Living in a Joke - and the joke's on me 'n' U

I live in a joke but it ain't funny.

The prez claims the right to kill human beings with no trial.  What happens to current prez when out of office in a few years after he's set the precedent - isn't he putting himself in a difficult situation when her enemies get into office and they now have the "right" to return the favor?  What a joke!

Everything I touch is broken, worn out, busted and cracked.  This town is a joke!  An enema in this case won't work - maybe something like the Chicago fire to kill the roaches.  (NO -I am not advocating this - this is hyperbole for the amusement of the reader.)

Our military is being used as a tool to forward the agendas of our enemies.  What a joke!  Our own military being used to work against the best interests of WE THE PEOPLE!  If this is a joke I don't find it amusing.  Those who signed up for the military need ME to speak for THEM since our military is supposed to receive its representation from YOU and ME.  They cannot do anything except follow orders.  It is YOUR and MY job to "trust - but verify" that our government is employing them properly - and not outright betraying them.  Not funny.

Jonny the Pollard, former US Naval intelligence just got his "get out of jail free card" and a better retirement than I have at the moment for spying for Israel to save his country - while betraying our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines.

"Bigmouths" willing to mention that Donald Trump beat up on a Christian-looking white guy who was supposedly held captive by the illustrious "Taliban" - while calling attention to Jonny the Pollard and how Trump didn't bring him up... well if "Big Donny" is so damned smart why didn't he know Pollard would be let out to the public on the usual Friday - right before everybody goes home on a long holiday - wiped out from burning the candle at both ends... he could have brought that up as an example but didn't...

This country is falling apart in my opinion - maybe my opinion stinks  but that may be due to the fact that my opinion is accurate - and the things I am looking at and writing about stinks.  The country, traffic etc... infrastructure - our very hydration becoming privatized - this is crazy - I mean really crazy.  Any living creature needs water.  They need to go to the bathroom.  These are adult topics - if you don't understand them you are lacking something upstairs - meaning you are in possession of an immature brain.  These are facts of nature.  No one should have to pay for water or to urinate simply because we live in an industrialized society.

Right now our country is being run into the ground for the benefit of the few.  This concept being a good one is broadcast to YOU and ME via the TeeVee and raydeeoh frequencies borrowed from nature, divided up for the good of the public and the organization of technology - then purchased and prostituted out to the few that abuse the priviledge for PROFIT over the citizens that granted them their licenses.

If we are going to live in a technology based enviro - we must allow for that for everyone that is alive.

I am also firmly against the population control people.  They are negative not positive.  The next genius with a method to solve all the worlds food problems and eliminate starvation, a genius like Archimedes or somebody - are killed or pre-killed with birth control - propelled by a myth that there are "too many people."  Well there are not too many of Bill Gates' kids, or Rockefellers kids or any rich person's kids are there?  Why is it always YOU and ME that has to sacrifice?

Why are we being forced to take needles for unpredictable flues?  This is something all the pecker-checker docktors out there -- ask them how they are able to predict the future mutation of a random DNA event?  Huh?  Have they been watching episodes of "Revenge of the Crystal Skulls" or something - you know - where some crystal object spits out the code for the next cold coming out next year.

When you had a cold when I was a kid - you wiped your nose for a while - and learned how to perform this gracefully.  You would get better.  That was the end of it.

This war economy is a joke.  Everybody has to admit that when one spends all their money on fireworks they are doomed.


War Musings

Once again the spirit moves me, like a moth to the candle flame to type the following:

I love war.  I hate to admit that but I always did.

As a kid my favorite game was war.  I wore everybody out playing.  I always wanted to stay the longest.

My parents had to stop me, especially my mother who was truly shocked about war, that people did this shit to each other - she would try to stop me but it would never work.

The enemy must be beaten.

I ran my own operations in the woods - usually against rival kids "gangs" or whatever they were.

I'd plot and scheme and torment them with -censored -getting away in the woods I knew like the back of my hand.  I would wait them out and destroy their camps, bunkhouses and treeforts.  These would be - censored - if necessary.

