UC opinions on Occupy protests

Hey UC:  Leaderless resistance really means - NO LEADERS.

"The Occupy Wall Street protests that began in New York and have flared up across the country are grabbing headlines and eliciting strong opinions about corporate America, income equity and democracy. UC scholars also have weighed in, adding their expert voices to the discourse. 
UC Berkeley economics professor and MacArthur fellow Emmanuel Saez has studied income gaps and his research shows that the so-called 99 percent movement has its basis in fact. Saez and French economist Thomas Piketty published research in 2008 that showed the top 1 percent of American households accounted for about two-thirds of all income gains from 2002 to 2007.
In a Q&A with UC Berkeley News Center, Saez expresses support for the protests and offers his take on how government policies can affect wealth distribution and economic growth.
Franklin D. Gilliam Jr., dean of the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs, writes in a FrameWorks Institute blog post that the protests must move beyond flash mob politics to have a real impact.
The movement, "will ultimately have to develop a core narrative that explains its preferred policy and action agenda. Finally, it is hard to imagine that Occupy will be able to sustain its efforts without a leadership structure and a 'face' of the group," Gilliam wrote in his post, which was republished at UCLA Today.
UC Riverside regulatory reform expert John Cioffi also says that the movement may fizzle without more organization and structure.
"For a social movement to perpetuate itself and effect change, it must develop or affiliate with a leadership and organizational structure able to wield power, develop specific demands, and fashion them into a coherent programmatic agenda — all without losing the enthusiasm of the base," Cioffi said in a UCR Newsroom story. "This is a transformation that few movements can manage, and it often requires some portion of the political or economic elite to ally themselves with the cause.""
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NOTE:  Once again  - we can count on our "great" universities to give us guidance on how to find root cause - that is - the root cause of these pesky protests and how to eliminate them so as to maintain the status quo.

A kind reader sent me this link regarding "Leaderless Resistance" where we read:

"From the point of view of tyrants and would be potentates in the federal bureaucracy and police agencies, nothing is more desirable than that those who oppose them be UNIFIED in their command structure, and that every person who opposes them belong to a pyramid type group. Such groups and organizations are an easy kill. Especially in light of the fact that the Justice (sic) Department promised in 1987 that there would never be another group that opposed them that they did not have at least one informer in. These federal “friends of government” are intelligence agents. They gather information that can be used at the whim of a federal D.A. to prosecute. The line of battle has been drawn. Patriots are required therefore, to make a conscious decision to either aid the government in its illegal spying, by continuing with old methods of organization and resistance, or to make the enemie’s job more difficult by implementing effective countermeasures."

So thanks UC - we appreciate your "help."  With friends like you - who needs enemies?


"Shimatsu credits retired CIA agent and mercenary Roland Vincent Carnaby with learning the warheads were being transported from Houston. In a strange twist, Carnaby was mysteriously shot dead less than a year later by Houston police at a traffic stop. He was shot once in the back and once in the chest. He did not have a weapon in his hands. Intelligence sources said he had been tracking a Mossad unit that was smuggling U.S. plutonium out of Houston docks for an Israeli nuclear reactor."
Read more HERE
Note:  Let me guess.  We are all supposed to brush this accusation aside with the usual bumper-sticker mentality that it is nothing but a "conspiracy theory."


Here's Carnaby getting shot-I'd warn about brutality but this is America - you know somebody is going to die:

Here's Wayne Madsen on this event-tells more of the story:  Was reaching for his Blackberry...make sure you listen to this...

Who can you trust?  The "mainstream" media, as usual, omits lots of important facts.  One must dig into these stories to find information beyond the facade of redacted info provided to the general public.

The whole thing stinks.


Put Me on the SH%T list: Occupy with 2nd Amendment help - vid

Politically incorrect - yes.  Necessary for liberty - yes.

I saw some things written about the gentleman in the video - claiming he is a NAZI or some other stuff - whatever.

For me - and for now - I'll take him at his word.  He is exercising his 2nd Amendment right peacefully - as are those behind him exercising their 1st Amendment right peacefully.  There is no reason to amend for a second our understanding that anyone is advocating that violence ensue.  

