Geraldo sees things that aren't there, and doesn't see things that ARE there!

Watch this clip of Geraldo as he attempts to smear Charlie Sheen regarding Sheen publicly asking for a proper investigation into the events of 911:

Geraldo complains that Charlie Sheen questions the official U.S. government conspiracy theory regarding 911 "in defiance of the facts, in defiance of the historical record, in defiance of their own eyes and witnessing what happened when those planes smashing into the buildings and I think unintentionally I am sure they are hurting the victims families... the survivors, because they continue to raise this preposterous notion that the United States Government would be so hideously manipulative that we would kill almost three thousand of our own citizens as a pretext to going to war in Afghanistan."

Well I guess that makes it official - Geraldo suffers from hallucinations. He criticizes Charlie Sheen for not seeing planes fly into "the buildings." News Flash: NO PLANE FLEW INTO WORLD TRADE CENTER BUILDING 7

GERALDO! Therefore there was no plane for Mr. Sheen to witness flying into WTC7 Geraldo! Pretty clever of Geraldo to group all the buildings together so as to pretend WTC7 doesn't exist. That's funny - isn't that exactly what the 911 Commission did too? Pretend WTC7 never happened?

Geraldo bitches about Sheen questioning the official U.S. government conspiracy theory "in defiance of the facts, in defiance of the historical record..." News Flash: The facts, Mr. Rivera, are that nano-thermate has been found in all four dust samples, and has also been independently verified. But I suppose Mr. Rivera chose a different set of "facts" allowing him to ignore the obvious conclusion - that the buildings were pre-wired for controlled demolition. As usual with the mainstream-corporate-fake-showbiz-media the truth is obscured for the TV-watchers by seeing no evil, hearing no evil, and speaking no evil - that is - evil their corporate pimps don't want them to see. What about these firefighters Geraldo? Do you have names to call them too?

Geraldo falsely accuses Mr. Sheen of hurting the victims' families by doubting the official conspiracy lie - but he excuses Mr. Sheen and others because it is unintentional. Bullshit Geraldo! Watch the family members speak here:

Finally Geraldo - thanks for nothing helping us get the truth out for the first responders who really are the victims of, as you put it, "this preposterous notion that the United States Government would be so hideously manipulative that we would kill almost three thousand of our own citizens as a pretext to going to war in Afghanistan." It is estimated that more first responders will die from the toxic dust they were exposed to with the blessings of the US government that the air was safe than died from the building implosions. Given that, Geraldo, how would you characterize the actions of our government after viewing this video?:

And what words of ridicule do you have for this first responder Geraldo? I suppose he was faking it before he passed away?

Thanks for your support in these difficult times Geraldo! With friends like you who needs enemies?
UPDATE SEPTEMBER 15, 2009 Spookyweather provided this R. Gage interview on the NationalGeographicHitPiece
UPDATE SEPTEMBER 15, 2009 I've been told I've mis-speled Heraldo's Name and wanna get it right. T-R-A-T-O-R
UPDATE SEPT 15, 2009 WTC7 Mysterious Collapse DRG
UPDATE SEPTEMBER 16, 2009 Charlie Sheen on Alex Jones - nobody has the balls to debate him on Larry King
UPDATE SEPTEMBER 16, 2009 WTC7 Page from Firefighters for 911 Truth

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  1. it's geraldo not heraldo

  2. No, it's neither. It's Whorealdo.

  3. What's in a name? A pile of shit by any other name would smell as bad...

  4. What do you expect? He's just another media whore who would kick his own mother in the ass for a $20 bill.

  5. check the screen it says "geraldo rivera at large" LOL. Not for long geraldo. You will be behind bars for treason very very soon.

  6. Somebody throw a chair at Jerry Rivers. He is a chameleon, who adapts to whatever environment he is put into. He has no character or backbone of his own. He has lowered himself to being O'Reilly's on air stooge, parroting whatever points Bill can bring up. Geraldo is a Ghore.

  7. Heraldo? Doesn't he have some vault to uncover?

    The guy's a bad joke!

  8. Google: "NYsentinel Responds"

  9. It's Geraldo Rivera...not Heraldo Rivero. Though I agree with the sentiment of this article, you seriously minimize your credibility by not even spelling this name correctly.

  10. What's in a name? A pile of shit by any other name would smell as bad...

  11. I don't watch Heraldo's shows and I don't care how to spell his name. As far as I'm concerned it is spelled T-R-A-I-T-O-R

    Got that?

  12. Throughout history the misspelling or mis-pronunciation of a persons name is a sign of deep disrespect. In this case it is well deserved!!! We will get it right on his indictment..

  13. All of the 'journalists' that help maintain 'The Lie' in the pubic domain will be hung out by their handlers. Following orders is not a defense at The Hague in War Crimes Trials. Especially when the evidence of willful participation is so widely available...

  14. I wanted to link to this piece for another blog. It's a good essay and I like the tone, but not spelling his name correctly lowers it too much.

    Yes, some will say it is right to do that, but they already agree with you and would not have liked the article less if you had spelled his name correctly.

    I will check back for a day or so. If you change the spelling we will link to this piece. (Don't mean for that to sound like a threat or that I am being a school marm, just telling you what our standards are.)

  15. What in the world does the credibility of Jack Rabbit have to do with the information presented? I'll have to stick with what I wrote and chalk it up under poetic license. Sorry I can't meet your high standards.

    Also, for those out there hesitant to speak their minds, perhaps this article can serve as a lesson to you that we are all human, we are not perfect, but we have freedom of speech. Exercise it and let the chips fall where they may.

    By the way - I was always a damn good speller and knew some very bright people who would mis-spell their own names. Yes, their own names. So what?

    The facts presented are what they are - and are independent of the messenger or the manner of delivery. Clowns like Heraldo need to be lampooned and disrespected to knock them off their high horses so the public can see them for what they are. Poetic license will continue here - sorry if I can't make it fit your standards. Thank you for reading and please come back.


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