Vids: Laud the Brave then Rob their Grave: City ghouls grab '9/11' cop corpse

"The family was permitted to carry out the open-casket wake Monday night, but the body was taken by the ME's office around 10 p.m. -- forcing Wong's relatives to postpone yesterday's planned viewing and also delay his cremation and funeral.

"They totally disrespected our family. Now my brother can't even rest in peace because of this," the younger brother said. "I feel horrible, my mother is crying."

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Read more: here

There is no limit.  The cover-up continues, the myth propagation continues, and the cops and firefighters are disrespected - and left without the closure truth affords.  Closure an admission of a link between the events of 911 and their illnesses might possibly bring.  NO say the "officials" - that's asking too much.

There is no low blow the cover-up artists won't stoop to when it comes to delivering yet another slap in the face of the heroes of 911.  Forget helping these guys out - or admitting a connection between their illnesses and 911.  As usual they can only be counted on for carefully crafted propaganda - and of course - telling silence - when it comes to really supporting the fallen.  Yes - I can still picture chimpy standing there with his bullhorn, an arm around a firefighter.  Makes me sick.

Our "leaders" know talk is cheap - that's why they rely on talk and never take action on behalf of the public.  It leaves more cash to stuff in their pockets.  But in the case of 911 truth - as cheap as talk is - you won't get much from the old mainstream media.  No - the orders were given a long time ago to ridicule those demanding truth and justice - then just hope it goes away.  I can only conclude there are many members of our media assisting the real terrorists.  But back to this ugly incident.

Oh - are you thinking - "Well sometimes these things happen-the government wouldn't lie to me."

Answer - no these things should never happen.  But lest you get the idea that a 911 first-responder dying from 911-related injuries is something new - take a look at this U.S. Marshall, Greg Quibell, who passed away a while back.  Listen to his health situation before and after 911:


It is telling that we hear such praise for public servants in the corporate-owned cover-your-ass mainstream media - but when it comes time for their corporate-connected-and-controlling cronies to pay up to cover health costs for the fallen and infirm, the money-grubbing vermin "robber-barons" skedaddle like rats from a sinking galleon. As they run for cover they know they can count on their bought-and-paid-for media to run interference - and their cronies in government to "play the game" as they all "keep a lid on" the truth about 911-related illnesses and 911-related truth in general.

Adding insult to injury - they won't even admit a connection between the disease and its cause - thereby covering the asses of the rest of their "good ole' boys Club-of-Greed."  Such moral contortionism underscores the rot at the highest decision-making levels of our immoral culture where the lowest forms of life slither in the cracks.  In public they repeat the slogans lauding the braves - only to return in the dark of night to rob their graves.  Sick.  Absolutely sick.  How much more will Americans accept in the "land of the free" and "home of the brave?"  

Ask yourself how so many heroes fates have been marginalized and kept concealed from public view in the mainstream media for so many years?  Why again - as with other MAJOR events is something so important pertaining to  REAL humanitarian heroes dying of event-related illnesses absent in our ever-bickering media of cackling giggling jokesters and parrots?  When you hear the radio in your car, or see a TV on - ask yourself why you are being fed mushroom food - is it because you are a mushroom or because the corporate owners of the media must keep you in the dark?  Anything for money, power, control.  If you don't think it's that bad - refer back to the first paragraph of this article.

The real 911 terrorists continue the cover-up - and continue to hedge their bets and cut their losses - while the real heroes die from wounds sustained in battle.  

911 truth is a truth that must be faced for America to heal.  The perps know it's light will spell THE END for them - that's why, as with the gruesome scene quoted in the first paragraph, and as with 911 truth in general - THEY KNOW that once those of you out there finally open your eyes and join those of us already awake - that THEIR DAYS ARE NUMBERED.  THAT IS WHY they will STOP AT NOTHING to keep the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth out of public view.

Yes the truth is at the fringes of society - it is pushed there.  But as the new media brings forth new light - and the cockroaches make a run for it - they take desperate measures - making mistakes -allowing us see them for what they are when they do so.  The cover-up is, and if you haven't been paying attention, has been at that point for a long long time.

Let's bring the real 911 terrorists to justice.

