Moth to the Candle Flame

Should I write anything of any significance here?

Why do I ask such a silly question?

Because America has become so un-American -there is no such thing as true freedom of speech here anymore.  We are living in a time where we can be abused by a monster of our own creation (called the government and their operatives.)  We must consider the consequences of the exercise of our fantasy-based visions of so-called "freedom of speech."

I've heard "freedom isn't free" - no shit sherlock - try saying something unpopular in the presence of Americans - they'll quickly remind you what they think about your freedom of speech.

The media that influences the minds of  citizens doesn't have a duty to do anything for U.S.  It is OUR DUTY to take control of them.  If you don't believe me - ASK THEM.

When the enemies of freedom dominate the nooz - all we are left with is each other.  I get very frustrated discussing anything with anybody - the media really seems to dominate the judgement circuits of most people I know.  It isn't their fault.  Media propaganda has matured to where it can simply be employed on the population.  The experimentation phase of this stuff is finito - they know how to get us all to believe any-freaking-thing.

Freedom of speech seems simple - until one attempts to say something unpopular.

Our nation - is not a democracy - but it DOES have democratic - majority rule - mechanisms built-in.  These democratic mechanisms - namely elections - are controlled by a corporate "mafia" that controls the voting machines.  For this reason I don't vote.  I want a paper receipt or something better.  They claim to have electronic chips the size of a grain of rice to store biometric data on us under our own skin!   But we can't have a transparent election.  It is not difficult to have transparent elections.  The real work is in controlling the elections and the media that reports on whether or not the elections were honest.  If I control both - then I have the ability to control a "higher level" of propaganda-power here in the USA.

The so-called "bad guys" seem to be better at everything - in other words those taking all the fruits of our labors are in a number of minority top positions - scraping the cream off our work - then giving us the crumbs.  Every time a situation like this develops (based on the lies fed to me about our history)  every time a situation where a few have everything and everybody else is struggling for food - revolution results.  The results depend on a lot - and that is beyond the scope of this key-battering.

We have become the home of the "Witch-Hunt."  A "Witch" is someone that needs to be burned in front of the population to remind them what happens to their bold neighbors who" get out of line."  There IS a "line"  - or fence if you will - one needs to know where are the boundaries of that fence.  Trying to get all "uppity" may result in bad things happening - maybe lose one's job?  Jobs - contrary to popular consent of the propagandists - and I am including those "on the ground" spreading rumors etc... to maintain the establishment status quo... these and any other "jobs" are getting sparse in the USA.  We don't have manufacturing - this undeniable disaster continues with liars everywhere pretending that it has nothing to do with the preservation of this nation of STATES and the values enshrined in the cultures and governments and institutions of these individual states.

A witch hunt is an attempt to find something to bring a person before a panel of judges for talking about an uncomfortable subject.

A witch hunt can be based upon statistics-based information of all sorts.  Hence - the information collection craze we are presently living through.

This information-suction machine that surrounds us is actually tainting the very data it is collecting - thereby making the data it collects useless.  Since the information-suction machine is creating lies out of truths -sometimes one must predistort the input to get the desired "true" output desired I lie about everything to everybody.  Do you believe me?

The physicists tell us that in order for us, humans, to detect something , under certain circumstances, we must shine light on the thing we are looking at.  Unfortunately for the photographer of this event, we are unable to get the subject matter to sit still long enough for the picture, because the light photons/energy we "shine on the object" interacts with the photons of the object we are looking at.  

An example, I may have read in a book on quantum theory - was of a billiard table, where we are standing there, blindfolded holding a cue ball tasked with telling an observer where an 8-ball on the table is.......and the only way we have of telling where the 8-ball is .......is to roll the cue ball we have on the table over and over again until we impact that ball on the table we can't see because we are blindfolded.  OK - we here the "ping" of the cue ball impacting the eight ball but then we have moved the eight ball in the process - so all we can report is - where it was when we saw it, but we moved it so it is somewhere else.

OK - why all this bullshit?  So you can understand that I am theorizing that there can be a relationship between what we do and the resultant world we live in -it can be boiled down simply to "cause and effect."

If there is a cause and effect world going on - then that means we can provide causes to get certain effects - regardless of having to  understand everything around us since the dinosaurs were here - and even that date is up for major debate.

So here we are - no what about this lying business?

Have you every heard of the "liars paradox"???  Yeah the question marks prolly go inside the quotation marks.

