Whose Weather is it Anyway?

There's a "debate" going on regarding whether or not so-called "chemtrails" exist only in the minds of "conspiracy theorists" (whatever that means) or "crazy people" (whatever that means.)

Here's a site I tripped over that adds information to the debate:


Getting back to who's weather it is - perhaps the real question is "who's taking control of it first?"



Tar and Featherz

Thank (insert belief system leader) it's Friday!

I've been at this blogging exercise since March of 2007.  I sense progress  - it is encouraging.


As a tyro "writer" (actually blogger - and I can get into the differences) I've experienced a few ups and downs - and offer my life-learner lessons for you - my dear reader.  Perhaps these are elementary observations or simply admissions of my immaturity - or ignorance - it doesn't matter.  I'll put these thoughts out there for you to evaluate yourself.

I'm in my fourth decade of life on Earth - or this reality - take your pick - just offering that as a basis upon which you, my cherished reader, can judge the value of what I am about to offer for your perusal:

Before and during my earliest attempts at blogging - I would argue with people with the wit of a snake:  Tread on me and you will be bitten.  I've found that this method of changing minds is a failure.  Why?

Perhaps because reptiles don't reason - they simply react to whether or not they are hungry - or threatened - then strike with deadly force.  Either the reptile dies or the bitten does - but in the end - there is no real "winner" - no real conflict resolution - no understanding - no useful human "giant leap for mankind" - just pain and suffering for one party - survival of the other - while both await the next chance moment where to cross swords.  

The Gadsden flag, pictured above depicts a rattlesnake - a truly native American creature - which I would use as a good way to characterize myself - except that I am Homo Sapiens - thinking man - and I have a cerebral cortex.  The idea behind the symbology of the Gadsden Flag with a rattlesnake is that not only is a rattlesnake indigenous to the "New World" - but gives a rattling warning - and only strikes those who don't heed the warning.

In my case - although folks were heeding my warning as best they could - they, also being homo sapiens, were trapped within their own belief systems.  I realized that I could never hope to reason with a fellow human being if I acted like a reptile.  So how to make the connection?

Blogging, and especially the debates that ensue in the comments section - helped me to realize that human beings - agreeing or disagreeing must be treated with respect.  They must be told the truth - as painful as it is - and I, in return, as a fellow homo sapiens, must EXPECT their wrath, in return for my telling them the ugly raw truth.  After all - if someone walked up to me and said "Hey Jackass - your breath stinks!" - wouldn't I be insulted and degraded?  Would that open me up to discussion of matters that might actually solve the "problem" like tooth decay - ear,nose,throat illness etc...???  No - I'd be embarrassed - insulted - and probably pissed off enough to slug them in the face!  

Given the above - I've learned that although the MESSAGE is important - and the DELIVERY is important - that TIME FOR DIGESTION on the part of the message-receiver is especially important.  Unless the message of truth is delivered tactfully - in some cases - and supported with evidence - there is NO CHANCE of reaching the desired recipient.  But most importantly - what I'd missed - and believe I know now - is that TIME FOR DIGESTION ON THE PART OF THE RECIPENT - and CONSTANT GENTLE PRIDE-PRESERVING REMINDERS - over the long term would most efficiently - effectively - and ultimately - lead to a meeting of the minds.

America is in crisis - big time.  This is not a secret.  This is obvious - and possibly trite at this point - but I say it to let you, my dear reader, know that I understand the delicate nature of the topics we "conspiracy theorists" (propagandistic LABLE) try to discuss with those still hypnotized by the so-called dying, withering, decrepit, moribund "mainstream corporate media."  These topics regard grave issues - issues that shake and quake the very foundations of our republic - and therefore our way of life - the American Way - the way of Liberty, Individualism, Free Speech - SELF DETERMINATION - and again - LIBERTY.

