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you can read Homage to Catalonia here 
you can read Looking Back on the Spanish War here

I've just finished reading George Orwell's "Homage to Catalonia."  Excellent.


Honest.  Basically that is the best quality.  Orwell seems to have been honest - but at least he tried to get you to remember that everything in our modern society is a lie.

But I'd submit that that means that our society is a complete failure at that point where such a statement can be agreed upon to be true.

Normally I'd put references in here but if you are so inclined to look this stuff up that's fine but doing the links and everything is so much screwing around that it gets me distracted from my original thought.

Then after completing "homage" (I am skipping all punktchooashun beekuzz the peeple uvv duh futoor will bee too stoopidd 2 understand punktooashunn)

...then after completing "homage" I got on the internet looking for something to read from some auther about this book orwell wrote and I think hated ...whatever...

so while doing so I find Orwell's later writing about his experiences in Spain as an older dude and suddenly I was in heaven again  because that last book about the Spanish War was over and now here is the author and main character talking about his experiences in Spain during the revolution......so what did he have to say?

Orwell was a young person.  Orwell was a very tall and huge guy.  He was very manly in the Spartan sense - he like to smoke and drink and fight for a cause (because according to his essay about war he felt the Spanish revolution was justified because ???? "it is better to fight and die than just give up and be enslaved"  .... and for that, I admire him and his actions whatever the cause.

As one reads on in "Homage to Catalonia"  Eric A. (Arthur) Blair continues to describe an insane and unsophisticated trench warfare where there really was no initiative to attack.  Weapons were the deciding factor in the end he shares with us in the essay he wrote about his experiences in Spain during the revolution - this essay I read where he talks about all of these things that happened in homage to catalonia and more.

So - I know that everything I put down here will eventually be used as the rope to hang me with by the control freaks - they are the so-called "fascists" that Orwell disliked so much.  He claims to have gone to Spain to write newspaper articles - but joins the militia when he gets there - and becomes an officer using Brit discipline in a militia situation - where bullying is a no-go - and he talks about an incident where he tries to drag an Indian dude to his post where the enemy is firing sniper shots.  Later the Indian supports him (Orwell) when he does a similar thing with another person under different circumstances - and justifies something he felt guilty about.

"Homage to Catalonia" and the essay you can find from Orwell (Eric Arthur Blair) discussing his thoughts from his time in Spain - I suggest you look at those two - honestly written communications and think upon them.  Perhaps you will benefit from them.  I feel I have benefited from reading them in succession.



  1. JR Fails Again For Making Any Sense

    "...[H]e tried to get you to remember that everything in our modern society is a lie." -JR, fm above

    Well JR, we know u're a liar, eh? Ho ho ho ho. But how was it Orwell tried to get us to "remember"?--did he remind us of something by which we'd "remember"? Ho ho ho ho

    And "everything about our society is a lie"?--who is the liar (aside fm people like u)? And HOW can "everything" about our society be a lie? Some things might be a lie, told by liars. But surely there are things that aren't lies, right?--like bridges and buildings, buses and cars, and other things. Lies are what people say, right? So is everyone a liar, telling lies? Ho ho ho ho ho

    And u say Orwell was "honest," that being the "best quality"?--well what was the book about?--ho ho oho--u forgot to tell us, eh? Ho ho ho ho. Yes, we know it had to do w. the "Spanish civil war," but u don't say too much about that war, or if Orwell had anything specifically to say, ho ho ho ho

    Next, u tell us, "...I'd submit that that means that our society is a complete failure at that point where such a statement can be agreed upon to be true." Ho ho ho ho

    So is the "statement" u're talking about in ur quoted sentence referring to the sentence immediately preceding?--ho ho ho ho oho

    And so if "everything about our society is a lie," then it follows it's also a "complete failure," eh? Ho ho ho oho--u really make a lot of sense here for the beginning of ur essay, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho

    And what's this about another essay that Orwell wrote?--u don't even give the title of the essay, or when it was written, or where it can be found?--ho o ho ho ho ho--typical for u, eh?

    So then, after lots of other nonsensical stuff u write, u close ur essay by telling us we might benefit fm reading Orwell's works, even though it isn't clear u "benefitted," as u allege. For it really looks like ur poor mind continues to deteriorate, buddy.

    "American's Journey" seems to have ended for any real purpose u might have had--like telling us about "good-evil," ho ho ho ho oho

    1. Apsterian,

      Excellent analysis as usual. Yes I should not have written anything when drivel like this results but I had to put something down and this is all that resulted. No....energy..