So the liars paradox is where I, Jack Rabbit say to you, reader:
                                                   "I am lying - should you believe me?"  

You, reader, then may ask yourself some questions, about what I just asked you, because there are built-in contradictions in that very question.   These built-in contradictions then may lead you to question what it is that I am really asking.  The result is mis-communications.

This mis-communications situation can be created by those wishing ambiguity in... maybe... the reporting of an event.  Maybe it would be "bad for business" for certain news to come out so money can exchange hands to make such an event happen.

On the upcoming prezidental elecshun:

Donald Trump loves and supports Israel.  My guess right now is that he will not address the concerns of the USS Liberty.  He does not presently DEMONSTRATE THE POWER NOW to bend the media to his will....they are in league with him - they are the very people behind him.

Yesterday - day before - I read an article that Atlantic City - home of Donald Trumps casinos I visited one time a decade and more ago - that Atlantic City was trying to claim bankruptcy.  I guess that filthy dump Atlantic City - just didn't profit as much as the Donald for his casino biz.

I have nothing against Donald Trump.   But would even Donald Trump respect me if I didn't ask these tough questions?  I think not.

We need to get out of these wars, re-establish respect for states rights and traditions, and bring back industry so there is enough jobs so that people who don't like how it is in their present state, can get a job in another state that is more in line with their values.

If there really are 300 million people here in the USA - then get some shoe factories here!  That's a lot of shoes.  Put tariffs on this item and subsidize some entrepreneurial shoe design and manufacturing start-ups.  Isn't this basic stuff - or should I find a way to make this dirt-simple stuff complicated?


  1. should i write anything of significance here?

  2. https://www.google.com/search?q=Should+I+write+anything+of+any+significance+here%3F&oq=Should+I+write+anything+of+any+significance+here%3F&aqs=chrome..69i57&sourceid=chrome&es_sm=88&ie=UTF-8


  3. JR Mis-Represents Science, Philosophy

    JR: I think it would be best to consider Jew S A captured, conquered land, like the old Roman empire, the people infected w. horrific HUBRIS, Jews-media enabled thus to run various, numerous psy-ops by which the hubristic morons are affected, intimidated, and rather led by proverbial "noses."

    Certainly, a captured nation is how we Christians consider the situation, and like in old Roman empire we need a Christian revolution--a real, genuine "revival." Hubris (satanism/subjectivism, given pretext by "good-evil") must be replaced, once again, by the objective reality, Christ = Truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

    For observe how the corrupt and criminal enterprise of central-banking fought it all out through the yrs and finally prevailed in 1913 Federal Reserve Act. Prior American history (to 1913) was very much about the real money vs. "currency" issue, and after adoption of US Constitution, first Bank of US (BUS) initiated in 1791 by Hamilton, which Jefferson protested.

    U say (above): "The so-called "bad guys" seem to be better at everything...," but what do u expect if they ("bad guys") are enabled to literally printing-up practically all the currency (not real "money") they need to now owning and controlling all politicians, judges, bureaucrats, etc., w. only very few exceptions?

    Thus the Jewwy (w. masonic, homosexual, and hereticalist Christian-Zionist [supporters of Israel] allies) criminals prevailed and conquered, and humanity was left only w. hope that the top master-minds would fall-out w. one another upon principle of "NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES."

    For don't forget at least two of Trump's children are married to kikes, the daughter actually having apostatized, joining the Christ-killers (truth-killers).

    Regarding metaphysic ("first philosophy," as Aristotle called it), u must note that all reasoning must begin w. ASSUMPTIONS which cannot be proven, merely assumed. For otherwise u have problem of infinite regress and circular reasoning. And the two basic assumptions u have to choose fm, which cannot be proven, are (a) objective reality, or (b) subjectivism--as Aristotle noted. For subjectivism reduces to absurd, anything goes. Only objective reality provides a criterion for TRUTH (= Christ). Christ is symbol/character for this truth premise/principle.

    FM objectivity u get law of identity (A = A) and then non-contradiction, foundation of logic. Thus all science is necessarily and by definition founded upon the objectivity premise, and no possible or conceivable "science" could contradict or disprove--u're just going for "quantum physics" nonsense.

