Good! : German Military Report: Peak Oil Could Lead to Collapse of Democracy

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" Peak oil has happened or will happen some time around this year, and its consequences could threaten the continued survival of democratic governments, says a secret Germany military report that was leaked online. "

Note: I don't live in a democracy - I live in a Republic - so this headline - as alarming as it is supposed to sound for the ignorant - makes me happy. Good! Down with Democracy fucking everywhere! Yahoo!

Down with the tyranny of the masses! Down with lynch mobs! This is the best news I've ever heard - that democracies will fall.

This constant bleat of "democracy" is a fraud for the masses. We live in a Republic - a form of government - intended to protect the rights of the individual. A democracy is just a sorry-ass waste of time in comparison.

But - perhaps I am wasting my time trying to get this seemingly trivial point through to the American masses - there's probably a ball game on.

Democracy my ass.

When you hear someone speak of the American system as a Democracy - you are either dealing with an intelligent fraud - or a dumbass.

...I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the United States of America - and to the REPUBLIC - for which it stands...

Did you hear me say "to the democracy for which it stands?"

We don't live in and don't wish to live in a democracy. Democracy is tyranny of the masses.

Read our founding documents and become an educated citizen of our great Republic. Without educated citizens we will not have a Republic - and therefore - cannot assert our rights.

The Republic exists primarily to protect each and every one of our individual rights. Get that through your head now.

Democracy my ass.

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