Living the Dream


Warning:  What you are about to read has not been edited to make it readable.  Read at your own risk............................................

Poor America.

It is difficult watching people destroy themselves.

It is easy to understand after some study.

This blogging is difficult for me because it can come across as "negative" whatever that means.  Call it like you see it I was told as a child - but now as an adult I am expected to pretend everything is hunky-dory - in other words - NEVER SAY ANYTHING IS WRONG or be demonized by those under the spell of ....

Those receiving their information exclusively from media outlets that share common goals will live in a world with certain boundaries.  Who picks the boundaries?

There is no problem with any media having goals - the problem arises when there are too few media owners - which equates to too few ideas presented to the ELECTORATE.  This means it is easy to get the herd to act in unison - to galvanize them with the hypnosis available from every form of media.  Owning all of these hypnosis outlets in the same market means that it is almost impossible for anyone to get through to the public on issues that really need to penetrate the smoke screen.  What kinds of issues?  All kinds regarding the well being of the public to the well being and future of the nation.  Yes - we CAN fix things and get going into a positive direction.

This country WILL BE DESTROYED if we do not change our course.  Dictatorial scumbags who torture and murder are ALWAYS destroyed - and they ALWAYS DESERVE IT.  This means YOU AND ME.

  My opinions are just opinions - and if they are dangerous to the powers that be - maybe we need to accept the ability of the government to murder us if we speak up.  I don't know - all I have are opinions.  If you wish to know the answer - I think such a thought is insane.  The government needs to be fixed  if it asserts a need to violate our rights in order to protect our rights.  This is insanity - if you can't understand that - stop drinking your local fluoridated water.

The influence of propaganda here in the 'states has become disturbing.  Those in control of the television stations here don't serve the public.  In fact they are assisting in the demise of the general population regarding standard of living.

I don't see how anyone can believe that we don't need to have manufacturing here in the US -even from a national security standpoint.  The public never gets a chance to hear anything except corporate-friendly messages since the corporations dominate media-blocs in each market - enabled by the abandonment of laws to the contrary that limited the media outlets that could be owned by one entity within certain regions/markets/population-centers etc...   In other words the media outlets were spread amongst COMPETING owners which encouraged MULTIPLE VIEWPOINTS.  Since these laws which almost ensured COMPETING IDEAS for the consideration of the public were abandoned - our nation has suffered tremendously - and can eventually die from it.

Our country - America - the U.S. - cannot exist without an informed public since elections are supposed to be based upon the decisions of informed citizens - acting upon their analysis of facts - then they vote.  When the deck is stacked, (in the media) favoring one side or the other - the dominant side gets to take advantage of the public - and have their way with them - since the public always believes the media.  That's why the media is so effective.  People really are manipulated with mass media - period.

Thomas Jefferson built the great ideas and conclusions of the country into his architecture.

Very interesting to observe and live in - but in the end......exhausting.  I don't know if I really have the energy to be the only person in the room who knows that 911 was an inside job.  911 got us where we are - that is significant - those intent on "sweeping that under the rug" will eventually be identified as the fuck-ups that gave the country away - due to their ignorance, pride, and unwillingness to consider new ideas.

The South is doomed unless they fix some problems.  First - they need to be  get past their absolutism regarding religious principles- listening to reason for a change .  One way or another.  Don't get on my ass about saying "religious" because I mean it the way we understand it to be - a religious person here in this article you are reading , is a person that simply believes without proof.  That is religion  and it seems to be  the root of all evil.  There is a lot of that going on here where I haven't heard one fucking preacher - and I've been approached by a shitload of them - NOT ONE PREACHER OR ANYONE REPRESENTING CHRIST AROUND HERE HAS SAID ONE SYLLABLE ABOUT STOPPING TORTURE.  For this reason I feel the need to lambaste them - the churches and so-called "Christians" (in name only?) --------because Jesus would never torture anyone.  Therefore I have higher standards for humanity than any preacher I've met.

Can you understand when I tell  you that it does not make me feel good writing this truth.  My mother used to say "The Truth Hurts" - she was right.   How can we be in such a sorry state of morality  here in the good 'ole Yoo-Ess-AYY????  I understand the problems with defining morality - all I'm saying is that torture is un-American.  It always was going back to Washington - then recently this becomes "the norm."  What is with that?  It is called the manipulation of the public mind.

 Isn't that fucked up?  I wonder if this fact has anything to do with their dwindling numbers and defeat in the holy wars they've embarked upon?

When populations/countries are defeated in war - it always boils down to being on the side of EVIL.

That's where we are folks.  Now go ahead and bitch at me for telling you these simple facts.

If you are FOR TORTURE I AM AGAINST YOU.  Because I have high standards.

George Washington:  "It is better to be alone than in bad company."

Jack Rabbit doesn't want to be friends with anyone that supports torture, because Jack RAbbit is an American.  Americans don't torture - it's banned in the Constitution - no "cruel or unusual punishment."


Moth to the Candle Flame

Should I write anything of any significance here?

Why do I ask such a silly question?

Because America has become so un-American -there is no such thing as true freedom of speech here anymore.  We are living in a time where we can be abused by a monster of our own creation (called the government and their operatives.)  We must consider the consequences of the exercise of our fantasy-based visions of so-called "freedom of speech."

I've heard "freedom isn't free" - no shit sherlock - try saying something unpopular in the presence of Americans - they'll quickly remind you what they think about your freedom of speech.

The media that influences the minds of  citizens doesn't have a duty to do anything for U.S.  It is OUR DUTY to take control of them.  If you don't believe me - ASK THEM.

When the enemies of freedom dominate the nooz - all we are left with is each other.  I get very frustrated discussing anything with anybody - the media really seems to dominate the judgement circuits of most people I know.  It isn't their fault.  Media propaganda has matured to where it can simply be employed on the population.  The experimentation phase of this stuff is finito - they know how to get us all to believe any-freaking-thing.

Freedom of speech seems simple - until one attempts to say something unpopular.

Our nation - is not a democracy - but it DOES have democratic - majority rule - mechanisms built-in.  These democratic mechanisms - namely elections - are controlled by a corporate "mafia" that controls the voting machines.  For this reason I don't vote.  I want a paper receipt or something better.  They claim to have electronic chips the size of a grain of rice to store biometric data on us under our own skin!   But we can't have a transparent election.  It is not difficult to have transparent elections.  The real work is in controlling the elections and the media that reports on whether or not the elections were honest.  If I control both - then I have the ability to control a "higher level" of propaganda-power here in the USA.

The so-called "bad guys" seem to be better at everything - in other words those taking all the fruits of our labors are in a number of minority top positions - scraping the cream off our work - then giving us the crumbs.  Every time a situation like this develops (based on the lies fed to me about our history)  every time a situation where a few have everything and everybody else is struggling for food - revolution results.  The results depend on a lot - and that is beyond the scope of this key-battering.

We have become the home of the "Witch-Hunt."  A "Witch" is someone that needs to be burned in front of the population to remind them what happens to their bold neighbors who" get out of line."  There IS a "line"  - or fence if you will - one needs to know where are the boundaries of that fence.  Trying to get all "uppity" may result in bad things happening - maybe lose one's job?  Jobs - contrary to popular consent of the propagandists - and I am including those "on the ground" spreading rumors etc... to maintain the establishment status quo... these and any other "jobs" are getting sparse in the USA.  We don't have manufacturing - this undeniable disaster continues with liars everywhere pretending that it has nothing to do with the preservation of this nation of STATES and the values enshrined in the cultures and governments and institutions of these individual states.

A witch hunt is an attempt to find something to bring a person before a panel of judges for talking about an uncomfortable subject.

A witch hunt can be based upon statistics-based information of all sorts.  Hence - the information collection craze we are presently living through.

This information-suction machine that surrounds us is actually tainting the very data it is collecting - thereby making the data it collects useless.  Since the information-suction machine is creating lies out of truths -sometimes one must predistort the input to get the desired "true" output desired I lie about everything to everybody.  Do you believe me?

The physicists tell us that in order for us, humans, to detect something , under certain circumstances, we must shine light on the thing we are looking at.  Unfortunately for the photographer of this event, we are unable to get the subject matter to sit still long enough for the picture, because the light photons/energy we "shine on the object" interacts with the photons of the object we are looking at.  

An example, I may have read in a book on quantum theory - was of a billiard table, where we are standing there, blindfolded holding a cue ball tasked with telling an observer where an 8-ball on the table is.......and the only way we have of telling where the 8-ball is .......is to roll the cue ball we have on the table over and over again until we impact that ball on the table we can't see because we are blindfolded.  OK - we here the "ping" of the cue ball impacting the eight ball but then we have moved the eight ball in the process - so all we can report is - where it was when we saw it, but we moved it so it is somewhere else.

OK - why all this bullshit?  So you can understand that I am theorizing that there can be a relationship between what we do and the resultant world we live in -it can be boiled down simply to "cause and effect."

If there is a cause and effect world going on - then that means we can provide causes to get certain effects - regardless of having to  understand everything around us since the dinosaurs were here - and even that date is up for major debate.

So here we are - no what about this lying business?

Have you every heard of the "liars paradox"???  Yeah the question marks prolly go inside the quotation marks.

So the liars paradox is where I, Jack Rabbit say to you, reader:
                                                   "I am lying - should you believe me?"  

You, reader, then may ask yourself some questions, about what I just asked you, because there are built-in contradictions in that very question.   These built-in contradictions then may lead you to question what it is that I am really asking.  The result is mis-communications.

This mis-communications situation can be created by those wishing ambiguity in... maybe... the reporting of an event.  Maybe it would be "bad for business" for certain news to come out so money can exchange hands to make such an event happen.

On the upcoming prezidental elecshun:

Donald Trump loves and supports Israel.  My guess right now is that he will not address the concerns of the USS Liberty.  He does not presently DEMONSTRATE THE POWER NOW to bend the media to his will....they are in league with him - they are the very people behind him.

Yesterday - day before - I read an article that Atlantic City - home of Donald Trumps casinos I visited one time a decade and more ago - that Atlantic City was trying to claim bankruptcy.  I guess that filthy dump Atlantic City - just didn't profit as much as the Donald for his casino biz.

I have nothing against Donald Trump.   But would even Donald Trump respect me if I didn't ask these tough questions?  I think not.

We need to get out of these wars, re-establish respect for states rights and traditions, and bring back industry so there is enough jobs so that people who don't like how it is in their present state, can get a job in another state that is more in line with their values.

If there really are 300 million people here in the USA - then get some shoe factories here!  That's a lot of shoes.  Put tariffs on this item and subsidize some entrepreneurial shoe design and manufacturing start-ups.  Isn't this basic stuff - or should I find a way to make this dirt-simple stuff complicated?