    But most people (like u, JR, evidently) have greatest difficulty w. this strict logic and philosophy, and that's why so many rely upon aesthetics and literature as we have fm New Testament with which such literature u have such great difficulty as u're soooo endlessly terrified by Jews, so afraid to speaking truth about Jew murderers and psychopaths who follow their anti-human religion of war, worshipping a war-god. We all marvel at ur continuing, insane anti-Christ obsession and refusal to facing-up to truth and facts of reality and history.


    1. JR: Fails For Logic And Aesthetics

      Thus we observe the difficulty of our hero, JR, who (a) fails at the strict logical approach, getting all mucked-up over "quantum physics" non-sense, but (b) at same time, is and remains insanely prejudiced against New Test. aesthetical approach which champions the objective premise against Jew subjectivism.

      So what's JR's problem for this insane prejudice against Christianity?--which prejudice we see he lacks for Jews. But JR is not prejudiced, he insists, in all his obsessionate insanity.

      So this is the problem for Jew S A and our hubristic culture: JR is totally, horrifically terrified of Jews and satanists, won't admit it, but sees it's ok to knock and ridicule Christians as he does so often, so flippantly in his smug and inimitable manner.

      So u see, JR, U'RE THE PROBLEM, and most perfect example of the hubristic problem for culture of Jew S A. U BETRAY the basic original USA for its Christianity, defending the satanic enemy, thinking evidently, this is the "cool" way to be, politically-correct and all. It's okay to ridicule Christian truth, but u don't dare criticize the satanic enemy, not even willing to admit its existence.

      So even as ur specific cultural and economic analysis is pretty worthless, w. all the "quantum physics" nonsense, as we see, the example u provide for ur terror of Jews and satanists, covered by smugness and hubris, is actually most notable.

  4. Correction to above should read:
    It doesn't surprise me that you, the religious one, claim to know that which you CAN NOT.
    (In other words I don't believe any person can know certain things and you are one of them)


    1. JR: Militantly Mystic

      I'm "religious"?--ho ho ho ho All humans are "religious," comrade--do u even understand meaning of the word?--ck a dictionary. And u're "religious" in ur own way.

      And the sentence, "It doesn't surprise me that you, the religious one, claim to know that which you CAN NOT" doesn't entirely make sense. Perhaps u mean, "...can not know," which would be lie (another one) on ur part.

      So, evidently, u claim to be "non-religious," but isn't it funny u make so little sense?

      See JR, u're not only psychotic, but u're a liar--mostly to urself, I'd say--u don't fool me.

      U seem to be trying to twisting about certain arguments, so u change the wording--as in use of "religious"--which I don't claim. I merely invoke the AESTHETIC and literature of New Test.--u need to getting that straight and quit ur lying.

      And I claim what I claim--stick to the exact wording for what I claim--NOT ur lies and lying.

      For my arguments are very simple, and I'm careful for defining my terms--as for "satanism" being extreme subjectivism, subjectivism being essence of hubris.

      But I'm confident the readers can figure it all out for themselves.

      JR: u should consider u're losing ur argument here, going fm "quantum physics" babble and nonsense now to ur above incoherence about me being "religious" and lying about what I claim and claim to know.

      USA, now the Jew S A, is suffering extreme hubris and subjectivism--SATANISM--easily understood, easily verified, and u're perfect example of a major part of the problem.

      Newsflash, JR: U'RE THE MYSTIC, buddy, not making any sense--u're the one suffering HUBRIS. I'm the one trying to solve and analyze the problem so it can be treated.

    2. Apsterian,
      How amusing - how do you explain that Christians support all the warmongering you cite above while I do NOT.

      Ha ha. Who would Jesus napalm?

      I suppose no Christians have ever dropped napalm on innocent people. Come to think about it - weren't Christians burned by their enemies? I suppose that what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

      Christians are no better than anyone else - it is good law that keeps us all honest.



    3. Satanism Of JR PERFECTLY Demonstrated--For All Time, Even

      When in doubt, JR just resorts to his usual satanic lying--AMAZING--disguised and excused as over-generalizing--and this is aside fm the sheer stupidity of the commentary in the first place.

      Of course the (obvious) lie is Christians qua Christians "support warmongering," evidently as matter of religion, ho ho hoho ho. Does it, such moronic assertion, even dignify a response?--nahhhhhhh, h o hohoho, it's sooooo blatantly stupid.

      And didn't I tell u JR is palpably PSYCHOTIC--as in case of this idiotic, moronic lie he just up and blurts out about Christians and warmongering?

