American Corporate-Owned Monopoly Media: YOUR ENEMY!

I know - this sounds a lot like a re-run - if you are a regular reader of this blog.

But - it is obvious that the problem remains. Scoundrels and tools run the information apparatus that feeds the mushrooms (formerly citizens) known as "Americans." This has-been population of fools, true-believers, and self-absorbed suck-ups are busy paying bills, stabbing their "friends"/neighbors in the back (for the crumbs that fall off the corporate-owned table issuing their paycheck) or otherwise feathering their own nest - taking a moment or two to glance at a telescreen to get the pre-chewed information they need to push a computer button in the next phony election so as to lend some semblance of legitimacy to the charade we call our government. You know - the one "of the people, by the people, and for the people." Hogwash.

I've previously stated that I no longer believe that peaceful change can fix our problems - and explained why. I stand by that observation. I am not advocating violence - I'm just saying that it is coming to a theater near you - and - it will not be rated "R" - it will be rated "X."

What do I see when I go out during the day? Desperate police forces obviously instructed to write tickets to save their jobs - as the crumbling moon-like roads - like the Fairfax County Parkway in Northern Virginia destroy the vehicles of their victims as the funds supposedly collected to maintain these crappy roads are frittered away on something else. Just a word of advice - and I don't like giving advice - after all - fools don't heed it and wise men don't need it - but take 66E to 495 to get to Springfield/Franconia and avoid the cop-trap that is the Fairfax County rathole crumbling "parkway." Low speed limits - lots of lights - and cops so obviously and publicly robbing the public to keep their loser-jobs impeding travel - waste of time and money. Fairfax County Virginia is just corrupt and part of the police state. I used to live there - and no longer do for the above reasons.

What do I hear when I go out during the day? Nothing worthwhile - that is - nothing that will make me money. It's mostly corporate or politically-sponsored drivel. Here in Charlottesville, Virginia - the radio shows are embarrassing - especially if you've ever traveled anywhere or been exposed to someone of a different religion. It is absolutely Jesoid-scary crap - and Cool-aid drunk with scary Christian generals and Jesus-God-fearing Amerikans who are ready at a moments notice - just like a "Minute-Man" to sacrifice their liberty for a little temporary safety from a boogieman like Osama bin Deaden since 2001. One must wonder who finances these people who live in fear and profit from the spread of public panic as they propagate lies using the radio.

What do I smell when I go out during the day? Bullshit. Sean Hannity. Rush? Laura? Thom Hartmann (who considers guns "toys") - what a goof! All of them. That phony Neil Boortz? Every one of them nothing but a defender of the robber-barons or the collectivists. Yet - they continue on the radio - constantly stirring up "racism" issues and other saliva that simply doesn't exist. RAcism? Where? I don't know any racists - do you? And if you do - are you friends with them? Specifically - give examples in the comments. This is food for mushrooms - and if you are eating shit - you may have to ask yourself why it nourishes your gills.

What do I feel when I go out during the day? I feel revolution. I feel fight. I feel bad revenge - anger - and tar - and feathers - and the stocks. I feel a population seething with anger - controlled by a police apparatus that doesn't yet understand what they are fucking with or the repercussions on their families as precedented by history - unrest - riots - public officials and middle managers of corporations going outside their place of business to face the fists and steel-toed boots of the people they've fucked for so long for faceless suits who just needed another boat payment.

Things remain under a lid for now - but when it hits the fan - heads will literally roll - blood will spill - and the sell-out scum will find out that they should have stuck with the original golden rule.

The original? You know - treat people the way you wish to be treated.

The new model - the failed model - the sign of the future-bloodied:

Those with the gold make the rules.

Gold is just a metal. Reputation, ethics, morality, respect - that's the real gold. There is no substitute for the real deal.

JFK said: Those who make peaceful change impossible make violent revolution inevitable. I agree wholeheartedly.

It's not a question of if anymore: It has become a question of who, when, and how bad.

They say opinions are like armpits - everyone has one or two and they all stink. I offer my opinion for your evaluation.

Finally a syllogism:

One must fight violently in prison to survive.

One is in debt prison.

One is unwilling to fight violently.

Conclusion: One will not survive.

True story?

Wake up and quit listening to the people telling you there is strength in weakness.
Friend or foe? This guy has no problem with endless war or killing any quantity of Muslims necessary to accomplish the undefined "mission." Some self-appointed "Christian." Perhaps, instead of "Christian": scumbag, liar, or NAZI would make a better term for this swine? Where did he come from? Does he suck Ruperts smock to keep his job? Who was it that said: "I like your Christ - but I don't like your Christians?" Perhaps this divider - Sean Scammity - was exactly the type in mind?


Video: Panic upon cue- The coming Ice Age? (In Search of Series)

...but I ...thought... Global Warming ...was...gonna' kill me...arrrgh...

Yeah - really - it wasn't that long ago - Ice Age!