It is now or never my friends.  Each and every one of us, must, hold the public serpents attempting to usurp our self-government - our government of WE THE PEOPLE, to make sure that our government remains OF THE PEOPLE, AND BY THE PEOPLE - 

Those of us - who can - must step forward now like never before - using any and all talents to keep the message out there that WE WILL OVERCOME any and all opposition to our LIBERTY.

We must not allow FALSE-FLAG attacks to side-track our cause - we must hold our public servants accountable for crimes against humanity - like TORTURE - regardless of any and all violent or otherwise "attacks" on America or elsewhere.

It is, perhaps, a tired cliche - that "freedom is not free" - but that doesn't detract from the FACT that "Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Freedom" - 

Recently a co-worker told me that he "didn't want to know what the government did to keep us "safe"" - 

Think about that statement.  WE THE PEOPLE are the ULTIMATE SOVEREIGN IN THE United States - which means that it is OUR JOB to police the government - ensuring that their actions are ALL  consistent with OUR VALUES.

Whatever you do - wherever you are - my dear reader - I implore you to get involved - speak out if you can - if you can't - find a way to donate to those who are speaking out on your behalf.  

The NAZIs used the defense "I'm just doing my job" - the same mantra many bill-collectors will tell  you.  This tells me that if the only job available to them was working the lever on a gas chamber they would do it - since "they were only doing their job."

Ignorance is no excuse for breaking laws in America.  Ignorance of the pain and suffering and usury inflicted by one's actions is not a defense - and - since the "wheels of justice grind slowly" - I warn those seeking haven in the usury industry to run for cover.

The sh*t is about to hit the fan.  We, Americans, will either hang together - or hang seperately.  The choice is YOURS.

Note:  Dedicated to Don Robertson and Lord Chesterfield - but mostly Don Robertson


Former DEA and CIA Operatives: Los Zetas May Attempt to Overthrow Mexican Government in 2012 (Using U.S. Government Weapons)

"Los Zetas use the Alliance Airport in Ft. Worth, Texas -- the same airport where the DEA’s Air Operations Center is located -- to fly weapons to Columbus, NM, El Paso, and Laredo, TX to be later smuggled into Mexico. CIA analysts say the weapons, which are purchased from the U.S. Government according to captured Zeta leader Jesus Enrique Rejon Aguilar, aka. El Mamito, are being stockpiled throughout Mexico for a potential upcoming overthrow of the Mexican government in 2012. "
REad more HERE
NOTE:  Joke's on YOU if you are an American of the opinion that someone is going to protect your safety, rights etc...  But this isn't a joke one laughs about.  This is a horrible sick and twisted joke - designed to rub in your face the dictatorship and loss of property and rights Americans are suffering - all according to plan.  If you don't think it is according to plan - that's fine - there's no convincing you.  Your belief system is firmly in place - that is - until you feel the pain personally - and you will.  At that time perhaps we can have a meaningful discussion.

The 11th Marble (Michael Rivero)

Expert Who Concluded WTC 7 Was A Controlled Demolition Killed In Car Accident

"Danny Jowenko: When the FEMA makes a report that it came down by fire, and you have to earn your money in the States as a controlled demolition company and you say, “No, it was a controlled demolition”, you’re gone. You know?
Jeff Hill: Yeah, exactly, you’ll be in a lot of trouble if you say that, right?
Danny Jowenko: Of course, of course. That’s the end of your — the end of the story."
Read more HERE
Note:  Just another "coinkydink" I suppose. 

Canton, OH Police Scofflaws

A Long Road Home

"A wise man once told me,
"No matter how far you go in the wrong direction,
Son, turn the hell around!" sj
..."But Obama has no intention of restoring the rule of law. He not only refuses to prosecute flagrant war crimes, but has immunized those who orchestrated, led and carried out the torture. At the same time he has dramatically increased war crimes, including drone strikes in Pakistan. He continues to preside over hundreds of the offshore penal colonies, where abuse and torture remain common. He is complicit with the killers and the torturers." "
read more Click HERE
note:  sj is right - a long road indeed - and the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step - and that is rounding up the scofflaws named in that article and bringing them to justice.

