Glenn (shoot him in the head) Beck launches remote control attack on Jesse Ventura

Who is famous for "shooting the messenger?" Does an armband come to mind? Who is famous for attacks on people targeted for appearances that were not mainstream? Does an armband come to mind?

Think of those who made this poster - making fun of a human beings' physical characteristics - then please continue - pic borrowed from HERE

Why is Jesse Ventura suffering attacks for his appearance? What "God-fearing" man says such things?


Please consider the audio below - where Glenn "shoot him in the head*" Beck uses the classic fox, ahem, faux logic, I mean ad hominem attack in a pathetic attempt to smear Jesse Ventura.

It used to amaze me that people still listened to Glenn "shoot him in the head*" Beck's audio broadcast until I realized that he was the only source of information most of them have - and since Glenn "shoot him in the head*" Beck has started his school of sciolism - he has demonstrated his commitment to ignorance of the masses.

Folks - notice the following when you listen to the audio below:

1. Glenn makes fun of Jesse Ventura's voice.... is that the deepest intellectual revelation he has for his flock?
Does Jesse Ventura have control of what the ultimate sound of his voice will be? Think about it - Glenn "shoot him in the head*" Beck claims that he has respect for a "creator" yet if Jesse Ventura was born with the voice of a giant - why would Glenn Beck mock the creator of that very voice?

2. Does it make sense that Jesse speaks slowly - because he is sincerely thinking about the things he is saying? That Jesse is actually responding to a question with a direct answer to the question spontaneously posed - with the ultimate interests of the USA in mind?

3. Does it make sense that a guy like Glenn "shoot him in the head*" Beck would attack Jesse remotely - in a cowardly fashion while not doing it in a forum like...uhm....HIS SHOW? I would suppose that is because Jesse would destroy him as the conversation commenced in a low voice, speaking slowly, honestly answering each and every question in a manner each and every American can understand - hence the bashing on Glenn's propagandafest.

Glenn "shoot him in the head*" Beck*

*Would Glenn "shoot him in the head" Beck also endorse "shoot her in the head"? just asking

Jesse Ventura "American Conspiracies" interview on Unfiltered Part 1

Part 2

Note: never owned a cell phone - ha ha ha ha - why the should he? give it to the body guard! ha ha

Looking for Meaning in the Georgia Guidestones: Fun with Extrapolations

Recently a commenter brought my attention to the mysterious "Georgia Guidestones" - a monument you may wish to read more about by clicking HERE or HERE.

The story goes like this - a stranger walks into town and asks a monument company to build a gargantuan granite monument with mysterious inscriptions, incorporating a sundial and calender into the design. A large stone in the ground tells us a time capsule will be buried six feet below it with an opening date sometime in the future - the dates are still blank. I suppose that anyone well-heeled enough to build such a monument would have plans to complete the project - but they must be waiting for something - I wonder what?

Here is the main inscription:

1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
2. Guide reproduction wisely - improving fitness and diversity.
3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
4. Rule passion - faith - tradition - and all things with tempered reason.
5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
9. Prize truth - beauty - love - seeking harmony with the infinite.
10.Be not a cancer on the earth - Leave room for nature - Leave room for nature.

Here is an extrapolation I made using the Guidestones as a way to extend a line down to the pyramid of Quetzalcoatl in Mexico - surely a coincidence - but since we are left to our imaginations by the builders I used mine.

I'd read the biography of the man who built the monument and he is involved in a certain secret society as far as I can tell - so I embarked on my theorizing with that in mind.

I remember reading General U.S. Grant's memoirs regarding America's activities in this area.


So who really built this monument that says how many people should inhabit the Earth? How about one more? What if there is a great plague and the population isn't big enough to take the punishment because man has taken it upon himself to limit the population?

This is the epitome of man's arrogance.
Bonus Video:
Here is a video - Like the gentleman in the video I consider the United Nations a vehicle of ultimate oppression - after all where is their written Bill of Rights?

Video: Arsenal of Hypocrisy

Underground blast rocks W-B

Read entire article here:
" WILKES-BARRE - An underground explosion on Union Street severely burned a PPL Electric Utilities Corp. employee early Sunday morning while he was working to restore power to several locations. The blast and subsequent fire at 4:20 a.m. near Union Street and North Pennsylvania Avenue disrupted electricity to approximately 1,200 customers in Wilkes-Barre."
Note: My brother-in-law, friend, family - he's burned badly right now - we're waiting to see how this will work out. To describe Leo: If you walk up to Leo and asked him for his shirt he would remove it from his back on the spot and hand it to you. A giver. Always always always there - always the first to get up and do what needs to be done.
You really have to know him to appreciate him - words cannot do him justice.

Discharged soldiers sue for millions over Anthrax experiment

Read entire article here:

"Sixty-four former IDF soldiers are suing the Defense Ministry for NIS 18 million ($4.8 million) over what they claim is damage caused to them during Anthrax vaccine experiments in the early 1990s."
Note: Is it fair to call people who do these things monsters?


U.S. Troop Deaths Double in Afghanistan

Read entire article here:

" AP) The number of U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan has roughly doubled in the first three months of 2010 compared to the same period last year as Washington has added tens of thousands of additional soldiers to reverse the Taliban's momentum. "
Note: The Tet offensive was a wake-up call to the American people. Perhaps another is in the making? It seems the pro-war lobby knows they must keep a complete lockdown on the media - silence blogs and internet news - and find some way to stop the inevitable awakening we are experiencing and the acceleration of this awakening as examples of raw truth are revealed to the public. Afghanistan has tossed out their share of invaders - so if history is a guide it is only a matter of time anyway. Add that to the fact that the entire conflict is based on a pack of lies and it isn't hard to figure out how this one will end.

John Kerry had a good line to sum it all up:
How Do You Ask a Man to Be the Last Man to Die in Vietnam?

