Being Boethius

As an American I can relate to "B."  The dude in the picture above.

I started out the same way he did and have ended up the same way - except - which is obvious from the fact that I am still alive - I have not been executed.  That's great for now - but if that is where it has to go.....no prob ..... this country .....as great as it is....being the best......solving everyone's problems all over the world.....with unlimited resources (your money and you r grandchildren's grandchildren's money) ) can do anything anywhere, solve any problem - we are fucking incredible!    Have a problem?  We'll fix it!  Kind of like a globalist pizza delivery empire!

What's wrong?  Do you have a continent, like Africa, with non-christians multiplying like rabbits with flies on their faces with no food to eat?  No problem!  We will save them!  You and me!  How?


Oh that's right - uhm, well heh heh, uhhhhhh, we can't really....uhmmmmmm.....we're ....unmmmmmmmmmm.....broke.

Laugh out loud.   HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Look around you.  See all the "bums?"  If they are Americans they would probably rather have a job than be out panhandling - just my opinion - but the jobs are just not there anymore in this nation because they have been outsourced to slave labor in places like fucking China.  I heard that "they" had to put nets outside the windows of the factorys in that polluted New World Order paradise to catch the bodies of their "employees" taking permanent "vacays" frum their hellish existences.  I've seen documentaries produced by heroes who have been producing similar documentaries since we atttemped to bomb the will to fight out of the Vietnamese back in the 60's and failed, - these documentaries show the slaves working to produce quotas of undergarments for slobs like me - living in filthy fucking RATHOLES built from the fucking wooden crates the fucking yarn was shipped into their filthy country with.  ARe the "lazy" working shifts so long they would prefer to commit suicide?  Get a clue.

You see, my fellow American - that is where we are headed - FAST!  If you think for one second that your betters don't have Your Kids' enslavement built into their business plan I can only say - SUCKER.    You poor sap.  I feel sorry for your kids - with a parent like YOU.  A coward and slave to corporate americun.

I've heard all this talk about how bad unions are - especially from people living in that vipers den called WAshington DC (District  of Criminals).  WEll not really true.
My grandfathers were both coal miners, Anthracite, and if it weren't for unions I'd probably be working in a mine right now.  I knew about the company scrip.  I knew about the company towns and company stores - 'cause the old timers told us kids how bad it got - and that they would just throw the body of your dad on your front porch if he got killed in the mine - if they bothered to drag the body out.

I knew about the mine disasters caused by these greedy fat filthy pigs - where they had to throw BOXCARS FROM FUCKING TRAINS into the holes these idiots created, that were so big they didn't know how to stop the fucking water from the river from getting into.  The Wyoming Valley - the sinkholes go on and on.

And the mine fires.  Oh man. I thought this shit was normal.  Entire towns fucking incinerated, just fucking ash.  With Sulphur Dioxide or some sick white gas "smoking" out of the fucking ground EVERYWHERE!  A fire underground for MILES DESTROYING EVERYTHING.  Ever hear of Centralia, PA?

You see that "smoke?"  That is gas escaping from the ground from the coal burning underneath.  Do you see all of the workers trying to put the fire out in the background?  Do you see all of the money pouring into this place to fix this rape of our land?  You don't?  That's because there is NONE!  YOu fool!  Do you really think, are you really that fucking stupid to think that the coal=barons - the robber-barons that occupied those mansions down on river street in Wilkes-Barre are ponying up the bucks to fix this fuckup?  If you believe that I have a bridge for sale....

Folks - the show must go on - and the next "mine fire" is bigger , badder, and gonna cause more problems than any mine fire from any corporation you can imagine ever would - and that includes Chernobyl.  

Fukushima - another corporate koksug of the world - another disaster - another human tragedy with fish and wildlife death frosting is ready for your consumption you pathetic voter.  Do you understand that fucking GE and some corrupt fucking NIPS just fucked the PACIFIC OCEAN AND EVERYBODY IN IT - AND YOU - AND YOUR KIDS AND EVERYBODY - FOREVER?

Hey - Jack Rabbit - you are exaggerating!  Cool out mannnnn!

OK.  Maybe I will.  But I'm not eating any fucking fish until I find out more.

But - it's prolly OK.  Right?


R U reddy 4 da Stupor-bowl?

    The candle flame that is philosophy beckons - and the moth returns - naturally.

When I was a kid - I read a  self-paced booklet in English (grammar) class that discussed the origins of "football" - the American sport.  Supposedly football came from some jackass kicking a human skull around.  Another jackass joined in - kicking around a "Dane's Head"  (the enemy I suppose) and the NFL was born.  Is this true?  Do I have references?  Not really - and I don't believe any of them anyway.  Nothing has changed except the exercise has become so hamstrung with rules and advertising and illiterate players murdering people and mouthing off on the boob-tube it's hardly worth watching.  If the dumbass game isn't rigged I'd be disappointed in the powers-that-be for allowing such a wide spread on the betting.  How's a crook suppozed ta' make a profit under honest circumstances?

