Questions that still demand answers

I don't see how this nation is going to be great again when such unfinished business remains.  Watch the video below - you may have already seen it - Dr. Alan Sabrosky says that Israel was involved in the 911 attacks.  If you are the average American you don't care - I know that - but it seems important to continue documenting the way things are in this country so those who follow us will see that nothing was done despite evidence and suspicions from high profile Americans.

If Dr. Sabrosky is making unfounded accusations why is he not held accountable?  If his accusations are sound why is there no effort to bring the truth to the public and justice to the criminals?  It's been fifteen years and the government and police agencies have succeeded in concealing the truth from Americans - that is - with the assistance of a corporate-owned media.

Almost EVERYTHING going on in this nation and in much of the world is based upon the fairy tale we the people were told as an explanation for the events of 911.  The explanation given to the public is demonstrably false.  If you are an American citizen it is your duty to inform yourself.

What bothers me deeply is the lack of movement regarding official law enforcement agencies with regards to this monstrous crime.  In fact - they are complicit in maintaining the cover-up and hiding information from the American public.  I cannot understand this and it does, at times, make me angry with our law enforcement and judicial system.  For all the flag waving, uniforms, boots and all the blue lights we see flashing everywhere - they've done....nothing.  The only worthwhile investigation has come from private individuals who have sacrificed to try to bring truth to the public.

Another group I have zero respect for is our corporate media.  I don't watch it because it is fake.  All of it.  They are nothing more than a circus - a distraction machine that never stops the madness - hypnotizing the public - keeping them looking in the wrong direction all the time while the criminals fade away into the background.  The fake "news" is just another link in the crime syndicate.  The media middlemen can be counted on to reliably gin up a story just in time to get the law signed.  What law?  Any law they want - especially if it is intended to trample all over our rights.  Need  gun law passed? The media can guarantee a shooting at eleven - just enough to get the people to agree to anything.  That's what Hitler did - it worked well.  Why argue with successful methods?  They worked in NAZI Germany and they work here quite well too.

It has become obvious to me that these myths fed to the mushroom masses are not only embedded in the public mind via "news" but also via movies, books, magazines - and yes - even at a personal level.  Sad that those tasked with informing the public and investigating crime are the last to do so.  Has the world always been this messed up?  Thanks to the internet it is possible to stay informed - but it takes a great deal of time most don't have - especially after working all day and having other duties.  Surely our megadollar police who've vacumed up all our tax money since 911 would be all over the crooks right?  Unfortunately not.  They have been successfully duped and co-opted rendering them ineffective.  We are all on our own - and it seems it has always been that way.  I no longer believe that any government agency cares to protect the public in any way.  After all - look how often witnesses are murdered right under the nose of law enforcement.  It happens all the time.  Law enforcement is there to shoot people, their dogs, and for a paycheck.  I can't really see it any other way.  Law enforcement is a business it seems and I don't have the money to pay them to investigate anything.

As an informed American it has become more and more difficult for me to communicate with people regarding any public affairs.  There is no point in having a discussion about anything when the conversation is based on false premises.  The lies also extend to the children - the biggest crime of all - a generation that will grow up on a pack of lies - supported by their own families and public servants.  How so many decent and honest people who may believe that they are serving their country working for official police agencies - when these agencies have been hijacked by crooks is a topic of fascination for me.  The information is out there.  You really have to wonder if people are so completely overworked and wiped out that they don't mind losing their nation to international murderers for hire.  I wonder how can it be possible for me,  an average person, to be able to gather enough information to raise some good questions - but huge police and intelligence agencies just sit there rotting in silence?  Makes one wonder what the hell they are really working on when they aren't working on something as big as 911.  I guess they take orders from folks who don't give a damn about the American public.

