Trip North

I headed North to attend funeral ceremonies.

The fragmented nature of our existence - or at least mine - living here in the states never comes quite into focus like it does during family events.  These events are infrequent - to put it mildly.  It may have  been decades since I saw some of the members of my family - who I'd heard were born and existed as children of my cousins but were now adults.

The drive from Tennessee to PA turned hellish once I got to the Virginia area.  The roads are glass-smooth but the speeds are slow.  Like most other places there are police everywhere waiting to take their revenue cut from the victim-travelers.  The corridor from Richmond to Philadelphia including the areas around Fredericksburg, Virginia, Alexandria, Virginia, Washington, D.C., Baltimore and Philadelphia, PA - one big gigantic traffic  jam.  We left half a day early so only arrived a half hour late.  Since this was a funeral planning for travel was limited.  Some folks offered to pay for me to fly but the airports are even worse than the roads - and I hate Nazis anyway.  I've had it with boots, uniforms, searches and papers.  Flying in this country is like a trip to the local prison - and you the traveler are the prisoner.

Parking in Richmond, Virginia is a royal pain in the ass plus they had an Irish festival I visited.  I had a Guiness and somebody else had fish and chips which were greasy and terrible.  Once I tasted the French Fries with their cold grease I decided not to try the fish which was plopped right on top of the fries.  There was no talk of politics by anyone.  Even in those moments when folks talked about something else - getting off the main subject - who can tell?

I noticed that some folks I know but haven't talked to in a while still are following the fairy tale that is broadcast via the people that are still in control of the media that comes out of many television sets.  There must still be enough coordination between the online lies and the television lies to envelop some minds in the lies of the boogeymen created everywhere to kill us as a people.

The kids are attending some of the universities in this country - but if the parents are so lied to from where will this younger generation of Americans receive confirmation of ideas that are outside the media web?

Some folks I trust very much told me that the welfare system is indeed being taken advantage by lots and lots of lazy people - I've never had any involvement in this system.  They work in it.  It is obvious that reform is necessary.

A reform plan for this country would need to be coordinated - to kill an over bloated dole system jobs are necessary.  It takes material goods to keep this society going and some of those goods used here must be made here.  It is as simple as that.  This implies that some fatasses with 27 bathrooms to shit in may need to settle for 26 bathrooms - since they can pay real wages to Americans working here so they don't have to compete with slave labor.

I'm in by favorite coffee shop up on the hill by St John's church a la Patrick Henry.  I grab a redeye for the drive home.

I'm about to embark on my journey South - back to Bibleville.

Only one of the cats came to say bye - the tuxedo snubbed me - he knows how long I'll be gone...


  1. JR Can't Resist Jew-Friendly Kool-Aid

    "- [A]nd I hate Nazis anyway." -JR

    U hate the German heroes who fought Jew bolshevik filth and anti-Christ scum? So of course, u hate reality, truth, reason, justice, and humanity too, obviously.

    And anti-Nazism--what's that, but just the typical, Jew-friendly, politically-correct religion of the age? Of course u hate Nazis--u're just the same sort of Jew-friendly metro-sexual filth which u complain about, right?

    "A reform plan for this country..."?--I suspect it's LONG past time for that; rather, what can only happen now is absolute anti-semitic revolution--inconceivable for a mind like urs, JR, suffused as it is w. the Jewwy, Jew-friendly Jewism which so thoroughly permeates ur brain-cells, eh?

    U can't even begin to imagine a time when Jewwy Jewism wasn't ur (effective) religion, can u?

    But as long as the West hated and "oppressed" those filthy kikes it generally prospered and thrived, and only now, since French Rev., when Jews (criminals, following their filthy satanic Talmud) were legitimized and progressively allowed to dominate the society has the West and its people suffered evermore horrifically under ever-greater, evermore encompassing one-world gov. founded upon the central-banking money scam.

    Fools like u, JR, don't want to grasp such criminal enterprise as central-banking; thus u suffer, as u deserve. But now, I'm afraid, there's tremendous, horrific, genocidal cataclysm being readied, the people already horribly poisoned and afflicted in various ways (GMOs, toxic vaccines, Big Jew Pharma drugging people, "chem-trails," etc.), the rates of cancer and other diseases having already sky-rocketed.

    So u console urself w. the same old belly-aching about "fatasses with 27 bathrooms," refusing to analyze and examining for the basic premises to the cultural problematics.

    And yes, people have always complained about Jews, but don't doubt there's good reason for such complaining even if so many people don't entirely analyze why and how--as for the Jew subjectivism, fraud, and lying--and especially, that monument to Judaism, subjectivism, lying, and total corruption--central-banking.

    1. Yes,
      I agree about the central banking - that will continue. And yes I will complain about the chasm between the working class and those taking advantage of the labor markets to the detriment of America and Americans.

      I saw many people who are gifted and talented but still struggling.

      I can't blame "the Jews" for everything - however - since we still have not been able to come up with a proper definition. All the neocons were not jews etc...

      It appears that our nation is being led to wherever it is that the true leaders want it to go.

      I see no signs of Americans awakening to the point that they can do much to help themselves get a little bit more of the American dream as I have no faith in the elections in the country any more.

      We'll see. I don't see much to write about as the news media has become a gigantic marketing tool with practically no usable information.

