Americans: Has your bank robbed YOU?

UPDATE MAY 1, 2009 Senate isn't helping
UPDATE MAY 3, 2009  Top Fat Cats
UPDATE MAY 3, 2009 Senate FAILS PUBLIC on bankruptcy judge options
UPDATE MAY 6, 2009 Let CITI workers eat their own dogfood

That a financial crisis grips America and the world presently seems to be the consensus view. More importantly is how it effects each and every one of us - American or not.  Recent bank failures and bailouts were forced on the public by both Democrats and Republicans alike - taking money from the public to sustain failed banks.  The monetary crisis became the basis for occasional cries from the corporate-owned media for a "global" solution required NOW to thwart DISASTER - just like the bailout. 

 I ask the reader to consider the following every time the phone rings from a mortgage company looking for payment, every time they receive notice of investment losses, every time their government asks for what little they have left, and every time they are told that a "global solution" is the answer.  I ask the reader:  Has your BANK robbed YOU?   (That is...with the help of YOUR government.)

That the economies of the world are interdependent is not new. During the American Civil War cotton was such a (CLICK HERE) commodity as illustrated by the following passage from the linked site:

     "In 1858 Senator James Henry Hammond of South Carolina replied to Senator William H. Seward of New York:

        "Without the firing of a gun, without drawing a sword, should they [Northerners] make war upon us [Southerners], we could bring the whole world to our feet. What would happen if no cotton was furnished for three years? . . England would topple headlong and carry the whole civilized world with her. No, you dare not make war on cotton! No power on earth dares make war upon it. Cotton is King."

Hammond, like most white Southerners, believed that cotton ruled not just in the South but in the United States and the world. Many economists agreed. In 1855, David Christy entitled his influential hook Cotton Is King. Cotton indeed drove the economy of the South, affected its social structure, and, during the Civil War, dominated international relations of the Confederacy through "cotton diplomacy."

    Was Hammond correct?  It turns out other sources of cotton took over.  The point I emphasize is that international trade interdependence is not new.  I make that point to illustrate that even for a crisis as great as the American "Civil" War,  fought on American soil, the surrender of national sovereignty was unnecessary.  Although the greenback provided for the obscene expenses required to finance the bloodbath; the concomitant changes in monetary and tax policy required for implementation of "greenbacks" arguably would have negative consequences for Americans in the long run.  I mention these historical debates to provide an alternative perspective when a shill from the corporate-owned media claims a "global currency" will solve our money problems.   Who cares?  Why should you?  That the U.S. Federal government's is derelict in its duty as custodian of public treasure is not a secret.  But to what extent are they complicit in assuring the public got the bad deal while the banks escaped with the loot? 

A friend recently expressed consternation when she couldn't make her mortgage payment (her first time ever) as slow-paying customers who owed her money didn't have the funds to pay her.  Their slow payment was, they said, based on the economic slowdown.  Fair enough.  Her mortgage company is INDYMAC.  Consider the following from (CLICK HERE) this article:

"All that was a memory on Tuesday, however, as Rubin and about 200 other anxious, embittered and sometimes angry customers swarmed an IndyMac bank branch in the San Fernando Valley, creating a Depression Era-like scene as they demanded their money just four days after the failing bank was seized by federal regulators."

Could this be the same bank?  She received recurring calls from debt collectors with accents implying that the collection agents tasked with hounding her were from India.  The calls were, and may still be, relentless. How is it, she asked me, that this bank, which went belly-up recently and was bailed out by the feds (her, you, and me)  was still around to collect on debt?  Consider THIS  article excerpt which gives numbers:

"The FDIC estimated that its takeover of IndyMac would cost between $4 billion and $8 billion."

On what ground does said bank stand when lecturing the very public they ran to when they ran their (CLICK FOR NAME CHANGE)  institution into the ground?  How did she benefit from the bailout?  What concessions did her public representatives make to help her ease the pain of making mortgage payments during these troubled times?  The question arises:  Has your bank robbed YOU?  

UPDATE MAY 3, 2009


Could this be a picture of Osama bin Laden?

Look (CLICK) HERE to decide for yourself if Osama is using a Dolphin Costume to foil attempts at his capture.

Yes, this is a joke. I know it isn't that funny. By the way, not to insult the Dolphin, but it kinda' looks like Cheney.

On a more serious note it looks like a good cause, I came upon that site looking at Google Earth.


