Dumber than a Box of Rocks: The Fourth of July in America

I feel an obligation to document the fall of America as I live through it since those officially responsible for this task don't seem to be getting the job done.  Perhaps the thoughts of an individual - can help others in the future to see our present, and their past a little better if I put something, anything, down here on this blog.

I often wonder if fallen empires were similarly documented - with the same lies and bullshit spewed from the mouths of liars, crooks, thieves and murderers as are our historical narratives.  So far I'd have to say:  "Yes, they were."  What an arresting thought - that, as the illustrious Henry Ford stated:  "History is Bunk."

...to be continued

July 1, 2017 begins.  What will it bring.  I have a few days off and will spend them here in the Bible belt.

I don't have any real goals over the next few days other than basics of survival during which
I hope to see signs that America will survive - I'm not sure what those signs might be.

First of all will be to obtain food that has a minimum amount of poisons deliberately added to it.
Second will be unpolluted and unfluoridated water.
Third will be some clean air.

How ironic - that to get a breath of fresh air nowadays - I must go inside to get away from the chemtrails.

I've passed the parents taking their kids to school, while above, what appears to be a military project spraying their kids' lungs with chemicals from aircraft.  All of those parents are helping pay for this mass poisoning of our ecosphere and some of those parents are participating.

I'm just babbling here I know as I've reached a motivational nadir in writing and speaking out.  The crooks are winning and we are definitely losing ground.  I'm gonna' head out and get some food.

I titled this posting because with each passing day I interact with a public that seems to become more and more distant. Perhaps because my trip up the age escalator is separating me from the younger generations - who can tell.  I don't know what I would talk to them about anyway - I don't know much about entertainment or sports.  I've turned my back on modern media as I consider it a poison equal to or worse than the poison presented to the American public in their food, water, and now air.

What has thrown water on the fire in me the most is that average Americans just don't care.  Some that are smart enough to understand the science or physics of what ails America don't want to know.  Especially concerning the root causes of our wars without end.  I suppose they will let their kids figure it out or die from it - in any case most don't give a damn and won't even think about  putting up a fight.

Why should they?  Since most people follow some leadership, and here in the Bible belt they follow their church leaders, it seems to me that their church leaders provide the worst of possible leadership since their flocks are being decimated with forced flu shots (or lose your job), diabetes, autism and I suppose a coming wave of problems related to breathing in fine particles dispensed from aircraft.  Although they would disagree I'd say that even the Bible thumpers don't really have a prayer.

I have abandoned attempts to communicate with most people because the majority are so lost in the lies fed to them that they don't have a chance at proper conclusions.  It's an old computer term:  Garbage in garbage out."  We've moved from a culture of action based upon facts based upon the scientific method to a culture of actions based on belief.  And belief is easily manipulated in the minds of the ignorant.

The ignorant are the uneducated.  People who do not understand some basics in physics and lack the tools to learn those basics will remain perpetually at the mercy of others who can simply claim to understand something - someone with a title perhaps like PhD or MD.  The may wear a white lab coat. These high priests who are elevated above us on the alters of mass media can tell the ignorant anything and by repeating it enough times create so-called "facts" that "everybody knows" are true.

This is the world we live in - and it is a difficult world to live in if one knows any better about anything.

Another difficulty some of us who have lived long enough to see the United States culture change is that it is impossible to describe the world as it was and how it has changed for the worse in so many ways.  Changed for the worse despite endless wars on poverty, war on drugs, war on terror and what do we end up with - more poverty, war and drug problems than ever before.  Has it ever occured to anyone that war seems to be the most expensive way to worsen just about any problem?

Support our Troops

Why?  It has been sixteen years since 911 root cause of the conflicts we are in and there is a mountain of evidence that anyone halfway literate can look at to determine, if nothing else, that the reasons We the People were given for killing all these people all over the globe is that we were lied to.

If nothing else can be gleaned from the available truth, misinformation and disinformation propaganda all over the internet, TV, moovies, radio etc... it should be obvious that we were lied to, and continue to be lied to BY THE SAME PEOPLE.

Don't the soldiers know that they are being used as dumb stupid animals - as one of our famous politicians and globalists famously said?