Dutch government falls over Afghanistan mission

Read entire article here:

" A spokesperson for Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende told journalists that the prime minister has offered his government's resignation to Queen Beatrix, the constitutional head-of-state."
Note: The part about a queen and a government confuses me as an American -I thought queen meant government - have so much to learn

WikiLeaks to release video of civilians, journalists being murdered in airstrike

Read entire article here:

" Whistleblower Web site WikiLeaks is planning to release a video that reveals what it's calling a Pentagon "cover-up" of an incident in which numerous civilians and journalists were murdered in an airstrike, according to a recent media advisory.

The video will be released on April 5 at the National Press Club, the group said."
Note: Heroic actions on the part of the people getting this video out to the American public.
UPDATE MARCH 28, 2010 The war on WikiLeaks and why it matters by Glenn Greenwald

Obama evades Helen Thomas' question - why?


Did the U.S. Government Lie to Elvis?

For what purpose was this number NOT to be used? Compare with your own. Why should they be trusted now?*

*image borrowed from here

Bibi's Hollow Victory

Read entire article here:

" But it is a temporary triumph and hollow victory — over Israel's indispensable ally. For the clash revealed that the perceived vital interests of Israel now collide with vital U.S. interest in the Middle East."


KBR Bills $5 Million For Mechanics Who Work 43 Minutes a Month

Read entire article here:

" The report, issued March 3 by the DOD's inspector general, found that between late 2008 and mid-2009, KBR performed less than 7 percent of the work it was expected to do, but still got paid in full."


Body Language

------This cartoon made me laugh so hard..........I'm sorry in advance but the artists are sooooo good
Note: As a conspiracy blogger whateverthehellthat means - I'm working on a post for the Georgia Guidestones thanks to a recent commenter - thanks for the infection.... joking

borrowed the pic from here


Prisoners forced to submit to radiation experiments for private foreign companies

Read entire article here:

"In Illinois, federal judges have allowed at least two lawsuits to proceed against correctional officials for using full body scanners to reveal the anatomy of both prisoners and visitors without removing their clothing. This is the very same device that airports are seeking to implement on some inbound flights to the United States."
Note: Experiments on prisoners - nice. Rings a bell...

GOP Lawmaker Darrell Issa Poised to Call for Special Prosecutor to Investigate White House

Read entire article here:

"Rep. Darrell Issa, the top Republican on the House Oversight committee, told CBS News Wednesday that he will call for a special prosecutor to investigate the White House if it does not address Rep. Joe Sestak's claim that he was offered a federal job in exchange for dropping out of the Pennsylvania Senate primary."


Situation Possibly Hopeless - no signs of life from the media...

Right now - I have to honestly chronicle here - the situation is ..... not even close to normal and definitely all f'd up.

Our media is a nest of traitors - snakes - liars - and people with loyalties to something other than the United States of America -the personalities polluting the airwaves here in Charlottesville are exemplary.

Coy Barefoot or whatever his name is on AM radio - condemned the Tea Party movement today - for.... nothing. His entire show - including guest appearance from the ever-busy congresstool that represents me - consisted of condemning the Tea party movement for an attack on the gas lines of this congresstool's brothers' house - but we don't know who did it - don't know why - don't even know if it is for real - especially since the incompetent police-pussies in this town hadda' call in the FBI to solve the crime.

We've got a town-full of useless turd so-called lawyers - not one called in to straighten out good-ole-Coy:

Wikipedia knows what this means:
"Post hoc ergo propter hoc, Latin for "after this, therefore because (on account) of this", is a logical fallacy (of the questionable cause variety) which states, "Since that event followed this one, that event must have been caused by this one." It is often shortened to simply post hoc and is also sometimes referred to as false cause, coincidental correlation or correlation not causation. It is subtly different from the fallacy cum hoc ergo propter hoc, in which the chronological ordering of a correlation is insignificant.
Post hoc is a particularly tempting error because temporal sequence appears to be integral to causality. The fallacy lies in coming to a conclusion based solely on the order of events, rather than taking into account other factors that might rule out the connection"

To decode for the stupid (Coy Barefoot and the frightened Central Virginia Audience minus benefit of Jefferson-trained law men):
This means that a gas line cut at congresstool's brothers' house after brothers' address is supposedly published on a Tea Party blog on the internet - and NO facts are in means .........ready?.....wait ....for .....it.....NOTHING! This was hyped to the extreme to where out-of-breath grandmas and soccer moms (preparing their precious ones for duty in Iran) called into the show calling for the arrest of these Tea Party people!

But none of these idiots ever asked the jackass in the mirror why they themselves didn't commit a violent act when the Tea Party published this address. Maybe because they are Albemarle County residents - the smartest people in the universe - immune themselves to such instigations - but ready to lock up anyone for saying things that will effect those weaker-minded crazy people out there. Thanks Coy for your hard work diffusing and educating this under-educated population of robots in a land of high tax rates. As long as you've been on the air Coy - why is your flock so uninformed? Maybe YOU ARE NOT DOING YOUR JOB - nah - deny deny deny.

But boy oh boy the radio station had a field day here in TJ's home-town in between Randi Rhodes and Glenn "shoot-him-in-the-head"Beck and the rest of the Thom Hartmann crowd (between mutual pats on the back for their "service to the country"). Pathetic and embarassing. What is the tuition at Thomas Jefferson's academical villiage? WAY TOO MUCH! THAT'S HOW MUCH! HA HA HA. Yeah - I know - it really isn't funny - it is tragic.

Anybody spending their money sending their kid to school at the University of Virginia is either naive, stupid, or just wants to get'm outa' the house 'cause this school is a complete waste of time. Where are the "professors?" Sitting on their asses doing zip-shit while the airwaves are consumed with contumele. Shame or guilt - pick your poison you pukes - for me - I wouldn't give you a penny. I don't believe in wasting money.

The FBI has to come in to solve a crime? Why? Don't the police officers coming to work at 7AM downtown in the old woodland camo have the training to solve the crime with the big van with the slogan on it?