      The public doesn't benefit from a competitive and vigorous media in this country because such a thing at this time does not exist in enough force to take on the big players that dominate everything.

      Perhaps even more war is on the horizon?



    2. JR's Jew-Centric Orientation, Prejudice Never Ends

      "I can't blame "the Jews" for everything - however - since we still have not been able to come up with a proper definition." -JR

      "Proper definition"?--of what?--Jew?--So who's fault is that? U simply refuse to doing the necessary job for ur own info. Who do u think u're kidding? JR: THAT'S UR RELIGION, sucking-up and making excuses for ur Jewwies. U're most politically-correct of anyone.

      And all the leadership of neo-cons are Jews, without a doubt, as Jews essentially control the central-banking scam. Did u note the latest candidate or nominee for Supreme Ct. is ANOTHER Jew? (Merrick Garland)--how many would u say is enough? There are already four, including Sotomayor, who's a crypto (mother's name being the Jew, Baez).

      Remove the Jews and u cut the head off the snake, the rest of the task being mere clean-up for what used to be "organized" for all the criminal activity.

      "The public doesn't benefit from a competitive and vigorous media...." What diff. does it make if u REFUSE to heed to the facts of reality? U're the problem, JR, u and u're obsessive, un-ending Jew-friendliness and -tolerance.

    3. Errata: above should be, "...u and ur obsessive, un-ending Jew-friendliness...."

    4. Apsterian,
      OK - points taken - and of course yet another Jew must be nominated for the Supreme court - after all there are no other qualified people other than Jews to sit on the supreme court right? Yes - I agree on that one - another big mistake -but as I said - in the post - it appears things will continue on the path they are on - and that would continue too many Jews on the supreme court.

      I stick with my inability to blame anyone for everything - including Jews - even you, Apsterian, can figure out the logic on that.

      But yes indeed there is a big imbalance in the culture with bias for Jews first last and always. No wonder we have so many problems - as everyone except for the Jews seem to be divided and therefore conquered.

      I cannot name another race or social group that has such an iron grip on America - and we will continue to suffer for allowing this to continue.



    5. Jews: Masterminds Of satanism

      Issue is NOT to "blame anyone"--get a clue--u just set-up a "straw-man" mis-representation. The task is (a) to understanding what's happening, and (b) what's the problem, then (c) HOW it's all happening.

      Thus the problem is CYCLIC, Spenglerian "Decline of the West" in hubris, thus satanism (extreme subjectivism).

      How has this satanism/subjectivism taken such hold? The pretext for this subjectivism then is moralism, esp. Pelagianism, fallacious idea/notion of "good-evil" and perfectly "free" human will.

      Now then, if u analyze this satanic/subjectivist culture, u find Jews in the leadership which they assume so naturally, so easily, as it is native to their filthy Talmudic culture which only needs be examined and analyzed, and which examination can easily be done--WHICH U DON'T WANT TO DO for some reason--what's ur problem?

      Imagine u were a criminal and u want to keep an iron-grip upon the population and culture--HOW would u do this? Imagine u have a tremendous WEAPON--that central banking instrument, giving u practically all funds u need or want.

      So now as that central-banking weapon gives the funds u need, naturally, u buy-up all the mass-media--how can u be stopped?

      Of course, nowadays, there's slight thing called the I-net--but that's just a problem the satanists are working on, u may be sure. "They" say EMP weapons are nowadays quite ready at hand for use and application, for example.

      And like I say, once u grasp their philosophy of their devilish, so-called "religion" (see Talmudical.blogspot.com), u see the Jews are the obligatory masterminds--this all is just matter of sociologic analysis.

      So I agree, whole problem is more than just Jews--it regards the large satanist/subjectivistic culture which has arisen. But Jews are necessarily the master-minds, as I note. Q.E.D.

    6. Apsterian,
      Yes the central banking problem - has become common knowledge thanks to the discussions that were mostly driven by internet so-called "conspiracy theories." So the banking thing is nothing new anymore or even a surprise. I see people reading books openly in public about this issue.

      This nation - regardless of who is running it - is openly considering torture as a matter of policy.

      I have heard many Americans tell me that they have no problem with this - as they put it.

      Does it really matter anymore if America dies since it consists of such a populace and leaders?

      Kennedy said that there isn't any point in saving a country if said countries values are not preserved with it.

      Our government representatives are, for the most part, takers and not givers. They take your tax money and give you a war back. Maybe it would be better to sit back and just watch it all burn.

      Perhaps not - but it is something to think about - since we need to think about why we do what we do.

      If America is raiding other countries like a filthy fucking pirate - then maybe its true destiny is the same just destiny of all pirates ...

    7. Moralism: Pretext/Foundation Of satanism

      What?--whatever--the pt. is it's people like u who defend the Jews, in knee-jerk fashion, who master-mind this satanic activity, "raiding other countries like a filthy... pirate...."

      And u cuss the heroic Nazis, as u did, who tried to attempt to doing something about these filthy Jews, metro-sexuals, and satanists.

      U remind me of Alex Jones (InfoWars.com) whom I'm listening to at the moment on vid, he typically having himself all emotionally worked-up denouncing "evil."