Sour 'lemon' driver returns to dealer; 'I didn't hit a car under $20K'

""It was a piece of crap," Cross said, elaborating that his mechanic looked at the van after it was purchased and found a host of problems, including an odometer that didn't work. He said an Internet search showed it had been in a wreck and his insurance agent told him he couldn't insure it with a broken odometer, so he followed his mechanic's advice to "take it back.""
Read more HERE
NOTE:  What other recourse did this man have?  I expect to see a crescendo of similar activity.


American torture: When the chickens come home to roost...

"Nogales, Ariz. (AP) A southern Arizona student and father expecting his first child has been found dead in Nogales, Mexico, with what authorities say are signs of torture.

The Nogales International reports Navarro had been shot once in the head.[*] He was a 2008 graduate of Nogales High School and was taking college courses with an eye toward a degree in business administration."

Read more:HERE

Pay close attention to time=2:03 in the following video where self-described Christian, and torture proponent - Sean Hannity - discusses the "differences" between torturing and "scaring somebody."

Hmmmm.  I wonder if Sean would agree that before this American was murdered in Mexico - they weren't really torturing - but just trying to scare him?  

I would imagine that the ever-clever Sean Hannity has an answer that only his one-sided and daily-dwindling flock of sheep would accept - to rationalize away that somehow torture is good enough for "terrorists" - but not "great Americans" - like himself - or General Petraus.

As the sayings go:  "What's good for the goose is good for the gander"  - and "payback's a bitch!"

This torture issue is undermining our American culture - and has undermined our credibility in ANY CASE where torture is to be condemned.  

Those responsible for ordering, justifying, and executing torture by Americans must be held accountable if America is to heal.

 [*] Looks like the torturing murderers of this American took the advice of two of the heros of the phony dying "conservative" media...

EPA: Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs: Clean-up and Disposal

Let me start by stating that I have about 6 of these bulbs in the house.  When I purchased the bulbs I thought I was being frugal and wise - positioning these Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs in room spaces where lights were most likely to be left on accidentally  - and where I didn't spend much time.  Backyard - basement - since I hate the light they put out.  I figured I'd tolerate the ugly light during the minimal time spent in these areas in exchange for the insurance policy they'd provide in case lights were left on - and stayed on if nobody visited the basement or backyard for a day.  

Time to reconsider the economy of this decision.  I'd heard a lot about the hazards of these bulbs - but today I serendipitously tripped over some rather disturbing information that I'd like to share with you, my dear reader.  

Lemme guess what you're thinking:  "That conspiracy theorist is at it again" - he's reading too many conspiracy websites - flying off the handle over some benign subject amplified via the resonance cavity that is the mind of a "conspiracy theorist."

Nope.  This snippet is from the Environmental Protection Agency (epa.gov) website:


  1. Promptly place all bulb debris and cleanup materials, including vacuum cleaner bags, outdoors in a trash container or protected area until materials can be disposed of properly.
    • Check with your local or state government about disposal requirements in your area. Some states and communities require fluorescent bulbs (broken or unbroken) be taken to a local recycling center.
  2. Wash your hands with soap and water after disposing of the jars or plastic bags containing bulb debris and cleanup materials.
  3. Continue to air out the room where the bulb was broken and leave the H&AC system shut off, as practical, for several hours 

Future Cleaning of Carpeting or Rugs: Air Out the Room During and After Vacuuming

  1. The next several times you vacuum the rug or carpet, shut off the H&AC system if you have one, close the doors to other rooms, and open a window or door to the outside before vacuuming. Change the vacuum bag after each use in this area.
  2. After vacuuming is completed, keep the H&AC system shut off and the window or door to the outside open, as practical, for several hours. 
...but later we find that recycling centers may not accept broken bulbs...