      Of course, not a word fm JR, satanic liar and psycho, about Jews, which actually does support war against the gentile, this as integral matter of religion--just ck their Talmud (see Talmudical.blogspot.com, RevisionistReview.blogspot.com, and Come-and-hear.com).

      And the pt. is that Christianity is better than Judaism, hence serious Christians are better than Jews, and similarly, Christianity is best of all religions, Christianity worship of Truth, etc.

      And the best law we've ever seen (like US Constitution) was founded in Christian culture, as I noted, and could only have been founded upon such Christianity--as we see fm history.

      And still I observe JR wouldn't have the guts to come-out to endorsing explicit Satanism--he's too cowardly and ignorant, not understanding what he's doing. But JR is satanically determined to lying and to down-grade Christianity (just observe his own moronic words quoted fm above)--this is the truly SATANIC nature and effect he demonstrates, he not willing to admit it or even to grasp or understand it even for his own knowledge and info.

      Such is the SATANIC nature of JR--which is rather shared by many others too, in Jew S A and world, I submit--even as he fails to own up to outright satanism, as we see.

      Such then is the satanic take-over we observe in present Jew S A as in case of psychotics and sublime liars like JR, willing dupes and useful idiots for satanism and ZOG.


  5. JR Ignores Plain Satanism In His Face

    JR says: "We have become the home of the "Witch-Hunt."" But it's MUCH, MUCH WORSE than merely this--"witch hunting." USA has become Jew S A, a gross, mass-murdering psychopathic nation, people like JR enabling the psychopaths for their mass-murder. And note the extent to which this psycho-pathology reaches.

    It's PROVEN Jew S A created, trained, supplied and armed ISIS, and even now as we speak, Jew S A is in Syria, TOTALLY ILLEGALLY, making a safe-space for ISIS, re-arming and re-supplying them, this while telling the world USA is fighting ISIS, etc.

    Similar illegal, aggressive activity is being done Ukraine. Worst of all, surely, is the activity being done here, domestically, Jew S A sponsoring monopolist corporations for the slow-kill mass-murder of Americans, the dumb, brainless scum, by means of toxic vaccines, poisoned GMO foods, and prescription drugs. Then there's the "fracking" which ruins and poisons water supplies, the poison "chem-trails," and toxic electro-magnetic radiation poisoning.

    Further, observe the Feds are trying to force states to give access to girls locker-rooms to "trans-gendered" scum, empowering queer filth, harassing home-schoolers, not to mention doing everything possible to dis-arm the people to render them defenseless against criminals and tyrannic gov.

    Plain purpose is satanic mass-murder and "de-population," all in accord w. Agenda-21 world dictatorship.

    Meantime, the satanic enablers and willing dupes, like JR, want to lie about Christianity, pretending there's something wrong w. "religion"--THIS IS THE PROBLEM, and integral part of the root of it all, making for the overall, general HUBRIS of the culture and thus the active, blatant satanism so plain and evident.


  6. JR And Americans MUST Look In Mirror To See Problem

    "Because America has become so un-American -there is no such thing as true freedom of speech here anymore."


    "I get very frustrated discussing anything with anybody - the media really seems to dominate the judgement circuits of most people I know." --JR, fm above

    And once again we see JR, obsessed psycho who lies, begins upon his favorite "media" subject-matter, AGAIN, over-looking the direct cause--CENTRAL-BANKING which owns all the media.

    JR: people get "very frustrated discussing" w. u, buddy, never doubt, the way u do ur lying, psychotic work for satanists, w. ur insane hatred of Christianity: "... America has become so un-American."

    For indeed it (America) has become nothing less than satanic, JR, and u're perfect example as to how and why, buddy, w. ur persistent, obsessionate, insane lying, hatred, and mis-representation of Christianity, serving satanism and satanic enemy.

    Observe the form of satanism u urself display and practice for ur INSANE persistence, obsession, and consistency, knocking Christianity, serving Judaism, equating them.

    Thus JR presents most interesting and telling picture, never himself outrightly invoking satanism, but certainly practicing it quite deliberately for that insane, obsessionate persistence, always thinking, evidently, he's doing good.

    Look in the mirror, JR: problem w. Jew S A is right there--it's u, buddy, and no one else, u the satanists' willing dupe and "useful idiot."


    1. "Religiousness" Of JR And Apster Compared

      Let's here compare the "religious" attitudes and practices of the advocates, JR and ap--and let's then see who's rational, who's mystic and subjectivist, hence hubristic and satanist.