      "[S]it back and watch it all burn"?--problem is they (Satanists led by Jews) are out to mass-murder the people, "de-population," including us--according to agenda-21 and -30. I don't think "sitting-back" will really do us any good.

      Way I see "progress" for Jew S A is its inevitable break-up back into the constituent states and local polities--this is proper, necessary solution which should have happened 150 yrs ago during the 1860s. Of course if and when one brings-up War btwn states, the discussion is ALWAYS side-tracked by slavery issue and then the obligatory moralist protestations--ever notice?

      Thus moralism is what gives pretext to subjectivism--this is the psychologic crux. If u notice, the heroic and conquering founder generations are/were not impressed w. such moralism, they (the founders) being more objectivistic, more partial to the determinist (no "free" will) mind-set.

      Thus the Jews have succeeded in associating themselves w. what's "moral," and it sure works w. u, JR, cussing the heroic Nazis like u do. Of course, u're not the only one--that's how satanism succeeds.

      The irony is satanism built upon moralism, this given then the right circumstances in Spenglerian CYCLE of history to take hold among the over-populated goons, scum, suckers, and morons who inherited fm genuine heroes and conquerors.

      Observe the "Judeo-Christians" supporting terror-state of Israel, the real Christianity designed and intended to OPPOSE Jews and Satanists (truth vs. lies).

    8. errata: instead of just "agenda-30," it should be UN agenda 2030. http://www.naturalnews.com/051058_2030_Agenda_United_Nations_global_enslavement.html


  2. JR Actually Startled At Enormity Of Truth Of His Complaints

    See JR, u seem to be somewhat startled to find there's actually something existential (that exists) and even demonstrable at the heart of all ur complaints and complaining which u do in ur blogging here, eh?

    In general, that object of ur complaints and complaining would surely be communistic (in style), one world gov., working then for actual genocide which it essentially admits in way of "pop.-reduction" (agenda-21 and agenda UN-2030), this then demonstrated and applied, as we see, in way of toxic vaccines, GMO foods, and the other poisonous food-additives, HFCS (high fructose corn syrup), the glyphosates, and the effects of electro-magnetic radiation, poison "chem-trails," etc.

    What, psychologically and even philosophically is at heart of all this institution of mass-murder (including by slow-motion methods)?--that would be "satanism" by the verifiable extreme subjectivism, subjectivism understood as the idea that everything proceeds fm the consciousness, pretext for this subjectivism then given by moralism, the idea of "good-evil," which cannot be defended except by means of subjectivism, which is rather irrational, even mystical, but which "good-evil" is desperately, insanely, and psychotically insisted upon nonetheless.

    This satanism then is further demonstrated and conditioned by means of history understood as something CYCLIC in nature, as I've noted so often, in accord w. Oswald Spengler and "Decline of the West," for another example, the corrupt generation eventually arising fm original heroes and pioneers, the original principles and ideals now overthrown in name of moralism.

    Central banking then is crucial specific mechanism/instrument acting as means of finance and funding for this satanic program. And finally, we have the Jews as that specific tribe of satanists, subjectivists, moralists, and bankers, including enforcers who make it all work. And of course, Jews have their helpers, allies, enablers, and "useful idiots" who make way for them, running interference for them, including "metro-sexuals," but also especially those amazing creatures, the "Judeo-Christians" (JCs--see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo) who are most numerous.

    But overall, it isn't something, this satanism and satanic conspiracy and network, really too difficult to grasp and discern--it only needs be understood, and becomes evermore clear as things become more desperate and closer to the end of the CYCLIC process when the serious and more overt mass-killing is scheduled to starting.

    And note once again, it isn't difficult to grasping for basic philosophy, extreme subjectivism actually easy to understand, the only anomaly being the basic premise, subjectivism, is provided by means of the moralism which is first-of-all insisted upon--the child's "good-evil," it all induced in backwards fashion, the conclusion, moralism, leading to insistence upon the premise, subjectivism.

    For note how it goes: FIRST the moralists insist upon the "good-evil," and only then, once this is established and held within the mind, is the actual subjectivism broached as the foundation, thus the satanism, making oneself God.

    Thus JR is merely taken rather aback at the actual grounding and manifestation of substance of his complaints/complaining which he does and has done--JR never realized how actually right he was, the satanic monster now in everyone's face so quickly, so brazenly now.

    1. Everyone is satanic. You are a carbon 6 meatpack. There's plenty of land to live off grid in. Help yourself. We are cyborgs typing spells on keyboards.
      Go ahead, try to wipe your brothers blood off your hands with more blood.

    2. Ok psycho--and we know who u are. U're same psycho who comments on NNN in ur moronic manner, no one knowing what u're even talking about, stupid, babbling, moronic scum, ho ho ho ho.

    3. Freedom of speech should be preserved at all costs if we know what is good for us.

      We need to apply shame to the newspapers that the public will see clearly - get them asking some questions instead of taking dictation. I mean all of them.

      Otherwise some of the so-called good guys with money can support newspaper editors in startups to counter the propaganda - and of course make money from the ads.

      This shit isn't that hard - but one wonders who is paying for all of the information we are digesting.

      Anyway - I wish somehting I've ever said in my whole life would amount to something - so I'll keep trying - like the brainwashed "Constitutionalist" I am supposed to have been brought up to be. Those values preserved - of the bill of rights. There's a lot in the bill of rights - most of which I still don't know - because one may never understand anything in the bill of rights until they actually stand up and do something about anything.

