform the most extraordinary feats of bravery - feats higher than any individual may be capable of performing on their own.  These crowds of YOU and me are also EQUALLY capable of performing the most atrocious acts of violence and vicious selfishness beyond that imaginable by any individual in the crowd.  The path of the mob is determined by its management.

Managing the Masses

Since we have decided, so far, that anarchy is not the answer - that we do indeed wish to have laws that serve We the People - and that we have collectively decided that our "leaders" are no longer respecting such laws (BILL OF RIGHTS) - we must manage the masses - that means government. 

Good government is that which serves WE THE PEOPLE.  Any government that denies its solemn duty to protect individual rights of WE THE PEOPLE - but PRETENDS to protect us by enslaving us is no longer good government.  That means it is a bad government - and bad government HAS TO GO BYE-BYE.  This means the ejection of key PEOPLE within said government and the installation of good people (representatives) that will execute the laws we've agreed to live under and restore the BILL OF RIGHTS.  The question is how to accomplish this urgent need.


I've heard that most revolutions are bloodless - so it is reasonable to expect that we can have a bloodless revolution here in the US right now.  This revolution is taking place in the hearts and minds of WE THE PEOPLE now - and the fascists controlling the mob-media are intent on making it bloody by fanning flames of racism, divisions exploiting issues like gays and abortion etc...  That is their plan - to bring forth fighting using these and other false-flag scams to divide us and then eventually conquer us.

Our task - and the more difficult one - is the continue to pick them off one at a time using REASON.  This must be in every way on every day.  Every opportunity to "get the word out" or express what is obvious must be taken - but it takes time.  As the hearts and minds are won by reason - the mass-mind that is America will act as the GOOD crowd, the BRAVE crowd and will perform those deeds that have been accomplished by the masses throughout the ages.  Leaders will be necessary - but they must be chosen by a reasoned body and not a bloodthirsty crowd.


Crowd psychology is the means by which the fascists desire to maintain control.  As an inescapable reality WE THE PEOPLE must also bear its merits and pitfalls in mind as we fight to bring back good government - bringing our ship to shore out of this fascist storm.