Movers, sheriff's deputies refuse to evict 103-year-old woman

"Fulton County sheriff's deputies and movers showed up at Lee's home Tuesday after Deutch Bank planned to kick the two women out.

The moving company and the deputies took one look at Lee and decided that would not happen."

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Note:  This IS a miracle - the police didn't shoot anybody!  Just kidding.  This is encouraging.

I must give credit to law enforcement here for realizing what they were doing - simply carrying out orders for a bank.  It's too bad that something as insane as kicking these seniors out is what it takes for them to actually wake up and realize what they are doing when they carry out the orders of banksters.

But remember - somebody at the bank gave the orders.  Who?  Were they aware that they were throwing PEOPLE out into the street?  Where did they think these PEOPLE would have gone had the sheriff been the Sheriff of Nottingham and not these good guys?  Obviously the folks at the bank couldn't care less.  Obviously we are all just numbers on a spreadsheet, another 1 or 0 in a computer somewhere...

These banks are no good for any of us.  Let's get rid of the Federal Reserve.  Let's get Ron Paul in there since he is the only candidate with the sense to stop the bleeding from the wars, bring the troops home, and kick out the banksters.


CIA calling for handouts?

Yes I know it's Thanksgiving and I'm supposed to be nice.  Unfortunately I looked at the news today - something I'd promised myself not to do.  

If you are a government leech you may wish to tune out now - 'cause this is not going to be nice.

Let's start out with the day I heard on the "news" that "we" were going to war with Iraq.  I wept.  Literally.  I had to go into another room so my wife and Joe, who were with me at the time, wouldn't see.  Then later I told them that our nation had better prepare for an onslaught of PTSD and limb-replacement.  They were talking about something else and didn't really notice.

So....I remember Mike Spann.  Yep - I read something in Parade or some other rag about his joining the military after seeing Tom Cruise fly a model airplane in a movie.  Then I vaguely remember something about Mikey Spann "interrogating" a prisoner in a prison camp in Afghanistan when the prison went wild and, don't know the details, but he was, essentially, killed.  Boo f'ing Hoo.  CIA man killed - don't give a sh*t.  Good.  One is not even f'ing close enough.  How about the whole sick establishment dying right now?  Talk about doing me a favor!  Here's a snippet:  READ more HERE

"The clandestine world rarely breaks its silence, especially when it comes to family, but the CIA Officers Memorial Foundation notes about 56 children of those killed in the line of duty will need educational support over the next 17 years.

Spann was part of a small group of CIA paramilitary officers who went into Afghanistan just 16 days after the al-Qaida attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Less than two months later, the CIA along with U.S. Special Forces Green Berets and a massive aerial bombing campaign helped Afghan militias drive out the ruling Taliban."

Oh poor Mikey Spann and his poor family.  Let's forget about the million or so Iraqi's murdered by his CIA classmates and our "troops."  Hey Mike Spann - you stink rotting in your grave.  Can you ask God to make the wind blow in the other direction?  You are making me sick.

Mike's "retired" CIA wife - needs money for their little darlings.  Boo f'n Hoo.  I wonder if all the Iraqi kids and Afghan folks with arms growing out of the backs of their necks from DU munitions care to toss a nickel they don't have into a hat for poor little Mikey f'n Spann's CIA family?  Good gawd I wanna' barf!

CIA people - you've got enough money to finance everyone dead from your wars of adventure - including the failed adventure of poor Mikey Spann.  I guess he wasn't able to get the last slap to the Afghanis face in before he met his maker.  


RIP Mikey Spann!  

Let this be a lesson for all adventure seekers everywhere invading sovereign lands everywhere - American or not.  I care not.

You occupy - you fry.

See ya'  Wouldn't wanna' be ya'

Just Remember: Chemtrails are NOT REAL (BS alert)

We moved here for the beautiful blue skies that are NOW being manipulated into a milky stew of whitish haze.  Everybody here knows it.  People are pissed.  I took this picture from my deck today.  Lemme guess:  These are natural contrails - even though nothing of the sort ever existed in my past.  Bull-sh#t!

Lemme guess - my memory is failing.  Yeah right.

Allow me to suggest the death penalty for those spraying this crap onto me.  Yes - the death penalty - and I am willing to pull the lever, pull the trigger, or whatever lanyard etc... required to put these criminal scum to death.  The blue sky in the background WILL become a hazy white mess.

We had white splatters all over the house when we came home from a recent trip.  


Two Secret Service Failures interviewed on JFK assassination

Why weren't these idiots fired?  The president was killed.  If there is something a secret service agent tasked to protect the president from assassination does NOT WANT on their resume - it is "I was the guy protecting the president when he was shot to death in broad daylight."

These guys in the following video just show us our government's finest - and that isn't much to brag about. As they complain that people are making a living on conspiracy theories writing books about the JFK assassination - they profit from their books writing about the JFK assassination THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO PREVENT.  Ha ha ha ha!  What a joke!  