      Anyway - rant over



    4. Never Forget: Life Is War And Tragedy--As Greeks Taught

      Well JR: Jews are FAR more organized than u--ever wonder how and why? And the ONLY thing that's ever, even briefly, altered the rule of kikes was Christianity which gave us modern science and republican gov., including the Const. which u like to talk about.

      But the present "Christian" culture is Jewwified, the present communist-Jesuit pope, "Francis," sucking along w. the Jew world order, etc.

      For Jews are leaders of satanists, satanists being extreme subjectivists (all reality coming fm their mentalities and wishful desires), but these subjectivists being organized--COLLECTIVIST subjectivists.

      Gentiles can be subjectivists too, u know, but they're not nearly as well organized. And those gentiles who are satanists are then dominated and led by Jews--like the free-masons, etc.

      U see, JR, u seem to lack the willingness and desire to be CRIMINAL enough--that's ur problem, one of them, anyway.

      Note another factor is simply that of CHANCE or luck--as the luckiest criminals take advantage of a "mature" civilization with lots of perverted little TV-addicts and hedonists who want to pretend they're "moral," and who are thus willing to elect and vote for socialists who will impose a "just" society, eh? Ho ho ohoho

      So u see: u gotta study sociology and psychology in order to understand how to manage and manipulate things, right? U also gotta be ruthless, 'cause there's competition. So, in the end, it's all a matter of art and propaganda for the way to best, most efficiently manipulating and managing things.

      And when, as we see now, there get to being too many subjectivists and Jews, and they start eliminating one another, man-kind tends to de-populating, civilization destroyed, and humanity has to start all over again--a CYCLIC sort of process.


    5. WTF?--"Patriots" Must Overcome Pyschosis, Face Reality--But It's Hopeless Struggle

      "Otherwise some of the so-called good guys with money can support newspaper editors in startups to counter the propaganda - and of course make money from the ads.

      "This shit isn't that hard - but one wonders who is paying for all of the information we are digesting." -JR, Mar 29, 2016, 10:05:00 PM

      WTF? What is wrong w. u, buddy?--u say u now understand something about "central-banking"?--didn't u say that?--or write it? U understand what central-banking is?--money-printing, and nowadays, -digitalizing--LEGALIZED COUNTERFEITING, literally.

      Trump is perfect example--one of the "good-guys," to extent that phrase has any meaning. Do u observe how Trump is now being inundated by monied powers (of central-bank)?--led by George Soros the kike?

      Soros the kike is reputed to having 24 billion buckaroos, his Jew buddies, like Sheldon Adelson and Chaim Saban, have umpteen more billions--AND THERE'S MORE WHERE THAT CAME FM WHICH CAN JUST BE PRINTED-UP.

      U're like a child who can't figure-out reality. AND WHO LIES, pretending and saying he grasps central-banking, but then only shows most moronic ignorance.

      U tell us: "We need to apply shame to the newspapers that the public will see clearly...." BUT U'RE PART OF THE "PUBLIC," and u only demonstrate how utterly, hopelessly STUPID the "public" is, dumbass.

      No facts have any effect upon ur moronic, monumental stupidity which always remains like the most obsessive, addicted goon who was programmed when u were young, and now is set in stone for ur program.

      For there are only small minorities who "see clearly," as u put it--the (a) satanists and (b) the Christian leaders, the rest of the people of a mature civilization always being in "the middle," not capable of clearly grasping ANYTHING, ever, this "middle" always only going the way the "wind blows," as we see demonstrated so well by u, JR.

      JR: u need to face the fact u're a hopeless, moronic idiot. "Public" and broad masses NEVER "see clearly" ANYTHING, ever--u're proof.

      That's why hist. takes such a CYCLIC course as I've described for u several DOZEN times now in these comments pages, but u NEVER LEARNING.

      Broad "public" (like u) can only die-out now, being expended in wars, dying of starvation, etc. U're just tooooooooo goddam stupid for anything else.

      And u can't blame us Christian heroes: Lord knows how hard we work and try, but ur utter, complete, absolute stupidity KNOWS NO BOUNDS

      And don't doubt: U DESERVE DEATH too, saying u understand central-banking, then talking ur idiot, stupid crap, as u do, above-noted.

      Call it "faith," psychosis (which is what it really is), or what u will, but ur stupidity is never-ending, impervious to all facts, reality, truth, reasoning, etc.--it only demonstrates the necessary nature of the CYCLIC course of things, how and why it works that way.


    6. Tragedy Of Human Existence: Battle Of Truth (= Christ) Vs. Lies (satan)

      "This shit isn't that hard - but one wonders who is paying for all of the information we are digesting." -JR, Mar 29, 2016, 10:05:00 PM

      WHAT?--u "wonder who is paying for all of the information..."?--Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus Christ, but how dumb can u get?--and this is AFTER u allege to acknowledging central-banking.

      For once central-banking takes hold, U DON'T SURVIVE, sucker--they just print-up all the money it takes to buying everything, FIRST on the list being the mass-media which creates the "mass consciousness" which Marx noted.

