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Thank (insert belief system leader) it's Friday!

I've been at this blogging exercise since March of 2007.  I sense progress  - it is encouraging.


As a tyro "writer" (actually blogger - and I can get into the differences) I've experienced a few ups and downs - and offer my life-learner lessons for you - my dear reader.  Perhaps these are elementary observations or simply admissions of my immaturity - or ignorance - it doesn't matter.  I'll put these thoughts out there for you to evaluate yourself.

I'm in my fourth decade of life on Earth - or this reality - take your pick - just offering that as a basis upon which you, my cherished reader, can judge the value of what I am about to offer for your perusal:

Before and during my earliest attempts at blogging - I would argue with people with the wit of a snake:  Tread on me and you will be bitten.  I've found that this method of changing minds is a failure.  Why?

Perhaps because reptiles don't reason - they simply react to whether or not they are hungry - or threatened - then strike with deadly force.  Either the reptile dies or the bitten does - but in the end - there is no real "winner" - no real conflict resolution - no understanding - no useful human "giant leap for mankind" - just pain and suffering for one party - survival of the other - while both await the next chance moment where to cross swords.  

The Gadsden flag, pictured above depicts a rattlesnake - a truly native American creature - which I would use as a good way to characterize myself - except that I am Homo Sapiens - thinking man - and I have a cerebral cortex.  The idea behind the symbology of the Gadsden Flag with a rattlesnake is that not only is a rattlesnake indigenous to the "New World" - but gives a rattling warning - and only strikes those who don't heed the warning.

In my case - although folks were heeding my warning as best they could - they, also being homo sapiens, were trapped within their own belief systems.  I realized that I could never hope to reason with a fellow human being if I acted like a reptile.  So how to make the connection?

Blogging, and especially the debates that ensue in the comments section - helped me to realize that human beings - agreeing or disagreeing must be treated with respect.  They must be told the truth - as painful as it is - and I, in return, as a fellow homo sapiens, must EXPECT their wrath, in return for my telling them the ugly raw truth.  After all - if someone walked up to me and said "Hey Jackass - your breath stinks!" - wouldn't I be insulted and degraded?  Would that open me up to discussion of matters that might actually solve the "problem" like tooth decay - ear,nose,throat illness etc...???  No - I'd be embarrassed - insulted - and probably pissed off enough to slug them in the face!  

Given the above - I've learned that although the MESSAGE is important - and the DELIVERY is important - that TIME FOR DIGESTION on the part of the message-receiver is especially important.  Unless the message of truth is delivered tactfully - in some cases - and supported with evidence - there is NO CHANCE of reaching the desired recipient.  But most importantly - what I'd missed - and believe I know now - is that TIME FOR DIGESTION ON THE PART OF THE RECIPENT - and CONSTANT GENTLE PRIDE-PRESERVING REMINDERS - over the long term would most efficiently - effectively - and ultimately - lead to a meeting of the minds.

America is in crisis - big time.  This is not a secret.  This is obvious - and possibly trite at this point - but I say it to let you, my dear reader, know that I understand the delicate nature of the topics we "conspiracy theorists" (propagandistic LABLE) try to discuss with those still hypnotized by the so-called dying, withering, decrepit, moribund "mainstream corporate media."  These topics regard grave issues - issues that shake and quake the very foundations of our republic - and therefore our way of life - the American Way - the way of Liberty, Individualism, Free Speech - SELF DETERMINATION - and again - LIBERTY.

It is now or never my friends.  Each and every one of us, must, hold the public serpents attempting to usurp our self-government - our government of WE THE PEOPLE, to make sure that our government remains OF THE PEOPLE, AND BY THE PEOPLE - 

Those of us - who can - must step forward now like never before - using any and all talents to keep the message out there that WE WILL OVERCOME any and all opposition to our LIBERTY.

We must not allow FALSE-FLAG attacks to side-track our cause - we must hold our public servants accountable for crimes against humanity - like TORTURE - regardless of any and all violent or otherwise "attacks" on America or elsewhere.

It is, perhaps, a tired cliche - that "freedom is not free" - but that doesn't detract from the FACT that "Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Freedom" - 

Recently a co-worker told me that he "didn't want to know what the government did to keep us "safe"" - 

Think about that statement.  WE THE PEOPLE are the ULTIMATE SOVEREIGN IN THE United States - which means that it is OUR JOB to police the government - ensuring that their actions are ALL  consistent with OUR VALUES.

Whatever you do - wherever you are - my dear reader - I implore you to get involved - speak out if you can - if you can't - find a way to donate to those who are speaking out on your behalf.  

The NAZIs used the defense "I'm just doing my job" - the same mantra many bill-collectors will tell  you.  This tells me that if the only job available to them was working the lever on a gas chamber they would do it - since "they were only doing their job."

Ignorance is no excuse for breaking laws in America.  Ignorance of the pain and suffering and usury inflicted by one's actions is not a defense - and - since the "wheels of justice grind slowly" - I warn those seeking haven in the usury industry to run for cover.

The sh*t is about to hit the fan.  We, Americans, will either hang together - or hang seperately.  The choice is YOURS.