Resveratrol Ultra - Any good?

Here is a vid from 60 minutes regarding Resveratrol and its "fountain-of-youth" potential:

So should I start taking it? The video is convincing - at least the part about the monkeys.

A quick (CLICK) look around the internet led me to conclude that the compounds involved decay rapidly and can only be captured to put into a pill by a time-dependent freeze-drying process. I wonder if this is true? Check out the comments here: (CLICK HERE) I wonder if any readers of this blog can enlighten the rest of us? The last link I think is worth looking at.

I suppose that a company utilizing the proper methods above would be supplying a valid product - that is, if the product does indeed work.

So here is a set of standards one company adheres to: (CLICK HERE) This link shows what appear to be rigorous quality control steps- are they really?

Another "diet pill" - what is the truth of the matter?


"Global War on Terror" - The Case of the Missing Definition

Have you heard the adage that "A problem well stated is a problem half solved" ? This adage is attributed to Charles F. Ketteringthe inventor of the electric starter for automobiles. Look HERE to read more about this great inventor. From the linked page:

"His book of patents contains more than 300 separate applications that range from a portable lighting system for farms to coolants for refrigerators and air conditioners. Other patents included a World War I "aerial torpedo," a device for the treatment of venereal disease, and an incubator for premature infants. Duco paint and Ethyl gasoline were also his ideas and he was instrumental in their development. He had interest in the development of diesel engines, solar energy, and was a pioneer in the application of magnetism to medical diagnostic techniques."

So definition of the problem was important to this great American inventor. How about a definition of the "Global War on Terror?" Sound impossible? Let's try an easier one. What about using the Scientific Method? Won't that make our work easier? From the linked Wiki article please pay special attention to STEP 1:

" 1. Define the question "

Here is another example of the first step in the truth-finding process using the scientific method CLICK HERE , our best method today:

"1. Observation and description of a phenomenon or group of phenomena."

OK, I understand we are fighting a war, not doing a science project, so maybe asking our leaders to define "Global War on Terror" is really asking for too much. After all, don't we all KNOW what the global war on terror is? It's a war against terrorists right? Maybe I need to look at the problem from another perspective.

General Ulysses S. Grant was known as "Unconditional Surrender" Grant - because that is what he demanded from his adversaries during the American Civil War. It was clear then, and now what was required: that the enemy lay down their arms with no conditions or battle would ensue. So my question is, who has to surrender right now for us to "win" the "Global War on Terror?" Please don't say Osama bin Laden, since this issue has been addressed in another article on this blog. So if Grant were in charge today - who would he present surrender terms to? Well we all KNOW this is a global war on terror so who can we ask to surrender?

How about U.S Military Veterans? After cruelly long deployments perhaps we need them to surrender when they get home? From the article:

"Michael Ward, FBI deputy assistant director for counterterrorism, said in an interview Thursday that the portion of the operation focusing on the military related only to veterans who draw the attention of Defense Department officials for joining white-supremacist or other extremist groups."

So the enemy is our own military veterans? So we aren't really after middle-eastern guys? Okay so who is the enemy?

It seems that anyone using a nebulous term like "Global War on Terror" is either not aware of the dangerous nature of an undeclared war on the undefinable, or is aware and is using the statement as a blank check for a war on anything. The outcome can only be a war without end when the end cannot be defined.

Americans must demand a definition of the "Global War on Terror" or at least a statement of surrender terms, and specifically who is to surrender to bring an end to the war - that is... if ending the war really is a goal.
UPDATE May 3, 2009


Who in their right mind believes in Conspiracy Theories?

Much of the American public has been successfully conditioned to abandon independent thought at the cue of the corporate media whenever a talking head on TV labels someone a "Conspiracy Theorist." For independent thinkers this presents a challenge when attempting to carry on an adult conversation about topics where possibilities for conspiracies must be considered. Is conspiracy so rare that it is safe to point and laugh at anyone considering conspiracy as an explanation for events?