During the cold war there was a philosophy of MAD - which meant Mutual Assured Destruction - this concept emphasized the "power for peace" concept - where two parties equally armed pose no threat to each other.  

The militia member - and I know nothing of him except what I hear him say in the video  below - is that he is a veteran - as are some of his colleagues - and he trusts those behind him - because he knows - as we all do that they are peaceful protesters.

My hat's off to the guy in the video and his brave buddies.  We'll see how everything works out - and what dirt they can dig up on him.  But any way you look at it - he is doing nothing other than exercising his rights.  There should be NO OPPOSITION TO THAT.  And there should be NO OPPOSITION to the OCCUPY protesters either.

Yes - there's nothing like a nice balance of power - I learned that from my own government when they were "fighting" the Soviet Union - excusing away countless spending on nuclear weapons etc...

Well - it works for us, the citizens, too.  

Thanks Second Amendment exercisers.


Wartime Contracting Commission Classifies Findings for Next 20 Years


"The Commission has been at work for three years, revealing that up to $60 billion in US war funds were lost due to waste, fraud, and abuse. One report concluded that “criminal behavior and blatant corruption” were directly responsible for much of the waste in the expensive “reconstruction”projects in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2002. It also found that one in every six contracting and grant dollars spent in Iraq and Afghanistan has been wasted."
Read more HERE

I  guess that the three years worth of pay sucked by government leeches working on this cover-up are to be ignored - since the amount of $60 Billion Bucks is so hideous in itself.  That a bunch of "public servants" wasted money for three years on this chimera means that either they are to dumb to know that you don't rat out the mafia, really had good intentions which makes them naive, or just did what they were told, as long as it pays the bills.

It's getting harder to blame government people for just standing there participating like the good lapdogs and servants they really are.  No not to the people - but to the gun-slingers and immoral merchants of death running what's left of the country in which I was raised.  Why?

Because if they talk out loud about what they've seen - the fact is - that they may be murdered by their employer - the U.S. government.  That's a pretty good reason to keep one's mouth shut.  And yes - there are plenty of psychopaths ready, willing and able to murder anyone anytime anywhere for the psychopaths in charge.

In a  country where it is considered a citizen's duty to simply get shot by a corrupt cop rather than face the media for self-defense - it's no wonder people just keep walking when a cop is "busy."  Yeah - they're out there with the cameras filming the cop-brutality - but so what?  Take the video to court and the cop gets off scot-free.  Who cares about the public rage in the court of public opinion?  Not enough judges, lawyers, cops, or other participants in the corrupt screwdicial system.   The screwdicial system is exactly that - there to screw you when you come naively seeking justice.  What planet were YOU born on?

So when we see articles like that above - we yawn.  This is not new, this is not news, this is not surprising, this is not anything but another daily reminder of how things really are in this country.

Oh - by the way - ALL JUDGES AND LAWYERS AND POLICE are not bad.  Most of them are really good people.

We know that 55 saves lives was bullshit.  They didn't do that to protect you.  They originally did it to save gas - then it became a great way to harass the public, take their money, search their cars - and profit.

We know the war on drugs is bullshit.  "War on Drugs" doesn't even mean anything.  We know our government is double dealing in drugs, arms and every other nasty profit enterprise - including those you wouldn't, as a peace-loving citizen - even imagine.

We know the war on terror is bullshit.  "War on Terror" doesn't even mean anything.

We know that "government studies" are bullshit.  We know our government is bullshit - and we know that when the government shows up to help - everything is almost guaranteed to get wrecked.

The protests going on right now are a sign of civil unrest - the violence the police are using to brutalize the public for fun and profit - will lead to the normal escalation of violence that occurs under such circumstances.

The politics of protests are biased in favor of those controlling the mass media - which is used to control the message to a large sleep-walking mass of hopelessly un-informed voters.  It is of the utmost that the political repercussions of every action be taken into consideration - but this is impossible.

