Map in video raises questions about WW2 insurance policy

"New" information available demonstrates Stalin not so smart after all in video available HERE.  Records show that Stalin didn't say "fall back" for a retreat and that was how he won - just the opposite.  Anyway - just more information to help put history together for those so inclined.  But I wonder what history we are STILL not hearing about?  And why does it seem that the producers had to re-invent map colors to keep it concealed?

Think I'm crazy?  Fine.  But what ever happened to Blue on a map for water?  What ever happened to solid colors to show contrast rather than translucent color schemes?  Is it by accident that this map makes it hard to see contrast?  Contrast between what?

The coloring of the map makes it easy to confuse water and land - like the land that for "some unknown reason" - above Italy on the map above - wasn't subjugated by the last "Axis of Evil."  I have my theories - this topic has been discussed before.  But "they" keep taking down the videos from my blog posts each time I bring this subject up.

Call me a conspiracy theorist - fine.  That just makes me smarter than the average monkey.

But ask yourself - why why why does that country right smack in the middle of all that mayhem have an insurance policy that protects them from the last "AXIS of EVIL?"  I mean, heck, if they are EVIL they don't discriminate right?

It raises questions for me - as to why that country was spared destruction and subjugation.  I also have questions as to why such a color scheme was used that makes it easy to miss this important historical anomaly.  If the folks involved in the production of this "historical" documentary are so interested in bringing the true facts of history to light - what about bringing the truth to light about the success that little country above Italy had in staying out of a conflict that swept the world?  After all - I want to keep my country out of war - is it possible that I can help educate my fellow citizens to the ways of peace that country must excel in?

Or are the powers still there?  Is that why - although the "truth" is coming out about the technicalities of this battle or that battle - the real truth about the puppetmasters that somehow exist above the conflict remain safely distant - protected by an elite bubble - that keeps the rest of us wondering why we are all supposed to be at each others throats?

Can it have something to do with international banking?  About the way wars are financed?  I think so.



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