A True Horror Story: 911 WTC basement explosion witness interviewed by BBC

Following video: Interview witness to WTC explosions on BBC - convincing witness - what reason do I have not to conclude this is a credible testimonial supporting controlled demo explanation of WTC 1,2,7 "collapses" on September 11, 2001 ?

911 WTC basement explosion witness:

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Charm School for Radio Personalities

Check out this old OSS flick showing the process whereby propagandists are prepared to disseminate "seemingly honest" information in a professional manner.

As I watched this movie from World War 2 I thought often of Hannity, Ingraham, Limbaugh, Boortz, Savage, Beck, Hartmann, Rhodes, Geraldo Rivera, Popular Mechanics, National Geographic - the list goes on and on. But that would require me to consider conspiracy - that there are powers that wish to control the American population - that there are powers that wish to keep us divided - that there are powers that would dare use the drug of propaganda on a free and independent American public to first divide - then conquer them. Yeah - I can see that.

Here it is - enjoy!

OSS Cairo Field Report

Check out blogsurfer.us

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Radio Show Review: Michael Rivero of WRH asserts Global Warming = Scam for Globalists to take your rights

Michael Rivero's "What Really Happened" Radio show of October 28, 2009 fascinated me because during the second hour the discussion began with a New York times article about structuring a "One World Government." Being a "conspiracy-minded person" my moth-sense directed me toward the irresistible candle that is the "New World Order" (NWO) conspiracy - of which some believe the "North American Union" (modeled after the European Union), a combination of Canada, the United States and Mexico is part. You can read Michael Rivero's article on the NWO by clicking THE GLOBAL WARMING SCAM here. I thought I'd take a look around the internet to examine references - see if I come to similar conclusions. For the record - I am of the opinion that NWO and NAU are coming into existence based on my observations. But I personally haven't put any time into studying the global warming panic because regardless of its existence my main focus right now is on 911 Truth and our Bill of Rights - and I still don't want to give up ANY of my rights- not even if the world is turning into the worlds biggest freedom-fry machine; I'm not givin' up my rights. But the theory of global warming being used to cause panic in the herd so someone can rob us some more? You can call me what you wish but I'll maintain a vigilant watch for those who would try such things. And I must say - after 911 and its cover-up - my idea of how far some bastard will go to get what they want has a much more realistic understanding than, say, before I saw WTC7 commit suicide.

The New York Times Article:
We Can Do It
Published: October 25, 2009

found via this Raw Story Article:
UN chief calls for ‘global governance structure’ to oversee greenhouse gasses

Here a youtuber makes a joke of Al Gore and asserts CGI technology was used for imaging

The Day After Tomorrow
here (commenter at this link compliments the special effects while making excuses for the plot.)

Make up your own mind.
UPDATE October 31, 2009 here is another voice on this topic...Climate Change Treaty A Precursor To Global Government?
UPDATE NOV 3, 2009 Gore compares global warming skeptics to moon landing deniers

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Lou Dobbs is Guilty of Truth-Telling While White

Lou Dobbs is no racist - he is being bullied by political interest groups. This man presents the case in a fair and unbiased manner - only to get the same smear treatment as all other truth-tellers: a barrage of idiocy from the same buffoon cheerleaders that helped lie us all into these resource wars.

So - this is the treatment truth-tellers can expect? To be harassed and threatened. To have the corporate fake-news label him with the most un-sophisticated and transparent propagandistic techniques? To have shots fired into his home? All I can say is it's too bad he doesn't have a "sporting rifle" handy to answer their next "knock on the door." I wonder if Lou can buy a gun anyway? It's not like his life is being threatened.

Lou says some good stuff in this audio - it's all been going on a long time for those who aren't aware or are still not involved. We are involved in a struggle - a war - yes - for our country - and that means our system of check and balances, our Bill of Rights.

If you are not involved - get involved before it is too late. So what will you do? Are you doing your duty as a citizen - or are you happy with Lou takin' a bullet for you?

Freedom of speech - what does it lean on?

