It's Still Not Time to Throw out This Broken Record


The "broken record" the one that plays that same track over and over again.  Our first impulse is to ditch it.

This blog, as a "broken record" of sorts,  plays the same track over and over again - I know that - I take a break - think some things over and try to come up with new angles or ideas - maybe something somebody can use - something that will trigger a thought somewhere in someone's mind - pique someone - whatever it takes - hoping that in some little way I'm doing my part to leave this a better place for those who will follow.

All my actions, unfortunately, are based upon the premise that I'm on the side of what is good and right in this world.  I hate torture, lies, and murder.  Very much so.  Since my awakening not long ago - which arrived in the form of my government covering up the mass slaughter of innocent people on 911 so they could forward their New World Order agenda and world conquest - I've been driven by some force that compels me to educate, convince, piss off, insult, cajole - whatever it takes via this blog - to awaken as many souls as will listen - with the hope that we can stop the tyranny that is here now - and the brewing divisive civil-revolutionary-religious-race war presently in the making.  With this coming upheaval - if the psychopaths in control have their way - we will soon see the departure of our Constitutional republic - yes - the END - of the Union.  Our republic does not have to die.  But it can and it will if you don't get involved.

As a philosopher first - a Socratic ironist - and a part-time sloppy writer second - I return to the question of my own ignorance - and soul-search from time to time - to reflect upon the possibility that I am in the wrong.  After all - it is possible that I am not on the right side of things.

The adage says life is a river - and a wise woman will learn to swim with the current of the river rather than clinging to the banks - resisting the current.  The easy way and the hard way.  With this American's Journey - I've been experiencing the hard way - clinging to the banks - as the river moves on toward war, death, destruction, tyranny, land-and-resource grabs, cultural immolation - the list goes on.  As the river of humanity around me relentlessly courses toward Hades - I've been clinging to the banks - stopping what I thought were citizens - or at least human beings passing by - begging them to stop for a minute - take a look at the facts - and think about what they are doing- where they are going - the end game.

Maybe the joke is on me - trapped by my ingenuous ignorance - drowning to save a river - that all along has really just been a river of blood.

Our intelligence agencies are mafias.  They publicly push for torture and murder of human beings without trial.  Our corporate-owned media acts as their loudspeaker.  Our judges, lawyers, and police masquerade as servants paid with our tax money to serve and protect - as they do nothing to stop the looting of the public, the obscenely slanted "justice" system, the police brutality and in many cases murder of innocents.  Our military are simply Pavlovian-controlled dogs - obeying commands without the slightest nod toward their humanity - their oath to uphold the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic - without regards for the lives they've taken and ruined forever - under orders given by psychopathic traitors.

Just a few weeks ago a cop in Virginia - not far from where I live - riddled a woman with bullets in a parking lot- and yes, of course he killed her.  I believe the first shot was to her head.  I don't know where the rest of the flurry of rounds went.  His story - from what I can tell is a lie - based on the contradictory and credible video interview of an eye witness who saw the whole thing.  Completely absent from the Virginia "news."  The townspeople are "angry" the reports said - but hey - big deal.  You'd never be able to tell.  Last time I checked they wouldn't even release the name of the cop who shot her up.  And we are paying for this?  

Yes - my broken record continues - over and over - and I apologize in advance if you are tired of this tune.  But at least I can tell people "I tried."  I tried to warn them.  I tried to wake people up.  I tried to speak up - as best I could under the circumstances.  I tried to point out hypocrisy.  I tried to piss people off.  

We are in deep sh%t folks - that's for sure.  The so-called Dept of "Homeland" security has recently purchased enough .40 cal ammunition to kill you, your family - and every person you know.  Look it up during the commercials.  I won't put a link here - you'll look it up if you are interested.  Wouldn't it be ironic if the first people to be shot with that ammunition by those NAZIs in that stupidly named government gangland security department were the very people manufacturing and selling them the bullets?  That would be ironic.

But then again - maybe YOU or YOUR family will be shot to death with those bullets.  Maybe on the side of the highway - maybe in your home by a SWAT team called to the wrong door.  Happens every day.

So far I'm not convinced that my fellow Americans are monsters.  I am still not convinced that this river of life has been a river of blood all along.  But one has to wonder...