I don't know what to say about fighting back.  Americans have a tradition of fighting back in the history books.  Perhaps Americans would be best served as a nation of sheep that breeds a leadership of wolves (as the saying goes.)



3 for 1 Deal: Home from a hard days work (and retired): Cops gun down their own sons to protect you...

Nothing like shooting your son to death after coming home from a hard days work.  Yes - these are three examples of police self-control to pay attention to.  

Luckily for us the rest of the police exercise similar restraint when using their firearm to kill someone - right?

Sorry didn't know how to remove the commercials selling you junk before they provide "news" about how these poor police were acting in self defense against their own children.

Bag'em and tag 'em!  What's for dinner Mom?

...Retired cop in Florida...SOMEBODY IN THE VID SAYS "this is routine..." notice the nonchalance with which the police guy prepares to shoot his son. He's already outside to get the gun then goes back to gun him down. Yeeeee haw!


Why America will be hard to take...Fun Ruger 10/22 video

With all the doom and gloom lately concerning the New World Order, foreign troops on US soil, jack-booted thug police I thought this a good time to shine some positive light on the matter.

The public loves to shoot.  They are armed.  And if you don't think they are a force to take into serious consideration - my would-be tyrant friends - kindly contemplate the following video of one individual just having fun.


Cops turn woman's house into a pigsty

"While police shot tear gas into the home, a mother dog and her three puppies were still inside the house.

“They told her if there was anything left in that house, it’s dead,” she said. “We were hysterical and thought the puppies were dead, the other dog was dead.”
The dogs, fortunately, are in good condition. The house isn’t."
Read more HERE and watch the video.
Note:  Must be a fun job-being a cop.  I thought wrecking things was fun when I was a child too.  The gassing the puppies part and abuse of the citizens doesn't seem appealing to me - so I can't be a cop.  I also don't like kicking people's teeth in, shooting blind wood carvers holding closed knives, shotgunning kids pets right in front of the family when a little dog jumps out of a car on the side of the interstate wagging its tail - no - I don't think police work is for me.

Seems that to be a cop these days you have to like dressing up like a soldier, in a mask, with a helmet, gun, all this equipment - then must be willing to mete out abuse to citizens whose rights you're supposed to be protecting.  Obviously not a career I'd be able to survive for long.  

I just don't like the idea of destroying people's lives - which seems the norm for cops now.  Pretty sad really.

Let me put in the usual golly-gwarsh obligatory amidst police brutality gone amok in this country and say:  "But most of them are really good guys/gals."

Ok now let's see why else I wouldn't be a cop - I don't like shocking people with a Taser  - never know - what if they have a heart condition - or they are standing on a bridge from which they may fall to their death, as was the case in a police tasering not too long ago.  No - I wouldn't be able to sleep that night.

I don't know if, as a cop, I'd be able to plant drugs on innocent people just to meet arrest quotas - as was recently testified to by a cop up North - New York maybe?  There's so many cases of police abuse and corruption it's impossible to keep it all straight.  I think they call that a "new norm" - you know - where police will just blow you away as soon as look at you - wreck your house - trample on your rights - and if you somehow blow a gasket and kill one of them - you're done since you've now joined the ranks of the "cop-killer."  That's a worse killer than a "regular-people-killer" - which is what cops who murder innocents are.  "Cop-killer_ is another American trigger-word to make sure that those abusing power can ensure that fighting back against tyranny will come only at the most severe price.  We all know a cop's life is worth more than yours and mine put together- right?  That's the message from the court system - so that's the reality we might as well get straight in our heads - right?  Wrong.  The courts are letting these guys go and their presence continues to poison the ranks of police everywhere.  

I guess I won't be putting in an application for police work anytime soon.  But I'm sure the police will police themselves and ensure that what happened to this lady's house will never happen again.  (Don't hold your breath.)
UPDATE OCT 25 later in the day above was typed:

Police seeking robber kill unarmed, innocent man

...now that didn't take long did it?  click the above link - "protect and serve" what?  serve lead?
Update Oct 25 a few minutes after the above ...scanning the news....
5 NYPD officers arrested in gun-smuggling sting
yep - click the link above - they are "America's finest" - the thin blue line - standing there to protect us all from what I have no idea.
Update Oct 26, 2011 - it's every day...