"Store fluorescent light bulbs in containers that prevent them from breaking, such as in their original boxes, boxes from replacement bulbs, or containers supplied by fluorescent light bulb recyclers. Recyclers generally require that the light bulbs arrive unbroken." Read more HERE

After reading this terrorizing information - right off the EPA government website - I called one of my brothers.  He told me that recently one of these CFL bulbs was arcing in their basement and was so hot - that if he'd not been home - would probably have caused a fire in his house.  Research on the internet shows this is not an uncommon experience:

Conclusion:  I'm taking them all out.


If You can't Take away Guns - Go after the ammunition!


"Otis Rolley said he would, if elected, propose a $1 per bullet tax on all bullet purchases in the city. The idea was part of an overall crime plan he unveiled Tuesday.

Read more:HERE

... and don't forget this formerly reported "great idea" to "stop crime" via ammunition registration:

"Encoded Ammunition"/Bullet Serialization

"Encoded Ammunition" (Bullet and Cartridge Case Serialization) Means:
* Forfeiture of Currently-Owned Ammunition
* A Separate Registration for Every Box of New Ammunition
* Outrageously Expensive Ammunition Costs for Police & Private Citizens Alike
*A Waste of Taxpayer Money, Better Spent on Traditional Police Programs
In 2007, the sponsor of "encoded ammunition" legislation in Maryland urged lawmakers across the country to introduce the same kind of legislation in their states. The bill would require ammunition manufacturers to engrave a serial number on "the base of the bullet and the inside of the cartridge casing of each round" of ammunition for popular sporting caliber center-fire rifles, all center-fire pistols, all .22 rimfire rifles and pistols, and all 12 gauge shotguns."

Read more HERE


...Yes - now THAT will stop the criminals from LEGALLY gaining access to ammunition - right?

Wrong!  Lawbreakers don't buy guns legally except from YOUR GOVERNMENT!  That's why they call them "lawbreakers" - because the law has no bearing on their decision-making process - whether it is now - or later - whether new laws are in place or not.

The idea is not necessarily to "use" our firearms to institute change - but to never forget the concept of "mutually assured destruction" (M.A.D.) - the same method of power balance our own government employed to maintain a check on Soviet nuclear power.  

Is it not reasonable to use the same logic when it comes to maintaining a check on Federal power vis a vis We The People?

Let's stick with the second amendment shall we?


Gun-smuggling cartel figures possibly were paid FBI informants


"The official said at least half a dozen cartel figures were being paid by one U.S. law enforcement agency while they were being targeted by another.
The ATF ran the Fast and Furious operation out of its field office in Phoenix until early this year. The idea was to monitor illegal purchases in federally licensed U.S. gun shops, but allow the illicit buyers to walk away with the weapons, giving ATF agents the opportunity to learn how the guns are smuggled across the border.

But many of their gun tracing efforts failed, and hundreds of firearms purchased under the program were used to commit crimes in Mexico."

Read more HERE
NOTE:  So on the one hand - I'm told that they simply let the criminals walk away with the guns - and on the other hand that their tracing efforts failed?  What kind of double-speak is this?  What tracing is required when at the point of purchase the incompetent keystone cops knew that the purchaser of the firearms was a bad guy?

All this goes on - while I have to suffer waiting periods when I go to the gun shop to purchase a long gun or pistol.  What is the solution proposed by these criminal "law enforcement agencies?"  To further violate the gun rights in the border states for... YOU and ME!

Naturally - and as usual - the police departments will hide behind the "national security" and "war on drugs" canards - laws and red tape written by well-funded lobbyists and well-heeled backers and signed by on-the-take venal filth occupying expensive space in Congress, Judicial and Executive Branches of our federal government.

With all the money these folks have stolen from us - what have they delivered in terms of stopping crime?  In my opinion things have gotten worse with every passing day.  Encroachments on the rights of citizens are no longer distinguishable between those committed by our so-called "public-servant" militarized police thugs - or just run-of-the-mill ordinary garden-variety violent criminals.  In either case the honest law-abiding citizen is caught in the crossfire - and soon if both sides of this cops-and-robbers game participants have their way - soon UNARMED AMERICAN CITIZENS.  In other words - EASY PICKEN'S FOR THOSE WHO ARE ARMED.