Global Research: Truth, Propaganda and Media Manipulation

"By far the most valuable of these associations, according to CIA officials, have been with the New York Times, CBS and Time IncThe CIA even ran a training program “to teach its agents to be journalists,” who were “then placed in major news organizations with help from management.” "

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Note:  What a bunch of traitors - knowingly undermining our media.  How do they face themselves in the mirror?  Easy.  These people don't share our values.

Bureau of Prisons Director Harley Lappin Busted for Drunk Driving

"Lappin, who announced his resignation last week, told the staff about the drunk driving incident, Main Justice’s Andrew Ramonas reported.
The website reported that he faces three charges related to drunk driving.  The incident happened on Saturday, Feb. 26 around 4 a.m., less than a half mile from his home, the website reported.
Last Friday, Atty. Gen. Eric Holder Jr. issued a statement about the retirement of Lappin:

“During my tenure as both Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General, it has been a privilege to work closely with Director Harley Lappin."
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I suppose Mr. Lappin has made enough money off the law enforcement/war on drugs/prison scam to afford the trouble he's in.  I'd expect he's got enough connections to get through this without suffering the process reserved for the rest of society.  We'll see.  But the damage control has already started with linked article as he goes from resigning due to drunk driving to retirement in just a few paragraphs.


WTC7 was imploded: Take it from a controlled demo guy, eyewitnesses, and one other guy

WTC7 on 911 was a controlled demolition.  Please watch these videos - ask yourself if you haven't already - why is this important information absent from our mainstream media.  The only explanation I can fathom is that they are not allowed to put it up on the tube because the public would become enraged and demand justice.

It would also open up quite a can of worms regarding the wars we are mired in.

The sad truth is that we must face this dark moment in our recent history if we are to heal our nation.  The families of the victims deserve justice.  The firefighters deserve justice.  The criminals must be brought to justice.


This gentleman used to work at "Controlled Demolitions" - listen to his reasoning - he knew from "day one" that this was a controlled event - and that you would hear a series of explosions...

This gentleman describes what he heard as the buildings collapsed-a series of explosions:

...and this guy says they "pulled it"


Your TV won't tell you the truth on this matter - that's for sure.  Accepting the reality of the events of 911 - that we were horribly lied to - will be up to you.


Attack on Libya: Gutless Congress, Hypocritical UN, and an American KING

The United Nations gave Obama "permission" to attack Libya.  But look what they were saying just a short time ago:

Now listen to our government officials who've acted without consulting congress - but hide behind UN approval - NO THREAT:
"On “This Week,” ABC News’ Senior White House Correspondent Jake Tapper asked Gates, “Do you think Libya posed an actual or imminent threat to the United States?”

“No, no,” Gates said in a joint appearance with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. “It was not -- it was not a vital national interest to the United States, but it was an interest and it was an interest for all of the reasons Secretary Clinton talked about.  The engagement of the Arabs, the engagement of the Europeans, the general humanitarian question that was at stake,” he said."
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Note:  Notice that there is no attempt to hide the truth that the Executive Branch had no business doing what they did in Libya.  There is no hiding from that fact.  If they didn't pose a threat we were not defending ourselves - as is the job of the "Department of Defense."  

But that's OK - everybody knows our "representatives" and federal officials don't view themselves as PUBLIC servants - but as globalist enablers.  They just explain things away on the boob tube and figure the public will swallow their dose of mushroom-food once again.  But I don't think that is going to be the case much longer.  

Take a look at the comments below the article when you visit the link above.  Once you get past the shills and obfuscators - you will see that the people are waking up in large numbers to the FACT that our government is no longer ours - but taking orders from international bankers, NWO Globalists and other manipulators of our "representatives" who no longer get a chance to represent us since the king will act whenever he wants.  They are also a bunch of cowards afraid to assert the authority entrusted in their co-equal branch.

Only the American people can stop the monster - painfully obvious.
This is a sad abuse of our military forces - and will only worsen.  It's time for the big shots in the military - those "leaders" to start really leading - and I mean doing the hard work because when you follow illegal orders and then order your subordinates to execute illegal orders - you are indeed acting cowardly since you are not facing the root cause of our problems.  I hope our military puppets aren't so brainwashed that when the orders come to subdue Americans they can remember that they'll be shooting at their own friends and families.  Oh - with the help of foreign troops.  If you don't believe me click here.

If we've ever faced a so-called "Constitutional Crisis" it is now.  The precedent is being set upon which all future dictators will point to justify their unitary actions on behalf of "making the world safe for democracy."  Too bad we are supposed to be living in a Republic, a form of government Ben Franklin told us is ours "if we can keep it."  

