Who in their right mind believes in Conspiracy Theories?

Much of the American public has been successfully conditioned to abandon independent thought at the cue of the corporate media whenever a talking head on TV labels someone a "Conspiracy Theorist." For independent thinkers this presents a challenge when attempting to carry on an adult conversation about topics where possibilities for conspiracies must be considered. Is conspiracy so rare that it is safe to point and laugh at anyone considering conspiracy as an explanation for events?

Take a look at some easily found stories from Google below. What if we didn't allow the conspiracy theorists to follow the trail of the evidence in these cases? What if we publicly ridiculed those tasked to solve the crimes below? Please (CLICK HERE) THINK before dismissing what the corporate media has labeled a 911 Conspiracy Theory. You may be surprised, if you just take a few moments to look, at the highly credible people (Gen. Wes. Clark is among those listed at this link) who are only asking that you examine the evidence. For your consideration:

TIME: The Fort Dix Conspiracy
Prokop faces 150 years in federal prison
Cocaine Distribution and Conspiracy Charges in Narcotic Trafficking Ring
Three Staten Island, NY Men Indicted on Federal Hate Crime Conspiracy Charges
Walravens plead to tax evasion, conspiracy charges in federal court
Blagojevich indicted on 16 federal felony charges
Tangipahoa man pleads guilty to federal meth manufacturing conspiracy charge
Bernard Kerik indicted on federal fraud, conspiracy charges
Former loan officer pleads guilty to conspiracy charges
Pelicano convicted of Federal wiretapping conspiracy charges
While conspiracy cases are common in federal court ...
--------Now some "Conspiracy Theories" unfit for corporate media consideration-----

CLICK HERE for the vid Tucker wouldn't play of WTC7

MORE HERE of Dr. David Ray Griffin at the UN
APRIL 14, 2009 9/11 Commission Counsel: Government Agreed to Lie About 9/11
UPDATE MAY 1, 2009
DEAN says RICE may have admitted to conspiracy
OCTOBER 18, 2009 Here's something to think about before you laugh at the chemtrail people Cloud Seeding is a term I remember from the past.

UPDATE JANUARY 19, 2010 Bill O: "Conspiracy Theorist"


  1. God bless the Patriots who risk their careers and their lives to get the truth out, and damn those who wont seek it.

  2. I like the approach that a colleague takes with his questions, it goes something like this (David Ray Griffin); ""For the first year and a half I just accepted the conventional view ... that this was blowback for our foreign policy. When a colleague suggested to me ... forces within our own government had arranged it, I didn't accept that. Then several months later another colleague sent me a website that had a timeline. Once I ... saw all those stories drawn from mainstream sources that contradicted the official account, I decided I needed to look into it more carefully, and the more I looked, the worse it got. The fact that Building 7 ... collapsed when it had not been hit by an airplane ... that's a smoking gun. The fact that standard operating procedures were not followed that morning, and we've gotten three different stories now by the U.S. military as to why they did not intercept the planes, that's a smoking gun. The 9/11 commission simply ignored those questions. The official account itself is a conspiracy theory. It says that 19 Arab Muslims...conspired to pull off this operation. The question is not whether one is a conspiracy theorist about 9/11. It's which conspiracy theory do you find most supported by the evidence?"

    he is, of course, much more eloquent and succinctly more cogent and on point than I can ever be about the 'conspiracy theory' the U.S. government would like all of us to believe about Sept. 11, 2001.

    I think the rest gets better here: "." One firefighter said: "It seemed like on television [when] they blow up these buildings." Given all the features that indicate controlled demolition, it is not surprising that when a controlled demolition expert in Holland was shown videos of the collapse of WTC 7, without being told what the building was ... he said: "They have simply blown away columns. A team of experts did this. This is controlled demolition." Two emeritus professors of structural analysis and construction at Zurich's prestigious ETH Institute of Technology say that WTC 7 was "with the highest probability brought down by explosives." FEMA, the first agency given the task of explaining the collapse of the WTC, said that its best explanation for the collapse of WTC 7 had "only a low probability of occurrence." The 9/11 Commission avoided the problem by simply not finding room to mention this collapse in its 571-page report. This behavior is no surprise given the fact that the Commission was run by its executive director, Philip Zelikow, who was virtually a member of the Bush-Cheney administration."

