True Heroism: U.S. Navy nurse won't force-feed Guantanamo detainees

You can read the entire story here:

""Initially, he did carry out his orders and participate in the tube feedings. But when he came, as soon as he saw what was happening, he started talking to the brothers," meaning the inmates, Dhiab was quoted as saying. "He explained to us: 'Before we came here, we were told a different story. The story we were told was completely the opposite of what I saw.' Once he saw with his own eyes that what he was told was contrary to what was actually taking place here, he decided he could not do it anymore.""

This is how it's done.  But why only one nurse refusing this sick twisted treatment of personnel who've been rotting in prison forever?  

Perhaps it is the guts ratio.  One person with guts and the rest keep going along to get along.  These are tough decisions - the consequences are high for refusing orders - perhaps the gutsy nurse refusing to treat human beings like .... uhm..... geez we don't do this to animals do we?  Perhaps this nurse thought that the American public - or at least his fellow troopers would have some moral fiber left to support his cause.

We Americans are constantly reminded how great we are - but never ask what is so great about us.  WE claim that our military fights to free the oppressed - yet we turn out in many cases to be the oppressors.  You would think some with the power in the civilian population would find a way to support these brave souls that stand up to the American military machine.  And yes - it is a machine - it is the people at the helm of this machine that are supposed to have the brains and maturity to know the difference between right and wrong.

This sailor is defying inhuman orders - which makes them illegal orders.  Cruel and unusual punishment is specifically prohibited in the Constitution.  


Video: Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the Iraq war

Every American owes it to the people that made this video to take the time to watch it.

I've beat up on the spooks from time to time - this video serves as a reminder that the intel organizations must be like other organizations - whereas a very small percentage of the entire group does most of the work.  Like other groups - there are the few brave souls that do what their conscience tells them - at high personal cost - in many cases possibly being murdered - who knows - but these folks did their duty - and thanks to the corrupt and complicit shameless media personalities and executives in this nation - have not been heard by the people/taxpayers of the U.S..

I can't help but wonder what is going on in the minds of the rest of the spooks who are supposed to be "serving" our nation.  I know the price of housing in the DC area - heck I used to live up there.  It's pretty tough making that mortgage payment without that paycheck from Uncle Sam - you know - the one the rest of us are paying for via taxes with the understanding/contract/agreement that you spooks are making sure that soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines aren't sent to die for .......nothing.

Yes it must be tough, living a lie - going along to get along - surrounded by that groupthink mentality -

I wonder how many of you still think 911 was done via remote control with a laptop from a cave in Afghanistan.  Some internet connection huh?  No way bin Laden had wireless down in that cave is there?

If you watch the vid there are many scenes that bring back memories of the lies leading up to the war - all the way up to Colin "corn starch" Powell holding up that famous vial with the now-bemedaled Tenet behind him.  Ha ha ha ha ha!  Yet there you all sit - complicit in the web of deceit that has turned America from that so-called shining city on the hill to just another penniless dictatorship.

Clever methods are used to prevent blogs like this from getting the word out.  I've noticed that some of the posts on this blog appear if one types some particularly nasty things into a search engine - phrases that have nothing to do with the actual content of this blog.

Oh well - I guess we'll just have to wait for the next false-flag attack to see where "we" will be fighting next - and for what.  There never seem to be a shortage of greedy psychopaths hungry for the next buck - at any cost.

I would ask you, reader, to consider the possibility - however remote you may think it is - after all - we Americans can be quite smug no?  I ask you to consider the possibility of the world turning on the US - and us possibly losing an Army or even a war.  Is that worth giving your son or daughter over to a corporate war for?  Is that worth remaining silent for?

Webster Tarpley on JFK assasssination

This talk presents original ideas and angles regarding the JFK assassination.  The global perspective offered is important if one is to understand the past events that have brought us to the dark ages into which America has descended.

I suggest patience with Mr. Tarpley - he sometimes calls people  unflattering names - but hear him out - perhaps once you understand the why you will understand his opinions.  There are times I felt I was among those he was "dissing" at times - but that was not because I am stupid - I just haven't put the time into researching some of his favorite topics that he has.  We are all lacking information on a variety of topics - no matter how sedulous we are in our own research.