Take a look at some easily found stories from Google below. What if we didn't allow the conspiracy theorists to follow the trail of the evidence in these cases? What if we publicly ridiculed those tasked to solve the crimes below? Please (CLICK HERE) THINK before dismissing what the corporate media has labeled a 911 Conspiracy Theory. You may be surprised, if you just take a few moments to look, at the highly credible people (Gen. Wes. Clark is among those listed at this link) who are only asking that you examine the evidence. For your consideration:

TIME: The Fort Dix Conspiracy
Prokop faces 150 years in federal prison
Cocaine Distribution and Conspiracy Charges in Narcotic Trafficking Ring
Three Staten Island, NY Men Indicted on Federal Hate Crime Conspiracy Charges
Walravens plead to tax evasion, conspiracy charges in federal court
Blagojevich indicted on 16 federal felony charges
Tangipahoa man pleads guilty to federal meth manufacturing conspiracy charge
Bernard Kerik indicted on federal fraud, conspiracy charges
Former loan officer pleads guilty to conspiracy charges
Pelicano convicted of Federal wiretapping conspiracy charges
While conspiracy cases are common in federal court ...
--------Now some "Conspiracy Theories" unfit for corporate media consideration-----

CLICK HERE for the vid Tucker wouldn't play of WTC7

MORE HERE of Dr. David Ray Griffin at the UN
APRIL 14, 2009 9/11 Commission Counsel: Government Agreed to Lie About 9/11
UPDATE MAY 1, 2009
DEAN says RICE may have admitted to conspiracy
OCTOBER 18, 2009 Here's something to think about before you laugh at the chemtrail people Cloud Seeding is a term I remember from the past.

UPDATE JANUARY 19, 2010 Bill O: "Conspiracy Theorist"



Please watch the first video from Danish TV (English captions) and consider the journalist's questions. Then watch the second video if you haven't seen it already. Perhaps the journalist in the Danish video can re-direct his questions regarding how this caper could have been pulled off away from the scientist and (as the scientist in the video recommends) onto those responsible for the security of the WTC buildings?


How Confident are You that finding Osama bin Laden is a U.S. goal?

UPDATE MAY 11, 2009 Pakistani president says Osamar is a goner    
Please watch the following video where Ed Schultz asks Rep. Dennis Kucinich what he would do about Osama bin Laden - "would he just let him go?" (at time 3:34)
    Then please watch the second video of President GWB answering whether he thinks the threat from Osama can be eliminated until his capture or death.
     Next watch the third video from CBS where a Delta Force officer states that he was prevented from killing bin Laden at an opportune moment.  His plan was "...disapproved at some level above us..." and that the order may have come from as high up as the President at the time. (at time 3:30)  
     Finally please view the last video from CBS where President Obama states his resolve to kill bin Laden (at time=00:50).
     How confident are you that finding Osama bin Laden is a U.S. goal?*see note below

Ed Schultz asks Rep. Kucinich about war budget vs. bin Laden:

Bush not concerned about Osama bin Laden:

Delta Force officer prevented from killing Osama bin Laden:

Couric-Pres. Obama interview:  President Obama hopes to capture or kill bin Laden:

----------------UPDATE APRIL 11, 2009
*note on linked FBI most wanted poster 911 attacks not listed

Finding Osama bin Laden is a U.S. Goal


Bin Laden NOT WANTED FOR 911 on FBI most wanted poster

The FBI is AWOL on 911 Forensics

UPDATE AUGUST 18, 2009 Attorney: FBI trained NJ blogger to incite others
The FBI: cast on TV as a legendary law enforcement agency. The best of the best - at least we are told. Heck they can solve any crime, even if there are only traces of evidence left, like hair, saliva, fingerprints - they are the ones we Americans turn to when all we have are straws to grasp for evidence...well ... that is ... as long as the evidence discussed has nothing to do with the 911 attacks on America! Whenever the topic turns to the discussion of evidence regarding the 911 attacks the FBI is AWOL (Absent WithOut Leave) - suddenly unable to comprehend concepts like conspiracy, or analysis of crime scene evidence. For some reason our dauntless FBI has better things to do, like chasing pirates off the horn of Africa. From the article:
"FBI spokesman Richard Kolko described the bureau's hostage negotiating team as "fully engaged" with the military in strategizing ways to retrieve the ship's captain and secure the Maersk Alabama and its roughly 20-member U.S. crew.
...Other analysts say the U.S. will be reluctant to use force as long as one of its citizens remains hostage. French commandos, for example, have mounted two military operations against pirates once the ransom had been paid and its citizens were safe."

Contrast that with the deep concern for American citizens' lives of the FBI Hostage Roasting Team in Waco, Texas , USA. From the article:
"...at Waco, where the FBI oversaw the largest single spasm of slaughter of civilians by law enforcement in US history, when nearly a hundred Branch Davidians died amid an assault by tanks, flame-throwers and snipers."