      Apster forthrightly upholds dear Christianity, worship of TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), foundation of the original American civilization and law, demonstrated by all the facts, Holy Spirit being combination of reason and honesty pervading throughout conscious and sub-conscious.

      And apster clearly pt.s out the specific facts of history by which USA became filthy Jew S A, the people degenerate in hubris and subjectivism, coming under sway of satanism and Jews, Jew S A now enforcer and financier of Jew world order and anti-Christ, satanic terror-state of Israel--notice how ISIS NEVER attacks Israel?--ever wondered about that?--JR sure doesn't (wonder about it)--ever noticed?

      Now consider and observe the satanic "religious" practice and attitude of JR who lies about Christianity, pretending rational "law" is not founded thereupon--as if US Constitution and Bill of Rights were not exclusive product of Christians and Christianity.

      Observe further, the consistent, persistent, obsessionate satanic hatred, contempt, disrespect, and lying JR has and does in regard to this Christian foundation, so willing to overlook satanic takeover of USA (and world) by Jews and satanists, making it now Jew S A, mass-murderer, blood-thirsty enforcer of ZOG, presently mass-murdering (by slow-kill methods) even its own people.

      To JR, at worst, there's no diff. btwn Judaism and Christianity, but clearly JR hates and dis-respects Christianity most, never failing to express his contempt and dis-respect, at same time, never daring to criticize Judaism, all this pretending he's not "politically-correct," the filthy lying liar who lies like a dog.

      So we see the contrast in style and content for the two advocates, forthright Christian soldier, apster, vs. satanic JR, devilish and demonic for his Jew-friendly, anti-Christ TREASON to Christian foundation of USA and its basic law and Constitution.

      So don't doubt or deny ur anti-Christ "religious" attitude and practice makes itself quite un-mistakably plain, JR. Don't pretend u're not "religious" for ur own satanism, even if u don't admit it or even know about it for urself. Don't be surprised u're soooooo sunk within satanic-induced psychosis. And don't pretend u're "rational," as u're actually the very opposite, proven and demonstrated for ur lies and lying u do regarding Christianity and ur demonic hatred for it.

      U may not imagine u're satanist, but it's ur consistent practice of it, irrational dis-respect and contempt for dear Christianity and Christian people which proves and demonstrates, never doubt. U fool no one as u do urself, u NOT being ur own master, satanic dupe and useful idiot as u plainly are, which everyone can see--everyone but u, evidently. Get a clue, sucker.

    2. It doesn't occur to people to wonder if they are 'Satanic' (Saturnic) . As ugly as an the inference may seem to be, it is truly an act of Christ's rough tough love to inform another, allowing the person the chance to look at themselves.
      All we can do is be honest. All of us are born into carbon 6 'meatpack' bodies.
      The difference being glorfying this , in honor of Saturn/Satan. Or glorifying the Truth. The Truth of the condition. Holding it to light. Which Apsterian clearly does better than anyone I know of. Thank you Apsterian. Great work.

    3. Once again, mkultra, u appear w. ur moronic, incoherent babbling, imagining u make any sense about anything, imagining u do anyone any favor(s) for ur idiotic mumblings.


  7. JR's Sublime Satanism And Psychosis Exposed--Which He Refuses To Admit

    So u see, JR: just what form ur sort of satanism (and insanity) takes? Slowly but surely the forces of TRUTH close in upon u, buddy.

    U're obviously not AVOWED satanist: u're too cowardly and ignorant. But u do the next, most practical thing for satanism, demonstrated by ur absolutely INSANE, insistent, obsessionate lies and anti-Christianity as we've now noted. See ur above note at May 11, 2016, 6:49:00 PM, to which I replied in detail.

    Thus u're willing dupe and useful idiot for satanism and ZOG. U don't spout or overtly advocate satanism, U SIMPLY PRACTICE IT, and prosecute it, ignoring the overt satanic nature.

    NO WONDER u're not even willing to admit this satanism is what we have in Jew S A, right?

    So aside fm the Judeo-Christian (JC--see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo) heretics, homosexuals, and others, including esp. fanatical leftists (collectivists and subjectivists), satanic ZOG has such as u, willing anti-Christ dupe and useful idiot working for them.

    Ur psychoticism then takes form of the deliberate lying u do, as we note and demonstrate, so satanically, fanatically, insanely determined and obsessed u are for anti-Christianity.