Don't count on the cowards in the federal government racket to fix what they don't view as broken.  They've already sold their souls to the globalists - and the agenda is moving along apace.  They are allowing the usurpation of all power into the Executive branch - the beginning of the end.  

The recent move into Libya by Obombyall is intended to assert that authority - right out in the open - with no pretense of consultation of the American public - because the man who wouldn't even put his hand on his heart to respect the American flag is the president of the world - he thinks - he couldn't care less about the United States of America or the "gwaddam sheet of paper" known as the Constitution.  

States will have to assert their authority and begin immediate measures to halt federal intrusion.  

States will have to restrict further encroachment of federal agencies - turn down federal money - and prepare long-range planning of budgets etc... that are free of the puppet-strings of the feds.  

State police agencies, county sheriffs and other law enforcement agencies must be divorced of federal monies, influence, and training junkets to Israel immediately - and reigned in to stop the violence and illegal searches of the populace.  The TSA must be thrown out of the airports - EVERYWHERE.  

The feds have to be starved out of business so they no longer have the funds to do the bidding of their globalist masters.  Citizens must be educated so they understand the concept of the false-flag attack (CLICK here for a recent proposed) so when the globalists attempt to regain their power via staged "terror attacks" the public will see the events for what they are and not fall for it.  

The war on drugs must be stopped immediately.  

Since the executive branch ignores Congress and Congress refuses to act - we can take that as a tacit admission that they are not GOING to act - which means we need to ignore them too.  Who cares about Congress?  

It is time to focus action on state-level government ensuring that representatives are anti-globalists intent on assuring that citizens of their state get their day in court.  One way or the other.  This may require tough decisions and great sacrifice - but since the feds won't uphold the Bill of Rights - somebody will have to - or the people will have to do it for themselves.

The unitary action in Libya by the most recent occupiers of the Executive Branch of the U.S. is blatantly at odds with everything America stands for.  They have crossed the line - they no longer care about hiding it.  They think you don't care and you will forget and do nothing.  They KNOW Congress is under control and will do nothing.  

We the People do indeed live in "interesting times."  The question is whether or not we'll be able to keep our Republic - and exactly how we will get it done.  


Threats kill plans for today's anti-terror exercise

"An anti-terrorism drill based on a fictional scenario involving white supremacists angry over an influx of minorities and illegal immigrants was canceled Friday after officials of the school that was hosting the training exercise said they received threatening phone calls and emails."
Read more here
Note:  Anybody using that stupid phrase "war on terror" has no place in government or in any position paid for with tax dollars.

Video: Obama on Obama's abuse of power regarding his attack on Libya

Note:  I suppose this is where an over-reliance on "hope" gets us

500,000 protesters march in London (some unrelated to the real event tear the place up)

"Campaigners claimed they targeted the 300-year-old store because its owners are at the centre of a £40million tax avoidance row. Protesters also occupied Vodafone, Boots and BHS stores on Oxford Street for the same reason .

Sally Mason, one of the protesters who occupied the store, said: ‘Fortnum & Mason is a symbol of wealth and greed. It is where the Royal Family and the super-rich do their weekly shop and a picnic hamper costs £25,000.
‘This sits in stark contrast to everyone else who is struggling to make ends meet, fill in their tax returns and benefit forms and facing huge student debts, unemployment and the closure or dismantling of local services such as the NHS, libraries and leisure centres.’"

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1370053/Anti-cuts-demo-Protesters-occupy-Fortnum--Mason-half-million-march-London.html#ixzz1HkgLzsvu

Note:  The article refers to the protesters as "anarchists" which seems odd - since the protesters are asking for their government to do something.  This is contrary to the definition of "anarchist."  

The article typifies the media attacks leveled at protesters everywhere - always trying to make them look nuts.  But it is hard to believe that there are 500,000 nutty people who are anarchists.  

The mainstream media, is failing in its attempts to serve their rich masters as the propaganda becomes ever more transparent to the general public.

Although above article makes the event look insane - check out following article which seems to show a more balanced view:

"Violence flared away from the rally when a group of hundreds of activists, not connected with the union protest, clashed with police. They set off fireworks, threw paint and attacked shops in Oxford Street, Regent Street and Piccadilly."
Read more here at "Independent"


Sightseeing in Richmond via IPhone

First picture is an ole' punch-clock at the Irish.