Anyway I hope you find this as interesting as did I.  The same group is still at it - it is my conviction that eventually we can get this country back on track - a country that doesn't murder and torture for the pathetic needs of a power-hungry few.


9/11 A Journey Into Consciousness Sophia 9/11 Mysteries

Here's a great discussion by Sophia the creator of the second video.

... one of the best 911 truth videos ever made - in my opinion called 911 mysteries.

CIA WhistleBlower Susan Lindauer on 911 attacks

This talk is worth watching if you care about the events of 911.  Look how many kids our tax dollars killed over there.  Oh well - I guess that means we won't have to face them in a soccer match since we just went ahead and slaughtered them.   Really makes you proud to be an American.

But you know....who can believe anyone that has or had anything to do with our intelligence agencies?  The end result of their collective effort is that we have lost our nation.

It seems that just about anyone that has anything to do with our intelligence services is a lying scumbag.  Look where we are - no more Constitutional rights, NDAA etc...

How to trust the word of professional liars?


Assault on the U.S.S. Liberty (James Ennes)

Watch the beginning of this next one - see what happens when you try to speak up about this:

The Great Conspiracy The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw.

Here's where I originally saw that video posted yesterday.  There is lots of relevant and "forgotten" information in here that looks so much clearer in hindsight.  If people could only see what is right in front of their own eyes - but how many can really see with their own eyes rather than the images provided to them?

As time has passed since the big day that helped drive the final stake in the heart of America's Constitution it amazes me how clearly some knew exactly what was happening as it was happening.  But if you still can't handle the truth - here's another video for you.  This video shows how important it is for you NOT to ask difficult questions and examine evidence that might lead you to non-officially approved conclusions.  All presidents agree - keep your brain switched off:


Happy Filth of July


I intended to include a picture of fireworks from Wikipedia but there were no pictures of fireworks from the United States celebrating the 4th - which used to mean something here in the 'states.

This is the first year I stayed indoors and ignored the fireworks displays here in Tennessee.  It's amazing - there are drug addicts everywhere, homeless living on the streets and in the woods, people in broken cars asking for money and jump starts, beggars in every parking lot - but lots of money for fireworks probably purchased in China.

This country is cooked.  I heard once that "Where you stand on an issue depends upon where you sit."  That, in my opinion, is a true statement.  No longer living next to a national forest in Virginia the world looks quite different from my new perspective.

There are so many people on pills and dope crawling the streets it is astounding.  There are just as many police.  If there is a war on drugs it was lost by the public a long time ago, but won by the government leeches, po-leese agencies, lawyers, judges and other merchants of misery.  Look here:


The public, as usual, are the losers - and big losers they are.  I speak to people every day without the teeth to eat - or even - imagine this - express themselves by TALKING correctly - that is - if they had a sober person to talk to who wasn't shaking them down for drug money or robbing them.

Jobs look thin - families without tomorrow's rent - with kids, living with two bicycles - the kid shares one of them.  Drug addicts in and out of rehab or jail - who can tell.  I guess jail is the new rehab.  And how did all these people get on these drugs in the first place?  Where did they come from?  I'm sure it is to be blamed completely on them, the people - not the folks who stamped those pills and powders out in the first place and spread them all over the streets.

Heroin - I knew - as did many others that this problem would become epidemic in this country.  Although it is nearly impossible to talk sense or facts to most Americans about why this is happening - and where the heroin is coming from since they are probably studying the fine aspects of a soccer kick - there are those out there still trying.

U.S. Turns a Blind Eye to Opium in Afghan Town:  link here

There is a food bank for the poor in this filthy town but its size pales in comparison to the churches which are as numerous as corner bars in the Northeastern coal mining towns.  And these churches are BIG.  BIG steeples - which I guess means BIG money - I can't imagine the cost of putting a roof on these places.  "Pray" I'm told - but for what I have no idea any more.  Our citizenry is divided into sects of rabble - no longer sharing a common language thanks to the flood of immigrants, drugs and lack of jobs.  Prayer works I am told - but I've also heard that "God helps those who help themselves."   A person in filthy clothes with busted teeth who has nowhere to take a shower is going to have a hard time helping themself to an interview - if there is one to be had.  But there is always a job as a spy or cop or some other government worker position I suppose.  Don't need brains for that.