Our "justice system" is anything but that.  When we've got law-enforcement agencies selling guns to violent drug gangs - and the result of their efforts are that their own agents are murdered with the weapons the "law-enforcement" people sold to their murderers - you really have to wonder what good they are.  I don't wonder anymore - I know the answer - the "justice system" in the U.S. is corrupt from A to Z.  

If some heads don't roll over this debacle - if somebody high up in the justice department doesn't get locked up for a good long time over this betrayal of truly dedicated true-believing true-blue law enforcement personnel murdered with guns the justice department provided to their murderers - if somebody doesn't pay BIG TIME for this...we can all rest assured that since WE ARE LIVING UNDER THE LAW OF THE JUNGLE - WE CAN NEVER EVER EVER ABDICATE OUR RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS - BECAUSE WHEN THE GOVERNMENT WON'T POLICE ITSELF - THE POLICE DEPARTMENT WON'T POLICE ITSELF - THE CO-EQUAL BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT WON'T POLICE THEMSELVES - ...THAT WE THE PEOPLE WILL HAVE TO POLICE THEM.





update:  read more HERE  Wonder where these guns came from?


Woman Gropes TSA Agent's Breast at Security Checkpoint

"Mihamae now faces a felony count of sexual abuse."
Read more HERE
NOTE:  You touch us - felony.  We touch your kids - no problemo!


Lightning linked to gap in radiation belts

"However, radio waves generated by lightning at the high latitudes of the northern US, Canada, and Europe strike the ionosphere at a different angle, says Green, allowing them to leak out into the magnetosphere - the region of space where the Earth's magnetic field dominates.
Once there, the radio waves follow magnetic lines of force into the place where the gap in the radiation belts appears. The radio waves are draining energy from the charged particles of the radiation belts, which then drop into the atmosphere, leaving a gap, explains Green."
Read more HERE
NOTE:   So more lightning produced means more gap?  I wonder if anybody is interested in increasing that gap?


Video: Quartzsite incident shows corruption right out in the open

Arrested: Woman refused to let officers screen daughter

"“No, it’s not an X-ray,” she told Abbott. “It is 10,000 times safer than your cell phone and uses the same type of radio waves as a sonogram.”"
Read more here
Note:  ...and all this time I thought Ultrasound imaging machines used sound (sono) waves to make the image.  Now I find out from some ignorant security dunce that ultrasound imaging is based on radio waves.  Hmmm.

It's comforting to know that our safety is in the hands of the stupidest among us who assure us with words they, themselves, do not understand or cannot define.  No surprise - after all - no one has yet defined "war on terror" and everybody seems to be going along with that.


Judy Wood: The New Hiroshima - Vids on 911 tower destruction possibilities

Perhaps somewhere between these theories and the thermate theories we'll find the truth.  One thing I can say for certain - that wet clothing is your worst enemy if you are bathed in RF radiation - you WILL receive third degree burns under the right conditions - and those conditions are not so exotic.  Such conditions are not only possible - but have and do occur on medical equipment we are all familiar with.  THIS IS FACT.  The presentation may seem far-fetched to those not familiar with resonance concepts.  But so what?  Give it a listen.  Pick it apart.  Find common ground.

Part 1

Part 2


Vid too: Holder Lied: DOJ News Release Shows Obama Admin Approved ATF Mexico Weapons Smuggling

"They were apparently known from the beginning and the weapons deals with 'straw buyers' were videotaped. Smuggled U.S. weapons from this operation, described as mostly semi automatic versions of military weapons like the AK-47, were found to be used in the shooting deaths of two U.S. federal agents.
The new information, which is not really new at all, proves that Holder had to be aware of the U.S. government weapons smuggling operation planned and implemented by federal agents from ATF which he denied to Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) less than two months ago, as detailed below"
Read more HERE
NOTE:  Of course he's a filthy lying scumbag - how else could he have made it to the top of the US justice department?  Let's quit acting all "surprised" and stuff - let's quit acting like it even matters.  So a coupla' our guys got gunned down, murdered, by gangs of thugs enriched by the cash-cow known as the "war on drugs" - with weapons we sold them!  Some war huh?