But don't be discouraged - they said they'd work "twice as hard" to protect the next prez.  Hmmmm.  Last time I  checked 2X0=0.  Ha ha ha ha!

Then we listen to the drivel about a lone assassin firing almost simultaneous shots from a bolt-action rifle - a pile of junk rifle, by the way.  Aren't these goofs supposed to know something about firearms?  

Anyway - here it is.  Yukkin' it up with the Secret Service about their failure...


I Shot JFK (James Files) Parts 1 and 2



Cass Sunstein: Impersonating a "Constitutional Scholar" or just being himself?

Will the real Clown please stand up?  Oh yeah - no jokes about stealing organs or pretending that I don't have freedom of speech. MY RIGHT, CASS'ole boy, to think and write about whatever I want. 

Whether to "think" (the sapiens part of homo sapiens) about "conspiracy theories" as MUST all detectives - or about kicking your sorry ass as far away from any contact with the US government as possible.  Because I don't find it funny Cass'ole boy - that you can think about things that I cannot.  You clown. 
wiki pic of Harvard Clown Cass "false conspiracy theory before examining facts" Sunstein


"Officials running a federal program that is considering redefining death are going to be seeking further public comment after members of theChristian Medical Associationraised alarms about several problems, including what they believe would be an open door to pressure families to donate organs before their loved one has died.
The proposal could move the federal government closer into alignment with whathas been proposed by longtime Barack Obama adviser Cass Sunstein.
Obama's "regulatory czar" was revealed in 2009 to have pushed strongly for the removal of organs from those who did not give their consent to becoming an organ donor.
In his book, "Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth and Happiness," Sunstein and co-author Richard Thaler presented the possibility of the "routine removal" of organs because "the state owns the rights to body parts of people who are dead or in certain hopeless conditions, and it can remove their organs without asking anyone's permission."

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If you are not familiar with the quackery Cass earned notoriety for with the truth movement - CLICK HERE. If you don't wish to read my long and boring evaluation at the last link - go HERE for a PDF where you can read his "joke" where he mocks our RIGHTS.  It is disgusting.  But what can one expect from a "Constitutional Scholar" who can't distinguish between RIGHTS and privileges - advising another "Constitutional Scholar" who doesn't care that, according to the Constitution, only the Congress has the power to declare war.  (Libya)

Cass'ole boy - look in the mirror.  You missed your calling you CLOWN.


pic from wiki Gadsden flag 


Ron Paul vs. past prez candidate: Who do you want fighting for you?

Ron Paul - a real gentleman - willing to point out injustice in his presence - and he does it nicely...

...as opposed to a past presidential candidate who calmly keeps talking as a citizen is abused...

Real Heroes and Media Misrepresentations

-----Here's what real heroes look like.  Our country would be in such better shape if our police followed this man's example.



...and then we have the enemy calling them "demonic"

...more veterans the Faux News media shills claim to support...

...don't forget this veteran's famous stand

...but who is this special person in the suit that doesn't have to move?

...look how Hannity thanks our troops when they return from fighting the wars he served as cheerleader for...there is some appropriate disgust expressed by a "narrator" that uploaded this vid...

Fair and Balanced.  Yep.  Fair and balanced - the occupy protestors are "liberals" - the occupy protesters are lazy and don't want to work the fair and balanced people tell us.

What a pitiful misrepresentation our real heros suffer from paid media liars.  It is becoming painfully obvious to the public that the "mainstream media" - has become a moribund embarrassment.

As more police and veterans join the cause - those in the self-proclaimed "fair and balanced" corporate disinformation machine will no longer be able to pretend to "support the troops" - they will be shown as the users they are - users of people - abusers of our military - 

Yes - our moribund "mainstream" personalities are finally showing their true colors as the "sunshine patriots" they really are.

Many thanks to police and veterans for joining the Occupy cause as their ranks will help put the final stake in the vampire media.
UPDATE:  Just came across this clip at Spartacus Jones' blog:  this is really worth watching concerning media lockstep...

EU bans 'naked' airport security scanners after cancer fears

"Research suggests up to 100 US airline passengers a year could get cancer from the scanners."
REad more HERE


Note:  I wonder why this equipment is not regulated by the same bodies that regulate medical imaging equipment.  

Perhaps there is a "good" side to all of this.  We may be observing a "self-correcting" system - where the TSA actually kills itself off with their own radiation over time.  

Radiation dose is cumulative.  So they just stand there day in and day out and I suppose get their fair share of the "backscatter" or whatever radiation abounds.  Eventually the TSA at the airports should all die of cancer - eliminating themselves from the liberty equation.

Where are the insurance companies on this one I wonder?  AFter all they will have to pony up the cash to the bereaved as these workers start to bite the dust.  Why aren't the greedy insurance companies ditching these huge liabilities - these TSA "agents?"