Most people who know me probably wish I never heard of 911 because, unlike them, I am having a hard time letting this crime go.  I no longer excuse anyone for ignoring this crime and not becoming educated in the details that are available.  Those who cannot get their heads around this event and the lies they were told seem like children who still think Santa Claus is coming.  It pains me to watch smart people I know swallow the lies over and over again.  Smart people who cannot see that laws of physics must be violated and magical explanations must be employed to support the lies we were told.  I guess that says a lot about the so-called education system in this nation.  A university is essentially a "brand-name" and nothing more.  Some brave souls within the university system - you know - the ones that are supposed to do the math and explain things - some came out and tried to get through he propaganda screen - some were successful - but with such a controlled mainstream media their efforts were kept under control where they were not able to gain traction with the public in the critical years following the events.

Sabrosky mentions dual citizens - as holding key positions in our government.  Does this make sense to you?  Having people with divided loyalty in control of such important positions within the US government?  I think it's crazy - and a practice that needs to stop right away.

It's funny - America claims to be such a superpower yet we have become a joke - a laughing stock where it seems the rest of the world knows we are being taken and conned - but we just cannot see it ourselves.  We are so damned great that there is no way such things can be happening right here at home.

Well, there you have it.  There's another video for your consideration.  Whether or not anyone gives a damn is another question entirely.


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    1. My pleasure - apologies for my sporadic posting - I need to get some steam up and get going again. Thank you for coming by...


  2. Strategic Observations Must Be Heeded

    JR: given the objective reality (a), u gotta realize (b) things are therefore absolutely DETERMINED in accord w. cause-effect, there being no perfectly "free" human will, such perfect freedom reserved only for God, if there is one--which it's safe to assume since one can't prove there isn't one, aside fm fact it's also expedient for going along w. many people, esp. Christians who want to believe in God.

    Thus as things are determined, history is CYCLIC, according to Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West," and at certain pt. it's INEVITABLE that excess descendent population of original hero generation which founded the empire in first place must become sooooooooooo corrupt and SATANIC--subjectivistic--that there's no other possible solution but absolute CATASTROPHE, war, plague, famine, etc.--which is coming-up soon for USA, Dollar collapsing as we speak.

    So while u're right about what u say about 9/11, u're forgetting the mass population is totally committed to SUBJECTIVISM--it doesn't exist if they don't want it to exist, so they're just not going to think about it. U gotta face facts of reality, no matter how sad they are or u are about it all.

    So survival depends upon how then to act, given the circumstances, including 9/11, but also facts regarding the HUGE masses of scum, puke, and filth that's arisen and grown--esp., for example, in way of homosexuals who imagine they're tough stuff lately. Hrd about "Caitlyn" Jenner?--how could u not if u have listened to Jews-media?

    So USA empire must break-up back into states, in accord w. 10th amendment, etc. Gold/silver must become monetary standard again, etc. And still satanism must be exterminated, Jews the leaders, and u have to have the courage to be anti-Semitic--if not, u're just part of the problem.

    Jews are leaders of organized crime, and u have to face it. Yes there are dumb Jews at the lower sociologic levels, but they're still loyal to their leaders, so they have to fall by Darwinian "wayside"--such is war--that's how war must be waged, and u must face facts. Life sucks, we know, but u've got to do what's necessary.

    There's no good Jew anymore than there's good psychopath. First step is to neutralize the Judeo-Christian (JC--see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo) hereticalists and traitors who defend the Jews. And through it all, the ideal of Christian truth founded in objective reality must always be up-held, naturally. How could u possibly object to this necessary grand strategy I outline, above?

    1. Hi Apsterian,

      I can tell you what has to be done. Those responsible for the crimes of 911 need to be arrested, tried then punished. It is basic stuff - we can do it.

      But with those in charge of our government in league with the very same criminals that committed the crimes we have an "interesting" problem to tackle.

      But we can still do it.

      Unfortunately I am a serf - I have no authority other than my status as American taxpayer. I thought those with the badges and guns were supposed to take care of crime - especially in light of all the money they've taken from us to buy toys with - armored cars etc...

      But it looks like our heroic "crime fighters" are anything but that. They are overgrown children who like playing war when their side has all the firepower and the opposition has rocks to throw.

      Now - they turn the police state inwards - toward us.

      I think there is some cyclic nature to society - yes - but only when no corrective action is taken by an informed citizenry to keep things going the right way. But America doesn't have that in government anymore - instead, unfortunately we have overgrown children playing cops and robbers.


    2. Hubristic JR Shows How He's Root Of The Problem

      Sorry JR, BUT U'RE THE PROBLEM--U.

      U say "I think there is some cyclic nature to society - yes - but only when no corrective action is taken by an informed citizenry to keep things going the right way."

      In other words, u endorse hubris and subjectivism; u just use a weasel phrase to mask it a little bit.

      And ur subjectivism is what u imagine to be a "soft" sort, half-baked--but Jews are full-fledged, and that's why and how they ALWAYS dominate the half-baked sort like u.

      Of course, u won't face-up to it--u're too full of HUBRIS. U're a mystic (subjectivist) and an anti-rationalist, as reason manifests and grasps absolute determinism (cause-effect).

      So the Jew masters are at the top, BUT it's people like u who enable them--u and such as the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo) hereticalists who act as Praetorian guard for the Jew-masters.

      U're what/who enabled 9/11 by always protecting and making excuses for the Jew criminals. That's why war will break-out within a devastated, impoverished country, and only then will it be possible to dealing w. such traitors like urself.

    3. Apsterian,

      I appreciate your commentary - but you have not yet defined "Jew" ... so just as in the short blog post above - unless premises can be agreed upon we are stuck without a common basis for understanding.

      Labeling me a "Jew" therefore is not necessarily a bad thing since I am not yet sure exactly what that means because you refuse to define "Jew."

      Please help.


    4. Collapse Of USA Will Continue

      We've already, long ago, gone through all this about what's a Jew--all u need do is ck previous blogs here.

      But the interesting fact is u're a MYSTIC who imagines u can both be subjectivist and rationalist (objective) at same time--thus has mysticism of ur sort DESTROYED our civilization which is now doomed to ever-greater collapse and destruction--CYCLIC "Decline of the West," as by Oswald Spengler.

      So presently, the economy and currency are collapsing ever-faster, evermore. Soon enough Dollar will be utterly destroyed, and when this happens S**t will hit proverbial "Fan," as there'll be food-shortages, hence riots and civil un-rest, probably martial law.

      In more practical terms, USA will have to break-up into the sovereign states again, and commodity-money will have to kick-in for circulation, acceptability, etc.

      But the people will have to unite in emotional terms--as always--Christianity being the one, easy, simple thing, worship of TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6)--against Jew lies and subjectivism--truth, of course, having to be founded in objectivity for reference, criterion, foundation.

      ZOG, backed and directed by Jews, Jews-media, will oppose the states-rights and 10th Amendment application, bringing-in foreign troops, perhaps Chinese who hold a trillion dollars worth of treasury securities, still, and will be given large portions of Federal land as compensation for evermore worthless treasuries, not to mention payment for enforcement.

    5. I checked out those sites you mentioned - interesting stuff.


  3. By the way...

    I re-read this post and should have mentioned that I reviewed some 911 videos recently of speeches by David Ray Griffin and Niels Harrit. Both reminded me of the "magical explanations" employed by the "truth-debunkers - the propagandists and paid liars from the official story side. I suggest watching their videos.


    1. Griffin's material is good, but now dated, even though still good. Best, up-to-date stuff is by Fetzer at JamesFetzer.blogspot.com. The vids of planes crashing into bldgs. are faked--ck the expo on it. 9/11 was HUGE psy-ops.

    2. Ck http://jamesfetzer.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2015-05-21T12:26:00-07:00&max-results=1&start=21&by-date=false

  4. the article is correct and Alan Sabrosky is spot on. Israel was responsible for 911. By the current faulty logic we live with today, all jews should be attacked and Israel should be destroyed. Heck if Muslims can be subject to that same logic, then why not the jews, especially since a supremacist cult like Judaism has no problem with human sacrificing ( and it was a human sacrifice) a bunch of goys?

    1. Thanks Joe,

      Is it reasonable that some of those that would be punished via your method would be innocent? Possibly we can come up with a better solution.

      I think the truth can come out but unfortunately We The People are kept fighting amongst ourselves for now.

      This country needs to get the truth to the public and deal with this now. The crooks that did the job need to pay the price for their crime.

      I was taught that the American system of justice was meant to let a guilty walk free in order to avoid punishing an innocent person.

      There is enough evidence to figure all of this out. Thanks for joining the conversation.


    2. JR Demonstrates The Roots, "Reasoning," Lies, And Excuses For Treason

      "Is it reasonable that some of those that would be punished via your method would be innocent?" -Anonymous Jul 23, 2015, 10:27:00 PM, above.

      Thus, by above false reasoning, JR excuses Jews and satanists, thus allowing them to continue their murderous warfare which affects countless victims and humans, Jew and satanic masterminds KNOWING there are subversives like JR among the victim population they can manipulate to continue their depredations, precisely by means of such false reasoning.

      For what's happening is WARFARE being waged by Jews/satanists, and only counter-warfare will be sufficient to solving the problem, such counter-warfare known to suffering fm fact that it's problem for getting directly at the master-minds without hitting some who might not deserve fullest brunt of the warfare. Life is war.

      BUT SUCH IS WAR, and the TRAITOR, JR, defends the enemy, deliberately covering-up fact that Jews and satanists are waging such warfare, esp. by the leaders, speaking and acting for the enemy, speaking the subversive lies Jew enemy relies upon to keeping the host victims defenseless.

      And the traitor, JR, so primly and smugly speaks his false-hoods, lying to himself (evidently), imagining he stands for "justice" and/or moralism, but he lies only to himself--he must simply be considered and treated as the traitor he is, working for the enemy, not justice, and not for anything else but the enemy's purposes. Such is the hubris of traitors like JR, corrupt and deluded as they are--it shouldn't be allowed to affect the people so victimized.

      Jews partake in a satanic religion, hence warfare against humanity (see Talmudical.blogspot.com); thus humanity must counter this Jew warfare by means of warfare of its own. It doesn't matter some Jews pretend and protest w. their lies they don't mean war, these lies sufficing for traitors like JR who has no compassion for humanity. Death to the Jews and their traitorous allies like JR. JR must be exposed for treasonous liar as he is, even if it begins in self-delusion--same sort of typical self-delusion of Jews--which is NO EXCUSE.

    3. All I am saying is this. What is good for the goose should be good for the gander. The fact of the matter is that Muslims did not do 911, but are being punished for something they did not do. Here is the reasoning given by the Christian Zionists and the NeoCon Artists:
      o 19 Arab cavemen did 911
      o those 19 were Saudis
      o Saudis are all Muslim
      o let's attack every muslim

      Well the facts show that Muslims had nothing to do with 911. It was Israshit that did 911. Now let me use the SAME line of reasoning:

      o Israel perpetrated 911
      o Israel is a jewish state
      o let's attack every jew

      now I am not saying that this is right, but this is what we have been given as our line of reasoning since September 11, 2001, and even further back I would add. Now you are telling me that we should be more nuanced now? I am not unreasonable, and I don't paint everyone with the same brush stroke, but again, what is good for the goose ....
      and why not? What is fair is fair.

    4. Avg Joe: there's no "good" Jew anymore than there's good psychopath or good Christ-killer. Basic document to Judaism is Talmud which teaches Jews war against humanity/gentiles--see Talmudical.blogspot.com, RevisionistReview.blogspot.com, and Come-and-hear.com for best expo.

  5. WHAT People Need "Give A Damn" About--Truth Vs. Lies

    "Whether or not anyone gives a damn is another question entirely." -Very last line of this essay by JR, so Ironic.

    People give a "damn," as so many understand there's horrible things happening. US Dollar about to lose 50% of its value, soon--within a yr, many say now.

    But have u ever considered it's HOW u give a damn, or WHAT u give a damn about?--it's u, JR, who doesn't give a damn about the right, necessary, proper thing, I submit.

    War is being waged against people of USA--by satanists, and u don't give the damn u demand others give. Thus satanism, for practical purposes, is SUBJECTIVISM, the idea that all reality comes fm one's mentality, there not being an objective reality--which Christians are taught to think of as "God-created." And of course, we know, u're too clever to take Christianity or such thing as "God" seriously--U'RE THE ONE WHO FAILS to giving the necessary "damn," sucker.

    Thus extreme subjectivism amounts, for practical purposes, to making oneself God--this is satanism--and it's really quite simple. And this satanism is what's steadily destroying the world, sucker--which u're not grasping, observing, or heeding.

    For only about, maybe, 5% of folks can understand things in terms of strict logic or reason, u see--the rest of the people don't consider themselves clever enough to take such logic or reason too seriously, it being great strain on their child-like minds.

    That's why then, we teach all people, fm the earliest age, the Christian mythology--it's a way of conveying philosophy, but in an allegorical manner--as in way of Aesop's fables which sought to teach "moral" lessons, such as it was for the Greeks who immediately preceded the Christians.

    Thus the Christ hero figure/character opposed satanism and SUBJECTIVISM, insisting upon the idea there was such thing as TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), hence then the objective reality, necessary basis/foundation of any possible "truth."

    And Christ taught this TRUTH was the "only way" to Godly happiness.

    --------------[SEE BELOW FOR PART TWO TO ABOVE]---------

    1. ----------------[HERE'S PART TWO TO ABOVE]---------------

      So u see, this great battle btwn TRUTH and lies (satanism), lies founded in subjectivism, naturally, is at the heart of the Christian moral of New Testament--and this is what one must "give a damn" about--most Christians at least vaguely understand this, though not sufficiently, evidently, to be able to with-stand present satanic juggernaut, so dominant, so over-whelming, about to crash-down upon the poor people soon, soon, I'm afraid.

      So far, people know fairly solidly that LIES are the basic problem--it's at the heart of Gosp. JOHN 8:44--but they just have problem converting or translating it to most practical terms.

      Irony for the large culture/society is that establishment Christianity, including "Vatican," for example, is so totally captured by these satanic lies (and liars), and that's greatest asset and advantage of satanists.

      Thus Christianity must MILITARIZE and mobilize--hence must un-veil itself by means of strictest reason. For Christianity is the only real thing that can lead the people, the people not able to grasp strict reason and logic, as I note.

      Thus folks must understand the WAR being waged by Satanists (a), and then (b) HOW they do it, beginning by means of attractive LIES, esp. the lie regarding "good-evil" Pharisaism, known to Christians as Pelagian heresy.

      For "good-evil" doesn't exist in the objective, hence deterministic world; fallacious/delusionary/hereticalist "good-evil" can only exist upon SUBJECTIVISTIC premise--satanism, in all the possible, imaginable irony. For we're all sinners, doomed to fiery flames of heck. But this "good-evil" delusion is most difficult for people to ignore, they having been brought-up on it fm earliest age, so many having induced upon them "guilt-complex" (also known as "inferiority-complex"). And such "good-evil" lie is then the foundation of that subjectivism the satanists rely upon--as they do presently.

  6. Willful Ignorance Of Reality Is TREASON, And Leads To Death, Destruction

    "I was taught that the American system of justice was meant to let a guilty walk free in order to avoid punishing an innocent person." -JR, fm above entry, Anonymous Jul 23, 2015, 10:27:00 PM

    * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    No traitor filth, U WAGE WAR AGAINST THOSE WHO WAGE WAR against Americans. If "innocents" are killed, that's tough--but, as I've proven, there are no "good" Jews.

    Of course, scummy, psychotic traitor as u are, ur religion is that Jews can do anything they pls and there can't be anything wrong.

    Thus Jew filth (a redundancy) continues their depradations against like-minded morons as JR who, suicidal traitor as he is, does nothing, sees no evil, and tells those stupid enough to listen to him that there's nothing amiss, "after all, Jews are sooooooo wonderful...."

    So this, as the mentality demonstrated by JR, is what is happening in USA as it goes down the toilet.


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