Think about all your neighbors who are in the police and government services.  This "war on drugs" has been going on forever and has cost countless lives - and look what we have to show for it - nothing but waste.  The cops are nuts, bald and violent.  They RELY on MORE CRIME to keep their paychecks coming - so if you are a cop - the next time you catch someone breaking the law - THANK THEM for your job - and the rest of us for paying for it.  Unfortunately you are collectively failures.

But we can't blame the gunslingers for all the troubles.  We don't hire the best and brightest to carry guns - that's who we supposedly hire as their holier-than-thou bosses.  We all know that politicians and lawyers and doctors and judges are the best our culture has to offer - after all - they have lots of money and live in parts of town where nobody pops pills or anything like that right?

Bullshit.  They are connected.  The connected can get away with anything in this country - including, in my opinion murder.  That includes the murder of former presidents - covered up by a lackey complicit media.

I've read plenty of first-hand accounts of American soldiers "liberating" NAZI Germany.  They were amazed because there were NO NAZIS!  You know all those brainwashed idiots screaming Heil!  Heil! ......  there were none.  Not one.  And that is exactly what we have here in our fascist fools paradise called Amerika.

Nobody is a dope dealing doctor, nobody is a judge on the take, nobody is a crooked cop, nobody is responsible for anything.  Nobody is running a crooked corporate prison.  Nobody is sending kids from Northeastern PA into their buddies filthy corrupt corporate jail just for money.  Nobody is looking the other way.  Bullchit!  Read this:

Notice regarding the above picture and link if you'll take the time to read it - this "badass" judge was nailed for....wait for it.........CONSPIRACY!   Wow can  you fathom that?  A Conspiracy!  You know - that crazy concept "OUR MEDIA" keeps telling us doesn't exist!

There ARE people responsible for what ails us - call it a conspiracy if you have the guts - which as an Amerikan you don't.  I know this because the evidence is everywhere.  The country is crumbling.  Our morals are gone.  People are isolated islets separated by language now, distance, socioeconomic status, religious beliefs and political opinions given to them by liars on their TeeVee sets.

If you get any news from television - it is a lie.  Worse - it is a premeditated lie.  It is the same as the sitcoms and comedies and unending cop-shows - it is crap.  It is conceived of, planned and executed with the ultimate sophisication and coordination with synchronized real events to keep you darting about, your mind fluttering, your opinions not your own, and to take your country from you.  It is designed to dope you delirious, so you will know that if your public servant tells your kid at the airport, right in front of you to pull their pants down and put their hands up - you'll agree to it.  And the idiots around you (Amerikans) won't lift a finger to help you.

So, Happy Filth of July you slave.  Your invisible chains are resting easy aren't they?  That's a good thing because the real ones some or all of your children will bear will NOT.

Thomas Jefferson said:  "If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.[1] If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed."

My observations tell me that this public is indeed ignorant.  For all the money pissed away at these corrupt and cowardly universites - we have nothing but sheep.  Not thinkers, patriots or leaders but money-grubbing biziniss people who will spend more time arguing over a nickel than asking why our troops are in so many countries - then they send their kids to these unknown countries.  After all  - how many families of those "serving our country" even know where the heck their family members are?  How silly is that?  Yet it goes on.  Only an Amerikan can think they are free yet be ignorant to the whereabouts of their own son or daughter serving in the military - then paying the tab when the tax bill comes due.

Rest assured though - the "oil will pay for the war." (in Iraq.)  As an Amerikan you probably can't remember that although you can remember the scores of the World Cup games.  You don't remember Dick Cheney telling us that Iraq was a "quagmire" and that invading it wasn't worth our soldiers sailors airmen or marine's lives.