Hell - I'd go right now.  But that isn't the kind of war we are in.  Guns are not the primary means to sort this one out.  This one is about our own country and where it is headed.  Shooting people isn't going to help.  This is a battle for minds more than anything else.

I am stuck being who I am - being on the side of truth, liberty, freedom of speech, right to bear arms - and changes the role assigned to me - I cannot bear arms against "enemies" that believe we've created for ourselves - one way or another.  This must stop.

We must determine who our enemy is, wipe them out - see if anyone is left - then wipe them out.  Same as when I was a kid.  But we must find common premises upon which we can have a discussion and this hasn't happened yet due to corporate profit driven media keeping the important issues - the very foundations of why we do everything - hidden from the public.  Yes this goes back to nine 11 and further.  These cancers are rotting out the core of what used to be America - and it is rotting away quickly.  Every day you and I go to work - operatives are busy using our tax dollars against us - they must be if they are not using them to protect our rights - our governments ONLY PURPOSE FOR EXISTENCE - THE PROTECTION OF OUR LIFE, LIBERTY , PROPERTY, AND PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.  Everything else is expendable.

There is no war to fight like I thought I would participate in as a kid - this is an Orwellian nightmare - and worsening.  We have to win a war for what is good and right, and cures doesn't kill, brings people together not pushes them apart.  The wars are so expensive they are ruining our nation - and undermining our morality - because there is still profit in it.

We are being charged interest on our own money -and this money goes to private bankers I've heard.  Is this true?  If so it is INSANE.  Money should be managed for the benefit of the citizens - not to fatten the asses of some international greedy pigs.

I am against those wanting to take away our rights for whatever reason.

Nobody gives a darn about anything anymore.  Nothing.  Acting emotionally is gone - we are all supposed to be MR Spock from the original Star Trek series - no emotion - an alien.

We do need to close the borders down - that way those who are bringing in troublemakers won't be able to do it anymore.  I don't give a shit what anybody else has to say on this - even a moron knows you have to control the perimeter OF ANYTHING!  Grow up on this one if you think there is a war going on.  All you will accomplish doing this is to stop the operatives of the globalists that are fomenting all of this.

Flooding this country with masses of anyone right now is idiotic.  I don't care what their religious beliefs are - let them stay where they are and fight their opposing religious groups over there.  As for within the borders of this country  - no religious clamping down will be tolerated period.

Simultaneously - any religious S.O.B. pushing their religious "law" or whatever they call their substitute for our government which respects NO establishment of an official religion...

I do miss Christmas and all that - and as Trump recently said in the speech he messed up and brought up treason - we need to get back to our sanity here in the USA and start acting brave like we claim to be.

Don't let any more troublemakers in of any religious persuasion - that goes for Christians too.  Nobody pushes their religious stuff on anyone else to the point that it violates the other person's rights.  That is the end of it.

I keep hearing about Sharia law etc...  Either they are violating someone's rights or they are not.  At this point the government is completely justified in coming in and pushing this SOB out of the way to defend the rights of the victim.  Period - that goes for EVERYBODY.

Don't you agree, my good reader - this just isn't that hard.

But do you think there are any candidates that will fix these problems and the problems of nine you know what?  Ha ha ha ha!


Donald Trump hates traitors?

Here you can see that Trump is tough on treason:

Bergdahl lawyer slams candidate Trump over 'traitor' comments

""The Army's prosecutors, who have the vast resources of the government at their disposal, have informed us that they will not be offering evidence that anyone died searching for my client," he said.

"Mr. Trump must stop vilifying this young man, who suffered five years of brutal captivity at the hands of the Taliban, and deserves to be judged on the basis of evidence rather than slander from someone who has never worn our country's uniform," he said.

Bergdahl is scheduled to appear at an Article 32 hearing, the Uniform Code of Military Justice equivalent of a grand jury, at Fort Sam Houston next month.

Bergdahl was charged in March with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy, and could be sentenced to life in prison if convicted of the most serious count.

What about this one?

Report: Obama to release Israeli spy



Tired of What?

This post sucks - I'll let you know in advance but something compelled me to write it.