      Also yes - we did discuss the liar's paradox and I cannot be dismissed from that. By not actually writing anything it is harder to make me out to be a liar is it not - especially if I've said nothing in the first place.


    2. But don't u think "American's Journey" has ended?--ur only purpose was to pretend to being "good," and ur efforts can safely end here, now, right?

    3. Apsterian,

      It seems that the intended destination for this journey is more elusive than I had anticipated...


    4. The only thing gritty about Eric Blair (george orwell) were his acts of sodomy.Blair's parents were rich merchants,he was a spy a fraud and an intel asset at horizon mag.
      You are misguided or a crypto jew and should not give guidance.

    5. Dipshit: do u have any sources or references, dumbass?--or are we just supposed to taking ur moronic word? Hoh o ho ho ho ho

  2. "Journey" To Hypocrisy

    "So - I know that everything I put down here will eventually be used as the rope to hang me with by the control freaks - they are the so-called "fascists" that Orwell disliked so much." -JR

    Of course, anyone who criticizes u, Mr. Goody, is, what?--"control freak"?--ho ho ho ho, or a "fascist," eh?

    Well, isn't it the simple truth u want to set urself up as "moral" authority?--this while u tell us NOTHING about morality, aside fm asserting the foundation is "golden rule," but not telling us why or how.

    And u LOVE to knock Christianity, satanist flunky as u are, even as u know NOTHING about Christianity, calling everyone else "hypocrites," ho ho ho oho.

    Such is ur "Americans Journey," JR: the "journey" of an ignorant, pretentious, so-called "moralist," who just calls everyone else "hypocrite," when fact is u're most hypocritical of all.


  3. Mr. Goody, The Hypocrite, Reads Something, Then Tells Us We Should Read It Too

    "I suggest you look at those two [by Orwell] - honestly written communications and think upon them. Perhaps you will benefit from them. I feel I have benefited from reading them in succession." -Mr. Goody

    What?--oh, so u "benefitted," eh? Ho ho ho ho--how so?--was there any worthwhile info?--what was it?--can u sum it up for us?--no, of course not.

    And what's this about "honestly written"?--ho ho ho ho--I guess it's unlike ur sort of work, eh Mr. Goody? ho o ho ho, pretending to calling Christians "hypocrites," while u know NOTHING about any Christianity, eh? Ho ho ho ho

    So people should "think upon them," eh Mr. Goody?--ho ho ho ho ho. Unfortunately, u don't seem to have thought too much, otherwise u'd have written something that made some substantial sense, eh? Ho ho hoho ho

    So once again, Mr. Goody, u demonstrate ur own gross and over-powering hypocrisy, telling folks they should read anything, for no particular reason except for mere fact u read it, even though u got nothing out of it that u could show for us, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho--what a joke, u're such a genius, ho ho ho ho

  4. Hey Mr. Goody: We note ur praise for Orwell's writing for being "honest," ho ho ho o ho.

    But tell us: can u give an example of a book of any kind, by anyone which wasn't "honest"?--which was "dis-honest"? Ho ho ho hoh oho

    1. And we surmise u don't like works of fiction, as they're "dis-honest," eh? Ho ho ho hohoho

  5. Mr. Goody Struggles And Fails So Pathetically For Honesty

    And how "honest" is it for u, Mr. Goody, pretending to "good-evil" and "morality," when u can't tell us anything substantial about such "good" or "morality," merely making vague and incompetent reference to "golden rule," but not saying how or why?--is this "honest"?--of course not, but u don't care long as u pretend u're "good" or "moral."

    And after all, all u really want to do is to harass and intimidate Christians whom u hate and feel so inferior to, calling them "hypocrites" when actually, all truth be told, u're the biggest hypocrite of all, incompetent and incapable of saying what is good or moral, not even knowing what Christianity is.

    So it's truly funny and ironic u talk, even if so emptily, about this "honesty"--for u seem to sense u lack for it quite significantly, and yet at same time u want to invoke it, sensing it is important and necessary even though u fail even for its proper and accurate exposition. U want to pretend Orwell succeeds, but u can't say how or why. How pathetic.

    1. Lying And Self-Righteousness Is Not "Patriotism"

      And I forgot to add regarding ur pretense to "patriotism" and being "American," which u're not for either, being rather anti-Christ scum, working and striving to slander and intimidate Christians, u miserable ignorant hypocrite, u actually being gross TRAITOR, in all truth--which u're going to learn to ur great cost, surely, no doubt.

      After all, why should we true and real Americans tolerate lying, scummy traitorous puke like u?--there's no reason, sucker, and u're going to find-out, as I say, all in good time, though it won't be long now as Jew S A continues to collapse for culture and economy.