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My Life as a NAZI

Hey, modern America, 2009 - not really so so bad - after all - I can get a cheeseburger with anything I want on it for under ten bucks with a coke too! Wal-Mart and Sam's Club are in operation - gasoline prices aint too bad since it's Fall - heck - once a person gets used to living in debt they can never repay (and might I add, never signed up for) - life is fairly normal. It's changed a bit since the 90's though - now - when the loansharks call they are calling from India. Geez - you would think when India came along we'd import Ghandi - instead we get the sonofabitch that runs 7-11!

Oh well - so what? Just don't answer the phone and keep on pretendin' it'll all be OK in the morning. Yeah I know we are torturing people - I've seen the pictures - I know the politicians are being blackmailed and controlled by agents of foreign governments - but as long as I keep my big mouth shut and do as I'm told everything will blow over.

Damn - but the war in Afghanistan - based on a pack of lies - prompted by a false-flag operation orchestrated at the highest levels of the US government - something about that bothers me. What? How about this month just took over as the deadliest month for service personnel in theater. Ah - hey nobody in my immediate family is in danger so what do I care? So what if the Afghanistan war is now the AFPAK war - which means they've added another COUNTRY to the war - so what? So what if the Congress is supposed to declare war? Hey I'm not in the war, I'm sitting here in front of my fireplace with a laptop computer - nice and cozy. Afghanistan - where's that? Oh - isn't that were Pat Tillman got three rounds in the forehead from an American rifle? Who cares?

I've been reminded often by everyone I know what a pathetic figure I am - sitting here typing on my laptop - trying to get the word out about the confiscation of my rights to fight an undefinable war (War on Terror cannot be defined to my satisfaction) when there are bills to be paid. Shit - Jack Rabbit - how much money are you making on that blog? That's what they ask me. The answer is about 20 cents a month. Yeah - it's worth it right?

Anyway - I guess I'll just have another beer and wait for the next government-led panic attack. The swine flu never scared me because we went through that when I was a kid and it was fake then too. That's the nice thing about re-runs - you know the ending! Jokes on all you young people and panic-stricken soccer moms!

Yeah - anyway - I need to get back to work. I'm getting too goddam old to carry a rifle to the satisfaction of the U.S. military in over 130 nations - so joining up is out. See - the justification for the war isn't of prime importance on the Sean Hannity show - unless "War on Terror" answers all your questions - it just doesn't do much for me since I'm educated.

Oh well, I'll keep you updated on what it's like to be a NAZI - so far it's pretty comfortable outwardly while inwardly I'm so torn I could scream.
UPDATE OCT 27, 2009 READ THIS post - right on target - WAKE UP!
UPDATE OCT 27, 2009 For Soccer moms - don't read what follows - go get an American flag and cover your face with it - look in the mirror - and pretend whatever... see ya' when junior's 18!

...anyway - I wanted to share something with you, my friend, reader, who or whomever you are, where ever you are...
I was talkin' to some Iraq vets - approximately 20 years old - my friend I'd met at a bar - related to me that so-and-so (he pointed to a member of his military group) had "two assholes"...
That's because his original asshole + the other asshole formed by an enemy bullet = two assholes. Get it? It's funny isn't it? Great gallows humor. Also so-and-so (another guy about half my age who's nuts should be in full operation) "has no dick" (shot off) and his girlfriend just left him.
Hey - what a great reward for going to fight for Old Glory huh? No dick when you are twenty something under 25 years of age.

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Three Heroes - Dissent is the highest form of patriotism

Real heroism gets no musical accompaniment. On the contrary - those who dare speak out find themselves surrounded by back-stabbing jackals waiting for a piece of their hide. Take a good hard look my fellow Americans - see what it takes to stand up to the crowd, the mob, the masses and do what is right. The heroes linked below are taking a bullet for the rest of us - there are many more who know what they are saying is true - but are afraid to speak out.

1. U.S. Official Matthew Hoh Resigns in Protest of Afghanistan War Policy
3. Sibel Edmonds
update see pics here:
see PDF of resignation letter here: (you may want to read this)

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So far the best P-51 strafing footage I've seen...Color vid

This footage is notable: This site has some really amazing stuff I think you will enjoy if you are a history or military buff.