Am I tired of certain stuff?  I suppose - but who gives a damn?

I've heard the question posed:  "Aren't you tired of people calling you a conspiracy theorist?"

Actually - NO.

That's not to say I'm not tired of something - and that something would be.......ready.......????

I am tired of all you bleeps out there LISTENING TO ANYONE that employs such an obvious propaganda term - a term used to trigger your "stop thinking" response.  It is time for this hypnotic phrase to retire so we can all get on to other things - like discussing something.  Is not the term "Conspiracy Theory" no more than  a bell al la Pavlov?  Manipulation of the masses should be done for the benefit of the masses too - no matter what.  It is called "balance."

I am tired of you bleeps who can't think for yourselves - relying on some sunufabeechtree on the teevee nooz telling you I'm crazy for trying to wake you bleeps up!

The fact is, is that, propaganda WORKS.  Propaganda has become a high art and science - but I'm not trying to get you to admire these bleeping scumbag traitors, what I am trying to do is alert you to the fact that there are methodologies that can be employed upon the masses effectively.

In other words propaganda, it seems to me at least, in some respects, can be distilled down into a "numbers game" meaning, in other words, that by applying specific timed formulae (correct plural of formula?) that to sway public opinion is part of it - swaying it into a SPECIFIC DIRECTION is included in the package.

There is always an agenda - and that always costs money - it has to.  There are payERs and payEES in so-called "deals."  The people making the deals are winning big in the area I live in.  I don't want to attach labels to the people responsible for the cockroach and bedbug infested hellhole I live in - hey - the money-hungry-and-fuck-the-desperate-because-we-can is a way of life here.  I get that.  But I would not recommend it as a model city because the quality of life here is based upon traffic noise, bugs walking on you etc...  Babies crying - plus the school bus stops here too.

The gentlemen/gentleladies  running this shithole are giving zero in return because they don't have to.  I guess it's OK, according to their belief system for cockroaches and bedbugs to snuggle up with babies - hell I have no idea but that's got to be what is going on.

The bugs are relentless, clever, quick, run zig-zagged patterns, then they stop - then turn their cockroach-head and "neck" (it is a sort of shell section I think)  back to look at you, and after a short pause-to-think, maybe several milliseconds, may decide to jump instead of run.  This jump the cockroaches do is more of a controlled flight, like a flying squirrel or something, and they land on the run - got away each time - twice minimum.  I saw one do this off the nightstand and another during my chase as he ran up a wall - I missed as he jumped first.

Presidential election - waste of time.  Don't know much about Hillary or the Global Warming advocate Bernie Sanders?  I stopped listening to him years ago after studying the assertions of his hosts on radio shows.  If everybody is going to continue on with the big event lie that got us into all of this - I don't really care what they are doing.  They must somehow not care about the American public's safety and security at all.  If somebody doesn't make the police powers do their fucking job then we are wasting our time and money and on the road to you know where.

I should add that I've watched a few videos of the Donald - and thanks to some hints from friends and readers can see clearly that Trump is running for Israel first, America second.  I should have known remembered this when one of the stars of the 911 terror show here in the US, Rudy Giuliani, appeared early on to support Trump.  Now I see Trump out there pandering to the Israelis again.  And the American crowds love it!  Americans love the country that slaughtered US Navy sailors aboard the USS Liberty and have managed to keep this secret from the American public for decades.  Trump is just the guy needed to keep the wars going and the bombs falling and the profits soaring for arms industries.

I have no problem with profit from arms sales, my problem is with starting the wars in the first place to forward agendas and to create an environment where those sales are always the priority over everything else.

Europe is a disaster area.  I'm glad I visited that place years ago on business when everybody still liked Americans.  I guess we will band together with them as brothers to go kick some ass or something - go against this ISIL or ISIS or whatever they tell the Fox nooz retards to keep repeating and hyperventilating to the cameras.  I'm pissing my pants just thinking about it.

I do not believe this country will survive financially if we do not address these devisive mysteries - because the bad guys will remain in charge.