Does it say "He kicked out the bankers" on Andrew Jackson's tomb? Pics 4U2 Peruse...

I heard somewhere that Andrew Jackson so firmly believed in his service to his country in kicking out the bankers - that he had words attesting to his deed inscribed on his tomb.  For some reason I had no luck finding evidence via internet searches.  So I did it the old-fashioned way and looked at the gravesite using my eyes, and snapped a few pics for your enjoyment-and the answer.

Before we get to my pics - take a look at the above and look at the "rugs" - not only did our country survive invasion, corruption, martial law (declared by Jackson):

"New Orleans came into the possession of the United States as a result of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. As such, it was widely populated by people more sympathetic or loyal to its previous owners, France, and earlier Spain, than to the U.S. 
Its governor, William Claiborne, began begging Andrew Jackson to take military control of the city, out of fear for the country's maintained control of the city, shortly after the war began. Jackson grew concerned by the succession of warnings, and eventually travelled to New Orleans in December 1814. Jackson immediately began planning for defending the city, and soon sent out a warning, threatening punishment of death to anyone who aided or abetted the enemy. It had a line reminiscent of a George W. Bush speech: "Those who are not for us are against us, and will be dealt with accordingly."
After consulting two lawyers/advisors, Jackson turned New Orleans into a military camp, mandating searches of all vessels and people entering and exiting the city, with those who avoided the searches being detained and interrogated. He also laid down a curfew of 9 PM, with violators being interrogated as spies. All men under 50 who weren't in the militia were listed and located. Debt payments, civil court cases, and other things were postponed for four months. Horses and carts were commandeered by the military, and all buildings were searched for large tools and firearms, which were confiscated. Ten days after the declaration, the army was running out of places to detain violators. " link HERE 

...and as you can see from the pic above - also survived freedom of expression.  The text above, like much propaganda today - attempts to link the situation Andrew Jackson faced with our present situation in fighting "terror." 

Jackson turned New Orleans into a miltary roadblock to stop living breathing British soldiers from invading and taking over.  That is a war - and I don't have a problem with that.  Yes they had a mixed-loyalty population etc... but he acted to save the Union.  He got the job done - then they lifted martial law.  I think he did a great job - I understand real emergencies.  

Our present situation is that we don't have infiltrators in the population attempting to overthrow our government.  Instead - presently - we have the opposite - our government has been infiltrated by mixed-loyalty scoundrels, traitors, dual-citizens, Napolean-wannabees, bloodthirsty mercenaries, one-world-government manipulators, gutless Congresspersons afraid to do their job - and more.  That is why our history is perverted for use by psychopathic power-hungry "authorities" to justify their war on us.  To justify their present encroachments on our liberties - attempting to turn our ENTIRE NATION into a martial camp - but not to repel an enemy from without - but to silence the liberty-loyal watchdogs that are barking with each of their trespasses on our liberty.  

Enough of that.  Here are some pictures - the ones at the end will answer the question about what is on Jackson's grave regarding the bankers.

I have to say - although I don't know enough about Andrew Jackson - but he must have been well-connected because he had one heckuva' fortune.  Pictures not allowed inside the house - I obeyed the rules - but there was a pianoforte in that house worth as much as a house in those days.  Not Jackson's house mind you...a regular house.

Wallpaper inside - French - original - hanging since he was there - in perfect shape.

Guides very knowledgeable and dressed in period costumes - go visit the Hermitage if you are in the area.

Specs, watch with wind key, fob


His coach


take a close look...

back of the house

symbolic resting place

I don't remember this in the brochures

Andrew Jackson's stone


Politics has always been painful - 

Conclusion:  Nothing about the bankers.  Finally - the answer to my question!
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Saint Patty's Day PropaScramble

pic from Wik

Click this link for a very well thought-out, and well-written discussion of propaganda techniques in which we should all be conversant.

Here's one of my favorites - I think of Glenn Beck for some reason:

"telling the truth
If the media selectively tells the truth on points where an ideological agenda or sponsorship is not at risk, that opportunity can be used to tell the truth and gain viewer confidence. It is critically important to occasionally tell the truth in order to maintain credibility or legitimacy."