Perhaps Ice was scarier than heated-planet-stuff back when this series was made. Who knows? Either way - take a good look at the "science" - the "facts" - the "experts" -

Were they all wrong? If so were they fired for being so wrong? If they were wrong - what was done by their supporting organizations to correct the problem? What problem? The disconnect with the religion called "global warming."

You see, you are more likely, as an academic, to die from starvation due to unemployment if you don't support the Church-of-the-Holy-Mother-It's-f'ing-Hot - than from freezing to death from the (erroneously???) predicted ice age. But what does any of this matter anyway?

The fact is - if you wanna' make it in the modern world - you need to know how to do one thing: lick boots. Shut the fuck up. Obey. And never, ever, ever, ever think for yourself - or even give feedback to management admitting that you were thinking independently. That's the survival formula.

That's the selfish, self-absorbed way of the modern man/woman in corporate, academic, cowardly rusting Amerika. Now you watch the video below - and think privately. Don't think about Al Gore. Don't think about the United Nations moving in on the taxation action. Just watch it and let it sink in.

Then go to work tomorrow and remain silent like a good little servant.

Note: pic from here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Vostok_Petit_data.svg


Vids: The Stalled 911Truth Movement

The 911 Truth Movement is stalled. Yes - at this moment - going nowhere. Although I wonder why - I don't wonder that much - the answer is obvious.

The 911 Truth movement is a victim of a corporate-controlled-propaganda apparatus - an apparatus that is pro-NWO (New World Order - that is world government under the dictates of the United Nations) - so there is a media blackout in the United States that moots the 911 truth movement.

But when there is nothing to show for one's efforts - the blame is ALWAYS (correctly) placed on the individuals attempting to propagate their message.

First of all - if you call radio stations to challenge the NWO person on the air - do me a favor - DON'T EVER THANK THEM FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO SPEAK SINCE THEY ARE THE ONES USING THE PUBLIC AIRWAVES TO COLLECT THE MONEY FUNNELED IN FROM THE CORPORATE ADVERTISERS to propagate lies. But that aside - let's move on...

Here's the deal. This nation - this REPUBLIC - and no - I'm not making a mistake - it is not a "democracy" - as the phony NWO shills repeat ad nauseum would have you believe...

... first - before I can speak to you as someone prepared to listen... you must have an open mind. That means - you must be willing to accept the fact that you've been taken to the cleaners - hoodwinked - taken for a ride - led down the garden path - basically lied to. How bad? You tell me. Is your kid in the US Military? Oh man - if so - the situation is so dark for your loved one it is too much to cover in this short rant.

We are involved in illegal wars of aggression. We are torturing people. We are ignoring the United States Constitution. By "WE" I mean "YOU" - the so-called voter. The parent. The husband, wife, cousin etc... willingly and "proudly" waving goodbye to your uniformed robot - trained to follow orders - that is - to kill - ignoring the fact that they will be killing people who've never done a lick of harm to you, me or anyone we know. They will be killing the bravehearts - the rebels - who refuse to succumb to American aggression on their soil on behalf of the oil scumbags whos bulging pockets, yachts, and haciendas are just not enough to satisfy their greedy disgusting, insatiable thirst for more, more, more - regardless of the lives, public resources, and undermining of our constitutional republic that are the wasteland left behind to sate their evil wicked hate-based fetish.

I've been criticized as a moralist. You know - maybe you don't - that's Okay. I know the difference between right and wrong. I know that insiders in the US government and traitors were involved in the events of 911 - that is - things you as and American citizen in general are too self-absorbed to examine. That's fine. One can lead a sheep to water - but not make them drink. When your kids come home in a box or missing limbs - or more likely - missing their mind - don't complain to me. I'll do everything I can to stop them from committing suicide as their young minds mature to a point that leads them to the ineluctable act - suicide - the only escape - when one matures to the point where they understand that they were just slaughtering innocents for oil companies and power-hungry scumbags.

There is an election coming up. I am NOT voting. Why?

Show me a voting machine - electronic that is. Now - when I hit the button to vote for candidate A - where is the evidence that candidate A got my vote? Nowhere I've found.

I've worked in hardware and software systems for over 25 years. I know how these machines work. As a rational thinking person - I cannot go to the polls and say - "I know I voted for so-and-so and my vote counted." I would have to be a goddam fucking fool to think that. Are you?

WE ARE IN BIG TROUBLE HERE IN AMERICA. I am no longer of the mindset that a peaceful revolution will do the job since we are dealing with the most violent reckless criminals (given the modern weapons at their disposal) ever to live on this planet. (Assuming recorded history)

These people are Fascists - they own the media - they own the universities - they own the press. That means they OWN YOUR MIND.

I recently watched a segment from Keith Olberman sent to me by a follower of the blog. Here it is:

The most important part of that video is the beginning - played every night - where good ole' Keith says "Which of these stories will you be talking about tomorrow?"

