Hobo Stove Construction Videos: (Hobo, solar, rocket)

Here's one designed by Dr. Steven E. Jones of 911 Fame (see dust study) formerly of BYU after BYU stabbed him in the back over 911

Rocket Stove Principles

Coffee Can Rocket Stove #2

Brick Stove

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Log Splitter Video

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Video-German Infantry Small Arms 1943

I didn't know the hole in the stock was for holding the firing pin assembly after removal

Blog is messed up here is a link to more great vids at the site above is from.

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Why was World war fought in Africa? Two vids

09:19 on this one German guy says they had no intention of crossing Suez canal:

This video at time 0:13 differs.


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Can we still say this?


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Hussein’s Gun May Go on Display at Bush Library

Click here to see a pic and story

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Another WW2 Vid

The guy says it all at time=1:47

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Mercedes Unimog on Rubicon Trail Video-Badass Vehicle


here's another

Meet the Swiss Army Knife of Cars

The Green one at 0:31s swimming through the river

In Case the Bridge is out

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Resolving Our Internal Conflict is the Second Step

Fighting an enemy is a multistep process. Identification of the enemy is first - how else can one know who to target? In a previous post the identification of enemies of the American people was discussed. Once the enemy has been defined one is faced with combating this enemy. In our case we will consider defeating a domestic enemy.

First off we are faced with our own personal conflicts that arise - if the enemy is domestic - embedded in our government - how in the heck do we follow orders, keep oaths, and at the same time fight against the very system to which we've all agreed to remain loyal?

Speaking for myself - maybe I'm getting too sentimental here - I love the United States. Why? Because it is the American system that provided the environment in which I've been able, so far, to determine my own destiny. It isn't perfect, of course, but until very recently I've never met an American that would disagree that this system gives us all a chance to follow our dreams - that our individual spirit was the only factor limiting personal achievement of goals. Not any more!

Consider these quotes from Thomas Jefferson. Remember - he was, among other things, a U.S. President. Is it reasonable to assert that our existing president and his clone predecessor represent a system that would have Thomas Jefferson jailed for making these statements? Our country has taken ill my friends - when quotes from Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence are too radical for TV - it is time to stop and think about what the hell is going on around here!

Todays Amerika is a nation of greed and corruption. Wars of aggression sold to the public via interconnected and interlocking radio, television, print, entertainment and other propaganda purveyors of deceit. Shameless and tireless corporate-owned liars employing their trained silver tongues to sell and justify torture, war crimes, false-flag attacks ,targeted killings , and mercenary armies terrorizing nations that have done nothing to us. Our Federal government owns the Universities via grant money puppet-strings, spits in the face of the public by shamelessly acting contrary to campaign promises, fabricating lies disseminated via a controlled media, suppressing 911 truth, ignoring foreign blackmail-enforced control of elected officials, cheating the public out of their retirements.... the list is so long - but for some reason the Federal government of the United States continues its Draconian lock-down and Bill of Rights book-burning.

Bewildered Americans still in denial mesmerized by Hitlerian big lies cling to their religious-like fantasy that this can't be happening here while they are robbed, searched, snooped-on, victimized by corporate usurers, Tasered, jailed, denied habeas corpus, denied the right to bear arms, cheated by the Federal Reserve, kept stupid by monopolized media consolidated and manipulated beyond their wildest dreams, yoked by corporations with no loyalty to the United States, taxed to exhaustion to finance machine-gun-wielding thug police and mercenary-for-hire wars and TSA jackasses at the airports. Although this doesn't scratch the surface a person has to be either insane or just plain stupid not to realize that this is NOT AMERICA. So how do we deal with a domestic enemy?

This is not nearly as difficult as it sounds. Not to oversimplify - but before you listen to what I have to say you may want to read DOMESTIC CHALLENGES TO THE OATH OF OFFICE:THE MODERN OFFICER‘S RESPONSIBILITY IN REVOLUTION.