I pick on Glenn Beck because he does selectively tell the truth - at critical moments - at critical times - saying things we all know are the truth - like we want our liberty - etc...

....that freedom of religion is important no matter what your religion is....example a , example b....example c......(but where is the freedom of religion for Muslims) - not mentioned.....but yes - there he is - preaching away for a God-fearing direction for our country and Israel...

...but - what about other "Gods?"  

I've often argued that an Atheist(knows God doesn't exist) shares the same logic as those who claim to "know" that God does exist - in that neither can prove their point with concrete evidence - so from a scientific perspective - it's a stalemate - conclusion - tolerance of each other is the only logical way to co-exist.

I must admit that I believe in a creator.  I cannot see the light when it comes to an eyeball developing without the support system - or binocular vision evolving - since the skull must support it, and the ears serve as a supporting system - also in stereo.

I cannot see how we are supposed to both think for ourselves and accept dogmatic conclusions - based - really when it all comes down to it - theories supported by majorities - whatever they are.

I can think of times where I was in a tough spot - and there was really no hope - and I didn't have any - of getting out of this spot - and - hell - I prayed.  I'm not embarassed to say it - what the hell - what else does one do?  Many times my prayers were answered - many times not - but I always must take into consideration the wild card factor a Socratic Ironist must keep first and foremost in thought - that whatever I think I know - may be wrong - I must keep an open mind - it's OK to believe when it comes to such matters...

But there are matters where belief cannot be welcome - where facts, critical evaluation, judgement - and nothing but concrete factors can be taken into consideration - those matters are the problems we collectively face, here on this Earth, here in this reality - where we have nothing but our blood, bones, and brains and the matter, the dust we are all made of - a world where tangibles are our only common denominator.

Our only limits as human beings are the limits we place upon ourselves.  Our beliefs, as opposed to realities, many times, stand between us and our intended goal - understanding the truth.

My assumption in saying this, is that one shares my zeal to understand the truth - the conclusions we draw based on verifiable tangible evidence - that we can all see, touch, smell, taste - verify - for ourselves without the help of "experts."

Today, in America, and in the world, we are hamstrung by our inability to match our belief systems - much of which is downloaded into our minds by the world around us - a world - in many ways, from many directions, guided by powerful entities, crafted by clever sophists, surrounded by controlled media, backed by, presently, a dominant force of ....uhm....bad people.

But what are "bad people?"  They are people who no longer consider themselves "people" - but instead consider themselves demigods - betters, know-it-alls, "experts" - because somehow they've weasled their way into a position of power or money liberating them from the "real world" that the rest of us live in.

Bad people - are willing to limit populations of humans - under their superior guidance - for the good of all.  Individuals don't matter - individuals become ghostly digits in aggragate formulae - numbers to be reduced when other numbers increase.

This collectivism ignores natural plagues and disasters - that since time immemorial have wiped out masses of human populations. They don't consider their position on this planet - the same as the rest of us - and in their delusional do-gooding efforts BELIEVE that their rise to power proves their superioriority above the rest of us - that they are the only hope - to achieve the Eutopia they BELIEVE is the best for....I guess.....them.

Although I've been rambling - just letting the fingers play out this tune - without reservations - I cannot forget that my intentions can be criticized by the same reasoning.

But I do believe in the individual - that every human life - is really sacred - and that each loss of a human life - caused prematurly to what Nature had intended for that life - is an obscene crime against our own humanity - and not only robs that human of their life, liberty, property and pursuit of happiness - but takes just one more bit of light away from the collective flame we all co-burn.

Our limited existence here - is a gift I think - an opportunity for our souls to grow - occupying our material blood-and-bone body for its limited life-span - then we move on.  My argument for that  is that if one loses a leg - they lose none of their "being" - keep on taking away limbs etc... - and if the individual were of the type that they were not psychologically  affected - there is no real loss of the soul along with those chunks of matter.  I think the same goes for the rest of our body - and that death - is nothing more than a final mechanical failure of our body - our soul remaining independent and doing something else - 

If there were only three people left on the planet - two men and a woman - and one of the men killed the woman - that would be the end of humanity here.  Why - can't we see the horrible crime of war and murder for what they are when the only real difference is in the numbers?

