The Great Conspiracy The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw.

Here's where I originally saw that video posted yesterday.  There is lots of relevant and "forgotten" information in here that looks so much clearer in hindsight.  If people could only see what is right in front of their own eyes - but how many can really see with their own eyes rather than the images provided to them?

As time has passed since the big day that helped drive the final stake in the heart of America's Constitution it amazes me how clearly some knew exactly what was happening as it was happening.  But if you still can't handle the truth - here's another video for you.  This video shows how important it is for you NOT to ask difficult questions and examine evidence that might lead you to non-officially approved conclusions.  All presidents agree - keep your brain switched off:


  1. Hey Jack: have u seen Judy Wood's stuff--brilliant vids--at DrJudyWood.com and whereDidTheTowersGo.com

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  2. I have for sure. Valid questions presented - nobody wants to touch that one.

    1. Yes indeed: dr. Judy has a problem w. Jim Fetzer (see RadioFetzer.blogspot.com), who she says she suspects is trying to cover-up the directed-energy weapons. I like Fetzer otherwise--he doesn't hesitate to expose the holohoax or the Fed.


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