Calling the FBI in to solve a politically motivated crime is like calling in Al Capone to investigate bootlegging! But that's the situation here in Charlottesville, Virginia - where the kids wear the helmets in the showers until they can be shipped off for duty as 7.62X39mm bullet-catchers in the next oil-war as soon as they reach the age of 18. Stupid soccer moms - I'm still trying to get used to that paradox.

Hey have we bombed Iran yet?

It's ironic - the FBI just ordered silenced 20mm cannons - obviously so they can use violence to achieve an 'aim' somewhere quietly - while the media screams non-violence to the public. That's odd. The Feds constantly use violence - albeit - from a distance - via TV screens outside of Las Vegas to control drones firing missiles into wedding parties in Pakistan - to control - via violence - people they don't like in sovereign nations - but tell the public "don't ever use violence." Whatever you do - repeated over and over and over again - "don't ever use violence" - while what they really mean is " that's for us when we are ready for YOU to SHUT UP!" Sorry - but unless you are a complete idiot that is the exact situation - any argument to the contrary falls on deaf ears at American's Journey.

Is it me or is there a double-standard here? I wish these useless scum would stop the violence and practice what they preach. But I guess Muslims are the target for today - and there are plenty of followers of Jesus to pull the trigger when they get out of church and get the kids home safely on Sunday.

I've spent enough time tryin' to talk sense into this public. Not only don't they react to the absurd - they react to whatever they've been conditioned to react to - like whether or not junior has a neck-ache. In my house - neck-aches didn't exist because there was work to do. Hey mommy - wait till they pick up the rucksack, rifle, grenades and ammunition - then wait till they carry it - over a couple of mountains a couple of times. Then you will hear about a neck-ache - maybe permanent injury - maybe PTSD - maybe they'll come home in a box - but the neck-ache etc... will pale in comparison.

Sorry for the rage - but you Amerikans make me sick. But it doesn't matter. As the bombs fall on Iran and the war finally comes home for real - you will bear the burden while those like me who finally wised up and got busy saving ourselves instead of playing Paul Revere - will get out our lawn chairs out to watch.

I hope y'all enjoy your war in Iran!

Have fun!
UPDATE MAR 25, 2010 As of today the CorporAmeriskam media has only told us mere citizens that there was a gas line cut to the GRILL - GAS GRILL - of the brother of the monkey's uncle to the senator's son of a bitch of a congresstool. That is the best information available at this time - but with the FBI on the job - rest assured wink wink - all will be well - Hail Victory

UN Inspector Scott Ritter: Fools would Bomb Iran

The New Strategy of the Fake Left Media

Yesterday I caught parts of the Thom Hartmann and Randi Rhodes radio shows on 1450 AM Charlottesville. As usual they agree on everything - but I listened to a little of each show as I ran my errands around town. What information of value did I gain from my time spent? Nothing.

Thom Hartmann's show consisted of fanning the embers of a racial war-fire, hoping the resulting flames with a little help from the news media would go in the direction of his fake enemy - the "right wing whackos" AKA "Teabaggers" whoever they are. My guess is that the "Teabaggers" are the same as Rush Limbaugh's "Libs" since you can never actually identify one. They always pop up at the perfect moment when a suitable punching bag, or scapegoat, is needed.

Thom read some inflammatory text about whitey beating a black man - then let the flood of calls on the issue pour in. As far as I am concerned, being out of work, I'm hoping a black man calls from one of the places I applied to so I can go to work. A dis-proportionate amount of time was spent on this subject, as the self-proclaimed Israel-firster (Thom said within the last 30 days on his show that he is a Zionist by definition) - as he ignored the expansion of war, the recent attacks on freedom of speech by Cass Sunstein, he ignored that Obombya has extended the USA Patriot Act, that Obombya is ignoring torture, that there is no Habeus Corpus anymore, that the Bill of Rights doesn't matter and on and on.

You see, Thom Hartmann's job is to fan the rage of the masses - hopefully you - and make hay because of remarks yelled during a "protest" - while never mentioning who yelled the "N-word" while the Healthcare thing was going on. With Sarah Palin the spokesmodel for the Tea Party movment and Glenn Beck making up a phony 9-12 movement (they were the ones doing the yelling I've heard) - how can't people see that this thing is probably a set-up? After all - if it DIDN'T happen the fake "progressive" media wouldn't have anything else to yell at their fake enemies "the Teabaggers" about since their agenda is exactly the same.

Their agenda is more proxy war for Israel - starring your kids. More radiation at the airports awaiting your kids - and the pedophiles that always come with pictures of naked kids.

Randi Rhodes - see above - exactly the same crap. Talking over the wise callers who mentioned that you can't blame everyone in a mob for the act of one person anyway - agent provocateur or not. Nope - she never thought about that either!

It's divide and conquer - the right keeps people mad at their fake enemies with the abortion thing - which I haven't heard whether or not the liar-in Chief has signed as he promised. ( If he does it will be his first promise kept.) The left keeps the liar-in-chief in office by painting opposition to his war, debt, death, dictatorship, shredding-of-the-bill-of-rights-while-Constitutional-scholar, ignoring of torture, lack of prosecution for war crimes etc... - by painting people angry about these things as "racists." I'm not buying it.

After all if the country was really full of racists what would account for reality? Obama was elected! The demographics don't agree with these people!

So don't waste your time on these clowns - unless you call them to expose their phony agendas.

Clinton vows 'personal commitment' to Israel's security

Read entire article here:

" Clinton personalized her loyalty to Israel and insisted, "Guaranteeing Israel's security is more than a policy position for me; it is a personal commitment that will never waver."
Note: This means no matter what. No matter what means no matter what YOU have to sacrifice.

Minutemen return to the border – this time locked and loaded

Read entire article here:

" Carmen warns volunteers to prepare for a marathon and bring as much in the way of equipment and supplies as they can carry.