I can only ask who benefited from the initiation of the "War on Terror" and continues to benefit from it?  This is a simple question anyone can answer for themselves just by taking the time to do it.  My opinions don't matter here.

I think that if a country is at war and the people of that country are being killed, have to lose their property or whatever - they are the losers.  Other countries that benefit - they are the winners in this particular large-scale business deal.

The presidential candidates have no position that can be taken seriously regarding the spark that started the war on terror.  That means the rest of what they have to do must be tested against their answer - and their answer will turn out to be that they will never be effective at reversing the gains made by those that profited from nine you know what.

It seems that we have gotten to where we are not so much by our computer-hacker-rigged elections as by the deals that are going on behind the scenes with big businesses having more power right now than our governments - for whatever reason.  I'm not going to say this is good or bad.  But by my observations of this community I'm at a loss of whether or not we're building something for a change rather than blowing shit up.  It is a foolish waste of money to have a destruction based society if it is possible to have a construction based society - world culture or whatever.

But it seems we are losing our rights and our time and our money to adventures that are not benefiting the masses - from my perspective.

I'll pet a roach for you tonight with my fist.

by the way they were real cursewords before I bleeped them out.


Awaiting the arrival of our next master

Who will they pick?  Both parties have candidates playing it safe to get votes - as if that is the way to get votes.

Maybe it is.

It is a bit amusing to drive past the broken people and broken country I see every day and take these suited clowns on the Teevee seriously.

I know they will keep the perverts at the NSA busy spying on us.

Try this experiment if you want to know how retarded the people around you have become - thanks to their dumbing down from the teevee nooz:  Pick up your friends phone and start digging through it.  Laugh at some of the pictures of their wife and kids.  Joke about the way they live and the things they are interested in.  You are now experiencing what it is like to be a government worker.  Observe the reaction of your previous friend.  They will NOT treat you the way they've been trained to treat their neighbors at the NSA who make a living doing the same thing.  The scum in the telephone companies are also just cowards - Americans in name only - assisting the enslavement of their friends and families.  Hardly a group worth saving.  But is it really fair to blame the victims?  No - it's their leaders.  And as usual - living in the Bible belt I blame the leaders of the churches here.  After all - these fuckers have their own TV stations too you know.  Ha ha.

Being a peeping thom has become a perverted sport in this country.  It undermines much of what we used to call "decency" but in a culture where people have been brainwashed to accept torture you cannot expect much more.

A roll of hundreds will get you farther in this country than just about anything else.  The money has been concentrated into fewer and fewer hands.  But somehow natural law has a way of evening things out over time.  Greed is still a "sin" whether you believe it or not - it eventually eats away its owner.

The Demo and Repub parties are trying to find a way to resonate with the public - but it is not happening because the public has been deliberately divided by those who own and program our media - meaning the Pavlovian bells the public has been conditioned to react to.  The public will still piss their pants on cue when the next "terror attack" happens, is staged or whatever.  By the way - it seems to me that the stars are lining up for another big event - since the last one is fading and newer generations are coming up that need to be taught to hate.

As I stated before - as we ignore how we got where we are - we are in for difficult times ahead.  By difficult I can see war.  Hopefully a revolution - but probably a civil war if we allow the suits to continue their crap.

The intel agencies, via compartmentalization, have successfully kept their own people in the dark to a frightening degree.  Some of the most brainwashed are amongst those in the employ of the government because they have never been exposed to alternate views - views that are so easy to grasp they are capable of shattering entire belief systems - like the temperatures and means by which physical events really happen.

As we continue to ride the rollercoaster that is the global corporate takeover of our once-great nation - I ponder every day "what can we do?"  Right now I can only say we need new leaders who find that by being truthful they are put in office - not the other way round.  Until moral foundations are corrected this is impossible.

Here in the Bible belt the churches have a lot of power over not only hearts and minds but money and media.  Too bad they are as much on the take as everybody else.

Forget the bake sale - not enough money in that - better to sell "get out of hell free" cards.


No news is good news?

I scanned for news - a couple of usual sites that are used to keep the masses distracted and agitated.