So the oil didn't pay for the war - your grandchildren, kids and you will!   Ha ha ha!  Even though these guys KNEW they were causing a disaster they did it anyway - after all - it wasn't their kids or money - on the contrary - these merchants of death made a PROFIT while you and I go BANKRUPT!

I no longer subscribe to the accidental theory of history and haven't for a while.  These guys all know each other and they occupy what used to be a government OF THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE.  The United States government is nothing of the sort - just go downtown and look around - well - be careful which area you go to.  If you live in Detroit or Chicago - I suggest fleeing the city.  In Chicago - thanks to the mafia boss Israeli that runs the place - you no longer even have the right to bear arms as spelled out in the American constitution.  But why would your mayor care about that?  The more people dying in the streets in Chicago and other filthy slums like NYC - the more hay they can make for the gun-grabber agenda.  The powers that be WANT GUN CRIME because it suits their agenda.

We are being taken over from within - there is no question about it.  This was warned about by Lincoln years ago.  Quoting Lincoln brings wrath upon me in the comments section as he is equally loved and hated.  (Personally I think the commenters aren't angry enough since they are Americans - this blog is blocked from many many countries it used to be able to reach.)  I guess the truth is too damned dangerous for the rest of the world - a world full of doofy followers that gave up their guns to people better than them a long time ago.  And by the way - when someone is pointing a loaded gun at you and you have nothing to point back - they ARE better than you - at least they will get their way and you won't.

Quoting Lincoln:
"-At what point shall we expect the approach of danger? By what means shall we fortify against it?-- Shall we expect some transatlantic military giant, to step the Ocean, and crush us at a blow? Never!--All the armies of Europe, Asia and Africa combined, with all the treasure of the earth (our own excepted) in their military chest; with a Buonaparte for a commander, could not by force, take a drink from the Ohio, or make a track on the Blue Ridge, in a trial of a thousand years.
At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide."

And suicide it is - for now.  America is Amerika now because WE are making it that way.  Neighbors pretending to be, and dressing up as law enforcement, for a paycheck are perpetuating the war on drugs that has done nothing but divide up the population, enrich the dope dealers and fatten the bank accounts of the merchants of death.

Our cities are disasters.  Our transportation is expensive and slow - and worsening.  We have idiots in uniforms with blue rubber gloves everywhere.  We are training our kids from a young age to OBEY.  We are ratting each other out, giving away the farm and pretending to love each other.  We have people who claim to be Christians who have forgotten "Thou shalt not kill" which, when I was a kid was considered a "mortal sin" or one that brought eternal damnation (whatever that is.)  The point was that killing was a last resort and justifiable only as self defense.  Nowadays it seems to be a right of passage.

Go in a gun shop - see the "zombie" targets to shoot at.  Go out on the street - the population is resembling those "zombies" more every day.  Is that yet another coincidence?  Definitely not.  Those raping and pillaging our nation know from past experience raping and pillaging other nations what the people and place will look like after they get done robbing us.  Still enjoying those fireworks and the game?

We are indeed committing suicide my fellow "citizens."  What are we going to do?

First of all this lying media needs to go.  NOW.

If the media is not wrested from the control of the handful of immoral manipulating liars that control it - and returned to WE THE PEOPLE -we are going to continue to suffer - and possibly die together.  If the media is broken up and those responsible for making sure it is not monopolized  do their damn job we just might make it out of this thing.  But I'm not holding my breath.  They have proven themselves to be complicit monsters in the dismantling of our free and just society so there is no reason to expect them to change now.

So - back to the TeeVee, the bread and the circuses for now...

Here's another treat:

Exposing the Tax Exempt Foundations - Dr. Stan Monteith

A conspiracy theory or a conspiracy fact?  The music is rather depressing admittedly but I have to say it is appropriate.

Most will not take the time to dig into these issues.  I know my country is vanishing before my very eyes.  Is it by accident or design?  I'd say design - it takes time.  It takes effort.

It may already be too late for the generation being raised now - their minds have already been polluted via our pathetic education system.

We'll see I suppose - but I can tell you that where I live people are living in the woods, on the streets etc...  It didn't used to be this way.