The destructive power of the P-51 is something I'd not want unleashed on me.
CLICK here for THE LAST BOMB - Color WWII film shows P-51 and B-29 action

Did you know?
" Chuck Yeager, flying a P-51D, was one of the first American pilots to shoot down a Me 262 when he surprised it during its landing approach. " here
Not impressed? Look what the Me 262 was if you aren't up to speed on the details:
CLICK here for top ten fighters vid

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What Barack Obama and you need to do:

What you need to do is be a dissenter. How? Any way you can. That gives the good guys in our government the feedback they need to gauge public support for things they need to do on our behalf, and want to do on our behalf, but are afraid to do because of the consequences. We've already talked about Sibel Edmonds' testimony regarding blackmail of our elected officials, see links left side of this page. Anyway - there's a good reason to speak up - and I can't think of a better one if you are looking for results.

Barack - here's what you need to do. You need to get us out of these stupid-ass wars - like.....uhhhh - RIGHT NOW! Hey - who the hell is Jackass Rabbit to give the great Obamatron advice? I'll tell you who - an average citizen who can get a handle on the facts and has a memory longer than 3 days into the Corporate-fake news cycle. Oh yeah -you can get the rest of your to-do list by watching your old campaign speeches.

But if I were Obama - or anyone holding office in the U.S. government - perhaps I would be afraid too...but if the sh*t has to hit the fan - how about right now? As FDR said - "If not us who? and if not now when?" But geez' - why should Obama act boldly when he doesn't have enough vocal support from the masses? How does he know that when he stops the Afghanistan war the public will support him throughout the media smear that is sure to follow? Why should Barack Obama stop the Iraq war and put a REAL peaceful re-build plan together to really give that country back to the people? Is it too late for that? I guess we'll have to find out. But will the public support him after he actually stops the war? I don't know - I'd say once he started doing what we all wanted - there would be no power in the universe that could stop him politically.

But when the dissent in the country is unseen on television, and Americans don't speak freely to each other because they've been so severely divided by skillful propagandist's marketing prowess - in there is no sign for our elected officials - prez, sen., or rep. - any of them do what we thought we sent them to Washington for - then they will have to bow to the powers that now control them while the vacuum of public dissent persists.


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Is it just me or is a missing air-launchable, nuclear-tipped U.S. cruise missile something to be concerned about?

Minot Air Force base nuclear weapons FUBAR - worst in history...go to the 3:50 mark where I believe I heard "...one of the cruise missiles is still missing..."


Citizens for Legitimate government has followed this story from day one - great place to learn a lot: CLICK here for best place to become informed - also
(Permanent link at bottom of this blog page too - click on Minot Air Oddities right side of CLG page)

Great Video gets you caught up quickly:-I don't like the crude humor but what does it matter what I like?

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UPDATE Oct 25, 2009

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Lou Dobbs: Nobody's Puppet on 911 Truth

I don't talk about Lou Dobbs because I'm usually giving someone a hard time. I think Lou Dobbs is the very best guy on TV today - bar none. He's been beaten up for doing nothing more than calling it as he sees it. His stance on 911 shows he has not been "adjusted" by the system.

Thanks Lou Dobbs. May I suggest you spend an hour with Dr. David Ray Griffin on 911 Truth?

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Senator John Kerry on "Pullit" : Videos

Regarding WTC 7 he seems to corroborate Larry Silverstein's recollection of events: Two vids
See 1:13 mark for brave 911 researcher confronting one of our esteemed leaders:
---update---at time 5:59 another esteemed leader demonstrates a "throwing motion" rather than a "catching motion" which is kinda' funny---

----update - great body language site says this about folded arms:
How would you analyze Kerry's body language?

Here's what Silvy has to say about WTC7: do you agree he and Kerry agree?