How can they not know?  Perhaps because people join the military before the age of 20.  OK - I understand they have not a clue - got that.  Can't blame them.  But what about everybody else?  Is it not OK for German soldiers during WW2 to "just follow orders" but is OK for Americans today to "just follow orders?"  What if they asked Americans to spray poison on Americans from airplanes - would American military personnel go along with that?  Of course they would.  So am I supposed to "support our troops" that are spraying poison onto your children?  Well am I?  Help me out here parents.  WTF is wrong with you people?

Time to run out again...to be continued

7-1-2017  7:35
I'm going out with a friend - have been home awhile so returned from last trip.
I have to say that I've already seen some good things today which have changed my mood slightly toward the positive  from where it was when I got up this morning.

I re-read the first paragraph of this horrible monologue and suddenly realized how arrogant it is for me to think that I have a better idea of what...

continued... July 3, 2017

I had to run out - sorry 'bout that.  At the local coffee shop again.  Some guy with a girl in a hat waiting for their coffee.  Just when I was about to mention how quiet it is in here some grinding machine started a sort of wailing sound.  More people coming into what seemed to be an empty lower level when I walked in.  I've grabbed a table over here by the windows to write a few things down - whatever comes to mind.  Although I've come here to write a little - there goes that machine again - I have to reflect on some things going on now - but I don't have a lot of time because this old laptop battery doesn't last very long without being on a charger and I didn't bring one.

So - the Fourth of July is coming up again.  If it weren't for the fireworks the lackadaisical American public would forget this previous Holy Day here in America.  Oh - those that get the day off would whine a little if it were to be taken away - but not much would be done.  It still hasn't been rolled into a floating holiday like other previously important holidays.

What's going on in the world?  Trump pulled out of the climate treaty which I thought was good for America.  We don't need it - for anything.  Whatever else his masters are forcing him to do I have no idea.

He's reneged on his campaign promises and the vaccine thing with RFK junior has gone no-where.  The Zionists are still alive and well and I've been waiting for the next big developments for "our" country.  What will they be?

The stock market has got to make an adjustment as the present levels, in my uneducated and useless opinion, have simply been too high too long.  The stock market news is a scam like the rest of the news however when it comes to money - like the price of a share of stock as it is presently for sale must be reported with some level of honesty.

Although Americans have adopted the term "fake news" as Trump stated correctly - they still lack a complete understanding of how manipulated and manufactured the agenda-driven news really is, and has been, and for how long.

Facts truly no longer matter - as repetition of nonsense and good graphics get the job done in implanting any belief into the minds of the public as are necessary.

So I expect the stock market to take a drop - and have pulled what meager resources I've been able to cobble together out of the market and into a money market in May.  Hopefully when the market tanks I can throw that money back in and buy in cheap.

As far as thios international political game that we all swirl around in it wouldn't surprise me if these jokers in the Zionist-military-industrial-university-corporate complex pull off another big false flag attack on America to get the next phase of the war campaign accelerated.  AFter all it worked so well the last time - that Americans are still complete oblivious to the fact, that came out in court, according to Dan Rather - and he was not sued for this - that the FBI blew up the World Trade Center the first time in 1993.  That the public remains completely unaware of this fact - and that the second successful attempt using building demolition methods is unknown to a large mass of the public attests to the failure of our media apparatus.  There are many brave souls that have carried the torch to keep these stories alive and keep the facts building is admirable - but up to now has been a failure.  I'm not picking on them - I haven't done any better - my attempts seemed to have done more harm than good in paying more attention to truthtelling than perhaps I should have running the business I had.  Not a bad thing but it really can wear you out debating all the time.

So I went back and reviewed some of the 911 information out there and found an interview of a filmmaker who wrote a film called "Operation Terror" - I noticed that the scenes discussed in the interview matched the words exactly of different players in the 911 situation.

Why is America Asleep?

Americans don't seem to grasp the magnitude of the problems facing us - at least their interest is not reflected in the actions of the government - state or federal.  It seems that Americans have been repeating a mantra given to them that "government never works" and that "Private industry is better than government always."  This is not true.

Government, as opposed to corporations, was formed in The United States with one primary purpose - to protect our rights.  The Constitution was supposed to describe the limitations on the power granted to this government.