From the Abstract:
"Noting that the military oath of office requires defense of the Constitution against enemies —foreign and domestic,“ this paper examines the concept of a —domestic enemy“ and assesses the implication of that domestic threat for the military officer called to the Constitution‘s defense. The author proposes that there are two legitimate challenges to the oath taken by the commissioned officer. The first arises from the proposition that constitutional law is secondary to natural law. Since the officer is morally obligated to support natural law over constitutional law and the two have historically conflicted, a clash with the officer‘s sworn oath is inevitable. The second challenge occurs when known constitutional issues remain unresolved;it may also be brought about simply by accepting the position of those who argue that the —living nature“ of Constitution allows its —re-interpretation“ in light of a changing culture. The resulting constitutional ambiguity has the potential to leave the officer without moorings on which to interpret his responsibilities under the oath."

Perhaps military oath of office, natural law, constitutional law - doing what one knows is right - all can be pulled together rather simply. If one defines the enemy as anyone suggesting or pushing any agenda that requires Americans to surrender inalienable rights spelled out in the Bill of Rights, or anyone with an agenda that is contrary to preservation and protection of the U.S Constitution the next step is resolving internal conflicts. Why? Because until one is settled in their own mind that they are morally justified in their actions, that their actions are GOOD, that their actions have the ultimate aim of SAVING AMERICA their actions won't have the maximum impact. Lack of conviction on the part of leaders will be detected by those still on the fence leading to doubt. So how does one sort all this out so they know they are doing the right thing?

I propose that one can battle a domestic enemy and maintain their oath. How you may ask, if one considers that the U.S. Constitution is subject to interpretation and is a living document? Easy.

First off the Constitution comes along with the Bill of Rights which are inalienable. Also to be taken alongside the Constitution is the Declaration of Independence of the United States which very clearly explicates the reasons citizens must refresh their government. But how to break all this down into a definable problem?

I suggest that regardless of various interpretations of the Constitution and Bill of Rights - one aspect of the system transcends all - that is the system of checks and balances built into the American system of government. Regardless of ones stance on the right to bear arms, abortion, free speech etc... I propose that anyone attempting to subvert the system of checks and balances is an enemy of the American people because they are destroying the very foundation and genius of the American system of government. Agents intent on the destruction of the system of checks and balances act contrary to America and Americans and Liberty. One can be confident that following that voice inside, becoming a whistleblower, refusing illegal orders and bringing down those whose actions contribute to the undermining of the system of checks and balances is a true patriot who can dispose of conflicts preventing them from acting.

The time is now. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Settle your mind and do what is right for America before it is too late.
Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

AUDIO interview Mike Malloy show Brad Friedman guest host

Why we Fight back

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Geraldo sees things that aren't there, and doesn't see things that ARE there!

Watch this clip of Geraldo as he attempts to smear Charlie Sheen regarding Sheen publicly asking for a proper investigation into the events of 911:

Geraldo complains that Charlie Sheen questions the official U.S. government conspiracy theory regarding 911 "in defiance of the facts, in defiance of the historical record, in defiance of their own eyes and witnessing what happened when those planes smashing into the buildings and I think unintentionally I am sure they are hurting the victims families... the survivors, because they continue to raise this preposterous notion that the United States Government would be so hideously manipulative that we would kill almost three thousand of our own citizens as a pretext to going to war in Afghanistan."

Well I guess that makes it official - Geraldo suffers from hallucinations. He criticizes Charlie Sheen for not seeing planes fly into "the buildings." News Flash: NO PLANE FLEW INTO WORLD TRADE CENTER BUILDING 7

GERALDO! Therefore there was no plane for Mr. Sheen to witness flying into WTC7 Geraldo! Pretty clever of Geraldo to group all the buildings together so as to pretend WTC7 doesn't exist. That's funny - isn't that exactly what the 911 Commission did too? Pretend WTC7 never happened?