Bill O’Reilly’s ‘Lincoln’ book banned from Ford’s Theatre because of ‘mistakes’

"The crime? O’Reilly and his co-author Martin Dugard have displayed a serial disregard for historical fact."


Americans Journey Spam filter reviewed

I didn't know that there was a spam filter deleting comments on this blog.  I accidentally tripped over the tab in the "settings" for the blog and "un-deleted" some comments.

I am loathe to delete comments - and have done so deliberately - only when the conversation became inane, zany, or irrational.

I like all comments, friend or foe, constructive or destructive, helpful or hurtful - I'm over all that.  All I ask is that statements are made from your heart - whatever that means.

I apologize to commenters whose comments were deleted unbeknownst to me - and understand that an apology is not good enough - since the comments are time-sensitive - and usually offered during the heat of the discussion at hand.

I apologize again.

I hold Freedom of Speech Sacred - a small part of me dies every time  - however infrequent - where I've deleted a comment - stifled an opinion - muzzled a contributor.

Those times I have, and I can count them on one hand - were justified.


Spring Forward NOW


Take a good look.  There is only ONE way to even the playing field.

Where were the police?  I'm sure the TSA will show up soon to fix all of this by sticking their hands down the pants of all the children.  Yeah that'll do it.

It is obvious that the very foundation of civilization - American or not - morality - has left the building.

HA HA HA! ????? 

Our recent generation has been raised on a steady diet of poison food, toxic vaccines, violence-glorifying entertainment.  Those whose brains have not yet matured to the point where they can understand the consequences of their actions - are having a party.  After all - look at the examples they follow.

An immoral military - one not interested in the reason for fighting - only interested in the fight itself.  

An immoral government - where the overwhelming majority holding seats go there for the cash reward awaiting those willing to sell their souls for a buck.  

Immoral corporations - not only blind to the wasteland left in their path - as they inhale every last nickel of profit from their funnel-like organizations - worse.  Immoral corporations selling poisonous vaccines, genetically modified stupefying, fattening foods to families desperate to fill their groaning bellies as they scurry from shit-job to shit-job.  Criminal corporations led by me-first, I've got mine - venal reptiles.  Corporations adept at escaping taxes and enriching just a few.  Corporations that will deliver anything anytime anywhere  if you have the money - one minute producing Agent Orange and the next minute a case of fake oranges designed for shipping - not for nutrition.

Immoral schools and universities - where professors can keep their jobs as long as they keep their goddam mouth shut - that is - unless - they are willing to cook the data to present the conclusions from their fed-funded "study" in the light needed by those providing their grant.  Where a football means more than a kid's soul.  

Immoral religious institutions - where covering up child molestation is more important than stopping child molestation.  

Immoral everything - everywhere - all the time.  Greed, avarice, status, medals, bragging rights - yes - that's what Americans value.

It is time for the good guys/gals out there to stand up and turn the tide against the crooks.  War profiteering is nothing new - as you'll see from the snippet below.  There have always been scum ready to profit by whatever means possible - life be damned.  The problem is - that today - at least in America - the scum has certainly risen to the top of this pond.

 From "The Story of the Fifty Fifty Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War 1861-1865..." LINK HERE



Perhaps our pond is going through a natural cycle that all ponds do.  We are emerging now from a winter of frozen activity - where the dominant entities have had their time in a dominant role.  With the springtime thaw - now apparent with the new rays of light brought by the information age - the internet - the awakening of the sleeping and now hungry population - we will see the natural emergence of the good moral people as they awaken from their idle slumber.  A natural awakening - where realization that individuals DO count and individuals CAN make a difference:  From THIS LINK:

"As the ice melts away the first thing you may notice is that the pond water begins to get "murky" — in contrast to the crystal clarity of the winter water. This is a sign of bacterial and phytoplankton blooms.
A new cycle of pond life is starting up, beginning with the microscopic inhabitants. Warmed by sunlight and increasing water temperatures, the decomposers start to break down organic material on the pond floor and suspended in the water. This releases nutrients and energy locked up in the dead organic matter. The decomposers consume oxygen and release carbon dioxide and ammonia as wastes.
Meanwhile algae start to grow as a result of amazing recipe of sunlight, carbon dioxide and ammonia. As almost all pondkeepers come to learn that this is when the pond turns green — bright, impenetrable pea-soup green. Algae and bacteria form the base of the pond food web, and warming temperatures stimulate the birth of microscopic and macroscopic herbivores and subsequently, carnivores."

YES - the ice is melting away - and as the ineluctable critical mass of moral people awaken, find their courage, and ACT to bring the immoral rot to heel - a summer of a new golden age will emerge.  

It's right around the corner.  Won't you join me?



Happy Veterans Day

We sure have a lot to be proud of.  God bless our troops for all they've done to keep us free to be searched by the TSA in Tennessee.  Thanks to all my fellow citizens that wear the uniform.  We sure have come a long way!