Corporations are not tasked with preserving the rights of individuals - at all.  They don't care - and perhaps they shouldn't - their job is profit - your rights or my rights or the rights of those using their products.  These corporations can be benefactors.....or monstors - depending on how far they get off their leash.  Think about it - General Electric will build an electronic Gatling gun to mow down as many humans in front of it as you have money for ammo.  They will also produce a CAT scanner of fine enough quality to scan any survivors - should they be fortunate enough to have insurance for the hospital visit.

Is this a bad thing?

I don't know - corporations are not places to look for moral guidance - especially after they become monopolies dominated by people who are monsters.

That is why we developed government - to provide some sort of boundaries on, amoong other things - business.  How much is too much?

911 Will Never Go Away

Those who forget history are bound to repeat it - Santayana is credited with making this statement.  But what happens when the historical record is skyjacked, rewritten - then the phoney history - always written by the victors is fed to the unwitting children raised in our society?  They don't have a chance to see what happened last time because even their parents never knew the truth of the matter.

911 - as with much of the rest of American history is a myth written to the satisfaction of the victors.  The American people were the losers and continue to and will contiinue to be the losers of a government under the control of people without the interests of the American public.

Some music is playing now - there is a sort of droning bass beat that I find annoying - it's present in a lot of the modern music.  I always liked bass but maybe I was just younger and more accepting of things - who can tell?  My ears are shot from a life of abuse mainly from machinery of different sorts.
Music is hard for me to enjoy since the details just aren't there anymore.  I guess unless there is a high SNR the noise overwhelms my ear circuits drowning out the details.

The coffee shop has cleared out and the rain has abated for a while.  Recently we've had weather where it is bright and sunny and hot then 3 minutes later heavy rainfall.  The girls have come out from behind the counter to clean up in the coffee sugar n cream area now that they have a few minutes break from the customers.

A new song has started in the background - another with that hollow bass sound...

I said that America remains "dumber than a box of rocks" - which seems mean - but is it really?
It is hard not to develop some sort of contempt for a people who, like a foolish rich kid - that fritters away money that came so easy to them - and when one tries to warn them that they may never get some of it back - they just don't know any better.

Americans seem to live in a sort of fantasy state where they can't really believe that "it really can happen here."  The chemtrail spraying is the most recent and distressing I can think of - and the magnitude of this horrible crime against all humans, plant and animal life is harrowing.

"Scientists" - our new priesthood - can claim anything anytime and we are all supposed to simply believe, accept and participate.  Although I've railed against religion a lot I have to say that the complete absence of faith of some sort - as the scientific community appears to be without faith- results in acts that should be considered criminal.

Experimentation on our own population is an activity that should be criminal.  But is it?  Although the perps have finally been pushed out into the open and have to admit that they are doing it - Harvard being one - the public just walks on by.  Pointing at the clouds - even with the affirmation afforded by the media admissions is not enough to convince an American - even standing there outside pointing at the squadrons of jumbo jets spraying the clouds - is not enough for an American to grasp the fact that someone would introduce poisons into the air.  I've not heard much mentioned in the mainstream press about the hazards to the lungs of the population - because science seems to have been dominated by people who view humans as "meat machines" - not as sacred life.

Americans not citizens

So the Americans somnambulate - some deliberately and others because they've been trained that way.

So many people today are not really citizens and they never will be - this goes especially for those who've served in the military.  GI is not equal to Citizen.  Citizen is a higher calling and it goes beyond following orders in the military.

I can give multiple examples but Americans are too sensitive to hear that their military service may have done more harm to America than good.  Carrying a machine rifle in a country uninvited that never attacked us is not going to win us many friends - and although criticizing modern American militarism has become dangerous - it is necessary and true.

How would you, American, feel if a foreign soldier came here to America under the UN or some other guise and killed your kid to make the world safe for democracy?

We must face these simple facts and find a way to have that conversation soon.

Where will the money come from?

Militarism costs lots of money and we dont' seem to have a surplus of that - given the state of the roads in this country.  Illinois is broke.  That leaves 49 other states to pay for these wars, and the State of Israel to consider leeching off billions of those dollars.

Just like the fireworks on the Fourth of July - after the show - there's nothing left but burned debris.