Geraldo bitches about Sheen questioning the official U.S. government conspiracy theory "in defiance of the facts, in defiance of the historical record..." News Flash: The facts, Mr. Rivera, are that nano-thermate has been found in all four dust samples, and has also been independently verified. But I suppose Mr. Rivera chose a different set of "facts" allowing him to ignore the obvious conclusion - that the buildings were pre-wired for controlled demolition. As usual with the mainstream-corporate-fake-showbiz-media the truth is obscured for the TV-watchers by seeing no evil, hearing no evil, and speaking no evil - that is - evil their corporate pimps don't want them to see. What about these firefighters Geraldo? Do you have names to call them too?

Geraldo falsely accuses Mr. Sheen of hurting the victims' families by doubting the official conspiracy lie - but he excuses Mr. Sheen and others because it is unintentional. Bullshit Geraldo! Watch the family members speak here:

Finally Geraldo - thanks for nothing helping us get the truth out for the first responders who really are the victims of, as you put it, "this preposterous notion that the United States Government would be so hideously manipulative that we would kill almost three thousand of our own citizens as a pretext to going to war in Afghanistan." It is estimated that more first responders will die from the toxic dust they were exposed to with the blessings of the US government that the air was safe than died from the building implosions. Given that, Geraldo, how would you characterize the actions of our government after viewing this video?:

And what words of ridicule do you have for this first responder Geraldo? I suppose he was faking it before he passed away?

Thanks for your support in these difficult times Geraldo! With friends like you who needs enemies?
UPDATE SEPTEMBER 15, 2009 Spookyweather provided this R. Gage interview on the NationalGeographicHitPiece
UPDATE SEPTEMBER 15, 2009 I've been told I've mis-speled Heraldo's Name and wanna get it right. T-R-A-T-O-R
UPDATE SEPT 15, 2009 WTC7 Mysterious Collapse DRG
UPDATE SEPTEMBER 16, 2009 Charlie Sheen on Alex Jones - nobody has the balls to debate him on Larry King
UPDATE SEPTEMBER 16, 2009 WTC7 Page from Firefighters for 911 Truth

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The FBI has abandoned the "Battle of the United States"

I found the following historical film called "The Battle of the United States" disturbing. Why?

In the film we see J Edgar Hoover discussing the importance of catching spies in the United States during World War II and the great efforts the FBI went through to stop them - and they did. J Edgar also credits the citizens with doing their part in the effort to stop spies in the United States - the reason is obvious - unless stopped, spies and traitors can bring about the ruination of the Republic.


Now comes the disturbing part. Why in the world isn't anyone in the corporate-fake-treasonous- cowardly-lying-through-omission-US Corporate show-biz media talking about Sibel Edmonds' testimony regarding treasonous actions by high officials of the US Federal government to put the spotlight on the feckless FBI? Why when Sibel Edmonds' testimony reveals that the FBI must have known a congresswoman's house was bugged didn't the FBI advise that congresswoman and put a stop to it? What good is a Federal Bureau of Investigation that doesn't investigate Federal crimes and breaches of security?

What about all the people on Sibel's picture-only site (no words allowed since she has been gagged)? Reader - please take a look at those pictures - you may know a lot of the people there - Denny Hastert, Burton, Lantos - c'mon folks these are not obscure individuals - they are people who've participated in forming the laws by which you live.

Why is the FBI under Robert Mueller such a useless pile of sh%T? Why did the FBI of old know the danger of spies and treasonous officials while the FBI of today stops those individuals with the courage to speak out? Why does an FBI translator have to be a "whistleblower" ? Why isn't getting to the bottom of the treasonous hornet's nest at the top of the FBI's plan of the day?

Why indeed?

You can review the Sibel Edmonds' stuff by clicking HERE.

I am disturbed at the inaction of our FBI in this matter. I am disturbed by the action by the FBI in this matter as well which is contrary to their duty to the citizens of this nation. I am disturbed at their brainwashing of kids, blindness regarding the 911 Dust study showing nanothermate in several dust samples from the 911 WTC attacks. ( See previous posts on their ineptitude HERE. ) Examine the links - ask yourself - what good is the FBI to the United States when they are not performing their most basic functions - functions obviously at the core of their very existence according to historical documentation and their own website regarding explosive residue examination.