I recently called a local radio show and asked the host, a self-described God-fearing man, concerned about our nations need to abide by the teachings of Christ:  My question:  "Would you hold Jesus Christ in the same high esteem you do now - if he pre-emptively killed Pontius Pilate knowing ahead of time that this man would have him nailed to a cross?"  

He gave a response - but never answered my question.  I don't wonder why - because that is a question that challenges him to change his belief system from one in favor of pre-emptive strikes to preserve the US and Israel - to a mind-set contrary to his beliefs - yet consistent with FACTS.

There is no real point in all of this other than to ask you, my cherished reader, to take a look at what is going on around you - the reality of the words and pictures presented to you and how they contrast with your day-to-day life, your relationships with friends and family - does what you do for a living really match up with how you would treat your own family or friends?

That is the root of the mess we are in today.  We must return to our common humanity - remove the machine in between, the false reality presented, and the insane orders given to us by those holding power of us - and find a way - no matter how small - to get our actions to match our own view of the world we wish our children and all children everywhere to inherit from us.

I hope you had a great St Patricks day - thank you for taking the time to read.


An Example of Why Individuals - each and every one - matter.


Musings on Murders: Complications on Killing US citizens by the US government

Friends and comrades in arms....but then...... pic from wik

The video below is worth watching if you haven't yet seen it - Shep Smith and Judge Napolitano have my gratitude for their effort to awaken the public to answers and statements made by our public servants who think they are somehow protecting We the People from harm by asserting the right to kill We the People. 

Such logic is circularly inane - and the serpents asserting such power to kill We the People are insane.

But let's give our government servants the credit they deserve - and assume that they  will continue to sit there like a bunch of venal vampires ignoring such tyrannical temerity concentrating on what they consider more important... lining their pockets - and that the executive branch will, once again, get away with murder.

OK - let's say the Feds decide they need to kill, say, me for example.  OK.  Now - what about the life insurance company that will have to pay out early on a policy they've calculated won't be due for many more years based on an alternative scenario where I should have lived longer based on health history and age?  Aren't the insurance companies getting the shaft here?  

What if the sitting president decides that a former living president is a threat?  Is that American citizen also a candidate for their evil aims?  Wouldn't the Secret Service have something to say about that?  

What if a President feels that he needs another term and is in a position to lose the election to a "suspected terrorist."  Instead of bothering to steal the election - or taking the chance that the public may finally have a handle on keeping the elections honest - simply legally murder the opposing candidate for office?  

What if members of the executive branch who are now publicly asserting the right of the executive to murder We the People - finally find themselves in the private sector - and someone they were prosecuting while they were in office - has turned the tables and now holds the position the former government official occupied?  All the person now holding power would have to do is have the person their vendetta is against declared a "terrorist" - and have the former - attorney general - murdered - legally.

What about our FBI director Mueller, recently pretending not to know when asked if it was OK for the executive to murder American citizens.  What if Mueller is really an honest guy - and is actually working on something that matters, like 911 truth for example - and after leaving office - finds himself facing the crooks who pulled the crime off in office.  Wouldn't it make sense for the crooks to simply have him declared a "terrorist" for investigating 911 and have him legally murdered?  

Here's a good one if you don't recall the "Night of the Long Knives" - the night Hitler had his new black-shirted SS troopers murder the brown-shirted SA street fighters - including Ernst Rohm...who helped him gain power in the first place....but were now a threat...

Perhaps guys like Holder and Mueller and the rest of the "let's murder Americans" crowd may realize before it is too late -and take into consideration the rosy relationship depicted in the top picture vs the ultimate result.  

History repeats - power corrupts absolutely - and nobody is safe from a government that will murder its own citizens.


"Heroes" today...Scum of the Earth tomorrow: Can American military commanders learn from history?

Before you get to the video below here are some things to think about:


From the link below the pic:
""Politicians brought the Nazis to power and started the war.  They are the ones who brought about these disgusting crimes, and now we have to sit there in the dock with them and share the blame!" (5/27/46)"

The site linked above for the quote and pic portrays Doenitz as a war criminal for ordering his submariners NOT to rescue survivors of the ships they sank.  But the site never mentions why.  I've read that it was because the allies had fired upon a U-boat that was in the process of rescuing survivors - and from then on - Doenitz decided not to take the risk.  Sounds reasonable to me.  I don't blame him.  What is my point?  That Doenitz, in my opinion, fought within the boundaries of military "ethics."  But here he is - sitting in the dock - with the spotlight on him - while SS officers like Werner Von Braun were welcomed into the US - despite having participated in the use of slave labor to build the rockets he rained upon Britain.  Von Braun was the mastermind behind one of the major "terror" weapons of the war - yet he escapes.

