Barney Frank on mid-term race:Wight wing media targeted me(If he is referring to more than one person this is a conspiracy charge)

Read entire article HERE Note: My computer seems to have a virus - where "r's" are replaced with "w's" - I am contacting the voters"

" "The notion that it’s a sign of panic is just siwwy. That’s just powitics when they don’t have anything ewse bettew to say. It’s a tougher wace, because once I became chaiwman of the [banking] committee in 2007, the wight-wing media talk show hosts decided to target me," said Rep. Frank, when I asked him about his race during Wednesday votes on Capitol Hill. "They were fwankly wowwied about what we would do, and I also have people who were angwy about the financial reform bill." "

Barney Frank: I've always wondered if this guy is just stupid - or if somebody has something on him. Either way it doesn't matter. He's just a go-along-to-get-along politician that needs a pink slip. No - I mean he needs to be fired - get your mind out of the gutter.

Bawney Fwank can't see a controlled demo - even if it fell on him. Well - maybe he can see that - but he can't admit to it in public. Again - either way - it just doesn't matter anymore - he needs to get lost - get out of government - because he doesn't represent anyone - that is - except for...

Hey Bawney - I hear the circus is hiring. Maybe you can find a job there as a freak. You know - one of the oddities - the side-shows - where the befuddled are put on display.

Perhaps the circus-owner can erect (no not erection) a glass wall for the passers-by to view you through - and the sign can say:

"Bawney Fwank: Dumber than a box of wox"


Watching the Lightweights

Since I'm no longer working as an engineer, but as a farm-hand, it's been a great opportunity to get re-acquainted with reality.  You know - real people - the ones that don't wear suits and don't work for our NAZI government.

I was in the basement last night, checking on some peach wine - is it time to take it out of the primary and siphon into the secondary with an air-lock?

The silence in the basement - that is - until I open the windows to the cricket-cicada melody - is a bit boring.  So I have a radio with NPR (National Public Radio) going all the time.

The crickets win.  NPR - what the fuck is this drivel?  Why is everyone on NPR speaking with an English accent?  I thought we threw those motherfuckers out of my  country back in the 1700's.  Apparently they're back.

Although obvious to me - the fakery that is the media in the US is blatantly and unashamedly "New World Order" appoved.  It is nothing more than a bunch of clap-trap know-it-alls who know nothing blabbing about high-brow shit I don't care about.  You know - like what the price of Earl Grey tea is in South Africa.  And why "nation-building" whatever that is has not shown a profit - but a horrible horrible loss to the citizens of America.

I don't want to hear one word out of the UN.  They suck.  Big time.  They are a bunch of anti-American anti-Constitutional collectivists who wouldn't know Liberty if she walked up and shook their hand.

The fantasy is that they care about us.  They really do.  But nobody knows who "they" are since they are never here when you need help.  They are writing laws to take away our right to bear arms - the only real connection with liberty any free population will ever have.  We won't get into whether or not you pussy Americans have the guts to exercise that right.  I doubt you will - there must be a football game on TV somewhere.

Excuse me for my impatience - but I'm not in the mood for Americans these days.  Not the Americans of the present.  The one's who don't know the difference between a Republic and a Democracy:

"I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America...and to the DEMOCRACY...for which it stands..."

Are you getting the picture or are you one of the few, the proud, the thinkers who know that it is:

"...to the REPUBLIC... for which it stands."

My fellow Americans - we are being robbed badly.  By international bankers via the Federal Reserve - enforced via the IRS.

We are financing a military that is draining our Treasury - that means everything you, me, you father, grandfather, grandmother, mother and son and grandkids and everyone you have every known or  could have know has ever worked for.  You will give up everything you own.

For.......security.....so a dead man.....bin Laden.....won't hurt you.

Yeah - Americans are really a pathetic lot.  Kinda' makes me ashamed - but not really - since I am not that fucking stupid.

Anyway - get ready to vote in another rigged election.  The corporate media is still a joke - lying and lying and lying while you lap it up.  The question is:  Will you, as an American, ever graduate from the high school mentality of the pep-rally , the fraud, the "my kid is a pilot in the Navy" without realizing what your kid will be doing - that is - dropping bombs on families?

Go back to sleep.  Sleep.  Real easy like.  That's the way.... just ....go....to ....sleep....while we rob you fucking blind you goddam idiot.  



Your friends at the Pentagon and AIPAC

You are dumber than dogshit!  Gimme more money stupid!


Can violence be "kosher" ?

Somebody said:

"Anything other than "WHAT?," rabbit?
Is non-religious violence kosher?"