Click HERE where you can read more on their past expertise regarding explosive residue evidence where today they seem blind as a bat:
"FBI Says Trace Explosive Residue Links McVeigh to Oklahoma City Bombing
TOM BROKAW, anchor (Los Angeles):
Late today at the Oklahoma City bombing trial, an FBI scientist testified that traces of explosives were
found on the shirt and pants that Timothy McVeigh was wearing when he was picked up by authorities
some 90 minutes after the explosion. "

Geez pretty good work - and fast too! But here we are in September 2009, eight years after the attacks on the WTC buildings, with citizen-scientists doing the FBI's work for them and handing the complete job to them and members of congress and.....nothing. This is disturbing indeed. Am I witnessing the end of the American Republic?

Why wasn't Sibel Edmonds promoted and protected rather than gagged and ostracized? A dysfunctional FBI means that there is a giant hole in the defenses of the United States. Why is this allowed to continue? What ever happened to the witness protection program when every person I know, when we talk about Sibel Edmonds, says something like: "Geez I'm surprised she's still alive!" Maybe Robert Mueller can get a job working at the circus as a clown - well on second thought his present job performance predicts future failure as well.

Robert Mueller needs to step down if he can't find the intestinal fortitude to address these national emergencies. Or we need to fire the bum!
UPDATE SEPTEMBER 14, 2009 (From 911Blogger linked left columnthisblog) FBI: 150 Years Required To Process And Release All 9/11 Investigative Records Via FOIA
UPDATE SEPTEMBER 24, 2009 The Congresswoman in question, according to Edmonds, is Illinois' 9th-district Rep. Jan Schakowsky.
UPDATE OCT 8, 2009 Peter Collins interview of former FBI counterintel mgr. supports Sibel Edmonds credibility

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The 911Truth-Blind U.S. Corporate Media: PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE

Identification of the enemy is the first step in any war. Proper identification of enemies requires the consideration of domestic enemies as well as foreign. In the case of 911 Truth we are faced with both foreign and domestic enemies. In some cases we are faced with domesticated foreign enemies. One easily identifiable domestic enemy is the U.S. Corporate Media/Propaganda apparatus.

How can one tell the U.S. media is an enemy? One is their incessant call for the suppression of free speech. Of all the the occupations that live within our crumbling republic - the one I would last expect to call for the suppression of free speech would be a media enterprise. But this is not America anymore - but Amerika where the media has morphed from public servant to corporate serpent.

The issue that most represents the disservice Amerikan Corporate media does to the United States is that of the 911 Truth movement. This ballooning grass-roots movement never sees its reflection in the corporate media mirror. Instead a distorted fun-house reflection replies to the truther's eyes. Shouts for 911 Truth! into the abyss that is the corporate media fib-factory return no echo to affirm the existence of the 911 Truther's voice. Quite the contrary - the see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, see-no-conspiracy media monkeys maintain a majestic silence regarding the facts surrounding the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Silence regarding the facts - that is.

Notice how Glenn Beck is a disinformation agent - he mis-represents the facts of the 911 Truth movement. Why? Who is he working for?

Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh, Joe Scarborough, many of our elected officials, the last three United States Presidents, venal Congresspersons, corrupt officials , leftys, righties - almost everyone with a podium that would lend credibility to the movement somehow remain committed to suppressing, discrediting, ridiculing and marginalizing the 911 grass-roots-scientifically-supported-ever-growing majority that is the 911 Truth Movement. Why?

BLACKMAIL (click) , corruption, bribery, and profit. Hidden agendas of the power elite propagated by the corporate whore media are the fodder for the herd that is the American public. There is no limit to the available airtime regarding Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith and myriad minutia designed (yes designed) to distract, disinform, deflect and obfuscate matters of grave importance that betray decay at the foundations of our republic. Like what?