If you are a US government official, or member of the US military - which fate do you anticipate will be yours when this "war on terror" reaches its conclusion?

Doenitz was such a fanatic - he couldn't quit - that, I believe, he is to be condemned for.  But I am not him, I wasn't there and those were different times.  Germany had been raped following WW1 and after researching the history of what happened to them - as a thinking man - I would be a liar if I told you I couldn't empathize with the rage of the German people - their desire to free themselves from the enslavement of international vampires  - the loss of their lands following WW1 rich in vital mineral resources.  Of course they were ready to fight after being so abused and backed into a corner.  

Von Braun - skated after the war - and became quite prominent in the US.  He was a master of illusion as well as an engineer - and was able to use his skills of presentation to get the funding for his dream rockets.  It worked on Hitler - and he did deliver.  But using slave labor to build his weapons of mass destruction?  Why wasn't he hanged for that?  We all know the answer - it all has to do with deals.

What I am getting at here is that I know there are US govt employees, officers, officials, politicians, statesmen, soldiers, airmen - marines - officers high ranking and low - that are good - but for some reason the bad ones seem to be in charge - or have the most power.

My reasoning is that if the good guys had the power America would not be preparing for war with Iran - the media would not have so many willing liars ready to speak in the media convincing the public that war is necessary.  Same with Syria.  Same with Libya.  In the end the bad guys are getting their message out and the good guys - well - every time they pop their head up - they are silenced.  So it looks like, presently, evil rules the roost.

Perhaps I am too idealistic or naive to think that people are mostly good and that American citizens - at all frequencies of the political spectrum - care about their country - and about what the world will look like when they are done here.  I like to think that I do.  Maybe there really are not that many of you that share my values - I don't know.

I've heard violence is not the answer.  I agree.  I don't want violence - but for Cripes' sake - if somebody keeps sniping at your guys - I must ask thee - why the hell don't you snipe back?  And hit your target!  Such actions are not only morally justified - they are your duty - and mine.

Some quotes from the vid below...........The winds of public sentiment blow capriciously...

"lacked a proper declaration of war..."

"of course there were rumors...but the front kept us busy...we weren't able to  pay attention to things..."

By the way - A "lackey" is an obsequious boot-lick... someone without a spine, willing to bow down to their "master" and follow orders like a good little doggy.

I'd prefer not to get into the ugly history of WW2 and who was behind the whole thing, whether or not this or that was justified because it is beyond the scope of the point I am trying to make.

Illegal orders are to be disobeyed.  Unconstitutional orders are, by definition, illegal.

The pendulum WILL swing the other way - and all this rapine, waste, destruction, and mass murder will become quite unpopular.  The wheels of justice grind slowly - and the game ain't over yet.

America has been through some nasty conflicts - right here at home - as a matter of fact.  The white house was burned.  The revolutionary war was quite bitter.  But in the end the good guys persevered - and later became the judges and juries of those intent on the suppression of liberty.

Those who think the gravy train lasts forever - that it is "okay because everybody is doing it" have not lived long enough to understand the folly of such "reasoning."  Perhaps this will be their lesson - that eventually the "long arm of the law" - in our case - the Constitution - WILL CATCH UP - and suddenly - in the blink of an eye - participation in illegal activities becomes serious indeed.  Serious enough to wreck one's whole day.

I implore those in government, police, military - to think long and hard about your actions.  You will answer for them - unless you calcify your spine real quick-like and get on the right side of this stinking Constitutional mess we are in.

I implore you - not because I care that you will indeed meet justice for wrongdoing - or will become a hero for doing the right thing - I implore you because I care so much about this country that my passion is ineffable.

Our Constitutional republic does not have to die.  But it can.  Replacing such a system already in place - so easily rescued if those entrusted with the authority and power, bound by their oath of office, would simply put aside the scheming and become statesmen for one cause - the preservation of our Constitutional republic - AND ACT!  That's all it takes.

