Wasting time

When  I think of talking to Americans all I can think of is wasting my time - and I hate waste.

I've been watching some stuff from MIT on physics and found that MIT has the most brilliant physicists.  However, if I were the emperor - I'd have all of them executed except for this guy:

This really breaks my heart because I love Walter Lewin - if you haven't seen his lectures - you really are missing out on understanding physics - and perhaps loving physics.  Unfortunately - he'd have to be thrown under the bus too.  This disturbs me greatly  - but as emperor - one must be tough.  EVen Solon of Athens decreed that citizens MUST TAKE A POSITION ON IMPORTANT ISSUES.  Alas - our best physicists already know that it is not worth sticking their neck out to combat DOGMA.  Especially when going up against the holy rollers who support the war.

Since we are going to get rid of all the scientists at this weakling university - this tool of the warmongering elite - these fucking puppets for retards like the propagandists at Popular Mechanix to toy with - maybe it's not such a bad thing.  Maybe America doesn't need scientists and engineers that are just flat out cowards.  AFter all -their skills can be equally employed by the enemy.

Now I'm not foolish enough to call for people to murder each other - after all - that's what this blog is all about.  Trying to poke the bear.

But geez - how fucking lame does a scientist have to be to allow this shit to go on:??? HA HA HA Thanks for your "patriotism" MIT!!! You fucking tools!  

I wonder if the scientists and engineers from MIT are just such a bunch of fucking cowards that they now direct their attention to serving the new world order.  YOU know , this one:

So folks - are you paying to send your kid to this cowardly institution?  The colleges/universities - whatever they call these money-sucks and student-loan vacume cleaners - ha ha ha ha - the ones around here in the Bible belt are even worse.

Is it any wonder we are presently fucked?

America is self-destructing.  Academic freedom is gone.  So....

The next time you scratch out that check to the school for your kids - think about the cowards teaching your kids how to be cowards...

But what difference will that make?  Your kids are only to be used as cannon fodder and tools to further these militaristic fuck-ups.  The oil will pay for the war!

The preachers and clergy support war, militarism and torture - after all - silence is agreement!  Losers.
If you are a preacher stay the fuck away from me, lunch was expensive - I don't have the money to puke it up.

Pray for war.  I need to get my stock investing account going so I can bet on more war.  I hope you will pray with me for more torture and war so I can be sure where to invest the money I may have that the filthy government and banks haven't already taken.

Keep having kids folks - we need more bullet-catchers.

I will try to be nicer in the next post - but the fact is that Americans are so fucking stupid right now there is absolutely no point dealing with them.  I try to avoid Americans as much as possible right now - they are so brainwashed and uninformed it is hard to fathom.

I will post again shortly with some positive thinks so all the mindless robots can get a grip that the American public is suffering from a controlled demolition.

See ya' suckers!  Give some more money to the cops to buy bullets to shoot you with!


  1. Good rant. Well done!
    You could still be harder on them but I get the of 13 rants. Thx

    1. OK, thanks.

      I wonder why waste my time - then you answer and I realize someone actually read it. Then I am encouraged to say more - but I am stifled by the horrible feeling that comes with speaking "the truth" whatever that is.


    2. Mr. Goody admits he knows nothing about "truth," ho ho ho ho. But observe the scum tells us he gets a "horrible feeling" when he speaks "the truth"--which "truth" he knows so little about, ho ho ho ho. Well gee, but when he gets that "horrible feeling," I guess then he can tell when he speaks truth, eh?--what a moron, ho ho ho ho ho

    3. Apsterian,

      There must be doubt about things - one cannot claim to know everything about anything, therefore "knowing the truth" remains a mystery.


  2. Mr. Goody Gives Us More Sanctimony

    So we see here Mr. Goody-two-shoes, the self-righteous liar, once again feels it convenient to say a few words about war, how terrible it is, and how "preachers" just don't do enough, "[t]he preachers and clergy support war, militarism and torture...," the stupid, moronic liar--and he has the gall to complain about "blanket statements," as in his last blog-posting comments, ho ho oho ho.

    Then the self-righteous piece-of-shit tells us, "I try to avoid Americans as much as possible right now - they are so brainwashed and uninformed it is hard to fathom."

    "Hard to fathom," eh?--esp. by a stupid, hypocritical, sanctimonious piece-of-shit like u, eh Mr. Goody. Ho ho ho ho

  3. Unfortunately people need money to survive. When The Powers That Be have you by the gonads you're in a tough position. Most of us do not have the courage to do the right thing.

    1. U're just a stupid moron, and when u're as stupid as u, it's hard to summon the "courage," we understand. Otherwise, u ought, for one thing, to speak for ur moronic self, but then again, u're a moron, right?