She concluded with, “Please help us send a strong message to the cowards in charge of our nation's security. We are ready to defend our nation. Are you?”


'Rare' fossil of new dinosaur species found in US

Read entire article here:

" The bones were found just below stone and adobe dwellings of the ancient Anasazi people in a site known as the Eagles Nest."


Update here
Update mar 24, 2010 here
I know the country is in peril while I'm listening to this music - but fuck it - nobody else gives a shit why should I?

But Futurama really is a fantasic show for real - I love it!
UPDATE MAR 25, 2010 Drawing Bender

What are the Naked Body Scanners really for?



In light of recent news that Naked Body scanners are to to be installed at more airports the question comes to mind - Why?

As a "conspiracy theorist" I can't help but question why the United States government - whose primary purpose is to protect my rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness would spray me, my loved ones, and your children with radiation of an unknown danger exposing our most private areas in the process. I've seen the images and agree with many critics of the technology that in the case of children they should be banned simply from a child pornography perspective.

Although the TSA website claims:
" Advanced imaging technology is safe and meets national health and safety standards.
Backscatter technology was evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH), the National Institute for Science and Technology (NIST), and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL).
All results confirmed that the radiation doses for the individuals being screened, operators, and bystanders were well below the dose limits specified by the American National Standards Institute.
For comparison, the energy projected by millimeter wave technology is 10,000 times less than a cell phone transmission.
A single scan using backscatter technology produces exposure equivalent to two minutes of flying on an airplane

I am not impressed. As a person who has worked as a manufacturers engineer on medical equipment that produces radiation for imaging purposes I was taught that the most effective protection against radiation is DISTANCE. This means - don't get irradiated in the first place. Period. In fact it is considered good practice while in an X-ray imaging situation to stand behind another person while X-ray radiation is being produced. You are trained to do that. Now we are asked to simply stand in a radiation bath - and don't worry the dose is minimal. What about the cumulative dose?

But I have further suspicions - and I'm going to go out on a limb here just because this is my "conspiracy theory" and I can make it as big as I want to - perhaps you will find it worthy of consideration?

Our security-obsessed government is intent on tracking each and every individual as if they are guilty until proven innocent - that's the un-American trend whether you wish to admit it or not. But this is not an easy task since there are many technical hurdles for engineers to overcome in providing such monitoring capability to their paymasters. One hurdle I would expect is proving difficult to overcome is the identification of individuals using remote cameras since the cameras can pick up an image - but must decode the image and then try to match it up with the person from whom the image was taken.

When trying to identify a fingerprint the same problem exists - and for a long time presented a hurdle for law enforcement since although fingerprints may have been collected at a crime scene - there may not be a matching set in their database. Further complicating matters is the matching process - where highly trained specialists would have to pore through volumes of fingerprint images in search for a match. Enter the computer.

There are companies that provide fingerprint identification systems that take the time-consuming part out of the fingerprint matching process - and national systems synchronized using the miracle of the internet can link departments across the globe instantly performing scans of known prints versus newly lifted prints - matches can be found quickly - provided there is a "known" set of prints with which the system can make a match.


It seems feasible to me that our protectors can easily expand on the fingerprint identification system to identify persons at a distance using cameras, RFID chip-reading technology and a database of "known" images from Naked Body scanners.

By scanning people at airports the images can be stored and keyed to the person from whom they were acquired simply by sychronizing the image acquistion simultaneously with a reading from the multiple RFID chips one now carries around in their drivers license (or NATIONAL ID CARD), credit card or other place. This match would ensure that the images were "known" samples from a specific individual and can then be easily stored in a database.

Facial Recognition Cameras mounted everywhere in todays world would now capture images live - then by using the massive computing speed and power of the internet - especially the NEWER VIDEO-FRIENDLY INTERNET provide real-time tracking of just about everyone - by using the database of images stored with positive identification information simply by finding matches with stored images in the "known" database previously acquired.

Airports would not place a limit on this capability since there are presently commercially available systems with capability to do this job surreptitiously and in volume - here's a sample from the link:

" Corridor system that can be deployed overtly or covertly
High volume throughput capacity of up to 900 people per hour

Since practically everyone carries RFID chips - a hidden corridor system synchronized with an RFID reading system could read and store that many images - eventually capturing the data of almost the entire population - especially by synchronizing data capture with events where all citizens were required to show up - for one reason or the other.

The final question is - what are they really doing with all the images? If they are being stored perhaps this is why.


I know they are from the government - but are they really here to help?
TSA Begins Testing New Airport Scanners
Non-lethal Ray questions - on millimeter wave heating guns*
a vendor of some systems
Face Recognition Systems
The Electromagnetic Spectrum
* It seems to me that the easiest way to defeat the millimeter wave heat guns is with a good healthy water-air-fogging system to scatter and absorb the energy
** Image borrowed from here


Dismantling of Saudi-CIA Web site illustrates need for clearer cyberwar policies

Read entire article here:

"The point of the story is it hasn't been sorted out yet in a way that all the persons involved in cyber-operations have a clear understanding of doctrine, legal authorities and policy, and a clear understanding of the distinction between what is considered intelligence activity and wartime [Defense Department] authority," said one former senior national security official.

CIA spokeswoman Marie Harf said, "It's sheer lunacy to suggest that any part of our government would do anything to facilitate the movement of foreign fighters to Iraq."

The Pentagon, the Justice Department and the National Security Agency, whose director oversaw the operation to take down the site, declined to comment for this story, as did officials at the Saudi Embassy in Washington."

Vids: Firefighters for 911 Truth+Explosions

UPDATE Mar 22, 2010: Analysis from WRH regarding WTC7 collapse report prior to event
UPDATE MAR 22, 2010 THANKS TO COMMENTER... please watch....Gold more important than heroes?


Video: Israel's attack on the USS Liberty - Getting Away with Murder?

Note: I believe the sailors. The result of this attack - almost was - nuking Cairo, Egypt. That's what it says in the documentary. This supports the false-flag attack theory in my opinion. I've seen in another documentary that the attack was performed to cover up things the ship may have listened in on. I don't agree with latter theory because What could the ship possibly have heard that would enrage the United States more than slaughtering a bunch of American sailors and almost sinking a US Navy vessel in a surprise attack? False flag seems the best explanation.
UPDATE Mar 23, 2010
Unless the Liberty had to be disabled while some planes were swapped to grab an already loaded nuke off the first flight that was supposedly armed to hit Egypt. That's another gamble somebody might have been willing to take. Who knows - that's the situation we are in - all these secrets - so all we can do is speculate.

Have some fun and try to pick out the lies.
Eye movement and lies

Video: 9/11 Commission Failed the Citizens of America

CoIntelPro: What you should know

Video: Missing Links

Note: Either the assertions presented in this video are true or they are not. Make up your own mind. But please watch it and withhold judgement until you've seen the entire video.
Here's the full length


Read entire article here:

" If the past is a guide, Americans will fall for the deception. In the February issue of the American Behavioral Scientist, a scholarly journal, Professor Lance DeHaven-Smith writes that state crimes against democracy (SCAD) involve government officials, often in combination with private interests, that engage in covert activities in order to implement an agenda. Examples include McCarthyism or the fabrication of evidence of communist infiltration, the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution based on false claims of President Johnson and Pentagon chief McNamara that North Vietnam attacked a U.S. naval vessel, the burglary of the office of Daniel Ellsberg’s psychiatrist in order to discredit Ellsberg (the Pentagon Papers) as “disturbed,” and the falsified “intelligence” that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction in order to justify the U.S. invasion of Iraq."


Should Stephen Colbert invite Richard Gage onto his show?


Seven Years In, Iraq’s Future as Uncertain as Ever

Read entire article here:

" In a way, the situation has become even less certain than it was a year ago. At this time last year officials were presenting the then-upcoming parliamentary election as a stabilizing event. With that election dividing the nation’s polity more than ever, there seems to be no hypothetical future event for the administration to hang its hopes on."

Condi Should have talked to that Dick Cheney: Video

Contradictions are one of the best tools for discovering truth - and untruths. Recent statements by Condi Rice present contradictions...

Read entire article Condoleezza Rice admits some regrets over Iraq war

" However, she suggested the U.S. government failed to understand "how broken Iraq was as a society" and should have focused its rebuilding efforts outside of Baghdad, the capital."

Oh really Condi? Then how do you explain this?

From the Video: "Because if we'd gone to Baghdad we would've been all alone...it would be a US occupation of Iraq - once you got to Iraq and took it over, took down Saddam Hussein's government then what are you gonna' put in its place? It's a quagmire..."

Let me guess - invade the rest of the country and ignore Baghdad? Sounds like double-talk to me.

Official Documents Confirm Major Criminal Investigations of Turkish Operatives in Chicago

Read entire article here:

" Recently released FBI documents prove the existence of highly sensitive National Security and criminal investigations of “Turkish Activities” in Chicago prior to September 11, 2001. These documents add further support to many of the allegations that former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds has claimed, in public and in Congress, since 2002. "

John Yoo Confronted in VA Today

Read entire article here:

" While protesters gathered in a park across from a 3:30 pm lecture, a few went inside, and, one by one, called Yoo a war criminal, calling him out for promotion of aggressive war and torture as war crimes. Yoo’s customary remark when he’s met by protesters that “Berkeley has followed me here” turned out to be true, as several of the protesters came from the Bay Area."

New York Runaway Toyota Prius a Case of Driver Error?

Read entire article here:

" The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) today said an examination of the "vehicle's onboard computer systems" found there was "no application of the brakes and the throttle was fully open." The findings contradict the driver's claim that she was had hit the brakes, but they failed to stop the car."
Note: See Toyota recall link this blog

Drones may be sent soon to help with border security, Napolitano says

Read entire article here:

" AUSTIN – The federal government may soon send unmanned aircraft to scour West Texas and the state's coastal waters in an effort to boost border security, U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said in a letter to the governor sent Friday."

John Yoo of Torture Memo Fame gets called out in Charlottesville, VA

Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth 10 min. slideshow

Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth WTC7 Slideshow - 10 min version CLICK HERE


Read entire article here:

" Meet Dr. Alan Sabrosky, a brave man, a USMC Vietnam vet, an American of Jewish religion and ancestry and someone devoted to the security of the United States at any cost. Ask any Jew what it takes to stand up against the most powerful and ruthless group in the world, the Israeli lobby inside the United States.
... He is consistent in everything he says. His point is that you are an American or you are an Israeli but you can’t be both, especially now with Zionism turning Israeli foreign policy into a “runaway train.” 9/11, as Sabrosky sees it was the watershed in a relationship between America and Israel that has gone from bad to unsurviveable, especially for America. "
UPDATE MARCH 20, 2010 Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth WTC7 Slideshow - 10 min version CLICK HERE
Note: I can't wait to hear the false accusations this man will have to endure for bringing up the obvious.


Audio: The Dark Face of Jewish Nationalism 9/11 - The US Military Knows Israel Did It


" -Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu once remarked to a Likud gathering that "Israel is not like other countries". Oddly enough for him, that time he was telling the truth, and nowhere is that more evident than with Jewish nationalism, whether or not one pins the "Zionist" label on it.

Nationalism in most countries and cultures can have both positive and negative aspects, unifying a people and sometimes leading them against their neighbours. Extremism can emerge, and often has, at least in part in almost every nationalist/independence movement I can recall (e.g. the French nationalist movement had The Terror, Kenya's had the Mau Mau, etc.).

But whereas extremism in other nationalist movements is an aberration, extremism in Jewish nationalism is the norm, pitting Zionist Jews (secular or observant) against the goyim (everyone else), who are either possible predator or certain prey, if not both sequentially. This does not mean that all Jews or all Israelis feel and act this way, by any means. But it does mean that Israel today is what it cannot avoid being, and what it would be under any electable government (a point I'll develop in another article)."

UPDATE MAR 20, 2010 Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth WTC7 Slideshow - 10 min version CLICK HERE
Jowenko WTC7 Demolition Interviews, 1 of 3

1,800 Pounds Of Marijuana Found In Verona (Virginia)

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"Frankly, we may never determine where that marijuana was placed on the truck or who placed it there," Hanger said."
Note: This is the finest detective work one would expect from our police - an accidental discovery that turns out to be their biggest find ever - and they may never find out whodunnit. Since they are so good at their jobs - and brave - oh yeah they are brave - here's a tip for them to track down in the video below-something tells me nobody wants to touch that one...

Roseanne Barr blasts Israel as 'Nazi state'

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" Her venom over the attacks, however, has not been reserved only for the Israeli state, but stings American Christians, too. "

Pentagon Sees a Threat From Online Muckrakers

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" To the list of the enemies threatening the security of the United States, the Pentagon has added WikiLeaks.org, a tiny online source of information and documents that governments and corporations around the world would prefer to keep secret"
Note: I don't blame them for trying to keep all evidence of corruption secret - what other defense do they have?

VP Joe Biden states that he sees himself as a Zionist

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" Merom gave Biden a copy of Herzl's book, Altneuland, a novel devoted to Zionism.
In response Biden said: "You don't have to be a Jew to be a Zionist. I also see myself as a Zionist.""

Jesse Ventura on RT: Challenges Bill O'Reilly to Interview Him on American Conspiracies

Here is the interview where Jesse Ventura is forced into a position of stating the obvious: That Bill O'Reilly, who doesn't "believe in" or perceive "conspiracy theories" * won't have him on the show because he can't bully Jesse. Here's the first video, then watch the second so Bill O'Reilly can't squirm his way out of this one claiming "See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil..." as if conspiracies are something Bill O. cannot fathom.


UPDATE MAR 20, 2010 Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth WTC7 Slideshow - 10 min version CLICK HERE
Note: Ventura was censored at Huffington Post - Here's the Article too dangerous for your eyes to see...

GMU: Friendly Territory for Obama

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" The sole protester inside the arena, a woman in an orange jacket in the bleachers behind the president, was quickly escorted out."
Note: Geez - can't even let one voice of disagreement remain? Not surprising.

Israelis 'overwhelmingly' support Obama despite diplomatic fallout during Biden's visit: poll

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" Some Israelis have misgivings about Obama, who is cooler to Israel than his immediate predecessors and has made a big effort to reach out to the Muslim world."
Note: I wish he would do more to end the wars

Sean Hannity’s Freedom CONcert Scam: Almost None of Charity’s $ Went to Injured Troops, Kids of Fallen Troops; G5s for Vannity?

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" In fact, less than 20%–and in two recent years, less than 7% and 4%, respectively–of the money raised by Freedom Alliance went to these causes, while millions of dollars went to expenses, including consultants and apparently to ferry the Hannity posse of family and friends in high style. "

Calif. Police on Alert for Deadly Traps

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"First, a natural gas pipe was shoved through a hole drilled into the roof of the gang enforcement unit's headquarters. The building filled with flammable vapor but an officer smelled the danger before anyone was hurt.

"It would have taken out half a city block," Capt. Tony Marghis said."


Note: I never thought I'd see this happen in America in my lifetime.
UPDATE MARCH 25, 2010 Trucks burned in possible threat to Calif. police

Yoo to Speak at UVA; Protests Planned

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" Protesters will gather today at the University of Virginia to speak out against John Yoo, the author of the infamous "Torture Memos" written during the Bush administration.

... Morgan Taylor is a member of several activist groups in Charlottesville. She plans to be among the protesters on grounds when Yoo arrives to speak at Minor Hall. Although Taylor believes Yoo should be prosecuted for war crimes, she says she's happy he's here. "I like free speech; I want people to be out here. I'm all for that, I think it's wonderful but we also want him to know we know who he is what he did and what he's responsible for and then we want the rest of the folks to know.""


Note: And from the shouting I heard on the radio today they gave the torture advocate a pretty good earful. Congrats to the protesters!

Don't Blame the Military - Blame the Leadership

One definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior while expecting a different outcome.

I am not saying that military leaders complicit in the run-up to our recent wars of aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan (and elsewhere) should be exculpated. Any who were part of the plan to deceive the American public and our friends abroad, and can be shown to have known what they were doing are culpable.

But those giving the orders haven't personally killed anybody so why not blame the soldiers on the front lines for all of the death and destruction? This is where things get complicated - because there are valid arguments for those condemning our soldiers for following illegal orders. I for one do not support those arguments because the propaganda that is crop-dusted onto the people of Amerika is very effective - especially when directed at the youth.

Many soldiers think they are defending the country from the perpetrators of 911 - many have not yet examined evidence that may give them pause - reason to consider domestic involvement. The information also may not be available to them since wartime always requires strict censorship.

Although troops are tasked with carrying out the orders of their higher-ups the buck cannot simply stop there. No way.

Our system assumes a declared war - debated by Congress - and once that declaration has been made - after the most solemn reflection by elected representatives - the order to go or no go is given- and the machine goes into action. That is how it is supposed to work. There is not much wiggle room in there for soldiers to buck the system - especially when the country exists, like NAZI Germany, in a permanent state of emergency - where the exigencies of the moment ALWAYS require immediate obedience. And when, with the mind properly prepared early in life through propaganda, and just the right data-set presented to those joining the cause - many cannot fathom why they should question orders that make perfect sense - when viewed from within their world-view. No, It should never come to the point where the solder is expected to go debate in front of Congress. Such needs belie a broken system. But many people want somebody to blame - the leaders or the followers?

What precedents does history afford from which to clear this up?

Perhaps you will find the information HERE regarding one Charles Manson - who never killed anybody either. But his powers of persuasion were such that he could lead others to do the most evil and vile acts imaginable. The powers of persuasion are enough for some to fight a war of aggression based on lies based on torture to secure opium and pipelines. Not me. But it is possible that many don't know that they are actually fighting for those goals. Maybe - like Manson's followers they are under a magic spell too strong to resist. In the Manson case both leaders and followers went to jail. Maybe not a good example - because this ignores the deriliction of duty shown by Congress in shirking their responsibility to We The People that the military and CIA (since they wage war on behalf of We The People too) are under civilian control.

The means by which that civilian control/power is (no longer) exercised by Congress over the U.S. military is with the so-called "purse-strings" - or control of the money alloted for war. Congress is supposed to declare war - not leave trampling on other nations up to the president. This exercising of control assumes that the Congress actually wants to control the war - but so far the Fatherland remains untouched except for a few well-timed false flags - so the masses are only half-awake - aroused at the critical moment when it's time to advance on another front in the still-undefined "War on Horror."

Unfortunately - with a CorporAmerikan Propascamda media acting as no more than a Pentagon loudspeaker it is hard to bring awareness to the public - or bring pressure to bear on politicians too spineless to stop the madness. This war seems to be practically without trigger-words like P.O.W.'s - realities that bring public focus to dark side of the war. Although an internet search shows that there are a few the public knows about the media maintains a predictable silence regarding such matters. But isn't that S.O.P. in America anyway - to leave it up to the public to ensure our P.O.W.'s are remembered? The U.S. government/CorporAmerikan propascamda puppets seem too busy forwarding corporate and foreign interests to be concerned with such matters. And the weak-minded followers of the villians running this losing enterprise "War on Horror" demonstrate their nonchalance regarding troops who may be in captivity by torturing opposing fighters held in our custody. May I be so bold as to suggest this is a horrible policy?

To complicate matters further the CIA has been caught, via at least one crashed drug plane, dealing drugs to sell on the black market to finance their quixotic military misadventures. So even if our Congress represented We The People - they can't do a damn thing about it - since their power to control these secret scam-artists has been usurped by the Agency's willingness to do whatever it takes, the end (corporate agenda) always justifying the means. (War on Terror - undefinable)

Now we are seeing moves to attack Iran - a country that has not attacked us. Is it just me or is there a pattern here?

Many have accused me of chauvinistic support for the U.S. military, and others have accused me of hating the U.S. military. Neither is true - but neither will be convinced. So I borrowed some pictures from HERE and added a video/music for you enjoy while you browse the pictures - an appropriate song since we are, after all, fighting first-strike, preemptive wars of aggression - attacking those who have not attacked us. Kill 'em all let God sort 'em out - that's what the t-shirt used to say- and that is the logic the believers use to rationalize their willingness to commit acts of violence, espionage, propaganda campaigns, false flag attacks, lies - against Americans and our friends abroad regardless of the rule of law. Regardless of our Bill of Rights and Constitution - like it is "just a goddamned sheet of paper." I just hope we still have some friends left after this disaster is over.

So please - take some time out to listen to a famous song - a product of the last people who fell for the same tricks we are. Please compare the pictures in the video with those posted below. Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it.

Is it sane to expect a different outcome this time?

+ CIA drug plane crash pic from here +



Abrams tank pic from Wiki

UPDATE MARCH 19, 2010 Navy and Marine Corps have blocked all access to such services from overseas


Sergeï Prokofiëv - Dance of the Knights / Charlie Chaplin


Note: White Birch, other than being an excellent material for grave markers - is great firewood. Also the bark burns wonderfully whether wet or dry - fantastic fire starter.

Charles Manson Interview with Geraldo Rivera: 1 of 7

Note: Geraldo - unadulterated sensationalism

Obama: 'No crisis' in Israel ties

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"In his first public comments on the issue, the US president told the Fox News network on Wednesday that despite the recent spat over settlement construction, Israel remains "one of our closest allies"."

Scientists supersize quantum mechanics

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" Andrew Cleland at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and his team cooled a tiny metal paddle until it reached its quantum mechanical 'ground state' — the lowest-energy state permitted by quantum mechanics. They then used the weird rules of quantum mechanics to simultaneously set the paddle moving while leaving it standing still. The experiment shows that the principles of quantum mechanics can apply to everyday objects as well as as atomic-scale particles."

Ex-NY bank president first accused of TARP fraud

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" The former president of New York's privately held Park Avenue Bank was arrested on Monday on fraud charges, the first person accused of attempting to steal U.S. government bailout funds in the financial crisis."

Former Lehman Executives ‘Giggle’ at ‘Nonprofessionals’ Who Think Losing Billions of Dollars Is a Big Deal

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" The "yappers" who are shocked by it, he said, are merely unsophisticated "nonprofessionals" who are just looking for someone to point the finger at for the near-collapse of the financial system. But as amusing as it is, it's also kind of sad, really, said another executive, that people are just so stupid. They're like a bunch of animals. Like wild, ignorant bulls, starved into rage, stupidly crashing around and driving their horns into things just because they don't know what else to do."

Wachovia pays $160 million to stop drugs probe

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" Wachovia has agreed to pay US prosecutors 160 million dollars for its failure to stop drug money being laundered to Mexican affiliates, the DEA said Wednesday."

Standing Your Ground Against Police

Note: It seems to me that the more people understand the law - the fewer escalations of simple matters will occur.

Obese Officer Can't Perform On Test

Note: I'd better keep my mouth shut on this one.


Everybody Knows we're beating the bastards


What are we fighting for? Is it fair to say we all want to retain our Bill of Rights?


Why not make America's #1 export the Bill of Rights? (Instead of arms dealing)

Why not "Practice what we preach?"
Why not "Lead by Example?"

Meet some of the bastards: (any suggestions to add to the list?)
Cass Sunstien - click Old Glory on top left of this blog to see what this traitor to the Bill of Rights has in store for you - and see his video at bottom of that blog posting for his opinion on right to bear arms - I mean his determination to remove your arms - so we can all walk with bowed heads into gas chambers as did his ancestors. Those who don't learn from history are condemned to repeat it -
Sean Hannity - selling Ruth's Chris steak and Dinty Moor Stew in a can on his show. Both are delicious he says - but I wonder which he eats and feeds his children? Sean Hannity is a pussy - I can kick his sorry lyin' pussy ass with both hands tied behind my back and a popsicle in my mouth so I don't bite him. What a fraud. His message: Send your kids to fight for Israel and the Republican party regardless of the consequences for the Bill of Rights and the Constitution



Neil (my Daddy flew a Vought F4U Corsair in the Marines so I'm trying to be him) Boortz-who never saw a war for Israel he wouldn't send your kids to fight for a gallon of gas for his shit plane

Above picture of "White House Talkers" from HERE where Boortz and Hannity, Ingraham, Meddy, and some other clowns are involved in a pre-propascamda briefing with the prezident of torture

Hey Cass Sunstein -you pussy - come and take it!

Pictures from Wikipedia

The 911 Cat is out of the Bag (by Stewart Ogilby

Read entire article here:

" I am turning 77 in two months and I love life. The other day I hired a personal nutritionalist because I want to lose 30-40 pounds which can be life-shortening at my age. I also have a personal trainer, as I want to maintain physical health and stamina. I want to be around to see what happens when Americans repudiate what TV and a controlled press has obliged viewers to believe happened on September 11, 2001.

I will, to the best of my ability, support the identification and prosecution of traitors to the best country in the world, the one in which I grew up. This each of us owes to America's next generation. Any alternative is unacceptable."
Note: There is no more time to waste.

Meet USCybercom: Why the US is fielding a cyber army

Read entire article here:
"Let's just assume that somewhere in that building there are a bunch of cyber systems, networks, routers, that are militarily important to take out," he said."
Note: ...of course they wouldn't pull this stunt on Americans. We have a free press here and don't exercise censorship. Our champions of freedom, like Cass Sunstein, are fighting for our rights. Rest Assured...

Monkeys learn more from females

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" After this "demonstration phase", the other monkeys were far more likely to try - and to succeed in - opening the fruit box if their demonstrator was a female."
Note: I wonder if there would have been anything left in the box to find if they let the guy monkey open it up and he found a case of beer. Then you would observe the female test subjects affixing padlocks to the box. This experiment is completely bogus:)

"All Black People" Asked to Leave S. Jersey Wal-Mart

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""In 2010, I want to know why such statements are being made because it flies in the face of what we teach them [our kids] at home, and that's tolerance for people," said Ellington"
Note: Walbarf seems to be under attack these days. I still don't find this as shocking as torture - but that's just me.

Revealed: Ashcroft, Tenet, Rumsfeld warned 9/11 Commission about ‘line’ it ’should not cross’

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" "In response to the Commission's expansive requests for access to secrets, the executive branch has provided such access in full cooperation," the letter read. "There is, however, a line that the Commission should not cross -- the line separating the Commission's proper inquiry into the September 11, 2001 attacks from interference with the Government's ability to safeguard the national security, including protection of Americans from future terrorist attacks."


Don Robertson to RTB at Congress.org


Well, -I'm glad to meet you, Ryan. I thought perhaps you had a name.

Let me begin by saying there is nothing more to discuss concerning the Congress.org user agreement, which can only indicate you people have grown too big to be anything more than part of a growing problem.

So then, let us -you and I- discuss beginning to address that problem, and we shall see about that.

Congresss.org fills a need as a easing-conduit through which individuals can reach out to and correspond with political leaders. The problem that arises out of the growing trend-popularity of such a conduit as Congress.org represents, is that political leaders then take the service for granted, and begin to increasingly ignore the letters sent to them.

Computers make it so easy for a Congressman-or-woman to delete however many letters that arrive with content concerning not enacting some heinous bit of legislation like TARP. That's one of the prime examples today. I can only estimate that the service Congress.org provides helped smooth over the enactment of TARP against the wishes of 90% of the electorate, an electorate which has since been proved 100% right in their assessment of this financial swindle.

The first thing Congress.org needs to do to address this sort of problem -is to audit recipients of citizen-letters sent through the Congress.org conduit, to determine what is done with those letters and emails. I suspect, the effectiveness (in just reaching a staffer) is dwindling in this age of arrogance, widespread and growing government malfeasance, negligence and outright corruption.

Indeed, an economic depression is a marvelous time to be rich, regardless how you ge there, -if you are ever going to be rich. The stolen dollars simply -go that much further in the ubiquitous depressed marketplaces that remain in this economy, -post TARP.

Once Congress.org has a handle on what political leaders are doing with the correspondence sent to them through Congress.org, publishing this information would seem a likely first step. Or simply publish the fact that so-and-so, refused to answer the questions put to them by Congress.org when they were asked.

Secondly, Congress.org should do more to pull out of letters sent through their easy-access conduit, the information contained in them, including how many writers favored such legislation as was TARP, etc. Again, this information should be published, and used as a bit of leverage on the legislators for whom that correspondence is intended.

This is necessary because our legislative leaders are totally out of control, in no small part because of the vile obfuscation so common to our society, and which is easily traced to organizations like Congress.org that perform a service, but whose effect as a service is to simply obscure the truth of the massive legislative and governmental malfeasance occurring.

There are host of things Congress.org could be doing better, and which clearly should be miles of columns and rows ahead of instituting such a clearly wrong-sided and wrong-headed user agreement as has been posted on the Congress.org site.

This user agreement says one thing to me, Congress.org has fallen in with being part of the immoral problem.

Has Congress.org enforced a user agree against recipients of the letters sent through Congress.org? Doubtless, the answer is, No.

Don Robertson
Limestone, Maine