If not - fine - I'll make it either way - but I would bet you a box of donuts that creating from scratch anything close to resembling the Constitutional system and Bill of Rights we have now - ain't gonna' be pretty.

The following vid - undeniable parallels yes?   ...

Note:  Military:    Show me a justifiable war America is involved in right now - and I'll go in your place. There is only one justifiable war going on right now that is placing America in peril - the war right here at home attacking our unalienable rights.  That is the one I am fighting - which are you fighting?


The Calm Before the Storm?


After browsing the internet - a lot lately - I must conclude that nothing new seems to be going on.  

Yes there are new wars for sale in the corporate-owned media - but that is nothing new.  Yes the wars are based on lies - big surprise.

Whistleblowers are persecuted for doing what's right for their country rather than their personal gain - upholding their oath to the Constitution - losing it all - destroyed by the organization they spent a life dedicated to - believing that they were really serving the people.

Profiteers and manipulators are handsomely rewarded for assisting in the construction of a false-reality presented to the public by a complicit media.  Media personalities brainwashing the public with ideas about weapons and threats that do not exist, torturing people, and indefinitely detaining people without trial - continue - as usual.  Again nothing new.

The US Federal government, as usual, remains completely disconnected from their masters - who robotically show up in ever-dwindling numbers - to electronic "voting" booths to cast a ballot that has nothing to do with the final pre-determined result.  

Crime continues to pay - while concepts like honesty, integrity, ethics, principles, duty - are marginalized by the non-stop mouths on corporate-owned media outlets - portrayed as antiquated concepts to be superannuated.  

The Constitution is still being ignored, the Congress still puts on the shows for the C-SPAN cameras - presenting a false-front for the audience - with nothing in mind except political gain for their "party" - and returning favors to those who bought their seat in Congress.

TSA brown-shirt tactics continue - and the make-work program for drop-outs at the airports continue to operate machines that expose children, mothers, fathers and everyone else to ionizing radiation - for nothing.  Well - that's something new - that radiation somehow has become this harmless invisible make-believe fantasy that will never hurt us.  Yeah - that's a "new" concept - although completely false.

No - there isn't much new going on.  But I wonder if there is just a lull in the action because of the awakening going on right now.  

Writers - in general -seem to have slowed down - as the collective mind re-adjusts to the fact that the public is very slow to react.  It seems that everything that needs to be said - has indeed been said - but - where is the action that must take place to bring about real change?

The public is hurting for sure - and prices will continue to rise - nothing new there - but how much more and for how long can they continue to sit on their hands as everything they have is taken from them?  

The push for global government and a global currency continues - yet there are small cracks in this wall appearing - here and there - as foreign governments begin concrete action towards their abandonment of the dollar.

The corporate-owned media has lost all credibility - becoming a laughing stock to everyone - except those immersed in the business itself - as they cannot see that nobody cares what they repeat anymore - no matter how many times they say it.

The public continues to stock weapons in anticipation of further crackdowns - not much new there.

The military continues to obey orders given to them - regardless of the Constitutionality of those orders.

When will it all end?

I remember asking my father once - why people were not more active about trying to change some issue or the other - cannot remember the specifics.  He said "They aren't hungry enough yet."

Perhaps that's all it is.

As long as crime continues to pay, criminals go unpunished, entities like "Monsanto" are blamed for their misdeeds while the PEOPLE responsible AT MONSANTO remain un-named and un-touched - 

as long as the public know that cops that murder unarmed innocent citizens for nothing will never see a day in jail...

as long as the public know that "our" laws have not only stopped serving We the People - but have become weapons to be used against us...

as long as freedom of speech remains under attack...

as long as freedom of assembly remains under attack...

as long as ignorant thugs masquerading as "police" serve the crooks at the top with free bodyguard services from the people they are raping...

then....I suppose there is nothing new to expect when I read the "news" tomorrow - or listen to the radio.

Lemme guess - the stock market is doing OK, the recovery is doing OK - and we've gotta bomb more people who've never attacked us.  Nothing new.

But I still wonder - is this really a calm before a big big storm over the horizon?  Something tells me it is.   