      And remember: it isn't necessary to persuade people w. conscious reason. No, the mass-media is MOSTLY used to work on the emotions of the mass of morons and goons who don't (and can't) think things out.

      The central bank begins the (monetary) inflation by means of easy loans at low int. rates. But eventually, the inflation of PRICES follows the increased mass of money which now circulates, the commodities, goods, and svcs available staying relatively static.

      So now the gov. (and powers behind it all) MUST begin to doing something to treat the price inflation. Ultimately the only thing which can be done is to simply STOP the monetary inflation--thus int. rates go up and the currency (not real money) in circulation must start to drying-up, "DEFLATION."

      So when u get deflation, HOW can people pay-off their loans which were increased and enabled w. the beginning of the inflation?

      So now the banks foreclose upon the real property which was put-up as collateral--by means of inflation and inevitable deflation of mere worthless currency (not real money)--pretty simple, eh?

      If u look at US history, u find this was always the basic problem, central-banking, up to the (1860s) War of Northern Aggression. Bank of North America existed even before the US Const. was ratified, then there were the two Banks of US, 1791-1811, then 1816-1836, the second one finally killed by Andrew Jackson.

      Incredibly, Pres. John Tyler vetoed the third attempt in the early 1840s. Needless to say, Tyler was vilified and rejected by all parties thereafter.

      Of course, the War of North. Aggression captured Jew S A for the (Rothschild) banksters definitively, the US Federal Reserve Bank taking effect definitively in 1913, still active, though tottering, now, over a hundred yrs later.

      So one sees simple, basic US history was always a losing struggle against these CRIMINALS (central-bankers) and Jews--not Christians, the Christians always fighting most pathetic, losing battle, Christianity itself under-cut, under-mined, and corrupted fm the inside by these very same Jews and bankers and their agents, esp. the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo) heretics.

      Always, throughout this period (post French Rev., don't forget), Jews and satanists found the means to attacking Christianity--how?--by basic means of moralism and the idea of a perfectly "free" human will by which humanity can achieve Godliness and "good."

      And this satanic pretense to Godliness and "good" is ur own insanely held obsession, JR--no less than the insanity and blindness of the mass of goons and suckers--INFERIORS, who've been bred up in the corrupt civilization of a formerly successful and "prosperous" society/civilization--HUBRIS.

      For reality is determined as it's objective, hence it's CYCLIC, and things can only degenerate in accord w. prevalence of the mass of goons, inferiors, weaklings, and suckers who've been bred-up.

      And the ONLY solution to this cultural decay and Spenglerian "Decline..." is extermination, direct and indirectly, of substantial numbers of goons and morons. Human existence is thus demonstrated--once again--as truly TRAGIC, as Greeks taught.


    7. JR: Intimidated, Terrorized By Truth, Reality

      "omg" -JR, Mar 31, 2016, 9:22:00 PM

      Important thing to note, JR, is reality is (a) objective (Aristotle), (b) determined (absolute cause-effect, no perfectly "free" human will), (c) hence CYCLIC.

      Thus the successful civilization, as of Romans and Americans, inevitably breeds-up INFERIORS and weaklings who betray ancestors, by means of HUBRIS, pretending to subjectivist, "free" human will by way of achieving "good," hence the socialist "do-good" tyranny, by means of central-banking.

      Look at u, for example, JR: u cannot/will not grasp Jew S A is now TOTALLY gone and doomed, the currency (not real "money") utterly destroyed, having been now in the grip of satanists and satanism of central-banking for OVER a hundred yrs.

      What now to do w. u OVER-POPULATED goons, weaklings, and inferiors?--u MUST be exterminated in order for real, healthy humanity to have chance of existence/survival. Thus u're doomed to war and starvation, and humanity must work to avoid u and ur handi-work.

      U'RE THE PROBLEM, JR. And it's no one else's fault, for u're psychotically obsessed WORSE than the most "faithful" Christian or anyone of any religion.

      Observe ur love of, obsession w. lies, pretending Bill of Rights is anything but PRODUCT of Christian-rationalist civilization. Need anything more be said? U're hopeless and rational humanity must leave u to ur fate.

    8. JR: Mystic/Subjectivist In The "Middle"

      See JR, I wouldn't say u're full-out satanist--it doesn't really seem like u are. U don't seem to want mass de-population and genocide, and u don't seem to be total, thorough-going subjectivist, though to be sure, u certainly seem to lean that way as u so often pretend to "good" and sympathize w. kike filth.

      And of course, u insist u're not Christian even though u seek to appropriate the Christian achievement of Bill of Rights, u lying psychotically, insanely, pretending it's NOT Christian.

      So HOW to categorize, identify, and analyze u, JR?--u seem to be somewhere in the middle, not entirely satanist, but certainly not Christian, though, again, u want to pretend to B. of Rights.

      So u're ignorant, half-baked, self-deluded (as about B. of Rights) psycho, and a willing, "useful idiot" and dupe for the satanists, one would have to say and conclude. Correct me if I'm wrong, here.

      So how do u think u ought to be treated, JR? Pretending u champion B. of Rights isn't going to cut it, buddy--not when u want to reject the Christian culture which under-lies. Who do u think u're kidding? U cuss the heroic nazis and sympathize w. kike filth.