    2. Apsterian,
      The public does not tolerate me - but I keep trying.

      I do not define myself except in terms that I cannot commit to because that would taint everything else I say.

      If you wish to define me in some way that is fine.

      By the way - if I am traitorous what am I traitorous to? Just so I understand the problem in a desire to fix things....perhaps I can change if your logic, reason or moral philosophy merits...please ...enlighten...


    3. Mr. Goody Plays Stupid--Again

      Mr. Goody: at this pt. u're just a punching-bag and laughing-stock, a target to take shots at.

      So this is how u blog?--with these girl-like, weak entries? I don't think u're really all there, and regarding criticisms, how many blog entries/responses have I given u now, over all these blogs u've written?

      But as long as Rivero puffs ur idiot columns which moronically knock Christianity and Christians, I figure I can respond and give u more chances to make urself look even dumber--if that's possible.

    4. Self-Righteousness Founded In Inferiority-Complex (Obviously)

      Seriously, Mr. Goody, u have urgent psychologic problem(s) w. ur self-righteousness, calling everyone "hypocrites," when u're biggest hypocrite of all, pretending to "good-evil," etc., which "good-evil" u cannot substantiate.

      Oh, and that's not even noting the slight fact u're TRAITOR, as I've explained over and over and over. Anti-Christ is anti-American, and American law is founded in Christian culture.

      It starts w. HUGE inferiority-complex, Mr. Goody--which impels u to pretending sooooooooo desperately to ur self-righteousness, u see, moronically calling everyone "hypocrite," when everyone can see U'RE THE HYPOCRITE, sucker.


    5. Anti-Christ Can't Figure-Out Why He's Resented, Poor Fool

      See Mr. Goody: aside fm ur self-righteousness, which EVERYONE finds offensive, u don't demonstrate any "leg to standing-on" by which u criticize Christianity. U're the hypocrite (for pretending u do have any "leg" for so standing).

      So u merely come-off as anti-Christ (hence satanist) who condemns Christianity--which is simply TREASON--u're no patriot, u damned lying scum. U're enemy, enemy of USA (founded upon Christianity), and enemy of humanity.

      And the pt. is u KNOW NOTHING about Christianity--so HOW do u pretend to condemn it, scum?

      And no, scum, Christianity is not against war, moron, merely against offensive war, as of imperialist aggrandizement.

      And EVERYTHING u've ever said about Christianity merely betrays and confirms u're such an ignorant, brainless moron for ur condemning Christianity and Christians.

      So one can only wonder how u can't figure-out u're so roundly resented. U're seen as gross, self-righteous (Pharisaic) scum, and moronically ignorant for excellent, well-founded reason, so who's fault is that?


    6. The Dead-End Course Of American's Journey

      "If you wish to define me in some way that is fine." -Mr. Goody, fm above, Aug 13, 2016, 8:26:00 PM

      Mr. Goody: u gotta take what u get. If people don't "define" u the way u want, who's fault is that? Sure, some may deliberately lie about u (though that is hardly necessary--truth about u is bad enough), but the overall consensus is what u have to accept.

      U can't figure-out if u're anti-Christ, u're anti-American?--u're just a stupid piece-of-shit. USA was made by and for Christians, u stupid scum. And Christians owe u NOTHING, u little punk puke.

      And people see u're self-righteous puke, condemning Christians and Christianity--WHEN U KNOW NOTHING ABOUT IT--stupidity built upon stupidity--stupidity squared.

      U know nothing about Christianity, and u have no "leg to standing upon" by way of ur moronic, pretended criticism of Christianity.

      U don't even understand anything about ethics or morality, in the first place, by which then to criticize.

      U merely seem to find it fashionable to SEEM to "criticizing," and when anyone takes u up for ur stupid "criticism," u never can say anything but idiotic girl-like absurdities, never making any sense.

      And u keep up this brainless idiocy and TREASON because--why?--because Mike Rivero puts u on his site every few months or so, eh? Such then is American's Journey: an exercise in stupidity, as the little moron behind it imagines he gets some attn., ho ho ho hoho oho.

      So, all in all, what u actually do is to pt-ing out the weakness of such as Rivero's "methods" and practices, such as they are. But soon enough, people will get wise to Rivero himself, no doubt. U poor fool, who NEVER learns.

    7. Anti-Christ Scum Won't Face Fact: He's The Problem

      And there's something else, Mr. Goody: u're not only self-righteous, this without even having a "leg to standing upon" for ur "criticism" of Christianity and/or Christians.