Time to name names.


American Government Workers as a whole......SUCK

Do you work for the US federal government?  I did for a year - I had to quit - since I was surrounded by the biggest bunch of wimps and suck-ups I've ever come into contact with.  Why?

I don't hate all government workers.  My servants.  Yes - YOU are all MY servants since you take my tax money to feed your families - under the premise that you are doing "good" for me.

I don't mean to sound selfish - but who cares what I mean to sound like?  It's gonna' sound the way it sounds.....

I got my Master's in Northern Virginia and had the honor of becoming friends with some folks rather well-connected in the Justice Department, Department of Defense, Postal Service - and many other "high ranking" (means low since they are my servants) departments within the Federal Government, since Northern Virginia is a community of government workers.  Many were amazing people.  They all knew what was going on - and I mean - what was going on "on the ground."

What I find disturbing is that the United States is presently under attack from within - the only way this great Republic, according to the greatest Americans in history, the only way we can be "taken out."  So far - we are losing the war.  America is indeed being "taken out."

Yes we hear about "terrorist A" or "terrorist B" being killed - always accompanied by some melodramatic mission - where brave souls like Navy S.E.A.L.s are brought in to kill all the suspected but not convicted through due process "bad guys."

I love euphemisms - they take the pain of thought out of the equation.  Euphemisms make it easy for me to sit here on my butt - read some snippet - wait for the the hollywood/pentagon "movie" to cement this fraud into my mind - and just relax - resting assured that all these great minds, decision takers in government and badass murderers in the employ of the US military have everything under control.  There's just one problem - it is all bullshit.

I say it is bullshit because a bullet will kill anyone regardless of their physical fitness, training, or special skills in knife combat.  It is all a crock of shit.  No team of twelve badass ninjas ever won any war anywhere - and as the timeline grinds forward - we are finding out that war via badass secret boy-scout warriors has become the biggest pain in the ass our Republic has ever experienced.

We are all supposed to believe that secret warriors, arriving in silent vehicles, under secret orders originating from a few people at the highest levels of our government will result in "good" killings.  Somehow I know in my soul that this is bullshit - and from my readings of history, and the originating ideas that founded the US Republic that such actions are antithetical to the very foundations of my nation - yet they go on......

Perhaps my wonderings are pointless - who knows?  I often wonder what it is like to be a Navy S.E.A.L ordered to murder someone somewhere - and I say murder because there really is no due process.  The order-taker is obligated to obey - and like a good German shepard - gives paw, rolls over, speaks, or kills - because master says so.  I can't do that - I've always wanted to know "why" when someone asks or orders me to do something.  I wonder how nice it must be to simply obey commands justifying my own actions - thinking - oh well - they are orders and I must follow them.

Now we find out that the filthy gun-runner Eric Holder has gone on record stating that it is justified for American citizens, the very citizens our military was formed to protect from all enemies foreign and domestic - to kill them when out-of-country because some stupid ass in the Federal guvmint said to do it. And....I'm sure fulks like the Navy S.E.A.L.s will do just that - as will the  brainwashed mindless "warriors/murderers" in the other branches of the service that are tasked with "offing people."  Like killing people is a glamourous or rewarding business.  Egads!  But let's not just pick on the point-men - what about the rest of the guvmint workers?

I remember graduating high school - then everybody went to college - the only guy I know that the NSA hired was a really smart guy - but a pipsqueak.  A follower.  Not a leader - a follower - who had never done anything "wrong" - but he was one of the few accepted by this spy agency.  I've often wonderd if he - like his pals in the NSA get off on looking at what everyone else who has a life does on the internet.  Sitting there snickering to themselves about what Joe Blow or Jane Doe has going on in their life here in America.  The war on terror (whatever that means) is the biggest fraud pushed upon the American public - but since this agency is stocked with the most obedient, the most docile - the  biggest pussies America has to offer - how hard is it to convince them to abandon their morals and become turncoats for "Big Brother" - really?  