Like 911 Truth. The body of evidence demonstrating foreknowledge , nano-thermate, foreign and domestic enemy involvement, treasonous actions and inactions of high government officials, death squads, torture, war crimes, wars of aggression, FBI AWOL (click) , corrupt NSA, CIA, insane TSA - it's all documented - much available on this blog. So what do we do about it?

Public enemy number one is the U.S. Corporate-owned media. This propaganda apparatus can be identified as your enemy because they not only fail in their duty as watchdog, but they are active disinformation disseminators ensuring media blackouts of the most important issues of our time. While America morphs into Amerika the corporate media smears any patriot with the common sense or open-mindedness to consider conspiracy as an explanation for events. Ask yourself why the deposition given by Sibel Edmonds implicating TREASON and blackmail are not on the front page of every newspaper, the main story on every newscast, the main story on every radio talk show. Let me take a crack at the answer - because the puppetmasters that own your politicians own the media too.

Public enemy number one also sold us the wars. Public enemy number one is a cheerleader for merchants of death. Public enemy number one is a marketing masterpiece that will be the ruin of your Republic. Public enemy number one reported the collapse of WTC7 before it actually collapsed exactly in the manner of a controlled demolition. Public enemy number one is always a day late and a dollar short with information valuable to citizens of a republic. Public enemy number one is on time every time when delivery of propaganda is required by a blackmailed government or greedy corporation. Yep - they'll serve it up piping hot right out of the the pentagon lie-factory when the public needs another jolt of terror. Gotta keep the wars going!

Public enemy number one needs to be yoked and put back to work for the people. The liars they've hired should be remembered for their disservice to the Republic for which the 911 Truth movement stands.

911 Truth should be viewed as a litmus test for any media outlet's credibility. If they suppress 911 Truth you know they are your enemy - public enemy number one. Those media outlets, like KBDI in Colorado , who show the courage to present this dark aspect of modern Amerika pass the credibility litmus test. Try it out - see if you agree after paying attention for some time.

Remember that the fake 911 media myth could not be propagated without media complicity from the first moments of the attacks as is obvious in this video showing a "witness" who is either clairvoyant or reciting a script given his ability to determine the exact conspiracy story the U.S. government would feed the herd.

(CLICK HERE) to take that first step if you haven't already - and INFORM YOURSELF. Without an informed citizenry this Republic cannot function. This blog and many linked are the only avenue to truth circumventing PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE.

The 911Truth-Blind Corporate Media is PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE.
UPDATE SEPT 11, 2009 More statements from Glenn Beck smearing 911Truth
UPDATE SEPT 11, 2009 Glenn Beck calling General Wes Clark a Whacko?
UPDATE SEPT 11, 2009 I forgot to mention Chrissy Matthews as a steaming pile of dung: See time=6:09 where he and his fellow corporate-owned-shills attempt to smear 911Truth people - is he also speaking of General Wesley Clark? (See last update)

UPDATE SEPT 14, 2009 National Park Service Admits 9/12 Demo Largest On Record-but U.S. corporate media projects otherwise - why?
UPDATE SEPTEMBER 14, 2009 (Found posted on WhatReallyHappened)

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 15, 2009 Why does the mainline media still deny all 9/11 evidence?

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Sometimes the Leaders are Wrong: Galland and other fighter pilots fired for speaking the truth

In my opinion this video series fails to recognize the abilities of the Allied powers, both strategically picking targets (oil fields) then in successfully wrecking them. Regardless of Hitler's orders, the Allies still wiped out Germany's oil supplies and many other things. The Germans were also out-produced - and it seems the American equipment was more reliable.

Great film but much to criticize.

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Ugliness Defined: Police State Body Search Video

CLICK HERE for another thought-provoking video. Unfortunately America, today, resembles the bad guys in the film more than the "good guy." I wonder if the man being searched in the video will be charged with conspiracy and/or terrorism?

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Antique Terrorist Training Film-No Sound

If blowing up airplanes = terrorism then this is a terrorist training film.

CLICK HERE FOR Great historical film on the aenerometer

CLICK HERE later for recent plane crash in the news.

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