The top stories on the "big name" sites are about remakes of old movies - with the usual update in visual effects - now computerized.  The fake blood is getting better all the time with the corpses in the teevee shows on the telescreens I walk past showing appropriate grey skin tones.

A show was on a telescreen the other day.  A corpse was splayed out on the street, face up with a bunch of "officials" with guns and badges picking over the body like a bunch of grave robbers.  I can tell there is still nothing to see on television.

The "news" has some other elements I should mention - there is supposedly a presidential election coming up.  I don't know if they have to pay the election machine people in advance to steal the election or if that is a pay-for-performance deal.  Perhaps it is more like the business I used to be in, where as a contractor you are simply lied about and not paid in the end.  No idea.

In the meantime the media portrays the election as a sort of horse race - with each successive "debate" having a shorter and shorter line-up of the usual suspects.  There was something about that Christie character not being on the teevee duhbate next time and one of the other losers dropped out as well.  The token member of the Bush gang, Jeb Bush, has been beaten in the media this past week portraying him as having already lost.

As far as the Democrat side of the selection process Hillary's picture keeps popping up with the usual weak-minded and poorly done caricatures that are now the norm in our corporate lowest-common-denominator media.  Our media CEOs and marketing people are very greedy for money - that's their job I suppose - but the nation is on fire around them.

The media continues to divide and conquer the American public.  The  filthy lying churches still allow their flocks of sheep to support torture and the invasion of foreign lands based on lies - as long as the money keeps rolling into the collection baskets.  The churches in this noisome town seem to be doing quite well for themselves - as we all know there is a lot of money when one is selling "hope."  Why?  Because when you sell hope you never have to deliver on the product you charged so much for.

The blacks vs. white crapola continues in TV and internet propaganda - but not in reality.  I live around lots of black people and we get along fine.  Nobody around here dares talk to anyone else anyway - unless they need a jump start.  The last battery I jump-started in this Tennessee trashtown was cracked and leaking acid.  I moved to the opposite side of my vehicle when he hooked the cables up on the other car in case the spark caused some Hydrogen gas from the battery to go off.  My cars paint would have been done.  Luckily everything worked out OK.  I'm sure these people who can't afford a fucking car battery are all for the war in Syria and the other 144 nations we world-police - especially if their pastor told them to be for it.  Gotta kill them dirty mooslims.

It's early so the traffic is rising in its daily crescendo.  The noise in this place is making me deaf - this is the first place I've ever lived where my ears are ringing when I wake up in the morning from the noise at night.  I sleep with a pillow over my left ear -  an ear I'm deaf in and the noise still comes through.  The bugs are using me and the bed as a playground.  I am no longer disgusted by the insects as I am so used to them - they are defeating the Tennesseans trying to control them.  In a state where they send the kids to school without paper and pencils you can only expect stupid.  Maybe they need caulk-gun training or something.  Also - for the number of dental offices around here I've never seen so many people with teeth in such rotten condition.

I try to minimize my consumption of water here as I suspect that is either being deliberately poisoned with fluoride or is being managed by people who just don't know any better.  Eventually I'll move to a new neighborhood where people are smiling every day - living in clean quarters - still paying for a fake "war on terror" (whatever that means.)

I don't talk about work on this blog.

The presidential election so far consists of people who are not going to come to terms with the events that started the world war we are not engaged in.  They are weak-minded people who will make things worse since they are unable to face reality for what it really is.  We will all continue to suffer with this feckless leadership.

Our police can all expect to be displaced over time with foreign workers, just like the rest of the population.  The government workers/spies that have contributed to the war on terror will continue to wander about spreading disinformation as is their jobs.  Many have bought into the lie and will not be able to swallow their pride - a necessary step in waking up to see reality - to admit that they have been contributing to the cowing of the American public , the torment of dissidents, and the brainwashing of the youth.

I'm sure when they go to church on Sunday their minister, pastor or whatever they call these robed rich guys, they will be told that they are good little boys and girls for lying to the public to defeat "terror" (whatever that means) - and they will find acceptance - as long as they pony up the funds.