Then I think of all the drug-tested and vetted "spooks" in the CIA and other agencies - who are recruited to "serve" their country by undermining foreign governments - for "democracy" - all the while unbeknownst to these poor naive lackeys - that they are forwarding the interests of oil companies, mercenary outfits, arms dealers (including and especially the U.S.) - yes - they are on their spy mission - fucking up any chance that America may regain her place in the world as the arbiter of peace.  The beacon of liberty..... but ....any country using skullduggery to forward a secret agenda can never do that. Alas - these poor naive little puppies, secret American agents - tough guys, tough girs (carrying guns) - yeah - they will bring "democracy" to the world through the barrel of a gun!  What a concept!  I can only hope that those women involved in the "war on terror(undefinable)" grow old enough to see their own son or daughter killed by the families of the victims of the bombs and propaganda-driven horror-shrapnel-rainstorm they participated in.  Not in a "I-told-you-so" way - but in a philisophical sense - as an opportunity for their soul to grow.  Nothing like watching an American bomb or a retalitory stike to an American bomb blowing your kids stomach wide open as a wake up call to "walking in the shoes of ones enemy."

No - I don't wish harm on any Americans - but as far as I can tell they are feeling no harm.  The grocery stores are open, the wounded and mind-fucked veterans are out of the news, the facts regarding horrible coming inflation (perhaps 100% each year for the next two years) are hidden as radio stations talk about stocks no real person can afford.  Silver and Gold prices are not sounding any alarm as both are manipulated by the mass-purchases of money-masters with control of a currency that can be created with a single keystroke - denying the real-world feedback prices normally afford to those paying attention.  Instead - those still not seeing the big picture - just see the prices "stabilize" - figuring that the market - is doing "its thing" - all the while - ignorant to the big picture of big-money manipulators making sure that the "masses" remain unawares to the real machinations afoot - while the big-money manipulators pay the liars on their propaganda networks - pumping anticipating the dumping - setting the stage for their grand exit - once again leaving the "true believers" - the gullible masses - to take the losses - as they exit stage left with the loot once again.

The elections are a joke.  I voted for Ron Paul today - the polls - no signs - no volunteers - nothing.  Almost didn't know there was a primary in Virginia.  All the "right-wing" media stayed "on-topic" discussing what Rush said about some girl - never mentioning the elections.  It doesn't matter.  I felt stupid pushing a button on an electronic machine that I (I'm an electronics hardware and software guy- I can see right through any electronic anything) - I felt stupid pushing a button on a machine that I have no idea at all what I am doing- since any electronic machine can be programmed to do anything.  This was not an election I participated in - it was a ritual.  I went to the poll and pushed a button that might as well have been turning the traffic light up the street green when I hit it.  I have no idea.  And neither do you.  Our elections are so fried - they are so cooked - that it has become obvious - that since the public has no access to choice of their representatives - that there is no "democracy" or "republican" representation in this country.  The public presently knows this - as evidenced by the zero turnout in the elections in Virginia today.  This means things will change one way or the other.  Americans will not stand for slavery - they are just now regrouping - and talking now more than ever to each other - tuning the talking heads out - and listening to each other and the alternative media - to regain their bearings.  Action must and will follow.

Americans- and those of you that are not - reading this rant - I thank you for taking the time to work your way through this unedited writing.

We cannot quit - I fall at times - and wonder if we are up against immutable forces - the answer is always NO.  It is really as simple as that.  We cannot give up until we get the murderous thugs out of our representative government - we must restore our leadership - refresh it - reset it - with people that share our collective values.

By values I am not talking about right wing, left wing - none of that.  I am talking about rallying around the best set of values - universal values I've been exposed to - the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution.

Our enemies are easily identifiable - foreign or domestic.  ANYONE willing to violate our rights as explicated in the Bill of Rights - is OUR COMMON ENEMY.  Our common values - independent of religous views - are our respect for the rule of law - a simple set of laws outlined in the US Constitution.

And if the imposters pretending to "represent" all of us - in concert with these values don't get the message - then we will read the Declaration of Independence to them - maybe accompanied by a few gun-salutes!

We can not live in fear ever!  Long live liberty - thank you for taking the time to read.

Jack Rabbit
UPDATE:  ... and then....  I read about the heroic actions of this NSA whistleblower - and a very small number of heroes who went down with him for doing what was right for his country - his reward?  Left to rot by all  those great people he used to work with at the NSA.

Instead of people coming forward to help - because there is strength in number - the cowards just let him burn.