Veteran shot in the face by rubber bullet at Occupy Oakland protests VIDS

Update October 25, 2011 - remember this one?  Guy was gonna' be married the next day - but he didn't make it because .... well take a look.  Notice the "judge" found an excuse for the slaughter of this young man at the hands of the police.  You see - our judges must be corrupt or we wouldn't have outcomes like this...
"In the early morning hours of Nov. 25, 2006, Sean Bell, a 23-year-old New York City man due to be married later that day, walked out of a Queens strip club, climbed into a gray Nissan Altima with two friends who had been celebrating with him — and died in a hail of 50 bullets fired by a group of five police officers."

The Trouble We're In


That we're in trouble is not a surprise.  But how much trouble we are in is astonishing.

Although, as an American, this blog is Amerocentric - as kind commenters have pointed out - this post is not.  When I say ALL of us I mean all life on this planet.  But what are we going to do about it?

There is a presidential election pending - I like Ron Paul.  I hate everybody else running.  Cain was picked because he is a Federal Reserve crony and...bonus...he is black - a perfect front-man for the powerful monied interests controlling American politics.  No more race card for the phony opposition.  Why?

Obama is a coward, a liar, and a loser.  He's an outstanding orator, when equipped with a teleprompter - projecting verve and vigor and conviction and everything wonderful - problem is - it's all lies.  I don't care to beat up on the man - the way I see it - as if he didn't know it would happen - once in office - he was sat down- for "the talk" - where he was "educated" in the "ways of the world" and given generous offers no one wishing harm on their loved ones can ever ever refuse.  Maybe I'm wrong - but let's get serious here - his past is a wild card - his public life brief - his meteoric rise to commander-in-chief faster than a rocket engine takes to burn out.  Payback's a bitch, as the saying goes, and Chicago politics is all about payback.  Opinions and conjecture - yes - but I'd love to hear a better explanation.  I wish the man well - as I do all fellow human beings.  Even murderers - I'm against the death penalty - except for treason - not even for public officials murdering the American citizens they are sworn to protect.

The trouble we are in...yes...extrajudicial killings...torture....banks gone wild....media strangled - and now - having lost their grip on public opinion - soon to "go dark" when "national security" requires the public get NO information since the only thing to report will be riots, revolts, and revolution.  There's no way the boob-tube can report true America rising against their slave-masters is there?  

America is now Amerika for one reason and one reason only:  because WE are NOT abiding by the Constitution.  PERIOD.  Commenters to this blog have reiterated this simple fact to me when I've explored other options like internet-driven direct democracy - the Mike Gravel plan - etc...

But why has our republic failed - and why have we not kept it?  

Moral fiber and Ethics:  Yes - these words hit the hammer blow to the nail right where it counts - but then we are mired in the swamp of "what is ethics" - "what are morals" etc...

These issues get fogged in religious debates etc...  Rightly so.  After all - if we say that our "inalienable rights" are not from a creator - whether or not one believes in a creator - then from where do they come?  That's a big problem - because when you throw a creator out of the picture - you are stuck with mankind itself - and that is the LAST place that will serve as an advisor on peace, equality, brotherhood, love of liberty and the rest of it.  Why?  Because human nature dictates that the power hungry work overtime without pay to get power - then they collect the dividends in a fruitless attempt to sate their insatiable appetite for ever more more more.

The Art Closet
I remember when I was in gradeschool - one of my buddies found a way to break into the art-closet in our tiny school.  The art closet was a small room, locked always, safeguarding a treasure trove of art supplies - things like tubes of paint, colored pencils, sheets of colored poster paper, and sundry items of colorful fun for kids.

Somehow we broke into that room time and again - to the point where everybody was just raiding the place.  Tubes of paint were splatted everywhere in the boys section of the schoolyard - poster-paper was blowing in the wind, classmates were flush with brand-new pencils in a coal-mining town when they were broke - well - I'm sure you know that our teachers saw all of this.