Second pic is a toucha' Jefferson on the side of a building -one of three accomplishments the revolutionary icon specified be engraved on his tombstone.

"Prezidint" is not one of the accomplishments he bothered to list.

With all the talk of our present crises - internal and external here in the 'states - it is important to remember that religious-based divisions are nothing new.  In fact they are quite old.

One of TJ's books on the shelf in his library at Monticello says "Plutarch" on the spine.  I wonder what TJ learned from Plutarch?

ole punch clock at the Irish

Jefferson's "The Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom"

Libya, Obama, and the Five-Second Rule: Video

Note:  Notice there is no call for impeachment

"Mr. President. We are not clear why we are fighting, who exactly we are fighting with, who the ‘rebels’ are that we’re fighting for, what a No-Fly Zone accomplishes with a dictator who has ground troops, how long we are to be there, to whom we are to “hand-off,” and why, Sir, if we are intervening on behalf of civilians at risk, why we did not do so in Egypt, why we are not doing so in places like Bahrain, and – if the local government were to somehow screw-up the containment at the Dai-Ichi nuclear plant, if this new doctrine would somehow permit us to go in and try to take over Japan."

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Artificial clouds could help cool 2022 Qatar World Cup

"Scientists at Qatar University claim to have developed artificial clouds to provide shade for stadia and training grounds at the 2022 World Cup."
Read more here
Note:  Big deal.  They are already spraying that stuff all over the place here in Virginia and elsewhere.  Here's a picture of the eastern sky over Charlottesville, VA with sunrise.  

You can see some more pics showing dispersal as the wind spreads these lines out into a sheet of ugly overcast.  An aluminum overcast if you will - as the rumors say it is barium sulfate and aluminum oxide.  

Click here for a previous post on this topic.

You may also be interested in these pics, posts and vids (CLICK)


John Boehner gives Obama toiletpaper as a gift for invading Libya

Yep - it's official - and has been for some time - we have a "King" - with unilateral power to do whatever he wants where ever he wants - including committing US armed forces to war.

Don't give me a psychobabble definition of what war is - war is killing - jets, bombs, cruise missiles and death.  That is exactly what is going on right now and the Nobel-prize-winning Constitutional scholar is the guy that did it - with UN approval of course.

For the record - F the UN.  I hate them.  They are a plague - a disease eating the life out of our great nation via treaty.  Their ever-encroaching power wielded by unelected unanswerable and unreproachable "officials" over our daily lives is accelerating with supra-normal speed.  It is difficult for the human mind to grasp all the change going on that we never hoped for.  But the NWO puppet Barry Soetoro continues his work.  I wonder what the UN wants him to do next?  Hmmm.  Kinda' makes elections a moot point.

But back to the title of this post.  Here's a snippet demonstrating the impotent power Congress holds on our (WE THE PEOPLE's) behalf:

"House Speaker John Boehner (R., Oh.) sent a strongly-worded letter Wednesday to PresidentBarack Obama, raising questions about the U.S. military action in Libya, and accusing the President of consulting foreign allies more than members of Congress. The letter asks Mr. Obama to clarify the purpose of the mission, determine who will take over when the U.S. cedes the lead, say whether it’s acceptable for Moammar Ghadafi to remain in power and explain what will happen if the international coalition dissolves.“All of these concerns point to a fundamental question,” Mr. Boehner writes, “What is your benchmark for success in Libya?”  read more here

In  other words - Boehner sent Obamyall a free sheet of toilet paper - .  And you can bet it will end up where this type of paper ends down - never to be seen again.  I just hope Obombya pays his taxes:

"Mayor Jim Suttle went to Washington Tuesday flush with ideas for how federal officials could help cities like Omaha pay for multibillion-dollar sewer projects.
Among the items on his brainstorming list: a proposal for a 10-cent federal tax on every roll of toilet paper you buy."  REad the rest here  

That's your "representative's reaction to a King declaring war when the Constitution says only Congress can declare war.  I know what you're thinking:  "Yawn - when's the next game on?"

It's funny watching guys like Boehner writing letters, Dennis Kucinich waving a pocket-Constitution (which he probably carries around like a roll of "campers-toilet-tissue.")  Ron Paul has explicated that there is nothing they can do.  Jim Webb converses with paid shills on news shows - and ....your kids are tacitly commited to go die for oil, water and other resources.  I hope you're satisfied - and it appears you are my "citizen" comrades  - because silence really is agreement.  