      One would have to conclude u're HEAVILY weighted in favor of satanists and satanism--and it's all, this analysis, the consequence of ur mysticism and subjectivism, pretending u're for "good," pretending to supporting the B. of Rights while at same time cursing heroic Christians, etc.

      U curse Christianity, JR, and u're NOT NOT NOT NOT American, buddy--u're TRAITOR, deserving of the penalty thereto. How can u blame us?


    9. JR: satanist Traitor By Hubris And Default

      So to sum-up, once again, JR, ur main defect is this sympathy, tolerance, or receptivity u have for satanism, even though u would probably, if not surely, deny u're satanist urself, satanism understood as extreme subjectivism, foundation of lies.

      And this willingness u have for being dupe or useful idiot for satanism is interesting to analyze--u're quite filled w. hubris, that's for sure, esp. in way of this absolutely insane hatred and hostility u have for Christianity--the only hope of the people for unity in opposing satanism, Christianity understood as worship of truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) hence thus adherence to objective reality.

      It's surely ur insane, psychotic hatred of Christianity which makes u so tolerant of and receptive to satanism.

      Of course, u don't say u're satanist; rather, u excuse ur satanism and anti-Christianity by invoking B. of Rights which is product of Christianity--which u seem to want to ignore.

      So u see how u inveigle urself into accepting lies and satanism, pretending B. of Rights is not Christian.


  3. Inexorable CYCLE Of Hubris, Destruction

    "A reform plan for this country would need to be coordinated - to kill an over bloated dole system jobs are necessary." -JR

    A "reform plan" requires REMOVAL OF JEWS, leaders of satanists, JR, u poor, half-baked coward.

    And removal of Jews means removal of allies and cohorts, including especially queers--it will require brutality and ruthlessness which u, JR, seem to lack despite all ur pretentious pontificating.

    For at the very root of things is central-banking, the primary satanist instrument, weapon, and tool which makes way then for everything else including esp. the mass-media--which mass-media u idiotically imagine is the actual key to everything else.

    And the problem w. central-banking is it cannot be removed once it has taken hold within the culture, reason being all enemies of central-banking are inexorably exterminated, as we see through history, central-banking being something which can only burn itself out like a forest fire, humanity along with it, but perhaps for a small remnant which will be reduced to stone-age levels of culture if this is possible.

    For money is abstract subject-matter, hence not understandable by most humanity.

    That's why hist. is CYCLIC: humans try to attempt civilization, but are always inevitably, sooner or later, betrayed by their own cleverness and HUBRIS, criminals gaining control and destroying the civilization, the people exterminated and having to begin the CYCLE again, only be betrayed again in hubris, the human hopelessly sinful and hubristic--as we see in u, JR, for all ur lies, lying to urself and self-delusion.

    And who then are Jews?--they're the criminal elite, w. appropriate Talmudic philosophy (religion) which takes perfect advantage of cowards and petty liars like urself, JR--Jews are ur masters whom u serve like the willing slave u are, hating nazis as u've been taught to do, dutiful fool as u are, following ur self-destructive "morality" by which u willingly enslave urself in all ur HUBRIS.

    And there's NO "SOLUTION" to this horrific human addiction to sin and hubris--it's only matter of time before the Jew disease sets in, festers, and eventually does its dirty-work of death and destruction.

    All I try to do here is to hasten the now (hopefully) overdue process so as to begin the next CYCLE.

    1. Quote: 'All I try to do here is to hasten the now (hopefully) overdue process so as to begin the next CYCLE.'

      It began already

  4. Doubt the satanic movement and plans for genocide?--of course, satanists will use the lingo of euphemisms, not using such words outright, like "genocide." See http://www.prisonplanet.com/wi-secretary-of-state-calls-for-sterilization-population-control-in-new-book.html


  5. Dante's "Divine Comedy" Demonstrated

    Somewhat funny thing is people of Jew S A could IN THEORY free themselves quite easily--simply by means of SECESSION--which started the war of Northern aggression of 1860s, as u may recall.

    10th Amendment (consisting of all of 28 words) gives states right to secede--as the states seceded fm the original Art. of Confederation--which the puke forget all about so easily, the stupid scum. Secession was not prohibited to states--as it would be impossible to do, even in theory.

    But note what ALWAYS happens--any discussion of secession and hist. of war of North. aggression gets side-tracked and diverted by means of moralism and slavery--ALWAYS, if u notice. Lincoln, the mass-murderer, horrific criminal, is lionized as "greatest" President, ho ho hohoho.

    And the satanists (Jews) actually KNOW this about secession and 10th amendment--that's why they constantly, intensively, and desperately push moralism and racial hatred, frantically bringing-in hordes of illegal alien invaders, aside fm "global-warming" lies as excuse/pretext for world dictatorship.

    So satanist puke must MILITARIZE and steadily kill, slaughter, and exterminate evermore people--all of them potential rebels and patriots. Thus satanists most fear falling-out among their own top masterminds, right?

    Thus this falling-out among top masterminds is satanists' worst potential weakness--and this is the meaning and significance of TRUMP (whose own daughter apostatized her nominal Christian religion and voluntarily became Jew filth).

    So I say we should support Trump for this dissidence against the Jew world order and dictatorship--it's actually our only hope, presently. If nothing else, it's good people are made aware Trump opposes the latest TPP world trade "agreements"--which are meant to promote, enhance, and consolidate world dictatorship.