    2. Why would you not want to defend your family and what belongs to you? All you need to do is prepare with extra food, water and necessary supplies. Money may be of no use if this all goes south. Barter will necessary and your skills will be valuable.

  4. The amount of funding, open and secret, that MIT is getting, and has gotten throughout it's history, has to be stunning.


    1. Spenglerian "Decline Of The West" In Ur Face, Demonstrated

      Well ZOG just literally prints-up all the currency, needing mere paper and ink; in fact, most of it is digitalized on computers, I understand. So it's obviously these creators of "currency" (not real money) who control things, owning everything, including all judges and politicians, etc.

      But people imagine it's good to have a currency monopoly (the central bank) to putting-out more and evermore currency which naturally causes price-inflation, increasing the power of those who own the currency monopoly--the large banks.

      So the people, so many of them, want and encourage the very thing that's destroying them, this central-banking conspiracy, legalized counterfeiting.

      Thus people are simply committing suicide, allowing the central-bank counterfeiters (literally) to continue their operations and war against the people. And it doesn't look like people are going to get wise, so easily confused as they are by Jews-media, owned and controlled by central-bankers, not to mention the idiot-factories of public edjumacation.

      Thus humanity increases in "prosperity" and numbers until the pt. of HUBRIS as institution of present central-banking--whence they become self-destructive, central-banking behind the totalitarian tyranny, poisoned foods, vaccines, drugs, etc.


  5. Mr. Goody, Most Sublime Psycho And Hypocrite, Shows Real Problem: Moralism, Hubris

    Mr. Goody writes: "...that's what this blog is all about. Trying to poke the bear." Mr. Goody also wrote in comment in his previous blog, " It is my job to inspire hypocrites to stop their hypocrisy," ho ho ho ho ho

    But fact is Mr. Goody merely wants to pretend within his psychotic mentality that he's "good," Mr. Goody-two-shoes, and that everyone else is a hypocrite.

    Mr. Goody wants to insist, without arguing for it, there's such thing as (a) "good-evil," and that he knows anything about it, (b) that he knows anything about Christianity or religion, but of which all three things he knows NOTHING at all whatever, aside fm satanist-serving lies and platitudes.

    And observe Mr. Goody's real attitude, contemptuous and patronizing, which he admits, above: "When I think of talking to Americans all I can think of is wasting my time...."

    For never forget Mr. Goody-two-shoes is all by himself within his insane "moral" virtue, looking-down on everyone else, whom he views as "hypocrites." Mr. Goody IS NOT an American; is rather an anti-Christ TRAITOR, truth be told, and which he can't admit.

    Thus Mr. Goody demonstrates the great problem for present American culture, Mr. Goody incapable of relating w. Americans, as he admits--HOW could he in his hubristic, self-righteous psychosis, looking-down on everyone as he does?

    WHO does Mr. Goody respect and admire?--no doubt it would be satanists who presently control the country--why?--because they're anti-Christs. For the amazing, psychotic thing about Mr. Goody is he doesn't understand Christianity, and can't say anything really substantial or accurate about it, only holding within his psychotic mentality lies, for instance, Christians insisting upon things they can't prove, according to Mr. Goody. Mr. Goody also seems to imagine Christianity is ONLY about "love," the ignorant, brainless, scum.

    And the amazing and ironic fact is it's Mr. Goody who's not capable of defining the principles of his own religion, such as it is, that of "good-evil." Such is the HYPOCRISY of Mr. Goody which he can never allow himself to see or grasp, the poor, stupid, brainless fool, Mr. Goody-two-shoes, most pathetic traitor, flunkey for satanists, most anti-American piece-of-shit u could imagine.

  6. True ^^^. Its hypocritical to call someone a hypocrit. Are you nevertheless loyal to the host who endures, suffers your hypocrisy? Or another back seat driver (5th column) Who, were it possible for such to provide the guiding 'TRUTH' (CHRIST)
    Would be sh*t out of luck.

  7. The Bush Family wealth should be distributed to the TROOPS who were maimed and crippled in the wars the Bush Family LIED America into fighting. The Bush Family has huge investments in “defense” stocks such as the CARLYLE GROUP and the Bush Family was PROFITTING & got RICHer as American Troops bled. Then the NEOCON-War Mongers (Cheney, Krauthammer, Kristol, Rove), the whole list of those who spread and supported the LIES) should also be stripped. -
    W-rong Bush MURDERED the First Responders who answered the call at Ground Zero. BABYBush knew the air was toxic but he sent that Whitman woman, head of the EPA out to tell them the air was SAFE.
    http://www.propublica.org/article/new-docs-detail-how-feds-downplayed-ground-zero-health-risks, http://www.democracynow.org/2011/9/9/as_study_links_9_11_debris
    Now they are all dying of cancer after HE "used" them for photo-ops and to get rid of the evidence - quickly.
    W-rong Bush hired the former head of the East German Stasi Marcus Wolf and Yevgeny Primakov former head of the KGB to design Homeland Security ( Followed by many "dual"citizen creeps.). Why? To bring oppression HERE

    1. Thanks for your comments anon,

      I must disagree that profits should be divided amongst the troops - as they also have no right to profit from illegal and immoral war.