The Day of Reckoning for the Art Closet Raids
Yep - we got caught.  One of the girls ratted us out - at least - that's my pushing-fifty view since they thought we were a bunch of crooks and hadda' go down.

It's funny - while the caper was going on - it seemed like a big party.  But when the long arm of the law showed up - all of the sudden the seriousness of our crimes came into limpid focus.  We were in trouble.  Cops and everything.

In the end the ringleaders were punished and the interrogations led the authorities to the followers, the dummies, and everyone else that thought stealing was trivial - because "everyone was doing it."  Parental discipline in those days was not a joke.  Cops were a kid's preferred punisher - parents a very distant second.


The Point
The torture party is over.  The books are coming out - Cheney, Rice and the rest of them.  But all of a sudden - torture is no longer chic.  Wars based on lies are not flag-draped rallies - but horror shows of human carnage, orphans, refugees - and shame.  The physical challenges faced by returning vets pale in comparison to the PTSD and guilt many will carry with them for the rest of their lives.  And for what?  For the greedy power-hungry authors of books  - books designed to absolve these Constitutional-rapists from square one.  Public opinion has clearly abandoned those who've been "robbing the art closet" - so what's next?

What to Do?
Yes - the electronic voting machines are a complete disaster - but the fact is - that's all we have.  

We must press on with the system in place - as a peaceful-power-transfer loving people.  We have no other choice.

If any of the voting systems can be fixed before the next election - great - but in the meantime we must assume these systems are what we are stuck with.  Are there means to ensure the integrity of said systems? Of course.  Will they be implemented?  That's a local issue - our Republic depends upon it.  

Ron Paul is the only candidate that makes sense.  Criticisms of Ron Paul - that I've heard are not accurate - and I encourage those reading this post to watch as many videos of Ron Paul as possible.  He does NOT have radical ideas - he has truly conservative ideas - and if you are allergic to the word "conservative" please look it up and ask why a conservative like Ron Paul espouses some of the very same policies John F. Kennedy did - the same ones that got JFK shot - and may get Ron Paul shot - usurping the power of the Federal Reserve - ending profit-based wars, and eliminating superfluous government lemmingocracies.

If the EPA is so good - then why were acceptable human radiation levels increased following the Fukushima disaster - a catastrophe that we are experiencing on our own, without the help of the mainstream media.

If the dept. of Education is so good - why don't young folks know what the "Manhattan Project" is?  Think I'm kidding.  As embarrassing as this is to admit - I heard Rush Limbaugh - on his propaganda show - ask the kids in his support staff in the studio if they knew what the "Manhattan Project" was - NONE HAD HEARD OF IT!  

If the CDCP - popularly known as the "CDC" (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) are so effective- why did my wife come home to inform me that one must ask at the (former employer) hospital she worked at that one must ask for the "bad-stuff-free" vaccine the hospital was pushing on all employees.  Hmmmmm?  Why is the public in so much trouble from flu to the point that every fluorescent-light flooded Walmartgreenetc store has a BIG SIGN at the entrance SELLING flu shots?  I''ve had a flue a coupla' thousand times and I've survived every single one.  The worst were when I went to Germany for three months in the nineties - if you haven't noticed - I'M STILL ALIVE!

What about the TSA?  

NAZIs.  I mean literally - that is - with respect to their jackboots - stupid look on their face - willingness to steal and willingness to participate in the stripping of citizens' rights, participation in the humiliation of women, encroachment on civilian travel on public interstates in Tennessee, and the rest of it.  Not only don't these idiots care - they don't know enough TO CARE.  And even if they did care - what's the difference? They joined on with the goon squad to enjoy their own sick pleasure - pedophilia - theft - sadistic humiliation of the public.  You name it - the perfect job for the scum of the earth!

Who's to Blame?
I've always followed a simple rule.  This may sound childish - but follow the twisted torturers wearing leather jackets - additionally and especially if they like brown.

Perhaps I'm paranoid - a conspiracy theorist (whatever the heck that is) - "crazy" (whatever that is) - or "an extremist" (whatever the heck that is) - or a critical thinker (we all know what that is.)

