The FBI has abandoned the "Battle of the United States"

I found the following historical film called "The Battle of the United States" disturbing. Why?

In the film we see J Edgar Hoover discussing the importance of catching spies in the United States during World War II and the great efforts the FBI went through to stop them - and they did. J Edgar also credits the citizens with doing their part in the effort to stop spies in the United States - the reason is obvious - unless stopped, spies and traitors can bring about the ruination of the Republic.


Now comes the disturbing part. Why in the world isn't anyone in the corporate-fake-treasonous- cowardly-lying-through-omission-US Corporate show-biz media talking about Sibel Edmonds' testimony regarding treasonous actions by high officials of the US Federal government to put the spotlight on the feckless FBI? Why when Sibel Edmonds' testimony reveals that the FBI must have known a congresswoman's house was bugged didn't the FBI advise that congresswoman and put a stop to it? What good is a Federal Bureau of Investigation that doesn't investigate Federal crimes and breaches of security?

What about all the people on Sibel's picture-only site (no words allowed since she has been gagged)? Reader - please take a look at those pictures - you may know a lot of the people there - Denny Hastert, Burton, Lantos - c'mon folks these are not obscure individuals - they are people who've participated in forming the laws by which you live.

Why is the FBI under Robert Mueller such a useless pile of sh%T? Why did the FBI of old know the danger of spies and treasonous officials while the FBI of today stops those individuals with the courage to speak out? Why does an FBI translator have to be a "whistleblower" ? Why isn't getting to the bottom of the treasonous hornet's nest at the top of the FBI's plan of the day?

Why indeed?

You can review the Sibel Edmonds' stuff by clicking HERE.

I am disturbed at the inaction of our FBI in this matter. I am disturbed by the action by the FBI in this matter as well which is contrary to their duty to the citizens of this nation. I am disturbed at their brainwashing of kids, blindness regarding the 911 Dust study showing nanothermate in several dust samples from the 911 WTC attacks. ( See previous posts on their ineptitude HERE. ) Examine the links - ask yourself - what good is the FBI to the United States when they are not performing their most basic functions - functions obviously at the core of their very existence according to historical documentation and their own website regarding explosive residue examination.

Click HERE where you can read more on their past expertise regarding explosive residue evidence where today they seem blind as a bat:
"FBI Says Trace Explosive Residue Links McVeigh to Oklahoma City Bombing
TOM BROKAW, anchor (Los Angeles):
Late today at the Oklahoma City bombing trial, an FBI scientist testified that traces of explosives were
found on the shirt and pants that Timothy McVeigh was wearing when he was picked up by authorities
some 90 minutes after the explosion. "

Geez pretty good work - and fast too! But here we are in September 2009, eight years after the attacks on the WTC buildings, with citizen-scientists doing the FBI's work for them and handing the complete job to them and members of congress and.....nothing. This is disturbing indeed. Am I witnessing the end of the American Republic?

Why wasn't Sibel Edmonds promoted and protected rather than gagged and ostracized? A dysfunctional FBI means that there is a giant hole in the defenses of the United States. Why is this allowed to continue? What ever happened to the witness protection program when every person I know, when we talk about Sibel Edmonds, says something like: "Geez I'm surprised she's still alive!" Maybe Robert Mueller can get a job working at the circus as a clown - well on second thought his present job performance predicts future failure as well.

Robert Mueller needs to step down if he can't find the intestinal fortitude to address these national emergencies. Or we need to fire the bum!
UPDATE SEPTEMBER 14, 2009 (From 911Blogger linked left columnthisblog) FBI: 150 Years Required To Process And Release All 9/11 Investigative Records Via FOIA
UPDATE SEPTEMBER 24, 2009 The Congresswoman in question, according to Edmonds, is Illinois' 9th-district Rep. Jan Schakowsky.
UPDATE OCT 8, 2009 Peter Collins interview of former FBI counterintel mgr. supports Sibel Edmonds credibility

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  1. Although I share the same concerns with the Sibel Edmonds being dismissed by the mainstream media I think one point of clarity is important.

    As I remember it, Edmonds was hired to translate old wiretapped conversations. This could provide an explanation (legit or not) for why the FBI did not move in to stop the illegal activity. ie. the documents had not been translated (or the contents known) until after the crime had been committed and passed. That being said there are still serious implications for them not acting after the contents were known, and the fact that a mound of important intelligence was not even translated for YEARS after is an additional embarrassment.

  2. Anonymous above:
    Thanks for taking a moment to comment - That's the first I've heard that the conversations were taped after the fact - and I guess it might give the FBI some wiggle-room - but - supposing they were - then doesn't that make the likelihood that Congresspersons are now, at this very moment being bugged? And what action is the FBI taking on that?

    I think "embarrassment" is not a word that properly describes the seriousness of this matter. Treason is a crime that brings a noose to mind. Treason is a crime that can bring about the demise of America. Treason costs the lives of our operatives in the field, and our men and women in uniform risking their lives in efforts they've been told are to protect the "homeland."

    Fuck embarrassment - we are talking about traitors dealing and conniving in ways that jeapordize, or may already have cost the lives of our soldiers, sailors, airmen and others. There is no time for embarrassment.

    If the FBI remains inactive on this topic you can rest assured they are part of the problem.

  3. "That's the first I've heard that the conversations were taped after the fact"

    So we're on the same page, I'm pretty sure a large portion of her responsibilities were translating tapes that had been previously recorded as the FBI was heavily backlogged with mounds of information they had failed to translate. I can't find the precise dates right now, although it was a big timespan she dealt with, from about 94or96-2002.

    That being said, not all of what she discovered was hidden in untranslated documents. Some of it was discovered when they returned to discover that previous translations were poorly done (some employees lacked proper credibility in the language they were translating from, or possessed poor english skills.

    This cannot be dismissed as simple error, as Edmonds has previously described other employees who intentionally left out key elements of translations.

    Finally, on the note of treason, this claim is the nail in the coffin.

    “We were told by our supervisors that this was the great opportunity for asking for increased budget and asking for more translators,” says Edmonds. “And in order to do that, don't do the work and let the documents pile up so we can show it and say that we need more translators and expand the department.”

    Edmonds says that the supervisor, in an effort to slow her down, went so far as to erase completed translations from her FBI computer after she'd left work for the day.

    “The next day, I would come to work, turn on my computer, and the work would be gone. The translation would be gone,” she says. “Then I had to start all over again and retranslate the same document. And I went to my supervisor and he said, ‘Consider it a lesson and don't talk about it to anybody else and don't mention it.’

  4. Read Archibauld Maul Ramsay's "The Nameless War". When the jews plan to destroy a society, they first inflict a paralysis which prevents the government from taking action against them. Only a few years prior to the jew-orchestrated French Revolution, a messenger died enroute from Germany to France, and detailed documents were discovered exposing the plot. This was even followed by arrests in German Bavaria, revealing further evidence. But it was too late -- the French security and police forces were paralyzed by jewish agents throughout their chain of command, and in political positions above them. Sound similar?


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