Note:  Dedicated to Don Robertson and Lord Chesterfield - but mostly Don Robertson



  1. I guarantee no one read this article for obvious reasons.

  2. I'm just doing my job.the American version of I was just following orders. I'm tired of hearing it.

  3. Thank yo Cheryl for your ironclad guarantee - I'm sure it holds the same value as any guarantee offered by manufacturers of collectivist theory -

    I'll leave the value of such guarantee up to the readers -

    I don't know what "obvious reasons" are - but what's the difference? As a Socratic Ironist my only claim to fame is my own ignorance - please do tell - spill forth your cup from the fountain of wisdom we so desperately wish to drinketh frometh!


  4. You can never win an argument with an ignorant man. Don't try to teach a pig to sing. It is a waste of time and it annoys the pig.

  5. i read it...damn straight.

  6. Every citizen of the USA should read the article at the link below. And every citizen will begin to understand what our government represents and how they have totally screwed the middle and lower class. I urge you to read the article and pass it on to everyone you know. This is unbelievable.


  7. Merely because people have not made a lot of comments does not mean the article is being read. There are far more people aware of the current American(and global) dramas than it would seem.

  8. I meant the article is being read in spite of minimal comments :) People are watching. People are aware. People are prepared.

    Get to know your neighbors or go to a location where helping your neighbors is amenable to you to endure the next part.

    Fighting the will of Mother Nature indefinitely cannot be done however.

  9. There has been soooooo many false flag operations exposed by SOME area internet sites recently and still obtuse Americans don't give a sh!t.What's with Don't tread on me? More like Go ahead turd on me :^/
    Quotes about Germans-please knock it off--USA planned the whole war--like most killings. Just for starters--In the 1930s,5 years Uncle Scam funded Russia $5billion for military. Same time Hitler's Germany. Think that is bad--he did the same FKN thing to UK/France.USA sick--morelike rattle snake poop {:^(

  10. You all know that the REAL History of Humanity has been hidden from We THE People. Tptb have been treating us like mushrooms.

    You know that there has been something wrong, for a long, long time. You can see the results today with the Feds, and their arms, the Military and the Peace Officers.

    You can see the criminal activies of the Corporations and the Banks, Congress and the pResident.

    As re. the Nazis, how do you know they weren't the REAL good guys, fighting for freedom from the Banks / Corps. And how do you know the bad guys weren't the Allies, which destroyed the Germans, DELIBERATELY as an example for the rest of us, NEVER to DARE raise our heads, from under?

    "Ignorance is no excuse for breaking laws in America"

    YES, ignorance is an excuse!

    And what is passed off as "laws" to the John Q Public, are only Statutes. If you know how to handle them, you are HOme Free. Just don't EVER go to a Court of Law...because all tickets are an invitation to THEIR Court, and once you step into their parlor, the SYtem will eat you alive.

    (See online: "Extortion System of the Ruling Elite."

    See Youtube: " Thinkfree.ca Freeman on the Land UK Truth of the Person 1 of 5.mp4 "

  11. OK - ok - I accept the criticism of using the NAZI analogies - but only to a point. The NAZIs wiped out a lot of people wholesale - they did a lot of very bad things to lots of people. The Waffen SS is famous for their brutality. Read a book called "Foot Soldier" by Roscoe C. Blunt, Jr. - his account of what he witnessed as he fought as American infantry across Europe - pretty bad stuff for sure.

    The reason for the "gas chamber" lever deal is this:
    Americans live in fantasyland. They really do. In some cases - part of the fantasy/myth is true - evidence will be encountered supporting both sides of the story - history.

    It is up to the individual to find what they need...

    That said - in the American mind - NAZIs pulled levers on gas chambers and other nefarious deeds - and their excuse for doing so was that "they were following orders." That is was exists in the American mind - and it is an analogy that must be used to point out the hypocrisy Americans holding those versions of history as true - while claiming the moral highground in support of torture by Americans today.

    One must know their audience - those who know better - are already enlightened so may forgive the writer for using analogies inconsistent with their view of reality.

    But don't tell me the Waffen SS wasn't bad in a moral sense - that's what they were best known for.

  12. Oh yeah - I didn't say anything about "Germans" I never do that - go through the entire blog. Not once. I said "NAZIs" - there is no comparison.

  13. On "ignorance is no excuse..." - points taken. I've been digging into the stuff you mention - and I would encourage readers to do the same. Something is really rotten with our legal system for sure.

    You make a valid point. I was speaking practically - not philisophically - when I said ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law.

    But to lend credence to your point - may I add - that there are so many laws now that it is IMPOSSIBLE for a citizen to KNOW THE LAW - and therefore philosophically speaking - and realistically speaking - ignorance is, indeed an excuse for breaking the law - but practically speaking - when you use that as a defense in our corrupt "legal" system - you will lose every time.

    I understand these complications with denotations, connotations, perceptions, whole and half truths - and thank each and every commenter for taking the time to read my thoughts - and especially for taking the time to comment. I've changed my mind on many issues thanks to commenters. I'll give you a good debate - but don't think for a minute that I don't consider and respect the input.



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