    Thus ur lies and lying, hence psychoticism follow fm ur anti-Christianity. And ur insane anti-Christianity manifests itself for psychosis and insanity in ur willingness to LIE. Get a clue.

    It's what u've become, JR--simply a liar, pretending evidently that u're somehow standing-up for--what?--"reason"?--ho ho ho ho ho.

    1. satanic Fanaticism For Practice, Application, While Refusing To Admitting It--JR's "Religion"

      Thus note the "religious" nature of JR's anti-Christianity--"religiousness" to pt. of psychosis: this is nothing less than satanic, which satanism JR would surely never endorse as conscious ideal, but which he yet practices fanatically, obsessionately--and more.

      The psychosis of it all is JR wouldn't admit it for avowed satanism, though it IS how he practices it for intensity and fanatical application.


    2. JR: Totally Exposed

      Indeed, it's the irony and wonder about u, JR: u deny (evidently) u're "religious," but that's a lie as we see, u being absolutely, fanatically anti-Christ--this while saying nothing about Judaism, rather equating them.

      And u lie: May 11, 2016, 6:49:00 PM, "...how do you explain that Christians support all the warmongering." This, preceding, isn't only a mere lie, it's just stupid--so stupid it's pathetic.

      U then follow above quoted lie w. another lie: "Christians are no better than anyone else - it is good law that keeps us all honest." For the best "good law" was given by Christians.

      So u see JR how u're EXPOSED for ur "religion" of lies and lying: satanism in practice if not in explicit name--that's u, buddy.

      Ur psychoticism thus is actually pathetic and pitiful, and everyone else can see this, JR--why can't u?

    3. Hi Apsterian,

      Is that a question Christ would ask me? How are you Christian, then, Apsterian?

      Also: God created me - take it up with him.



    4. JR: Hates, Resents Truth, Honesty

      JR: what makes u, satanic lying liar and anti-Christ, think u know anything about Christianity or Christ? And HOW MANY times have I explained to psycho like u what Christianity is all about (truth--against Jew lies)? U simply refuse to heed to the truth--and note, I provide all necessary citations and expo; u just satanically refuse to heed--whose fault is that?

      JR: we just want u to face reality, which is that ur "religion" is anti-Christ psychoticism and satanism, including the insane willingness to lies and lying as u do about Christianity and Christians, as we noted above.

      U know, the IRONY is, as I noted, there actually is a religion which "endorses war-mongering" as u alleged, BUT it isn't Christianity; rather it's Judaism which avowedly, as matter of explicit theology (ck their Talmud, my citations), practices and pursues active warfare against gentiles.

      But u're sooooooo insanely, deliberately, psychotically blinded w. hatred against truth, reality, and Christ u refuse to face the facts--and that's not our fault, or God's fault, buddy. U need to take-up ur lies and satanic hatred of truth w. urself.


    5. JR's satanic Effrontery, Pretending To Demanding Christian Principles/Standards

      Ho ho ho hoh oho--observe JR demandingly asks, "How are you Christian, then, Apsterian?"--as if he pretends he KNOWS anything about what Christianity is or is supposed to be, ho hoho ho ho. And this absurd sanctimonious demanding of JR's is AFTER he's expressed his psychotic, satanic resentment and hatred of Christianity as he has, along w. his lies and false accusations, ho ohoho ho ho ho

      JR: Christian is simply someone who holds truth as highest value and virtue, along w. honesty--something u're incapable of, as we see. Get a clue, sucker, ho ho ho ho

  8. Apsterian:

    How is it that I can predict your evasion of the original question I asked you - how you behave in an un Christ like manner - yet accuse me of being un Christ like.

    Why not face that problem - then the world will be a better place. I'm not just saying that of you - that goes for everybody.


    1. More Lies, Lying FM Anti-Christ JR

      JR: psychotic liar that u are, u pretend I'm "un-Christ -like," but u, satanist psycho, don't know anything about Christ or Christianity--u hate Christianity and lie about Christians. And I explained Christianity is about worship of truth, sucker, and I gave the citations. U just can't stand truth and honesty, so u lie, like satanist u are, and say I'm "un-Christ like."

      I don't say u're "un-Christ like"--I said u're anti-Christ, satanist, liar--ck my text, above.