And the advertizing.  K-ryst it's got to be a bit much.  So much that I haven't seen a superbowl since the 90's  - and I intend to keep the record going as long as pohseeblay.  I don't care to spend any money on things I don't need -especially when these useless items are sold to me by cartoon-frogs, computer-generated idiots, or real idiots paid by the same scumbags that sold my friends and family and neighbors the "war on terrah."  (whatever that is)
your kid kills their kid (sick  - I know as an American you don't know this)

Which brings us to the war on terrah.  'Member that?  or are you too goddamned stupid to remember five minutes ago?  REmember?  The war YOUR sons and daughters, boyfriends etc... were sent to go fight - in the WRONG COUNTRY - that is..... the wrong country for the lie YOU were told.  You see, Saudis were blamed for being the (fake) hijackers and WE (you and I) attacked......the Moon (Afghanistan) and the land floating on oil (Iraq.)  The reasons for this mayhem can be easily found  via intelligent discourse amongst educated adults - of which there are none to be found in these united states.  Sad - at least to me -= I drank the cool-ayd as a kid - thinking that as an American, I would never ever have to face a situation (like the one now) where WE THE PEOPLE would be buffaloed into a bogus brawl with people that never meant us harm.  Only criminals, psychopaths and out-of-control whackos would do such a thing - which brings us to our military industrial complex.

For the record - I ask you, my cherished reader to not consider me naive - where I'm this little girl that thinks oil, gasoline, propane, lithium, opium, cocaine, and heroin just grow on trees and we can assume that the poor, impoverished despondent masses will acquire these mental escapes from their physical lifeby themselves.  I know that it requires the assistance of huge cartels, prostitutes, cowards,  and crooked skanks at every level of government, the media, corporations, universities - to all cooperate for the elites to succeed in their agenda of poisoning the masses with this crap while they run off to the next ship-of-state with the loot while the rest of us sink in the morass they left behind.  Yes - this is the work of pirates - and has been for ages.  Whether at sea or on land - pirates are pirates.

But back in the day - Blackbeard (Edward Teach) was shut down by the Brits.  I guess he got tired of paying taxes or something - not sure - but he pissed somebody off and lost his head in the process.  I kind of liked his attitude - phug the queen.  Too bad Americans are too bizzy wotchin' a bunch of gangsters kick a ball around to care why any monarch occupies one second of time in any American newspaper, TV or radio anything.  Makes me wanna' puke.

The Brits?  Give me a break.  I wonder why they were called the "Bloody British?"  The Americans that originally fought for the freedoms we are so narrowly enjoying now (that is - if you can keep your goddammed mouth shut) - they would NEVER allow any so-called self-proclaimed better to get a second of time before being shot on sight.  But today?  Bunch of TV-heads.

That's what I call most of the Americans out there now - TeeVEE Heads.  Ha ha.  Dopey.  Stupid.  Clouded minds. What to do about it?

Fix the shit on TV for one thing.  It is not the fault of a TEEVEEHEAD that they are only exposed to shit and kept in the dark.  No wonder they have the mind of a mushroom - fed shit and kept in the dark.  I get it.  My problem with the equation is that this is not an accident.  I am of the opinion that it is DELIBERATE.  Go ahead - I fucking dare you to call me a @conspiracy theorist.  Go ahead and embarrass yourself.  I get it.  Some day you will have to answer to your kids - and explain to them why you sat there watching the stupor-bowel while your country was on fire. Why you sat there swilling brewskies while you KNEW that there were people being held without their day in court.  That you sat there discussing the all-important fineries of Madison fucking avenues output of commercial swill while soldiers were dying in foreign lands, under the United States flag - from the wounds received from the bullets of patriots defending their country's soverignty from the oppression of US corporate industrial power.  Raw power. Even if that means the unregulated, unaccountable sick fucks called mercenaries hired by crooks that wormed their way into YOUR and MY republic - the halls of power.

So go ahead my good friend - enjoy your stupor-bowel.  I won't be watching these absurd goof-fest.  I don't care how much is spent getting FUCKING FIGHTER AIRCRAFT READY for a doofy game where grown men (boys) gather to kick a fucking ball around.  What are the fighter planes gonna" do?  Strafe?  Bomb?  Napalm?  What the fuck - are all of you fucking people mad?

So take you little ball game and ram it up your .... well - you won't have to - since you submitted like a child - like a robotic slave to the "security" hall-monitors - you sorry-assed loser.  Ha ha.

Anybody submitting to anything other than a "thanks for you business" wave from somebody at the stupor-bowel is a pathetic slob.  Watch it on TeeVee - don't submit to the sick security crap.  Quit giving them your money.

I wish I could apologize for this rant - but honestly - anybody that goes along with that stupid spectacle deserves every rubber glove they get.  But their kids don't - and that's the sad part.