The end-game is WE LOSE OUR RIGHTS to dictators, tyrants, legalized thieves, usurers, con-artists, and the glorified greediest goons on the planet - that is - if we don't keep the pressure on the lot of them.

No - we don't want hand-outs or free anything - how stupid is that?  WE want to pay our own way - as we've been raised to do in the American tradition.  What we don't want - is to be robbed in the process of working our way to the "top" - you know - that Nirvana that each and every one of us has determined to be the place we wish to exist.  That's a very personal Nirvana - free of the constraints artificially imposed by scam-artist marketers - scam-artist banksters - crooked politicians - has-been generals working for Rupert Murdick false-news network, liars like Sean, Neal, Laura and the rest of the Rushbies -

we want what we want - our own goals - our own self-determined "success" - our own money - our own mental peace - free of the fluorescent-light-polluted prisons these manipulators of mankind wish to incarcerate all of us in - 9 to 5 for a one-bedroom - and 24-7-365 for a two-bedroom.

It's time for the war mongers and the usurers and media liars to take a hike - or face the public.  Hopefully for them - and I'm not hoping for them - they won't have to deal with the tar and feathers, pillorys, or oh man, this can get bad if we keep up that train of thought.

America is an all-welcoming place - still.  We don't care where you are from.  We don't care who you worship.  All we ask is that we can put all that aside and have a peaceful nation.  That means come together.


Ken Doll for president or a statesman?


......whatever.......the staged BS is so much fun to see how ferocious these puppets are.

Watch a true statesman explain the gravity of our predicament:

Are Occupy ALL Streets protesters justified? Queen of England facing tough times!

Recent ROYAL REPORTS have brought the Occupy Wall Street and other worldwide protests to the attention of her majesty.  Her highnass's ROYAL HERALDS deny knowledge of the following information provided exclusively to Jack Rabbit at American's Journey blog by insider ROYAL RABBITS for the enlightenment of fellow 99%ers ...


Hear Ye Hear Ye!  A Royal News Release!

"The Queen herself prowls the corridors, switching off superfluous lights, a Buckingham Palace employee said.
Royal accounts show the Queen’s electricity and gas bill was £2.2m in 2010-11, or 6.9 per cent of the monarchy’s total income from the government."
Read more HERE

I say!  The poor queen!  She's really really really really really really royally suffering.  How badly?

It's so bad that she's actually using her OWN LEGS to...WALK...to each and every one of the 458,000 lightswitches in her house to turn them off!  Now that's a lot of work!

Rumors have it that the queen may save even more money by having the expensive-to-maintain reptiles removed from the moat around the palace - where she herself will serve as queen monster.  The queen's security is not happy with this idea since while she is asleep the angry hoards of unemployed taxpayers footing the bill may breach the moat.  Such a breach of security would not only necessitate the expenditure of expensive ammunition to suppress the trespass - a minor but not insignificant expense during these hard times - but would present a serious intrusion of her majesty's required ROYAL REST as part of meeting all ROYAL REQUIREMENTS necessary to maintain her superiorness granted her by divine right.

One cost-saving idea under implementation is that Royal Palace Security Guards turn in their expensive MP-5 submachine guns for cheaper AK rifles.
Tests have shown that the AKs do as fine a job keeping the rabble at bay as the MP-5s although the palace will suffer greatly due to "prestige" loss to the cheaper weapons.  The traded-in MP-5 submachine guns will be sold at the Queen's next (foreign-dignitaries-only) Royal Used Weapons Auction and Bake Sale.  This recession inspired event will feature cupcakes the queen BAKED HERSELF with the help of 40 kitchen personnel working a mandatory "volunteer shift." Monies raised from the Royal Used Weapons and Bake Sale will be donated to Royal Charity to Preserve the Queen.

Further Security cost-cutting measures underway include the "Royal Frugal not Fast" disciplinary system.  Reliable insiders who've asked that their names remain anonymous, have informed American's Journey of an idea the queen herself CONCEIVED using her superior divine-right-guaranteed-to-work-better-than-yours ROYAL BRAIN. What is this plan?