      The "problem" is w. u and ur anti-Christ, psychotic "religious" satanism, lies and lying, buddy, as I pt'd out, eh? Ho ho ho ho

      Problem w. world is rampant satanism, lies, and lying, as u demonstrate, buddy. Christian culture gave the world Dec. of Independence, Articles of Confederation, and Bill of Rights, but u satanically hate Christianity and lie about Christians as u did above, as I pt'd out. U're the problem, u a satanist and willing dupe, useful idiot.


    2. JR Forgets He Hates Christianity--So What's He Talking About?

      Thus JR: u must be confronted w. irony and hypocrisy of ur satanic lies and contempt for Christianity as afore-mentioned, above, May 11, 2016, 6:49:00 PM, "Who would Jesus napalm?" and "Christians support warmongering."

      One must then wonder about what principle or ideal u pretend to invoke when u talk about being "un-Christ -like." U hate Christianity and Christians, remember?--having nothing but contempt for them.

      U need to figure-out who u think u're kidding. My thesis is simple: u're flunkey, dupe, and useful idiot for Satanists who run things, u not owning to satanism, though u practice it.

  9. Apsterian,

    Wow - if you are setting an example for Christians regarding being Christlike - I'm starting to wonder if being Christian is anything to brag about.

    Again - are these approaches that Christ would take? Are you telling me that you are exhibiting Christ-like behaviour?

    Just askin'


    1. Everything's Big Mystery For JR, The Anti-Christ

      JR: Christ and "Christ-like" are all described in New Test., right?--so anyone can go and read all about it and figure it out for himself.

      U're "starting to wonder"?--ho ho ho ho. Sucker, u're anti-Christ, remember? U sure have a convenient memory, eh? Ho hohoho

      But anyway, we've pretty well established ur "religion": anti-Christ satanism, obsession, fanaticism, along w. lies and lying--like ur Jew buddies, eh?

      And I'm not "setting example," ok?--I just do my best like anyone else--like u, eh? Hoh o ho oho ho. Christ is TRUTH, only way to Godly happiness (see Gosp. JOHN 14:6), as I've told u umpteen times now, moron.

      And Holy Spirit is what's most consistent w. truth (= Christ), reason and honesty, these then integral throughout the spirit, conscious and sub-conscious, much as possible, etc. And it's all big mystery for u, eh? Ho ho ho ho. That's not my fault.


    2. JR, The Anti-Christ, Continues His Satanist Lying

      "I'm starting to wonder if being Christian is anything to brag about." -JR, May 13, 2016, 8:25:00 AM

      Well JR: that, above, PRESUMES u understand anything about "being Christian" in the first place, eh? Ho ho ho oho ho

      For, to listen to (and read) ur anti-Christ lying u've done so far, u have rather dim view of Christianity, to say the least, and u're just telling MORE lies now, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho


  10. Strange Anti-Christ Criteria, Circumstances Of JR's Criticism

    After all, JR tells us himself: "I get very frustrated discussing anything with anybody...," fm above--his own words and admission. Why is that, JR?--is it because u have contempt for the culture of the native Christian people?--to extent of lying about and mis-representing Christian religion?

    Then, u pretend to invoking what u insist are the ideals of Christ and Christianity, complaining people don't act accordingly, ho ho hoho--question is, HOW would u know?--what are those ideals?--after u've done ur best heaping as much contempt as u can muster upon those supposed ideals?--even claiming those ideals aren't clear fm text of New Test.

    So u see, JR, it's hard to see HOW u call urself "American," buddy. U're actually a traitor and enemy as u mis-represent Christianity, the Christian culture, and the Christian people.

    U can't even agree upon the satanic (extreme subjectivistic) nature of the corrupted culture now prevailing, u pretending u're not "religious," evidently, when we see u absolutely are (religious)--fanatical anti-Christ as u prove urself to being.

    No wonder u won't admit to the satanic corruption, right?--for u actually relate quite a bit w. anti-Christ satanists. Further, u practice this satanism urself for ur lying and anti-Christ relating w. the enemies of Christianity and culture, esp. for Jews, leaders of satanism, though of course, u don't say u're satanist urself, right?

    So my thesis is demonstrated quite well, I think: U'RE EXEMPLARY PART OF THE PROBLEM, JR, enemy/foe/opponent of Christian ideals, culture, and people--though u really don't understand those Christian ideals, even as u hypocritically invoke them, complaining people don't practice them, which u (a) know nothing about, and (b) reject as fallacious and un-real. Ho ho ho ho ho

    So u're quite a piece-of-work, eh, JR?--traitor, liar, and psycho, willing dupe and useful idiot for satanists pretending people should listen to ur "criticisms."


