I heard there was an election

One of the sides won again.  My first thought was:  "More overt military adventures to ensue."

The PNAC stated agenda will accelerate - with the usual exigency-driven, fear-and-terror befuddled populace prodded, not dragged along.

Trigger words will dominate and dope-down the already-dumb discussions on the ditto-screen.

Another assassination plot arises - to slay Lady Liberty - this time put her to rest forever.

Religious people will unite to first rally round the flag of their own religious belief system then around a bonfire made from the bodies of their religious opponents.

The tortured victims of happenstance that rot in Gitmo will remain there since the justice system supported by the recent election winners will work day and night to prevent justice from ever occurring.  Those God-fearing people to your left and right in church smiling as they shake your hand are the very violent religious extremists we all fear from our own perspective.  Who doesn't fear any violent religious extremist?  Or at least what they are capable of doing.  In the name of God no less...

I wish I had happier thoughts to share - after all I cherish my readers.  Without them this exercise is pointless it seems to me - since people in the future won't need to see this blog because the current trend looks like they may not be educated enough to read this sentence - who knows?

If I didn't give you this cynical viewpoint I wouldn't be much of a friend to you.  I would not be performing my duty which I see as pointing these thoughts out.

I base the above on the agendas, groups and forces that I see at work out there in the propaganda I get a dose of in my little universe.

I've met some folks recently that know nothing of the 911 questions  - I wonder how they are able to plan so well when they base their decisions on false information.  Put justice aside for a moment -  for some people - an insular life is blissful if one wishes to ignore such matters - but shouldn't there be some financial penalty?  Oh that's right - war costs a lot of money and we are paying the tab.  One would think they would care about that right?

They don't - because they think these wars don't matter to them.  They are not really feeling any ill-effects they can link to the war.  But if they were linked to the war - these financial problems - and the true financial cost of the war were explained to the ostrich - maybe they would care.  They certainly have no concept of any suffering, killing, death or destruction. And with 911 that's a "conspiracy theory" and people like me - would bring up that I think we got scammed - need to "get on with their lives."  Well of course I have to get along with my life - the question is "upon what information shall I base future decisions?  Decisions with regards to where to live, financial stuff etc...  And what do I say when somebody brings it up in front of young people who don't know any better?  If silence is agreement and I just sit there and listen to repetitions of falsehoods - what to do?  So far I've chosen the life of a hermit.

Some of them do understand that wars are bad things but they think they are necessary because the Arabs are simply bad evil people who would do our culture in.  Some think there is a clash of religions for sure - yes - they will tell  you that - but these folks think that the USA needs to fight a Christian war because we are really a Christian nation.  But others will tell  you that we were not a Christian nation and that Thomas Paine only had 14 people or something like that at his funeral because he wouldn't agree to join up with a certain religion.  War is necessary to stop these people from preying on the weak in their countries because here in the USA we never prey on the week.  Sure.

America seems to have a police-violence epidemic - or more likely - the police violence and disregard for the rights of citizens is the result of their having been conditioned.  What's with cops killing all these dogs?  Look it up - there something seriously wrong with all the incidents of cops shooting people's pets.  Then the answers come back from the police-good-no-matter-what-they-do category that it's "just a dog."  Or somebody is shot by the police - why is there no mention of the loss of the life of the victim of the cop's bullet?  We all pulled that trigger when a cop kills a fellow citizen - we've all failed - a solution exists - yet instead we will invest in more stuff to blow up in other people's country.  It's really something this culture of ours.