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Click this link for a very well thought-out, and well-written discussion of propaganda techniques in which we should all be conversant.

Here's one of my favorites - I think of Glenn Beck for some reason:

"telling the truth
If the media selectively tells the truth on points where an ideological agenda or sponsorship is not at risk, that opportunity can be used to tell the truth and gain viewer confidence. It is critically important to occasionally tell the truth in order to maintain credibility or legitimacy."

I pick on Glenn Beck because he does selectively tell the truth - at critical moments - at critical times - saying things we all know are the truth - like we want our liberty - etc...

....that freedom of religion is important no matter what your religion is....example a , example b....example c......(but where is the freedom of religion for Muslims) - not mentioned.....but yes - there he is - preaching away for a God-fearing direction for our country and Israel...

...but - what about other "Gods?"  

I've often argued that an Atheist(knows God doesn't exist) shares the same logic as those who claim to "know" that God does exist - in that neither can prove their point with concrete evidence - so from a scientific perspective - it's a stalemate - conclusion - tolerance of each other is the only logical way to co-exist.

I must admit that I believe in a creator.  I cannot see the light when it comes to an eyeball developing without the support system - or binocular vision evolving - since the skull must support it, and the ears serve as a supporting system - also in stereo.

I cannot see how we are supposed to both think for ourselves and accept dogmatic conclusions - based - really when it all comes down to it - theories supported by majorities - whatever they are.

I can think of times where I was in a tough spot - and there was really no hope - and I didn't have any - of getting out of this spot - and - hell - I prayed.  I'm not embarassed to say it - what the hell - what else does one do?  Many times my prayers were answered - many times not - but I always must take into consideration the wild card factor a Socratic Ironist must keep first and foremost in thought - that whatever I think I know - may be wrong - I must keep an open mind - it's OK to believe when it comes to such matters...

But there are matters where belief cannot be welcome - where facts, critical evaluation, judgement - and nothing but concrete factors can be taken into consideration - those matters are the problems we collectively face, here on this Earth, here in this reality - where we have nothing but our blood, bones, and brains and the matter, the dust we are all made of - a world where tangibles are our only common denominator.

Our only limits as human beings are the limits we place upon ourselves.  Our beliefs, as opposed to realities, many times, stand between us and our intended goal - understanding the truth.

My assumption in saying this, is that one shares my zeal to understand the truth - the conclusions we draw based on verifiable tangible evidence - that we can all see, touch, smell, taste - verify - for ourselves without the help of "experts."

Today, in America, and in the world, we are hamstrung by our inability to match our belief systems - much of which is downloaded into our minds by the world around us - a world - in many ways, from many directions, guided by powerful entities, crafted by clever sophists, surrounded by controlled media, backed by, presently, a dominant force of ....uhm....bad people.

But what are "bad people?"  They are people who no longer consider themselves "people" - but instead consider themselves demigods - betters, know-it-alls, "experts" - because somehow they've weasled their way into a position of power or money liberating them from the "real world" that the rest of us live in.

Bad people - are willing to limit populations of humans - under their superior guidance - for the good of all.  Individuals don't matter - individuals become ghostly digits in aggragate formulae - numbers to be reduced when other numbers increase.

This collectivism ignores natural plagues and disasters - that since time immemorial have wiped out masses of human populations. They don't consider their position on this planet - the same as the rest of us - and in their delusional do-gooding efforts BELIEVE that their rise to power proves their superioriority above the rest of us - that they are the only hope - to achieve the Eutopia they BELIEVE is the best for....I guess.....them.

Although I've been rambling - just letting the fingers play out this tune - without reservations - I cannot forget that my intentions can be criticized by the same reasoning.

But I do believe in the individual - that every human life - is really sacred - and that each loss of a human life - caused prematurly to what Nature had intended for that life - is an obscene crime against our own humanity - and not only robs that human of their life, liberty, property and pursuit of happiness - but takes just one more bit of light away from the collective flame we all co-burn.

Our limited existence here - is a gift I think - an opportunity for our souls to grow - occupying our material blood-and-bone body for its limited life-span - then we move on.  My argument for that  is that if one loses a leg - they lose none of their "being" - keep on taking away limbs etc... - and if the individual were of the type that they were not psychologically  affected - there is no real loss of the soul along with those chunks of matter.  I think the same goes for the rest of our body - and that death - is nothing more than a final mechanical failure of our body - our soul remaining independent and doing something else - 

If there were only three people left on the planet - two men and a woman - and one of the men killed the woman - that would be the end of humanity here.  Why - can't we see the horrible crime of war and murder for what they are when the only real difference is in the numbers?

I recently called a local radio show and asked the host, a self-described God-fearing man, concerned about our nations need to abide by the teachings of Christ:  My question:  "Would you hold Jesus Christ in the same high esteem you do now - if he pre-emptively killed Pontius Pilate knowing ahead of time that this man would have him nailed to a cross?"  

He gave a response - but never answered my question.  I don't wonder why - because that is a question that challenges him to change his belief system from one in favor of pre-emptive strikes to preserve the US and Israel - to a mind-set contrary to his beliefs - yet consistent with FACTS.

There is no real point in all of this other than to ask you, my cherished reader, to take a look at what is going on around you - the reality of the words and pictures presented to you and how they contrast with your day-to-day life, your relationships with friends and family - does what you do for a living really match up with how you would treat your own family or friends?

That is the root of the mess we are in today.  We must return to our common humanity - remove the machine in between, the false reality presented, and the insane orders given to us by those holding power of us - and find a way - no matter how small - to get our actions to match our own view of the world we wish our children and all children everywhere to inherit from us.

I hope you had a great St Patricks day - thank you for taking the time to read.

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