Ha ha ha ha. In other words - he is helping this propaganda outlet to frame the issues. As usual - 911 truth is missing. The wars are missing. The real issues are missing. An, as usual, and as expected, there isn't a Goddam thing you can do about any of the lightweight issues this baseball expert (statistics) can bring up.

So - you watch this loser's show - and you get mad - and you forget about it. Meanwhile - your currency is devalued, the Israeli lobby controls the US military, the Mexicans flood our southwestern states, and the undefinable, phoney- stupid false-flag "War on Horror" continues for the oil companies intent on controlling the Caspian basin resources - and let you kid's lives be damned.

Get real my friend. The revolution is not coming - it is HERE NOW. Get involved and start talking to your co-workers, neighbors, and everyone about money and specifics - or you will have to talk about these issues while stuffing ammunition into AK-47 magazines.

I don't want that. I'm willing to bet that you don't want that.

So, whattayagonnado?

So, why is the 911 Truth movement stalled?

Lack of leadership, cooperation and support.  I put together a WTC7 book advertised at the top of this blog - sent a copy to AE911 Truth - and in the middle of their WTC7 campaign - they did't do squat to use this unique mechanism to get the word out.  Neither did 911Blogger.  Neither did anyone.

The 911 Truth movement is stalled because it is a divided bunch of self-important factions.  And in my opinion - they deserve to be just that - irrelevant nothings crying about the crime of the century.

I've railed about 911 truth for years - and never got one iota of support from these so-called "truthers."

Without leadership - or mutual support- the feckless 911 Truth movement will remain just what they are not - a side-show circus of freaks - begging and pleading with their rusty tambourines for a donation - just a minute of time from the public - to just listen for one minute.

Charity begins at home.  The 911 truth movement is full of squanderers and talent-wasters oblivious of the support available.

Perhaps - one day - as they overcome their self-important and self-absorbed "mission from God" - they will achieve success.

I will not hold my breath.


Mike Gravel signs on with the 911 Truth movement:

Peter Dale Scott on the same topic:


Helicopter Crash Makes 2010 the Deadliest Year for Afghanistan Occupation Troops

Read entire article HERE

" What these statements make clear is that the military has determined that the Afghanistan occupation must go on for years to come. Just as it rubber-stamped the generals’ demand for a 30,000-troop surge, the Obama administration is prepared to continue the US war indefinitely, with the inevitable result of thousands more US troops and tens of thousands of Afghan civilians killed and wounded.

The July 2011 deadline announced by Obama at the end of last year has already been exposed as mere window-dressing for the administration’s sustained military escalation, designed to temporarily divert the overwhelming popular opposition to the war within the US itself.
Note: I have no personal involvement regarding the US resource-war in AFPAK. In other words - it really doesn't have much of a bearing on my life. Why?

"Terrorist attacks" on American soil are, for the most part, fake. False-flag stuff to keep the 80% of the American public stupified. And lemme tell you - they are already stupid - and ready to suck up the next media blitz.

Helicopters. I'm just an arm-chair general - so my opinion should be given the credibility it deserves - but my common sense tells me American troops are fucked with a capital F. No helicopters means no control. At the risk of giving away my age - the stinger missile and Soviet forces in Afghanistan come to mind as a game-changer. But again - I'm just the guy that pays the bills - maybe it is wiser to listen to those who are positioned to profit from the death of your loved-one - maybe they hold a position with less bias.

The profiteers have staked everything on these wars. To turn back now would mean the gallows or the guillotine. It is best for the war-mongers to bring out their sales-people for the next election, like Sarah Palin. She appears to be "one of us" although she is, in actuality, a complete idiot. She also quit her post. That is unforgivable in my book. But as an American - you will probably give that a pass- just like you give your government a pass when they torture people.

It's odd. I read a book called "Foot Soldier" - by Roscoe C. Blunt Jr. - where he describes his amazement as he discovers in the newly conquered towns that there are no NAZIs. None. Nobody can find them, as he, an American, questions the populace of the conquered towns.

Where did they all go?

They didn't go anywhere. They just came to their senses - as they should have earlier - before things got as bad as they did. They went along to get along. Fuck - who cares? I need a job and have no food - there's a job in the WashPo burning jews. Might as well take it - maybe there is extra pay torturing Arabs and running them through the gas chamber.

When "everybody is doing it" - it seems OK. But eventually - as the wheels of justice slowly grind - accountability sets in. Just like the economy. When things are going great - everybody (the herd) figures things will always be great. When things are going horrible - everybody (the herd) thinks everything will always be horrible.

But neither is the case. What goes around really does come around in a cause-and-effect world. The government-workers "going-along-to-get-along" in the phony "war on horror" are going to wake up one day to realize that their neighbors know that they've been making handsome profits as the rest of us starved - all the time - knowing full well - that fake-boogiman Osama bin Laden has been dead for a long, long time. And that the phony, undefinable, "war on terror" they made so much money from - was a sham from day one.

I already know the truth. I just have to wait for the dopey American public to catch up.

My concern at this point: Will it be peaceful or violent - that's the question.