      I know that many/most military folks believed, as I did, that this was real in the beginning - after all - what government would tell such monstrous lies?

      But thank you very much for participating in these important discussions.


    2. Ho ho ho--Mr. goody feels compelled to patronize the suckers who comment on his psycho's blog, ho ho ho ho


  8. Anti-Christ Scum To Help "Mindless Robots" Get "Grip"?

    "I will post again shortly with some positive thinks so all the mindless robots can get a grip that the American public is suffering from a controlled demolition."

    Mr. Goody, there's NO ONE more "mindless" than u, sucker, calling everyone else "hypocrite," and now, we see, "mindless robots."

    And if they're so "mindless" how would brainless, self-righteous scum like u help? U pretend u're "good," but cannot say what "good" is.

    U pretend Christians are hypocrites, but can't say what Christianity is, pretending as u do it's about "love," like all the satanistic morons.

    U're integral part of the problem, sucker, scummy anti-Christ traitor, liar, stinking, self-righteous hypocritical filth, calling others "hypocrites," ho ho ho ho.

    1. Apsterian,

      I'm rubber and you're glue. What you say bounces off me and sticks to you.

      Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.



    2. Psycho Continues To Play The Girl, Ho Ho Ho

      Don't worry, Mr. goody: people see u lying, evading the issues, u little psychotic piece-of-shit, calling others "hypocrites," but failing to say what's "good" for Mr. goody, ho ho ho ho ho, pretending u're patriot American while u moronically slander Christians and Christianity, u scummy, lying filth. There's no one more "mindless robot" than u, sucker, ho ho ho ho

    3. Psychos Are After All, Incapable Of Reason

      After all, Mr. goody: U'RE JUST A PSYCHO, basically, and the way for dealing w. u is to bringing it out, as we do here. Of course u can't stop lying and slandering Christians, Christianity, and of course, u can't and won't say what is "good." U're liar, hypocrite, anti-Christ, anti-American, traitor, and u prove it and demonstrate it quite well, sucker, ho ho ho ho oho. What's problem?--U, SUCKER, willing tool of the satanists who run and rule Jew S A, right scum? Ho ho ho ho

    4. Rivero Puffs, Pushes Little Anti-Christ Psycho

      Mike Rivero of WhatReallyHappened.com keeps puffing and pushing u, Mr. goody--and why?--because he thinks ur anti-Christianity is cool and useful--that's what's working for u, eh? Ho ho ho ho.

      So we just demonstrate what a lying, cowardly, hypocritical little anti-Christ, anti-American psycho u are. Ho ho ho, and all u can do is play the little girl, as just above, eh? U're a genius, brilliant debater, for sure, ho ho ho ho

      Rivero surely doesn't realize what a total, gross psycho, lying little anti-American u really are, that's all, ho ho ho ho ho, scummy punk, ho ho ho ho

  9. We also notice at top of ur blog front-page: "Propaganda antidote"--this is a lie. Ur blog is propaganda itself, u pretending u're "good," without being able to say what "good" is, u lying and hypocritically complaining about Christianity and Christians when u know NOTHING about such Christianity, etc. U're the problem, Mr. goody, and Mike Rivero grievously imposes on his readers when he puffs ur moronic, worthless blog.

    1. Apsterian,

      "Good" is defined by the "golden rule" - think we may have discussed that in earlier comment section.

      Mike's doing a great job if you ask me.


    2. Liar, Hypocrite Continues Lies, Hypocrisy Regarding (Non-Existent) "Good"

      "Do unto others as one would have others do" is rule for justice, dumbass--has NOTHING to do w. "good," fool. To say then that "justice" is "good" merely continues to begging question regarding "good"--u cannot define "good," though u continue to hypocritically pretend to knowing all about it.

      Thus u continue to lie about non-existent "good," as we see.

      Mike Rivero does generally good job, perhaps, but not when he presents ur moronic blog filled w. lies, lying, hypocrisy, and treason. Rivero rather perceives u (accurately) as an anti-Christ, so that's why he puffs and pushes ur moronic, self-righteous lies and hypocrisy.

    3. Mr. Goody: Liar, Pharisaic

      Truth is, Mr. goody, u're just a lying piece-of-shit, filled w. self-righteousness, pretending u know anything about Christianity, purest traitorous filth--that's what u are.

  10. mr GOODY wuznt dun wit thuh last one, still editing



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