    the only real 'conspiracy theory' believers out there are the shills and right wing COINTELPRO fuckers who want desperately for this to all go away.....so they can continue to peddle their main ware, which is TERROR and BOOGEY MEN and OSAMA BEEN DEAD SINCE 2002 crap.

    years of research will lead you to only one clear conclusion, and that is the U.S. government was part of a criminal conspiracy that took human life on American soil that day, and then continued in the criminality by 'covering that up' with lies and deceit and obfuscation of the evidence supporting U.S. government active participation in the murdering that day.

    what part of the words 'INSIDE JOB' do you all not understand?

  3. Fishing around for my own evidence --- as in, something others haven’t mentioned which clinches the question, “What happened on 911?” --- I found, in July 2003, an article in the mainstream Spanish press which did it for me.

    It wasn’t published because the journalists had been doing some research, it was published because a reader of the newspaper had been looking carefully at some videos and, in particular, an award-winning photo by a wandering photographer called Carmen Taylor. This reader noticed something anomalous, blew up the pictures and had them professionally examined, on the newspaper’s insistence on having air-tight, uncontrovertible evidence. I might add that it was only due to an outraged rebellion on the newsroom floor that permission for publication was granted.

    The digital analysis, by a huge computer program designed to “see” and compute 3D objects, conclusively (100%) shows that a 3D object was attached to the underbelly of one of the planes that crashed into the Twin Towers.

    When Boeing was contacted for comment, after several days to examine the research, they would only say they couldn’t comment “for reasons of national security”. Where have we heard that before?

    Much fluff and shilling has led to this bit of research being rejected as a “no planes theory” or the result of “pod people”, but only a truly dangerous tidbit of information would receive this amount of attention from professional “rubbishers”. It only goes to prove how scared they are that this evidence might get a broader audience.

    Does anyone remember the famous sixties film “Blowup” by director Michelangelo Antonioni? It was a casual photograph of a crime scene unwittingly taken by a professional photographer, played by David Bailey. By blowing up the photos the crime was discovered and the perpetrator caught.

    This story of a Boeing 767, whose physical characteristics, in addition, do not correspond with the B-767-222, registration N612UA, aircraft that allegedly crashed into the south tower, but an aircraft whose proportions do not tally, is similar to this film. Unwittingly, a photo (and supporting evidence from videos taken from different angles by different sources) has escaped into the mainstream, to the chagrin of the propagandists. It shows, undeniably, a large object attached to the fuselage. What it is I cannot say, I can only guess. What I do know is that passenger planes do not fly around the planet with large objects pinned to the bottom without pilots, groundstaff and passengers being aware of their presence.

    Look into it. Read the story. Come to your own conclusions.


  4. Nice job Jack Rabbit.
    From day one 9/11/2001 I suspected something was wrong, NORAD did not scramble or intercept any of the planes, a red flag for sure, a flase flag too.
    Alfons v911t.org

  5. Alfons: Thanks for taking your time to read and comment. Yeah, I knew something was wrong on day one - but once the WTC7 video came out - it flipped the truth switch for me.

  6. History books are FULL of conspiracies! Conspiracy is the NORM, not the exception to the rule.

  7. For me, it was how quickly they pinned it on Osama bin Laden. They knew all about all the details of whodunnit how and why long before they had any bodies, autopsies, dna, wreckage, etc.
    Maybe Dionne Warwick's psychic friends were on the case.
    Something stank right from the start.

    Reminded me of how quickly they made Oswald for the "lone nut" who allegedly killed JFK. They say they made him based on a description. Well just who gave that description, when and how??

    Anyway, that was the tip-off for me.
    Everything after has been confirmation.


  8. Salialioli:

    "By blowing up the photos the crime was discovered and the perpetrator caught."

    I don't know what film you're are referring to.

    It certainly is not Antonioni's "BLOWUP."

    No perpetrator was caught in that one.

    You'd better take another look before you use it as an example.


