Despotism (1946 Encyclopedia Britannica educational film)


  1. Real Christianity Organizes Whole Culture Well

    Interesting vid, now nearly 70 yrs old, very Jew-friendly, I noted, at the beginning, talking about "respect."

    So the vid begins w. some disparate concepts, respect, power, distribution, and information. "Respect" isn't bad--but what is to be respected?--reason, rights, justice--but esp. TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, eh?--thus it must be Christian-oriented, and not deferential to Jews. For a Jew-friendly Christianity is no Christianity at all, I submit.

    So I'd say ideal is to respect individual rights in spirit of reason--this all necessitating Christian culture. Christianity is great for the large symbol then standing for specific ideals, beginning w. truth, then freedom and reason, then justice.

    Power must be understood: it should be minimized in gov., and oriented to svc of individual freedom--this also in spirit of dear Christianity.

    So it was interesting vid, but rather dis-organized for the unity of thought or ideal, I suspect. I liked ur vid on the earlier blog, that on Norm Dodd, the investigator of the tax-exempt foundations busy subverting the nation/culture.

    1. Apsterian,

      I don't know if you also noticed, when the lady is looking at that paper it asks if there are any "Hebrews" in your group - check it out again...


    2. Yeah that one with Norm Dodd is probably too "boring" for the average person anymore - no action scenes...


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