Attack Syria? We're from the US government - but are we here to help?

It seems another war of conquest is afoot.  I don't know about you but my belief in the good will of the US federal government vanished a long time ago.  After all we are forever admonished by our leaders to look the other way when it comes to the deeds they commit on our behalf.

Let me be clear:  I don't believe anything these government con-artists pipe in to the TeeVees hanging on walls everywhere via their fascist propaganda apparatus.  Our teevee "news" is a puppet show of floozies and fops lying through their bleached teeth to keep their jobs spewing pentagon propaganda.

Remember - move along now......nothing to see here.  We have a war to complete that we've been planning for a long time and don't need you "little people" getting in the way.

Here's the plan as spelled out a LONG time ago - SEVEN COUNTRIES IN FIVE YEARS...so let's quit acting surprised every time these warmongers decide it's time to start another bloodbath:  note the laughter from an audience oblivious to the horrors of war:

That 911 was the catalyst for our phony "war on terror" (whatever that means) is no longer a conspiracy theory in the public mind - but a conspiracy FACT.

Remember - after they pulled that fast one on an unwary public - both "sides" of the fake left-right political dog-and-pony show repeatedly warned us not to look behind the curtain:



All "buddy buddy" - what happened?

Bush admits after the fact that IRAQ had NOTHING TO DO WITH 911 ATTACKS!

And on and on we go.  Where it stops nobody knows.

One of the dangers our country faces now is that the now-chronic abuse of our military is building to a degree that our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines may eventually decide to disobey illegal orders to attack anyone that hasn't attacked us.  That is the moral and sane thing to do - for that they would have my support.  But who can tell anymore what is real and what is fake?  They own the corporate media that is responsible for keeping a good deal of the American public ignorant to the lies.  Those lies are no longer flying - the word is out - the military may finally say:  We've had enough - it is unconstitutional for us to proceed with another insane war.

The danger is that the military must follow orders to function as intended - in the defense of this nation. A "boy who cried wolf" scenario would be a good time for a real enemy to attack.  I'm not saying anybody intends to but as an expert armchair general that's what I'd do - wait for Americans to tear each other to pieces arguing over trivia like trumped up "racial problems", "the gays", whether or not a baseball player takes steroids (that's important huh?) - etc...  Wait for America to just keep digging herself a deeper hole - financially, spiritually, militarily - great empires always fall don't they?

I propose a breakup of the corporate media immediately.  I propose a new law - where all elected officials - at least at the Federal level are sworn into office under oath - lasting the entire term they are in office - where if they are caught lying to the public it is considered perjury - and they will suffer at minimum a felony penalty.

Those two simple steps would serve our country well - and possibly put an end to this mindless "war on terror" (whatever that is.)

September Clues and some more on 911

'Tis indeed something to pay attention to when a witness says they saw nothing on the ground...  What can one make of that?  The images (real or fake) concur...

The nose coming out of the building is, in my opinion, impossible and must have been faked.  I think this study presents some "interesting" stuff.

Here's another entertaining segment showing at least one member of the fascist propaganda apparatus giving a little "TMI"  (too much information) - I laughed watching this part...


Video: American reminds military and law enforcement of their oath.

     Please watch.  

My only concern is that we are ALL brothers and sisters.  A uniform doesn't change that.  A fine job.