Campin' with Wesley ?

Please observe the video above.

This signals a big change.  There is no talk of this war ever ending - and if you want to know why the war will go on forever you need to STFU according to the government.  The leaders of our nation have an agenda that will continue until accomplished - whether or not the nation itself is destroyed in the process.  Your role - as a slave - is to shut up and pay up.  Slaves have no business questioning the government.  Your role as "voter" is just that - a role you play once in a while on a computer.  Another computer game if you will.  Have you noticed that you never win the computer voting machine game?

In the video above - you can see that Wes Clark claims omniscience - like a demigod.  He can tell who is that special someone that needs to get hauled off.  So not only must you pull your pants down and put your hands up - you will quietly go with the Feds to your FEMA camp.  You know, those camps that exist only in the minds of conspiracy theorists.

The video above alarmed me.  I wonder who Wes wants to lock up?  I can guess - how about those who say that 911 was an inside job?  How about those questioning the morality of bloody conflicts and resource wars benefiting nationless corporations and Israel?  The state of Israel is not one of the fifty states.

It seems to me that whether or not what Wes is saying makes sense to anyone or not, you or me, depends on whether or not you believe the fairy tale about 911 you were told - or you believe you were lied to.  I believe I was lied to because I took the time to research the issue. Dr. Alan Sabrosky, of the US Army War College says that Israel was involved in blowing up the buildings on 911.  This information is never conveyed to the masses by the lie-box despite the implications - just like the collapse of WTC7 is hidden from the public.

The Bible says that Adam and Eve were kicked out of the garden of Eden for eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  Up until that point it was paradise.

The reason to lock up slaves that don't know their place is only to keep them from infecting more slaves with facts and reason.  That is a dangerous thing - a person you personally know - who is able to help you see through the matrix regarding the issues  facing us.  Someone who connects the dots so that you can  understand how you are being robbed and who may be doing it.

If you believe the 911 fairy tale that got us into much of the mess we are dealing with you don't have to worry about going to camp FEMA because you have already been properly adjusted.  Those that don't believe the lie and speak to others about references that might wake up their neighbors must go to camp.  They are able to read and write and speak.  They practice a dangerous black art called citizenship - a concept that must be eliminated from the lexicon of this dying nation.  These are the ones that need to go campin' with Wesley.

I'm not sure what else to say about the horror show on the screen above.  One way or another we are crossing yet another threshold toward tyranny.  No steps are being taken where it matters to turn us back toward liberty.  The media continues the propaganda, the law enforcement agencies continue chasing the wrong criminals, whistleblowers are persecuted and now - the citizens that are supposed to be in charge of all this - the ones footing the bill will be sent to prison for trying to find the answers.


Questions that still demand answers

I don't see how this nation is going to be great again when such unfinished business remains.  Watch the video below - you may have already seen it - Dr. Alan Sabrosky says that Israel was involved in the 911 attacks.  If you are the average American you don't care - I know that - but it seems important to continue documenting the way things are in this country so those who follow us will see that nothing was done despite evidence and suspicions from high profile Americans.

If Dr. Sabrosky is making unfounded accusations why is he not held accountable?  If his accusations are sound why is there no effort to bring the truth to the public and justice to the criminals?  It's been fifteen years and the government and police agencies have succeeded in concealing the truth from Americans - that is - with the assistance of a corporate-owned media.

Almost EVERYTHING going on in this nation and in much of the world is based upon the fairy tale we the people were told as an explanation for the events of 911.  The explanation given to the public is demonstrably false.  If you are an American citizen it is your duty to inform yourself.

What bothers me deeply is the lack of movement regarding official law enforcement agencies with regards to this monstrous crime.  In fact - they are complicit in maintaining the cover-up and hiding information from the American public.  I cannot understand this and it does, at times, make me angry with our law enforcement and judicial system.  For all the flag waving, uniforms, boots and all the blue lights we see flashing everywhere - they've done....nothing.  The only worthwhile investigation has come from private individuals who have sacrificed to try to bring truth to the public.

Another group I have zero respect for is our corporate media.  I don't watch it because it is fake.  All of it.  They are nothing more than a circus - a distraction machine that never stops the madness - hypnotizing the public - keeping them looking in the wrong direction all the time while the criminals fade away into the background.  The fake "news" is just another link in the crime syndicate.  The media middlemen can be counted on to reliably gin up a story just in time to get the law signed.  What law?  Any law they want - especially if it is intended to trample all over our rights.  Need  gun law passed? The media can guarantee a shooting at eleven - just enough to get the people to agree to anything.  That's what Hitler did - it worked well.  Why argue with successful methods?  They worked in NAZI Germany and they work here quite well too.

It has become obvious to me that these myths fed to the mushroom masses are not only embedded in the public mind via "news" but also via movies, books, magazines - and yes - even at a personal level.  Sad that those tasked with informing the public and investigating crime are the last to do so.  Has the world always been this messed up?  Thanks to the internet it is possible to stay informed - but it takes a great deal of time most don't have - especially after working all day and having other duties.  Surely our megadollar police who've vacumed up all our tax money since 911 would be all over the crooks right?  Unfortunately not.  They have been successfully duped and co-opted rendering them ineffective.  We are all on our own - and it seems it has always been that way.  I no longer believe that any government agency cares to protect the public in any way.  After all - look how often witnesses are murdered right under the nose of law enforcement.  It happens all the time.  Law enforcement is there to shoot people, their dogs, and for a paycheck.  I can't really see it any other way.  Law enforcement is a business it seems and I don't have the money to pay them to investigate anything.

As an informed American it has become more and more difficult for me to communicate with people regarding any public affairs.  There is no point in having a discussion about anything when the conversation is based on false premises.  The lies also extend to the children - the biggest crime of all - a generation that will grow up on a pack of lies - supported by their own families and public servants.  How so many decent and honest people who may believe that they are serving their country working for official police agencies - when these agencies have been hijacked by crooks is a topic of fascination for me.  The information is out there.  You really have to wonder if people are so completely overworked and wiped out that they don't mind losing their nation to international murderers for hire.  I wonder how can it be possible for me,  an average person, to be able to gather enough information to raise some good questions - but huge police and intelligence agencies just sit there rotting in silence?  Makes one wonder what the hell they are really working on when they aren't working on something as big as 911.  I guess they take orders from folks who don't give a damn about the American public.

Most people who know me probably wish I never heard of 911 because, unlike them, I am having a hard time letting this crime go.  I no longer excuse anyone for ignoring this crime and not becoming educated in the details that are available.  Those who cannot get their heads around this event and the lies they were told seem like children who still think Santa Claus is coming.  It pains me to watch smart people I know swallow the lies over and over again.  Smart people who cannot see that laws of physics must be violated and magical explanations must be employed to support the lies we were told.  I guess that says a lot about the so-called education system in this nation.  A university is essentially a "brand-name" and nothing more.  Some brave souls within the university system - you know - the ones that are supposed to do the math and explain things - some came out and tried to get through he propaganda screen - some were successful - but with such a controlled mainstream media their efforts were kept under control where they were not able to gain traction with the public in the critical years following the events.

Sabrosky mentions dual citizens - as holding key positions in our government.  Does this make sense to you?  Having people with divided loyalty in control of such important positions within the US government?  I think it's crazy - and a practice that needs to stop right away.

It's funny - America claims to be such a superpower yet we have become a joke - a laughing stock where it seems the rest of the world knows we are being taken and conned - but we just cannot see it ourselves.  We are so damned great that there is no way such things can be happening right here at home.

Well, there you have it.  There's another video for your consideration.  Whether or not anyone gives a damn is another question entirely.