Orwellian Day-Mare


you can read Homage to Catalonia here 
you can read Looking Back on the Spanish War here

I've just finished reading George Orwell's "Homage to Catalonia."  Excellent.


Honest.  Basically that is the best quality.  Orwell seems to have been honest - but at least he tried to get you to remember that everything in our modern society is a lie.

But I'd submit that that means that our society is a complete failure at that point where such a statement can be agreed upon to be true.

Normally I'd put references in here but if you are so inclined to look this stuff up that's fine but doing the links and everything is so much screwing around that it gets me distracted from my original thought.

Then after completing "homage" (I am skipping all punktchooashun beekuzz the peeple uvv duh futoor will bee too stoopidd 2 understand punktooashunn)

...then after completing "homage" I got on the internet looking for something to read from some auther about this book orwell wrote and I think hated ...whatever...

so while doing so I find Orwell's later writing about his experiences in Spain as an older dude and suddenly I was in heaven again  because that last book about the Spanish War was over and now here is the author and main character talking about his experiences in Spain during the revolution......so what did he have to say?

Orwell was a young person.  Orwell was a very tall and huge guy.  He was very manly in the Spartan sense - he like to smoke and drink and fight for a cause (because according to his essay about war he felt the Spanish revolution was justified because ???? "it is better to fight and die than just give up and be enslaved"  .... and for that, I admire him and his actions whatever the cause.

As one reads on in "Homage to Catalonia"  Eric A. (Arthur) Blair continues to describe an insane and unsophisticated trench warfare where there really was no initiative to attack.  Weapons were the deciding factor in the end he shares with us in the essay he wrote about his experiences in Spain during the revolution - this essay I read where he talks about all of these things that happened in homage to catalonia and more.

So - I know that everything I put down here will eventually be used as the rope to hang me with by the control freaks - they are the so-called "fascists" that Orwell disliked so much.  He claims to have gone to Spain to write newspaper articles - but joins the militia when he gets there - and becomes an officer using Brit discipline in a militia situation - where bullying is a no-go - and he talks about an incident where he tries to drag an Indian dude to his post where the enemy is firing sniper shots.  Later the Indian supports him (Orwell) when he does a similar thing with another person under different circumstances - and justifies something he felt guilty about.

"Homage to Catalonia" and the essay you can find from Orwell (Eric Arthur Blair) discussing his thoughts from his time in Spain - I suggest you look at those two - honestly written communications and think upon them.  Perhaps you will benefit from them.  I feel I have benefited from reading them in succession.