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on KMPH Fox 26: Richard Gage serves his country: AE911Truth Video - Critic in video is wrong: Here's why

At the 2:12 mark in this video you will hear a critic. Watch the second video in response to his assertion that those involved in the citizen's 911 Crime Investigation (a.k.a. 911 Truth Movement) are "opening old wounds" as in hurting the families of victims etc... Watch the second video - it answers that charge. As far as whether or not we know who killed JFK - that has nothing to do with the 911 crime investigation.

911 Jersey Girls

Bob, John, and Patty - thanks to all of you.
UPDATE Oct 24, 2009

Check out www.blogsurfer.us

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Webster Tarpley Interview on Conspiracy

UPDATE Oct 25, 2009
here's the second half on Minot Air Force base nuclear weapons FUBAR - worst in history...go to the 3:50 mark where I believe I heard "...one of the cruise missiles is still missing..."

UPDATE Oct 25, 2009
Citizens for Legitimate government has followed this story from day one - great place to learn a lot: CLICK here for best place to become informed - also
(Link at bottom of this blog page - click on Minot Air Oddities)

UPDATE October 25, 2009 - Great Video gets you caught up quickly:-I don't like the crude humor but what does it matter what I like?

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Filtering Media

Discernment of Truth and Supporting the Truth-tellers: How? Give this a try before knocking it:

1. Stop believing any media outlet that speaks AGAINST 911 Truth - ignoring it may be necessary in some cases - we can't know everybody's position - but outlets that ridicule 911 Truth, the radio show hosts, television show hosts - whatever - if they are speaking against 911 Truth you can bet they are lying to you. They are soon to be outed - the evidence is overwhelming - other than pre-planted explosives no other sensible explanation for the grass-roots 911 Truth Dust Study Exists. The caper has come back to haunt the perpetrators like a ghost that cannot rest until justice has been served. I don't want to mention names of those I've lost respect for, like National Geographic and Popular Mechanics. Oh - did I just say that? Add Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Neil Boortz, Thom Hartmann, others... just remembered Counterpunch

2. Give a listen or a read, or support media outlets that give 911 Truth a fair representation of their case. See links in left column of this blog.

3. Elect Officials who will give 911 Truth fair representation.

4. Stop all support for anyone asking you to surrender your rights.

5. Start treating your elected officials like the servants they are and force them to do their jobs.

6. Realize that as a citizen, you are ultimately responsible for your governments actions - so are also ultimately responsible if your government is robbing you and you don't stop them from robbing you.

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Obama does something right for the first time: States rights and medical marijuana

Here it is on Medical Marijuana and States Rights: CLICK here

"WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Obama administration will not seek to arrest medical marijuana users and suppliers as long as they conform to state laws, under new policy guidelines to be sent to federal prosecutors Monday."

I found this site an interesting concept: http://www.blogsurfer.us

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"We have no ambition in Iraq, except to remove a threat -BUT DON'T BURN THE OIL WELLS! (Videos)

How things have changed - since George Washington was president that is:

Burning Oil Wells is Nothing New

Can we agree that burning oil infrastructure is just part of denying resources to an attacker? Allies burn oil wells to deny their use by the Japanese ...( go to time = 2:25 in the World at War series Burma video at )THIS LINK. At 5:09 a striking similarity is mentioned: "The Burmese people found themselves exchanging one set of imperial masters for another..."

We're here from the government and we're here to help

In this first video George W. Bush Declares war on Iraq assuring all of us that:
"We have no ambition in Iraq, except to remove a threat ...and restore control of that country to its own people..."

In the previous video Bush claims to be trembling on his knees in prayer in concern for the safety of our troops. Really? I don't see how his actions have spoken to back up his words. Why? Take a look at THIS REUTERS ARTICLE where it appears Americans are actually buying the bullets used to kill their own sons and daughters, fathers, sisters, mothers and brothers in uniform. How can I believe he really cares about the well-being of American soldiers he sent into combat when (click HERE for full story)we learn:

"US soldiers are now being forced to steal water in Iraq. With supplies tight, and the number of trucks carrying potable water even tighter, troops have resorted to stealing water from civilian contractors. Many have also reportedly suffered from dysentery because they were forced to drink untreated water from Iraqi wells. ... It gets worse. Soldiers say the situation has become so dire they were forced to raid the United States’ own airbase in Baghdad for bottled water. They found the water stored in pallets held by civilian contractors, who were supposed to be distributing it."

He also claims to respect their lives, culture, and religion - see previous post "They Hate Us for Looting Their Countries"...

The next video is the Bush Ultimatum to Saddam:
1. Saddam and both of his sons must leave Iraq within 48 hours. For their disobedience Saddam and his two sons have since been offed: Saddam was hanged, his two sons (and the people with them) were blasted to shreds by U.S. Forces. At least that's the impression in my mind based on images on television sets and computer screens.

2. To Iraqi civilian and military personnel, listen carefully: "DO NOT DESTROY OIL WELLS" at time=8:04 So the war isn't over oil - but the most important thing for anybody to take away from this speech, because we are told it is more important than other things - indirectly - because we need to listen to this part "carefully." In other words - everything else is a bunch of psychobabble for the masses - ya' know - wave the flag, talk about the troops, sprinkle a few "freedom"s and "liberty"s in there ... ya' know - to kinda' catapult the propaganda! But whatever you do - don't disrupt the oil infrastructure 'cause that will add to our bottom line thereby reducing profits.

3. Bush later says: "War crimes will be prosecuted. War criminals will be punished...and it will be no defense to say "I was just following orders." (I think he meant to say: "War Crimes will be punished arbitrarily as they suit NeoCon purposes; Although we will punish you for not having weapons of mass destruction - and America will NOT accept this excuse - our own coalition torturers will hypocritically rely on this very defense "I was just following orders. We will provide political cover to protect our own torturers - including into the Obama administration."

Looky looky here: Bush admits he selected waterboarding from a torture menu:

...and again George W differs from the original G W (Washington) since Washington didn't see any reason to torture - where George Washington actually released the mercenaries into Pennsylvania. Talk about a terrorist threat! I wonder what George W knows that George W (Washington) didn't know?


Conclusion: There is a lot of money in warfare for all merchants of death - and there is a lot of war in the future for America it seems - and to the winner go the spoils. Perhaps all Americans should practice eye-hand coordination skills for future jobs: I thought the Carlyle Group was making these army robots-and I thought George Bush's daddy was a big man at Carlyle.

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Nixon on International Money Speculators

Wow, do we have to add Nixon to the long list of so-called "Conspiracy Theorists?"

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Truckers Blamed for bad GPS

An article you may find interesting here ...from the story:

"Gov. David Paterson on Wednesday proposed penalties including jail time and confiscation of trucks to come down on drivers who use GPS — global positioning systems — to take more hazardous routes and end up striking bridges."

Great, the minute the public relies on old military technology to get some work done they find out the devices are just more consumer trash. Pay your protection money for the software upgrade or your GPS can take you way off the direct route - I know this because I just went hours out of my way on a trip to NC - GPS kept pointing the wrong way. We figured it out - on the way back since it was our first time taking the new route. But crashing into bridges?

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Bag'o'Dust: 9/11 Truth Niels Harrit on Nanothermite Evidence GoodMorning Denmark

Here's a good visual of where the dust evidence comes from:
Notice it doesn't say Good Morning America because America isn't awake yet to say "Good Morning" to before showing them evidence of foreknowledge and pre-planted explosives in the WTC buildings on 911.

Former Prime Minister of Denmark WAS TOLD which demonstrates that somebody had foreknowledge. Damn, didn't they tell the building occupants to go back into the second tower? Look here.

"We - ehh - I received a message 5-10 minutes before it physically happened"

Here's another worth seeing if you haven't already:

Type "Pullit" into Google and see what you think about the vid.