Oh well - time for Holder to quit his job "to spend more time with his family" - and, of course, be replaced with yet another filthy lying scumbag.

The 5 Steps of How The Fictitious 9/11 Story Was Implanted Into The Public Consciousness

"1. Hire intellectuals in academia and enlist think tanks to invent new enemies, hype the threat posed by foreign regimes to America, construct a fantasy-based belief system, and create an ideological paradigm that will serve the perverted interests and goals of the war establishment in America, and Israel.
For the most part, corporate journalists are whores who work for an enslaved press that treats the public like ignorant trash. If there is a hell for newspapers the New York Times would be there along with Pravda and other official organs of political parties and totalitarian governments."
Read more HERE


Ice Cream shitters bullshit American mushrooms

"Cheryl Reyes, who works in an office in Orange County, bought her $400 ticket as soon as she heard the royal couple would be coming to Santa Barbara. Standing across the field nibbling on a sandwich and drinking a flute of juice, she worried about whether she'd be able to see the duchess.
"I wanted to see Princess Catherine," she said. "There's just something magical about being a commoner and ending with a prince. She's the one I want to see.""

Read more HERE
Note:  Pardon me - but would the "royal" family please return to that dump-of-a-police state our forefathers shook off years ago?

Cheryl - is obviously retarded.  I feel sorry for her.  It may be the fluoride the royals like in other people's water, it may be a lot of things - but the end result is that.....she is dumber than dogshit.

This "prince" or whatever he is supposed to be - participated (kinda' like Bush fighting the Vietnamese over TExas) in the war in Afghanistan.  Notice - not a scratch.  Hmmmmmm.  Gotta get some medals for the TV cameras and the Enquirer.

Donations needed for vomit bags and musket balls.

Texas execution 'violated international law', UN says

"Ms Pillay, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, who visited Mexico this week, said Texas had placed "the US in breach of international law"."
REad more here
Note:  Can someone with access to the "Ms Pillay" please tell her to shut her fucking pie-hole?  I'd appreciate it.  I'm not important enough for her to take my call - so can one of you elitists ring her up?  I'm not sure how this unelected idiot, Ms Pillay, factors into anything having to do with my country - I don't like the death penalty - but that's what they do in Va and Texas.

Is Ms Pillay paying US taxes?  If not - what right does she have to representation without taxation?

I don't care about the UN - other than that I care enough to hope they just fall into an earthquake crack.



NAZI Checkpoint confronted by Armed citizens on 4th of July

Note:  Thanks to Activist Post for bringing attention to this NAZI checkpoint where anyone unfortunate enough to pass through this random checkpoint must "show their papers" or ...what?  There's plenty of examples to show that these cops will shoot you as soon as look at you.  All on overtime - what a cash cow.  Who would'a thunkit that the money was in being a bald-headed uniform-wearing gun-slinging fascist?  Reality really is more bizarre than fiction.

It's obvious that the  "officials" we pay are used to the old American citizenry - you know - the cowed mushroom-masses - but in the case of the group of patriots that showed up at this event - were suddenly confronted by people who know their rights.

Officer Hurt or whatever the aggressive officious bully's name is - the guy on overtime with a gun and a badge telling the people paying for the road and sidewalk they are standing on - and his paycheck - that they can't stand there while his little NAZI collaborators participating in this "operation" (like they are saving a life in an operating room) - can stand there!

I wonder how many of the citizens actually are still working - you know - to pay the taxes to support the NAZIs telling where they can stand on the sidewalks they own.  How ridiculous is this getting?

