Tired of What?

This post sucks - I'll let you know in advance but something compelled me to write it.

Am I tired of certain stuff?  I suppose - but who gives a damn?

I've heard the question posed:  "Aren't you tired of people calling you a conspiracy theorist?"

Actually - NO.

That's not to say I'm not tired of something - and that something would be.......ready.......????

I am tired of all you bleeps out there LISTENING TO ANYONE that employs such an obvious propaganda term - a term used to trigger your "stop thinking" response.  It is time for this hypnotic phrase to retire so we can all get on to other things - like discussing something.  Is not the term "Conspiracy Theory" no more than  a bell al la Pavlov?  Manipulation of the masses should be done for the benefit of the masses too - no matter what.  It is called "balance."

I am tired of you bleeps who can't think for yourselves - relying on some sunufabeechtree on the teevee nooz telling you I'm crazy for trying to wake you bleeps up!

The fact is, is that, propaganda WORKS.  Propaganda has become a high art and science - but I'm not trying to get you to admire these bleeping scumbag traitors, what I am trying to do is alert you to the fact that there are methodologies that can be employed upon the masses effectively.

In other words propaganda, it seems to me at least, in some respects, can be distilled down into a "numbers game" meaning, in other words, that by applying specific timed formulae (correct plural of formula?) that to sway public opinion is part of it - swaying it into a SPECIFIC DIRECTION is included in the package.

There is always an agenda - and that always costs money - it has to.  There are payERs and payEES in so-called "deals."  The people making the deals are winning big in the area I live in.  I don't want to attach labels to the people responsible for the cockroach and bedbug infested hellhole I live in - hey - the money-hungry-and-fuck-the-desperate-because-we-can is a way of life here.  I get that.  But I would not recommend it as a model city because the quality of life here is based upon traffic noise, bugs walking on you etc...  Babies crying - plus the school bus stops here too.

The gentlemen/gentleladies  running this shithole are giving zero in return because they don't have to.  I guess it's OK, according to their belief system for cockroaches and bedbugs to snuggle up with babies - hell I have no idea but that's got to be what is going on.

The bugs are relentless, clever, quick, run zig-zagged patterns, then they stop - then turn their cockroach-head and "neck" (it is a sort of shell section I think)  back to look at you, and after a short pause-to-think, maybe several milliseconds, may decide to jump instead of run.  This jump the cockroaches do is more of a controlled flight, like a flying squirrel or something, and they land on the run - got away each time - twice minimum.  I saw one do this off the nightstand and another during my chase as he ran up a wall - I missed as he jumped first.

Presidential election - waste of time.  Don't know much about Hillary or the Global Warming advocate Bernie Sanders?  I stopped listening to him years ago after studying the assertions of his hosts on radio shows.  If everybody is going to continue on with the big event lie that got us into all of this - I don't really care what they are doing.  They must somehow not care about the American public's safety and security at all.  If somebody doesn't make the police powers do their fucking job then we are wasting our time and money and on the road to you know where.

I should add that I've watched a few videos of the Donald - and thanks to some hints from friends and readers can see clearly that Trump is running for Israel first, America second.  I should have known remembered this when one of the stars of the 911 terror show here in the US, Rudy Giuliani, appeared early on to support Trump.  Now I see Trump out there pandering to the Israelis again.  And the American crowds love it!  Americans love the country that slaughtered US Navy sailors aboard the USS Liberty and have managed to keep this secret from the American public for decades.  Trump is just the guy needed to keep the wars going and the bombs falling and the profits soaring for arms industries.

I have no problem with profit from arms sales, my problem is with starting the wars in the first place to forward agendas and to create an environment where those sales are always the priority over everything else.

Europe is a disaster area.  I'm glad I visited that place years ago on business when everybody still liked Americans.  I guess we will band together with them as brothers to go kick some ass or something - go against this ISIL or ISIS or whatever they tell the Fox nooz retards to keep repeating and hyperventilating to the cameras.  I'm pissing my pants just thinking about it.

I do not believe this country will survive financially if we do not address these devisive mysteries - because the bad guys will remain in charge.

I can only ask who benefited from the initiation of the "War on Terror" and continues to benefit from it?  This is a simple question anyone can answer for themselves just by taking the time to do it.  My opinions don't matter here.

I think that if a country is at war and the people of that country are being killed, have to lose their property or whatever - they are the losers.  Other countries that benefit - they are the winners in this particular large-scale business deal.

The presidential candidates have no position that can be taken seriously regarding the spark that started the war on terror.  That means the rest of what they have to do must be tested against their answer - and their answer will turn out to be that they will never be effective at reversing the gains made by those that profited from nine you know what.

It seems that we have gotten to where we are not so much by our computer-hacker-rigged elections as by the deals that are going on behind the scenes with big businesses having more power right now than our governments - for whatever reason.  I'm not going to say this is good or bad.  But by my observations of this community I'm at a loss of whether or not we're building something for a change rather than blowing shit up.  It is a foolish waste of money to have a destruction based society if it is possible to have a construction based society - world culture or whatever.

But it seems we are losing our rights and our time and our money to adventures that are not benefiting the masses - from my perspective.

I'll pet a roach for you tonight with my fist.

by the way they were real cursewords before I bleeped them out.


  1. JR: Suffers Same Basic Malady As So Many Others--Subjectivism

    This is interesting entry u've made here, JR; seems to be two general sections to it on diff. topics, the top on prop. and buzz-word(s) like "consp. theory," and the bottom more on Pres. election. U also need to get away fm that roach infestation--u've been complaining about that for LONG time now, buddy.

    Otherwise, getting back to ur topics, note U'RE integral part of the problem, as I've said before--why then do u grudge others for their own incompetence?--u're no better, committing very same sin.

    For history is CYCLIC, and we're in "Decline of the West," the people, including u, mired in HUBRIS and subjectivism, this subjectivism now having become EXTREME and "critical," having turned into satanism. I don't say u urself are satanist, but u harbor the basic germ of it, subjectivism, pretending to "moralism" of "good-evil" and perfectly "free" will--ur basic flaw, error, fallacy.

    It's now for West much like the old Roman empire, the volk soooo corrupt, mired in hubris, and esp. in subjectivism, they're not capable of dealing w. the real problem--subjectivism at root, but specifically the satanism which is in control.

    U also ignore history, JR, and that's fatal, buddy--u overlook that our dear Christianity was precisely what fended-off that extreme subjectivism and satanism--esp. in way of hatred of and aversion to Jews. Nowadays, the real, anti-semitic Christianity is forgotten, while otherwise the conventional "Christianity," controlled by Jews, is understood as mere version/variant of that putrid Judaism.

    U refuse to face reality: the West THRIVED long as we hated and persecuted kikes, see?--and when, at French Rev., Jews were "legalized," so to speak, that's when West began its horrific "decline," according to Spengler's theory (though, to be sure, Spengler doesn't single-out Jews as I do--Spengler's great grandmother was Jew by race).

    For Jews are FOREMOST subjectivists/satanists, see Talmudical.blogspot.com, as I continue to note, but which u insist on ignoring--WHICH IS FATAL. And sociologic problem is MOST PEOPLE ARE LIKE U, JR--they ignore reality, especially essential aspects of that reality--u're no diff., no better than these poor folks u like to criticize.

    So what's gonna happen?--same as Roman instance, JR, and the only thing to possibly save things is a similar revival of that original Christian revolution, including hatred of Jews--whom, unfortunately, u prefer to worship, though it does u no good--U'RE THE PROBLEM, JR, even if u're not necessarily same mindless sort of subjectivist as so many others are--esp. the homosexuals.

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