Glenn (shoot him in the head) Beck launches remote control attack on Jesse Ventura

Who is famous for "shooting the messenger?" Does an armband come to mind? Who is famous for attacks on people targeted for appearances that were not mainstream? Does an armband come to mind?

Think of those who made this poster - making fun of a human beings' physical characteristics - then please continue - pic borrowed from HERE

Why is Jesse Ventura suffering attacks for his appearance? What "God-fearing" man says such things?


Please consider the audio below - where Glenn "shoot him in the head*" Beck uses the classic fox, ahem, faux logic, I mean ad hominem attack in a pathetic attempt to smear Jesse Ventura.

It used to amaze me that people still listened to Glenn "shoot him in the head*" Beck's audio broadcast until I realized that he was the only source of information most of them have - and since Glenn "shoot him in the head*" Beck has started his school of sciolism - he has demonstrated his commitment to ignorance of the masses.

Folks - notice the following when you listen to the audio below:

1. Glenn makes fun of Jesse Ventura's voice.... is that the deepest intellectual revelation he has for his flock?
Does Jesse Ventura have control of what the ultimate sound of his voice will be? Think about it - Glenn "shoot him in the head*" Beck claims that he has respect for a "creator" yet if Jesse Ventura was born with the voice of a giant - why would Glenn Beck mock the creator of that very voice?

2. Does it make sense that Jesse speaks slowly - because he is sincerely thinking about the things he is saying? That Jesse is actually responding to a question with a direct answer to the question spontaneously posed - with the ultimate interests of the USA in mind?

3. Does it make sense that a guy like Glenn "shoot him in the head*" Beck would attack Jesse remotely - in a cowardly fashion while not doing it in a forum like...uhm....HIS SHOW? I would suppose that is because Jesse would destroy him as the conversation commenced in a low voice, speaking slowly, honestly answering each and every question in a manner each and every American can understand - hence the bashing on Glenn's propagandafest.

Glenn "shoot him in the head*" Beck*

*Would Glenn "shoot him in the head" Beck also endorse "shoot her in the head"? just asking


  1. I have sat here for about five minutes after hearing this and still can't think of an intelligent response which Beck could understand. I guess what my grandmother told me really is true, " You can't insult and idiot. "

  2. lost all respect for glens dumbass...

  3. The thing that bothers me is the amount of people that haven't woke up to the fact that this guy is a complete shill and anti American. This guy wouldn't hold a snow balls chance conversing with Jesse V. If you need convincing you non thinkers just ask yourself if you had a candidate from your rank and file would the moron through them under the bus? You know someone that actually believes in Freedom not the bull crap security smoke that is being blown up everyone's backsides.

    The problem with his followers are simply that they need someone to think for them. They are incapable of free thought, making decisions on there own.

  4. I think they are capable of free thought - but without a media that provides information on which to make decisions - well - it's garbage in garbage out.

    Our corporate media has failed the country. They are paid to hide information - not to report it. They are paid to forward the agendas of the pentagon, foreign governments, and corporations. They are paid misinfo, disinfo artists - no wonder the American people aren't discussing what really matters -

    Our media is used to keep the American mushroom masses fed with crap and in the dark - constantly bickering and divided over fake issues and trivia - while the masters of the universe pull the strings with regards to the prosecution of undeclared wars, meddling in foreign lands and protecting Israel regardless of the permanent damage done to the liberty here in the United States.

    Fix the media - take the airwaves back for the people - report the truth - and you may be surprised how smart the average citizen really is.


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