A public "servant" that gives instructions to free American citizens who hired these illiterate NAZIs for one thing and one thing only - to preserve the very rights that the NAZIs are so quick to ignore as they boss and bully the public paying their salaries - and all this...in this economy.....on OVERTIME on.....THE FOURTH OF JULY!  (Independence Day)

By Jupiter - I hope the NAZI thugs get a grip - because America is NOT NAZI GERMANY - AND IT WILL NOT EVER BE.  The NAZIs will go down because people without jobs - without money - paying the salaries of armed thugs - have nothing to lose - and will eventually come back out of their homes - away from their telescreens and sports distractions to find out who in the hell is enforcing the banking-robbery responsible for impoverishing everyone.

And......Americans are armed to the teeth.  That's something to think about.

Americans don't really care who they are at war with - that's obvious from the Iraq and Afghanistan and Libyan slaughterhouses.  Americans don't really care about who has to die to preserve their way of life - that has been established.

I suspect that the same logic follows for domestic NAZIs.



There's an AIPAC sucker born every minute in the US: YOU PAY so Israelis can play - (short vid too)

"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said yesterday he was prepared to consider shortening Israel's work week to four days and lengthening the weekend.

"It is impossible to stop the train now that it has left the station," Deputy Prime Minister Silvan Shalom, who had proposed the move, said yesterday. "We must move to a long weekend as soon as possible, in keeping with all the developed world states."
Read more HERE

Yes - those foreign aid tax dollars are finally paying off!  (...errr - NOT for you Americans - ha ha - no....you need to go back to work to your THREE JOBS (SEE BELOW) so YOU can buy weapons for Israelis to shoot whomever they feel like with)



Message to US agents: 'We'll chop your heads off'

"Anonymous messages conveying threats and other warnings are common in areas hit hard by Mexico's drug war, but it is rarer for them to threaten U.S. law enforcement. Authorities do not know who left the message, which was removed."
Read more HERE
Note:  They should say that it has been rare in the past to threaten U.S. law enforcement.  I sense a complete lack of fear of U.S. law enforcement.  They've probably infiltrated U.S. law enforcement anyway since our system is so corrupt.  Oh well - I expect this drug war to continue until the public gets sick of paying for it.  But that's taking quite a while.  Maybe when the public only has money to buy food and water - yes - then they'll be able to do the math once their heads are focused.


Russian Envoy: NATO Preparing Libyan Ground Invasion

Nimmo, in my opinion, puts it out there....
"I think that now we are witnessing the preparation stage of a ground operation which NATO, or at least some of its members… are ready to begin,” Rogozin said."
Read more HERE

Kagan: Just another lyin' sack of food for the mushroom-masses

"In a letter to committee Chairman Lamar Smith, Texas Republican, and the panel’s ranking Democrat, John Conyers Jr. of Michigan, the lawmakers said that “contradictory to her 2010 confirmation testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee,” recently released Justice Department documents show that Justice Kagan “actively participated with her Obama administration colleagues in formulating a defense” for the law.
Note:  Forgive me - but isn't "contradictory" a euphemism for "lie?"

I don't want anyone to get the impression that I'm surprised - after all - our judicial and injustice systems are obviously a joke.  But - let's not mince words here folks.

When I hear about another judicial decision - I......just..............(snoring sounds)

Now I'm dreaming......of....a classroom on constitutional law - what in the living fu&k are they talking about?  I mean - really - puleeeeez don't tell me they are talking about that gwadammed sheet of paper!

Let me help anyone in law enforcement, law, "justice", legal "scholarship" in the U.S. - let me help you save your honor - fucking kill yourself.  You are fucking worthless.  Just worthless - and we'd be better off without you - and so would your poor family - since you are a disgrace to your country and - worse - disgracing a corrupt illegal system.  Yeah - that's bad - a disgrace to a corrupt system.

If you are  judge, lawyer, lawman - etc.... - and you are not involved in the truth movement - obvously you are a "test-taker" - a useful idiot of the military-industrial-educational-legal system - sanctioned by the foresaid - as a willing participant in the undefinable "war on terror" - obviously a useless follower with no ability to think independently and call a spade a spade.