JR says:

I cannot comment on something being "kosher" or not since I don't know what specifications must be met for something to be "kosher" - or the pecking order of the various governing bodies that claim authority to proclaim whether or not something is kosher.

I suppose the best way to answer your question is to direct you to the lessons of history - for example:

1. Would George Washington use violence to defy an oppressive government?
2. Would Thomas Jefferson approve of watering the tree of liberty from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants?
3. Did the Russians use violence to stop the NAZIs who attempted to enslave them?
4. Was Spartacus justified in leading a slave revolt against brutal Roman subjugation?
5. Were the French people justified in their actions during the French Revolution since they were expected to "eat cake" that didn't exist?

Finally this is a question for you:

If it required violence - on your part - would you actually use violence against someone intent on stuffing you into a gas chamber?

Well now - let's hear how you would have fixed those problems peacefully my friend.

I have to call it as I see it - and it looks to me like some are making peaceful change impossible - 

The question is - was JFK right when he said when peaceful change is impossible violent revolution is inevitable?

He took a bullet for us. He spoke the truth. A cabal used violence to rob the American population of their president. 

Seems a bit of a double standard to me. 

Please - help me clear up my thinking.

Jack Rabbit

Commentary - The Sound of One Hand Clapping (Originally published 11/2001)

I chose this topic this month knowing it would be difficult to write about, and more so to read. The sound of one hand clapping is an expression everyone has heard, evoking the lucid ideas of great thought as it does for the young. Sounds are mapped directly into the brain, where they do their work upon the subconscious most often. In the brain, words are not sound, though in poetry, it is difficult to separate the sounds from the words, or often to decipher the words from the sound.

The sound of a the sudden flight of a thousand birds, ducks, pigeons, blackbirds in migration, a great tree when falling in the woods after having been sawn, a great waterfall, the Niagara, or the wind of a tornado, like a great freight train, which even if we've never personally heard it, we know them all instinctively, what they are, their intrinsic value and their place in our world, our own small universe.
Fathers know the sound of a crying infant. Mothers do too. These are primordial sounds, like the last gasp of death, the first cry of life, the crack of a gavel, a gunshot, a canon blast, or men when they are angry, or, imposing their awful will, like the sounds of women chatting, and sea birds in flight before a distant gale. The sound of war being rallied, in a loatheful disdain for all humanity that shares not the thought.

The sound of the first building falling September eleventh, heard through the TV set, or the glass of the second building was not something many of us had ever contemplated within the psyche of our instinct, but, the sound of the second building falling, the sound from within it, on the tenth floor, as it came down upon some, forever falling for the eternity of those many slow seconds upon those who were there, the folly, the air still in awe of the sound of an ending of personal worlds should inspire us all to contemplate the brevity of our lives, and the special beauty and wonder of all the other sounds we've heard elsewhere during our lives; the sounds of distant children laughing, playing, the crack in the voice of an elementary school teacher on her very first day teaching a class of gleeful but unruly third graders, the sound of a sporting event when great feats are being accomplished, and defeat, the sound of a hot air balloon, and its absence of sound, the sound of wind blowing through the white pine, and a young woman, a girl really, not quite a woman, calling her first love for the first time on the telephone, the sound of your own children, and your own wife, in labor, the sound of age approaching slowly, inextricably, cracking in your back, knees, neck, the sound of the first day of school, and the last, the sound of geese in an evening autumn sky, and of the sun rising brought up by the song birds of the morning, and of a blizzard howling through an opened and, then, unopened door, the moan of an unsettlingly disappointed crowd, the sound of a great factory, of great deals being made on trading floors, of carpenters hard at work, of a dog fight, and rain on a metal roof, a teenager's party, the sounds of an accomplished prank, and, politicians working a large crowd, a jet fighter breaking the sound barrier, the sound of glass breaking and your own heart, there, your own deep breathing, the lake's lapped shore, and the sound under water.

Sit still, and listen just to the sounds. You are not so young and your life for you will not last forever. Sit still and listen. Sit still, and, listen youthful and often youth-less fools. Listen well to the world's sounds during your life, and hear not just the utter foolishness man's words provide. When life is gone for any one, or for all, then, there will be nothing but to hear the sound of one hand clapping.

Don Robertson, The editor, Maine Before Dawn (November 2001)


Let's Stop Fulfilling Bin Laden's Goals

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" Bin Laden deserves to be the object of our hostility, national anguish and contempt, and he deserves to be taken seriously as a canny tactician. But much of what he has achieved we have done, and continue to do, to ourselves. Bin Laden does not deserve that we, even inadvertently, fulfill so many of his unimagined dreams. "
Note: Let's stop listening to Ted Koppel. This man obviously knows nothing. No mention of the heroin trafficking, thermate in the WTC7 dust, bin Laden being dead - no - these things he has never heard of.