      Like I say, u're just plain ignorant and stupid. U seem to trying to make-out that Christians are dumb or lacking in some intellectual way or manner--WHICH DOESN'T APPLY TO U--as if u're "smarter," not only idiotically self-righteous.

      In one place, u indicate Christianity is "God-fantasy." But the fact is Christianity is AESTHETIC AND LITERATURE, and u're not even capable of discussing it these basic terms (aesthetics and literature).

      So u see, Mr. Goody, u're ur own worst enemy, stupid, ignorant scum, self-righteous puke--aside fm being effective TRAITOR, not to mention LIAR who pretends the nation's law is essentially any diff. fm the underlying culture (Christianity).

      Thus as u're moronic anti-Christ scum, ignorant and (yet) self-righteous, u're just a sucker who lends himself to the REAL ENEMIES of USA and the people--Christians and Christianity.

      And I submit this foregoing analysis and assessment, Mr. Goody, isn't unfair "definition" of u, buddy; it's HOW AND WHAT u really are, sucker. And as I've noted so often: U'RE THE PROBLEM, Mr. Goody--there's too many like u in USA which is why it's become Jew S A, going evermore rapidly down proverbial "drain."

    8. Secret, Un-Admitted Destination Of "American's Journey": Mysticism, Basis Of Mr. Goody's Moralism

      See, Mr. Goody: we've got u pretty well analyzed, would u say? (a) U're grossly, putridly self-righteous, so willing to call others "hypocrites," this when u urself are incapable of defining (in rationally demonstrable manner) what is "good-evil," etc.

      (b) U're pathetic, ignorant scum regarding Christian aesthetic and literatue, incapable of simplest discussion, this as u enjoy pretending to "criticism" of Christianity and Christians.

      (c) And we see further, when all else fails, u like to resort to outright MYSTICISM, denying the either-or nature of reality--as when u're confronted w. that basic cultural-psychologic conflict of satanism vs. humanity and reason. U want to pretend then it's more "complex," ho ho ho, that it all isn't "simple" as that (satanism vs. humanity/reason).

      Thus the mystic dead-end is understood for "American's Journey" which u don't want to face and admit. And it only points-up the actual mystic nature of this "good-evil" sanctimony which u champion so often as basis for ur self-righteous accusations of hypocrisy upon everyone, esp. Christians/Christianity. For "good-evil" and moralism, as of ur sort, always ultimately relies on mysticism, which is anti-reason, which mysticism u don't want to admit.

      But u seem to have Mike Rivero fooled, and that's good enough, right?--ho ho ho ho

  6. "When I think of talking to Americans all I can think of is wasting my time - and I hate waste." -Mr. Goody, 7.08.2016, "Wasting time"

    Mr. Goody: When Americans think of talking to u, they're wasting their time, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho

    1. Apsterian
      You'd have to ask them what their TV told them to think...


    2. Mr. Goody Speaketh, Ho Ho Ho

      Ho ho ho--another typical and predictable girl-like response fm Mr. Goody who likes to call others "hypocrites," ho ho oho. Mr. Goody is just waiting for his next appearance on WhatReallyHappened.com when he knocks Christians/Christianity again, ho ho ho ho. And we see Mr. Goody has problems w. the TV as if he knows all about it, why/how it's sooooo bad, ho ho ho ho. Mr. Goody can be depended upon to always act like Mr. Goody two-shoes, soooo good, up-standing, and virtuous, ho ho ho ho. Has "American's Journey" dead-ended? Mike Rivero might not think so, ho ho ho ho

    3. In other words, Mr. Goody, if u're pretending u're smarter than the TV-watchers/addicts, u're a tad mistaken, sucker. For u're just as stupid, self-righteous, mystic scum, calling others "hypocrites," knocking something u know nothing about (Christianity), etc. How dumb can u get?--and then to giving ur typical girly response as u do, ho ho ho ho ho

    4. Will Mr. Goody Ever Tire?

      Mr. Goody has really reached end-of-the-line for the "journey," now just waiting, waiting for Mike Rivero (WhatReallyHappened.com) to give him a little boost for knocking Christians/Christianity.

      Mr. Goody knows he doesn't have to really say anything substantial or meaningful, just fashionable or trendy, knocking Christians and/or Christianity.

      If then Mr. Goody is ever taken-up for his usual anti-Christ stupidity and thinks he should reply he just gives his usual girly throw-away (as above, Aug 23, 2016, 7:43:00 PM), sooooo trendy and breezy, which the faggots and metro-sexuals will think is soooo cool, ho ho ho ho

    5. Apsterian,

      Your vindictive is persistent but incomplete. Thank you for commenting.



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