OCT 18, 2009 From 911Blogger on Foreknowledge, vids check it out: (click) HERE
OCT 18, 2009 DON'T FORGET RUDY GIULIANI admitted foreknowledge on ABC - video see 24 second mark: here. Giuliani says he was told the building would collapse in ten or 15 minutes.
OCT 18, 2009 From File No. 9110161
OCT 18, 2009 For Mayor Willie Brown, the first signs that something was amiss came late Monday when he got a call from what he described as his airport security - - a full eight hours before yesterday's string of terrorist attacks -- advising him that Americans should be cautious about their air travel.-from Sept 12, 2001
OCT 18, 2009 Heads-Up To Ashcroft Proves Threat Was Known Before 9/11
OCT 18, 2009 John Ashcroft warned:CBS - July 25, 2001: "In response to inquiries from CBS News over why Ashcroft was traveling exclusively by leased jet aircraft instead of commercial airlines, the Justice Department cited what it called a "threat assessment" by the FBI, and said Ashcroft has been advised to travel only by private jet for the remainder of his term...The Justice Department insists that it wasn't Ashcroft who wanted to fly leased aircraft. That idea, they said, came strictly from Ashcroft's FBI security detail. The FBI had no further comment.
OCT 18, 2009 Pentagon foreknowledge-or just good advice? Jim Miklaszewsky reporting from Pentagon feels an explosion - wonders if it is part of the construction going on...(bomb-proofing the segment of the Pentagon that took the hit) - "interestingly enough...uh..one intelligence official here in the building said, after what appeared to be a coordinated attack on the world trade center, his advice was to stay away from the outside of the building today just in case..."
Note: The intel person got the outer ring and day of attack correct. Why not stay away from the outside of the building for as long as it takes to know the "coast is clear?" There were fighter aircraft flying over Washington D.C. for many days following the attacks. If it was prudent to maintain vigilance elsewhere, why not especially at the Pentagon in the following days?

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Superconductors: Fertile Land for Investors - Strategic Materials?

Click here for ABC story on 50K superconductor film technology - this means the material will superconduct nearer liquid Nitrogen temp. meaning the economics start to point toward feasibility of the application of this technology.

Right now liquid Helium, expensive and rare, is necessary to keep materials superconducting - in an MRI magnet for example. By creating a superconductor that requires relatively cheap and abundant Nitrogen liquid the costs and lots of other obstacles are removed from putting the superconductors into profitable production.

Should the materials involved be considered strategic materials?

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They Lied about the kid in the balloon: "We did it for the show"

At Raw Story Here are U.S. headlines whose rank in the media suffered so America could watch the childishness below:

From Raw Story:
Top Stories - US
South Carolina student shot after school stabbing
White House criticism of Fox increasing ratings: Murdoch
Swiss to decide Polanski bail bid in 'days': diplomat
Giants, Saints put their perfect records on the line
US drug safety watchdog warns of bogus swine flu meds
White beauty queen at US black uni pens plea to Obama
Bank of America reports 1.0-billion-dollar loss
US industrial production jumps in September
F-16 collision prompts search for missing pilot

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The Art of Strategic Counterintelligence

From the article:
"In order to perform illusions greater than a sleight of hand, the magician often uses a cloak. The creation of illusions is not magical, or mystical, but is a hint of suggestion, an understanding of human nature, relatively simple technical manipulations, and the fulfillment of carefully planted expectations. Despite this fundamental awareness, one is awed by the magician’s illusions of objects disappearing and appearing."1

Propaganda is for the enemy. Facts and discussion of available evidence via public-serving media is for citizens. Propaganda directed against citizens of America is illegal and undermines the American system.

Top-down control of a populace drugged with propaganda, disinfo, misinfo and other thought-limiting processes is for Kings and Queens to rule their subjects. Bottom-up representation of the people, by the people, and for the people is for United States Citizens and those who like the American system.

The 911 false flag attacks are the epitome of the top-down system and the trouble it can get us into - heck - we are in such trouble right now we can lose our Bill of Rights if we don't "keep it."

Good reading? here: The Art of Strategic Counterintelligence

More to read on Cointelpro here.

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'America lives in a fascist state' - Gerald Celente

Excellent Interview-but - "the merger of state and government is fascism" - did I hear that right?

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Test your WWII Bad-guys Knowledge: Who was Mussolini (ally of Adolf Hitler) working for?

Click here for article found on WMR linked left side.

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Bass had been charged with a federal felony for loutish behavior on a Continental Airlines flight from Houston to Ronald Reagan Washington National Ai

"And his friends say that the allegations against him — punishable by as much as 20 years in federal prison — don’t sound like Bass at all."

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Say What you want about Alex Jones - but he nails Big Brother down if you are a traveler - Audio (PCRobert interview at end Excellent)

Good description of Orwell Travel courtesy USA by Alex Jones At the beginning Alex Jones' description of US travel identically matches my own experiences and properly states my identical attitude toward the nanny Orwell-Stalag-Amerika of today.

Also, at the end of the audio clip Paul Craig Roberts speaks with AJ - worth listening to good Q and A. Some paraphrased highlights:

-This year interest rates will go up.
Those whose survival depends upon 0% interest rates will take hit.
Unemployment Increases as result
-16,000 kids in homeless shelters in NYC right now while Goldman Sachs will give out $800,000 bucks to each of its 5500 London staff. Top execs up to 10 Million Pounds.
-Alex asks PCR about Peace Prize Award to Obama - PCR says Orwell's 1984 timing was off - it just took longer for "War is Peace" to become reality in America with the award of the Nobel to a Warmonger. To the guy who started the Pak part of the AFPAK war.
-Alex: Fox News says Obama took 50,000 troops out of Iraq then added contractors instead, code pink endorsing the war - what's going on with this agreement to go into a place no army has ever defeated?

PCR: The worst part is the people over there that are killed (by our actions) . One fifth population in Iraq if you include the dead and displaced resulted from our actions. We seldom kill any of the fighters, we have no right to kill as invaders anyway, but mostly elders and people not in the fight essentially. We are committing a crazed act of murder as occupiers.

Alex: If nobody ever conquered this place why are we there? Opium? 2,300 years of war why why why?

PCR: We are there because of 911, which you and I regard as an inside job...they wanted to invade Iraq - but it was the beginning of a war they could spread ... but now Israeli's have interests there (they have influence), officers in our military get fast upward rise, now they want ten more years which would result in an 18 year-old war - higher pensions, people getting rich...how do you get out, stop - can't claim victory - Obama can't pull out 'cause of the right-wing-crazies - politics of all sorts giving this war momentum may prevent getting out - we will just expire there...

Alex mentions we are in Korea over 50 years and others...
A great interview of PCR:

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Grayson calls on American public to ‘Unmask the Fed’

Steam Boat Sinking

This is the result of last blog post - boat design HERE (CLICK) WITH PICTURE -it's the only one I could make with stuff we had here.

Our version added second candle - but filling pipes and removing from hull for that step intro'd leaks...the rest of the tragic story in the video.

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Hero's Fountain, Engine, Rotodyne: Videos

Good explanation link with plans here

From a Soda Can:


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9/11 Debunker Gets His Ass Handed To Him By Richard Gage - AE911 TRUTH

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Regarding the Whereabouts of the notorious "Father of the Father of all Wars"

An interesting link at the "No Lies Radio" Link on the left side of this page where David Ray Griffin spells out the case: Usama bin Laden was reported dead then alive again. By the way - I found it fascinating that Oliver North confirmed bin Laden dead - as mentioned in David Ray Griffin's book.

A page you may wish to consider by clicking Here or the following ...

here is more information on this topic you may wish to consider.

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David Ray Griffin is right - The Problem is Getting People to Look Re: 911

Just for the sake of watching an excellent debater:

Jack Blood Interview of DRG re National Geographic 911 Truth smear:
"...they (National Geographic) ... had three non-scientists present to look at three pseudo-scientific experiments..." (laughter-
DRG on the childish theater of the National Geographic 911 Truth video)

DRG - "... issued a declaration of war from a cathedral..."
911 is a myth ... examination of myth...

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Robert Bowman makes important points - look at his credentials before you judge

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Generals used to speak of ENDING THE WAR - what happened?

Monty: "There's no shadow of doubt that this war is going to end..."