But it isn't really that funny - like" ha ha" funny.  We are sitting idly by while our nation - the land of the free and the home of the brave - the place where anyone and everyone can come and instantly become "an American" if they so choose - the place where you too - can work your ass off and become whatever your drive and motivation and passion conjure - the greatest opportunity-factory on the planet - and what are we doing?  Letting a bunch of bureaucrats and international bankers steal it all, poison the minds of the people, and set up a NAZI-like police state where we have to comply with "commands" (compliance meaning not pulling out a f'ing gun and shooting the NAZI) "---commands" like "show me your papers."  

In a country where it was once cause for handcuffs and a ride in the paddy-wagon if you told somebody's wife and kids - "put up your hands and pull down your pants while I fondle you" it is sometimes hard to understand how we got from there to here.  (here=present nightmare where the nuts are running the nut-house.)  Commands which would also immediately meet a response from the father hearing the NAZI "commanding" his family to do something insane and stupid with a punch to the jaw.  Hopefully a few teeth would be lost in the process and the NAZI would learn that this is the USA - land of the free and home of the brave.  You don't tell me to "show my papers."  You don't tell me anything - YOU WORK FOR ME YOU PUBLIC SERVANT.

But the public serpents don't see it that way.  They are wearing the "special forces" (translation=special ed) garb - the black bullshit with the black mitten across their face so nobody knows who they are - which is a great idea since all they do is harass the public - while sucking their paycheck-livelihood from the very public that pays taxes to buy their assault rifles, stupid wanna-be uniforms, jackboots and sundry toys they use to oppress the hand that feeds them.  Look what your kids have become - immoral - embarrassing - hollow shells of the humans they once were before YOU turned a blind eye to their entry into a meat-grinder.  Now that the dead meat shows up for you to see - do you like what you see?:  Pics from here

It is telling - as the old saying goes:  "Don't bite the hand that feeds you."  Good advice.  Why is it good advice.  It is good advice because if one bites the hand that feeds them, (take a pet for example) they may find themselves at the euthanasia department of the local vet's office.

Oh - speaking of vets - another kind.  The United States is the harshest nation on the planet in many ways.  Mostly in its use, abuse, brainwashing, and corruption of the youth.  They are the best mushrooms money can buy - they are fed shit - but one doesn't even have to keep these mushrooms in the dark - thereby saving precious dollars to stuff in the CEO's Swiss bank vault.  Obviously - your sons and daughters, used as cannon fodder and bullet-catchers, are simply numbers on a spreadsheet - malleable - ready to fight - ready to kill - ready to murder - ready to torture - because in their minds - their military leaders would NEVER ask them to do something unless it were to "make the world safe for democracy."  BULLSHIT.  But who is leading our followers in uniform?  Look here for one person in the news.  Can we blame him for "just following orders?"  AFter all he's just a soldier:
Notice the American Flags?  Me neither

I sometimes wonder if my little blog posts  matter much.  I've concluded that it doesn't matter much whether or not the blog posts matter much.  All I know is that I'm doing my part, I'm doing the best I can to elucidate problems and identify common goals.  The intent is for our fragmented citizenry to somehow collectively "wake up" and "smell the coffee" first.  Then start identifying those issues we can agree we all want - like preserving the Bill of Rights - and constraining an out-of-control dictator before it is too late.

For those in favor of dictatorial powers granted to any executive - I can only ask that you picture your worst enemy - a person that most wants YOU under THEIR control - picture that person/s in command of the ability to put you in prison without trial.  To torture you until YOU agree that THEIR god/s are better than the ones you believed in before you lied and said you no longer did since they tortured you and you wanted it to stop.  I can go on but you probably get the point.

I must conclude by asking anyone happening to read this rant - to look in the mirror - look at your family - and ask yourself how we've come to this point - where their lives - their very individuality - their patriotism toward a nation gone awry - your tax money spent on death and destruction, your country you pay taxes to maintain as you you bend a rim on your car on a pothole for the third time at your expense.  

The unfathomable waste of tax monies, the looting of the treasury, the fraud that is the Federal [sic] Reserve[sic], the immoral death and destruction and the murder of innocents on behalf of globalists and banksters and merchants of death - when will it all end?  