Maybe he is a paid liar. He can't be this stupid.


Letter From Teresa

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" "

" This post is not targeted only at the US. It is all people of the taxpaying countries. We, as a human race are all complicit.
It is our fault, people. We let it happen.

Note: Too late? It really looks that way - but the question becomes - "too late for what?" Too late for peaceful change? As JFK said: "Those who make peaceful change impossible make violent revolution inevitable."

I guess we'll have to take it any way we can. And we will get our freedom back.

WTC7 book for sale soon: Here's a sample...




Long Island Man Arrested For Defending Home With AK-47

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   " George Grier said he had to use his rifle on Sunday night to stop what he thought was going to be an invasion of his Uniondale home by a gang he thought might have been the vicious “MS-13.” He said the whole deal happened as he was about to drive his cousin home.   "

Note:  What does it mean when the system works to protect the bad guys?  This dangerous trend is just more fuel feeding the fire that is revolution.

Nuke Iran for Geezuz?

Listen to this:


Then read THIS ARTICLE from which the following excerpt was snipped: Gwynne Dyer: U.S. vs. Iran would be nukes or nothing

" When Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was asked recently on NBC's "Meet The Press" whether the United States has a military plan for an attack on Iran, he replied simply: "We do."
General staffs are supposed to plan for even the most unlikely future contingencies. Right down to the 1930s, for example, the United States maintained and annually updated plans for the invasion of Canada. But what the planning process will have revealed, in this case, is that there is no way for the U.S. to win a non-nuclear war with Iran."

One must wonder how General Boykin can be so oblivious to information even armchair generals have at their fingertips. Or is he really? If he is aware of the need for nukes we have a problem with telling the "whole truth" do we not General?

Perhaps the General is telling the truth when claiming ignorance of the need for nukes - but that brings up questions of his competence - or his agenda. Is he really really really giving us good advice? Or is he setting us up for yet another endless foolish war of aggression?

Here are some vids to consider:


Do you believe Boykin's answers to the rabbit's questions? Well - do ya' punk?

I don't.

And I'm just a rabbit.


Thoughts On Taking Back The Country From The Miscreants

A lot of very bright people are expending a lot of time and effort proclaiming the need to take the country back, -from the crooks and the lying-thieves. Just to be right up front with where I stand, -I'm much-more for an extended period of murder-and-mayhem -than I am for electing a gaggle of goon-brained reformers.

The problem is, crooks-and-lying-thieves -is what the brightest among us -do best. These are human beings we are talking about.

Sure, sure... I know we have all heard the story of the fella -who occasionally finds tens-of-thousands-of-dollars-CASH lying in the street in a brown-paper-bag, only to waste his good fortune -by finding the bone-headed-owner of said lost property, and giving it back. But is this the sort of fella we want in Congress? OMFG no! Can you imagine how many people would line up at his door to list what they had lost? Oh my soul! Lord have mercy on us all -if we elect reformers.

This whole notion that voting should yield able, competent and somewhat honest politicians, is wafting through the air like the smell of so-much mental excrement. It ain't so. The guys who sold us this concept, should have been shot-dead when the chance availed itself. But it is too late now. The cat is out of the bag. You know the cat is out of the bag -because he just vomited all over your new bedspread.

The truth is, the country runs best with a split in the government. Whoever is in the White House should not have control of Congress. Someone has to watch the chickens getting-stolen, and be willing to squawk about it when it happens -without fear of losing their Congressional and district perks.

These reformers who are crawling out of the woodwork right now -to run for office, -they are politicians- if generally inept politicians who need what they think of as a really-big-pile-of-payola -put in front of them- before they bow-and-bend to their own personal new-found appreciation for hypocrisy. God Bless America.

The pockets of those who subvert the government are deep enough to weather the storm. They always do.

NO. No. No!

Forget about what the reformers stand for. It is mostly a lie, or bullshit in more commonly-colloquial political-parlance.

Vote out the incumbents. Get rid of John McCain and Barnie Frank. Get rid of anyone like Harry Reid. That's the American way.

And if there is any way -you can think of - something that might require calling a special election to fill the seat of some incumbent who isn't up for election this year, go ahead. Say a -Hail Mary- and pull the pin on that thing -and throw it at them with my blessings.

Good riddance to the incumbents!

Don Robertson

World's 'oldest beer' found in shipwreck

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" "At the moment, we believe that these are by far the world's oldest bottles of beer," Rainer Juslin, permanent secretary of the island's ministry of education, science and culture, told CNN on Friday via telephone from Mariehamn, the capital of the Aland Islands. "


Don Robertson Commentary on: "Roubini: India May Overtake China within a Year"

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" Acknowledging one, I do not mean to encourage responses to my comments. I will re-focus on some obvious common misconceptions that have cropped-up, -mistakes that have the world on its current reckless course.

The dichotomy inserted between technology-and-humanity is disaffecting recognition that -humanity has been on a scientific-trial-and-error course -building frail and complex technological crutches -that have made these bloated human populations possible.

These populations are now being let adrift -due to the ongoing social collapse- crowded into conditions otherwise insufficient to maintain any of the basics of human dignity or long-term healthy-sustenance.

Our species is NOT stronger due to science. It has instead foundered in the wreckage of a compacted, fragile, scientific existence -created largely- since the Enlightenment.

This phenomenon is truncating the potential of EVERY human life. The Enlightenment-fashioned-world is NOW beset by poisonous pollutions and systemic failures of critical systems -systems created by an overly optimistic, pragmatic culture intent on aggressively cutting a dangerous path into an ever more perilous future.

Humanity ALREADY COULD BE walking-dead -thanks to science.

There is a misguided belief in the ability of some-scientific-genius to continue indefinitely solving the increasing problems arising from the previous meddling of other such tinkers. Generations of scientists -no less deluded than this generation- have meddled with an infinitely complex reality creating temporary solutions, -every one of which- has always broken down, always leaving worse problems than these efforts were meant to address.

The constantly whirring machinery of this infinitely complex Universe of reality is unforgiving of those who make too many assumptions about genius and competence.

The too often asserted god-like-proficiency is never real. We are three centuries from the Enlightenment. Planes still crash; buildings still burn; plagues still riddle our communities, and all are more deadly than before.

Because of THAT WHICH these scientists have degraded the planet, -EVEN IF- for the next three centuries it were somehow possible to make everyone cease the reckless preponderance of scientific pursuit -AND EVEN IF- humanity could reverse scientifically-enabled population trends, humanity likely could not in three centuries more -resurrect the life-sustaining potential of a single Earth continent.

We do seem doomed -to a continued scientific meddling with the planet. We seem on a highway headed to Hades -in a hand-basket -paved with our god-aspiring intentions, following directions handed-out with the assurances of genius -each- that really has no clue about what is going to turn up in the future -due to their faulty, blind assumptions.

All these scientists are individually using the world in trial-and-error experiments -conjured- as if by new-age-Gandalfs -who have the intention of creating a-cult-of-genius surrounding their individual, and absurd -god-aspiring- persona.

Altruists will say -just as if there really were a social psyche with god inspired -consciousness- "WE-ARE headed in the right direction. And science is OUR only hope."

The social psyche is a myth. -In reality- WE are just letting generations of individual pretenders PLAY GOD WITH THE WORLD.

I write not to cast a gloomy pall over this wonderful world.

I write to shed a bright light on the immorality of genius-worshiping.

Don Robertson "

Good! : German Military Report: Peak Oil Could Lead to Collapse of Democracy

Read entire article HERE

" Peak oil has happened or will happen some time around this year, and its consequences could threaten the continued survival of democratic governments, says a secret Germany military report that was leaked online. "

Note: I don't live in a democracy - I live in a Republic - so this headline - as alarming as it is supposed to sound for the ignorant - makes me happy. Good! Down with Democracy fucking everywhere! Yahoo!

Down with the tyranny of the masses! Down with lynch mobs! This is the best news I've ever heard - that democracies will fall.

This constant bleat of "democracy" is a fraud for the masses. We live in a Republic - a form of government - intended to protect the rights of the individual. A democracy is just a sorry-ass waste of time in comparison.

But - perhaps I am wasting my time trying to get this seemingly trivial point through to the American masses - there's probably a ball game on.

Democracy my ass.

When you hear someone speak of the American system as a Democracy - you are either dealing with an intelligent fraud - or a dumbass.

...I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the United States of America - and to the REPUBLIC - for which it stands...

Did you hear me say "to the democracy for which it stands?"

We don't live in and don't wish to live in a democracy. Democracy is tyranny of the masses.

Read our founding documents and become an educated citizen of our great Republic. Without educated citizens we will not have a Republic - and therefore - cannot assert our rights.

The Republic exists primarily to protect each and every one of our individual rights. Get that through your head now.

Democracy my ass.