    And now we see why Dante titled his great poem, "Divine Comedy," for humans are such stupid, brainless, scummy puke, all truth be told.

    For all one needs do to dictate and lord it over these scum called "humans" is to appeal to hubris and persuade them of "free" will and idea they must be "good," ho ho ho hoho--and the scummy, stinking filth will sell their own daughters and sons into most horrific slavery--as we see.

    So in a way, Jews and satanists are well-understood as that agency which culls and reduces over-populated human puke, filth, and scum, all pretending to "good" "moral virtue," and HUBRIS.

    So as we fight so urgently against this Jew and satanic scum, we yet realize necessity of their existence--they're not "evil," anymore than typhus, leprosy, or bubonic plague are "evil," exterminating over-populated human scum, right?--thus the CYCLIC nature of history is demonstrated, revealed, and described once again.

    1. States would have to consolidate as not all are self sufficient. Texas is.

    2. Righto, u brainless, stupid psychotic scum who imagines he's some kind of oracle. Ho ho ho ho

    3. Ho ho ho ho--so what's "self-sufficient"?--it didn't occur to the psychotic moron he should be able to explain or define, ho ho ho ho ho

    4. Like it takes "self-sufficiency" to figure-out one doesn't want to be part of or subject to a satanic, genocidal dictatorship, stupid scum, ho ho hoho


  6. What Does JR Do Against satanism/satanists?

    We're all waiting breathlessly for ur next posting, JR, and specifically, I wonder how u and any others (there are many, of course) can possibly deny or in any way gain-say the evermore blatant SATANIC ASSAULT against humanity presently going on. And that's not over-statement regarding "satanic assault." For u can go to u-tube, for one good source, to ck out the numerous vids on this subject, the satanic assault on culture, psychology, humanity, families, and not least, dear Christianity.

    Observe hitlery Clinton can violate laws used to prosecute many others, including whistle-blowers, the state taking children of families, esp. Christians and home-schoolers. And observe ZOG's funding, supplying, and arming ISIS to (a) attack Assad of Syria, but (b) also to force mass-invasion of Moooselmen aliens and enemies to Christian West.

    And these items are just a few of the many satanic measures aimed, eventually, at the genocide of world's population. Naturally, we need Jews, esp. on US Supreme ct., presently no less than four out of the nine, one of them a crypto, w. YET another as nominee, to over-seeing all this satanic activity.

    So it's this evermore blatant satanism that's most topical and subject for comment and analysis, JR. Satanism is founded upon (extreme) subjectivism and given pretext by means of "good-evil" moralism/Pharisaism.

    And it's Jews who are all about subjectivism, moralism/Pharisaism, homosexuality, and satanism, including masonry, illuminism, and organized crime beginning w. the legalized COUNTERFEIT scam of central-banking, the existential basis of satanism, genocide, and absolute dictatorship.

    So quit ur Jew-serving lying, JR, pretending Bill of Rights is not integral part and product of Christian culture--which wouldn't exist without under-lying Christian culture. U need to leave-off w. being useful idiot and willing dupe of Jews and satanists.


  7. JR: Sublime "Useful Idiot"

    I thought of yet another way of summing things up for us here, JR: I say, and consider I demonstrate quite well, that the basic conflict consists now of rationalism vs. satanism.

    U, on the other hand, want to pretend it's law and B. of Rights vs. "religion," which analysis of urs I have criticized extensively numerous times, concluding u're psychotic and obsessed w. this insane hatred of Christianity.

    And I pt. out then just how the satanists make use of psychos like u. And it looks like satanists continue to have excellent chances of winning, they continuing, for latest examples, to pushing Cruz backed by the Bushes against the populist, Trump.

    Elsewhere, satanists continue to push for war against "terror" which terror they're behind and create--like ISIS.

    What then is ur fundamental flaw which satanists exploit?--I'd say it's ur obsession for pretending to "good"--u're so desperate to playing their game, following their rules w. inferiority-complex, insisting u're not "hateful," etc.

    So we see satanists have two groups, well-organized and -funded and firmly in their hands: (a) Judeo-Christians (JCs--see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo), their largest, numbers-wise, single group, and (b) the homosexuals and "liberals," "progressives," and leftists, etc.

    Opposition to satanists aren't as well organized, not NEARLY as well funded, and brilliantly divided and subverted by useful idiots and willing dupes like u, JR.

    Surely u see the great svc u do for satanists by means of ur psychotic hatred of Christianity. What u don't see is how u and useful idiots like urself are manipulated and used by satanists based upon ur obsession for moralism, inferiority-complex, and insistence upon non-existent, anti-rationalist "good" by which u play their politically-correct game.

  8. Apsterian says:
    "U, on the other hand, want to pretend it's law and B. of Rights vs. "religion," which analysis of urs I have criticized extensively numerous times, concluding u're psychotic and obsessed w. this insane hatred of Christianity."

    JR says: I don't agree with this synopsis.


    1. JR's Jew-Serving Nonsense Well-Understood, Predictable

      Well, ur writings, blogs, and comments bear witness to ur consistent and insane anti-Christianity and deliberate mis-representations thereof. U recently wrote to effect Christianity has no integrity as substantial philosophy, as if it means anything anyone wants it to mean.

