Video: Panic upon cue- The coming Ice Age? (In Search of Series)

...but I ...thought... Global Warming ...was...gonna' kill me...arrrgh...

Yeah - really - it wasn't that long ago - Ice Age!

Perhaps Ice was scarier than heated-planet-stuff back when this series was made. Who knows? Either way - take a good look at the "science" - the "facts" - the "experts" -

Were they all wrong? If so were they fired for being so wrong? If they were wrong - what was done by their supporting organizations to correct the problem? What problem? The disconnect with the religion called "global warming."

You see, you are more likely, as an academic, to die from starvation due to unemployment if you don't support the Church-of-the-Holy-Mother-It's-f'ing-Hot - than from freezing to death from the (erroneously???) predicted ice age. But what does any of this matter anyway?

The fact is - if you wanna' make it in the modern world - you need to know how to do one thing: lick boots. Shut the fuck up. Obey. And never, ever, ever, ever think for yourself - or even give feedback to management admitting that you were thinking independently. That's the survival formula.

That's the selfish, self-absorbed way of the modern man/woman in corporate, academic, cowardly rusting Amerika. Now you watch the video below - and think privately. Don't think about Al Gore. Don't think about the United Nations moving in on the taxation action. Just watch it and let it sink in.

Then go to work tomorrow and remain silent like a good little servant.

Note: pic from here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Vostok_Petit_data.svg


  1. Interesting. For sure the only true prophecy from the data is that the ice age is coming sooner or later.

    I think humans have the technology to change this by using mirrors in space to increase the energy input where it matters, probably in the tropics, heating the oceans. Certainly not in the ice caps.

    Studies using the infamous GCMs are needed to find where one should intervene. Also parallel studies on how and how much to disperse clouds, which would also bring insolation to normal.

    Instead enormous research resources are being used to chase after an inoffensive plant fertilizer, which is what CO2 is, in addition to being crucial for our life.

  2. Chemtrails is the plan to advance the ice age, you see it takes OIL to keep you warm, everybody needs to keep warm, while almost anybody, excluding the weak and the old can tolerate heat, so not much money there. A/C is a luxury, while keeping warm is a necessity. Don't believe me about Chemtrails? Search satellite images and you will see their global coverage and then you should realize the scope of this diabolical plot against humanity. They aren't even considering mirrors, it isn't about protecting us, it is about bleeding us dry.

  3. Search the web about global dimming. From 1960 to 1990 the amount of solar radiation reaching Earth's surface has reduced about 4%. Due to chemtrails? maybe.

  4. Mmmm...

    As an academic, I can ensure you that your picture of my profession is ridiculous, at best. Universities are definitely the place where work and thinking are the most independent. And this is also a personal observation, as I've been working in the private industry as well.

    Note as well that there never was some sort of scientific consensus on an "imminent ice age". Not in the 70ies, nor before. Already at that time the vast majority of climate scientists were pointing at a future global warming. If there's a hoax around, it's the "global cooling one" for sure. See this document by the American Meteorological Society - check their website.

    Smart people with wrong information leads to false conclusions.

  5. I've heard this line about academics having to buy into global warming to keep their funding, etc. Are these forces really more powerful than the various carbon lobbies that benefit from keeping the waters muddy where science is concerned?

  6. Anybody middle age and beyond has seen these warming cooling cycles come and go. When i was a kid, academics were predicting an ice age for the rest of my life. They were wrong then and they were wrong about global man made global warming as well. When i think of all the BS that I had to memorize in school and then later to find out it was Bullshit, I should be suing the school systems for putting out false info.

  7. anon above says:


    As an academic, I can ensure you that your picture of my profession is ridiculous, at best. Universities are definitely the place where work and thinking are the most independent. And this is also a personal observation, as I've been working in the private industry as well.

    JR says:
    So what have you been doing all these years as an academic? Where is the evidence of the contribution of academics other than in the weapons industry? Huh? Tell me more - please?

    Are you an economist? If so ... then what's with the economic situation?
    What evidence is there of your profession having contributed to the well being of this nation?

    Why do people think we live in a democracy - not a republic?

    Please - tell me why my opinion of your profession is ridiculous.

    Smart people with wrong information reaching incorrect conclusions. Now that's really helpful - thank you professor. No one would have ever known that without your keen insight.


  8. Global Dimming, I don't know of it, although Chemtrails weren't around at that time. I started seeing Chemtrails around 2004. First ones I seen had a rainbow sheen. Now anywhere you go they're spraying. All you have to do is look up.


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