  11. JR, satanist Exposed, Now At Loss For Words

    Ho ho ho, JR is wondering what to say as he's exposed for the satanist and flunkey thereof he really, truly is, not to mention his moronic, desperate lying, invoking Christian ideals he has contempt for or denies--satanistic liar, though he thinks he's clever debater, no doubt.

    JR wants LAW, he says, but can't stand the (Christian) culture upon which it necessarily stands and arose. And JR, u notice, relates well w. enemies of Christianity and thus the law he pretends he favors.


    1. JR: Dissected And Exposed For All The World

      What's crux of ur problems, JR?--u fail and refuse to acknowledge the basic cultural problem, the break-down of law--due of course, to the break-down of the under-lying (Christian) culture, due mainly to HUBRIS, hence subjectivism.

      But u HATE Christianity, w. satanic, never-ending intensity and mindlessness, and u don't like admitting it--then having to admit to all ur lies and lying about such Christianity, due largely to ur brainless, insane ignorance of Christianity, lying and insisting there's no coherent philosophy to it, etc.

      Ho ho ho, THEN, in ur desperation, u pretend to invoking those Christian principles and ideals, which u previously maligned and denounced, as way of final defense and argumentation and defense, ho ho ho ho ho

      Like I say, one of the ironies in all ur lies and lying, twistings, and wigglings is there's actually some truth to idea of a religion (not Christianity) which "supports warmongering," as u alleged above, May 11, 2016, 6:49:00 PM--but that's Judaism, which is subject u're too politically-correct to handle, right?--they're ur anti-Christ buddies with whom u actually relate quite a bit.

      So u see now how u're just willing dupe and useful idiot to enemies of humanity and civilization, eh JR?

  12. Apsterian,
    How do you reconcile calling yourself a Christian with your behaviour?



    1. JR: Descending Evermore Into Psychosis

      U asked this idiot question of urs, above, a couple times, didn't u? And I gave u substantial, even detailed answer--several times, actually. JR: u need to get a serious grip, buddy--u're losing it, comrade.

      U don't seem to have even basic intelligence to grasp ur PRESUMPTION, as if u understand what's "Christian"--which u asserted had no meaningful substance, which u asserted (falsely) could be "interpreted" any way one wished. Who do u think u're kidding?

      So perhaps u need to be more specific for what u pretend to be objecting to, ho ho ho ho. Tell us what u think Christianity is.

      Otherwise, u're EXPOSED and demonstrated as (a) liar inasmuch u pretend to not be "religious," u being demonstrated for absolute, most fanatical, insanely obsessionate anti-Christianity--u hate Christianity w. a distinct PASSION.

      U lie further when u ignore American law is founded necessarily upon that basic Christian culture--that the best law and rule-of-law that ever was is founded on Christian culture.

      U lie yet further when u indicate Christianity "supports war-mongering," the truth actually being that "war-mongering" is what Judaism is LITERALLY all about (see Talmudical.blogspot.com), which fact u programmatically ignore.

      So JR: u're PROVEN now to being (a) not very bright as well as (b) LIAR, and (c) actually quite psychotic--u're most "religious," to pt. of psychosis, as we see, in all truth, (d) speaking numerous specific lies as I've noted and specified.

      My "behavior" then is simply that of truth-telling which is well and easily demonstrated. So u need to figure-out who u think u're kidding, psycho, as u've demonstrated urself as being, buddy. U only fool urself.

  13. Apsterian,

    Your ad hom approaches are appreciated but I submit that for the reader some energy must be expended in digesting these ad homs then discarding them as rhetoric. This energy use serves as a "speed bump" for the student trying to understand "truth"...so during those paragraphs you were kind enough to share with us, I submit that the polemic may actually detract from solving the problem under discussion. I must add - to be "truthful" that I am guilty of the same communication error - but I consider it acceptable since the outlet of my rage at the injustice - these polemic I spew - is my therapy.

    Also whether or not I am bright or a liar is irrelevant - as the liars paradox proves. But I can see your point in attacking me that way - might as well try it since there isn't much to attack regarding the substance of what I've wrote. Nice job.

    In the end we have the golden rule - do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    If someone isn't following that code then they are "enemies"
    or, if our laws are written correctly, simply criminals.



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