  9. For me it was the Pentagon.
    How the fuck could a "rogue" commercial airliner do a nice long loop around and supposedely slam into a building that is armed to protect against supersonic fighter jets after other "rogue" commercial airliners had already hit the WTC!!???
    I said it on 9/11 and im still saying it now!! HOW!!??

  10. Because the 9/11 inside job was not publicly exposed and the criminals prosecuted, the criminals continue with their crimes. The latest one being Haiti.

    Oil was recently discovered in Haiti. Also, there was an armed forces drill occurring at about the same time the earthquake occurred. HAARP was used to create the earthquake so that US troops could take over the country without worry about Russia & other nations complaining. Hugo Chavez claiming it was HAARP. He should know since the Russians have used HAARP themselves. 1 + 1 = 2


  11. Idiots(most people) need to utilize and consult a dictionary, because its obvious most of those who use the term 'CONSPIRACY THEORY', have no idea what a 'conspiracy' actually is, and allow the media to impregnate their false illusion upon the ignorant, who so blindly adopt it into their delusion, from cognitive dissonance and a false paradigm; ignorantly, arrogantly and ill equipped to deal with such mass conditioning, perception management and information warfare(aka propaganda), they become the fodder from the cannon of their own demise...

  12. The "official" bullshit story of 9/11 is itself a "conspiracy theory." Anybody who doesn't recognize this at this point in time should have been sterilized in their crib.

  13. I question everything...perhaps if your brain worked you would also or not. I guess it depends upon the person. Conspiracy label is used to quite people who think and trust their gut...people who are still in touch with their senses unlike those who has lost their connection. Sad really.

  14. I love that notion, conspiracy therory.
    If they ask, tell them to start tp read history, everything is conspiracy.
    WW2 was a conspiracy, the propaganda and all the "knowledge" we have is writhen by the conquerer.
    The Roman empire was/is a clasic example, on wars and propaganda, conspiracys in every consivable direction.
    The world and its powers have allways thru history conpired and done things in fasions that was/is against the law.
    Nothing new under the sun, absolutly nothing, perhaps, the wepons used and that about it.

    I was home the day it happened, and so far my memory goes there are several things that gott stuck my mind.

    1. the "plainchrash" in a feild in Phil. I belive it was a cruise missile runn into the ground, just to make it look like something have hitt the ground and the stunning lack of debries. A plane that smaches into the ground, spreads out debrises over a hugh area, normaly.

    2. the building 7. They reported it in the begining, but it was out of the picture during the first day of MSM.

    3. the simple fact that people studd in the gaping hole after the plainimpact, stunning if the tonns of fuel burned the floors, and it also makes the controlled demo. highly lightly.

    4. the pentagon, looked like a cruise missiel or something in that size, and the "collection" of debries. I dont belive a Engineblokk(from ex. a 707), is capable of waporise from any kind of impact or heat.

    I knew that the world changed the day it happened, and the "muslim" threat was allready in place. This war on terror was the goal, the twin tower, just "colateral damage".

  15. we have to redirect the retort of "conspiracy theorist". lets start calling this often poo-pood words/labels; "conspiracy theory", as "collaborative planning postulation"

    and those who wish to present the probability of a suspected premeditated, preplanned (defying probability) occurrences which are highly suspect as having been more than a random happenstance as: "collaborative planning postulate adherents" ... now doesn't that sound more PC and less likely to be dismissed out of hand!!

  16. Corporate media - conspiring to banish conspiracy theory to the dust bin.

    Power CONSPIRES... always has .. always will.

    To think otherwise, one would have to be blind and dumb.

  17. Here's my current take on the "conspiracy". We are supposed to be divided over what happened on 9/11 because it's made to separate the critical thinkers from the Kool-Aid drinkers. It's also designed to hold our attention and keep US all arguing endlessly to no end because it keeps US from taking up the real debate about ending all these wars and bringing our American troops home. All according to plan, and the sheeple fall in line or else make the list.

  18. Someone mentioned above that they think a bomb was used in Shanksville PA to make the crator that the plane wreckage was put into. I ran across a video made years before 9/11/2001 that proves that the hole was already thare years before. Check it out.


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