Somehow this contradiction in actions of the FBI triggers my logic circuits to doubt that the actions of the FBI are based on their concern for American citizens' lives. Their words mean nothing - just look at their actions.

What is the role of the FBI? They make grandiose claims on their website regarding their expertise in solving crimes - especially regarding trace evidence with explosives...that is... as long as it has nothing to do with the 911 attacks. In the case of 911 the FBI is blind, and even if they could see, their actions demonstrate that they have no interest in the evidence remaining from the attacks - they have better things to do; like brainwashing children on their website into thinking it's cool to wear fake mustaches so they can deceive others. I don't know what the reason is for the fake mustaches - it's probably classified information. So who can we rely on to examine the forensic evidence left over from the attacks of 9-11-01?

Enter Dr. Jones and Company - scientists interested in finding the truth. I urge every reader to digest the rigorous scientific examination of the dust remaining from the 911 attacks CLICK FOR SCIENTIFIC PAPER HERE. Make sure to click the "Active Thermitic Material... " link on the page referenced. Why hasn't the FBI done this work? Why isn't the FBI examining this landmark study? Perhaps their agenda differs from the agenda of Americans interested in finding the truth regarding the perpetrators of the 911 attacks? I cannot think of any other reason they are AWOL regarding 911.

I think it is important to point out that the analysis of the WTC dust linked above MUST be answered by SCIENTISTS. A failure to examine this evidence is inexcusable, unpatriotic, cowardly, unscientific, and most of all, a betrayal of every American predecessor that fought for American ideals. Perhaps silence really is agreement.

I wonder if there is a lesson to be learned by all Americans during this festive tax season by the mission statement of the explosives branch of the FBI, our dutiful public servants:

"Perform chemical analyses to determine the type of explosives used in an improvised explosive or incendiary device; and
Assist investigators in determining if debris from a fire of suspicious origin has an accelerant present."

Perhaps American citizens should realize the FBI really doesn't do what they say they do, unless, that is, they are asked to support an agenda that has nothing to do with securing America, but more with securing American Empire? If you think that's a stretch, I'll leave you with the FBI mission statement , revamped for the New World Order and the Global War on Terror whatever the hell that means:

"Our mission is to help protect you, your communities, and your businesses from the most dangerous threats facing our nation—from international and domestic terrorists to spies on U.S. soil…from cyber villains to corrupt government officials…from mobsters to violent gangs…from child predators to serial killers. Learn more here about our work with law enforcement and intelligence partners across the country and around the globe."

Remember - they do all of the above - unless the crime involves September 11, 2001. That is something to think about . That is something that should make every American citizen question where our "public servants" are leading us.

UPDATE APRIL 10, 2009 Chips in WTC dust show nanothermate
---------Update audio interview on Dust Analysis---

--------update Video-------

-------update Video---------

---------update Video from Danish TV as U.S. Corporate Media remains blind-----------

UPDATE APRIL 13, 2009 Navy, not FBI, negotiates pirate situation.
UPDATE APRIL 13, 2009 Handbook of Forensic Science
UPDATE APRIL 17, 2009 Veterans Focus of FBI Extremist Probe
UPDATE JULY 9, 2009 Scientists Discover Both Residues
And Unignited Fragments
Of Nano-Engineered Thermitic Pyrotechnics
In Debris From the Twin Towers

Researcher Steven Hatfill wins settlement in anthrax case



Foreign vs. Domestic Media: Lessons from the Past

The BBC series "The World At War" - one of my favorites. The somber music - so appropriate it seems to me. The series seems to tell so well the recurring nightmare of waste, tragedy, and folly that accompany war. One reason I like the series so much is the video footage. They seem to have covered everything - including Nazi propaganda - a topic with modern parallels.

I often find myself struggling to understand the world around me because there are so many conflicting accounts of reality. Who is telling the truth? Which facts are accurate? So hard to tell - logic helps to test our reasoning - but there are two sides to every story. How to discern? What about foreign broadcasts? I think I'm capable of sorting out truth from lies. Isn't that what citizenship demands? That the combined collective wisdom of informed citizens is the foundation of just and representative government? How should "Good" Americans inform themselves? Are we best served by our domestic media?

Please look at time = 6:13 in the video below from the "Inside the Reich" chapter of "The World At War." Santayana said "Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it."