It is not a difficult transition to make although it may require sacrifice.  I can only promise you this:  Any sacrifice you make to accomplish your personal transition from "consumer" to "citizen" pales in comparison to the sacrifices awaiting your INACTION.  


Biden said Impeach him before I did

The Lies Reach Critical Mass

"The Federal Reserve legislation was written by a private group of bankers at Jekyll Island in November of 1910. But their first meeting was held on November 22nd in the private rail car that took the conspirators from New Jersey to Georgia.

JFK signed Executive Order 11110 which ordered the Treasurer to print US Banknotes to replace Federal Reserve Notes. These debt free notes were taken out of circulation as soon as JFK was dead. If he had lived, we could have a debt free currency and live in a nation without a national debt or a Debt Bomb hanging over us.

If you see anything about the JFK assassination which does not include the fact that the President was murdered on November 22nd as a warning to every American that Wall Street controls your money and is allowed to steal every last dime, then ignore it. "
Read more here


Nobel Committee asked to strip Obama of Peace Prize

"Liberal Democratic Party of Russia leader and Vice-Chairman of the State Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky released a statement today calling for the Nobel Prize Committee to take back the honour bestowed on US President Barack Obama in 2009.

Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/304909#ixzz1HLTVSbyZ"

Note:  Symbolic but worth doing in my opinion.  That may pack more punch than the letter Congress will write to our leader.

Webb: "This isn't the way our system is supposed to work" Videos

Ah, but it IS THE WAY OUR SYSTEM WORKS!  (ONLY because Congress won't act.)

It is ironic that the only people who do not yet realize that we are living in a dictatorship are the professional liars in the media and the lemmings in Congress.  Poor Webb.  I wonder what it's like being him - just kind of bumbling around talking with a paid omitter in the media about this myth that our government has checks and balances.  One such mythical check is the "power of the purse" - where Congress can take away the dictator's money - but why do that when the merchants of death that got our "representatives" into office in the first place will  be the first to feel the pain?

Our "representatives" are out of excuses - and as the pictures of the death and destruction sown by American arms paid for with my tax money trickle in - it is obvious that we are indeed simply living in a dictatorship.

We can all wake up now to the realization that if Congress cannot stop the Executive on this matter of undeclared and unending and undefinable war chasing ghosts - regardless of which actor presently occupies the Oval Office - regardless of which phony political party/front said dictator has adopted as a cover - we are doomed as a free nation.

The blatancy with which the Executive branch acts without regard to the Constitution, and has acted for many terms demonstrates a true lack of fear of the Congress - and of the people of the United States.  The total disregard for the United States Constitution is out in the open now - a troubling fact becoming impossible even for the formidable Pentagon lie factory to spin.

If Congress, and that means Webb and the rest of them, don't act now - there will be no point to the media debate regarding what needs to be done.  The public will finally realize that they are the final check on the out-of-control U.S. federal government.

Nothing I am saying is news to those of us who have followed our descent into dictatorship.  War now in Libya.  Undeclared and undebated by Congress - but gee willikers - the UN said it's OK.  Talk about stupid.

Once more the bullets fly, the kids die, the missiles flash, the bombs crash, the blood spills, the cash tills... and .........nothing.  Just more war.  Syria and Iran are likely already in the making.  But this is impossible for many a Congressperson to grasp.  Their mental capacity toggles between catering to the rich, pissing away money, deciding how they want their filet cooked, and which wines they haven't yet tried on the wine list.

Since the dictator-handlers know the American public will eventually awaken from their trance one day - it will necessitate yet a new, new  "Pearl Harbor-like Event" - and the cycle of violence can begin again - as Congressional  and the American public herds are stampeded off the next crisis-cliff.  And naturally and as usual - this crisis will REQUIRE that their unalienable rights be smashed to death upon impact.

Yes - it is interesting indeed to watch Webb and the rest of them dawdle while our new World War dawns with the punctuality of a rising sun.  I can only imagine the yet-unwritten list of the dead sure to come on all sides of this conflict.  I doubt any of the names will include the international bankers, arms dealers, or other merchants of death standing ready to profit from the sales of everything from bombs, to bullets to bodybags.  Somehow the grisly nature of the human slaughter business hasn't reached the minds of the masses.  It certainly hasn't done much to move Congress.