The Queen’s government has since frozen her income, while average energy bills have risen 20 per cent. Assuming constant fuel consumption, the bill for the palaces would climb to £2.6m this financial year, or 8.2 per cent of the Queen’s income. That suggests that just one further round of energy price rises would push Her Majesty over the 10 per cent threshold and into fuel poverty."   

The inside skinny:  The queen, while prowling the halls for superfluous electricity-wasting lights - noticed a room with the lights on late at night. Alighting from her ROYAL RICKSHAW* and swiftly kicking open the thick iron-oaken chamber door was horrified to find the ROYAL PUNISHER performing a ROYAL FLOGGING of a queen's subject ON OVERTIME! Using her majesty's genetically superiour ROYAL BRAIN the queen quickly hatched a scheme to simultaneously reduce her hall-prowl time, ROYAL RICKSHAW squad food costs, overtime for ROYAL RICKSHAW squad, late night ROYAL FlOGGERY electricity costs and ROYAL PUNISHER overtime costs.


Divinely Inspired Solution:  Subjects caught breaking the queens ROYAL DICTUMS too late in the day for the ROYAL PUNISHER to torture them during regular business hours in the ROYAL FLOGGERY must contribute to the queen's poverty crisis by "volunteering" for solitary confinement in the ROYAL RATCELLAR for that night where naturally no costs will accrue as there is no heat or light allowed here anyway.  This simple and brilliant ROYAL REVERIE will eliminate overtime costs and on-call pay for the ROYAL PUNISHER - who can now deliver the ROYAL FLOGGING, ROYAL RACKARUCK, and ROYAL ROASTINGS punishments at the lowest possible costs.**

Further fuel fritterings threatening the queen's divine ROYAL REQUIREMENTS will be forestalled by another of our highnass's ROYAL REVERIES while providing great benefits to the queen's rabble.  While having a tot contemplating her next ROYAL RETREAT one recent afternoon, her divine majesty's meditation was rudely disturbed by the clamor of lawn mower engines.  Reportedly the queen's ROYAL BRAIN envisioned a plot of perfection to turn this sour sound into sweet silence - saving quite a stash.  

ROYAL GROUNDSKEEPERS will "volunteer" to eschew the use of powered lawn equipment in favor of actually chewing the grass and eating it.  Food costs reduced, fuel saved, noise nulled.


Well that's all for now - please don't forget that while selfishly protesting the growling sounds in your belly:  That freedom is slavery, war is peace, and poor is rich. 

Oh yeah...one more thing...you may wish to read this:The Large Families that rule the world
Many people have heard of the Bilderberg Group, Illuminati or the Trilateral Commission. But what are the names of the families who run the world and have control of states and international organizations like the UN, NATO or the IMF?

To try to answer this question, we can start with the easiest: inventory, the world's largest banks, and see who the shareholders are and who make the decisions."

Just remember:  They are suffering just like the other 99% - really!


*ROYAL RICKSHAW...the queen found that a rickshaw was actually a less-expensive method of transportation than ACTUAL ROYAL AMBULATION - since the expense of the soles of the queens ROYAL SLIPPERS, crafted of ultra-rare baby-seal tongue, cost the queen 110 pounds per footstep.  Rickshaw costs including shoes for subjects prove far below these costs.

**royal hangings will be handled traditionally regardless of expense out of the queens respect for the dignity of the condemned subjects.


Can US Government Murder show a positive trend? Pics to ponder...

"Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

Chinese general & military strategist (~400 BC)" *



You may notice a trend here.  Proximity to certain individuals in powerful positions in the U.S. government may be hazardous to one's health.  Once one's usefulness dies it appears...that soon so does that formerly useful "friend."

Who's next?  Maybe they have a surprise gift for us in mind sometime in the future.  

After all - only our corrupt media competes with our murderous federal government to be the biggest threat to the rights of Americans. 

...and we all know that the U.S. government hates competition.

Maybe their next extrajudicial murder will do us some good?  

Who's next?