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Apartment Bans U.S. Veterans in Uniform (by default) displaying U.S. Flag seated on motorcycles??

Apartment bans U.S. flags

Just found this story browsing WRH regarding the ban on flags on the gentleman's motorcycle in the parking lot. Defiance of this ban on OLD GLORY, if I am to correctly interpret the article, will result in eviction of the person bold enough to fly OLD GLORY.

Does the ban apply if the flags were removed, but a U.S. Military veteran just back from the "AFPAK war" or "Iraq war" in uniform, with a flag on the arm were sitting in the saddle?

This stupid apartment complex is a subset of the greatness that is America as represented by the American flag.

Read it HERE (CLICK)

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WTC footage I've not seen before

I found this on Prison Planet

One of the commenters pointed out how odd it is that all this paper fell like snowflakes all over the place - yet the passport incriminating the alleged "terrorists" was found in perfect condition with no problem at all. What luck!

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Recognizing the 8 Signs of Terrorism - The CELL---The END of Curious George in America?

This is even dumber than one would expect. Add birdwatchers, architects, shutterbugs, and the generally curious to the endless list of threats. Spy on your neighbors, turn them in, rat them out and cower in fear. That's the American way now as opposed to the American way of the past - where death was preferable to life without liberty.

"Elicitation" , as mentioned in the video, is my favorite out of the list of eight signs of terrorism. I wish I knew what the hell "elicitation" meant. Oh well, I'll forget that and keep my eyes open for someone using cash for "large transactions." Like the robotic woman in the video says - call 911 or the stupid agency mentioned any time you think you see an "operative" - which should be about every fifteen or twenty seconds if you are in a busy place.

Stay scared! Be safe! And don't forget your helmet when you get in the shower! *1

+++++ *1_____I should note I first heard this humorous "helmet in the shower" line on the GGLiddy show years ago. ------Sometimes I wonder about that guy...
UPDATE OCTOBER 9, 2009 I watched this again and noticed come of the graphics are exactly identical to one of the dumbest TV shows ever created in the history of the universe: ...and I don't know its name 'cause the TV was on in the room, I was doing comething - came in on the rabbit ears since no cable then - sound was down - but James Caan (spelling?) was in it. Something "Vegas". The shattering glass looks like graphics I've seen in Alex Jones stuff.
UPDATE OCTOBER 9, 2009 Leave it up to the government to f up binocular sales

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Freeze a Beer "Real Quick-Like" - Delightful Magic Trick

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Mini Wood Gas Stoves, Thermette, Solar cooker designed by Dr. Jones of 911 Fame

Commenters say this is not wood gas

Awesome Thermette - This one isn't wood gas - but who cares?

This one is made of
bottle caps

SUPER EL CHEAPO! Plans and online book available free here
This SOLAR COOKER was designed by Dr. Steven Jones (of 911 fame see dust study ) for use in extreme poverty conditions including fuel shortages. Link FOR INFO ETC... HERE. Following is a video from someone who built one:

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WRH radio show today with guest Marc Weber

I heard on the WRH radio show today that Iran has no nuclear reactor. Why haven't I heard that on any other news outlet?

Admittedly I haven't been paying any attention to the corporate TV, corporate internet, or corporate owned radio propaganda fed to me be the masters of mental contortion.

"What does it take to make the American people angry?" asks Mike Rivero - creator of What Really Happened dot com.

Marc Weber uses former Soviet Union as example of the avalanche effect that occurs once the people start seeing the contradictions in their media vs. what is really happening - the effect is that the population rejects everything they are told due to their abandonment of trust of their media. Violation of Trust is a term Marc uses.

Mike makes a point that this distrust of government can be dangerous to the society - because when the government needs to do something with the cooperation of the citizenry - nobody will do it because their leadership has so deeply betrayed their sacred trust.

Second hour coming up. If I can't listen in there is a podcast you can get via Itunes and other media.

Mike mentions that Rush et al are part of the dividers out there whose job is to keep us at each others throats. But Mike says his visit to a tea party and other reasons lead him to conclude that Americans are uniting.

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