Thanks to all in government - Congress especially - for your blindness to reality.  For your sugar-coating of the war industry, and your never-ending "patriotism" and "support" for our troops.

Oh Congress - just remember how easy things could have been had you only acted when there was still time.  If only you'd paid attention to those warning you of the patterns in public affairs - that there really are conspiracies that involve power and control.  If only you'd read a history book and something sank in.

Yes, a Rubicon has been crossed as the dictators of today escape those entrusted to keep them on a short leash.  Let's all hope Congress can collectively realize that the monster is loose -and act -  before it's too late to put the collar back on.

Some in Congress know how dangerous this situation is - who will team up?  Will Webb team up with them?

Bonus video:


US army apologizes for Afghanistan abuse pictures

"Two photos, which Spiegel said US authorities had sought to keep secret, appear to show two members of a unit that allegedly killed Afghan civilians for sport.
In one, a purported soldier, cigarette in hand, holds up the head of a blood-spattered man who is apparently dead. In a second, another purported soldier is grinning widely while also holding up the same man.
A third photo shows two bodies propped up against a post. Again the people in the picture appear to be dead."
Read more here
Note:  Apologies probably won't help.


It's the Libyans ...... AGAIN! We've gotta' bomb them!

Yes - the Libyans - if you aren't old enough to remember were kindofanAlQuaida back in the day...but what does it matter?  You don't need to know anything except they go "ba da da da da" (shooting an RPG or AK-47) and ...whatever.

Yeah they pulled 'ole Quaddafi/Gaddafi/Kaddafi out of the closet again.  A coupla' minutes ago he was our buddy - but that got mixed up with the rest of the lies and BS we were fed as mushrooms while being fed sh*t and always being kept in the dark.

Anyway - enjoy the video - and remember - Libyan leader bad - "rebels" (not terrorists) good.

Good gwad...

American Congress FAIL: Liberal Democrats in fake uproar over Libya action

"A hard-core group of liberal House Democrats is questioning the constitutionality of U.S. missile strikes against Libya, with one lawmaker raising the prospect of impeachment during a Democratic Caucus conference call on Saturday.

Reps. Jerrold Nadler (N.Y.), Donna Edwards (Md.), Mike Capuano (Mass.), Dennis Kucinich (Ohio), Maxine Waters (Calif.), Rob Andrews (N.J.), Sheila Jackson Lee (Texas), Barbara Lee (Calif.) and Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D.C.) “all strongly raised objections to the constitutionality of the president’s actions” during that call, said two Democratic lawmakers who took part.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0311/51595.html#ixzz1HBRCkCTY"

Note:  Well well well.  They are awake - you know - our "representatives."  Our toothless, cowardly, pathetic tools of corporate Amerika and the military-industrial-educational-murder syndicate that just loves bombing everyone have something to say.  Of course they don't do squat except run their mouths:  Then they go home to take junior to soccer.  What a country.  Pussies.

Here's the deal you Congressional de-fanged little pipsqueaks:  First - treaty undermines the Constitution.  So first you get rid of the treaty.  THEN you impeach the Nobel Peace Prize-winning fake mystery man.  But why would you wanna' do that?  There goes your funding for the next rigged election!  The hell with it - let the stupid soccer mom's send their kids into another bloodbath based on lies based on torture!  What a racket!

If you don't impeach this clown - and I mean fast - you will no longer have a job at the circus.  But then again - I don't think you have the job now.  You are just a bunch of group-think followers putting on your best tap-dance when the TV cameras are on.

I hope ya'll change - because natural law is catchin' up real quick.  Americans are waking up in big big big numbers fast fast fast.  And they are gonna' want to know WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, AND HOW?  The "how" part is the part that may become menacing as they mull over the loss of their kid - the one they saw last night in the "wax museum" (funeral home in uniform in  a coffin) - wondering - hey wait - I thought only Congress had the power to declare war...what the heck is going on?  WHO allowed this?  WHAT mechanism facilitated it? (groupthink/ herd mentality)  WHEN can I get my hands around the neck of the sonofabitch that let the "KING" commit our military to yet another war while our country falls apart?  WHERE do I go to find the sonofabitches that sit on their suit-wearing asses and commit kids to wars of aggression?  WHY am I sitting here doing nothing?  HOW can I send a message to these brain-dead cowards called "Congressmen/Congresswomen" who shirk their duty and abdicate their responsibility to declare war?