      Essentially, ur argument against Christianity seems to be: u don't like particular Christians, so therefore that makes Christianity inadequate. U say that since there's still war and corruption, Christianity has failed.

      U actually have few substantial arguments against Christianity, yet maintain it's no good and worthless. U actually know very little about Christianity, and the philosophy, merely sucking-along w. Jews and political-correct (PC) establishment, patronizingly rejecting Christianity, insisting it's inadequate and failure, pretending u prefer such as "law and B. of Rights," as if these aren't founded upon Christian culture and are products thereof.

      Further, u totally fail for ur observation of that absolute, gross satanism (extreme subjectivism) which now prevails, people being mass-murdered, even in Jew S A, the people being poisoned by all the means and methods, chemical, vaccine, and radiation, etc.--not to mention all the other satanic activity.

      Finally, it's up to u to stating ur own theses which task u've failed for doing, refusing to acknowledge the satanic essence and nature of Jews and their allies on both "right" and "left," and how this political activity all works.

      U're just PC coward, JR, pure and simple, scared shitless of Jew filth who spit in everyone's face, hence effective defender of Jews, satanism, and satanists.

      For example, u overlook central-banking, rather emphasizing the Jews-media which media is obviously totally controlled, bought and paid-for by the central-banking, along w. everything else.

      U fail to pt. out simple fact we're really just fighting same basic battle of the war of 1860s--the thought seems never to have entered u head, easiest way to remove ZOG being nullification and secession. Only problem is the morons can't figure this out about 1860s--u being notable case-in-pt.

      So JR, even though I wouldn't say u're satanist, anyone would have to admit u effectively work for them, defending Jews, defaming dear Christianity, confusing the issues, as of central-banking, as I noted.

      What now will u do?--u will predictably, as u've done over and over, YEAR AFTER YEAR NOW, continue to defending Jews, making excuses for them, blaming rather Christians, ignoring the satanic culture (led by Jews) and mentality steadily taking-over, ignoring the central-banking, deflecting rather to relatively inessential Jews-media as always, as usual, pretending u're defending law and B. of Rights--which is a lie as u don't defend the under-lying culture. U'RE THE PROBLEM, nearly much as anything else.


  9. JR's Jew-Serving Cringing Demonstrated, Described

    Take one simple little observation: As long as the West discriminated against Jews, THE WEST THRIVED and prospered. And when, after French Rev., West began to "tolerate" this Jew filth, marking the (CYCLIC) "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, corresponding w. the fall of rationalist, objectivity-oriented culture, symbolized by Christian ideal of truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

    Central-banking, always Jew-infested and -affected, had existed in England, for example, w. Bank of England of 1694, the goy front-man being William Patterson, the Jews reputedly re-admitted to England under Oliver Cromwell, earlier in the cent. For Jews are most collectivistically-oriented and organized which thus stream-lined organized crime and central-banking which makes way for everything else criminal and satanic.

    And we see not long after F. Revolution came the Communist Manifesto of 1848, then the welfare-state of Bismarck Germany of later 19th cent. Bolsheviks then succeeded in 1917.

    Concurrently, never forget the under-mining of the rationalist culture of Rousseau and Immanuel Kant, Kant working to establish the moralism of "good-evil."

    Note I don't say it was all Jews' doing--I first pt. out the CYCLIC nature and determinism (absolute cause-effect) of things which are now most dramatized and symbolized by the Jews' absolute rule and hegemony as anyone can plainly see.

    And I've always noted the nature of Jews as mere DISEASE, like leprosy, typhus, and plague, which takes advantage of un-healthy, defective, weak, and OVER-POPULATED goyim, upon which Jews merely take advantage, not being primary cause for cultural degeneracy.

    Nonetheless, it's useful to pt. out the Jew oppressor and enforcer, leader and visible symbol of present satanic regime, actively at work--which u, JR, positively COWER before, groveling and cringing. U're un-questionably part of the problem, even if not primary cause, "cause" being actually more CYCLIC and culturally under-lying--still however, well symbolized by rule of the Jew.

  10. These persons referred to here as 'jews'; the bible says are not. Some Palestine area hebrews may have made it to the Crimea. But the bulk of these 'jews' known as ashkenazi display the disturbing traits of the mongols. Mongols historically the greatest mass murderers of all. The king of the Khazars may have chose judaism to mitigate the effect of mass mongolian rape . In so doing a hybrid mongol 'race' became cemented into place. A more intelligently brutal mongol if you will.
    'israel' - israeli archaelogists given all the motive to find a land deed artifact came back empty handed. Its been admitted the story is a fabrication. Exodus and all.
    Seems the area was no more than a seaport for pirates .

    1. Just ck Talmudical.blogspot.com or RevisionistReview.blogspot.com. These are all u or anyone need know.

    2. I just now ck'd, and above "unknown" is same "MK Ultra Smith" fm above, utterly non-sensical, un-grammatical, and incoherent as always. See above, "Mongols historically the greatest mass murderers of all"--with no citations, making no sense, totally brainless, as usual.

      "The king of the Khazars may have chose Judaism to mitigate the effect of mass Mongolian rape"--WTF?

  11. I didn't finish the last one yet - I'll put it up after getting it straightened out -


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