Think about how worthless you are my law-enforcement useful-idiot fellow Amerikans:  do us all a favor and - don't go away mad - just go the fuck away.

Is "Constitutional Scholar" Obama really just a "Graffiti Vandal?"


Some say Obama broke a law when he made a fund-raising video in the White House "Map Room."
"The White House contends that the video is legal, noting that the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) issued a memo in 1979 explaining that the president can solicit funds in the White House, so long as he does so in the residential portion of the mansion, not in a room used for official business.

However, Hans von Spakovsky – former member of the Federal Election Commission and a Heritage Foundation legal analyst – told CNSNews.com that that exemption may not apply in this case because it appears that the video was not filmed in an area where the president actually lives."
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Is this "minor" violation of OUR LAWS really unimportant?  Is Obama, as role model, really serving our country by demonstrating such a lackadaisical attitude toward respect for ALL LAWS?  Is it reasonable to assume that committing lesser offenses eventually leads to a general diminishment of respect for the law - as in the "Broken Window Theory?"  
"... disorder and crime are usually inextricably linked, in a kind of developmental sequence. Social psychologists and police officers tend to agree that if a window in a building is broken and is left unrepaired, all the rest of the windows will soon be broken. This is as true in nice neighborhoods as in rundown ones. ...
Philip Zimbardo, a Stanford psychologist, reported in 1969 on some experiments testing the broken-window theory. He arranged to have an automobile without license plates parked with its hood up on a street in the Bronx and a comparable automobile on a street in Palo Alto, California. The car in the Bronx was attacked by "vandals" within ten minutes of its "abandonment." The first to arrive were a family—father, mother, and young son—who removed the radiator and battery. Within twenty-four hours, virtually everything of value had been removed. Then random destruction began—windows were smashed, parts torn off, upholstery ripped. Children began to use the car as a playground. Most of the adult "vandals" were well-dressed, apparently clean-cut whites. The car in Palo Alto sat untouched for more than a week. Then Zimbardo smashed part of it with a sledgehammer. Soon, passersby were joining in. Within a few hours, the car had been turned upside down and utterly destroyed. Again, the "vandals" appeared to be primarily respectable whites."
Obama's disrespect for OUR RULE OF LAW - sets the example for others to follow.  When called on his trespasses - we are bombarded with excuses - one is on "interpretation" - as if the Constitution is just too complicated for "us" - you know - the "mushroom masses" to understand.  In fact - we are asked to believe that it's too complicated for our elected representatives to bother with - but I beg to differ - so does Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas:

"As I have traveled across the country, I have been astounded just how many of our fellow citizens feel strongly about their constitutional rights but have no idea what they are, or for that matter, what the Constitution says. I am not suggesting that they become Constitutional scholars -- whatever that means. I am suggesting, however, that if one feels strongly about his or her rights, it does make sense to know generally what the Constitution says about them. It is at least as easy to understand as a cell phone contract -- and vastly more important."
 Why,indeed, would a "Constitutional Scholar" need "legal counsel" to provide an interpretation of the law?  Perhaps it provides a skirt to hide behind when pesky legal questions come up. 
I've been living with the impression that details like "dotting I's and crossing T's" mattered when legal matters were involved.  I thought definitions - like the meaning of what the word "is" is.  But now I'm starting to wonder if I've had it wrong all along - that details don't matter.  Heck - now that I'm thinking about it - forget the details - the law itself doesn't matter anymore.  
When I say "any more" I mean - since the election campaign.  It appears that during an election campaign - the law can be cited to attack an opponent so as to win the office - then later - the very same laws that would limit the new president's power - are "unimportant" - "irrelevant" - "politically motivated carping" - and are to be dismissed.  Pay special attention to time=2:13 in the following video showing the "legal scholar" pontificating about the dangers of .....well... what he is presently doing: