2017: The year of the whiney little bitch

     I'm not sure what happened to America - it has certainly continued heading in directions unforeseen.  The other day a girl said to me, regarding our present situation in the nation:  "We're winning!"  I wasn't sure what she was actually talking about - who "we" are and what we are winning when we are on a path to losing more of our rights.  The "right" to freedom of speech has taken some dangerous hits lately I thought she was probably not aware of.

     There was an article in the news notifying the public that this past year after hurricanes had hit Houston, TX USA that no relief funds would be given to families that participated in boycotts of products made in Israel.  These boycotts are organized as protests to cut off funding for the abuses that are inflicted on the Palestinians by the Israelis who have helped themselves to the Palestinian lands.  Here in America freedom of speech used to be a given - but now it seems that freedom of speech is for those more equal than others, as Orwell would say.  Check out this link to see how money talks in America louder than the Bill of Rights:

In the Houston suburb of Dickinson, residents are struggling to get their lives back on track. Hurricane Harvey devastated the city, destroying scores of homes and businesses. The city, fortunately, has a plan to help. Officials there are accepting applications for relief grants "from funds that were generously donated to the Dickinson Harvey Relief Fund."
But there's a catch.
The application, recently posted online, includes a provision requiring Dickinson residents to vow in writing that they will not boycott Israel. The relevant section, titled "Verification not to Boycott Israel," reads:
By executing this Agreement below, the Applicant verifies that the Applicant: (1) does not boycott Israel; and (2) will not boycott Israel during the term of this Agreement.
The city attorney, David Olson, said Dickinson officials are following a Texas law that blocks state agencies from contracting with or investing in companies that boycott Israel."
     I mentioned this to several people I know and they didn't believe me.  There weren't interested enough to look it up and probably forgot a few minutes after I mentioned it.

     I mentioned that Cynthia McKinney, former member of the House of Representatives had explained how Israeli influence in our congress is powerful enough to unseat anyone who does not toe the line on the demands Israel makes on America.  Perhaps you would like to watch this short video - make up your own mind:

     Reader I already know what you are thinking:  "Jack Rabbit is anti-Semetic !"  After all isn't that what you've been trained to reflexively say as soon as you hear the chosen people criticized for excessive influence in America?

     Let me explain myself - I don't really know what a "Semite" is and I don't care - at all.  I'm not interested in Semites one way or another and I know very little about Israeli politics.  What I do know is that the American people are supposed to have some form of representation in Washington, D.C. and that representation is supposed to be concentrated in the House of Representatives.  Do you feel represented?

     But representation is not a gift from above and it will not automatically be granted to the sports-muddled and prescription-drugged minds of the US population - it must be fought for - and the Israelis are known to be good fighters.  Indeed they are much better presently at fighting for power in Washington, DC than Americans are.  How do I know?  Easy - "the proof is in the pudding" - the results are there to see.  What other interest group can push around the US government with such great ease as the Israeli lobby?  Who can blame them for being smart, organized, and highly effective - isn't that what we are supposed to be teaching our kids?

    Who's job is it to  remind the parents and the kids about their duty to their nation and the difference between right and wrong in America?
Yes I am at my local coffee shop once again - the place is busy enough with music in the background so low that it is really hard to identify what exactly is playing - female vocalist is all I can make out.  Some guy just came in to talk to the girl sitting in one of the booths on the far wall just to my left as I sit with my back to the street window at one of the tables.  The sun here in the Bible belt is hot even in December although the temperature last time I checked was 26F outside.  I got a bit hot when the sun was shining directly on my back half an hour ago but now the sun has moved and the pillar behind me is providing some shade.

The couple in the other booth along the far wall just left leaving the table empty with no takers.  The place has cleared out with a two customers standing thinking about their orders over at the counter to my right by the register.  The crowd has left taking the voices with it - now I can make out the music a bit more clearly - but it's still too low to identify the music...

 I just returned from a Christmas holiday with family which gave me reason to think that there is a chance that this country can be put back on track somehow - perhaps when the kids finally wake up from the stupidworld their parents have allowed to be erected around them.  But can we really blame the parents who spend all of their time providing for the family and working or is it more accurate and useful to look to their leadership?  Who is the leadership?  At work?  I think not that is private property where we don't have free speech really.

     The radio, here in Bibleville, continues spewing lots and lots of nothingness - with no subject matter that has any relevance to my life making me turn the radio off.  There is one station that plays "oldies" and I will listen to that once in a while - but that took four years living in this backwater - it will probably be four more till I go up and down the dial to see if there is anything other than church-lady stuff.

     Today I tried to listen to something on the radio to relieve the boredom of sitting at the interminable traffic lights along the pike I frequent here near where I live.  The first station was a "preacher" or something resembling that - I could tell by the snake-oil vocal inflections with which he dolled up the drivel he vomited to the poor listeners.  I can't remember any specifics as it was more of the same stuff they've been saying for hundreds of years - keeping the flock of sheep at full-guilt-tilt - perhaps another donation to the church will buy them a ticket to heaven?  I scanned the dial only to find another of the many "preachers" - and did indeed - this time female - and as full of shit as the first one I heard - this one broadcasting more "inspirational" messages to the listeners about making the best use of time and not "idling."  I wondered if she considered looking at the stars "idling" or just sitting around doing nothing as somehow shameful.

     I have been invited to attend church by some of the kind folks around me who go out of their way to look out for me in so many ways - those who do things for me to make up for my own deficiencies and lack of social grace.  My reply is always the same:  "I'm not setting foot in another church as long as I live since there have been seventeen years of bloodshed and these churches stand by saying nothing."  I am met with eye-rolls many times and silence others - they leave me alone and nicely allow me to walk the road to hell I suppose.  I am in no way criticizing anyone for going to church as I think the church reinforced the values I've hung onto all these years that I learned first from my family.  Alas the church is worthless now as they are nothing more than cheerleaders for military adventures and competitors with their neighboring churches for the tallest steeple.

     The sons and daughters of the families I reconnected with never fail to impress me with the goodness in their hearts and their best of intentions.  The time, effort, and money the parents have spent raising their kids "the right way" is obvious - especially the ones that have avoided all the problems with controlled substances like heroin.  I suppose the perspective of my present age makes them still look like kids although they are in or graduating or recently finished with college.  Because they are so young they are products of the influence of their family and the institutions they've attended or joined.  The question becomes:  "What are they doing for their new masters?"

     We all like to think of ourselves as our own masters but this is almost never the case unless you exist in the elite club that seems to run our nation.  New technologies are being used both in an attempt to further enslave us by some groups and to further free us from our chains by other groups.  This battle will probably never end - what seems to be contested is what we are striving for - what we should be working towards.

...to be continued

     As the year concludes we can read in the "news" various recaps of the year - events that stand out that we should remember for some reason or another according to the corporate media.  That the corporate media draws ones attention to something is almost always a red flag to me to look around to see what we are missing.

     This year may be remembered for a stock market rise, which in past weeks has shown signs of slowing - at least in my opinion.  There have been days recently where the major stock market indices were in the red - something many, including myself, have been watching for the inevitable day of reckoning when an adjustment must occur.  Many corporations have been engaged in stock buybacks - a factor I've mentioned in previous blog posts as a factor that seems to have maintained stock prices at higher than expected levels.

     I am not an "economist" whatever that is.  If economists are valuable of what value have they been to the average joe like myself.  I'm still rebuilding after the last crisis I had where medical problems and market busts created a perfect storm to torpedo my original plans for some sort of retirement.  Since I've been rebuilding I take a very conservative approach to financial moves since the years left on the horizon diminish every day for earning.

     Right before Trump got elected I expected the next war to start since Trump appears to be somehow in league with the Neocons and therefore their agenda - an agenda pursued by both the Bush and Obama administrations.  Both administrations' fixation on the middle east have maintained the US entanglement in foreign quagmires resulting in great expenditures of US money.

     Since I expected the next war to get going I thought there would be a stock market dip so I took half of my money out of the S&P 500 and left the other half in there to ride.  The stock market continued to rise.  As luck would have it the market continued heading positive - I waited and the market continued massive gains.  In May I took the remaining half out and put it into money market fund which earns low interest but is supposed to hold up during a stock market crash.  Again - the year continued up to this point with gains.

     I am satisfied with the gains but my money is languishing - sorrowful sometimes but better than taking a hit on a tanked market.  Was I right or wrong?  I took some gains and await future opportunities - I'm hoping to buy the dip when it happens with those funds.

     General Electric stock took a nosedive losing 40%? of its value (a lot who knows what numbers to calculate and what time frame)  Perhaps in January or maybe a little later that will be a "buy" for some of the money I have idling in the coming year?

     What about real estate?  Housing prices are so high in this area it makes one wonder if the whole city is rich and I'm the only one thinking that there is a housing bubble.  This city of music has many businesses and people moving in daily keeping the people that own properties here in the black.  But are there really that may high salaries to support the bank loans that will be necessary to sustain these prices?

     I've seen this movie before - older homes are bought by builders/flippers - they bulldoze the old house, put up two or three in its place and sell them.  The roads get more and more crowded but nobody seems to mind too much.  The houses look like some of the cheapest construction I've ever seen - and the houses are quite tall since the builders are trying to cram a larger living space into a smaller footprint.  Maintenance nightmares if you ask me and expensive.  In a real rat-hole part of town down the street I see new houses in a development advertised as starting in the "low 300's."  Geez OK as long as the banks are willing to loan money on these properties maybe supply and demand can explain it - or is it a bubble?

     I will have to wait this year to see what to do about property.  Rents are extremely high and hardly a bargain.  As far as bang for your buck this town ain't so hot.  I moved here for the job and its the job that keeps me here.

     So why is everyone flocking to areas like this place?  Low taxes.  It really is simple as that.  There is no other great attraction - and with low taxes people are drawn because they will tolerate a lot of crappy roads and miserable people and homeless crawling all over the streets and starting at you as you order your food at the drive-thru.  Who cares?  Let me keep my money and I'll figure it out - that seems to be the sentiment and it is enriching property owners in this area.  But the area is no bargain at all.
Yup I'm back at the coffee house - just an excuse to fire up the keyboard.  Steady crowd mostly buying coffee and heading out the door rather than staying.
So reminiscing about the past year ... the year of the whiney little bitch.

2017 saw mobs of what appeared to be paid losers defacing statues of past Americans - and cities cowering to these idiots to wipe out Americas past - I suppose - so we can forget it and doom ourselves to repeat it.  Everyone is so easily offended.  I've found an easy way to avoid offending these pathetic little minds - stay alone.  Their company is a waste of time.

America is presently run by entertainment experts who are in league with the media which was complicit in ramming the phony narrative of the war on terror on the American public.  The American public reacted with the primal fear of a mob under attack - as planned - and remains in a state of slow boil.  Every day or so someone is "murdered" (at least on the telescreen) and we are supposed to log that as proof that we must shovel more money over to the "security" industry.

I recently had the displeasure to fly interstate a few days ago - what a horrible experience.  The airlines - if they weren't simply the only show in town would be out of business if their income depended on customer satisfaction.  When I fly I feel like a prisoner going to a camp.  I do not feel very much like an American.  Flying with dignity is reserved for the rich and those with private aircraft - the rest of us are cattle to be fleeced.

Getting back to the mobs of angry children defacing statues - and the colleges and cities bending to their whining that our history is just too much for them to take...  while these "demonstrations" and fake events were going on it struck me how most of us have to go to work to earn our keep during the day - but somehow the whiney little bitches all have the time and money to travel on a business day to erase our past.  I guess many of those working deserve to be screwed since they take no responsibility to educate themselves as to the whys of what America is doing.

to be continued...




The circus continues

It took me a while to get going today - to write anything here.  I'm back at my hangout coffee shop here up the street from my rental.  It is raining and overcast today which made it the perfect day to do nothing.  No exercise - zero.  Just sit around and loaf but why not get out at least to the coffee shop and play the keyboard?

The usual sounds of coffee grinders continue - the folks behind the counter busy - never seeming to run out of things to do.

The most recent event in the news - just like all the other recent events in the news is a "mass shooting" in Las Vegas.  Should I believe it?  Probably not.  It's not like I don't believe nothing happened - it's just a matter of how much of what has been presented to me that I should consider as fact.  But let's take a step back for a minute and think about this whole thing from the beginning.

When was the beginning of this so-called news event?  It seems like it was a few days ago but I cannot tell for sure as I've been really busy and absorbed at work.  I just remember waking up one day and checking the nooz online to find out what seems like hundreds of people were supposedly shot.  Since this has become such common nooz these days I didn't react - and I cared even less.  I registered the information somewhere in my mind and got going to work.  I heard a coupla' the guys mention it had happened and some speculation about some rather obvious problems with the story.

From what I'd heard some independently wealthy gambler had stockpiled a small arsenal of "assault-style" weapons (meaning non fully automatic) in a hotel room and a bunch of ammo and fired away at a bunch of people at a concert.  OK fine.  I was already wondering about the distances and trajectories etc...   Also why would this guy have so many guns?  The whole thing already looked pretty stupid to me - so I started asking myself who would benefit from this crime?  As usual the guy who did all the work was already dead so the public will never hear that person's side of the story.

I have no real facts or information beyond this.  Observations:  First is that the war on terror is and will continue to be a complete waste of time since at any moment any lone gunman can shoot anyone anywhere at any time and there is no way to stop them.  So why even try?  Are we all going to spend the rest of our lives and fortunes feeding the feckless "security" companies when they cannot do anything about the problem?  The evidence is that the problem seems to be getting worse.  With each of these attacks more and more casualties result which tells me we are trending higher - a fact that I am sure has not escaped other observers.

The so-called "War on Terror" is being lost just like all of the other "wars" American heroes have been losing for decades.  The "War on Drugs" is being lost and worsening by the day. (click here) I read a statistic :
"With 64,000 overdose deaths last year nationwide — a staggering 22 percent jump over the previous year — it is little wonder that overdoses, the leading cause of death among Americans under 50, are reducing life expectancy. They are also straining the staffs and resources of morgues, and causing major backlogs.

This is especially true in New Hampshire, which has more deaths per capita from synthetic opioids like fentanyl than any other state. Last year the overdose death toll here reached nearly 500, almost 10 times the number in 2000."

The story above - which you can read by clicking on the link describes an overloaded coroner who is quitting his job to seek a solution in some way to try to stop the epidemic.  Another coroner quit in Los Angeles due to the overwork and backlog of bodies - you can read that one by clicking HERE.

It is ironic that the public is being decimated by a drug epidemic while their tax money is spent fattening the asses of those tasked with eradicating these issues.  But since the war on drugs was a stupid prohibition-based plan in the first place its architects knew it would fail.  But that's not the point.  The point was always to make more money while using drugs as an excuse to forever expand police powers - police powers incapable of solving the problem - EVER.

That's America I suppose.  The "War on Terror" is just more of the same.  As far as I am concerned America is losing every war they engage in - more and more money spent on fireworks thrown down a rathole - more lives destroyed - another generation jaded before their years.

I don't have to wonder where failure will end up - especially since history repeats - this latest cash cow for the gunslingers and power-mad will end up the way prohibition ended the first time - with loosening of laws that never should have been enacted in the first place.

I don't hear a lot of sympathy or empathy from my fellow Americans regarding those ensnared in the brutal quagmire that is the war on drugs.  The attitude is that if these folks had just stayed off drugs they wouldn't be in the situation they are in now.  I am not going to go out and start doing heroin just because somebody legalized it - are you?  I am not promoting its use - unless it is for medical reasons.  But how did things get this bad?

If anyone cares to fix this problem it begins with strategy and can only be ended with a strategy that works.  The present strategy is an abysmal failure and will continue to be a failure.

Where the War on Terror meets the War on Drugs - Afghanistan?

I've seen pictures and spoke to several guys I've met who have confirmed to me that America is a big player in the Opium production in Afghanistan.  They've told me the pictures I've seen are true - that the US really is a powerful drug dealer.  Year after year part of the taxes I pay into this system are used to perpetuate a system of greed that preys on those who for some reason or another cannot get off these drugs.

The U.S. is being drowned in these social problems - is it by design?  One has to wonder.  Is it only greed that keeps these druglords going?  One must wonder if any druglords have ever had a loved one hooked on morphine or heroin.  It's hard to watch - and it shortens their life.

Coffee shop has quieted down somewhat.  I hear what sounds possibly like Tom Petty playing low - with coffee grinder sounds superimposed atop the chords.  Tom Petty passed away recently - maybe that called the song up in the queue.  I keep getting whiffs of freshly ground coffee.  I'm on my third cup which will be my last.  This blog post sucks I know but why not right?

Getting back to the latest "shooting" in Las Vegas - it seems that there is funding out there for both the "shooting reallyhappened" side of things and the "shooting is a fraud" on the other.  The video productions of the "deniers" are getting more sophisticated and are up on You Tube fast enough the counter the so-called "mainstream" nooz which was complicit in selling the big one - 911 attacks - to the public despite the laws of physics being to the contrary of what is possible.


I've learned not to react too much to these nooz events - and I've really cut out mainstream media as a source of anything.  There is way too much agreement between the "mainstream" organizations to take them seriously - and they are all victims of their own past lies - as the all worked together on the 911 caper.  Since they cannot backtrack on that lie they are doomed forever as being complicit in that crime.  Why would they not be complicit in the follow-up crimes - or in the next big one?

Propagandists seem to understand that the public must be kept at a medium level of anxiety - and pulsed and the proper frequency in order to get them to react when the next "big event" happens.

At the present time the public is so saturated with bullshit nooz, lies, "shootings" etc... that they are not really reacting too much - they are starting to analyze the event - and asking questions now about why there are descrepancies.  That is a large step in the direction of truth and understanding.  Little cracks are starting to appear in the facade we are all being fed.

I am not taking a position on how many were killed, or even if anyone was killed in the last event - all I got were some lousy videos and some horrible pictures that are impossible to deduce much from other than that I am being lied to.  But isn't it a fact in itself to know we are being lied to?  Knowing that one is lied to is useful information because we know who NOT to trust and who to suspect.  Once we are aware that a nooz source is lying to us - and that their "competitors" are telling us the same lies - this leads us to ask whether or not they talked before they lied to us - since they agree in the same lies.

Since they are all telling the same lies it becomes logical to ask if there is a larger plan afoot - and that they are all part of the same plan.  This is just logic.  To not ask ourselves such questions is to be foolish - as all possibilities must be considered before discarding anything.  Only consideration of all possibilities can ensure that a broad enough spectrum of possibilities are analyzed.

We shall see if the public wakes up more - and where it will all end.

I knew this blog post would suck but what the heck here it is.


Daze Off

Since I have no television - just internet my nooz arrives as I poke around online.  For the most part I have less of an idea as to what is going on in the world than I've ever had before.

I am not sure if my ignorance has multiplied as I've learned that almost everything we see, read, and hear is simply B.S.

Somewhere I heard some marketing person mention that online media is "saturated" with advertising - that's an understatement.

Trying to read news online has become a game of whack-a-mole - this was an arcade game where one held a mallet and mechanical moles would pop up from various holes and the player would whack them for points.  That is what it is like reading news on the internet.  It has become such a pain in the ass it stops one from digging into things too much.  With this advertising there is an added dimension of disrespect for events - if those events really are happening in the first place and weren't simply made up.

There may be a news article about a child being burned alive by the babysitter - then I'll go to click on that article and an ad for diapers pops up.  I must search this idiotic ad for an "X" to close the ad then the story isn't really there - I must sign up by providing a username and password to "join" the website so I can read a story possibly written by a computer.

This information wasteland does nothing to inform the public - just to sell them promises that are never intended to be kept, news about manufactured events etc...

I am not complaining - just pointing out that this is a situation that makes tough to remain informed about anything as the news is really infotainment with much of the news actually about the news characters themselves.  Many news articles are about entertainers who have political aspirations or entertainers who called someone a name or entertainers behaving badly.  I would imagine they are as bored as the rest of us.

My pet projects lately have been 911 and chemtrails but alas - nobody seems to care.  The public is determined to let their children be poisoned quietly - they, the parents, certainly won't say anything since these crimes remain out of their sphere of perception.

There are new "theories" being spread around the internet with truth movement hijackers everywhere giving speeches and discussing new theories of how the buildings were demolished - with no end in site.  There are folks saying nukes were used and others saying directed energy weapons - and the classical ones still saying it was thermite - or a combination of thermite and explosives.

The intel agencies seem to have an endless supply of money and liars to pollute the information available in what seems like a successful effort to becloud the minds of those interested in finding out what really happened - whether it is building demolitions or chemtrails - there are plenty of liars on the payroll to bite the very hands that feed them - the American public.  I wonder how much they laugh at all of us as they spread their lies for public consumption.

Coffee shop playing music that has an echo to it with dreamy sound.  I had my coffee and must get on to other thing today.


High Noon in Boresville

I just completed another Orwell book:  Keep the Aspidistra flying.

The "hero" is Gordon Comstock - a man who likes to write poetry and sort of rebels against society by trying not to participate.  One of the key features of not participating in society - like holding down a regular job is poverty - which in turn leads to isolation and loneliness for his character.

Orwell has a way of describing things accurately without insulting others - an attribute of a great writer I would say.

The setting is England in the 1930s - the experience ranges from boredom to going out with his girlfriend to suffering insult at the hands of waiters and those with more money than he has.

The character has friends that look out for him along the way.

Orwell has a way of discussing the woes of society without simply walking up to you and punching you in the face with it.  For example during the story Gordon, the main character, gets into a discussion about socialism and the woes of society with his moneyed friend who publishes some of Gordon's poetry in his magazine.

In the end the poet re-joins society and happily surrenders to the system - I don't want to ruin it on you if you wish to read the book but I recommend it highly.

George Orwell remains one of my favorite authors as he was the real deal and participated in the miseries of society as they were at the time.  If you've read "Homage to Catalonia" and "Down and Out in Paris and London" there is some overlap of Orwell's life in the books visible to the initated - a factor lending verisimilitude to the novel.

I've begun reading "The Road to Wigan Pier" which should take some time since I read these books free online on my phone during lunch each day - go to gutenberg.net.au  .

Where are all the sugar packs?  What happened to all the paper products?

I continue my study of modern American propaganda by living in it and having surrendered to the machine for the time being must hold down a regular, however, interesting job.

I like to skim through the "financial nooz" in an attempt to predict the future so as to know what in the heck to do with my investments which I've been building back up from the last crash.  But the news provides not much help - as the markets seem completely manipulated to me.

Unfortunately I do NOT hold a degree in economics so my opinion has little value to anyone except for myself.  So watching the stock market news I see lots of games going on but can't get a good understanding of how this system really adds up.

I went for a stroll through a  car lot the other day and noted the prices on the vehicles .... 35K-50K for  vehicles - just a year or two old but geez - who has the money to buy all this stuff right now?  Although I was on the lot for about 20 minutes per lot and covered two dealerships not one single salesman came out to talk to me.  I was there because my vehicle was having work done nearby so spent the time walking about looking at things.

The financial nooz tells us to buy buy buy while the stock market indices hit records every single morning.  Perhaps we will have 300 record breaking days this year in the stock market.  Perhaps for the first time in history the stock market will not come back down.  In fact I read an article by a former slleW ograF leader - who said the market can continue going up forever!  Great advice from one of the most ethical businesses on the planet I thought.  (Joking)

The nooz tells us that the employment figures show that everyone is working and making enough money - but another article I read discussed the hiring campaign nozamA is working onwhere they are hiring 50,000 employees.  These are 12 dollar an hour warehouse jobs - I'm  sure those jobs will qualify those lucky enough to find employment at nozamA for a 35-50000 dollar car loan.  The reporter that did the story mentioned how massive was the turnout for these 12 buck and hour jobs - and how many people needed those jobs.  Hmmm - does this sound like a "great economy?"see

While browsing these financial sites I'm constantly bombarded with images of a stock market "genius" named remarC who ceaselessly discusses stocks that sell for hundreds of dollars a share.  Exactly who is he directing his "show" at?

A stock I saw take a jump recently was elohW sdooF which was pushed into selling themselves to nozamA by a so-called "activist investor" who bought a boatload of their shares sending from the 30's up to 42 dollars a share.  After the company was sold the investment group sold their stock and hit the road.  This seems like a heck of a way to value stocks.

I read another good article about stock buybacks being used as a strategy to lift the share price so the CEO's can grab more loot when they beat feet out of a company with their pockets lined.  You can read that article HERE.  Supposedly this strategy is coming to an end as an option for many companies as a way to keep the stock rising when there are no gains in business activity.

So - that's some of the news we have available.  Then, as if the only message out there is to buy lately a Basset Hound came out to warn us that there will be a crash in the bond markets soon - our old friend from the Federal Reserve system Alan Greenspan - you can read that HERE.  So he's contradicting the others.

So we can read this news and try to understand it but it is obvious that we cannot really trust the sources - who are presenting much of this news, I think, to keep the herd entertained or befuddled while they take their money and run.

I've noticed - and this has "worsened" since the last crash around 2008 that eating establishments no longer just put napkins out on the tables and have switched from sugar packs to sugar dispensers - kept at a main coffe sugar and cream station.  Why?  The same reason the hotels stopped stocking spare rolls of toilet paper in the rooms as these years have dragged on - that is - unless you go to one of the ritzier places traveling on a corporate dime.  People start stuffing this stuff in the pockets - sugar packs so they don't have to buy sugar.  Napkins and paper towels - I've seen them doing it.  So the establishments take precautions to save on those losses.

These are the signs of recession to me - when that surplus is not there anymore.  These corners weren't being cut back in the late eighties early nineties.

I've looked at the prices of things and they are too high.  In this town the rents seem also too high to be supported by 12 buck and hour jobs.  How long can things continue this way?

Recently the Federal Reserve raised the interest rate and they claim they are going to do it one more time this year.  This tells me that the pool of buyers willing to take out some stupid loan to finance one of these overpriced vehicles will become reduced as the interest rates will make the payments unaffordable.

The quality of products has dropped as corporate greed has moved the business model from producing something to be proud of that you would sell to your own kids to producing garbage that self-destructs the minute it gets out the door.  Everything is buy buy buy more - hurry hurry hurry and make more money.  Everything is an opportunity to rob the customer - then rob them again - of their money first - then of their time as they spend endless hours fixing broken hardware and software - endlessly running back to Asian mart.    I don't care how many economists you line up with degrees from harvard - and fancy mathematical proofs  - waste is bad economy PERIOD.


The coffee shop I'm in has really picked up.  There are two folks to my left apparently discussing some sort of writing or something they are working on - I can't hear well enough on that ear to make out what they are talking about.  Somehow a strong coffee-grounds aroma hit me - smells great - better than coffee tastes.  The clink-ring of quarter and nickels hitting the tip jar.  Two girls blabbing to the order taker - then ordering something.  Some big guy in black tshirt, beige sneakers fiddling with a cup lid staring blankly - now he's going outside with two ice coffees - he put the lid onto one of them.


I took a break from looking up at the chemtrails - it kinda' hurts watching my fellow citizens being sprayed with unknown substances.  I had to stop because it was killing me in a way - looking up at that wrong-headed plan - to turn a beautiful blue sky white - is sick - but who other than a poet or painter or idler gazing into the sky could care anyway?  After all - scientists are always right about everything and they don't see any problem living under a synthetic sky - they don't give a crap about human lungs - and they are the ones with the skills corporate america is willing to pay for.....they are "smart" - so the poison won't hurt as much

As for the political scene it seems that the new world order agenda continues unabated.  Congress remains blind to the needs, safety, and wishes of the average citizen.  And who can blame them?  They are well-finded by highly organized interest groups who have specific goals in mind and the power to remove any Congressperson that gets too cocky and starts asking too many questions about why we have to send to much money to weapons manufacturers, secret agencies and foreign governments when we get nothing but more and more war.  It seems that no one knows what these monsters and war-mongers have in store for us next.

Coffee grinder noise - stops - music volume seems to have dropped.  Some guy and his wife to my right bouncing baby on knee - music stopped completely now.  A low murmur of voices now, clip clop of shoes walking by - it seems hot in here now - maybe from the two cups of coffee I drank...reflection of yellow VeeDub goes by in the reflection in my computer screen of the street through the window behind me.  The baby quacked - quacked - he hands the kid to her now.


It's no longer high noon but it is still boresville for now....


who are our enemies anyway?

Warning:  This post banged together and unedited...

Living Orwellian means that the enemies of 'our' country must change like the wind I suppose.

I'm back at the local coffee shop now.  Pretty slow day here - but all the tables except for one by the door are filled.  The usual coffee shop sounds of a low murmur from the people and everynow and again a loud proclamation from the counter that someone's coffee/drink/food is ready.  There are three at the coffee sugar'n'cream area two girls and a guy.  He just got an iced coffee and put a gallon of cream into it and is mixing it on the main counter.  The girls must have come here together as they are talking and smiling - now she's going to get her drink - they headed upstairs to the loft.

I don't have much to write about regarding our political situation as I don't see much in the area of news - I ignore it anyway.  I still like listening to some of the talk shows on internet radio - but alas, they too have lost their way.

I've noticed that on the conspiracy websites the hosts, for some reason or another, have amnesia about the role Tucker Carlson played as a shout-down artist for the mainstream media during the early years after nine eleven when he helped the rest of the liars from ALL of the networks shout down, ridicule and yell "conspiracy theorist" at any and all who dared to question the big lie we were all being told.

Suddenly I've heard the "alternative" media people - all at once - and their callers-in to their shows lauding this propagandist as if he works for We the People.  Sure he does!

...so here is the video the Doctor Professor was asking "Tucker" to show to the public - but Tucker couldn't seem to show this damning video....and I don't blame him... because it is so OBVIOUS THAT THE BUILDING WAS CONTROLLED DEMO - I guess technical difficulties for Tucker prevented us from seeing this...

It is amazing how time can erase these "bad memories."  But who can tell what is really going on anymore anyway?  

Our nooz has become another teevee show - and even our prezidint is an actor from his show "The Apprentice"s discussed in a previous blog post corporations are simply mercenaries - they are not supposed to have any moral obligation to non-material and unprofitable high-brow concepts like truth or justice. 

 So suddenly - and I don't know the specifics the public is manipulated into trusting a media personality who is very good at shouting people down on air using time-tested propaganda techniques.

If this hero of the public is so brave why is he not bringing to light the chemtrails the  public is being sprayed with from squadrons of jumbo jets?  The fact is that he has a job, like you and I have jobs if we are lucky in this economy and he needs to keep that job.  His job is not to inform so don't ask him to do it.  If he wants that paycheck to keep coming he will tell you anything he needs to tell you to keep that paycheck coming.

I don't mean to single Tuckur out because he is just another propagandist from the teevee set.  He helped steer the public away from the truth when the chips were down - which means to me to never trust him.  But, you say, "he isn't misleading me right now - so I should trust him even though he was part of the 911 cover up."  If that's what you think then  you would be incorrect.

So who can you trust?  Nobody right now.  We are truly living in a time of universal deceit where telling the truth is a revolutionary act, as Orwell so succinctly put it.  Don't expect any of these teevee people to do anything revolutionary for a paycheck.

The Trump years...

Trump ran for office and told the public everything they wanted to hear.  Like children in a candy store he promised them all they could dream of - then he did whatever his masters told him to do once in office.

I was speaking to a gentleman the other day and he mentioned to me that Iran is an enemy of the USA.  I asked "Says who?"  Congress never declared war on Iran - they haven't attacked us - so is an enemy of the USA some general direction in which the dictator points his finger?  He thought about it for a minute and agreed - how do we know they are an enemy?

Then we talked about them building weapons of mass destruction - you know - the same weapons the other countries we mercilessly bomb into oblivion never had.

...so the comedy and the circus continues as the real manufacturers of WMD rake in the dough.  After all the more stuff that gets blown to bits the more money they make.

But don't you ask any questions my fellow "citizen" - you need to get your ass back to work and send more money to these idiots to piss away making more enemies to bomb.

The next phase of the war campaign

So we await the next false-flag attack on the Land of the Free (to be fondled at the airport) and home of the tax-slaves.  

I remind folks when they prod me that they need to go back and read the PNAC document to see that these wars were planned in advance - the signatories of the document unable to push Clinton over the edge to get them going while he was in office - finally getting their way once nine eleven happened then the wars began.  Iran was on the hitlist according to Gen. Wes Clark.  But these are just conspiracy theories we are told by the best and the brightest...

...so tick tock ... the American public, like sitting ducks await the next "reason" to rush off to war.

So who really are our enemies?

When this discussion arises I remind my friends that the true enemies of America are those that petition for the retraction of our rights - the right to freedom of speech, religious freedom and the right to bear arms.  There should be no reason to disarm the public.  A public with weapons should be a welcome addition to the defenses of the nation.  After all if the country were invaded just think how effective an armed and practiced citizenry would be in repelling invaders.

It is a jobless public led by their foolish pastors, preachers and priests that have problems shooting each other with firearms.

It is a public that is not reminded of the difference between right and wrong, murder and self defense that appears to not be able to handle freedom.  It is a public that is taxed but not represented that seems to not be able to handle freedom.  I seems not to be able to handle it when the oligarchs start realizing that if people don't have enough to feed their children, and they run out of money for drugs that they just might pick up arms and go take the food they so desperately need but cannot seem to get.  Supposedly it was the women at the fishing docks that tooks their fish-knives and headed out looking for bread since they really didn't have any "cake" to eat.

Marie Antoinette supposedly said "Let them eat cake" when she was told that the poor had no bread to eat.  She was so far removed from reality that she thought the public had food options.

I looked at some of the gigantic churches here in town and wondered how much they rake in in those collection baskets on a good Sunday.  These are BIG BIG churches who "Support our Troops."  I support our troops too, with my tax money but not one of them ever thanked me for a penny of it.

What do I have to show for all of the money spent on all of these wars - freedom?  I wonder about that every time I am stuck flying somewhere.  I wonder how some doofus with blue gloves playing with my ass crack at the airport is keeping me free from some doofus with no gloves playing with my ass crack uninvited.  I wonder why I saw a grandmother with an M-16 style weapon as part of security at the local airport - do I need this old hag to keep me safe?  From what?

What needs to happen?

The American public is finally beginning to talk to each other again - but the same propagandists keep conning them every time.  Americans are so disorganized that they cannot fathom that some other group that wants their stuff IS ORGANIZED - and they have been trained by people like Tucker to look away, cover their ears and eyes and call these organized efforts "conspiracy theories."

George Bush, Tucker and the rest of them will remind you over and over again to avert your eyes when there is an organized effort to rob you of your money, spray your blue skies white, poison your children's lungs, implode monumental buildings, and ...well... who knows what's next?  

And yes - there will be a next time.  There always is when the criminals get away with the crime.  

The House of Representatives needs to be refreshed with enough Congresspeople who are not afraid to use the term "Zionist", "Neocon" and "Peace."  Unless a problem is defined it cannot be solved - and until we dispose of the term Conspiracy Theory we will slide further and further into tyranny.


Dumber than a Box of Rocks: The Fourth of July in America

I feel an obligation to document the fall of America as I live through it since those officially responsible for this task don't seem to be getting the job done.  Perhaps the thoughts of an individual - can help others in the future to see our present, and their past a little better if I put something, anything, down here on this blog.

I often wonder if fallen empires were similarly documented - with the same lies and bullshit spewed from the mouths of liars, crooks, thieves and murderers as are our historical narratives.  So far I'd have to say:  "Yes, they were."  What an arresting thought - that, as the illustrious Henry Ford stated:  "History is Bunk."

...to be continued

July 1, 2017 begins.  What will it bring.  I have a few days off and will spend them here in the Bible belt.

I don't have any real goals over the next few days other than basics of survival during which
I hope to see signs that America will survive - I'm not sure what those signs might be.

First of all will be to obtain food that has a minimum amount of poisons deliberately added to it.
Second will be unpolluted and unfluoridated water.
Third will be some clean air.

How ironic - that to get a breath of fresh air nowadays - I must go inside to get away from the chemtrails.

I've passed the parents taking their kids to school, while above, what appears to be a military project spraying their kids' lungs with chemicals from aircraft.  All of those parents are helping pay for this mass poisoning of our ecosphere and some of those parents are participating.

I'm just babbling here I know as I've reached a motivational nadir in writing and speaking out.  The crooks are winning and we are definitely losing ground.  I'm gonna' head out and get some food.

I titled this posting because with each passing day I interact with a public that seems to become more and more distant. Perhaps because my trip up the age escalator is separating me from the younger generations - who can tell.  I don't know what I would talk to them about anyway - I don't know much about entertainment or sports.  I've turned my back on modern media as I consider it a poison equal to or worse than the poison presented to the American public in their food, water, and now air.

What has thrown water on the fire in me the most is that average Americans just don't care.  Some that are smart enough to understand the science or physics of what ails America don't want to know.  Especially concerning the root causes of our wars without end.  I suppose they will let their kids figure it out or die from it - in any case most don't give a damn and won't even think about  putting up a fight.

Why should they?  Since most people follow some leadership, and here in the Bible belt they follow their church leaders, it seems to me that their church leaders provide the worst of possible leadership since their flocks are being decimated with forced flu shots (or lose your job), diabetes, autism and I suppose a coming wave of problems related to breathing in fine particles dispensed from aircraft.  Although they would disagree I'd say that even the Bible thumpers don't really have a prayer.

I have abandoned attempts to communicate with most people because the majority are so lost in the lies fed to them that they don't have a chance at proper conclusions.  It's an old computer term:  Garbage in garbage out."  We've moved from a culture of action based upon facts based upon the scientific method to a culture of actions based on belief.  And belief is easily manipulated in the minds of the ignorant.

The ignorant are the uneducated.  People who do not understand some basics in physics and lack the tools to learn those basics will remain perpetually at the mercy of others who can simply claim to understand something - someone with a title perhaps like PhD or MD.  The may wear a white lab coat. These high priests who are elevated above us on the alters of mass media can tell the ignorant anything and by repeating it enough times create so-called "facts" that "everybody knows" are true.

This is the world we live in - and it is a difficult world to live in if one knows any better about anything.

Another difficulty some of us who have lived long enough to see the United States culture change is that it is impossible to describe the world as it was and how it has changed for the worse in so many ways.  Changed for the worse despite endless wars on poverty, war on drugs, war on terror and what do we end up with - more poverty, war and drug problems than ever before.  Has it ever occured to anyone that war seems to be the most expensive way to worsen just about any problem?

Support our Troops

Why?  It has been sixteen years since 911 root cause of the conflicts we are in and there is a mountain of evidence that anyone halfway literate can look at to determine, if nothing else, that the reasons We the People were given for killing all these people all over the globe is that we were lied to.

If nothing else can be gleaned from the available truth, misinformation and disinformation propaganda all over the internet, TV, moovies, radio etc... it should be obvious that we were lied to, and continue to be lied to BY THE SAME PEOPLE.

Don't the soldiers know that they are being used as dumb stupid animals - as one of our famous politicians and globalists famously said?

How can they not know?  Perhaps because people join the military before the age of 20.  OK - I understand they have not a clue - got that.  Can't blame them.  But what about everybody else?  Is it not OK for German soldiers during WW2 to "just follow orders" but is OK for Americans today to "just follow orders?"  What if they asked Americans to spray poison on Americans from airplanes - would American military personnel go along with that?  Of course they would.  So am I supposed to "support our troops" that are spraying poison onto your children?  Well am I?  Help me out here parents.  WTF is wrong with you people?

Time to run out again...to be continued

7-1-2017  7:35
I'm going out with a friend - have been home awhile so returned from last trip.
I have to say that I've already seen some good things today which have changed my mood slightly toward the positive  from where it was when I got up this morning.

I re-read the first paragraph of this horrible monologue and suddenly realized how arrogant it is for me to think that I have a better idea of what...

continued... July 3, 2017

I had to run out - sorry 'bout that.  At the local coffee shop again.  Some guy with a girl in a hat waiting for their coffee.  Just when I was about to mention how quiet it is in here some grinding machine started a sort of wailing sound.  More people coming into what seemed to be an empty lower level when I walked in.  I've grabbed a table over here by the windows to write a few things down - whatever comes to mind.  Although I've come here to write a little - there goes that machine again - I have to reflect on some things going on now - but I don't have a lot of time because this old laptop battery doesn't last very long without being on a charger and I didn't bring one.

So - the Fourth of July is coming up again.  If it weren't for the fireworks the lackadaisical American public would forget this previous Holy Day here in America.  Oh - those that get the day off would whine a little if it were to be taken away - but not much would be done.  It still hasn't been rolled into a floating holiday like other previously important holidays.

What's going on in the world?  Trump pulled out of the climate treaty which I thought was good for America.  We don't need it - for anything.  Whatever else his masters are forcing him to do I have no idea.

He's reneged on his campaign promises and the vaccine thing with RFK junior has gone no-where.  The Zionists are still alive and well and I've been waiting for the next big developments for "our" country.  What will they be?

The stock market has got to make an adjustment as the present levels, in my uneducated and useless opinion, have simply been too high too long.  The stock market news is a scam like the rest of the news however when it comes to money - like the price of a share of stock as it is presently for sale must be reported with some level of honesty.

Although Americans have adopted the term "fake news" as Trump stated correctly - they still lack a complete understanding of how manipulated and manufactured the agenda-driven news really is, and has been, and for how long.

Facts truly no longer matter - as repetition of nonsense and good graphics get the job done in implanting any belief into the minds of the public as are necessary.

So I expect the stock market to take a drop - and have pulled what meager resources I've been able to cobble together out of the market and into a money market in May.  Hopefully when the market tanks I can throw that money back in and buy in cheap.

As far as thios international political game that we all swirl around in it wouldn't surprise me if these jokers in the Zionist-military-industrial-university-corporate complex pull off another big false flag attack on America to get the next phase of the war campaign accelerated.  AFter all it worked so well the last time - that Americans are still complete oblivious to the fact, that came out in court, according to Dan Rather - and he was not sued for this - that the FBI blew up the World Trade Center the first time in 1993.  That the public remains completely unaware of this fact - and that the second successful attempt using building demolition methods is unknown to a large mass of the public attests to the failure of our media apparatus.  There are many brave souls that have carried the torch to keep these stories alive and keep the facts building is admirable - but up to now has been a failure.  I'm not picking on them - I haven't done any better - my attempts seemed to have done more harm than good in paying more attention to truthtelling than perhaps I should have running the business I had.  Not a bad thing but it really can wear you out debating all the time.

So I went back and reviewed some of the 911 information out there and found an interview of a filmmaker who wrote a film called "Operation Terror" - I noticed that the scenes discussed in the interview matched the words exactly of different players in the 911 situation.

Why is America Asleep?

Americans don't seem to grasp the magnitude of the problems facing us - at least their interest is not reflected in the actions of the government - state or federal.  It seems that Americans have been repeating a mantra given to them that "government never works" and that "Private industry is better than government always."  This is not true.

Government, as opposed to corporations, was formed in The United States with one primary purpose - to protect our rights.  The Constitution was supposed to describe the limitations on the power granted to this government.

Corporations are not tasked with preserving the rights of individuals - at all.  They don't care - and perhaps they shouldn't - their job is profit - your rights or my rights or the rights of those using their products.  These corporations can be benefactors.....or monstors - depending on how far they get off their leash.  Think about it - General Electric will build an electronic Gatling gun to mow down as many humans in front of it as you have money for ammo.  They will also produce a CAT scanner of fine enough quality to scan any survivors - should they be fortunate enough to have insurance for the hospital visit.

Is this a bad thing?

I don't know - corporations are not places to look for moral guidance - especially after they become monopolies dominated by people who are monsters.

That is why we developed government - to provide some sort of boundaries on, amoong other things - business.  How much is too much?

911 Will Never Go Away

Those who forget history are bound to repeat it - Santayana is credited with making this statement.  But what happens when the historical record is skyjacked, rewritten - then the phoney history - always written by the victors is fed to the unwitting children raised in our society?  They don't have a chance to see what happened last time because even their parents never knew the truth of the matter.

911 - as with much of the rest of American history is a myth written to the satisfaction of the victors.  The American people were the losers and continue to and will contiinue to be the losers of a government under the control of people without the interests of the American public.

Some music is playing now - there is a sort of droning bass beat that I find annoying - it's present in a lot of the modern music.  I always liked bass but maybe I was just younger and more accepting of things - who can tell?  My ears are shot from a life of abuse mainly from machinery of different sorts.
Music is hard for me to enjoy since the details just aren't there anymore.  I guess unless there is a high SNR the noise overwhelms my ear circuits drowning out the details.

The coffee shop has cleared out and the rain has abated for a while.  Recently we've had weather where it is bright and sunny and hot then 3 minutes later heavy rainfall.  The girls have come out from behind the counter to clean up in the coffee sugar n cream area now that they have a few minutes break from the customers.

A new song has started in the background - another with that hollow bass sound...

I said that America remains "dumber than a box of rocks" - which seems mean - but is it really?
It is hard not to develop some sort of contempt for a people who, like a foolish rich kid - that fritters away money that came so easy to them - and when one tries to warn them that they may never get some of it back - they just don't know any better.

Americans seem to live in a sort of fantasy state where they can't really believe that "it really can happen here."  The chemtrail spraying is the most recent and distressing I can think of - and the magnitude of this horrible crime against all humans, plant and animal life is harrowing.

"Scientists" - our new priesthood - can claim anything anytime and we are all supposed to simply believe, accept and participate.  Although I've railed against religion a lot I have to say that the complete absence of faith of some sort - as the scientific community appears to be without faith- results in acts that should be considered criminal.

Experimentation on our own population is an activity that should be criminal.  But is it?  Although the perps have finally been pushed out into the open and have to admit that they are doing it - Harvard being one - the public just walks on by.  Pointing at the clouds - even with the affirmation afforded by the media admissions is not enough to convince an American - even standing there outside pointing at the squadrons of jumbo jets spraying the clouds - is not enough for an American to grasp the fact that someone would introduce poisons into the air.  I've not heard much mentioned in the mainstream press about the hazards to the lungs of the population - because science seems to have been dominated by people who view humans as "meat machines" - not as sacred life.

Americans not citizens

So the Americans somnambulate - some deliberately and others because they've been trained that way.

So many people today are not really citizens and they never will be - this goes especially for those who've served in the military.  GI is not equal to Citizen.  Citizen is a higher calling and it goes beyond following orders in the military.

I can give multiple examples but Americans are too sensitive to hear that their military service may have done more harm to America than good.  Carrying a machine rifle in a country uninvited that never attacked us is not going to win us many friends - and although criticizing modern American militarism has become dangerous - it is necessary and true.

How would you, American, feel if a foreign soldier came here to America under the UN or some other guise and killed your kid to make the world safe for democracy?

We must face these simple facts and find a way to have that conversation soon.

Where will the money come from?

Militarism costs lots of money and we dont' seem to have a surplus of that - given the state of the roads in this country.  Illinois is broke.  That leaves 49 other states to pay for these wars, and the State of Israel to consider leeching off billions of those dollars.

Just like the fireworks on the Fourth of July - after the show - there's nothing left but burned debris.


There's Snowden - then there are THE REST OF YOU

Back to the coffee shop here in my present home town.  It was almost empty when I got here but has livened up a lot.  People are moving out from the loft upstairs throwing their paper coffee cups away as they leave - some taking them with them as they depart.  A line has formed over at the register where customers are placing orders - a woman with a brown shoulder bag is filling her cup - she and her buddy are  directly across at the sugar-and-cream area now they are leaving.  Some dude in a black teeshirt and ponytail waiting for his order, another girl - two more guys - too much going on to keep up with.  Music playing low in background - some kind of guitar and vocals -

Meanwhile back at the NSA - the last moral person has left the agency...

I finally got around to watching this clip of Edward Snowden and as I suspected the government got it wrong again - Snowden the patriot is on the outside looking in leaving those willing to go along to get along still in the saddle living their plush lives on the government dole violating the rights of Americans.  You would think that the REST OF YOU would at least have the decency to resign and go find a real job outside of the GESTAPO.

I've heard various people tell me that they think Snowden needs to be killed extrajudiciously - the standard thoughtless reaction from a public now almost completely brainwashed by a purely tabloid media.  Without giving me specific examples of what they think Snowden did. Our public is living in such a state of media-incited fear that they can no longer analyze anything - first because We the People no longer have any facts upon which to analyze anything - second because of the well-known human response to fear mongering which acts so effectively to numb the rational part of the human psyche.

It is amazing how far the American mind has been degraded to the point where the average citizen thinks torture and murder-without-trial are good ideas.  The other night I had some idiot tell me that we may have to "drag them behind trucks" to show them not to "drag us behind trucks."  Great way to lead by example I thought.  Years ago people would shun you because they would consider you a madman for talking that way.  Thanks to faux news and the other parrots of government contrived lies everyone has been converted to madmen - so such statements don't have the contrast they had just a few years ago before the media and government began planting these ideas into the public mind in earnest.

In this video Snowden gives excellent answers for why he came forward and made the sacrifices in his life in order to protect the rights of Americans who are too ignorant to appreciate it is what he has done for them.

Edward Snowden committed the highest crime in US government - to tell the truth.  The rest of you - how do you look yourself in the mirror?  I don't see much from our champions of freedom - NSA, FBI etc...  I suspect that they are all keeping their heads down because the government made an example of Snowden - showing what will happen to those who tell the truth on behalf of the public.


When I think of the NSA and most security/police agencies I think of the typical government worker - goes to work to get a paycheck - may or may not do a good job and doesn't really care.  What does the government do when they get an outstanding person like Snowden - ready to sacrifice a posh lifestyle to do what is morally right?  They get rid of him.  This cannot be the first time - leaving We the People with.... the REST OF YOU.

The REST OF YOU remain - typing away and slinking about like the amateur spies you are.  You care nothing for your country and are not defending it by joining the terrorists.  You do nothing to stop real security breaches and nothing to slow down this GESTAPO-style witchhunt that is going on.

And what is all this witchhunt and computer spying etc... based upon?  A false-flag attack perpetrated on our country by real traitors.  Building implosions are the ONLY way the trade center towers could have collapsed the way they did.  There IS NO OTHER EXPLANATION - regardless of how you try to justify it in your mind.  You and I are still stuck with the laws of physics and the principles of controlled demolition - and the forces of organized crime.  This self-inflicted and foreign assisted stab in the back of Liberty is now part of the myth that makes America - and it is the myth each and every one of you support and ingrain into the minds of your children.  How disgusting you all are and how I hope no know none of you.  You are the lowest - you are not citizens - you are slaves of a mafia that pits you against the well-being of your own children.  That is what I think of THE REST OF YOU.

What will the REST OF YOU support next?

It's anybody's guess - but as I've said before on this blog that they got away with the last one which means they will do it again - and by "they" I don't mean the boogeyman in a cave in Afghanistan on a kidney dialysis machine.  I mean those that really did it.  But who cares about exposing that?  That would take real sacrifice.  Why not just go along to get along and let your former colleague do all the heavy lifting for you.  After all - it is obvious the REST OF YOU don't have the guts to set this country straight.

Snowden made some good points in his discussion - one was that our country was founded by people who broke the law when the law was wrong.  He draws a correct distinction between morality and the law.  Our laws should be structured so as to support the morality that we as a society have decided is good and right.


The music has changed to a song with a steady beat and good instrumentals - that song is over.  The guy to my left just inquired about the wifi password which I told him. Another three customers...
The weather outside is dreary but unseasonably warm for February here in Tennessee.  I am wearing flip-flops and took the day off due to...

So back to THE REST OF YOU...

As a reminder - the ONLY check/balance on the intelligence community is the people themselves that live within it.  That's it.  There really is no other balance or oversight - and the REST OF YOU are proving to not be up to the job.  It seems that you've all become accustomed to finding others to blame for your problems.  But in the end it is THE REST OF YOU that are committing the crimes for the crooks at the top - but why?  I suppose it is all based on FEAR and I can somehow understand that to a degree - but now that Snowden has come forward one would think it difficult to keep going along to get along.

The security system was NOT designed to protect criminals it was designed to keep secrets.  But somehow everything has become a secret for one reason or the other.  Since nobody can verify any facts or assertions the security industrial complex people have free reign - along with their trained accomplics in the "media" to make up any lie they wish and have all the parrots on the TeeVee repeat it over and over until the public cries for blood.  FEAR - FEAR - FEAR - that is the message of today - that is the message of yesterday and that is the message for tomorrow.  YOU WILL live in FEAR.

Is this the world you will leave to your children?  A world of parents who longer care about right and wrong?

Do any of you realize how far down the rathole this place is going - and how far there is to go?  I keep hearing "This is the greatest country in the world" almost as if the simple act of standing on a piece of dirt makes it " the greatest."    This country is great because people fought to make it that way and many paid with their lives and property so secure the rights that the REST OF YOU are frittering away as you cower behind your computer and pretend to yourself that if you just go to church on your holy day that God will make it OK in the morning.  I wonder is that how it works?

I marvel at the ability of THE REST OF YOU to keep on keeping on - sucking up that easy money doing very little real work - because you are not r eal patriots like Snowden - no - you are just what we all think of when we think of you - guvvermint wurkerz leeching off the rest of us.

Things have shifted here at the coffee shop again - I hear some grinding machine screaming, the pock-pock of heavy cardboard to-go coffee cups hitting a stone counter.  Some guy in a green t-shirt with filthy green down vest walked in and said "good morning" to the girl behind the counter - they are discussing the order...Tall guy working the coffee machines glances over the machine and out the window every now and them - a blank look on his face as his eyes are outside but his brain is on the coffee task at hand.


Do you hear that?  That is the sound of agreement - the sound of silence.  Almost as loud as the sound of one hand clapping for Snowden.

As the American public is whipped into every-increasing states of frenzy there is no real information out here.  I have practically abandoned the "news" and make it a point to only take a quick glance at it and read whatever comments are available.  I only read the news to get an idea as to what are the lies someone hopes I will believe today. It seems that operatives of the intel agencies and military industrial complex have infiltrated all news outlets to ensure that only the approved facade is available for the public to pollute their minds with.

The "news" has deteriorated to sensationalism - lots of shouting and unverifiable assertions - not enough to really get some kind of idea as to what is really going on with anything.  Yes these are absolute statements but things are at that point where the media has become nothing but an apparatus of the military industrial complex.  War is the answer to everything.  All nations are potential threats and if we put our guns down for a second we will be attacked.  For the average citizen it is hard to know who to fear more - the trigger-happy cops, the federal government or a guy on kidney dialysis in a cave in afghanistan.  All present equally menacing threats - and look what happened the last time we didn't kill a guy on kidney dialysis in a cave in Afghanistan!

From the stock market to the weather reports our information is mostly false - consisting of lies by those who are setting up the public to take the next hit.  What will it be?  Additionally the present lies must be covered up and woven into the fabric of our culture.

We have been brainwashed to trust the biggest liars on TeeVee before we will place trust in the ideas or facts of people we know personally.  How is that possible?  How do these fear-mongers on Fox nooz have more credibility with people I know than I have with people I know?

Propaganda works - and we are immersed in it.  And THE REST OF YOU are allowing that to happen.

Resignation is what most of you should so - but what other jobs are available when all one knows how to do is snoop on their neighbors?  I have news for you government workers - all that spying on your neighbors looks cool on TeeVee but you'd better not let your neighbor catch you doing it.

As for me I have to let the REST OF YOU in on a little secret - I don't respect you very much.  I would imagine that others also, in the back of their mind wonder what the hell is wrong with all of you.

We have security breaches and hacks going on all the time which shows that you are all collectively failing We the People.  You all failed on 911 to prevent the crime - then you all failed to expose the cover up- all the way up to our present day.  Can you imagine how lame that is?

It seems incalculable how much money it has cost We the People for you NOT TO PROTECT US.  Thanks for nothing.  Additionally the most articulate and brave amongst you has to hide out in Russia, of all places for committing the terrible act of TELLING THE TRUTH.  It makes one wonder what the rest of you are telling us - and what the REST OF YOU are telling your kids.  Yukk.  Y'all must make terrible neighbors-I wouldn't want a peeping tom for a neighbor.

Goodbye for now to THE REST OF YOU - those of you who every day get up and go to "work" for the federal government - those of you willing to sacrifice liberty for a little temporary safety.  No wonder our country is in so much trouble.  With friends like you .... Who needs enemies?


A beach boys song "Wouldn't it be nice" has just finished playing - how ironic.


Trump hits one out of the park: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. To Chair Trump’s Commission On Vaccine Safety

This is a great move by Trump if you ask me:  CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE REGARDING

President-elect Donald J. Trump asked to meet with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at Trump Tower in Manhattan to discuss issues surrounding “vaccines and immunizations.”

On Tuesday it was revealed that Kennedy would be leading a vaccine safety commission. The unlikely pair both call themselves “pro-vaccine” but want safety assurances and more scientific rigor. Kennedy Jr. has long argued for safe vaccines and for alternatives to mercury derived ingredients (thimerosal)."

I was immediately heartened by this amicable and well-reasoned approach to the vaccine-autism questions our public is facing.  This issue alone is worth Trump getting into office.  It is THAT important because it represents so many facets of the challenges that face us:

     1.  Science vs. "Big Pharma"  - that we all acknowledge we have problems with the dollar controlling science and medicine but that we also acknowledge that vaccines may be necessary - but lets allow science to function and lead the charge with those that have been fighting the battle.

     2.  Propaganda vs. Reason - The vaccine issue also can help us by facing a situation where good questions based  on citizens' personal observations were successfully silenced by the media - for whatever reason.  If evidence shows that the vaccines really are causing problems then a lot of pain and suffering and waste can be avoided for those who would be next in line by continuing a habit of harmful vaccination formulas.

I told a coupla' guys today that some of the things I see Donald Trump doing - actually more than I've admitted so far just because they could have been flukes...

But putting RFK in charge of finding some answers to the vaccine safety issue to me is brilliant.  It GETS THE JOB DONE - meaning - get to the truth of the matter and let's deal with it.  Kennedy is a great choice - he's been vocal on this issue during the days when it was so unpopular to even mention that there may be a problem with our  vaccines and that we must get to the bottom of it.

That's about all - I'm not anywhere fun so no "reporting" on that which goes on around me other than the drone of the bathroom fan and the "whoosh" of the fans in this computer.  My feet are cold because the corner here is drafty and my feet and legs freeze when it is cold out.

Here are some other moves that happened for whatever reason around Trump that make me think good things about his decisions so far:   Giuliani sidelined and Woolsey left.  They have been on war with terror, and are in some ways the architects of our defense against terror - and they've botched it.  Look at where we are now - living through chaos.  Goodbye guys - you've failed.  Thanks Trump if you did that because it will make America great again.